Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Babies and Flowers, My Favorite

Good Tuesday morning.  Of course it's early since I get up at 5 every morning EVERYDAY of the week lately.  I have to share that Sunday morning my darling niece delivered unexpectedly and early, my great niece.  Little Victoria was not due for 5 weeks but she was ready to make her appearance.  I've been a great aunt for some time but this little precious makes me a true blood aunt!  I'm so in love with her and can't wait to see her.  So very happy for them.

I also spent time at my studio on Saturday morning painting.  I have several things started but just didn't want to work on them BUT, I had an idea for this.  A few years ago I did a painting in a workshop as an exercise in black and white and I still love that painting.
So I did these in french ultramarine blue.  Oh what fun they were.
Yesterday I thought I would try roses in cadmium red.  Not bad and both will make wonderful notecards.
Today I think I will try some daffodils in green maybe.  

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