Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Work, Sick, and a Clorox Commercial

Yesterday was work day for me.  I finished typing tons of invoices, paid a few bills, took a few phone calls, wrote in my journal, and then waited till the end of the day.  I'm so very caught up at work, which is a good thing.  We also had a couple of old employees stop in to visit.  One, Mr. Tom, his wife and mother stopped in to just say Hi.  They live in Wisconsin now.  Mr. Tom went to junior high with The Hubby so he's known him a very, very long time.  The other visitor, another former employee wanted us to hire him again.  Thank goodness we are not hiring and even if we were, it would not happen.  We've rehired him twice and each time I've had to learn how to garnish wages and pay child support to another state.  He informed me that he had a DUI and his boss now would not let him drive because of his insurance, you think!  I told him the same thing.  Good grief!  Nice guy, really but much too much stress for me thank you, besides we aren't hiring! 

I'm still sick but better.  The throat thing is kind of weird.  I thought I was going to get up and go work out this morning since I have not been there since last Tuesday but with the cold medicine last night, I slept in.  I needed to stay in bed and sleep.  The Hubby was up at 5, I slept till 8.  So needed to sleep.  I was just in need today. 

OH MY GOODNESS---I just saw this Clorox commercial and had to share!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Abridged vs Unabridged

As you know I've written a lot about my reading excursion lately and one reason I've got so many under my belt is that when I am in my car I listen to books.  I use ALL of my time to my advantage.  When the two Border's closed in our town I hit the sales with a vengeance finding tons of audio books, unabridged books.  I prefer them because I want the whole book not a piece of a book or a book that has stuff left out, which is an abridged book.  A friend also gave me a sack full of audio books that I have been going through and most of them are abridged but I still listen, not looking a gift horse in the mouth.  I am going through these books like wildfire and the stash is whittling down so I thought I would check out my favorite website, Amazon to bulk up my stores.  Every one I clicked on to purchase was abridged so I typed in "unabridged books" and was directed to Audible.com, which I did not want.  I need CD's for my car.  So I typed in "unabridged books on CD".  I was taken to a list of books, mostly classics and very old books and self-help...NOT INTERESTED.  I am very discouraged and may find myself having to go to Barnes & Noble, which I don't like.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE a good bookstore, LOVE THEM, but I miss Border's which was a fun place to go to.  But back to my problem.  What do you think about the quandary I am in on the abridged vs unabridged.  Should I just give in and join the Audible thing? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rambling Sunday

Good early Sunday morning to one and all.  It is early here, 5:45 AM.  Yes, I am up that early but when you are up at 5 AM five days a week your body just gets used to it.  I was sleeping nicely but of course Clayton has to get up and eat and The Hubby was ready to oblige him this morning.  When there is movement in the house my mind starts moving and going and then I can't sleep, so here I am.  Besides I'm still hanging with this awesome weird cold thing although I "think" I feel better this morning. 

Yesterday I was up early too but took the opportunity to finish my 7th book for the year.  I can't believe I'm on this reading jag but it is all good.  I finished The Descendants, like the movie with George Clooney.  Sad book and a dysfunctional group of people.  Fairly fast read and now I can see the movie, maybe next week.  After finishing the book, reading the paper, taking my shower, etc., I got ready to go to the flea market and a small home show with my friend Sharon.  She had never been to the flea market and I had great fun in sharing the experience with her.  In fact she made a find for herself and had a great time.  We dined at lunch on sandwiches and salad at McAllisters and then took a drive around my stomping grounds of our office and some of our properties.  Chat, chat, chat, it was awesome to listen and have someone listening.  It has been such a great thing that we have connected after so many years.  As we were walking around the flea market she commented that we had such similar likes, I told her there was a reason we were friends so many years ago.  I so missed her and had forgotten how much I loved her company.  It was a great day, but it was not over.

Later that evening, since I was just doing the burger thing, by the request of The Hubby, I invited our friends Bev & Kelly.  They came, we chatted, showed off the new addition, chatted, ate, chatted.  It was a very relaxing and well, chatty evening. 

