Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm going crazy!

This is making me nuts. I changed to BETA and then could get on, then couldn't, then could, then couldn't and NOW here I am. I can only access on The Hubby's computer after he has gone to bed. I just wanted to write....ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway, Christmas is now over and getting ready for the new year. I'm not making new resolutions because I'm already doing the usual ones; eat better, lose weight, know the usual. It's all pretty ridiculus all the fretting and worrying about what needs to written in the journals/diaries.

I finally got my meds for the thyroid a few days ago after the phone call to the pharmacy and two to the doc's office. Seems a nurse has again fallen down on the job. The fax number to the pharmacy was not the right one so the script was lost in fax space somewhere. My gosh what is wrong with people. I hope I start to feel better. Maybe this is what I have needed all along.

On another note...I have always wanted to write, like a novel or short story but my mind lately has been in such a bog I just couldn't collect my thoughts and then all of a sudden I was writing ideas. Incredible, I've written 6 pages of ideas, of stories....YIPEEEEEEE

Friday, December 22, 2006


Finally, I've been able to get on here to blog. I changed to the Beta format and it blocked me from signing in. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

This week has been pretty easy. I have my Christmas done and am just waiting to PARTY!

This will be our first Christmas without Momma. I'm not sure if I should be sad or what. Actually, Momma, I think didn't like Christmas too much EXCEPT to have her family together. When I was little with my baby Bro and Sis, we were so down in money that I remember Momma haggling with a dime store owner in our small town for a very cheap artificial tree. The man would not do it. He was so mean and Momma NEVER went into his store again and neither did I. Momma was so embarrassed and I think that really affected how she viewed Christmas. We had fun, great Christmas holidays but as she got older the season was not very evident in our household. She never sent Christmas cards. In fact, this year I only did a very few, mostly out-of-towners who I don't see very often. It has been kind of hard even though I had THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY!!!!! I just can't seem to get out of the depression I've been and I think I know why besides Momma.

I had a physical in October and have been waiting to get a call or letter from my doctor telling me how I did. Finally, Monday the office called and the nurse said there was a previous nurse who didn't follow up on tons of patients. Anyway, everything was fantastic. My blood pressure, triglycerides, EKG, xray's even my weight was not a concern (more later on that), but, my thyroid numbers were extremely low even though I'm on thyroid medicine. She said it could explain having only 3 cycles this year, tiredness, weight gain, my just not feeling with it. She said they would call in a higher dose of meds....that was Monday, today is Friday and not a word about my meds. I even called on Wednesday and they said the doctor had not signed off yet. Well, he's probably on Christmas vacation now and here I sit feeling like crap!

Sorry. Now back to the weight thing. I've been working very hard to lose the pounds since July (actually for eight years now) and the scale is not budging, AT ALL! My clothes are changing big time. Even my hands and feet are smaller, it's incredible how the little things are changing. This morning the scale ticked down one stupid pound. I guess that's really good during the Christmas season and all the food that abounds.

On another note we had to let an employee go on Tuesday and it was a real bummer to do it at Christmas but there was absolutely no choice. We are in the service/construction field and he was involved in an inappropriate action with a customers relative. This is not a good image for us and so it had to be dealt with immediately. The customer was very afraid of retaliation. We had to be very careful. This has been an eventful week I must what with that incident, our huge office Christmas BBQ and then the thieves we had. What a week.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Christmas Present

This is my new Christmas present that I asked for, mind you today is December 19....I sent an email to The Hubby of what I wanted with even a link to Amazon for him to purchase. Of course, he had to try Ebay first, his second love (I'm his first). He said for me to order it...I did. It came via the USPS and so I came home to find a notice of delivery. I had to go to the post office...Christmas time yet and wait in line for 30 minutes to pick up my Christmas present. I brought it home and put it on his desk for him to at least wrap. He came home and wanted to know what it was. I told him and he asked why I put it there, I explained. He said he thought I would want to learn how to use it "for" and "before" Christmas. So here I am with probably my only Christmas present on December 19. Funny guy...

Friday, December 15, 2006

What an exciting day I've had!

