Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Goodbye 2021(2020), Hello 2022

Goodbye long, see you NEVER again...
Gosh, what a couple of years we've had.  I'm hoping the new year is a lot of good stuff and look forward to seeing 2020-2021 in the rear view mirror.  Let's move on to a new hip, more weight loss, maybe getting into some more national art shows and finally RETIREMENT!!!  

I leave you this year with more food pics.  I'm continuing the weight loss journey, albeit it with a few hiccups but I'm still working on it.  

pork chops with mushrooms, chard, white wine, splash of cream

pork tenderloin stuff with cream cheese and jalapeno's, mixed veggies and mashed cauliflower

Today I'm off to the office after a couple days spent at the studio.  I was busy working on a painting for the friend that passed away, Patti.  She contacted me in November, just before Thanksgiving, asking if I could possible paint this blue bird picture she sent.  It was taken in her sisters backyard.  I have no idea if she was giving it to her sister or keeping it for herself but I had it started and it was just staring at me
in the studio, so I decided I had to finish it.  
Not sure if I will name it but I do plan on giving it to her husband at some point when I know he's in a better place.  It might be too much right now.  

Happy New Year my friends, till we meet again next year, 2022


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas trees, presents, ribbon, food and butterfly wings.  Last night was great fun at the nephew's with The Hubby's family.  Little Min had a lot of fun just with the box alone.  
Dinner sitting with her Great Aunt Char.

Only one little hiccup when the sweet little dog, Penny took a snap at Min's cheek but it's only a bruise, thankfully.
me and my girls (Min's momma is the photographer!)

Decided to vamp myself for the festivities and took a quick pic because I knew the curl wouldn't last and I was right.  I even used mousse and hairspray to no avail.  My hair just wants to hang mostly limp.  Not bad for 65 don't you think.  

MERRY CHRISTMAS  dear friends and a Happy New Year!  Let 2022 be the year of new beginnings (and a new hip) and brightness.


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

10, 9, 8...The Countdown Is On

Are we ready yet.  Christmas is just a few days away and I think I'm ready.  Honestly it's all been pretty easy this year, mainly because I'm giving smaller presents, homemade presents and money.  I just couldn't go out and shop, but that's okay.  I did have my book club last week for dinner but there were only 4 of us.  I set my table and it looked so pretty.  Today I'm going to set it yet again for Christmas Day dinner.  Since Momma passed we've (my siblings and I) always gone to Daddy's to just have a quick brunch and just be with him.  Last year, by this time last year he was gone along with the house and we just didn't get together.  This year we three did have lunch last week.  We've tried to hang onto that once a month and we really enjoy that.  Just trying to hang onto sibling-hood.  I know my girls wanted to all of us to get together but with the pandemic and all we just can't really.  Besides we all were just together for Thanksgiving (without Bro this year.)  Maybe next year with a new hip and hopefully pandemic gone we will again be able to get together.  Anyway, this year it's my girls, their families and brother-in-law.  His hubby is headed to be with his father as his mother just passed.  I know how very hard that is.  It's also The Hubby's and his brothers first year without their mother.  So much loss this past year but we will get through it.  

The countdown is on for my new hip and I'm nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time.  I am so ready to not hurt every time I have to go to the bathroom, go to the front door, just movement in general.  As long as I sit I'm good, but that is just not healthy.  Hopefully I will be able to start walking again just in time for spring.  Looking forward to spring at this point.  The hip will be in and spring will be peaking.  It will be a good thing for recovery for me to see green and flowers, it rejuvenates me.  I also have a plan for summer at the cabin.  I'm hoping to maybe on Saturday's to have a painting class at the wigwam with anyone interested in painting, whether they are old hands at it or new and wanting to learn.  I am NOT a teacher but I can help anyone to begin.  I think it will be great fun.

"Cruella" 18x24 oil on linen 

Speaking of painting, I've just completed a commission.  A high school friend of The Hubby's contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could paint their dog who just passed.  I said I would try.  She didn't inquire the size or cost.  I went ahead and tried my hand at it.  Cruella was a standard poodle and I knew a tiny little canvas would not do to capture her so 18x24 it was.  I was quite please to finish it yesterday and I think it turned out really good.  I sent her a snapshot of it and she immediately texted back "I LOVE IT!" Good deal for me.  She asked when she could pick it up and I told her Thursday and then she asked how much.  I was conservative in my pricing but not cheap and she said, "PERFECT," to let her know what time to get it.  Wow!  When she sent me the photos to paint from she said the dog was mostly black on her head and she wasn't kidding, but, I told her that when painting black dogs, black is not always all black.  There are reflections of light, blues, greens, amber gold...lots of different colors in the "black."  I was very happy in how it turned out.  

