Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Tomorrow is Labor Day and I will spend it here at the lake doing nothing of the sort. It has been a very nice weekend so far. Quiet and the weather sort of okay. Yesterday a weird thunderstorm came up and I was caught at a friends cabin on my golf cart. The lightening was scary and we were on their front porch so I opted to chance it an high-tail it back to the cabin. I had just gotten all dolled up too so I had to re-dry my hair when I got back. Harri and Jimbo, Bare and Sin are all going out on the pontoon boat today, like yesterday with all their kids in tow. We were invited but that is just way too many people on one boat for me and too long on a boat with not facilities save for the lake. I had a little too much to drink last night for that to be an option. I can't stray too far from nights like that and I really don't know how they do it especially since they don't even remember much of last night. I had three shots of tequila and that was quite enough for me although I really didn't get drunk last night, at all. Very weird. On the other hand the others were LOOPED! I can not do that every weekend, no way. Eventually, that will catch up with you as I have seen it in my parents. There is a problem when half your car is loaded down with liquor for the weekend and you, as adults have jello shots in you refrigerator for the college kids. NOPE not for me. The Hubby and I left a little before 10 because we wanted to have some time to ourselves as I have been "out of commission" for about 5 weeks and am now "back in commission." I think we slept for nine hours last night which is what I need.

This week I will start back to workout, which I am missing so badly. I will begin Jazzercise again and then next week add the personal trainer again. I'm going to add it slowly to allow my body to get used to it again after being so ill. This weekend I will read and write and sleep and rest.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Temp 87 degrees feels like 95

I just finished helping my friends Sin and Harri put together the community Labor Day breakfast and whew am I bushed. It is 87 degrees here but feels like 95 according to and I truly believe it. We decided to be down at the wigwam about 7 to get things setup after spending yesterday afternoon chopping bell peppers, onions and fruit and scrambling eggs, 10 dozen. The biscuits were pre-made and the gravy you just add water and cook so it really wasn't too bad. Oh and the bacon was done in the microwave 20 pounds. I'm not very hungry right now. It was fun though. I was up at 6:30 to shower and will have to have another shower to rinse off the sweat we worked up feeding all of the 50 or so who showed up. Really I don't think we had that many but that was the total signed up to attend the morning festivities. It is done and I have contributed my services for the year and won't have to do it again for another year. I think I'll just go back in my nice air conditioned cabin, take a cold shower and then a big fat nap and then maybe I'll read later. Tonight is another party of hamburgers and fries and Bare & Sin's and the can throw some kind of shindig! I'm hoping to not have to do anything else this weekend but sleep, read, blog and write for the rest of the weekend. I need to finish getting my rest and keep in good health.

On a final note, the MIL finally closed on her house. HAPPY DAYS! It has been on the market since last October and we are so glad to finally have that burden lifted and carry on with our lives and for her too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A trip to the minor emergency

Well, the hives have hung around all day long so far. After being up at 5 in the morning I finally was able to sleep a little more, till 10am. I arose and decided to shower and realized that the hives had diminished a bit but were still there. I had to go the office and make a deposit but on the way there was having a little shortness of breath and felt like I had a pill or food stuck in my lower throat. I tried to eat a salad but that seemed to make it hurt worse but yet better. A Diet Pepsi made me burp a bit which helped but my voice was raspy and a little tight so I figured I had better make a run to the minor emergency after a run to the house. The Hubby had stopped by so he said he would take me. The decided to put me on steroids and Zyrtec and Benedryl and to watch if any of the symptoms got worse. I went home and slept for another couple of hours and now the hives are gone but still a little raspy. Very strange. The doc and I wondered if I should get another antibiotic but decided to see if my other infection would finish healing up on its own. We'll see. Just going to sleep a lot tomorrow and say goodbye to A as she flies out to California again.