What an exciting day I've had. I ran a jillion errands this morning and finally arrived at the office around 10:30 to find The Hubby in the back storage closet. This storage closet also holds our security cameras that surround the building and inside. He was trying to find who possibly had gone dumpster diving in the dumpster because the stuff he put in the night before was out on the ground. What he found was a guy walking back to the back of the parking lot and then walking out of the gates with a huge roll of aluminum wire on his shoulder. We checked the front cameras and saw him get into a truck and take off. Boy, was The Hubby ticked off. So I was told to watch the cameras and then he locked the gates (the lot is also where the employees park their cars). I watched off and on all day long on my computer and then about 2:30 pm (The Hubby was gone) I heard a noise at the side of the building. I pulled up the cameras and saw a guy walking away from the dumpster WITH THE GATES STILL LOCKED. I yelled at "Ben" who is our estimator and he got up and ran and then I yelled "it's the same guy as this morning." I ran after "Ben" out the back door and he yelled at the guy who just tossed another roll of wire over the back fence. He hollered at the guy that he was on camera and then the guy jumped over a low area on the fence and ran around the front of the shop. I ran up front and out the front door to encounter a truck with two greasy guys sitting in it. Funny, the first truck was white or primer and the second truck was navy blue with a camper shell. I stood there with my hands on my hips and my nostrils flaring at the guys. The passenger was creepy with long black greasy hair. He yelled at the driver just as the guy from the lot ran around the corner and tried to jump in the camper shell back part. The truck started to take off and the idiot wire stealer stumbled off the back and yelled at the truck. They stopped and he threw himself in the truck and they peeled off. "Ben" yelled he had their license plate and as they drove by me I ran to the street and caught the license too. Just yesterday I took my camera out of my purse. If I had it still I could have taken a really good picture of the idiot passenger and then ran inside. What nerve these idiots. We had TWO company cars sitting out front and they had the stupid idea of robbing us in broad daylight. Of course we called the police and hopefully they will get caught. We surmise that they had to do it during the day so they could sell the wire and get money for their drug habit or beer for the weekend. Stupid guys, the price for aluminum is not that good compared to copper, which is INSIDE....STUPID BRAINLESS IDIOTS.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Big Bash

Well, the party is over and I am glad and sad. It was great fun to prepare and great fun to host and see all of my friends and laugh and drink a LOT of wine. Ooooooooo...When the last guest had left I made my way to the powder room and made my offering to the Wine Gods....I slept on the cold floor (actually The Hubby found me a thermal hunting rest to lay on) till about 4 am and then spent most of the day in bed. Here I am 3:30 pm and able to walk upright. The Hubby was WONDERFUL. He cleaned up most of the food mess and washed ALL of the wine glasses. He's great...ok the wine is still talking again..haha...Neighbors, friends and family, the banker, the realtor, the plumber, the contractor, the architect were all here to celebrate the Christmas season and the remodel of our house. It has been a very hard year for me and this just helped to put the year behind me. I am happy to share all the good things in my life with my family and friends.

Ohhh, I'm going to start to's my stomach churning...Gotta go BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEe.e...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Twas the Night Before Christmas 70 style

“Twas The Night Before Christmas”

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the pad
Baby, nothing was happenin’
Real quitesville, Dad!

There were ornaments strung round the espresso bar
And one dangled from Arthur (like that’s my guitar!)
And our stockings were hung, because, man, like I mean
We hoped Nicky Baby would soon make the scene.

Mother turned down the sound on the hi-fi and then
She curled upon the floor with a volume of Zen
And the pad was real quiet and peaceful and still-
Then suddenly Bang, it was gangbusterville!

Man, from way out in space came a powerful roar
That was so loud it blasted us right from the floor
I lost all my cool and my console slammed shut!
I was so bugged I dropped my best stereo cut.

Like I couldn’t feature what sounded that way
I forgot my turtleneck, shades and beret
And I ran to the window (my knees were both quakin)
Like I stuck my head out to observe what was shakin.

I looked up in the sky and what scene did I dig
But eight wild baby elks and a chrome-plated rig
A fat little pilot with a Gabby Hayes beard
Wow! Like, man, it was weird!!

His frame was all covered with red and white fur
And I thought that he looked like a swing’n Ben Hur
But the fat man was wailin and I don’t mean maybe,
So I knew in a flash he must be Nicky Baby.

This gig behind schedule, I heard him explain
Then he called all his elks by each of their names-
Go Ringo! Go Tonto! Go Flash and Saber!
Go Batman! Go Bogie! Go Mutt’n Jeff too!
Then down they all pranced-seven tons on the roof
And it looked like a discotheque out on my roof!

Nickey made for the chimney and flashed a big grin
Yelled, “Geronimo baby!” And pow! He fell in
When he jumped from the fireplace in a big cloud of dust
His grab bag was so stuffed I thought it would bust!

Then, man, like I flipped when he opened that sack
And said, “look what I’m fix’n to lay on you, Jack!
He had enough equipment to stock a whole band
A solid gold trumpet and a cool baby grand!

And then Nickey said, “Cook it! Like baby that’s it”
The sun’s coming up and this cat’s got to split.
So he filled up our socks and we thanked him a lot
Then he uttered “Shazam!” And took off like a shot.

He jumped into the fireplace, gave out a loud whistle
And blasted straight up, like a solid-fuel missle
Then he hopped in his buggy and we heard him shout
“Up, up and away” and he really moved out!

As he said into orbit - it was most out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”