Thursday, December 16, 2021

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

"O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree"
9x12 oil on linen panel

Thursday, December 09, 2021


Yesterday I got a text message from this sweet lady's husband, Jim.  He said Patti had fallen the night before and was getting ready to have her third brain surgery in just a few hours. 
I don't know the details, just she had fallen and had brain bleeds they couldn't stop.  Today, again my phone went off and Jim said she had left this earth.  I am just heartsick over this.  She was not that old and was a successful realtor in our area.  I shared many a meal and a glass of wine with her.  I can still hear her laughter in my head.  Patti you will be so missed and Jim will be at a loss.  

I'm really tired of losing people around Christmas.  Last year was daddy's best friend Jay and two years ago my dear friend Charlotte.  

Monday, December 06, 2021

New Hip Is On It's Way

Tonights dinner is once again tilapia, spinach and red peppers. Simple preparation of a splash of lemon olive oil, Paul Prudhomme's Fish Magic, red pepper and frozen chopped spinach (what I had on hand.) ONE skillet in which I started the peppers, added the spinach, utilizing the water from being frozen. When it was half done I moved the spinach to the edges of the skillet and added the seasoned lemon olive oil coated tilapia and cooked till done. One skillet. (I'm lazy, hate doing dishes.)

Confession...I have been bad. Bad with my eating. Oh don't get me wrong it wasn't horrible but enough off the rails to have the scale edge up a bit. I'm still down two sizes in my clothes, that is a win. Today I went to my THIRD hip doctor. This time I was not sent on my very unhappy way but got an actual surgery date in February with a note to continue the weight loss. I have to say I was really nervous this morning going to yet another hip doctor but I had a good feeling in my gut this time it would be different and it was. She was kind, not like the other two male doctors that pretty much wrote me off and sent me on my way with no hope and no direction. Reading through the material is a bit scary. I tend to run from stuff like that so it is taking all my courage not to run and not do the replacement. I have to or I will be in a wheelchair the rest of my life at this point. I can barely walk most of the time.

So, I am knuckling down and making it happen. Get ready friends, I'm going to keep posting my food journey because it helps me to have friends support, and it seems my journey is inspiring others. It is a meal at a time, a dat at a time. I THINK I can. I KNOW I can. The little engine that could is me.

Thursday, December 02, 2021


Yesterday I received a phone call from one of The Hubby's high school classmates, one I don't know very well.  She has commissioned me to paint for her!  That was extremely exciting.  It's a dog they lost recently and I know I can do it, at least I hope I can.  During the conversation she said she really enjoyed watching on Facebook when I post my paintings.  She also said that I had been an inspiration to her with my  food stuff.  So much so that she had taken up the idea of eating that way and losing weight.  Goodness, I seem to have a bit of a following with my food stylings and it is inspiring me too.  I'm truly honored to be the inspiration for others even though sometimes I fall off that wagon, don't we all.  I'm trying to use up a ton of stuff in my deep freeze and hopefully continue the journey.
This is lobster tail and tomatoes and zucchini.  It was quite yummy.

I've also finished this lovely.  I loved doing the clouds and on FB, when I posted it I was THRILLED beyond thrilled to see Patrick S Gordon (Pat) like the painting!!!!!!  He told me once to slow down in my painting and I would get there.  I was beyond happy to have his advice, as my friend.  I might just have sold this one too!!!
"Rain is Coming"
9x12 oil on linen panel

Sunday, November 28, 2021


Good morning.  It's a beautiful morning with the sun blasting through the windows.  Thanksgiving is over and the rush that is Christmas is on.  The past several years I try to get the decorations up the weekend after Turkey day and yesterday the girls, all of them helped to make it happen.  I so appreciate and LOVE my girls, all of my girls.  I am truly blessed.

I just can't physically drag all the boxes and manhandle the tree anymore, at least this year.  Hopefully next year, with a new hip I will be a new woman and able to accomplish.  Not last year and probably not the year before but I have tried to have my sweet MIL, Gloria and bro-in-law and his hubby over for dinner and to help too with this task.  I tried to make it a tradition.  It's sad that this year Gloria is not here to enjoy the season she loved so much.  I could almost hear her humming Christmas carols while choosing the right branch to hang an ornament.  

