Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone and goodbye to 2010...Hello to 2011!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So How Was Your Tuesday

Yesterday I had just that kind of day I can tell you.  I slept in since this cold has pretty much kicked my butt which was nice.  The Comtrex I took really works nice, thank you, and I slept well.  I knew that I had to take Daddy for his little outpatient surgery so I needed to get well on my way to better.  I picked him up and we got to the surgery center on time to sit and wait, wait, wait.  A little later Brother came in.  I was surprised but he had the week off and I was glad for the company.  We were sitting there for a bit while Daddy rested without the teeth and hearing aids.  Yeah, we could have talked about him but we didn't.  Anyway, pretty soon Brother got up and walked out of the curtain then back in and sat down saying he all of a sudden was flushed.  He kind of melted in his chair, completely went pale white, cold and clammy and sweating to beat the band.  I mean sweat dripping on the floor.  He was also a bit nauseated.  My first scare was that he was having a heart attack.  Daddy was scared and worried and so was I.  I asked him if he wanted to me to get the nurses and he said yes.  You have to know my brother, that would not happen, but he was sick, really sick.  I rushed out to the outpatient nurses knowing they really couldn't do anything but they did take his blood pressure, pulse/ox and blood sugar.  All normal.  Oh, he had not eaten that day.  We got him to lay down on a bed, drink some orange juice and pretty soon color returned to his face, a bit.  I didn't have his wife's cell phone number, how does that happen.  Bro gave me the number and I left the a hopefully not scary message for her to call me.  Then I tried his daughter, my niece to find that number not a good one.  By that time my hands were shaking and my heart was racing.  I was definitely scared for him.  The nurses wanted to call an ambulance but he didn't so we waited for his wife.  She finally called and was on her way.  He was feeling better and we were able to sit in the waiting room while Daddy was taken into surgery.  Bro's wife arrived along with his daughter and our youngest, A, as the girls were having lunch together close by.  Off they went to urgent care to see what was going on. 

In the meantime, Daddy's surgery was complete before Bro left and that is yet another story.  Daddy had a baseball size wound in his hip, almost down to the prosthesis hip and we were told he will have to see the hip doctor again.  Yeah, that may not happen as the hip doctor didn't want to see him when this first came up months ago.  Hmmmph!  Anyway, surgery done.  Clothes back on, oooohhh Daddy underwear...and loaded in my car we were off to the pharmacy for pain meds and then home to hopefully find the nephew waiting to spend the night with him.  We pulled into the driveway and there he was standing on the front porch without a coat, waiting.  I was a bit ticked but found out his sis dropped him off and left.  She was in a bit of trouble.  Daddy inside, oops...blood on my front seat...yuck...wipe that up...fix the wound with more bandages for the the doctor because that much blood...yuck...Yes, that can happen, it will let up but stay down.  Daddy wanted to fix a bologna sandwich but I told him he only gets up to pee and nephew/grandson will be his legs.  Sis is sick, Bro is at urgent care and I had to get to the last family dinner for A as she is flying to California the next day.  We are now down to the brother-in-law to take him to the emergency if need be.  Daddy settled I was off to dinner and a bit of relief from the day, not knowing yet about brother.  A message at the end of dinner we find out Bro has a bacterial infection/sinus infection but he is told to see his regular doctor for a stress test.  Thought so.  So how was your Tuesday, mine was surely interesting, don't you think!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Day

It is a new day and with some good cold drugs I am feeling a teensy bit better.  Yesterday I felt in a fog most of the day, today the fog is lifting.  I certainly hope this is the last cold for the season.  I did sleep in a couple of hours...yeah, that was 7 this morning and that does feel a bit better. 

I decided yesterday that I would join Weight Watchers again and I found a class on Thursday mornings at 7AM.  I actually joined it online so I'm serious.  This would mean I could go right after my workout.  See I'm trying to get it going and I feel like it can work.  I'm being proactive in my approach to the weight loss this year.  Bear with me as I may be venting about it here. 

Christmas and the family. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sniffle, Sniffle, Sneeze, Blow

If this blog post doesn't make sense then I apologize right now.  I had a sore throat for 5 days and I thought strep but it kept getting better until it was gone.  Goodie...I thought, I fought off whatever was rummaging around in my body, but Christmas day, WHAMMY!  The past two days I have sneezed more times than I did all year long and I don't sneeze the dainty little sneezes.  I sneeze the kind that clears out a room.  My head is throbbing, my nose is running then seizing up till I can't breathe.  OH MY GOD...A CHRISTMAS COLD!  Drat.  I laid off of workout all week last week and I'm yet again laying off this week mainly because I'm tired, my head hurts and I just feel generally lousy.  It sucks that A is here and I don't feel like spending time with her or anyone.  I haven't cooked a meal at home in nearly two weeks except for egg casseroles for Christmas morning.  I have been so busy that I think I have burned my candles at both ends till there is nothing left but the wick. 

Tomorrow I have to take Daddy to have that surgery (out patient) on his hip sore.  He has to be there at 1 and the surgery is at 3.  That means I have to go to his house, pick him up and wait, something I do very well.  Then when he is done I pray I don't have to stay with him as I have to book it to the mother-in-law's for dinner with family, especially with A before she heads back to California.  She leaves Wednesday and may not get to see her again till summer.  I hope Sis, her son or Bro can stay with him for a bit.  I really shouldn't be around him too much with this cold anyway.  I still have so much to do this week.  It is called stress!