I told The Hubby that this year we are going to entertain a lot.  Last Thursday we had the couple (our insurance guy& wife) from our trip to New England for dinner, Bev & Kelly last night, and in a couple of weeks another couple for dinner.  We are going to have a social life if it kills me.  It's not to say we don't have a social life but I am determined that it won't be like my parents.  When my brother, sister and I were young tykes our parents were all the time going to parties, movies, dances, bridge card playing, but later in life something happened and it stopped.  Then they had nothing and when my momma died NOT one of her friends came to her funeral, sent flowers, cards, or called.  I don't know what happened but it will not happen to me.  I want my friends close, I want my friends.  Now my sweet Daddy has nothing really to do.  He thankfully has his childhood friend Jay that he goes to see and Jay was there for him when he was sick, even though he has had a stroke and can't get around that well.  They are so close and it is darling.  Jay tells Daddy, "I love you Bud," every time he leaves Daddy and gives him a big ole' kiss and hug.  I love it. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cough, Cough, Wheeze

I'm sick.  It is 5:52 am on Saturday morning.  I actually was up at 5:30 to feed Clayton and the granddog, Mondo.  We are granddog sitting for the night.  He is a great do but, Wow, he was restless last night which put Clayton very restless and on top of that I'm still sick.  I started with a sore throat on Tuesday which finally abated yesterday, now the crud is mainly in my throat area and ear canals.  Needless to say I didn't sleep much last night and quite frankly, I don't feel all that bad, except when I wake up in the morning.  I feel like I've been hit by a truck when I rise but as the day goes on I feel pretty good.  So this morning, ICK!  And I don't dare go to see my Daddy for fear of giving him something!  I'm supposed to go to the flea market today and the local home show with my friend Sharon but I believe I'm going to have to beg off.  I HATE that but I think I need some rest.  Since it is only about 6 now I'm going to give it another hour and see how I feel.  Advil here I come. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27 of 366, A Day of Ramble

So far so good with the daily posting but I have a lonnnnng way to go with the daily thing.  Actually, it isn't so bad and a good exercise in writing. 

I've been a bit sick this past week with a kind of sore throat thingy since Tuesday.  Really don't feel bad but the mornings are nasty with not being able to really speak well, more like a frog for a few hours.  Then it goes away.  Not sure what is going on with it but don't have time to go to the doctor.  I may visit a minor care facility tomorrow or Sunday if it persists. 

Watching the early morning news on my usual channel at 5 AM and I am getting tired of them re-reading the same stories over and over and over and over and over again for days.  Even some of the stories that are on the national news gets re-run.  I watch about 10 minutes and then change channels to the other 3 stations to try and get different stories.  Then I'm on to watching the usual re-runs of Angel, Charmed and Supernatural which I have done for probably 10 years now.  It's kind of white noise and keeps me company.  I'm just tired of politics, weather, and yadda-yadda!

This weekend I plan on going to the flea market and one of the small home and garden shows with my friend, Sharon, my best friend from high school.  I can't wait to hang out with her.  It has been way too many years ago since we have done something like that.  Maybe will do a bit of painting too.  I finished a painting in class Tuesday but I really, really don't like it and the instructor had more brush strokes on it than I like, to show me technique.  It was a still life that I set up, took a picture of and started the painting over 2 years ago but I just could not finish, again goes back to the perfection thing.  I messed up the placement on the canvas and Ross had me add some stuff to make it work but I just don't like it.  I will take a picture of it sometime and share, maybe. 

This weekend I will hopefully finish my 7th book of the month.  I can't believe I've read so much this past month, but I have.  I'm reading The Descendants and plan on seeing the movie after I finish.  The book is really pretty good story wise, sad, and I can see George Clooney in the role.  Tonight or today, not sure, I'm going to see the new movie, One For The Money, the Janet Evanovich one, with my friend Christine.  Can't wait!!!!!  Sunday is the musical The Addams Family at the PAC with The Hubby.  We had friends for dinner last night and plan on burgers with The Hubby's best bud on Saturday.  I think I have hugely full weekend and this sore throat needs to just go away.  It's not in my plans to feel bad!  I banish you sore throat!!!!!

Oh and the follower thing, wouldn't you know it I gained a new one...I know I shouldn't look but I do, can't help myself.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perfectionism, Procrastination, Expectations...

Eeee Gad...I lost a follower.  I was so happy to have 75 now 74...oh well...

Been a bit sick this week with a throat infection or something.  Wake up every morning with frogs croaking in my throat and feeling pretty rotten for a few hours then better.  Think it is a viral thing as no fever just throat stuff. 

