Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Good morning, good morning.  What a lovely morning it is.  I do see ominous dark skies to the west so the rain they are predicting for tomorrow is out there.  Spring is definitely here except for the chilly temps this past week and in the wee early morning hours.

Comments, yes that is the topic of this quick post.  I have been commenting on several of the blogs I follow but I'm not sure they are going through.  Almost immediately when I comment I get a kick back email that there was an error and I'm afraid it's because of my AOL email.  I'm not sure but it's frustrating that I take time to comment and I'm not sure they are getting there.  So if you could pleasssseee let me know if you are receiving comments those of you who know me.  It just may be a glitch but this stupid glitch has been going on for over a year.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

And This Happened

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.  It was good and a bit weird for us here.  We had the whole crew at the house, my side of the family and his side.  Of course Daddy showed up 2 hours early as usual.  Don't understand that but it's okay.  I was a bit on edge because the niece is back in town and that can usually spell trouble, and she did not let us down.  Sis and her family walked in WITHOUT the niece and someone asked where she was.  Well, Sis unloaded, very publicly and it was not pretty.  The niece has been in California since last fall in rehab, yet again, and seemed to be doing well.  She left about a month ago to go to West Virginia with "a guy", (Sis didn't even know his name).  Apparently she came back here because of a sick friend or something and was home.  Well, Sis said they kicked her out Saturday and she was on a bus as they spoke back to WV.  She stole $300 from Sis's purse, her Transfund card and the keys to their Camero and drove to QuikTrip to pull more money out and then USED again.  Oh Good Grief!  Sis said that was it she was done and doesn't care if she sees her again.  Oh my, I don't even know how I feel about it all.  I would be so torn because it's my kid but I can see how you have to do the tough love thing.  Would make me so sick inside but they still have a child at home, an impressionable child, a GOOD child.  He is awesome so I see it.  I have to say that Sis doesn't forgive well and if you get on her bad side, you are out!  It is heartbreaking.  But then, she turns around and comes up to me to show me her new fancy bauble.  She bought a new diamond ring, the second in the past 6 months and I was under the impression they were broke and she took permanent disability from work.  What gives.  Oh well, I will never EVER understand her.

Easter in it's entirety was nice and finally the sun came out for the kids to hunt eggs.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Innocence of a Child

The innocence of a child is quite amazing.  

She is a pro at brushing her hair and it is getting so very long.

 We had Snicklefritz Friday night and it went very well.

Then Saturday morning as the air began to warm I wanted to take her outside to look at some of the flowers in our backyard.  Yes, yes, we have mirrors on our fences.  We got the idea from a local restaurant and since then The Hubby has picked up random mirrors at estate sales and the flea market.  I LOVE them and so does Snicklefritz.  The yellow flower is a shrub called a Japanese Kierra.  My greatgranny called it a Mexican Rose for years and made it so hard to find until I saw it in an edition of Southern Living a few years ago.  If you buy one get the double NOT the single.  It blooms off and on all summer and especially during hot times.  
 She loved smelling all the flowers during her exploration of the yard.

 My fabulous lilacs.  LOVE their fragrance.
 Had to buy some inside stuff for the family that is descending on us for Easter dinner today.  20 in all will be sitting at our many tables today.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Life In General

Last week was the official spring break in this area, but this week was spring break from my art class.  So what happened is that I DID NOT even pick up a paint brush this week.  What I did, was instead of class on Tuesday, was to clean out junk corners around the house.  I'm hopefully going to host an art group here the first week of June to coincide with the art workshop with Daniel Keys so I have to have it spit-spot.  The kitchen had a corner by the phone that seemed to catch all the junk.  I'm sure we all have those kinds of places around a phone area.  I trashed tons of stuff.  I also spent time cleaning out my closet a couple of weeks ago and that entailed my dresser drawers, which I don't really keep anything in that I wear.  I tossed out so much stuff, except for all the half slips I have.  You never know when you will need a good slip (I'm old school!)  Goodwill looked forward to see me coming last week.  This week was part of the guest bedroom.
I say part because the guest room is where old paintings go to gather dust, ones that do not have a home :( 

They are still gathering dust as of yet.  

