Friday, April 30, 2010

Fuzzy Friday and Scary Stuff.

I'm joining in with my daughter, Sheezkrafty in her little Fuzzy Friday today.  Little Clayton taking in some sun that is missing today.  This was from the beautiful last weekend.

Sorry I've been missing this week.  I've actually been a bit busy and haven't had time to sit and let my mind think so words could flow.  Lots of work stuff and fun stuff.  I was very glad to finish one of my paintings, the sheep which I have decided to call, "You Talkin' To Me".  Check it out on the art blog.  I also took the very large cross painting that I have started at home to art class to finish.  Since class is only in session one more week and then off for a month, it will be summer before it is done.  That leaves me a month to work on sketches and maybe start some more at home.  

More fun stuff was a massage and facial yesterday which was so needed as my knee has been giving me fits again.  I haven't missed a workout though, except today, and decided I needed to rest it.  I'm plagued with my Daddy's knees darn it and don't want to have any kind of surgery on them so I will baby when needed.  I also had the "every five week" hair appointment this week.  I told Ruth to take it a step darker and truly she did.  I'm a brunette and I love it.  Will have to get used to seeing it in the mirror.  I went even darker because I want someone to notice and the last time NO ONE said a word.  Really!  If they don't say anything then I know it is not the way to go for me and will have to go back blonde I guess.  

Speaking of mirrors.  This week at dance class we changed rooms at the rec center into the kiddos ballet/tap dance room complete with a huge mirror.  Wait a minute.  I had been feeling really good about myself that day.  New clothes, new do and feeling a bit thinner but when I faced that stupid mirror I was a huge dark haired blob!  What gives.  The next day at the trainer place I faced yet another mirror and was like what gives.  I looked like I knew I should.  I realized that the dance mirror was kind of bowed which made me look like an elephant in that room and crushed my ego and self-esteem.  Is that what all little girls face in dance class, in front of bowed mirrors, making them look fat and killing their self-esteem.  I'm afraid so.  Mom's check out the classes, the mirrors and see if that is the case which can literally warp our little girls and guys egos about their bodies.  I was absolutely crushed for a few days and was glad to get back in front of my mirror and what I KNOW I look like.   

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Disturbing Find

When I visited Daddy last week he gave me a little zippered plastic bag filled with Momma's various doctor cards.  Why he seemed to think I needed this I really don't know.  I started going through all of them yesterday and it was a bit mind boggling.  There were internal medicine, hospice, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, cardivoascular and thoracic, oculoplastics & orbital, gynecological, critical care internal medicine, otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat), optometric, interventional and invasive cardiology, audiologist, refractive surgery (eye), neurological, podiatry, dentist, and orthopaedic (micro vascular surgery).  Some of the cards were definitely for Daddy with his hearing and his cardiovascular surgery on his legs, but the eye stuff and the pulmonary stuff was Mom's.  It kind of took me back to the days of doctor visits and how downhill she went so very quickly.  There were also the common cards like for the dentist and gynecological, even though I knew she had so issues with the later too.

Have to go to a happy place so spent the morning today painting and finished another painting, the sheep.  Debating on a name.  Be sure to check out the art blog...

Monday, April 26, 2010

McLinky Monday: Newlyweds

I almost forgot that this is the McLinky Monday at RHOK.  The subject this Monday is Newlyweds.  This one is sharing a funny newlywed story.  I have to go a bit back as I have been married for 34 years.  My memory gets a bit fuzzy going back that far.  We we very, very young, 19, both of us.  When it became clear that The Hubby was going to make this a serious pairing my father started holloring at me to get in the kitchen and learn how to cook for real from my mother.  I knew how to cook but not a lot of stuff, mainly chocolate chip cookies.  We married and moved into a sweet apartment close to the Swan Lake area here in Tulsa.  One day we went to work and I had decided to cook fried chicken, like my Momma made.  I set the frozen chicken out on the counter at 7:30 or so that morning and left for work.  I didn't arrive home until about 5:15 and started to prepare the chicken.  I thought there was a kind of funny smell but I was just so young and inexperienced I didn't know.  I prepared the chicken, salt and pepper, lots of black pepper and flour.  I got the oil hot in my electric skillet and started to cook the chicken.  There is nothing like the smell of bad chicken frying let me tell you.  I was so upset that I ruined out dinner and since we were so tight on funds it was financially not good.  I cried as I tossed that horrible smelling chicken out with flour all over my face and hands with tears streaming down my dust covered face.  The Hubby came home and I was a mess.  He felt so sorry for me, hugged and assured me it was alright.  I felt as if I had failed as a wife which was silly but it was devasting for me.  I don't even remember what we had for dinner that night but we ate something I'm sure.  A few days later I came home from work and when I put the key in the door I smelled the most wonderful smell, fried chicken.  He had come home early and was cooking dinner "to show me" how it is done.  I let him, to this day believe that he showed me how to fry chicken but really what I learned was how to thaw out meat in the refrigerator, I KNOW how to fry chicken.  It was sweet.