The theme on NaBloPoMo the past month has been about starting and finishing "stuff".  Actually, I have not liked any of the prompts to write about this month, but thought I would explore starting and finishing in general, when dealing with me.  Another word I think I would associate with this is procrastination or procrastinator, ME.  I have always had an issue with finishing something I start.  That is a battle extraordinaire with me.  When I was in high school I started a crocheted blanket but had to absolutely force myself to finish it.  I even have quilt strips that I started when 17 that are still in strips, but I've made another quilt, that was more, perfect.  Actually, on that front I have discovered that if I don't think I've been sort of perfect on a project, then it does not get finished, i.e. the quilt strips.  I thought I might border a bit on perfectionism which came to light when I started the painting class.  The painting has helped me deal with that little quirk and now I find that if I don't think my painting is perfect or near, then I can't finish it or I actually hate the painting.  Hmmm, really never thought of myself as a perfectionist and always accused The Hubby of it and me not able to live up to the expectation but in reality it is my own expectations that I have a hard time living up to.  Wow, insight at the age of 55.  You actually still learn a lot about yourself, forever. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Enough Is Enough

Yesterday I had a message on Facebook from a girl I went to high school with informing me that one of our former classmates, Mark, had passed away from colon cancer.  It was a shock and I was saddened to hear the news.  It had been over 40 years since we had set eyes on each other.  When I started doing the class reunions several years ago I connected again with him over the reunion process and with Facebook.  Then, in less than a couple of hours Sis called to tell me that one of my classmates lost her brother, Doug.  Doug was the brother of a girl in my class and was in my brothers class.  I knew him and his sister since the age of 5, and in fact they used to live next door to us for a bit.  So sad, so very, very sad.  They were very young, Mark, 55 (my age) and Doug, 53.  That is scary too.  I'm a bit that age!

Today, The Hubby and will also attend a funeral of a very sweet friend that lost her terrific battle with multiple challenges of cancer.  Nancy was such a fabulous lady and will be missed by everyone whose life she touched.  A forever smile on her face and her gentle laughter filling the air, the world has lost a treasure. 
Nancy Earnest Ingram

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


36 years....we celebrated at Flemings Steak House...yum I love steak.

Monday, January 23, 2012

36 Years

36 years ago today The Hubby and I committed to each other a lifetime of wedded bliss.  We have raised two beautiful girls, run a very successful business, and had the time of our lives.  What a wonderful guy I married!  36 years of marriage and I can't wait for the next 36...soon I will also share here some other news that will totally change our lives for those next 36 years and beyond.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Here

I'm here today, just here.  It's been a quiet Sunday and I don't have much to say, actually I do but CAN'T.  So I'll share some pictures from today. 

The Hubby decided he wanted to boil the deer heads that he and his friend Steve had from hunting season.  If you are squemish then DON'T LOOK! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Come Saturday Morning

I'm sitting here at the cabin enjoying the conversation of The Hubby and a friend that stayed the night.  Last night they drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see a concert, a Pancho Sanchez.  It was the brain child of another friend, Bucky, who they met there.  I think they had a good time.  The Hubby wanted me to fix them breakfast which I didn't mind and I did this morning.  It should be a lazy day around here.  Abbott will go home in a bit and it will be quiet yet again.  I love the peace and quiet here on the weekends.  On to reading, journaling, napping and just being still...enjoy my friends.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Politics...??? Who Me!

Two down and four to go. Do you think more will drop and we can start all over again! Here's to wishing!  We need a whole new cast of characters please.

Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Rick Santorum
Rick Perry
Newt Gingrich
Jon Huntsman

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question of the Day

The question of the day at NaBloPoMo is "If you miss the first few minutes of a movie, do you still want to watch the rest of it?"

Well, of course I watch the rest of it.  For one thing if you pay good money, which is a lot now-a-days, I'm not going to waste it by walking out of the movie, no way.  Besides you could always stay for the next showing, if you really needed to.  My favorite part of the movies is the previews.  I absolutely love the previews and if I ride with someone who makes me late, let's just say this girl is not happy.  I've seen people walk into the theatre 15-20 minutes past the "Official" time, just in time for the movie.  How do they do that.  And if it is a popular movie where the seats might be limited, more reason to be there early.  I'm a bit anal about being somewhere early I must admit.  I HATE being late for anything.  I will arrive 30 minutes early if I have to.  It's a flaw or a gift whichever you might look at it.  All I can say is that if you are with me be prepared to be there early or ON TIME!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Blah, Blah, Blah

EGAD...It is Wednesday and I am out of ideas for a blog post.  It is only the 18th of January and I have a very long way to go this YEAR!  I could do Wordless Wednesday but I've just about shared all the pictures I can think of here already.  The NaBloPoMo prompt was something about what was you favorite first line of a book.  Really, I can't remember that, especially if I'm reading like there is no tomorrow, I don't have that kind of memory.  I'm just going with here and just spill some junk out of my brain. 