I fixed spaghetti for all (vegan versions too) and we all ate before the real decorating began.  I have a fully little flashing light necklace that little Min found and ran into the kitchen with it twinkling around her neck saying, "look Granny."  Oh the sparkle in her eye.  She had such a fun time and Snicklefritz is such a huge helper.  She spent the night after everyone went home and we watched the last of Santa Clause 3 before bedtime with a promise of cocoa in the morning with her chocolate chip waffles.  

I just feel so bad that I can't really participate as much as I used to in the decorating but I sat on the walker and hung ornaments to the best of my ability last night.  At one point Af found the stockings and there was the felt one that Momma made me so very many years ago.  She held it up and, "do you want to hang it, I think you should."  OMG, I just choked.  This sadness just fell over me out of nowhere and I started to cry.  I just shook my head no.  I couldn't see it this year.  I seem to really be missing my momma lately, a lot and not sure why.  Could be that with losing my "other" momma that is driving this melancholia.  Plus knowing I may have a surgery coming, hoping I do at least.  I'm also quite aware of the things I just can't do right now.  I want to bake fruitcake, host a Christmas party, shop, wrap presents, DECORATE!  It's just a lot around the holidays I think.  Maybe if I didn't hurt most of the time when I move.  I know it will pass, I just move forward everyday and time does heal.  

What I look forward to is see the babies, their eyes, their love, their joy and awe of the season.  That drives me for sure.  I do love the season and it will be okay.  

Friday, November 26, 2021

TRULY Thanks(giving)

We hosted the family Thanksgiving yesterday and it was a most awesome day.  We were missing a nephew and his family as he had heart surgery last week.  We were missing my bro-in-law's hubby who sadly lost his mother last week.  We were missing our little doggie, Clayton, and Mondo.  Most of all were missing my darling mother-in-law, Gloria and my Daddy.  The nephews also lost their mother a few months ago.  My brother and his family were not able to attend either as they are staying close to home with his new grandbaby.  Too many Covid, flu and RSV germs floating around for comfort there (I so understand that!)  

It has certainly been a very hard time for this family the past year and being able to hang with everyone, to celebrate what we are truly thankful for is, well, just wonderful.  
These girls....Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Giggles and Grands

 Good Sunday morning.  
It's a bit dreary outside this morning but it's fall and the sun isn't our friend as much.  This weekend we stayed in town so the oldest could have a mini reunion with three of her friends at the cabin, the fourth not in the state to attend.  That's okay because I took it as an opportunity to have Snicklefritz spend the weekend with us.  I haven't seen that little stinker in about 5 weeks, the amount of time the Sunday funny papers had piled up.  I save them for her to read and she loves them.  Of course the opportunity was there to allow the other grand, Min, to come and spend time with her beloved cousin.  OMG, these two.  Min absolutely, ABSOLUTELY adores Snicklefritz and they just play and giggle constantly.  Here they are "playing" makeup and (fake) fingernail polish.  
Then I had a couple of Amazon boxes, and what do you do with boxes, you sit in them an drag yourself around or have an older cousin push you around.  They just giggled and giggled and Min laughed a laugh I had never heard her use, it was so full of joy.
I think by the end of the day though Snicklefritz was kind of done sharing and being the play toy of a two year old, but she so loves her too.  I kind of think she wanted Granny's attention and I could see it.  It was a long day, but after they went home to bed I looked at Snicklefritz and said, "you want to play Monopoly (Jr. Monopoly)", and she yelled, "YES!"  So we played a couple of quick games until she was exhausted and quite ready for bed.  In fact, it is nearly 9 am and she is still asleep.  We were up watching Home Alone 2, until 11pm so I'm sure she is tired.  When she wakes I'll fix her breakfast of scrambled eggs (my scrambled eggs, her favorite), pumpkin cinnamon roll, and blueberries.  She's a great eater for me.  She had the same breakfast yesterday.

This week I will prepare for Thanksgiving as I'm still having the whole family here, walker and all.  I can do it because everyone is bringing something and all I'm doing is the turkey, dressing, gravy and probably a relish plate.  I really can't wait!  Then hopefully on Friday we will get Christmas up and I will be ready for the season.  I'm done with shopping and will get it all wrapped and ready under the tree, JUST IN CASE I have the hip surgery.  My appointment is December 6!  