Food, Friends and Flowers

This was a fun weekend full of food, friends and flowers.  The big thing was to say goodbye to a friend.  I have previously stated that since I got my new Jeep The Hubby (the cool dude in the pic) wanted to get rid of my Miata.  I was not happy but not necessarily because I wanted the car, although it would have been nice on those top-down days.  He said we had to sell it because it just was not practical.  Well, my defense was that he has a play car, his 1949 Dodge and his 1979 El Camino, why not keep mine!  I lost the battle as he soldiered on to sell.  He just didn't get it, do you?  Anyway, we sold it to a very nice couple about our age and Friday I drove it to the cabin to meet the people on Saturday to seal the deal.  Bye my dear friend, I so loved you!

We went to the cabin this week with tons of food, a car to sell and ready to rest but the rest part was a little wonky.  I had decided that it was time to host a Saturday night with some of our friends, the only obstacle was the screened in porch was thick with pollen and had to be cleaned.  The Hubby and neighbor Jimbo worked hard sweeping and scrubbing all the gunk away for the festivities. 
I stayed busy inside away from the pollen (my allergies are in overdrive this week) preparing food.  Actually I spent most of the time reading and watching TV with Clayton in my lap.  My meal was an easy prepare kind of thing and when you have help with people bringing stuff it works out great.  My theme for the evening was Build Your Own Taco Salad!  We love to have this at home and I wanted to share. 

I got colorful napkins and plastic plates and beautiful gerber daisies for the tables.  I just had to take a picture of the sweet flowers against the backdrop of the black refrigerator.  May have to paint them. 
Now for the very easy taco salads:
Ground Beef
Refried Beans
Taco Seasoning packets
Salsa/picante sauce

Brown the beef.  Add the refried beans, taco seasoning and mix.  A little salsa/picante sauce and water to thin it out.  It's kind of an eyeball thing.  You don't want it to thick or too thin, you want it thin enough to drizzle over the Fritos base.  Building the taco is first a small handfull of Fritos.  You don't want to totally fill the plate or you will have a huge, HUGE finished taco salad when you add all the other stuff. 

Bean/meat mixture
black olives
sour cream

The evening was a huge success and everyone love the salads.  For dessert I purchased a Tres leches cake from the local Reasor's which is to die for.  Absolutely delicious. 

The next morning we got up and The Hubby fixed breakfast for our company, our friends B&K who were recently married in December.  They came the day before for the party and a little fishing.  Too bad the fish were not biting and it was a bit cool.  Clayton enjoyed the whole weekend with tons of people to see and lots of laps to sit in.  Now it is back to the old grindstone.  This morning I was up and headed to workout with 5 miles on the stationary bike and a mile on the treadmill!  A little painting in a bit and pick up the house, the grocery store and the office for a bit.  I really have tons to do today...toodles all!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopping, Wine, Blogging and Exercise