P.S.  What do you think of the new look.  I was tired of the old one.  That's my little hiney in pink there.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

It is now that time of year where everyone is making their New Year's Resolutions.  I really don't do that anymore but it is a very hard habit to break.  The big one is ALWAYS to lose weight, go on a diet and that is just a given for me as it is every single day.  I've battled the weight monster most of my adult life and always will.  Of course I will give into the NYR thing by admitting that I will make it my #1 resolution.  I've already talked to my trainer and expressed the desire to lose at least 50 pounds by June, June 4 to be exact when I hit the double-nickel age, 55.  50 pounds first and then we will see where I want to go after that.  I think it is an attainable thing and something I can focus on.  That means that even though I get up 5 days a week to work out that I will have to add something.  Egad!  Not sure how that will work but I will work it.  I need a plan for sure.  Probably an extra day of cardio on top of the muscle work that is Tuesday - Thursday.

Another issue is food.  I changed so much about what and how I eat but apparently it is not enough, but enough to keep me at the same weight no matter what exercise I do.  So the meal plan is the next step.  I hate to grocery shop and I love to cook yet I hate the process of trying to plan the meals.  After 35 years of doing it I'm tired of planning.  I want someone else to do it for me because I've lost all will power in that department.  I know that is not something that will happen so I have to get myself together and make it work!  The only "diet" that I have ever stayed on and lost weight on successfully is Weight Watchers but this point crap is not for me.  I'm old school, 3 ounces of tuna old school.  I don't have time or the patience to log food.  Hmmm, that would be where I should probably start but when I try I will usually stop.  Maybe my new phone can help me in that regard.  It has apps and stuff to help with the tracking of food.  This is the most difficult thing I have ever done is the food intake and I definitely need help somehow but not sure how to do it. 

For Christmas one of the gifts I gave to the hubby is a signed contract to extend the "one night a week" dance class to expire December 25, 2011.  He was pleased and it is my concession to him and to support him in his new found passion.  Maybe I can broker a deal with the food thing.  Put him in charge of my food but he can eat all kinds of stuff and pretty much stay the same and dating him some 36 years ago is where this roller coaster started.  He ate stuff I had never dreamed of, fast food, and it was my downfall.  I have actually given up on the fast food stuff.  I may fall once in awhile but probably only ate fast food 3 times all year last year. 

So here are my New Year's Resolutions:
  • Up exercise, food diary, lose 50 pounds by June 4, 2011
  • Find another art class to take including the one I'm already involved in.  Paint more!
  • Blog everyday for the year...(let's see how that one goes!)
See simple stuff but the focus I must make!  How about you.  What are your struggles this next year.  Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  Good Luck!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all.  I am very happy to have my family all here around me this holiday season.  The girls are home and everyone is well or fairly well.  I'm content.  Wishing all a very Merry Christmas. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All is Well

It has been a few days since I was last here but a little holiday called Christmas is getting in the way.  It feels weird to go from posting every day for over three months to nothing.  I finished wrapping the last present today, I hope.  I've had to re-look at the list and make sure but I feel confident it is done.  Yesterday we finally got new phones, Android and I'm over the moon.  It's kind of giving me fits a bit but I'll figure it out.  Within 15 minutes of having it I was posting my first tweet and Facebook so I'll get it.  I think tomorrow all I have to do is a bit of laundry and paint.  All is done and I can finish a few paintings.  I've been fighting a bug of some kind in my throat and plan on taking some time off from workout to rest up.  I've been missing a bit of sleep and that can break you down a bit.  So sleep in, paint and rest I should be on the mend soon.  Daddy is to have a little bit of out patient surgery on the abscess on his hip next Tuesday, the same day A is to head back to California.  Sadly I am the one to get him to his appointment so won't be able to see her off, although I have a hard time with that anyway and it may be next spring or summer before I see her again.  The Hubby and have had a lot of dinner parties we've been attending the past week or so, Thursday, Saturday, Monday and last night.  We have a break until Christmas Eve now.  All I have to share right now but will post soon, I promise.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I've Been Busy

I've been busy with all that is Christmas time and more.  This is just a brief update on my life...

Art class has ended for the season and will start up again in January.  Will miss it but will continue to paint on my own for sure. 

Tis party time and we have definitely been attending a few these past few days with a few more to come in the next few. 

My family is all together with A arriving in town for 10 days.  B&B picked up A at the airport today and they all came over for dinner of pizza and a fun evening of decorating Christmas cookies.  I went to a party this weekend at the cabin place and the before party was the girls drinking champagne and decorating cookies.  It was great fun and reminded me of when the girls used to go to their great granny's (my granny's) to decorate so I just had too.
It was funny to get the men in our lives in on the act and I think they had fun. 

My beautiful girls.  This Momma is one proud girl. 