I finished this painting this week.  I think it's a really nice one and I've already got people interested in buying it!  
"Fall Shadow Play"
9x12 oil

Friday, November 12, 2021

IPad Woe's

This week has been a bit un-busy for me.  I've had the opportunity to again watch little Min a couple of times.  She is such a bright light in our lives.  Oh gosh, grandchildren are just wonderful medicine.  Next weekend I will have Snicklefritz all weekend and am really looking forward to that.  This week I went to Min's house one day and got in some cat petting, crossword and Little Bear watching.  
Then Wednesday evening she came to see me for a couple of hours, raincoat and all.  It was an evening of a lot of storms, tornado sirens and explaining thunder to a 2 year old.  Luckily we were safe, away from a tornado touchdown not far away from us.  That was a bit scary.  There were actually three reported but one was only about a mile away!!!  She decided to wear the raincoat for awhile when the rain started and her eyes were great round orbs every time the thunder rattled the walls.  I think my aunts used to say it was angels bowling in heaven, I chose to say that the clouds were bumping into each other and she liked that.  

I've kind of been at a loss for something to do lately.  My NEW IPad got a cracked screen, AGAIN and since I have AppleCare I took it in to a recommended place.  They sent it in and Apple will replace with a new one for $49!  Great, but that means NO IPAD for the entire week.  I can't paint or even play games which I do a lot.  My OLD IPad I took in to but it is a loss.  I had dropped it a couple of times and cracked the screen and had that replaced by a third party but in doing that the display was damaged and the thing has a mind of it's own.  It goes crazy, opens windows/apps I didn't open and you CANNOT type anything in.  I was told I could have the display replaced but the quote was $347!!!!! I thought I would be able to do it cheaper but no so that one is trash.  I wanted to leave one at the studio.  Oh well, I will wait till the new is in.  Supposed to be the end of the week...TODAY, but I don't see that happening before I go to the cabin this afternoon.  

Since no IPad I've really amped up the knitting but NOW, I've caused my elbow to get, well, knitters elbow I guess.  It is so very sore I can't even put glasses on my face or a fork full of food to my mouth.  Good GRIEF...what am I to do.  You can only watch so much TV or read.  If I read too long I get sleepy sometimes and I DON'T want to constantly nap, then I can't sleep at night.  Without my IPad I can't paint either since I mainly paint with it so that's even a bust.  

RATS RATS RATS!  I'm bored.


Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Join or Not to Join

 The past weekend was wonderful and relaxing, issue arose Saturday evening while our group gathered for dinner and celebrate three birthdays.  We were at J&S's cabin and there were seven women and eight men in attendance.  The men typically all hang around the fire pit outside, weather permitting, while the ladies are inside around the fireplace.  My question is, "is it me."  

Here's the story:  

While we were all inside chatting I was sitting in the living room in the ring around the coffee table and fireplace in a chair while on the couch two ladies sat chatting.  Then across from me in two chairs sat two other ladies and to the right of me sitting alongside the fireplace sat two more.  These three groups of two all sat chatting away while I sat in my chair absolutely NOT included in any of the talk.  I sat quietly, with my wine glass in hand and just looked around the room catching bits and pieces of each conversation.  It was honestly uncomfortable to be left out of three different conversations.  In fact at one time the lady on the couch closet to me physically turned her back to talk to the other lady on the couch.  Do any of the ladies not see that not including me was weird.  Maybe I'm just being odd myself by feeling this way but the whole thing lasted about 30 minutes of me sitting and sipping listening to the different conversations, not including me.  I felt odd man out in a way.  Then I told The Hubby about it last night and he actually said, "well you kind of don't mingle well."  WTF!  I do too but the way the room was set up I was left out, by no fault of mine actually.  This is not the first time something like this has happened here with these people by the way.  I think it just kind of happens by the way the room is set up, but my problem is do I just step into one of the conversations and join.  I've actually done that on occasion but I feel awkward doing that.  Am I just feeling weird where there is no weird?  In situations like this sometimes I jump in with a story that totally doesn't mix and feel even more awkward as they stare at me.  I'm just trying to fit in somewhere where a lot of these ladies have a lot in common where I do not.  Oh maybe it's just a pity party that no one needs to join.  
Should I feel weird about this?


Wednesday, November 03, 2021


Ummmm...not sure about all this holiday stuff yet.  I love, LOVE Christmas time.  It is my favorite time of year, BUT...I need Thanksgiving first please.  It is only November 3 and the Christmas commercials and music have begun.  NO-NO-NO, no Ho-Ho-Ho until we get some Gobble-Gobble-Gobble!  Granted I've already started shopping and really am nearly done but WHOA on the commercials, especially Branson and the Andy Williams song.  