This is the new form of torture my body has bestowed upon me, hives. I have apparently developed an allergy to the antibiotic that I have been on for my infection. I was with my friend checking out venues for her daughters wedding when all of a sudden the bend of my arm started sort of itching. We had just seen a couple of spiders and wondered if I had been bitten but as we were getting back in the car my backside started itching. We made it back to her house and I went into the bathroom and unzipped my jeans to see my shrinking tummy covered in hives. I knew exactly what was happening. It was 4:45 and I hurriedly called my doc and they told me to immediately stop taking the antibiotic and that they would call in an antihistamine. I drove right to the pharmacy and found out that it was not done, arriving about 6pm. I went on home as my tummy was getting a little upset and then checked online and even called the pharmacy at 7:15 and Still no call from the doctor. I got desperate and took a couple of Benedryl and about 8:15 I checked online and there it was. Wait, I already have a prescription for that, I call it my itchy medicine so I ran in there and took one, then at 10 I took another. The hives were melding into one huge hive and I was almost totally covered. I am miserable right now. I woke up about 4 and tried to sleep but the itching had started again so it was up to pop a couple of pills. It is better but that is relative as I am one huge bump!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New and Old Pictures

This weekend was a full weekend of having A home and it was wonderful. We had a nice time at the cabin and a family dinner for her and The Hubby's birthday. It has been a nice. Alas, she goes home on Wednesday but she is still sleeping in wasting precious time here but that is how it goes. The Hubby and A went fishing and here are a few pic's to catch the moment:

Saturday while waiting for casseroles to bake I scanned some old pictures from my Greatgranny's home in Jay. There are pic's of the barn and family and the house that brings back so many sweet memories of my childhood summers and Thanksgivings. This place is where I learned to love nature, gardening, flowers, bugs, and just critters. I also learned about different people here. My greatgranny, greatgranddaddy, Big Dan (great-uncle) and Ree were awesome when it came to meeting people. You would not know it really as Big Dan was sort of grumpy but people were always stopping in for visits, show off their latest hunting aquistion, having taxes done or just visit. Ree would always offer tea or food and you usually left with one of her handmade potholders and if there weren't any made up she would quickly whip one up in the fruit celler or the back bedroom, wherever the sewing machine might be. If there was a new baby you would go home with a baby "quilt". They were made with a cute fabric on top and the backside would be this fuzzy fabric. My girls had many of these blankets and my kitchen drawers are full of handmade potholders, which I can whip out myself now. I look at these pictures and I'm drawn into memories that are so precious to me and I plan on writing them down instead of just talking about them. I tell lots of stories but just can't seem to get them on paper but one of these days. Actually I've written one about milking in one of my other entrys. I would like to link it here but I'm a novice at that right now. Trust me there is a story about milking. Here are some pictures of the house and barn, garden, and the cattle tunnel under the highway.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do I smell or something.

Today is The Hubby's birthday. We went to the cabin last night to celebrate with our little family and friends, B&B2, A, The Hubby and myself. We had a nice time but I had to come back early today to cook up some casseroles for the family dinner I have planned to celebrate A's visit home and The Hubby's birthday. I sent the invite out over a month ago and and invited all of The Hubby's family and my family as I have done before. I didn't hear back and so planned that all would be in attendance, 26 to be exact. Today I get back and find out that 6 won't be in attendance, at the last minute. One I knew about on Thursday but today I find out the others are not coming. I know they have a long drive from Olathe but for goodness sake one is his oldest brother and wife and they are down through here nearly every week to their lake place at Lake Eufala so that shouldn't have been a problem. Okay, okay, okay, their excuse is that they are sick but I find that very convenient. You know we have been in this house for 2-1/2 years and I don't think that DD & Cher have spent over 30 minutes in our house. The last time A was home I had a get together and they couldn't make it and when the MIL turned 80 last year he was sick and chose to eat his meal in the backyard so as not to infect us. It just may be circumstances but this is getting way to weird for me. I'm beginning to think I smell or something or have offended them to the point that they will not set foot in our home. I wonder is they are jealous or mad at me or what. I was already ticked off at him because he never came to see his brother in the ICU and now this. I can't believe it. I've cooked for over 2 hours and then find out nothing!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It is 10:25 a.m. and I'm still sitting at home in my pajama's sipping coffee. I slept in AGAIN till 9 this morning which is a real departure from my normal routine of 5 a.m. I've had to take it easy and really try to get better from this relapse. I have to get better. I will start packing the pounds on again if I remain sedentary.