The schedule is set for work for me this semester.  I speak in the words of "semester" because my working schedule is based on B's teaching schedule at the local community college.  I will officially have Tuesday and Thursday's off this semester and work Monday and Wednesday's and every other Friday.  In reality that is a bit bogus because if I am needed at the office by The Hubby I will be here every day if he thinks it is the end of the world.  It is what I do.  So as you may have guessed I am here at the office this fine Wednesday morning tapping out these words.  I don't have anything really to do as the invoicing is done and all the bills have been paid for the month.  I'm here paying anything that hap-hazardly comes in the mail and watch TV, take phone messages, blah, blah, blah. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more to chat about to continue my quest of 366 Days of Blogging.

Oh, and I think I'm a bit surprised that yesterdays post didn't elicit any comments, AT ALL.  Really!  I would have thought pouring out my first love, first kiss story would get something.  Oh well, I will continue on.  Toodles all and a happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The First Time I was In Love

This is the prompt from Friday on the NaBloPoMo and I thought I would write about it today.  The first time I was in love I was 14 years old.  It also marked my first kiss.  I was in the ninth grade and so very unsure of myself.  I know I was cute and was developing in the body department very nicely but my self esteem was in the toilet. 
His name was Carry and our whole going together was orchestrated by our mutual friends because I didn't even have a class with him.  I knew him but not well.  It was kind of suddenly we were going steady and I was wearing his ID bracelet.  You know how it is that age at school, all the girls are in a group and awkward and the boys are tough and strutting and awkward.  He was in FFA I was in FHA.  We were a couple, at school.  I remember one week we were all taking the national testing stuff and were outside taking a break, not really recess as we were "too old" for that, a break.  He was leaning on a brick step by a bunch of people and pulled me against him sort of sitting/leaning on his lap.  I was petrified and so nervous I could hardly be still, besides I was wearing a very, very short dress and it was the age of mini-dresses.  He was touching me and I think my body was not only shaking from fear but I think it was humming!  Carry was the nicest guy and so cute and I didn't feel worthy, my insecurity was showing.  I used to remember how long we went steady but have long forgotten.  It was probably only a month or less.  Our youth group at church was going to see a movie one Sunday night, The Cross and The Switch Blade with Pat Boone and Erik Estrada and I wanted to ask Carry to go with me.  I got my brave, big girl panties on and called him.  That was going outside the box as back then girls NEVER called a boy.  I called him and asked if he wanted to go and HE SAID YES!  I was over the moon.  My mom picked him up at his house and drove us to the church and we loaded on the church bus.  I wore a coat that was like a parka, HUGE.  I don't even remember the drive there or watching the movie, although I remember the movie, just not watching.  I think he held my hand during the movie, I think.  That ride home on the bus was dark and crowded.  I knew my friends were watching and I was terrified.  He put his arm around my shoulders trying to get closer around the huge coat and slowly he took his other hand and pulled my head around to face him and he kissed me!!!!!!  OH MY GOSH, my first kiss, his lips were so soft.  I was absolutely giddy.  We arrived at the church shortly thereafter and all piled out of the bus and into the church basement to wait for our rides home.  The girls dragged me into the bathroom giggling and squealing because they saw.  I was so embarrassed but so excited at the same time. 

Back at school a few days later I was walking around on cloud nine but so embarrassed to even look at him.  So young.  Then in a blink of an eye my joy turned to utter disaster.  A guy in our class, Doug, walked up to me and said, "Carry wants his ID bracelet back."  My friends were standing by me and it was like I had been slapped in the face.  I didn't know what to say except to take it off and hand it over.  I was devastated.  I cried and cried and cried and was so distraught that I had to call my mother to come get me and take me home that afternoon.  My world had crashed around me and my heart was shattered. 