I think I posted about the hip doctor stuff.  I've had to reschedule yet again for December 6 so it is a distinct possibility that I will have a new hip for Christmas!!!  I'm all for that at this time.  So what that means is that I will definitely have my tree up after Thanksgiving so that I am ready but it may have to stay up a bit longer as I heal.  All this is speculation and hopeful.  I've really been having a hard time getting around but I suspect it's more driven from the colder weather.  When the air pressure plummented the other day my right knee that I've had arthroscopy on felt swollen and so stiff.  It wasn't actually swollen but the stiffness was definitely there.  Gosh it hurt so bad that I was afraid the knee was first on the surgery schedule but after a couple of days and the weather change it was back to normal.  WOW!  But, all that caused me to kind of step weird on my left foot/ankle and cause it to want to twist and fall.  NOT GOOD!  I got Daddy's cane and started using it then we broke out my mother-in-law's never used walker (still wrapped in plastic,) and I've been using it at home, especially to get up and pee in the middle of the night.  Thankfully today the foot is better.  This is also probably driven a bit by the weather.  It SUCKS getting older.  

Last night we went to the PAC with our friends and our season tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was the first time we've been since the pandemic started.  We missed the first one because The Hubby was sick.  I told The Hubby this morning that I had two fears about doing it, the crowds (covid) and my mobility.  I was very apprehensive about the process of it all but it turned out good.  I was dropped at the front door and we used the elevator to the orchestra level.  One of my issues is standing, which can be difficult, then lots and lots of steps down to our seats.  We are close to the front and smack in the middle of the auditorium.  I made it in and I made it out with a bit of effort, but I did it successfully.  All went well and we won't have to try that again until January, AND maybe I'll have a new hip by then! 

Some days I move quite well and some days not so well.  If I can just make it to the first of the year my life should be so much better.  I've really been so hesitant on this surgery but now it is just a must.  I need it to carry on or I will be in a wheel chair in a year, I know that at this point.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hats and Pumpkins

Oh goodness the past week or so has been rough and fun.  This STUPID head cold is taking its toll I can tell you.  I don't feel bad, just tired and absolutely no fever, but a LOT of coughing.  Plus it was pretty contagious I think because this little darling had it, her momma, her granddad, me and now her Aunt Biff and Snicklefritz.  Good GRIEF!!!  At least she is completely well now but the rest of us are still the snot factory galore and coughing up a lung or two.  
I watched this little one just about all day on Saturday and we had great fun.  I was making her Aunt Biff this hat for a Halloween costume and showed it to her.  She immediately wanted to wear it.  I would have bet she would not have wanted that.  She's definitely opinionated about all kinds of stuff, but she wanted to.  Goodness it was cute, big on her, but cute.  So I sat about making her one in her size.  It was a fast pattern and she loved the hat.  
I then watched her on Sunday morning till about 1:30 while her momma was singing in the church choir, her job.  We watched Little Bear, ate lunch, colored and just enjoyed our time together.  

I'm ready to be over this cold now and finally felt like going back to the studio yesterday.  Pumpkins were on my mind to paint so I sketched this out and began.
Thought I would go back today but the office beckons me back there since it's the end of the month and we've got to get invoicing out.  Maybe tomorrow to finish.
I like it so far but have a bit to do.  MAYBE it will be finished just in time for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


I'm still here.  Been a tad ill this week.  Last week The Hubby got a nasty head cold with a horrible cough.  Don't worry, he was tested and it wasn't Covid.  Wasn't too worried anyway because we are both vaccinated and boostered.  Yes I know we can still get it but it would not be as severe, but he was tested.  I thought, THOUGHT, I was bullet proof but think again.  Friday I walked by his fire of burning leaves at the cabin and got a lung full of nasty smoke and almost immediately my throat was irritated.  I thought, yes, thought again, it was an allergic reaction but by Saturday morning I knew in my gut it was not.  He was sick an entire week and I showed no symptoms, at all.  So by Monday morning my throat was still sore and my voice was gone. Absolutely no fever for either of us, which was good news.  He actually went to the minor emergency the last Monday and got a cough syrup and antibiotic.  Now nearly two weeks later and he is still coughing. He's better but this thing is very slow to shrug off.  I was so bummed, first because I haven't been sick in two or three years and second, Monday morning I was to have my first visit with yet another hip doctor, a new one.  I had found a female doctor and was excited to go and get this show on the road!  Well, I had to call and reschedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) because they did not want me in there being sick.  Still have not much of a voice.  I thought by Wednesday I would be better, NOT!  I don't feel bad, not at all, just sound horrible.  I would not be able to mask (LOL) my illness.  When I called to reschedule I was informed she was pregnant and this was her last week and then off till the first of December.  Hmmm, well, okay.  Today, as I was contemplating rescheduling yet again tomorrows appointment my phone rang.  It was her office.  She is having her baby tomorrow!!!!!  So December 6th I reschedule.  Yes I could go to one of the other doctors, the one who wanted me to lose 20 pounds but I really wanted to have a female doctor.  So I'm totally okay with this decision.  I'm still having a hard time getting around a bit but maybe I should take this time to lose more weight!!!  It is what it is and I'm good with that.  Soon hip, real soon now.

