Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Showers

May Showers!

Good morning!  Yes, good morning, even though the skies are grey and stormy outside.  Good grief, I'm so tired of the rain and stormies.  Although what is going on weather-wise here in Oklahoma right now reminds me of summer about 1969 here in Oklahoma.  I remember it being quite rainy that summer, so much so that through June we could hardly even swim because of the storms.  I know that it will pass but I'm getting quite tired of it.  We've had some pretty awesome days lately but I so need more.  I'm home this morning and want to paint but it's hard to get inspired when it is dreary outside. 

I've had some successful luck in creating lately and want to continue.  This past weekend I took this photo (previous post) and so have started painting it.  So far, I like.  I also invested in some watercolor paints to continue that avenue of experience.  Just haven't gotten them out of the store bag yet, need inspiration. 

(Yesterday I got to keep the little princess again and boy what fun did we have.  She is so AWESOME!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Good Memorial Day morning all!  Thought I would drop in to say hello.  Lots of stuff going on lately.  Of course, Mother's Day has passed and I kind of let it slide by here.  I just didn't want to go there but we did celebrate at the mother-in-law's and it was B's first one.

Life has been a lot of work at the office and not much painting except I did piddle around with a bit of watercolor paper and Sharpie to create a small painting that I posted on Facebook and immediately sold!
How exciting is that!  I was thrilled.  The first picture at the top I took this weekend and I can't decide if I just want to frame it or paint it,  I may just do both.  I love it.  I took it on Harrie's deck from a pot she had planted.  Stunning flowers.  

This next weekend we are hosting a small impromptu family reunion on my Dad's side at the cabin.  I'm not sure if I excited about it at all but I am doing something when no one else but my aunt would do.  I'm getting my turn out of the way.  It will be a challenge because one of he sister's (my aunt) has a jerk of a husband that NO ONE likes and they haven't been to a family function for quite some time because the last one he attended he called one of the sisters a whore, not once but three times and thought it was Ha-Ha funny.  NOT FUNNY!  When it was brought up to the sister/aunt that it was not funny or appropriate they quit coming to any family function, until now.  Not sure how I feel about them attending the one I'm throwing but we will see.  It's just an afternoon of "fun" and then they go home and we go to a fish fry at another cabin!!!!!!!
Baby girl Rio is changing and growing by leaps and bounds.  Two teeth, foods, crawling and just this weekend she pulled herself up in her crib to stand for a full 5 minutes.  Oh gosh, they grow so very quickly.  She will be 8 months old on June 1.  Where does the time go.  She had her first zoo outing yesterday and I am curious how she enjoyed it.  They have a lot more first to come with this precious little package.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Abstract Art is Freeing

I may be silent here lately but I've been productive for sure.  For Mother's Day B gave me an online art class.  One of the options was an abstract class which I've been viewing all week long.  So I've been playing in paint again.  Black Sharpie and watercolor to be exact.  

 It's kind of fun and freeing in a way to let loose and let the mind create.  I have found that it has actually opened my mind a bit and then I decided to do this little jewel.
After I was done with it I posted this quick picture on Facebook and the hits kept coming and I had it sold within an hour!!!!!!  Yesterday the lady came and picked it up.  How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Tale of Two Papa's

Early Sunday morning we scooted back in town from the cabin to watch little Rio, helping Briana out while she worked MadeTulsa's booth at Blue Dome.  Gladly we watched Rio!  She has had a very eventful week this little sweet-pea.  Her first tooth finally erupted, she started crawling and can get from her tummy to a sitting position.  Oatmeal is also becoming a favorite thing with her favorite fruit of peaches.  My, my, my they grow up so fast.  

She did some bonding time with her Tulsa Papa and Clayton...
and then a few weeks ago time was spent with he other PawPaw!  She adores him.   

Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Weekend

I know I'm a bit late with last weekends post but better late than never!
The weekend at the cabin was wonderful.  The weather was just what the doctor ordered with fantastic temperatures and sunny skies. 
The clematis and hostas are just beautiful and the peonies, hibiscus and roses make my eyes very, very happy 
Clayton had a good time with a sudden escape on Saturday evening, luckily a short escape! 
Just what the doctor ordered for me, green scenery and warm sunshine! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time For Me

I'm sitting here this fine spring morning listening to the girl and her beau playing an instrumental piece that she wrote and it is perfect for the morning.  It's called Neither Here.  I'm contemplative this morning.  Sometimes when I listen to a really good book in the car, it makes me want to write.  I start thinking of all kinds of stories real or imaginative, it's when the writer wants to take hold and this music inspires me more.  I've still been dealing with a bit of winter depression even though the weekend helped me tremendously to get out of the dark hole.  (I'm listening to Barbara Kingsolver's, Flight Behavior.)  Anyway, today is a vote day and I will get out and do that, later.  This morning, when I finish here I want to paint.  I love to put paint to canvas in the morning hours.  It is the most creative time for me at home and this morning I will open the window and let the spring indoors with some wonderful soft classical music and Afton's aka Sangster - Neither Here on a repeat.  I need to be inspired to create some stuff.  I hope everyone has a fabulous day.  I will!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gardening Muscles

I finally was able to till the garden after all the rain we've been getting.  Then it was a finding time to hit the greenhouse for tomato plants and etc.  

Tuesday, finally I headed out and probably bought more plants than were necessary, but I did it.  

Then yesterday I did it!  I got in there and played in the dirt. 
Plotted out where I wanted it all to go.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash a few herbs, I was ready to make it happen!

All done!  OUCH...this morning I got up and realized I activated the gardening muscles.  

Little Rio is now just about 7-1/2 months old and growing like a weed. 
She is teething, eating a few fruits and veggies and is Miss Personality.  She will be crawling before we know it and walking is just around the corner.  What a joy, yet sometimes a headache for her sweet mama and daddy as sleep is sometimes elusive.