Today, at 3:09 p.m. my little girl A, 23 years old is flying in from California. We haven't seen her since B & B2's wedding in March and I'm so looking forward to it. The weekend and week will be full so I've needed these couple of days to get some rest. Tonight we will have dinner with a bunch of The Hubby's family at his mother's retirement place, Monterrau. That will be nice. Tomorrow we will have lunch, all four of us at our favorite buffet, Bangkok (on 33rd & Harvard) then take off to the cabin for the night. We will celebrate The Hubby's birthday (23rd) with our lake friends. It will be me, The Hubby, A, B & B2 and whoever else is up there this weekend. Pop goes the cork! Saturday I will have to come back early because I have invited all of The Hubby's side of the family and my family to celebrate his birthday and the homecoming/visit of A. That would be about 26 people! I am making a couple of huge casseroles and salad and be done with it. I guess I need a cake but we'll see, I'll just have to purchase it if I need it.

When that is done then Sunday we will be going to another faux-family get together. The Hubby's best friend Kelly's family gets together a couple of times a year and we are the faux-family and always invited so Sunday that is going on. We also get to see Kelly's new granddaughter #2, Claire.

So my weekend is very, very full then we will only have about two full days to visit with A and allow her to see some of her friends in town before she will jet off back to sunny, earthquake prone California and her life there. I miss her terribly but she is very happy there with her beau, Gruno (yeah I know). One of these days my girls will both be close to me. I used to cry when they were little when they said they didn't want to live here in Oklahoma, Tulsa, anymore. Now I understand and respect their choices in life, their life. It is hard though.

I also tried to get with my friend because her birthday is the day after The Hubby but she is too busy with her "NEW JOB". What I asked her yesterday. When did she get a new job. I have talked to her a few times in the past month but she never, NEVER said anything about a job. It is part time on Thursdays but not a word! NOT A WORD! I'm her best friend, or so I thought, and NOT A WORD! I'm am used to having friends I can talk to about stuff, just everyday stuff, bad stuff, good stuff, just stuff but we don't even do that. I just don't get it. I think I will give her her wonderful birthday present sometime next week but I'm not putting the effort in her anymore. I am not getting out of this friendship what I need. I'm lonely since Gail and Momma died and you would think she would pick up the slack some but it has gotten worse. She has pulled into herself and her little world, her family. Now don't get all uppity about the family business but for God's sake her family consists of her, the husband and three GROWN children, ages 22,24, and 27. Yet she is so meshed in their lives that she is totally lost. She is eaten up and devoured by what is her family. She needs to find her again. I'm awful but I'm lonely and I'm sad that a friendship of 22 years has come to this but what do I do.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another trip

Next June we are going on another trip. Yeah! We are going to Dublin, Killarny, London and then back home for 5 days on the Queen Mary 2!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Tale of Sandy the Yorkie

This morning has already been exciting and it is only 7:31 a.m. This is the tale of Sandy the Yorkie who I had never met before. I left Jazzercise early because of the previous post and was driving down Harvard and at about 65th as I was driving north I saw what looked like a rabbit slowly start to cross the road in front of me. I slowed down so as not to hit whatever it was and discovered it was a little dog although I couldn't tell what kind at that point. I stopped and so did the many cars behind me, put my flashers on, jumped out and picked up the little thing. It would surly have been hit if I had not pick it up and in hind sight I really could have had a horrible accident myself but things just happened. I jumped in my car and pulled into the neighborhood hoping to find the owner. Fortunately the little guy had tags, the vet, his rabies city tag and his name with the owners phone number, which they didn't answer. I saw a couple of ladies outside their homes and tried to see if they recognized Sandy but neither did. One lady I was lucky enough to visit with happened to volunteer with ASPCA and tried to help. Finally I decided to take Sandy to his vet since I was having no luck in the neighborhood. Little Sandy was an older tiny Yorkie with only one eye and just adorable. I found the vet that was close and waited till someone showed up. It was 7 am and there were no hours posted on the door so I waited. Next door was a doggie daycare place and I went in there at about 7:15 and asked the hours of the vet and if they recognized Sandy. About that time a vet tech pulled up and the doggie daycare lady said there you go. I hurriedly marched across the parking lot with Sandy in my arms and told the girl my story and she looked at the dog and said, "that's Sandy XXX." Finally I found his pseudo-home. She took him and I knew I had done my good deed for the day.

