Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fart Girl

Tuesday morning, a very cold Tuesday morning.  My goodness I think winter has decided it needed to stay around a bit longer.  The Hubby went out of town to hang with some buddies for a few days at a lodge somewhere in Arkansas to return today.  He texted me that it has been almost non-stop snow and COLD.  They are quite miserable but one of the guys is a fantastic cook so they've been eating like kings.  He so needed a get-away of some kind.  I needed a get-away too but mines just a stay-at-home kind.  It's been kind of nice to have a couple of days of just me and Clayton.  Of course I still had to work yesterday but that brings time with the little princess, Miss Rio.  
I got to spend some time Sunday with the drama queen as they went out to celebrate B2's birthday.  I may get to try the overnight thing again on Friday night as they celebrate 5 years of marriage.  I'm a little scared because she's still not sleeping all night.  We tried when she was very young and that did not work but now that she is almost 6 months old it might work.  

Funny thing about this little beauty is that I had not heard her laugh in person yet.  I just could not get her to giggle for me, then on Sunday while watching her I took her to the changing table to change her diaper.  Just as I took the wet one off and leaned over to toss in the trash she farted.  She farted a whistle kind of one that must have tickled because she belted out a belly laugh at herself.  Then she was on a roll and I was laughing so hard at her I had tears.  Oh, how I love to hear babies laugh.  My world is complete to hear sweet Rio laugh!  

Wednesday night I'm entertaining my old Jazzercise group of girls here.  They haven't seen the new bathroom addition or the outdoor kitchen addition so I'm pretty excited.  I have to clean up a bit to prepare then on Sunday I've extended the invite to family for dinner.  So that means more cleanup, buy a ham, deviled eggs and lots of fun time with people I love.  I love to entertain.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dreams and Nightmares

Sunday morning, early, EARLY and I'm awake.  Actually, I've been awake since 4 am.   I had a bad dream and can't even remember what it was but it jolted me awake and here I am still awake at 5:36.  Oh well, it gives me a chance to catch up on blog reading and commenting, of which I am very far behind and to actually BLOG!  I'm trying to get some stuff out there but the words have just not been there, and people are asking where I've been.  I've been playing with little Rio, working and trying to be creative with the painting.

We did manage to scurry off to the cabin on Friday evening, just for the night.  A nice bowl of tortilla soup and a warm fire with friends and I was happy.  This dreary weather is taking a toll on me and tonight they are predicting SNOW!   What in the world has happened to our wonderful spring.  I'm ready to plant some goodness!  I did get a few photos of the hint of spring.

The Carolina Jasmine is blooming ...
and tons of daffodils...
so spring has got to be here soon, the calendar says so.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Shoot The Groundhog

I heard someone say last night that the stupid groundhog should be shot!  How funny!  Then this morning there was actually a story on my news feed that a Ohio prosecutor seeks the death penalty for the groundhog.  Since spring has obviously NOT been early I can understand all of this.  I mean last Saturday I was sitting outside in my air chair, barefoot and in shorts, but by Sunday evening it was BRrrrrrrrr.  What in the world and by Sunday evening this weekend they are even saying a winter mix is possible.  I'm not a person of violence but I'm about to that point myself Mr. Groundhog.  Little Rio and I are so ready for spring.  My Burpee order is in route to be delivered any day now and I am ready to get my hands dirty.

Rio and her momma have been a bit sick with a cold but didn't stop her from enjoying a bit of sun pulling some weeds with her daddy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Monday Morning

Good early Monday morning everyone.  It is 5:51 am right now and I've been up since 4:50 am!  Yes, that's right.  It is the usual early morning for me but I don't mind.  My body is so used to getting up that early that I just wake up, a lot like our little Clayton who wants his breakfast at 5 am.

Saturday I seemed to be on fire at the easel.  I'm not sure where this comes from because I'm not much of fan or admirer of modern or abstract art but I seem to get going and create some that people LOVE, including me.  I have got to figure out how I do this ad keep it up because the last one I did is sold and this one may not be far behind.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paintings for "SALE"...maybe

Exciting news in a way.  I was asked last week by my pedicure lady if I would be interested in hanging some of my paintings in their salon.  What!  It's a very nice salon and has a great clientele.  I was so excited for sure.  So the past week I've gathered my flower paintings and a few others to put on display to SELL!  How exciting, don't you think!

I've been so blah that painting hasn't been something I've enjoyed or wanted to do lately...but today with the sun streaming through my window I'm off to paint. 
Have a great Saturday one and all today.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

Last night I went to Broken Arrow to Main Street Tavern to meet some of my fellow high school classmates to continue the planning stages of our 40th class reunion.  WHAT!  I can't believe it has been nearly 40 years.  The place was packed but they set up a table outside and the evening was just absolutely perfect, and quiet.  There was a light jazz band inside which made it a bit difficult to chat.  It was kind of surreal to be sitting on Main Street eating salad.  The last time I ate food on Main Street was at probably a Rooster Day and it was more than likely a corn dog as we walked, meandering through the crowds.  Anyway, we have a date, Sept 20, 2014, let the party planning begin!