Still painting.  This is my latest.
"Season's Changing"
oil on linen panel


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

This and That Tales of My Life and Others

Good morning all.  It's a wet morning so I am not moving out of the house until a bit later in the day.  Monday I went to the office to make a deposit and was extremely concerned when I went to the drive thru at the bank to find it closed, hmmm.  I thought, well the bank is having a lot of construction going on in the main bank maybe that has something to do with it.  So I drove to the next location at Utica Square and drove up to find a lot of red closed lights.  WHAT!  Ahhh, the other bank you are faced towards the windows and I can't read the signs, but this location you drive up beside and for some reason I didn't realize it was a bank holiday.  Well, crap.  So home I went with the deposit to take to the bank yesterday but forgot I was keeping Snicklefritz over night and most of the day.  So, this morning it is to the bank, after the rains have passed.  

The Hubby is sick.  This little dumplin' is sick.   Her momma is sick.  Funny thing is I'm not sick, neither is her daddy.  All have been tested, multiple of times and it is not Covid but a very, VERY nasty head cold.  I certainly hope the contagious thing is not slow and I get hit next week or something.  Ugh.  
Snicklefritz and I had great fun watching TV, chatting, playing Connect-4, Old Maid and Uno.  Some good one-on-one time.  Plus homemade macaroni and cheese, which she devoured.

This hip thing.  I'm honestly at a point now that I am almost immobile most of the time.  If I have to get up to go to the restroom I really think hard if I really need to get up.  I make sure that if I have to walk around that I get a lot of stuff done while I'm up because it is painful just standing or sitting down.  I've had two initial meetings with two different hip doctors of both basically told me I'm too fat and I've taken that and lost 20 pounds.  So I decided it is time, time to get the damn thing replaced.  I put in a message to the 2nd doctor but honestly my heart was not happy about "him,"  I kind of want a woman.  Maybe a woman won't have the "manly" attitude about FAT women.  I waited and waited since last week for a response back from the portal, crickets, absolute crickets.  So I took the bull by the horns and starting looking for another, yet a third opinion and a woman.  I found at Tulsa Bone and Joint, two ladies that do hips.  I chose a younger one who I hope will be more in tune with the new ways of hip replacement, I put in a request and yesterday received a phone call and made the appointment for Monday.  I'm actually excited.  They even have their own little hospital and like to do them kind of like out patient.  That is very appealing to me.  And wouldn't you know the other doctors office called not more than 30 minutes AFTER I made that appointment.  Tell you what, I'm going to the appointment and if I am not happy or she shoos me away I will call "the guy" and make that appointment.  Gosh, I'm scared but in too much pain and limited movement to not do this now.  It is time and I will have to work out the logistics at work the best I can.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Birthdays and Vaccines

This is the face of a fully vaccinated and boostered person.  I also had my flu shot and the pneumonia shot for over 65.  I am a HUGE believer in any kind of vaccines.  I was raised in the early times when polio was abounding in this world and my mother took me to the school cafeteria where I was given the sugar cube, gladly.  I also had the smallpox vaccine and have the scar to show for it.  I was born before there were mumps and measles vaccines, hence I had all that.  I've had several versions of measles, mumps and chicken pox (still have scars from that.)  Yes I did survive but a lot did not and some had lifelong debilitating side effects from the diseases.  
I had my 1st and 2nd Covid vaccine and last week I quickly got in line for my booster.  I had absolutely no side effects as did The Hubby when he got his on Friday.  We are both good and I feel a sigh of relief.  Yes I know I can still get the virus, much like the flu that they tell you that you can still get even if you are vaccinated. There are different variants and that is what is happening to the Covid virus.  I suspect that every fall when we line up for the flu shot the Covid shot will be part of it too.  You cannot just eat healthy or have some other kind of alternative care and think you are bulletproof, that is just insane.  Too many have died with that kind of attitude. Stepping down now. 