Yesterday B and I took off an hour early from work to hit the mall for some long needed shopping.  It has been eon's since we have done something like that and it was a blast.  We hit Woodland Hills Mall and I was very thankful for wearing tennis shoes.  The main objective was to find the Payless Shoes.  We entered the doors and began the walk around the upper floor and then the second floor.  On the way we stopped by Wet Seal and found sale racks with buy one get the next one for a penny, 1 cent!  That was great fun and it is fun for me to finally be able to buy regular clothes in a regular ladies store, not the fat lady store!  Yes, I said FAT, big ladies store.  Filling a bag we traveled on to Payless where I immediately took off the tennis shoes and tried on tons.  I am a shoe hater and haven't bought anything new in a few years so this was definitely different for me. 
I was on a mission for sandals and that is what I found.  It's funny.  I usually wear a 7 or 7-1/2 but found that in there I even wore 6-1/2 and the 7-1/2's way too large.  Weird, I think I've lost weight in my feet!  I got four pair of sandals and B got two.  We then headed over to Victora Secret for new bras and undies.  Unfortunately they only had one bra in my size.  DRAT!  Shirts, sandals and bras I was done.  (Earlier at home I also found my Real Housewives of Oklahoma t-shirts had arrived!)  By the end of our walk throughout the mall I so remembered why I really don't like shopping.  My knees were killing me from the hard floors and the stop and go and wait stance.   B and I were greatly in need of a drink before the Blogger Meet Up put together by Tasha Does Tulsa at Siegi's Sausage Factory in south Tulsa.  We stopped in where Paddy's used to be and I cannot remember the name but a glass of wine and mug of beer to top off the shopping and I was ready to meet people.  It was great fun to exchange blog cards and hear the speaker Erin Conrad.  B and I were the first to leave because we were pooped and to rush home and catch the Season Finale of Project Runway...priorities. 

This A.M though Clayton was anxious to get up and eat and pee and started in waking me up at 4 o'clock!  YIKES.  Well, since I was up I decided I couldn't talk myself out of exercising so off I went to meet W and do the treadmill thing.  2.7 miles at level 3.5 and 3.5 speed most of the time I amped it up this morning.  Had to work off the brauts from last night. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calm Before a HUGE Storm

Doesn't this look relaxing!  The Hubby and I had to stop at one of the other Cabin People's place to talk electricity on Sunday and when we were in their cabin this was a cozy space I fell in love with.  I asked if I could snap a pic and possibly paint it and they said of course.  Nice isn't it.  Thought I would send a nice calm picture before I start in on what is bugging me today.....get ready...

In the Tulsa World newspaper this morning on the front page was the article, "Certification scramble    New rule on lead paint starts Thursday".  There was another short story last week or so but it is basically new laws by the EPA that will effect everyone, TRUST ME!  This will be a paperwork nightmare for all involved and will cost everyone more than they are willing to pay for remodeling.  The article states, "The new regulations stipulate that every home, child-care facility and school built before 1978 be tested for lead paint by a certified contractor before renovations are performed, including painting, plumbing, and window and electrical work."  First, there is only one certified contractor in the STATE!  Second, the painting, plumbing, window and electrical contractors did not know this was coming.  This was a blindside and failure to comply can cost $37,500 per incident for the contractor and licensing will not be approved until certified.  This will obviously trickle down to the homeowners and can possibly hurt any remodeler.  The construction industry has been hit very hard this past year this will only cause more problems.  We/everyone is now scrambling to comply and a lot of jobs may be shut down because of the new rules.  This could the like the fiasco that was asbestos some years ago.  We will have to see how it all goes.  Hang on all as this is going to be a bumpy ride!  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where's My...

Since Daddy has returned from his five month stay with his Sis and family the phone is constant.  He calls three to five times a week looking for something he can no longer find in his house.  I knew there were would be calls but for goodness sake when he first returned it was every single day looking for stuff I knew he didn't need or was broken or just plain too yucky to remain in his house.  We had calls for wire whisks, buckets, pruning shears, waffle irons, pan for his toaster oven and this week it was his Chili Bowl seasoning mix that was in the deep freeze.  Some things he has replaced or I have taken back because I took them never dreaming he would use them again.  The waffle iron we tossed because he never makes waffles as he buys the frozen ones, but on no he had to have one so he purchased a new one.  That is fine.  He pretty much accussed me of tossing out the chili mix, which I wouldn't at all so this morning I got my own stash of it and took it to him.  I also took back his pecans from his freezer which I was intending too anyway, I don't need them.  One of things he was missing was the pans for his toaster oven.  He has fretted over them for weeks now and was very upset that we got rid of them.  Well, this morning when I went over he informed me that his pans were in Arizona with his Sis.  They found them and are shipping them back.  See!  I didn't get rid of them.  Oh I know the calls will get better.  He will finally settle into his new digs and be happy but in the meantime it is driving me a bit bats.  This morning while over we went out side at 7:49 to 7:55 am to try and catch a glimpse of the shuttle passing over which didn't happen. 
Here he is showing me his garden.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 1995

The question of the day from The Real Housewives of Oklahoma is "April 19, 1995 Where Were You."?