The weather yesterday made it into the 70's and today will be pushing 80!!!!!!  Boy, I'm so very excited for the warmer temps and SUNSHINE!  Tomorrow I "plan" on tilling my small garden space in preparation for onions and potatoes...I have to go get onions!  WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO  it's garden time!  I seem to be in better spirits, don't you agree!

Friday, March 08, 2013

A Bit of Catch-Up

I know I'm not posting as much lately but hopefully when I do it will be worth your while to read my words.  

Lots of things are happening this week, sad stuff for sure. 
B&B2 lost one of their furry friends, Pimmy.  She started going downhill a couple of months ago and early this week she took her last little breaths with them holding her.  She had a wonderful life after B adopted her several years ago.  I have to paint her hopefully!
My job as caregiver for sweet Rio also means that Grandpa gets a turn too.  Monday The Hubby had a meeting with an architect and builder in the office and I JUST HAD to visit the little girls room so Rio got to sit in on the proceedings at work.  She seemed to have an opinion about something here.  What a good little girl she is.  Yesterday she finally laughed at me.  I was thrilled!

Sadly, one of our long time employees and friend has been going through hell.  His wife, Jamie, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and went through two grueling surgeries on Tuesday.  The cancer had spread so then ended up taking part of her large intestine, colon, appendix and a complete hysterectomy.  While in recovery she had a bleed so they had to go back in to fix that and found another tumor.  The doctor told them that they got 95-98% of it out and the chemo will take care of the rest.  I hope they are so right.  They are such great people and I hate they have to deal with this. 

Last night I also spent time with some friends celebrating a birthday!  What a great group of friends.  Lots of laughter and bonding.  

On a good note, I got the Burpee catalogs out and ordered the seed for my garden this year.  I am so READY to play in the dirt.  I think a bit of sunshine and warmth to the air is helping my depression and do-nothing attitude.  I actually painted a bit and loved it and was was inspired again.   
Speaking of painting, yesterday while getting my pedicure I was thrilled when the place I go to asked if I would be interested in hanging my art to sell!!!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!!!  Now I have to get the paintings I want to hang ready.  I also sold a print this week!  Things are looking up.  

Friday, March 01, 2013

Life and Death

Yesterday was my relax day, or so I thought.  I had a fabulous massage and facial but all I could do was think and be tense.  Lots of stuff rolling around in my noggin that caused me to not enjoy as much.  B&B2 are having so much trouble with little Rio this past week.  Today she is 5 months old and all of a sudden the sleeping thing is a problem.  She naps just fine but when they go to put her in her crib she wakes shortly and starts SCREAMING!  They can't figure it out, except I suspect the little bugger has discovered that if she screams she gets picked up and taken to her parents bed to sleep very nice and snuggily.  I have always said they are smarter than we are and my best guess is just that.  I feel so bad for them but hey, we've all gone through this stuff with the little ones, haven't we.  They will get through.  I can't wait to call them this morning because they were going to try to employ a bit of tough love to break this cycle before it becomes a huge monster.  Good luck!

With all the baby goings on they are also dealing with one of their beloved kitty's Pimmy dying.  Pimmy has some kind of kidney disease or cancer and she is just on the edge of leaving her happy little home forever.  B&B2 have given her a wonderful life being as she was a rescue from Street Cats, where B has volunteered since she was out of college.  I think Pimmy is 12 or 13 years old and is a real sweetie.  So there they are dealing with a 5 month old that won't sleep and a dying cat.   The stress is making them a puddle of tears and stress lately.  Luckily, they know it will all be a temporary phase and Rio will sleep and Pimmy will be at peace soon.

On top of all of this we get the news yesterday that our right hand man, Ben, his wife Jamie has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  We knew that they had been going to tons of doctors visits and they had suspected this but the confirmation was yesterday and it is very bad.  She has it in both ovaries and it has moved to her stomach, so far.  Tuesday they will do surgery to remove the ovaries and to see where else it has moved to then she will start chemo.  This just breaks my heart because Jamie is the nicest person in the world and so is Ben.  They are real jewels and I can't make heads or tails out of them having to deal with this.  Yesterday when Ben leaned over the desk area to tell B and myself then walked outside, I turned to B to see tears just rolling.  She is on the edge with all of this and lack of sleep is taking a toll.  I remember when my little ones put me through this, B in particular, my momma was there to help, to let me sleep.  Thank goodness the other half, B2 has been a wonderful, a great partner to understand and be there.  I try to be there too.  They will survive and sleep will again be a part of their lives, someday!  At least Rio is not sick, she is just wanting her momma.

I'm not much of a prayer kind of person at all but I do pass all of this on to our old church prayer chain, just in case.  There are others much better at sending out the goodness to those in need than I am.  I also send out to my friends here to pray, meditate, just send out the goodness for Ben and Jamie in the horrible time of need in their lives.  My heart is breaking for them.  We have here the beginnings of a wonderful life in little Rio and the end of a sweet little furry life in Pimmy and then the unknown of a life future in sweet Jamie.