The weekend was very quiet at the cabin.  We watched football (not my thing) and enjoyed a small gathering for dinners and a bit of birthday cake for my friend.  Yesterday morning was just awesome as the fog rolled in and all you could hear were the crows in the background calling out that fall was here. 

Friday and Saturday also ushered in another year for both the grandgirls.  This little munchkin turned 2!  It's so hard to believe how fast she is growing.
Snicklefritz turned 9...WHAT!!!  So grown up she is.
Since their birthdays are a day apart we celebrated together and then they did their own things on the weekend.  Min said, "I blow candles, eat cake and make wish."  Yes she did.
Happy Birthday my darling girls.  Granny loves you to the ends of the earth and back.


Friday, October 01, 2021

Happy Birthday's

September ended with a whole lot of celebration and October is beginning with even more.  The 30th my dear mother-in-law would have been 94 years old and we so miss her every day.  Here she is holding my oldest who on the 24th celebrated 42 years of life.  
I cannot believe I am old enough to have a 42 year old but I am and she is.
On to October where today our first granddaughter turns 9 years old.  Wow, oh wow!  What a joy she has brought to our lives.
Then tomorrow we celebrate #2 grandkid who turns 2 years old.  Life is great with grands, better than I can even imagine.  The innocence and love they bring to our lives is priceless.


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Lost Checks and No Remorse

 A little update on the PSO fiasco a couple of weeks ago.  Last Thursday I was sitting at the office finishing up my work when I heard the mail drop in our box.  It was early because usually the mail doesn't arrive until way after lunch time.  Good, I thought, I can do a bit more work if need be and not have to come in the next morning.  I'm always on the lookout for checks coming in that need to be deposited.  Guess what was in that mail drop, the PSO stuff.  It was a regular bill envelope from PSO and inside was our check that was missing and caused the whole ruckus in the first place and the bill stubs that accompanied it in the first place.  The issue was there were only half of the stubs and half of the check, torn in two.  It all looked like it had been driven over, stepped on and torn.  Also in the envelope were new fresh copies of the bills that were due (same ones).  These have already been paid with our credit card and I have email confirmation of that all.  Good grief PSO had the entire thing IN THEIR CARE and chose instead to accuse us of not paying the bill in the first place and threaten to shut off our power when CLEARLY we had paid it.  Really pisses me off to no end, really!  They damaged it themselves, you would think they could have found SOMEONE to at least called us, or sent a letter that THEY messed up and NOT THREATEN us.  Obviously SOMEONE had to stuff it back into one of their envelopes.  Not nice I say, not nice.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Babies and Flowers, My Favorite

Good Tuesday morning.  Of course it's early since I get up at 5 every morning EVERYDAY of the week lately.  I have to share that Sunday morning my darling niece delivered unexpectedly and early, my great niece.  Little Victoria was not due for 5 weeks but she was ready to make her appearance.  I've been a great aunt for some time but this little precious makes me a true blood aunt!  I'm so in love with her and can't wait to see her.  So very happy for them.

I also spent time at my studio on Saturday morning painting.  I have several things started but just didn't want to work on them BUT, I had an idea for this.  A few years ago I did a painting in a workshop as an exercise in black and white and I still love that painting.
So I did these in french ultramarine blue.  Oh what fun they were.
Yesterday I thought I would try roses in cadmium red.  Not bad and both will make wonderful notecards.
Today I think I will try some daffodils in green maybe.  

Wednesday, September 08, 2021


Here is a tale...  Yesterday I was at the office trying to catch up a Monday on a Tuesday.  It was still the first of the month and bills have come in to pay after the end of last month where it was invoicing.  I was going about my morning when The Hubby's cell phone started to ring.  It was the electric company asking when we were going to pay our DELINQUENT bill!  WTF!  We have never EVER had a delinquent bill, especially at work.  He was looming over my desk accusing me of not paying the bill.  First, I started getting mad at him for actually thinking I didn't pay the power bill, then I started boiling at the power company.  They told him they had sent two notices threatening the cut-off.  We have never received any notices.  You have to understand that we have multiple properties so I get almost a packet of bills for separate properties.  So I went back to the bank account and noticed that the latest packet of bills for the power company had not cleared, mind you that I paid that on August 6 and here it was September 7 and they were threatening cut-off.  Don't you think that is extremely weird, especially when I received no notice in the mail or email or even a phone call.  The lady was nice but I was boiling.  What the hell was going on.  It was clear that the check was lost in the mail but why in the hell are they threatening this.  We've never ever been late and only a month late they are demanding this.  I am so overly confused by this.  Our options were to stop payment and either send another check in the obviously flawed mail delivery or pay with credit card.  Oh forgot, The Hubby had handed his cell phone over to me to deal with this while someone came to the door he needed to talk to.  So I told the lady, sure we would pay with credit card but didn't mean I was not very upset.  Of course she transferred me to another department.  I spent an hour and a half on hold when finally a very nice person took my payment with credit card, I received confirming payment via email and all was done.  The mail dropped in our mail slot and guess what, there was the damn cut-off notice.  This is so very unacceptable by the power company but they have us by the balls because they are the only game in town.  This is all just too weird but we are good, I hope...Just another day in my life.