I have to say that when I think of that guy my heart still goes pitty-pat a bit.  He's actually a friend now, married a grandfather but I won't forget that first love, that first kiss. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful January 15 day.  Actually, yesterday was my little Bro's birthday and I FORGOT to call him.  Meant to many times but just kept getting side-tracked by the day.  Anyway, back to the walk.  I was all packed up from our weekend at the cabin.  The trash was gathered, the beds made, the kitchen clean, I was ready to go but wanted to take a quick walk to the wigwam and beyond before we headed home to gather a few pictures. 

The water over the dam was crystal clear and COLD... 
It's beautiful but will prettier when spring comes and the green leaves start popping... 
Walking further down to the swimming hole I spied turkey buzzards a circling. 

Uh oh, I found their hangout.  There were so many of them.  Reminds me of the movie, The Red Pony based on the Steinbeck book of the same name.  That movie scared the crap out of me with the buzzards munching on the little boy's red pony that wasn't even quite dead yet.  ICK and creepy.  I mentioned to one of the cabinites about my walk and sitting on a bench to watch.  I told him that they started getting curious about me and really started flying closer to me overhead.  He warned that it might not be a good idea to be too still around them....YIKES...hadn't thought of that. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Weekend

Yes, I spent a lot of time in front of this...
It was toasty and inviting and encouraged me to finish my 4th book of the year... 
Clayton was pretty happy too...spotted dog on a spotted blanket... 
Playing a bit with my camera because I didn't want to venture outside. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday's Goings On

It is very quiet here at the cabin this morning.  The fire is crackling and smells amazing as I sip my coffee and look out into the dark.  Actually, there is a lot of moonlight or something because the gravel road outside of the our bedroom window is strangely lit and if it wasn't so bitterly cold I would take a walk.  Brrrrr.  I do hate winter but I know it is only a brief time till the sweet green tips of grass and leaves will make an appearance.  I can't wait!  We got here last evening at dinner time and The Hubby took Clayton for a short walk to get his giddiness of being here out of his system. 
I had picked up a quick baked ziti from a local catering/sandwich store for dinner and popped it in the oven. 
Dinner done we settled in for a bit of television and I knew The Hubby was to go to bed early as he is a hunting today.  It is still bow season and he wanted to get one more hunt in on his lease.  I headed to bed about 10:15 and was awakened about 11:30 by the sound of Clayton hitting the floor and his collar jingling as he ran to the front door and do a dance to go outside.  He was quick and we raced back to bed and snuggled down under the covers.  Then about 3 am The Hubby's cell phone went off, giving a signal that it was charged.  That got Clayton excited, thinking it was time for his breakfast.  Yet again, a trip to the great outdoors to tinkle and a rush back to bed, then The Hubby was up about 4:30 to shower in his descenting soap and breakfast.  Clayton was right behind him.  The bedroom door was shut but I could hear the goings-on in the living room and Clayton was at the door crying to see what some more of the commotion was.  I could smell dirt, yes dirt.  The Hubby has a huge bag that he keeps his hunting attire in and when he opens it up, WHOOSH, dirt smell.  He actually puts this scent bag things in it to smell like dirt.  Hmmm, take a shower to descent then put on clothes that smell like dirt.  Oh, it's all about fooling those smart deer out there.  Apparently they can smell the slightest scent of anything human and run.  Now my living room smells like dirt, until he leaves and then it dissipates a bit.  I hope he gets one???!!!

I'm up early as is to be expected as I can't get a break for sleeping lately but that is okay, I needed to blog to keep up my daily thoughts.  I'll read today and pick up the house, for tonight we are to have a few of the cabinites over for chicken gumbo.  I've only made it once but it was delicious so shouldn't have a problem.  I will probably take a short nap later too.  So that is my Saturday, how's yours going! 

Oh, question, I've been checking out my "read" stats on blogger and the weirdest thing is one day is says I have 340 readers, 23 readers, 0 readers, ...  yet my comments are so at a minimum.  I have a weird feeling that it is just spam or what do they call them "lurkers".  Whatever, it is a bit creepy and confusing.  I wish I had that many readers. 

