Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pirate Master

YEAH! I finally got to the end of Pirate Master. CBS canceled with 5 weeks left and left EVERYONE hanging. I'm sure that was an awful lot of viewers but I had invested a Little time watching it and wanted to know who won. They had it on the website so every Tuesday there I sat trying to catch it. Today I started watching it and it was a 2 hour episode. I watched the first hour and then my Internet connection hiccuped and it STARTED OVER again. I had to let it run through and managed to do something else while it did. What a total waste of time. What can I say I'm a reality show addict.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Weekend

The weekend was full of laughs and fun at the cabin. We had several neighbors over Friday night for an impromptu dinner of ribs and fried okra. I drank an entire bottle of wine by myself but it was over a 5 hour period so I felt no pain. It was quite yummy. The evening was a bit marred by one of the guests, Ms.L who seems to ALWAYS have too much wine and ends up crumpled down in a chair in a drunken sleep. She drank a lot of wine and then proceeded to steal a persons martini's that was seated next to her an finish 3 of them on top of the wine. This is not an unusual happening and seems to happen every weekend. Ms.L is usually so bad that she has to be escorted home by two gentlemen, most of the time NOT her husband. Luckily for us he didn't have time to sneak out before we suggested that he take her home. He is avoiding the problem, his and hers about the drinking and leaving it to others. Now there is talk with her friends about an intervention but I do not want to be a part of that. Our little "resort" area is very small and I'm not sure that would work for us up there. Ms.L lives there full time with her husband and her parents also have a cabin and lives there full time. It is a very sticky situation but it is really getting out of hand. Apparently there is also problem in the bedroom as Ms.L let us girls know that it was NOT happening in the bedroom for them. Which explains the talk about her at the 4th of July party where she was grinding around on another woman's husband (the other woman was not there), AND Ms.L doesn't care about which sex the person is. A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen at the sink hulling strawberries while another of our friends was helping me. Well, Ms.L came behind me and starting smooching my neck and grinding me from the backside.!!!!!!!YIKES!!!!! My eyes were bugging out of their eye sockets as I looked at the other friend and she was gasping. Ms.L then went to the living room and I just was in shock. Later that evening she grabbed me and started slow dancing and trying to do the grind. This is really a problem and if her husband doesn't start taking care of it I guess we girls will have too. Wow...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update on #1 Girl

A little news on #1 girl is she has picked up another class to teach ESL Intermediate Reading class as an adjunct instructor at the local junior college. This means that even thought she will be coming to work for us next week she won't be there all day Monday and Wednesday. But that is OK as long as I can have a couple of days off that is just fine. I just hope she doesn't want to be paid full-time because that is NOT going to happen. It will definitely be interesting having her there.

Oh Big Brother!

Oh Big Brother! It was very interesting tonight. I have the live feed but have not watched it for a few days and boy did I miss some stuff. DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THURSDAY NIGHT!!!!

Evil Dick and Jen went head to head and it was not very pretty. Jen started by hiding her clothes with the pretext of packing to leave but she was getting ready to go after ED. She went in and took his stash of cigarettes and DESTROYED them. She then went and ate even though she was supposed to be on slop till the end. That cost her an extra vote to be OUT! Then when Dick found out the cancer sticks were gone he went nuts. While she was eating he blew smoke in her face and then it started to physical. Jen ended up with a little burn on her hand. I thought that one was going to go right then since there was not supposed to be THAT kind of contact. WOW! It was an exciting episode and I'm going to have to pay closer attention.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

She's Gone

We've had a very nice visit with #2 this past week but she is at this moment landing in LA ready to continue her new life there. The week has been filled with lots of laughter, lots of her old friends and lots of family. She was staying with us so our little routine at home was a little disrupted but not like she used to be. She even made her bed this morning before she left. That is a real biggy. You can tell she has matured and it was a pleasure having having her home. Last night all four of us went out to dinner at a place in downtown called McNellies. After a few beers and dinner we ventured next door to a place called The Continental. What a nice place and it was totally empty. There was a stage and the bartender said it was open Jazz night. While we sampled a few drinks in walked part of the band Harmonious Monk and I forgot that #2 knew some of the band mates. She ran over to hug one of the guys and had a nice visit. I could hear her telling him about her living in LA and on an on. As the bewitching hour came for The Hubby and we decided to go home so I could catch the last of Big Brother. The girls decided to stay, I'm sure to catch the band that was not going to start till 10, WAY past my bedtime. God I'm old. This morning as I made sure #2 was rolled out of bed to catch her plane I was hit with a sadness that she was going away again. It had been 8 months since we had set eyes on my little girl. I was actually nervous for her traveling and right now waiting for her call to say she is safe and sound there. Her Dad took her to the airport as her bag would not fit into my new little car. When I made it into the office he leaned over my desk to ask how our little visit went last night when she came in from the club. I said it was nice but my eyes saw a real sadness in him too. He is very worried about our little girl. He wanted me to grill her about work, if she really loved this new guy in her life, you know pry. I was not comfortable with that and have had my butt bit by delving into my girls lives when I shouldn't. They are adults and they will tell me when they want to although last night was a nice opening for the discussion and so we talked. We actually talked about babies (ARGHHHHH!) She's not ready but she's trying to get her sister off the kick of being scared to death about "having" a baby. Well, that's another discussion. All in all it was a wonderful visit with my lovely daughter.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hosting the Fam