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Just Touching Base


Good morning.  Honestly nothing is going on, absolutely nothing lately.  This past weekend was quiet and quite pleasant at the cabin.  I stayed over Saturday night while The Hubby headed back to town for a Vac-Dance.  I've been afraid to stay by myself before but since I'm down about 20 pounds my mobility is so much better.  When I arrive I have to go downstairs to turn on the water, hot water tank (breakers) and then back up the stairs.  That has been a bit scary for me but I'm better.  Although, Sunday when I was getting ready to head back to town I suddenly realized it was warm in the cabin.  Uh oh, the A/C was on the fritz.  The blower was blowing but the unit was still, the compressor.  Every year we have some kind of issue with it.  So I called The Hubby and he told me I needed to go downstairs to check the breakers.  Great, just great.  Down I went and sure enough there was orange on the A/C breaker, meaning it was faulted.  I called and he said to flip it off then on again THEN I had to go back upstairs yet again to turn on the unit and see if the compressor kicked on.  Dang it.  So up I went yet again and turned up the thermostat (we set it to 80 when we leave and I had already done that) and it seemed to kick on.  He had me go to the window and stick my head out and see if the compressor was on, it was!  I then turned the unit back up to 80 and back down the stairs I went again to go home.  Boy, got my workout on Sunday.  

I know it's only Tuesday but I worked yesterday at the office and plan on it this morning.  It's the end of the month and invoicing time.  Then I will be done for the week and can take off to the cabin, hopefully by Thursday.  This weekend we will social distance watching football, OU and OSU as football season starts up, OH BOY...NOT!  Not my favorite thing but I do enjoy being with my vaccinated friends, outside.  They have huge televisions outside so we can all be safe.  

The seasons are certainly changing and I can hardly wait to have a fire in the new fireplace again.  We had two ricks of wood delivered last week and now I'm all ready to enjoy.  

Friday, August 27, 2021

This, That and It's Friday

"The Road I Must Travel"
11x14 oil

Good morning.  A slow week but a bit productive in and around my life.  Of course Monday was a quick visit to the office and again on Tuesday.  Wednesday was a bit of art as I finished this little jewel.  I just love painting landscapes lately.

Thursday I decided it was time to open The PACKAGE!  I ordered some new pillow shams, bed skirt and a new light weight quilt for my bed.  I've had the old comforter for over 15 years and I was absolutely SICK of it.  It was fancy-schmancy and way too heavy to put on the bed everyday.  I just got tired of manhandling it when I wanted to make my bed and that was NEVER.  I wanted a light weight, pretty quilt like we have at the cabin.  I tend to make that bed everyday while we are there.  It's easy to pull it up and fluff up a couple of throw pillows and then you have pretty.
So I've been searching everywhere for the perfect one for my eyes.  Our house is decorated in more of a manly fashion and every once in awhile I throw in a frilly, feminine touch, so on the hunt I was for that feel.  
We had tons of throw pillows that I decided we didn't need too many of.  

As it turns out the quilt I picked out is very similar to our youngest granddaughters bed stuff, and I'm okay with that.  It took me about 20 minutes to manhandle the old bed skirt out from under the hugely heavy mattress then I had to wrangle the new one back under it.  OMG, that mattress is so dang heavy.  It took me a good half hour TRYING to get it in place of which I was not so successful. It is mostly in place but will need The Hubby to help me finish.  I just lost steam and my BACK!  But, I love it, I absolutely love it.  It's warm and inviting and makes my eyes happy.  I was not about to change furniture or paint so this is the best solution to revamp my bedroom.

Oh and as I took a bit of a break I was sitting on the bed and noticed my legs in the mirror.  You can obviously see the discrepancy in the difference in the length of my legs.  Hence the pain I feel as I walk every single step.