Friday, January 13, 2012


Last night The Hubby and I watched a movie from NetFlix that he just had to see.  "Yah, yah, yah, okay, I'll watch it with you."  Warrior is about UFC fighting!  Right, I really wanted to see that.  The Hubby has been recording and watching that stuff like crazy and I'm not that much of a fan.  I used to watch boxing with my granddaddy and The Hubby.  The Hubby has been to some live boxing events with my Daddy and used to like boxing but not now.  Anyway, last night he popped the movie in and I nestled down to give it a go.  Some of the stars are Joel EdgertonJoel Edgerton Picture, Tom Hardy Tom Hardy Picture

and Nick Nolte.  I recognized Joel, who is Australian, but didn't know his name and of course, Nick Nolte, but Mr. Tom Hardy....can we just say YUMMY!  He is British and has been a few movies but in this he's a back east kind of fighter and the body!!!!!  Whew, back to the movie.  I have to tell you it is a bit brutal in the fighting but the story made me cry, cry, cry.  It's not for everyone but I really, really liked the movie!  Well worth a watch. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye Yet Again

Friday will be another day of saying goodbye.  Goodbye to another soap opera, the fourth one in the past couple of years.  It is not one I watch on a regular basis although I used to and am trying to catch every last episode this week.  I really don't understand what is happening to daytime TV.  OLTL will be replaced by yet another chitty-chat show that I don't care to watch.  Here in the Tulsa area there will only be left General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.  I've found that I pretty much live on The Food Channel most of the time now and that does not really help with the diet, I can tell ya!  Now it is not that I watch daytime TV everyday but when I'm home and watching the boob tube I like to catch up on the soaps.  It's weird to see television actually changing right before our very eyes.  I'm not going to watch Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil or The Chew or The Talk or The View or the new one The Revolution.  All chitty-chat shows that I will not support, sorry, even though I really like Carla Hall on The Chew I WON'T watch...You hear that powers that be, I WON'T watch your shows.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Moment is Brought To You By...

These beautiful flowers and sunshine is brought to you by
SPRING---It's only a few short months away...hang in there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reading Tidbits

Hmmm, I started writing a slush of gibberish and it was HORRIBLE.  I deleted it all!  That doesn't happen often but I did not like the way it was going.  This past weekend I finished two books in my quest to read 5 a month and 60 this entire year.  I read Zero Day by David Baldacci which I like but was surprised a bit by the ending, not what I expected, or did I.  Then I read Darrell Hammond's book God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked:  Tales of Stand-up, Saturday Night Live, and Other Mind-Altering Mayhem.  I saw him on Dr. Phil (I don't watch him but was channel surfing and happened upon) the other day and was intrigued by his story.  It was an interesting read but I did find it only touched in small little snippets of what his life as a child was and how it really messed him up.  It was a lot about the workings of SNL which was interesting too.  I think he has a lot more to write about concerning his "life" but probably this was all he could manage to divulge.  I'm now reading Rose Marie's book Hold The Roses.  I remember her on the Dick VanDyke show but she was around way before that and really had a more successful career when she was younger.  Just started it but should be good. 

With my challenge of reading so many books I have to be careful that reading is not ALL I do this year.  I do have some painting to do with a possiblity of a show in the spring but I need to get cracking on that.  Plus the blog post every single day...I have a lot of work to do!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Our Rides

My wonderful car.  My Granddaddy helped me get the loan to pay for this sweet thing, 1969 Chevy Malibu.  I so loved this car.  It ended up somewhere in Arkansas. 
The Hubby's first truck.  We had to park on the street by our apartment and one morning when The Hubby went outside to go to work someone crawled under the truck and unfastened his tool box with all of his tools and stole it.  We were devastated but moved on. 

Sunday, January 08, 2012

First Digs

You see me there, to the left, that was our first apartment. 
The living room...

My 20th Birthday...

Mr. Handsome... 
Me on the porch that is now enclosed... 
Cleaning up from the first meal I cooked...that would be the day after our wedding...honeymoon was very short.   
The bedroom... 
the fireplace...I thought I was uptown with that... 
more of the living room... 
leftovers from the first meal...

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Remember When

This month The Hubby and I will celebrate 36 years of marriage and I am going to walk down memory lane.  Come join me with some snapshots.

You see this young very cute guy...he is The Hubby, a scant 2 months before we met.
This young girl began dating that cute guy March 23, 1975 and we were inseparable from day one.

This is the day that The Hubby asked my father for my hand in marriage, June 1975.