This week is going to be just as busy.  Tomorrow I have to take Daddy to meet yet another surgeon for his hip, the abcess that has yet to heal up completely.  They plan on another surgery to clean it out and sew it up, hopefully not Christmas eve!!!  Kind of worried.  Get to deliver the giveaway winner her prize and meet her.  Kind of excited about that.  Tonight is a quick drink with friends and then dinner with my new friend Sheila from art class and her husband.  Tuesday is dinner with friends, they are serving duck, which I have never eaten.  Whew.  Seems like we have something on Wednesday too.  I have GOT to finish wrapping presents.  Is it bad that I have not bought a thing for my mother-in-law or my father.  They get to an age when they really don't want anything and with Daddy, heck we did his house if you remember.  Hope everyone is having a great time this holiday season!

(P.S. I almost forgot that Tuesday we get our new Droid phones!) hot water dispenser has gone on the fritz...oh the humanity....(my favorite appliance in the house)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giveaway OVER

It is over.  The giveaway to celebrate my 1,000 post is OVER.  I know it was a long time in coming but it is done.  I don't do random integer or anything scientific/computer to do a drawing but chose the old fashioned way - pulling a name out of the hat, so to say.  I printed out all the names, wadded them up and tossed them in a basket and then caught my neighbor taking her trash out and had her do the honors.  Sorry there are no pictures as it was quick when I saw her outside and it was frigging COLD!  But, the lucky winner is a local girl, Flea.  Congrats missy.  Will contact!  Thanks everyone. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rerun versus Linus

When I was a young girl, probably 11 or 12 my favorite TV special was Charlie Brown shows and my favorite saying was "O Good Grief."  My dad called my Charlie Brown most of the time because of it.  Last night I was watching evening television I was gearing up for the finale of Biggest Loser but it wasn't on till 8 so I found A Charlie Brown Christimas on.  Yippee!  I invested an entire hour watching the shoe waiting for BL and within that hour I sat confused most of the time.  What in the world happened to Linus?  Lucy spent the entire hour calling Linus, Rerun!  What is so up with that for goodness sake.  Oh Good Grief!

GIVEAWAY...tonight MIDNIGHT is the end.  Don't forget to enter!!!! HERE

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buck-a-Roo Beans

Some have asked about the Buck-a-Roo Beans I fixed this past weekend.  So here is the recipe.  A different twist on brown beans.  It is an old Weight Watchers recipe that I have tweeked a bit by adding ham.  Enjoy.

Soak 1 pound dried pinto beans overnight, cook with clean water.

ADD:  1 large chopped onion, 2 bay leaves, 2 bulbs chopped garlic, 2 chicken bouillon cubes, ham chunks (or any kind like ham hocks, ham chunks, just ham)

Boil, then simmer 1-1/2 hours

ADD:  1 can whole tomatoes, 2 tsp chili powder, 1/4 tsp oregano, 1 chopped green pepper, 1/2 tsp dry mustard, 1 tsp brown sugar

Simmer 1-1/2 hours.
Don't forget that tomorrow is the finale of the giveaway.  Don't forget to go HERE and comment and make sure there is a good email so I can contact you.  Please pass it on!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards

Is it bad that I have not done Christmas cards in a couple of years.  I didn't do them last year and I'm not planning on it this year either.  You see since we have our company I have been doing personal and business Christmas cards for years, and that can be a lot of cards.  It is has just gotten so expensive to mail them that I am boycotting.  Oh, I have to admit that I will send some out to my penpal, my cousin and some friends that don't live close but I will not be sending out cards.  Last year I felt so very guilty and this year it is not so much.  I have made this decision but it may come down to doing it anyway.  I've only received about 5 cards at home and only 3 at the office so I think I'm not the only one.  My time has just been other places and I just find that that is one of the things that has to stop for awhile.  I may pick it up in a few years but for not, no.  What do you do? 

Sunday, December 12, 2010


About all I can say today is it is cold.  We spent a nice cozy weekend at the cabin and I didn't budge to far from the fire I can tell ya!  Spent most of the day yesterday watching whatever TV I could get with a digital antenna and staying very warm.  I put a big pot of Buckaroo Beans on the stove for Harri & Jimbo to share with us and just stayed content with little Clayton at my side while The Hubby went deer hunting.  He was lucky that the cold didn't really set in until later in the day, after he was through for the day.  It was bow hunting and he was a lucky boy.  It was his first kill with a bow and arrow and he was excited.  When he got back to the cabin with is spoils he hollered up the garage stairs at me and I knew what he had.  He said that he might need help hanging it up to skin.  Oh boy.  I told him that I had seen enough dead deer hanging when I was a kid to fill me up for the rest of my life.  He would have to find someone else to help, maybe Jimbo!  Curiosity got the best of me though and I took a peek at the back of his truck to see feet, gutted deer and ICK!  Nope, can't help him.  He had to get back to town to take it to a processor so off to Tulsa he went, when the ick task was done.  That was my weekend how was yours.  Sorry no pic's, I left my camera sitting on the dining room table, darn!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Time of Old

Bro, Me, Sis holding Susie who had no bottom teeth.  She loved Daddy and had many litters of kittens.  She was a great rat killer with no bottom teeth.  The dead rats were presents she brought to Momma early in the mornings.  (The rats were from a field close by, not our house.)  The picture was an awesome Christmas but I'm not sure the age we are, definitely under 12 for me.  Same house my Daddy still lives in.