We're getting ready to have the family over for a party/dinner for #2 daughter on her visit home. That means The Hubby's and my side of the family so 19 in total (actually should be 22 but the others couldn't make it). I talked The Hubby into cooking his award winning smoked ribs and one chicken for the occasion. I made that Fresh Corn Salad again - YUM and will heat up some green beans. I just told everyone to bring something that would go with ribs and chicken and we'll see what they come up with. I just get tired of doing the email thing back and forth of what everyone is bringing and coordinating and stuff. Usually if you set the meat and say potluck with the rest it can be very interesting. Of course The Mother-In-Law is bringing a birthday cake 'cause The Hubby will be 52 on the 23rd so she has to have a birthday cake for the occasion. That is fine and lets me know the dessert is taken care of.

It has been nice having #2 home this week. She leaves I think Tuesday. Yesterday she and I went to her friends wedding, the reason for her visit. The downside of this little excursion home was that she was going to have to deal with her former roommate and high school friend. Both girls can be very stubborn but the roommate is a little wacky. #2 came home from work one day and there in the apartment were 7 guys (one the roommates boyfriend) to stay for a week. Some of them were also former high school friends. #2 was absolutely furious. Another day after work #2 opened the door of the apartment and there was a new puppy that had christened the place royally. The friend just had no respect for the feelings of #2, she only thought about what she wanted. So the girls lost any deposit they had especially since the friend didn't pay a pet deposit. It was a huge mess and the roommate moved out one month before the lease was up (her name was on it too). The utilities were in her name and she threatened to shut them off. That meant #2 would have had to have them turned on for one month and possibly pay deposits again...yuck. They made a compromise but the electric has got to be paid back to the roommate and she is not talking to #2 to settle the amount, until yesterday at the wedding. They talked amicably and hopefully their friendship is not totally ruined. I love this "little" girl and when she was leaving she came over and hugged me and told me she missed me and started crying which started me crying and then another mother of one of the other friends started crying and it just snowballed from there. I hope it all works out for them eventually. Living together can sure mess up a friendship, it's hard enough on husbands and wives and kiddos.

One thing I had forgotten about #2 being around is the non-stop talking. Her father and I took her out to the new restaurant downtown called El Guapos (we wired it) and her chatter about her life in LA was absolutely NON-STOP. We finished out meal and she hadn't even started eating hers. It is amazing how she can go on and on and on and on and on.....I love her!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I've Got News!

I've got news! The #1 daughter has given her notice at work where she has worked for 5 years and is coming to work for us. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! The Hubby was very hesitant about this but I am all for it. First of all we need someone to man the phones while we are in Europe in October, that is reliable. Second, she is quite a organizationl guru and I so need it here in the office. Third, I NEED A BREAK, and this will give me the opportunity to come and go and go and go if I want to. I'm so ready to have some time at the house to organize my little room/office that is still in boxes after a year and a half. I'm very excited.

Other good news is that #2 daughter is home from California for a week. One of her friends is getting married and another friend had a baby in January or something like that and she has never seen the baby. So, our little girl is home. She looks great and I sure missed her. She seems very happy with her life and can't wait to go back. We're having a huge family dinner on Sunday to celebrate her visit.