I'm going to be sharing several photos that I have uncovered from a dusty box for a few days.  Hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 06, 2012

What's Expected

(Lathe-see I actually know what this is)
Do you do what is expected of you?  Do you expect too much from your wife or husband or child?  Sometimes I feel that I do what is expected of me too much, that I try to please to the detriment of myself.  Maybe the word is pleasing someone.  Oh it's such a muddle in my brain here.  When I was a young girl just out of high school without a hint of opportunity or encouragement of college I was expected to get a job, get married, move out, grow up and move on.  For awhile after high school you could not blast me out of bed and my Daddy tried I can tell you.  He would call my Mother from work and ask if I was up and if not then "GET HER UP!"  She has to get a job.  If that didn't work he would call my phone.  I was just enjoying time away from 12 years of solid school but he would have none of it.  Finally, I did what he expected of me and got up and went to work, at his work.  Daddy owned a machine shop and all three of us kids worked there at one time or another, brother following the career to this day.  I got up and dressed in the nastiest clothes because a machine shop is dirty and greasy.  I would pack a lunch and show up to do a little office work for Daddy and then he taught me to put gear boxes together.  I would do that day in and day out and occasionally he would put me on a drill press or punch press and sometimes a lathe.  It was really great fun, but, oh, my hands suffered.  In the end, I did what was expected of me.  I went to work.  I have followed the guidelines that are expected of a woman of my era, at least in my world, in the Midwest, not California or New York.  I am not saying that I'm unhappy with my life, NEVER, but I am just saying sometimes you wonder about the paths you have chosen in your life.  I was expected to not go to college, which I later did.  I was expected to get married and have children, which I did.   [Hmmm, interesting turn of phrase here: - "Am I expected?" or "I am expected."  One is a question and one is a statement of fact.] 

Now, here I am in my 50's, yes 50's, (leaves a bad taste in my mouth), am I expected to act and assume the role of a 55 year old woman!  I say NO, absolutely not.  I color my hair, I listen to modern music (except Rap-Crap), I try to exercise to keep my joints a moving.  I'm fighting off the unexpectedness of being 55 years old.  I know it is a futile battle but hopefully it will be helpful when I hit the 70's and 80's and maybe 90's.  I am expected to do stuff, to live, to honor and obey...hey wait...honor and be a partner and life long friend.  I am expected to be ME!

(How's that for a ramble!)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Blue Boy and Me (I miss him)

B & Mackie (I miss him)

Yesterday I got up as usual at 5 am, fed Clayton, read emails and blogged.  I then headed out for the usual workout with trainer Wade and had a pretty good workout.  I was peppy and energetic, or so I thought.  Back home I sat down with a good breakfast of 45 calorie bread, egg and juice and a lot of water.  I thought I would paint or read or something but as I sat and caught up on some blog reading my eyes drooped.  Hmmm, well I guess I was sleepy and since I had nothing to do, really I went back to bed.  With a slight interuption by The Hubby stopping by to have a bite of lunch and making tons of noise I slept for nearly 2 hours.  Again my thought process was that I would get up, take a shower, do some laundry and something.  I did join The Hubby for a bite of lunch but when he left I again drooped.  So, back to bed Clayton and I went for yet another 2 hours.  I eventually got up and took my shower and did the laundry about 3 in the afternoon.  I was a slug until The Hubby came home at 5 in time to feed Clayton.  I heated some leftover New Year's Day dinner of ham and black-eye peas, cleaned the kitchen, sat down to watch TV before dance class (I've given him another month) and drifted off to sleep.  I awoke at 7:20 to find The Hubby left for class and left me to sleep.  Not too upset really as you know how I "LOVE" to dance.  I trotted off to bed about 8:30 to finish watching Top Chef and was again asleep by 10:05.  I guess my body was in great need of sleep yesterday.  To B I'm always asleep but really I only nap about 15-20 when I get home in the afternoon, it's just always the time she or someone else calls.  You need that power nap stuff, I certainly do at this stage in my life.  For goodness sake I get up at 5 am every morning. 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Today is Day 4 of my everyday blogging for 366 days and I'm hitting a wall of still fingers.  Hmmm, well let's see, yesterday I finally got the Christmas all boxed and in the garage ready for the attic for yet another year.  It felt good to get it done but I do look forward to next year already.  Hopefully, if the rest of the work we want to do on the house is done we will have one hell of a Christmas party again.  Every few years we host a HUGE gathering that is catered and possibly this time valet parked.  I LOVE to do it and if I have a year to plan all the better.  I even have a larger tree in the attic I haven't used in a couple of years so I may have two trees.  Oh well, we will just see what happens. 