I cleaned out the top drawer of the dresser there and goodness it took me an hour.  There was still a key from our previous house from 10 years ago!  I absolutely forgot to address the bottom two drawers because, well, I don't know.  That will be next.  While doing the top, I found packets and packets of buttons, you know the ones.  The ones that come with new clothes, just one button in each.  I opened each and every packet I found and filled an entire dish with buttons.  Kind of neat but the blue one baffled me as I don't typically wear blue.  Not sure where it came from.  

I have lots more to clean out, including those bottom drawers and to find homes for the paintings but that also hinges on cleaning out the other bedroom - AKA...my home art studio.  That room is just a pile of mess, a hoarders dream really.  The rest of my house is pretty organized but this room, EGADS!  Hopefully, when I get it uncovered that is where the extra paintings go, or SOLD to someone else's home.  Also to answer the question about some of the paintings, my girls have tons of my stuff to the point they say, "ENOUGH"!  But I'm sure they will get more in the future.

Some have asked about the cabin, yes we still have it for sale but it has not sold.  It's for sale by owner, no realtor, and sometimes that takes longer.  We have had many lookers, just lookers, curious to see what we have done inside and that's okay.  Frankly, right now if it sells great, if it doesn't sell then great.  We have been so busy with stuff in town that we aren't there as much as we used to.  Maybe spring will change that attitude and we will be there more, I just don't know.  I will miss it when it's gone, sure but then I can enjoy my yard in town more.  

The Snicklefritz has yet again been sick.  Last weekend you could see it in her eyes that she was just not right and sure enough on Sunday afternoon she spiked a 102 degree temperature.  That kiddo just can't seem to get a break.  The fever didn't last long and I watched her at her home on Monday while her mother taught school but she had a nasty cough and horrible sore throat on top of it and by afternoon the temp was creeping up again to about 99 degrees.  So I met her mom at the pediatrician that afternoon.  She had no strep, thank goodness and the doc seemed to think allergies but I don't that explains the fever but I did agree with the allergy in part.  I think it was viral and allergies together.  That being said, this little one has again gone a week without school and I've watched her most of the week, except for Tuesday.  On Tuesday her daddy had to venture home to Okemah for his uncle's funeral so he took her with him.  She had a grand time hugging her Grandpa Richard and petting her beloved horse, Cowboy.  (I will have to paint this picture!)  The stupid wind though seemed to aggravate her cough or the next couple of days, hello allergies!   
We kept her Friday night (last night) so her parental units could go out with friends to celebrate mutual husband birthdays.  I was worried she would cough all night but she slept, well, like a baby all night long.  She is a joy to have around and really no problem.  You just get worn out by being "ON" all the time for a 3 year old but I LOVE IT!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Catching Up

I'm finally trying to catch up here with everyone.  It's been a week of painting and I've been quite happy with that.  Since it was spring break and I didn't have anything planned on Thursday I painted in class Tuesday and Thursday!  I'm working on this little jewel, hopefully for a wedding present since it is her window!

This weekend we got away back to the cabin finally.  It's been a couple of weeks since we have been able to go and as it turns out it will be another two weeks before we are back.  B and Snicklefritz got to come for the night too which was great fun.  

Friday at the office I was able to give her her new frilly dress and she LOVED twirling in it, or spin, as she calls it.

The Hubby, aka, Granddad got some worms and took her fishing.  She had a great time even though they didn't even get a nibble. 
So, they spent time on the slide!
Also time spent trying on cowgirl hats as she addressed them. 
It was a nice weekend although we knew she was not 100%.  Just knew that something was coming as you can see in her eyes.  Sure enough when we got home today her momma sent me a text and she has a 102 fever.  Poor baby just can't seem to stay well. 
I am IN LOVE with this photo, her and her buddy, Mondo!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Doing's

I've had an interesting day today, fun and interesting.  I had to drive to McAlester today to pick up my paintings from the art show and since I did not want to go by myself I asked my 88 year old mother-in-law to go with. 