This week has been filled with a lot of ups and downs - the funeral/memorial, my baby home, my **$$###??//^^#@@@ period that appeared on Saturday, #1 girl working for us. So you see the emotional roller coaster has been at my home this week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Most Tragic Event

I was sent an email last night informing me of a terrible tragic event. An old, old friend of mine lost her niece in a terrible car accident this past weekend as she was apartment hunting in Dallas beginning her new life. The young girl was only 26 years old and was starting out the most promising part of her journey in this world. She had achieved her graduate degree in Printmaking and was to start her internship at the Dallas Museum of Art. She had just returned from a trip to Africa working with Masai children at a boarding school. She was very gifted in art but also in her love and love of teaching children. The even more terrible tragedy was that Sarah was the only niece, child and grandchild of her family. How absolutely devastating for this family I know so well. I cannot imagine the loss they are feeling at this time. It is truly unimaginable the pain they must be going through.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mother Nature has a cruel streak

Mother Nature is truly cruel. I have not been visited by her for 11 months and who should make an appearance Saturday night but Her Majesty. I can't believe it. I thought I was finally over all that crap. I am so very bummed that I have to start that whole year waiting all over again. WAAAAAAA!!!

This weekend #1 daughter and I hosted a bridal shower and it was a huge success. The food we made was terrific and everyone had a great time. They stayed for 3 hours. I made a fabulous tiny bacon and tomato sandwich with a parmesan mayo and fresh basil leaves for lettuce. YUMMY!

After the shower The Hubby and I drove up to the cabin for night of peace and quiet and so he could watch the meteor shower. I hit the bed at 9:30 since I was exhausted and recouperating from the monthly drag. I spent this morning reading on the book club selection and I think I am going to finish it by next week. I'm not enjoying it much. It is called The Queen of the South (see Books I'm Reading).

I am rambling I see. Not much has really happened in my life this week so i don't have much to talk about. You know since we are empty nesters, it is just us in the house in the evenings and I'm getting a little bored with the routine. You know, come home every night, turn on the TV, read the paper, check the mail, cook dinner and then watch TV till about 9 o'clock and then turn in - EVERY NIGHT! It is getting to be like my parents and I'M NOT MY PARENTS. I don't want to turn into that old foggy couple that has no life. I REFUSE! That is why I have my girlfriends to hang with, at least occasionally.

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Harried Friday

Even though today was not a payroll day I was still very busy, just not in the office. #1 daughter and I are hosting a bridal shower for her childhood friend tomorrow so today was numerous shopping errands to prepare. Luckily the house stays pretty clean since no kiddo's live here anymore and I have a girl that cleans every couple of weeks. Whew, that chore was done. Man, it was so hot geting in and out of the car running the errands around town. Well, over 100 today. So tomorrow I will hit the ground running as we, #1 and I are preparing the food for the shindig. I'm really looking forward to it as I love to throw parties. The only thing is that we are AGAIN missing a weekend at the lake place. This summer has been just shot what with trips and weddings. In fact, I have a wedding next weekend, one in September and one in October. I've spent a fortune on wedding gifts this year. Then in October we are going to Europe for 13 days and so fall will be half gone too and that is the best time of year for the lake and the peace and quiet.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The week in review...so far

Well, there is some good news for a change. #2 daughter is coming home for a visit. It has been 8 months since we have laid eyes on her and I'm pretty excited although I'm not ready for The Hubby to start growling about her messes in the house. One of her friends is getting married and so she is coming home for the wedding. She has quit her job and living with the boyfriend. She spent most of the $600 she made on the Tears For Fears tour on a cell phone so....(I hang my head and sigh).

#1 daughter has gotten good news. She will be teaching ESL at the junior college part-time and she is very excited. She has been working on her masters in Teaching English as a Second Language for awhile now and should be through next spring, hopefully. Did I say she is very excited.

Finally, yesterday I went to the GYN for my yearly and she said that I was pretty much through the menopause thing. You've got to be kidding. This has been a breeze, at least so far. I've had a few night sweats and personal summers but all in all it's been pretty easy. It has been 11 months since my last period and my luck I'll have one next month. LOL!!! I have mixed feelings about this. I've always thought it would wonderful if I was through with the monthly stuff but I am a little sad. It's not that I would want another child, heaven forbid but you just realize that part of your life has stopped, ended, finished. I love to watch the birthing shows and sometimes envision myself going through it all again. I loved being pregnant and having the babies but I don't miss the sleepless nights, the diapers, the spit up, the screaming, and the exhaustion. I miss the smiling till you face felt like it was going to break, the coos, the baby smells. Maybe I'll have to live it through my daughters, but wait, they don't want to have kids. Oh well, we'll just have to wait to see what the future holds.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Shopping we will go, a shopping we will go!

