Thursday, December 02, 2021


Yesterday I received a phone call from one of The Hubby's high school classmates, one I don't know very well.  She has commissioned me to paint for her!  That was extremely exciting.  It's a dog they lost recently and I know I can do it, at least I hope I can.  During the conversation she said she really enjoyed watching on Facebook when I post my paintings.  She also said that I had been an inspiration to her with my  food stuff.  So much so that she had taken up the idea of eating that way and losing weight.  Goodness, I seem to have a bit of a following with my food stylings and it is inspiring me too.  I'm truly honored to be the inspiration for others even though sometimes I fall off that wagon, don't we all.  I'm trying to use up a ton of stuff in my deep freeze and hopefully continue the journey.
This is lobster tail and tomatoes and zucchini.  It was quite yummy.

I've also finished this lovely.  I loved doing the clouds and on FB, when I posted it I was THRILLED beyond thrilled to see Patrick S Gordon (Pat) like the painting!!!!!!  He told me once to slow down in my painting and I would get there.  I was beyond happy to have his advice, as my friend.  I might just have sold this one too!!!
"Rain is Coming"
9x12 oil on linen panel

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