I love, Love, LOVE my MIL and was thrilled she wanted to go.  She grew up there and the lady that was putting the show together is her niece.  She was impressed with all the art and enjoyed the visiting.  I liked having someone to keep me from getting drowsy and bored for the 1-1/2 hour drive down then back.  The drive back she started talking about religion, death, being buried, religion, religion and more religion, which is fine.  She really questions it a lot and it's difficult for her because I think her father was a deacon or something like that and she has spent a lifetime in the church but she just questions it and is confused.  She also talks a lot about dying and her fear of going to hell.  I told her there is NO WAY you are going to hell.  She is one of the most wonderful people I know and it absolutely scares her to death.  It was a conversation we have had many times before and probably will again.  

After dropping her back home I then traveled to visit Daddy and Sis was there to so we had a nice visit too.  I was able to get his printer hooked up to his laptop and he was thrilled.  Daddy really is doing very well and looks awesome.  It's nice to see that.  

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Politics and Coffee

My Greatgranny's place all boarded up.
Picture taken by a customer that lives in the area.
Thank You Joe!
Good morning all.  Not sure where this little blog entry is going so just hang on and let's see!

Every morning (most mornings) I get up, have my coffee, say good morning to The Hubby and get ready to head into the office.  He has the same ritual.  He leaves before me usually to workout and I take a little more time to wake up.  Used to exercise but have not done that for about a year and a half (need to change that).  Back to it...as you may have read we have been self-employed for nearly 37 years so we "WORK TOGETHER!"  During those 37 years it has had its ups and downs but all in all it has been smooth and pleasant and we work well together.  Oh don't get me wrong we've yelled at each other before over the desk but it's just work.  Anyway, this morning I noticed something kind of weird.  When I arrived at the office he was upstairs taking a shower (after he works out he takes his shower at the office) and I went about my business opening mail and getting my desk in order listening to the floor creak above and the water run as he got ready.  He usually waits until he's gotten all the guys off to their job sites and then takes the break to clean up.  Hearing the blow dryer hum I knew he was about ready to come downstairs and soon heard the clump, clump, clump of his shoes on the stairs as he descended.  As he rounded the stairway towards my desk he said, "Good Morning."  I repeated back to him and then had the thought we are in our now in our WORK MODE.  It's kind of funny isn't it.  I thought so.

Political Crap...
Yes, I may get a bit, a LOT political here, and this is MY OPINION, I have the right to MY OPINION!


Hillary - - - ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY!  

Republicans - - - Let's PLEASE keep religion out of the campaign.  If you want to preach from a pulpit, go to church.  I do not want a wanna-be-preacher in the White House controlling our country and I certainly DO NOT want a fanatical riotous inflaming nut case running things either.  Trump scares the begezzious out of me and he should everyone else.  We are not left with much to choose from on the Republican side.  Is that all this country has got to give us.  STEP UP someone and take control of this fiasco of a Republican Party and get it right PLEASE.  

Democrats - - - Hillary, please.  Yes, it is time we have a woman in the White House but not her.  I do NOT believe anything she says.  She rubs me the wrong way and does not have a feel of sincerity in anything she espouses.  Please another woman step up and kick some ass!  And Bernie, well, he's a nice guy and my girls LOVE him but honestly, I am a Republican and his stuff is not good for our business, anything Democrat is not good for our business.  Democrats have been in that throne for 8 years now and our business is taking hit after hit after hit.  It is not good people for the small businesses (hear me girls).  The toll that we are feeling will have drastic repercussions, like selling our cabin and laying people off and NO WORK.   

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Ribbons And Cheers

Well, I have had a very eventful past couple of weeks in my art world.  Finished some stuff and started some stuff!

I finished this lovely on Tuesday and haven't even got a title yet.  

Then I got going on one of many cats and dogs I'm doing for gifts. 

Plus this one has begun in class! 

Finally...drum roll.........
Last night The Hubby and I drove to McAlester for the SOFA-Southeast Oklahoma Fine Arts Juried Show and I walked away with THIRD place!  Oh my gosh, there were 90 entries in all and that included, fantastic sculpture, oils, watercolors, graphite, photography and acrylics.  I TOOK THIRD!  Wow, wow, wow.  I was shocked but so thrilled and it's a money prize too, not much but it's something.  What's cool is my friend Linda took Honorable Mention and another from our group in Tulsa Artist Guild took Best In Show with a sculpture.  I can't tell you how excited I am especially with this painting as it just seemed to happen by accident and I ended up loving it but not sure anyone else would.  It was validation for me.