We stayed in town this weekend because The Hubby had to work in the office this weekend. I didn't work and if he thought I would he had another thing coming. Back to the purpose of this blog. A shopping I went with our #1 daughter. We haven't been shopping together for sometime and I mean maybe a year or two. Anyway, she told me of the outlet Dillard's on the east side of town and that they were having a huge sale till about Sept 16, 50% to 75% off and this weekend was no tax weekend. Well, we hightailed it out there first thing when it opened, 11 am and wow. Mostly clothes and they were very name brand clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. We found comforter covers, tablecloths, bedskirts, napkins and lots and lots of clothes for us our lovely guys in our life and even shirts for my Daddy. When we got home we tallied what I actually spent with the original prices on the tags: the original price total was $3,356 and I actually spend $441.46 with only paying $7.52 in tax on the non-clothing items. WOW! Can you believe it. Run do not walk if you are in the Tulsa area and shop, shop, shop till you drop. Go early so to not get caught in the tired and stressed nerves of the shoppers or cashiers. The lines are long so be very patient and try not to get caught up in the ugly talk (almost a fight behind us over a place in line). Wear tennis shoes and be prepared to carry, carry, carry. Take a stroller without the baby to use as a cart. Hubbies there are tons of pants and shirts to choose from, lots of linen and cotten casual shirts for CHEAP! I mean it "A shopping we will go, a shopping we will go, high ho the dario, a shopping we will go."

Time for a nap, I'm exhausted.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Will #2 every get it!

The #2 daughter, as I've previously blogged is living in California, far away from her parents parental reach. She loves it there and last week she got to do what she is certified/trained to do. She is an audio engineer. She loves music and wants to be in the music scene. This past week she got to work with Tears For Fears on their four city tour in California doing marketing for them. #2 was ecstatic that her favorite band and the members are now friends of hers. She was flying high when I talked to her a couple of days ago and was actually paid $600 for her work. YEAH, I say. Well, she told me that she was going to use part of the money to fly home this month for a friends wedding and to see us since it has been 8 months since she has set foot in this city. She is homesick and I miss her. Well, last night she called and was depressed and sad. She was feeling the down side of being up after a very happy previous week. After a little more prodding I find out what she is down about.l First, if I didn't blog before, she has moved in with her boyfriend who is just a tad older than she is (14 years older). Yeah, I know I'm not happy but what do you do. Anyway, in this condo he has she has her own little office space and her own bathroom and I'm a little confused if it is an actual boyfriend/girlfriend thing but I don't ask. Back to the story. She is upset because she can't unpack her boxes and she is talking about buying paint. I know that this little girl can't settle down and be happy unless her surroundings are absolutely PERFECT. She is very obsessed about it. Then she starts talking about not being able to come home because she can't afford it. I was confused since she just make $600 and is not paying rent. She said she had to buy a new phone. Now mind you we bought her other phone, which she still has and we pay for her bill. It's the only thing left that she doesn't pay for. She said that "W" had to get a new phone and they got a plan. I asked her how much the phone was and she told me $300, it's a palm. WHAT!!!!! #2 there was no reason for that. This is where she is still immature in her thinking. It shows that she was a little pampered but she realizes that it was a mistake at this point when she realizes that it affected her chance to come home. I didn't offer to buy her a ticket and she wouldn't accept it anyway. She's trying to make it on her own, so to speak. Then she started crying about a job. She quit her other really good job at a art store but she wants to do "music" and can't seem to wrap her head around being a waitress or salesperson. I told her she will have to do some grunt work since she hasn't got a college education and very little work experience. She has to be hungry and I think that at this point she is hungry for family. I hope #2 finally learns something through all of this. It's so hard for her to be there and us here. She asked for my help with what she should do about finding a job and I told her that I was in Oklahoma and she was in California and I would be absolutely no help. I told her to start knocking on every door she could. Any money at this point is much better than nothing. I think she sees us, her parents, doing very well and assumes that that is the way for her but doesn't realize it takes years and hard work to attain what we have. She has to get off her keister and make it happen. I told her she needed to get her drive in high gear.

Well, I'm on a role. She's not here for me to rag on so I blog.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Insomnia AGAIN

I was very tired yesterday and I only got up one hour earlier to get The Hubby to the hospital for his colonoscopy, but that was 4 am. You would think that I would sleep but Oh No, not happening. We went to bed at 10 pm last night and lo' and behold I was awakened but something, I think a dream, at 2:30 am. I laid in that stupid bed till 4 am knowing full well that the alarm was going to go off at 4:45. I tossed and turned and just couldn't go back to sleep. I was hot too (can we say hot flash). So this morning I'm a little groggy sitting her typing away. If this doesn't make a whole lot of sense well, there is a reason! YAWN!