This is also day four of my trying to regulate the intake of food through my pie hole.  I'm doing okay, not great, but okay.  I've joined a website called http://www.sparkpeople.com/  that has a wealth of info, food tracking, exercise tracking, blogging and support.  I've done it a few years ago but I found that I can do the app on my phone and on my Kindle Fire!  I opted to also use the treadmill yesterday that I haven't done for a bit.  I've been mainly doing the stationary bike but I'm going to do a walking program that begins the end of February so I want to get my feet back in the game. 

See I did have a bit to write about.  I'm eating better, working out harder, reading a LOT, life is moving forward!  Hope you stick with me.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Horse Named Joey

Yesterday The Hubby and I spent the day running errands, like taking his truck to the dealership to check out the issues we had New Years Day.  After that he wanted to go to a movie, maybe two.  One of the movies he wanted to see was not on anymore but the second was War Horse.  I knew it would be a tear jerker but I had NO IDEA!  Oh my gosh.  A stunningly beautiful movie.  Sad, beautiful, heart wrenching, elating, the list is endless.  That movie has so much depth and the different characters and stories that happen with sweet Joey, well, the lady next to me sobbed, SOBBED during nearly the whole movie, as did I.  I so recommend this movie but you have to be ready for it.  I told The Hubby it was like Old Yeller or The Red Pony, movies I have seen once and NEVER again but something I had to see.  War Horse is a movie that will totally affect me for a long time.  (I love horses.)

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Years Day Happinin's

For my 366 days of blogging challenge I am going to occassionally follow the NaBloPoM challenge and writing prompts so I don't run of stuff to say. 

Today's prompt was "What did you do on New Years Day."  That is quite easy, not much.  We of course spent the weekend at the cabin with friends.  There was a fabulous dinner of cornish hens, roasted fingerling potatoes and brussel sprouts and I made baked brie and fruit.  Lots of drinking and dancing was involved and three people took a tumble around the rocky porch and yard, one with a knot on his head.  Fun was had by all.  The Hubby and I decided to head back to our little heaven on earth before the new year rang in.  He had a bit more wine than usual and drifted to sleep on the couch about 11 pm.  I was not the least bit tipsy but decided I had better give up the couch while he scrunched down lower and lower.  Asleep I was by 11:45 and was awoken by the distant sound of fireworks at midnight. 

Yesterday morning we both woke feeling just fine, no headache and no remorse!  I was a good girl starting my eating off right.  I had my oatmeal and coffee with no cream (ick) and rushed around to ready for the 55 minute drive home.  I wanted to come home to fix our black-eye peas for good luck.  It is a tradition in my family and in many to have the black-eye peas.  I've never missed a year in my life.  The drive home was a bit weird as The Hubby's truck decided to sound off alarm bells just as we ventured onto the highway!  It said to stop engine NOW!  It's funny that the check suspension light has been on his truck for months and he has not been too worried.  We pulled over, stopped the truck and he checked the oil which read 2 quarts low.  Luckily we were close to a truck stop kind of gas station and pulled in to add some oil.  It was still weird going home but we made it home.  Finally home, the black-eye peas on the fire, a shower, a nap, ah, bring on 2012! 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

366 Days

Happy New Year to one and all.  Welcome 2012 it has got to be better than 2011, at least for me. 

This year I am going to "try" to blog every single day of the year, 366 days.  It is a leap year.  It is a huge task but I am going to do it.  I've got big plans for me this year.

  • Blog every single day of 2012
  • Read as many books in 2012 that I did in 2011 (56 books)
  • Start the eating thing and tracking my food (smaller plate)
  • Ramp up exercise
  • Continue the painting and prepare for my own show this spring!!!!!
There that should do it.  Now here are some pictures of the weekend.

The Hubby burning the massive amount of leaves that have fallen this fall. 
He started the process early Saturday morning but the wind decided to kick up and he stopped.  This morning he's back at it with the calm morning. 
Clayton watching the process.   
He really wanted to be with his daddy but didn't like the leaf blower.

Happy New Year!