6:20 am

It is 6:20 a.m. and I'm at Jazzercise WATCHING the girls workout. I have been back to workout for exactly 6 days and now because of my infection and now I'm back to watching again. I got up this morning and felt the infection back again. I can not believe it. I hate this. It messes me up on my working out, more mentally than anything 'cause it is all I can think about. Now I have to call my personal trainer in about an hour and tell him I won't be there AGAIN! I want to be well so I can continue my weightloss and exercise plans. My mind is just a jumble of mush of worry and exhaustion from worry. AND to top off all this I have to tell The Hubby again that the fun bed stuff is on hold again because that is the region of infection. OH MY GOD! WHY ME for this junk. Man, I'm a little nauseous right now. LATTTERRRR!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Peaceful Weekend - A light bulb moment

We are back from the cabin, rested and relaxed. I checked the messages and there was a VERY long one from the MIL letting us know that on of the nephews wives had another miscarriage. So very sad. They had one before their son and now two more. I think they might just give it up at this point. So sad.

I also opened the Saturday's mail and found the insurance letter about more of The Hubby's medical stuff. The hospital bill alone was $25,000 and now the ambulance/helicopter bill arrived and was $12,525. What with the doctor bills we will be out of pocket expense about $4,000-$5,000. YIKES, a volunteer project that cost us that kind of money. Oh well.

I was just leafing through one of my many writing magazines and I just figured out something, a real light-bulb moment. I have always wanted to be a writer and recently decided that I would call myself a writer because I do write, here on these digital pages, but in the magazines I read and in some of the little classes I have taken there are so many steps to becoming a real writer. I think that is what is holding me back, not doing it "the right way". Hey, wait a minute is there a right or wrong way to write, probably but you know what I think writing is writing. In the magazines and classes there are so many articles and lectures telling you about the research of it and the grammar of it and it is just too much for me. I think I write just fine and trying to meet up the the expectations of the supposed guru's of writing can stop a person, like me in my tracks. I feel overwhelmed by the idea that I am not doing it right but is there a right way or wrong way.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I forgot

I almost forgot. I also found the nightie that I wore on our wedding night and my garter!

Found stuff

I have been in the mood to clean out boxes and closets and so at the office I remembered that there were boxes in a storage closet. Those boxes have been in storage behind piles of stuff for about 12 years so they needed to be gone through. I found books on how to draw, acrylic paints and brushes, counted cross stitch patterns, tons of fabric that was intended for quilts, my old papers written in my English Composition class and journals, craft ribbon, and the best thing - baby stuff. When B was little and the only grandchild in the family and the only girl grandchild she was called "The Kid", mainly by my parents. I was lucky enough to find a little t-shirt that said "The Kid" and wouldn't you know it but in that box of junk was that little t-shirt. I also found little crocheted dresses I made, crocheted shawls my grandmother made, and t-shirts that were A's that had "I was born at St. Francis Hospital." So very cool. Right now I am washing all of the fabric stuff as I also found mice droppings...YUCK! I have scrubbed my hands a lot in the past hour.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Closet cleanup - finished

I know it is confusing but there are clean pictures here and messy pictures. See if you can figure it out!

Mindless yada yada yada

I haven't been much in the mood to type/write stuff lately. I think I've hit a little of a dry spell. Actually, I haven't had the time to sit and just do it. I seem to be running all the time lately with absolutely nothing to really do or get accomplished. We finally have B in the office to give me some time off but I seem to be in the office all time anyway. Yesterday she was sick so I had to go in anyway. This afternoon I have to go in to make a deposit and get my address list I printed up for my meeting tonight here with my high school class reunion committee.