Friday, December 10, 2010

One Of My Famous Kiddos

Check out one of my famous kiddos.  She will be at Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar this weekend and was interviewed for a blog Red Dirt Ruckus and I think The Oklahoman, newspaper!  How cool is that!  She has such fun with her crafting stuff and really has done very well with it.  I crafted once a very long time ago but she has taken it to a whole new level.  Go by and check out Deluxe if you are in Oklahoma City this weekend and say HI to our girl, B at Sheezkrafty.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dinner Party

I actually missed a blogging day.  It is has been 3-1/2 months since I started posting every single day and yesterday I skipped.  I felt guilty, a bit, but hey, I've been good so far and besides, here I am again this morning.  Tuesday night was the last dinner party and it was awesome with a HUGE hitch in the meal.  Actually, it was the making of the meal.  I think I put something here about it, but I accidentally left my beef dish on the stove all night long on Monday night, forgetting to refrigerate.  I had to buy all the ingredients again ($80 worth of meat) and miss my art class to remake it.  Kind put a dent in my fun time, but all in all it was a fun time Tuesday night and I will make up the class either today or do 4 hours on next Tuesday.

The table setting ...

Got to use my Christmas plates and gold silverware I love!

I also want to apologize to my bloggy friends for not visiting your blogs and commenting.  I've just been so busy and my time to read is suffering.  I promise that in the next few weeks I will be back to catch up but don't forget to enter in the giveaway that will definitely end next Wednesday, December 15 and encourage others to enter.  I will probably add a few more things to the gift bag, like note cards of my art!  

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm a Dolt

Today is not good or rather this week is not good.  Originally I posted that the giveaway was ending on December 15.  I am going to stick with that date so NEXT WEEK, NEXT WEDNESDAY, December 15 at midnight.  So actually it is 2 weeks.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Thank you reader for pointing it out.  Hmph.  This has been a busy couple of weeks so sorry for the confusion everyone.  On top of the beef dish being left out and having to remake it today my massage has been canceled AGAIN!  The girl has quit.  I threw a fit because I was booked for 6 months and am booked for the next 6 months.  I NEED A MASSAGE!

Bad Food

It is now 4:39 in the morning.  Clayton woke me up very early this morning to go outside and eat.  Not good, but, as I shuffled into the kitchen I see something.  Not good.  There on the stove is my Le Creuset pan sitting there.  OH NO!  My dinner!  Last night, like last week, I fixed my beef bourguignon and planned to put it in the fridge when it cooled.  There it sat starring at me.  I was so tired that I forgot and just went to bed.  My two $35 filet of beefs.  OH MY GOD!  I'm going to have to throw it out and start over, yet again.  Well, my day is definitely going to be busy.  I am just sick about it but I can do it, yes I can.  I have to buy all the ingredients again, chop again and boil and simmer all over again but I can do it.  I still have to make cobbler and set up my table and oh gosh what am I doing here blogging, I've got to get moving.  Later all, gotta go dump some tainted beef bourguignon.

P.S.  Don't forget the giveaway that will end tomorrow at midnight. 

Monday, December 06, 2010

This and That Weekend

This weekend has been kind of a blur.  Saturday was the Alpha Rho Tau luncheon, my art group.  You know it is kind of weird that I was the youngest "member" at the meal.  There were two others, students from TU (University of Tulsa), who joined us because we gave them scholarship money to further their education, but basically I think I'm the youngest in the group.  I seem to have that happen a lot in things I get involved in.  Sometimes I can be the oldest but that doesn't happen often.  After the chit chat and yum yum we, my neighbor and paint friend (75 years old) Sheila and I headed home.  I rushed into comfy clothes to meet my dear friend C at the movie theater.  We wanted to see Burlesque.  Good movie, not great but good.  I absolutely cannot figure out how in the world Christine Aquilera has that HUGE voice.  Amazing!  Cher sang a bit too and was really good although not the best too look at anymore.  I love Stanley Tucci, her sidekick.  As C and I sat watching the previews, my favorite part of the theater experience, we noticed people, women coming in.  There were probably not less that 15 women at least over the age of 70 parading in that darkened room.  Some were even struggling the stairs but they made it and settled in for the show.  We had them above us, beside us and below us so we could hear some of the comments!  One part where the object of Miss Aquilera's affection was down to his backside showing we heard, "Oh My!"  C and I giggled and then, "That's hot!"  Oh my goodness.  That was so funny and cute too.  Definitely a people watcher kind of experience wouldn't you say. 

Yesteday, daughter B and had the open house of handmade gifts at our home.  She invited a few other crafters and for 4 hours the house was a buzz of holiday buying and selling.  She wasn't as pleased with the turnout but several of the people I invited came and bought.  I had my paintings of which none sold but I did sell many of the note cards that are made from the paintings.  It was fun but my legs and feet were in such pain from standing and milling around that I could hardly sleep last night.  Throbbing!  They are a bit better now. 

This week will be another round of hosting a dinner party with the same menu as last week.  We also have a cocktail party at a neighbors and hopefully I will get my massage and facial.  My massage therapist has been very, very ill for the past three months and so no massage for me.  Sad and achy. 