April 19.  What can I say about that day.  April 19, 1995 I was a young mother with two little girls that I shuffled off to school.  The Hubby was hard at work at our business and I was on my way to take my final exam at Tulsa Junior College now called Tulsa Community College at the SE Campus.  It was College Algebra, YUCK!  I had worked nearly 13 years to get that 2 year degree and I was finally to the end.  I arrived on campus and was walking down one of the halls amid tons of much younger students.  I was at the time one of very few much older students.  I passed a lounging area on my way to find a corner to study when I saw a crowd staring at one of the many televisions that hung from a ceiling bracket.  It had just happened  The crowd was buzzing with what had happened and the confusion on their faces was evident.  Here, in Oklahoma.  What?  Who?  The news reporters were talking about bombs and babies and the horror and shock made the hallway full of people almost silent as we watched.  Our hands on our mouths, gasping.  The cell phones were being dialed, people checking on loved ones.  No answers.  Tears.  I don't remember going to class to take the final.  I don't remember leaving the campus.  I don't remember much until later in the evening and watching it all on the news with my family.  I was just in such total shock by it all. 

I was fortunate enough to not have a family member or friend in the bombing, through the years though I have met people that have.  One of B's good friends from college lost her father.  One of The Hubby's old grade school friends was severly injured in the blast.  Even though I was not touched very closely by the tragedy it still affected our/my tiny corner of the world we call Oklahoma.  It was mind boggling how such a war-like action could be here in the midwest in the middle of good and wholesome and unthreatening.  It tainted what we knew of a protected world, our world.  Our thinking had to change.  Our whole concept of life as we knew it was forever changed.  The outside world (even though it was homegrown) can touch us here and it was not good. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

The weatherman promised scatterd showers with a let up on Sunday...well, he lied.  It rained all weekend at the cabin but that was really okay.  The Hubby and I spent much of the time watching TV, napping and staying cozy by the fire.  We have the NetFlix subscription and on of the pics we watched was "Burn After Reading."  Hey, why didn't anyone tell me that Brad Pitt had his brains splattered....ICK!!!

This morning The Hubby rolled over in bed and suggested breakfast...hmmmm...he suggested a trip to the local haunt for a breakfast out.  That was funny because I had just told Harri that eating breakfast out was my favorite meal to eat out and we never do it.  Was he eavesdropping in her cabin.  Was he a fly on the wall.  Anyway, it was yummy...

Quick snap of the hostas that are popping up and some of the flowers I planted last weekend. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

World Traveler

She is now a world traveler.  Her job has taken her flying high in the skies to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Manila, and Singapore on tour with Tears for Fears, yes I said TFF.  When she returns I'm sure I will pass on her stories and pictures.  I'm very proud of my brave girl.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday was a whirlwind day with a list of stuff to do but, mission accomplished as I finished my running with a little fun thrown in. 
  • Work out
  • Daddy's to take his pecan picker out thingy (where he got pecans this time of year)
  • Oil change
  • Shower and cleanup
  • Post Office
  • Work to meet accountant
  • Painting class
  • 20 minute cat nap
  • dinner with friends
I felt really good to finish the list. 

This is the painting I'm working on in painting class.  We still have to make glass in the window and make the bottles more translucent but so far so good.  Don't forget to follow my Artist In Training blog on the right hand sidebar here.

I forgot this picture from the cabin of one of the ferns we bought on Saturday.

Here is The Hubby's little toy that is finally finished and souped up, 1949 Dodge.  He felt that is was highway safe to take a journey in it.