Yesterday I finally started back on my workouts after being off of them for about 5 weeks. First was The Hubby's accident then my bout with infection stuff. I am ready to get back to it. Today we did an assessment and I'm up 1.5 pounds!!!!YIKES! I guess that is to be expected after being off so long from exercise and eating the same+! My legs today are killing me they are so very sore. I will have to get back into it and I look forward to the pain as I know it is working! I want to be under 200 SO BAD and I'm just a few pounds away so I have to amp it up to get there.

This past weekend was really nice at the cabin. It was quiet with not many people there and then we hosted the get-together that grew from 7 to 12 but that was okay. I enjoyed the rain and I finished another book, A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs. I can't decide what to read next.

Today I am home from two workouts and need to pick up my house for the committee meeting tonight. I have finally finished cleaning out the guest room closet and now need to switch some of my clothes but just haven't had time to even finish that. I've been doing my laundry and keeping in in baskets and finally just dumped them on the guest bed so it looks like my closet and dresser drawers have thrown-up all over the place. I guess that is what I should tackle but (now I whine), I don't want too. It is so quiet this morning, not even my canaries or parakeet are making a sound. It's nice. I cleaned out one of the cages last night but I need to do the other two. So that is on the agenda for today.

Now for a little commentary...John Edwards...SHAME ON YOU! I have absolutely no tolerance on a man or woman who screws around on the spouse. I just don't. When we were first married and I was very naive I told The Hubby that if there ever was a discretion I would forgive him. A few years ago, The Clinton debacle, I retracted that statement and said if that happened he had better find a good lawyer because I would take him to the cleaners. I just have no tolerance for that, especially since she (Elizabeth) was sick when he (John) did it. Why can't people stay faithful. I just don't understand, don't understand. Okay I'm through ranting.

Guess I had better get off my keaster and get done what is on my list to do!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Best Laid Plans-Mucked Up

My plans have again been mucked up and The Hubby is not helping the matter, AT ALL! His birthday is the 23rd, also A is coming into town to visit so I had planned a huge family dinner in honor of both and for the joy of him being okay after the harrowing accident. I planned a bash at the lake on Saturday with friends and then Sunday a family dinner. My email just ringy-dingyed me and it was from the daughter of his best friend. She is going to be in town for a visit with her new little baby (#2) and so they are having a family do on Sunday with all of their extended family from across the continent. The Hubby is an honorary member of their family since he and Kel have known each other since they were 5 years old so we ALWAYS go to their do's. Now I'm in a quandary because The Hubby is like, "I told you I didn't' want a big party anyway." He wants to go to the other family do too. So I guess I will have to change all my plans and reschedule the family thing to Saturday and have a little do at the lake on Friday night. Best laid plans all mucked up!

The lake is very quiet today. There are not a lot of people here to cause a lot of ruckus. The possibility of rain is here as the clouds are overcast and uh oh I feel a few drops...better put the neighbors umbrella up to protect the laptop. We are hosting a little get together tonight with some other cabinites that we don't usually pal around with. We are cooking a chuck roast on the grill. Yes it can be done in about 40 minutes and it is delicious. Marinate it overnight in a plastic bag in: cooking sherry, vegetable oil, white wine vinegar (1/4 cup each), garlic, basil, Worcestershire sauce (2 Tbls each) and lots of Louisiana Hot Sauce. Grill for about 20 minutes on each side and it is like the poor mans steak for a lot of people. My sis-in-law, who doesn't cook, gave me the recipe. I'm also doing my famous sweet potatoes. I peel, cut up in chunks, like frying potatoes and coat with a little olive oil and jalapeno salt (check out and a little Splenda (or sugar)-about 1-2 tsp. then bake in a 400 degree oven till a little brown and tender, about 20-30 minutes give or take. Yummy

Friday, August 08, 2008

Tulsa C.A.R.E.S Fest!