Signing off for now but don't forget the giveaway which will end on Wednesday at midnight.  Comment (with email or way of contact) and maybe post a link on your blog to enter.  This is to celebrate my 1,000 post so you have to post on it please!!!!!  HERE!!!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

iPod Download Hell

You're going along on the treadmill, listening to a really, really good book and then a sentence, music and nothing.  What the * happened.  It kind of sounded like the end of the book but surely not.  There were too many left open parts.  I was listening to Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay on Wednesday and this is what happened.  I went home, opened my iTunes to see if maybe I didn't download it all to my iPod but sure enough that is all I had.  WHAT!  I've contacted iTunes see what could be done but still have not heard anything.  Hmmmmmmmm....meanwhile, I'm in limbo with little Sarah and her plight in France, 1942, Nazi driven get my drift.  I had to go by the paperback so I could keep going but it is still not the same as listening to the beautiful french words on my iPod.  Darn it.  What's a person to do.

Update note:  They came through and sent a new copy to download!  Eureka!  May have to add my copy of the book to the GIVEAWAY  here, with a good email please.!!! 

Saturday, December 04, 2010


We've been having an issue at the office lately and it is not work related.  For the past 7-8 months when I pull into my parking spot in front of the shop there is water on the concrete that has appeared from nowhere.  It seems to be coming from the concrete curb thingys we pull up to.  Then B noticed on the camera a person come up to the curb, sit and proceed to pour water on their head, like washing the hair, this summer.  Sometimes there is a white substance and we can't figure out what it is.  I'm afraid it is some kind of drugs they are pouring out and then we walk over.  Shiver!  Last week I was out front with The Hubby while he was checking my tires and I told him that something smelled like S#?t.  I looked around and there on the curb was S#?t!  Pee YEW!!!  The Hubby washed it off and then we started looking back at the tapes of this person, soon to be found out is a woman.  She is homeless and sure enough she comes up, when we shut down for the day, evening time, sits on the curb but as she is sitting she is pulling her pants down and doing her business.  The front of our business has become her bathroom where she showers and S#?t's.  The white powder stuff is rock salt.  Go figure that one out.  She actually washes the urine down the drive with bottled water which we found her stash behind a summer vine that died and pulled up.  I told The Hubby that he needed to call the police.  I know she is homeless but for goodness sake our parking lot, that we walk over, is not her bathroom.  It was so unsanitary for us.  Saturday, The Hubby again found evidence she was there and called the police to look at the surveillance tapes and the evidence drying up.  He was truly scratching his head, dumbfounded by what he saw.  The next day, Sunday, about 9:30 am The Hubby shuffled into his den room to check his emails and then decided to check the cameras at the shop.  Lo and behold there she was.  He hollered at me that she was walking up, sitting, and doing her thing.  He immediately called 911 and we watched as she finished her job, walked off and not less than 2 minutes later the police, 2 cars, drove past.  That is all we could do.  The Hubby got showered and dressed and then headed to the office to do some invoicing and see what happened.  He said when he arrived there were the two police cars across the street watching.  He went over and asked if they caught her.  They said yes indeed they had and they questioned her.  She is in the system, indeed homeless and so filthy dirty, especially on her face that they could not even make out if she was white, Indian or even black.  So sad.  She is one of the homeless mental cases around town and is my age.  It breaks my heart.  They told her that she could not do that anymore and that she was being video taped but were not sure it would sink in.  As far as we can tell she has stopped but only time will tell if she comes back.  The police said that we need to be there to press charges so they can get her into the system for a bit.  She is probably supposed to be on meds and is not.  That is what happens I'm sure.

Friday, December 03, 2010

A Free Moment

I found myself yesterday with a free moment and instead of going home and drifting off on the couch I had a great thought.  I've been wanting to see the Harry Potter movie REALLY BAD and with a few hours to spare yesterday I flew to the theater to see it.  I arrived about 2:51 with the movie to start at 3 and found the parking lot almost completely empty.  YEAH!  That meant no kiddos!  My favorite part of the movies are the previews and there were no less that 10 at this movie.  I was in heaven.  I can't wait for the new Narnia movie and the Green Lantern and I think Green Hornet?!  It was kind of creepy that the only ones in the theater were men between the ages of 20-35, all with stocking caps on and a bit on the heavy side, creepy.  The one on the end aisle of my row, we were the only two, stocking cap guy guffawed at weird places and then cried when a character died.  Yes a creepy afternoon but I'm happy to have gotten to see the movie.  A dark kind of movie that really spent most of the time leading up to the final installment that I will surely see and own.

(Don't forget the giveaway...)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Next 1,000

I guess it is onward to the next 1,000 today!  I thought that I would give up posting everyday but alas here I am.  I'm addicted, what can I say.  This morning has started a bit earlier than I wanted to as nature began bugging me at about 3:45 am.  I couldn't stand it and got up to relieve.  That can be a bad thing so close to my usual wake up time as it was this morning.  I crawled back into my warm bed but tossed and turned as the mind woke up and started running at warp speed.  I still have so very much to do the rest of this week and on so the noggin is making lists and planning.  I also want to paint but I can't seem to sit long enough or get my mind focused enough to concentrate.  I want to finish my Christmas really soon so I can be done with it and just play.  I also want to see the new Harry Potter and haven't found the time plus the new Narnia movie that is coming out!  I'm in heaven this time of year with these kind of movies. 