Also, don't forget B's show in June, The Alliday Show...Check out her blog here for her first interview of one of the vendors, Theragenics.  If you are interested in setting up at the show this is the place to find out about it, The Alliday Show!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where I Come From

Where I Come From...this is the question or statement from RHOK this week and I gladly love to share as I am very proud of where I grew up, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma!  According to Wikipedia the name Broken Arrow, comes from an old Creek community in Alabama.[4] When they moved to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears, they started a new community named after the original settlement in Alabama. The town's Creek name was Rekackv (pronounced thlee-Kawtch-kuh), meaning broken arrow.  The city boasts the famous  Rooster Days and the Miss Chick Contest of which I spent many a Friday and Saturday's walking up and down Main street hoping to see a guy who would like me (my main mission in life then.)  According to the 2008 census BA had approximately 93,000 people and as of now are closer to 100,000 and is the largest surburb of Tulsa.  I always new that Tulsa and Broken Arrow would someday merge into one and that has happened.  My little hometown was quaint and quiet when I was a girl.  My Daddy graduated from BA High in 1955 and I in 1974 as have my nieces and many cousins.  We, my families are truly long time citizens of that town.  Alas, though, when I married I became a non-citizen, for 34 years now.

My little hometown was safe for my brother, sis and I to ride our bikes all over the place and walk everywhere.  We played softball in our large backyard and every kid in the neighborhood would come over to be a part of the teams with the sweet gum tree as first base, the maple as second and the elm as third.  I never wore shoes, except in our front yard which was a mecca for broken bottles as the teenagers would drag main and toss their bottles, beer or pop.  I soon became on of those teens but never, never threw trash out a window, still don't.  My granddaddy had the Purina Feed store in town and when he closed that down sold used cars and eventually real estate.  My other grandfather made his money in the machine shop biz, my father too.  After that he had a black angus cattle ranch in Coweta, just outside of BA. 

I guess you would classify me as a city girl, within the standards of that small town attitude.  I lived right on Main Street as my father still does.  When I go to the class reunions most of the kids (kids...that's funny I still think of them that way), talk about the parties and happenings that I never had a part of and most of them were country kids.  They will ask if I remember the party at so-and-so's out on County Line Road and I look wide-eyed and shake my head no.  I really had not much concept of the "outside" world except for the heart of Broken Arrow.  I wasn't a country girl but The Hubby considers me sort of one because he grew up in the "Big City" of Tulsa.  It's just all a bit strange really.  We didn't even go to Tulsa but a couple of times a year, mainly to Sears for our school clothes and a winter coat or to Southland or Southroads Mall for a special time and lunch at Big Mikes or Borden's Cafeteria.  When I married I was terrifed of the big city of Tulsa as I didn't venture too far from my stomping grounds. 

Movies for me were to go to the 51 Drive-In on 71st (the old Highway 51).  I think I only went to an indoor theatre not more than 10 times in my youth.  We always had family nights at the drive-in.  It was great fun to play at the playground and then lay on a blanket and watch the big screen under the stars and slap mosquitos.  My father worked there when he was in high school. 

Broken Arrow, my hometown is nothing like when I grew up.  There are buildings, traffic lights where there were none and traffic, traffic, traffic.  More housing additions that I could imagine where there used to be horse and cattle pastures.  I used to go "parking" alongside those roads where there could be a Quik-Trip or Walgreens store.  It is not the small town where I grew up and I truly miss it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend of Fun!

The Oklahoma weather has finally become perfect so off I took for the cabin for some R&R with friends and nature. 

Some of the sights along my journey to our little slice of heaven...

Just a little further...around the bend...this is my favorite part of the drive...

When I arrived I was greeted with flowers and green in my yard...also lots of tall grass.

Grecian Windflowers

Japanese Keirra (my favorite)

and an old azaela that was covered by a tree that died and this year allowed it to bloom.

My dear friend Harri and I decided that we needed to go to Pryor Creek Nursery for mulch for our flowerbeds and possibly some of their awesome ferns.  We were not dissapointed and came home with much more, and no mulch.

Harri found this beautiful dogwood tree and just had to have it so we initiated my new car and filled to the brim...

There she is with her beautiful dogwood...

Now it was time to begin the digging and planting.  I got a few flowers, ferns, herbs and a couple of tomato plants.  I was so sore from Thursday's workout that I should have been wary of the ouchiness that was going to occur.  It was all worth it though
I'm a great gardner for taking a rest and the chair came in mighty handy.  When it all starts to take hold and look beautiful I'll have more pictures.  Enjoy everyone and have a great day...It's hammock time for me now.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Off