Just wanted to pass along a festival this Saturday night at the River Parks Ampitheater. It's the Tulsa C.A.R.E.S.Fest and this is their first time to put on a fundraiser like this! There's going to be four bands, good weather (low 90's - YEAH!!), awesome jewelry by SheezKrafty (my kiddo and her friend)and a great cause to support! Check out the side bar and her MySpace page. They recycle jewelry and it is pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just Words

I haven't posted since Monday but feels like an eternity. I used to write in a journal and still do on the weekends but I have carpel tunnel in my right hand and hand writing sometimes is difficult, besides my fingers type faster than my handwriting and I have to keep up with the thoughts that pour out of my brain.

Last night we went to a banquet for the apprentice electricians that we send employees too for class training. Electricians have a four year apprenticeship, on the field and if they/you want there are schools for them also. After a four year apprenticeship in the field they are eligible to take a journeyman test which is very, very hard, you need the classroom to pass. There are a lot of calculations and code that you have to know to pass and be a GOOD electrician. Let's face it you don't want some "JoeBob" doing your electrical, it is very risky and dangerous. The National Electrical Code Book is about 2-1/2" thick with code that has to be followed and here in Tulsa it is very tough if you want anything inspected as a contractor so you had better follow the code. Anyway, back to the banquet. We only have one student in the school this year as nearly all of our employees are journeymen and the one student is our new son-in-law. He is a first year apprentice and last night was 1st year student of the year. B was so excited because we knew but he didn't and boy was he surprised. He actually hates that kind of stuff but too bad because we were very proud of him and besides he got free tools and a plaque.

I'm sitting here at Jazzercise this morning at 5:45 am not working out. I've been banned from working out at least until Friday (2 weeks now) by my doctor until I get healed and it is killing me. I go to see him tomorrow and hope he will give me the green light. I had been sleeping in since I can't work out but my partner Katy and I open the center every morning, turn the computer on and make the coffee, turn the A/C on, unlock doors,d sell passes, check people in, etc. Katy has been doing it by herself and truly it is a very easy but she gets all bumfuzzled if any hitches or kinks come up in the computer or the coffee is not made or whatever. DON'T SWEAT IT I told her. Really it is no big deal. Well, she emailed me yesterday after I slept in and complained so here I am and she is sleeping in . I'm a good person!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A New Printer

This morning I knew I had to deal with the stupid printer issues and my way to deal is to buy! I got B and she and I took her car to Office Depot and I spent another $499 for another printer and this time I bought the extended warranty, regardless of what The Hubby's policy is. I also found a couple of repair shops that hopefully will repair the stupid 2 month old printer that is sitting on the floor. I'll get it fixed and it can be a back up or I'll give it to B. Finally, after an hour of set up the new printer is working like a charm and I was ready to pay some bills. I entered 30 invoices into my Quickbooks and printed the checks but forgot that I needed to do a run through. I ended up printing on the wrong end of the "30" checks and had to void all of them, reprint then shred them. What a waste.

Oh my goodness it is so very hot today. The A/C at the office is having such a hard time keeping me cool. It is basically a metal building so go figure. At home the A/C has been running since I got home. I had kicked it up to 73 when I left this morning but when I hit home I cranked it down to 70 and it is still running to get there. EGADS! Tonight is going to be terribly uncomfortable sleeping. I hate being menopausal during the summer months. Why work out when you do enough sweating in your sleep.

Today Sis, Bro and I took our Daddy out for lunch for his 73rd birthday. I remember when my parents turned 36. I can't believe he is 73. We took him to McGills because they had a prime rib open faced sandwich for lunch and he LOVES prime rib. Guess what, he ordered fried shrimp? He said the open faced sandwich part just didn't sound good. Oh well, we had wonderful conversation and a nice meal and it was for Daddy. I kept my tongue in check when it came to possibly blurting my anger on the cat issue. I was a good girl.