Daddy called last night around 9 pm and of course The Hubby was snoozing on the couch and came into the bedroom as I was talking.  He can't hardly stand when someone calls at a time where he thinks it's too late and then he can't stand not knowing who it is.  Grump.  Anyway, Daddy was looking for an old recipe that Momma and Grandma used to make, a date roll candy.  I thought it was in his recipe box but it had another name on it and he insisted that it was not the one.  Okay.  Then he called back 15 minutes later (great) and said that his sis may have Grandma's, whatever.  Funny that he is getting in the spirit of cooking these holidays.  He's funny about this cooking stuff and is pretty good.  I must say that his voice sounds so strong and not so wobbly! 

Now this is adoration and love.  An every evening happening.

Now don't forget the giveaway from yesterday.  It ends next Wednesday, Dec 15.  Come on by on that post and leave a comment.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1,000 Post

The day has finally arrived, post number 1,000I can not believe it.  On June 28, 2006 (oddly a Wednesday too), I decided I would start a blog.  It was a hard day for me that day when I began tapping my fingers across the keyboard, typing my blog.  This blog became a friend for me.  It was/is a friend that has opened doors to many more friends across the world.  My blog, Jill of All Trades has allowed me to write my feelings out and work out some issues with the help others along with the experience of actual writing.  I thank all who have come by to visit me and leave a comment or two. It is inspiring and a wonderful pat on my back to be somewhat acknowledged.  Now to the ramble of the day for number 1,000.

Last night was the first of two dinner parties for us. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures except for the ...

flowers and the stain 
I will have to wash that. 

I know the flowers were springy but they fit in my great, great, grandmother's flower bowl perfectly.  I was tossed up on whether to do my Christmas dishes but they are gold and stars and fancy and the meal of beef bourguignon called for simpler settings.  The meal was awesome and the company too.  It turned out to be a wonderful evening and still I do it all over again next week! (Sorry for the bad photo.)
Now I believe I will give away a few goodies for this awesome occasion of post #1,000.  All you have to do is comment, simple and easy, which is my motto!  I would ask though that you please link it somehow to your blog, promote it, simple as the giveaway is.  Thanks to all of my readers and dear friends for being here these past 4+ years.  I will ship "ANYWHERE" so no fear to those who live far.

  Smelly good candle - Awesome CD of Elton John and Leon Russell (my fav guy) - Fav French Lavender body butter - and a couple of funny Christmas wine corks I just had to get.  See simple fun things.  So go ahead and please enter in this drawing to end in exactly 2 weeks, December 15 at midnight!

Here are the facts:
Ship anywhere
Ends December 15 - Midnight!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Than a Typical Monday

Yesterday was one busy day and it started with the news from BlogHer telling me my blog was one of the hot blogs for the day!  I was SOOOOOOO excited.  My day was the usual workout and shower, ready for the day.  This past weekend I spent three solid days cleaning and setting up Christmas and Monday was just a continuation of that event. 
  • Workout,
  • Shower
  • Drop stuff at Goodwill from my closet
  • Buy HUGE poinsettia for living room
  • Work:  Invoicing, open mail
  • Bank
  • Post Office to mail invoices I typed
  • Grocery to buy stuff for the Beef Bourguignon and rest of meal
  • Radio Shack - cord to hook up DVD player to my little TV in "my room" - it worked
  • Liquor Store - wine for guests and to cook the BB
  • Home
  • Dinner
  • Cook the BB - took longer than the 30 minutes stated on the recipe.  Thank goodness I started last night.
Today I'm too busy to cook the BB but apple cobbler is to be cooked so will be warm for my guests.  I have a hair appointment to wash the gray away, work, art class and then it is party time.  WHEW!  I'm tired I can tell you. 

A side note...I'm listening on my iPod a book called Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.  It is a very powerful book.  I "listened" to another of her books, "A Secret Kept" and really enjoyed the way she writes but it mindful it is really the way it is read as I've only listened to her books but they are well worth the listen!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Writers Block

It has been nearly 3 months of writing every single day here at Jill of All Trades and frankly, I'm finding that writers block is becoming a problem.

I interrupt this post with a most important message.  I just received an email from BlogHer stating that: 
Good morning,

We loved your post, VHI or MTV, so much that we selected it to be promoted on the homepage today, in the Featured Member section of the site. We’ll also be promoting it on the BlogHer Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thanks for blogging on


WHAT!!!!!  That would be yesterdays post about my rant on music videos.  I'm so excited although that post is not one of my best.  I guess I need to really get over this writers block thing don't you think.  (By the way this is post number 998.)

On to writing.  It's funny that I get this email now.  This posting every day has been hard and caused me to think about not blogging anymore, but I'm a bit renewed by this nod.  I know it is probably just because I was next in the list of many but I will take it in any way I can.  An ego boost is always a good, don't you think. 