Today, Friday is my day off.  Not from work because it is payday but a day off from exercise.  I didn't mean it to happen but it did.  Last night Clayton, sweet little Clayton did not sleep much.  He would wake up every couple of hours and want to get down from the bed.  I have to explain that this sweet little bundle of joy I won't allow to jump off of our bed...
You see those frail little legs might snap if he jumped off of our towering bed onto the wood floor.  So he sits at the end of the bed and whines and cries.  I was awakened at 1 am, 3 am and 4 am by this little guy to get a drink and go outside to bark and run.  He was just full of it last night and could not wind down.  The Hubby even took him for a walk to wear him out but it did no good.  He was just in fine form.  That all said, that meant that I could not get my sore legs and butt out of our warm and comfy bed this morning to do the treadmill thing at 5 am.  Do you blame me.  On top of it all I had taken a couple of my anti-itch pills for a rash on my chest and they make me sleep and a bit loopy.  I just wasn't in my right mind I can tell you.  As it is I'm moving very slowly this AM to head to work.  It is 8:01 and I'm just now finishing my cup of coffee.  So sorry W for not showing up this morning.  I will be there Monday, I promise...bad Clayton...we love him though.

Bring on the weekend...should be just beautiful!!!!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


My favorite tree is the pink dogwood and lucky me the neighbors have one between our houses.  It is a huge tree greets me every time I pull into the drive.  This morning when I returned back from workout I just had to grab the camera and take a few snapshots.  Spring is finally here.  The trees are full and green and floral and the birds are singing the season.  Sitting here typing away I'm being seranaded by a wren on the back porch window sitting atop a lawn chair.  I've tried to get his picture but he is skittish when so use your imagination please.  Have a great spring day all.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What Is A Housewife

This is a challenge from the new place I love to go...The Real Housewives of Oklahoma...I have been challenged to write about this subject...

"What Is A Housewife." 

First let us find the definition to that heavily weighted word, housewife according to Wikipedia.  It refers to the housewife as a woman not employed outside the home and manages the home.  That is all well and good.  My mother was a housewife as was my grandmother although they both worked at different times when necessary before children arrived.  I used to threaten The Hubby that when I die I do not want my obituary to read "she was a housewife."  I'm not a housewife.  I promised that I would come back to haunt him!  I work outside the home, sort of.  I work at our office and when the girls were young the office was in the home.  Actually, we are all housewives if you take the definition from Wikipedia to heart, we manage the home too.  We work outside the home and inside the home.  We do it all.  I'm not sure I really like the term, housewife.  I've done it all.  I work.  I've raised two daughters.  I went to college while raising those two girls.  I also worked in our business, still do for nearly 31 years.  I've managed the house and paid the household bills along with the work responsibilities.  Hey, I think I'm tired.  Housewife, I'm not sure I've managed to figure out that term myself.  I've cooked, cleaned, done the laundry.  I've taken the kids to the doc and the pets to the vet.  I've been a nurse and caretaker. I've championed my girls at their school and extra activities.  I've been a chauffeur and WalMart runner at the last minute kind of gal.  I've been ready for the family dinners at our house with a smile on and a killer meal to boot.  I've been the glue for the family, especially the extended family.  I have been the wife, the patient wife who is there for her guy.  His dinner is kept warm for hours and when he walks in the door I'm not mad but caring for his long day.  I am happy to be with him, to sit and watch mindless TV, to talk about his day.  I am there in good and bad.  I am more that a mere housewife, I am woman, hear me roar!  Oops, better get off the high pedestal that I've climbed up on and get back down to earth.  Oh gosh, I don't know if I can define what a housewife is, I just know who I am and I am much, much more that a housewife, like many, many of the women today.  We need to coin a new phrase, don't you think!  I can't even think of one word that would fill that in so housewife I guess I will stay.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I was very happy on Sunday to see that the old fashioned lilac in the backyard was beginning to bloom.  I absolutely love lilacs but alas this one may not be around forever.  It is in a place that when we begin the add on/remodel will be taken out.  The Hubby said he will try to transplant it but I will be afraid that it might not work.  I may get him to take to the cabin and try there.  I love the smell.  Reminds me of being a little girl. 

This weekend I also began work on yet another painting.  You will have to keep up with the art blog but here is a taste...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Wedding or Was It...