Our shop/office is located in The Pearl district and in this area there is residential, commercial, and light industrial all mixed together. The area was a test area when developed some years ago. I preface this with the mixture stuff to set the scene. Next door to us on the south side is a mill, wood mill. They make everything from crown molding and even our new kitchen cabinets. To the north of us are houses, low rent, section eight kind of houses (not all). This weekend one of the houses two doors down burned, bad. We have done work for the little lady there. Her daughter usually calls and we have done various electrical stuff (the fire was not electrical). We found out she also has a son and we usually see him walking all over town and thought he was a transient. The little lady was in the hospital before the fire from trying to commit suicide because she didn't think anybody loved her. Her son was apparently living there and the fire started on the front porch from his smoking. The neighbors said that when the fire department arrived he was walking the sidewalks in his pajamas talking weird and sort of out there. Well, they took him off to the psych ward at the hospital. I can't imagine what the little lady is going to feel now that she has no home. So very sad.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


The Hubby went to his new building this morning and low and behold someone had pushed down a wall, crawled in and unlocked a new door that the alarm company has not had time to put on the system. Fortunately the area is the back and closed off from the rest of the building that is totally armed. He doesn't think anything was stolen mostly because he got rid of nearly everything in it and there is just nothing of value, except his new 1949 truck. Again, they didn't get into that part. So now he is trying to fix the wall back for the rest of the weekend and has been waiting for 2 hours for the police to arrive to take a report. Oh, and they also broke a window we think to check the sound detection but that window is covered with prison-like bars. Idiots, the world is full of them.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Kitty Update & returning merchandise -WHAT A DAY

It is Friday night and we decided not to go to the cabin this weekend. Just going to hang around her, at least I'm going to hang, The Hubby won't be able to sit around and will piddle at the shop/office. My cell phone just rang and it was my Sis. I really DID NOT want to talk to her. I had emailed our dad about the cat situation and our brother because I was so very angry. The first of the call was about us going to lunch on Monday. We are taking our father out for his birthday and she was very happy to find out that our Bro will be going with us. She is always on his case for not being more attentive to our father but it is between them, not us. I digress...the phone conversation then turned to the cat, Maggie. She tells me that for the record her husband did not shoot the cat or whatever was my worst thought. She told me he took it to a heavily populated neighborhood and let it go. This is a cat that has not been out of the house for about 5 years and it is totally set free in the heat of the summer and is basically wild. She said that maybe someone will take her in or the dog catcher will get her. I told her that if the pound caught her she will be put down and why didn't they just take her to the vet themselves and do it than letting the poor little suffer, which is what will happen. She doesn't know how to feed herself, kill a mouse or anything and what about water. GOD! I can't believe the stupidy of some people and that some people is my own family! What possesses people to think a domesticated animal can take care of itself in the "wild". It will not happen and that poor little Maggie will die a horrible death this summer and I hope someone saw him do it and got his license number on his vehicle and turns him in! Stupid, stupid, stupid people. Can you tell I'm angry.

Really not a day to get me mad because I was already fuming from my little trip to Best Buy today. On May 30, I purchased two (2) HP color laser printers for $299 each. Today, the one at the office started squealing and quit working. THANK GOD I had just finished payroll printing. So I found the receipt and when we called we were told to bring the printer and the receipt in. I loaded the heavy thing in my little car and toddled off in the August heat to get some satisfaction. I arrived and went inside and asked someone to come and get it as it weighed a ton and I wasn't going to lift it (The Hubby put it in my car). I waited in the heat for 5 minutes till someone finally came out with a cart and then I had to repark and go inside. I get inside at the customer service desk and hand the girl my receipt expecting wonderful customer service. What I got was we're sorry but since you didn't buy the 2 year extended warranty all they could do was pack it up and send it off to HP for repair or they could give me an 800 number to call to get a box to pack it up to send it off for repair. I asked if they couldn't exchange and she repeated the 2 year crap. I said well what is your policy and she did a spiel about on the backside of the receipt is the policy for returns which is "VERY FINE PRINT"! I was fuming. I said never mind and said thanks for no help and turned around and marched out the door with my broken printer. The same guy helped me load it and I told him he was helpful but that I WOULD NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING IN THEIR STORE! I am not a person who returns ANYTHING, ever. I hate to return and usually will just chunk it and buy another but on $299 that is another thing but it looks like that is just what I'm going to have to do as I HAVE to HAVE a printer by next week. I'm not handwriting 50+ checks next week! I guess I'll have to buy another one, maybe a cheap one and then send this one in for repair. MAKES ME CRAZY!