This past weekend I have accomplished so much around the house and I have a great sense of, well accomplishment.  The tree is up and the house decorated for the holidays.  My laundry is done and put away and that includes the several baskets that were clean but being lived out of .  My bad, as that is such a horrible habit.  The whole house has been organized and picked up and ready for a good wash down by the house cleaner today, just in time for the first dinner party tomorrow night.  There were to be 4 couples but I received an email that one of the husbands won't be here.  Drat.  Oh well, onward.  My menu is planned and simple.  I have a list for the grocery store, liquor store and Whole Foods for flowers and appetizer stuff.  Next week is to be the second dinner party with 9 people in attendance and the same menu. 

Appetizer:  olive medley, various cheeses, crackers and wine
Filet of Beef Bourguignon
Tossed Salad
Apple Cranberry cobbler

What do you think? 

Then comes the end of the week which is very full for me.  Actually, the next week and a half is stuffed with stuff.  Friday is payday, pick up art at TCC show, birthday luncheon for cousins birthday (I'm not doing, just attending).  Saturday is another luncheon of the Alpha Rho Tau art group.  This is a big one.  Sunday daughter B wanted to do a jewelry show like last year at her friends house.  Kind of an open house sale for a few hours but the friend does not want to do it.  Well friends, I've opened up my house.  There will be several vendors hawking their wares including some of my art!!!!  It's kind of scary to have strangers in my house but they are mostly friends of the girl and some of mine.  If you are in the area, Tulsa, and wish to come shopping for Christmas goodies, contact me via email (ebby43 at aol dot com) and I will give you the address.  Sunday 1-4, Dec 5.  There will be a few snacks so bring credit cards, cash or check and enjoy.  Later Gators.  Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


What has happend to VH1 and MTV.  Years ago when videos first came out we watched them on an odd channel and then they started appearing on HBO.  Then MTV and VH1 popped up.  We were in absolute heaven.  We love our music videos in this household, but wait a minute.  What has happened to VH1 and MTV. 

Real and Chance
My Big Friggin' Wedding
Brandy & Ray J
Bret Michaels:  Life as I Know It
Celebrity Rehab
Football Wives
Celebrity Fit Club

16 and Pregnant
Jersey Shore
True Life
The Hills
Real World

Now these are just a taste of what those two channels have to offer.  Where is the music.  Oh, I must say that early in the morning, like 5 am VH1 has music videos that I do treadmill work to.  I think MTV has videos, sometimes, but I have given up on that channel a long time ago.  They really need to take the words video and music off of their titles because clearly they don't offer them anymore.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

Yesterday I was bound and determined to get my Christmas tree and all the fixin's up.  The first step was the tree.  I promised The Hubby last year that I would get a smaller tree.  Our tree was so massive that we had a terrible time getting it in and out of the attic on top of being extremely heavy.  So this past week I went to Garden Ridge and got a new tree.  I didn't want a short tree so got a 7-1/2 foot tree.  Garden Ridge and an excited Christmas tree decorator and a credit card is not a good thing.  I ended up spending a bit on ornaments too, like I needed anymore.  I climbed into the attic yesterday morning and sorted through the many Christmas boxes to find what I needed and got them to the ladder ready for me to try and get them down.  Let me say I have a fear of heights, any kind of heights and for me to climb into the attic and do this is a big thing for me.  I made the first climb down with a load in one hand hanging down and a box on my head.  Smart huh!  I made it down and then The Hubby came out to help.  YEAH!

The first picture is the new tree.

The second picture is from 2 years ago.  Do you see any difference.  Rats!!!!!  The only difference is a bit smaller around.  It's the same size.  Drat!

Some of my new ornaments...

Aren't they cool.  I decided to add some birds.  I love them. 

Now the pictures are bad but the next two I'm quite proud of and only represent a couple of several of my counted cross stitch ornaments I've made over the years. 

By the time I got up this morning and set feet on the floor I knew that I did something yesterday that was not good.  My aching back and my legs from the step ladder.  I think the back was from bending over spreading out the branches, fluffing. 

Today I will focus on cleaning the house and my laundry and hopefully tomorrow will truly be a day of rest.  We are hosting the first of several dinner parties this month on Tuesday evening. 

Clayton enjoyed having me home all day long. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sleet to Sunset

The morning started early, chilly and dark.  My job was to bring ham, creamed corn and an apple pie.  B had me take her artichoke heart salad as she was tending to her Mr. B.  He had hand surgery on Wednesday on his broken finger.  He had an accident at work when a forklift tine and his finger met.  Not pretty.  Poor guy. 