Last night The Hubby and I attended a wedding for a young, very cute couple.  Of course we got away from the house late (practicing dance steps) and ended up having to stand at the back of the chapel to watch the exchanging of vows.  As we were standing in the foyer we weren't the only ones late to the shindig.  The door opened several times with more young friends of the bride and groom and let me just say I can not remember seeing so many short and low cut dresses in one gathering.  I thought The Hubby's head was going to swivel off of his neck.  The ceremony was short and sweet and we hooked up with some old friends to book it to the reception a short distance away.  Being some of the first to the reception we had prime pickin's for seats but alas I chose wrong for the hubby.  We had our back to the door because I thought he might like the view from the dance floor better.  The view of the entry door was a much better choice.  I told The Hubby that I did not want to hear about the crick in his neck that was obviously going to happen.  There were two girls that walked through that door and even I was ga-ga.  They were at least 5'10" and the dresses were, well, if they bent their head down they would show more than I wanted to see.  The Hubby called them Amazon women and he was so right.  They were even in flats and were towers walking in.  I have to say that the bride was once employed at a well known hot spot for good "chicken wings" and was forwarned that the guest list would be nicely attended!  That was an understatement.  The evening went on with munchies of finger fruits and foot long sandwiches, wine and beer and very loud music.  The Hubby and I showed off our "talent" on the dance floor, being the only ones out there but when the music hit "Ice, Ice, Baby" I chose to sit it out and let the younger ones take some spins and dips.  The short dress girls were something to watch.  Short dresses, low to almost non-existent tops and stiletto heels and tattoos were the norm of dress code at this wedding.  They were either tugging the dresses down to cover their hoo-hoo's or pulling them up to not fall out of the top.  It was a three-ring circus really but The Hubby was throughly enjoying the floor show!  I have to admit that I'm from the mini-dress generation but I knew how to sit in the things and bend over without the whole world knowing your business. 

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday at Home

Saturday, (I hope) a painting day at home.  The Hubby is busy with the Tulsa Swing Fling this weekend so I'm taking the opportunity to just veg at home.  I don't have to venture out of these four walls and that is just fine with me.  I slept in a bit, sort of.  Clayton was awake at 5:30 (usually up at 5) for his breakfast so I fed and pottied him then hit the sheets again.  Then at 7:30 he whined again so I thought he needed to go out again but he was thirsty.  I crawled back again in the bed to finally sleep till about 9:30.  That is good I think but I have a tinge of a headache.  Reminds me of being young and sleeping till noon then waking with a horrendous headache from too much sleep.  I just can't seem to do it anymore.  I like getting up early.  It's like I'm going to miss something of the day if I don't great the sun.  I especially love to be at the cabin in the spring and summer when the mornings are warm.  I will get up and sit on the screened porch and watch the sun peak while listening to the birds cheer it on.  Oh, I think I'm missing the cabin this morning.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Art Blog

I have moved my art blog so be sure to follow so you can keep up with my journey as an Artist In Training

Inspiration and Compliments

I'm trying to find some inspiration to paint.  I have lots and lots of pictures to choose from but just can't seem to get myself to sit at home to paint.  I have some time this morning but just am not in the mood.  Hopefully this weekend, while The Hubby is at the Tulsa Swing Fling I can spend some time with a canvas.  I had a great time in class on Tuesday and feel that the painting is going well.  I have a few goals in this painting endeavor.  One, is that it relaxes me and makes me content.  Two, is that I am using my creative outlet.  Three is to make a little money, not much money, but a little.  My friend in class, who is an AWESOME artist, sold one of her paintings for $800 the other day.  YES!  That is what I want to do eventually, but ultimately I just love to do it.  Makes me get a warm feeling in my belly when I can cover a canvas and make it turn into something wonderful. 

Possible Paintings:

This one I've started on canvas but not sure of it yet.

Now to (2) compliment(s).  Last weekend while at the cabin on Friday night, sitting around a fire pit, a new cabinite asked how old my kids were.  I gladly told her 30 and 24.  She was stunned and could not believe I had children that old.  I was very appreciative of the compliment.  Last night it happened again at a night club that we went to after dance class.  We were sitting with three other couples from the class and I was having a discussion with one of the guys when he asked me if we had children and how old they were.  I again offered up the ages and he was visibly stunned.  He actually told me that he thought I was about 42...I'M 53!  I thanked him and my head grew with pride as I thanked my Mary Kay regimen of lotions over the years, working out and good eating!  Also, laughter and contintment with life helps. 

So I'm feeling pretty good about myself lately.