That is ice on the tree limbs.  Thank goodness it didn't stick to the road.
The drive was a little over an hour to the community center in  Eufaula to be with The Hubby's family.  We kind of grew with a few extra friends added to the family dinner.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to include those who do not have family around to be with.  We had plenty of space and tons of food for all to share.
The masses arrived and milled around until the word was given...ready, set, eat!
Dessert time!
Oh my gosh my tummy was about to bust!  The food was delicious.
A little chit-chat with The Hubby and his nephews.  I'm sure the subject was all about hunting.
The meal was over.  The chit-chat was not at an end but the need to return home to feed Clayton made us have to get on the road.  I wasn't looking forward to the cold and rain but, wait...a peak of sun and blue skies was waiting for us to enjoy.
But first we had to clean up and load up the leftovers in The Hubby's truck.  The creamed corn was a huge hit!
The sunset was just stunning and topped off a wonderful day with family.
Happy Holidays my blogging friends and happy shopping!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I'm thankful for my family, friends, and life.  I'm thankful for good health and sound mind.  I'm thankful!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

iPhone, Droid, etc

The Hubby and I are having a HUGE debate right now.  In June I asked for an iPhone for my birthday, yet I'm still my old phone from about 4 years ago.  Let me tell you it is very difficult to text a message on which we only got last year.  Because when we buy phones it is many for our employees and I guess I'm an employee too he wants to stay with the same plan.  That plan is U.S. Cellular, Droid country.  I do not want to be "one of the guys" but my own person and I WANT an iPhone.  He is still insisting on at least checking the different ones out but I'm going to do a little tantrum and stomp my foot.  Especially after the little red Miata went bye-bye.  What kind of phone do you have?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wild Hogs and Sheets

 Check out my new duvet for the guest bedroom of the cabin.  I had a bright yellow denim fabric before but wanted something for the winter season.  I found these at Pottery Barn and fell in love.  I just put it over the yellow duvet.  There are actually two twin beds in that room but...

the other one was covered with the sport of the season, hunting gear. 

It's actually deer season but there are also the wild hogs that are ravaging the land right now.  There's not a season for them so...well.  These were not taken but just photographed to see how many there were and there were MANY!  They are just tearing up the trees and land to nothingness and they multiply like cats. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis the Season

Tis the season to pay property and real estate taxes.  Yikes!  This is the time of year that I forget we have decided to own lots of property.  It's kind of scary when the County Treasurer has to mail a "packet" with all the invoices.  So this morning I'm sorting and organizing and planning to pay a BUTT LOAD of money but that's okay.  I'm good. 

Just to update everyone that today is my 992 post.  I have gone back and forth about not posting everyday, spreading them out till Christmas or the end of the year but with only 8 left, well, there you go.  So November 30th should be my 1,000 post and I'm trying to get something special going but who knows it may be just an ordinary day of babble. 

Last night The Hubby, B&B and I went to see Wicked.  It was good but you know I didn't really think it was GREAT like all the hype that has gone with it.  It was long and some of the songs were really not necessary and not well written, in my opinion.  Honestly, we've been to Les Miserables twice and would see it again in a heartbeat.  It was the most awesome thing ever.  Absolutely powerful and the music brings you to tears. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes Everywhere

This weekend was the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the lake for all cabinites.  I was one of many who helped peel, cube and cook the 60 pounds of potatoes for the mashed potatoes.  We were fed french onion soup, rotel cheese dip and champagne for our troubles, but really it was great fun had by some great friends. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Romance

Last night The Hubby and I decided to walk up the road to S&J's for a beans and cornbread dinner.  The evening was beautiful.  The moon was nearly full and the wind had finally died down a bit making the air perfect for a jacket walk.  I was toting my bag of appetizers (veggies and dip) and a bottle of water as all of a sudden The Hubby stopped in the middle of the moonlit road and kissed me, kissed passionately.  WOWWIE!!!!  He hasn't done that in a bit and it took me off guard.  He was happy and feeling so much better, especially since he has had a head cold.  Today is the opening day of gun deer hunting season and he was going with his buds.  It was a perfect evening and everything was right in his world.  I got the benefit!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shower Time

When I was little, growing up in our house with my brother, sister, mom, dad and one bathroom, the luxury of a long, hot shower was not to be.  We had to take a quick bath most of the time.  We weren't even allowed to do showers until we were much older, so a bath was very little water and a very quick shower.  It wasn't to conserve water but hot water for a family for a family of five.  This morning as I was standing in the shower letting the hot water run over my sore body I was reminded of Granny.  When we spent the night with Granny and Granddaddy it was always just one kid at a time.  I'm not sure if it was Granny's rule or Granddaddy's but it was awesome to be an only child for a night or two.  The one thing I loved was that we could use their shower and Granny let us use all the hot water we wanted too.  I would stand in that shower and play until the water began to run cold and we didn't get into trouble.  I have to watch myself now to not use all that water but instead enjoy the hot tub.  What happens in the shower for me is that I get a lot of thinking done.  I am totally alone with my thoughts relaxed by the running water so my mind does all kinds of things.  I make lists, visit memory lane and sometimes have a blank mind.  Today it took me to old wonderful memories! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe Box

Had to make a quick run to Daddy's this morning after my workout.  He's been bugging me to return Momma's recipe box.  I took it when we were re-doing his house so I could make copies of the contents.  I just have not had time or memory to do the project.  So yesterday I was a copying fool so I could return it.  He said there were recipes that momma left for him to use.  Really most of the stuff was cakes and several copies/versions of cavatini that she created.  I have returned it to him!  I think it is more that it was a powerful connection to Momma and it gave him comfort.  I'm glad he is happy. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter

 Which is your favorite?  Mine is Spring, Summer and Fall.  I even like Oklahoma hot, humid summers.  HATE winter and with it usually comes depression and weight gain.  Can you blame me.  Have to stay very busy and exercise, exercise, exercise.