Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

I'm here but just taking a weekend break for the holiday.  Spending most of my time in a hammock.  Will be here in a few days, don't forget me. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snip, Snip

I got a wild hair today (no pun intended) and whacked my hair off! It hasn't been this short in quite a while and I LOVE it. Funny thing is that my hair has been straight as a board all my life. I've sat through many Toni permanents to get the least bit of curl and for some reason my hair has been changing. I now have a bit of body or soft curl. It is amazing. So along with the gray that I keep well hidden I now have a bounce in my strands! The first picture is the locks left behind on the floor. makeup as I didn't feel like messing with it today.   
A little too poofy for me.  I'll have to get home and tame it a bit. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Menagerie, that is a word my mother used often when she talked about all our animals and today I will use it to describe my menagerie. We've always had a lot of animals in our house since The Hubby and I married, mainly cats. Let me see, we've had the usual dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, parakeets, canaries and as of yesterday I now own zebra finches. It was kind of weird that my birthday is next week and I was thinking about going to get myself a birthday present of finches. The Hubby is done with cats, which I prefer, and won't let a cat set paw through these doors but the birds he doesn't mind too much. Anyway, a friend just happened to text me that she had a friend who had four finches that this lady's daughters bought her for Mother's Day and she HATES them, threatening to open the back door and let them out, seriously. Well, that could not happen and D asked me if I wanted them. Yes, certainly, but only if the supplies came with and they did. She was at my door shortly with a large cage with some little chirpy birds. I love them but The Hubby holds his love as they are a bit chirpy for him, I love it. Since I didn't know anything about the little guys I quickly did some research to find I had two males and two females, in one cage with nesting stuff. EGAD, that won't do and I found myself on the ladder to the attic to dig out another cage and stand to separate. I took both cages into the small entry bathroom with no windows and a flashlight and after a few attempts accomplished the task. Now I have a cage of females and a cage of males that are making the morning fun as they rejoice the sun peeping in the window.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 This past weekend I was introduced to 5 little gentlemen, BeaBull's.  The little mommie is called Tina Fey, the daddy, a pit bull, is called Buster Brown.  Unfortunately, all of them need a home.  The owner has been "taken" away for an extended stay!  This is the country y'all and it sometimes happens.  Some kind hearted neighbors are feeding and tending Buster Brown at the empty house and Tina Fey and entourage have been relocated to a more secure and watchful household until they can be adopted out.  The puppies are all boys, amazing and are 3 weeks old.  The household that is fostering the litter. Tina Fey is full blood beagle and Buster Brown a pit bull.  Miss Tina Fey is a wonderful momma dog and when she is finished feeding will be spayed, Buster Brown will be neutered and adopted out too.  They are all wonderful and great temperament.  Unfortunately, I won't be adopting any but will give all the hugs and kisses I can dish out. 
Tina Fey

Monday, May 23, 2011

Heart Breaking

This early Monday morning I'm watching the horrible news about the tornado destruction in Joplin and my heart is just broken. It is just the most shocking thing to see on the television and what's even scarier is that the storms are not over. We have a couple more days of possible devastation.  These are just some of the pictures flooding the net of the destruction.  As I write this the death toll is 89 and probably will climb.  Two fire stations, destroyed; high school, destroyed; hospital, mostly destroyed, totally evacuated...

I can't seem to take my eyes off of the images flooding the airwaves.  Tis the season in the middle U.S. for this stuff but you can never, never get used to it. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Home again is exactly where Daddy is as of today.  We had a meeting on Monday with social services and physical therapists at the nursing home and a multitude of doctors appointments last week.  They all were a bit apprehensive about the prospects of Daddy going home but that man is stubborn as an old goat.  We three siblings have been burning up the phone talking and hashing out all the possibilities of how this is going to work, a 75 year old man on his own without a hip.  I've lost sleep and probably gained a lot more gray hair with it all.  So many variables and the horrible fear he would fall.  Yesterday I even had a tour of the assisted living area of the nursing home and thought that would be best for him.  After the meeting with the staff and the tour I gathered up my courage and went to Daddy's room to have a talk with him.  I fully intended to bully him into staying but moving into a different wing.  I knew that the chances of my winning this battle were slim and I was right.  He got rather angry with me and I saw that angry "Daddy" look that I haven't seen since I was a child.  I sat with him for over an hour trying in vain to change his mind but he was going to go home, period.  I told him in no uncertain terms that if I felt he could not manage I was bringing him back. 

So this morning I was up early because I had to go to the office and do a bit of invoicing.  Then I went to a pharmacy that is also a supplier of wheelchairs, walkers, etc.  Daddy wanted a new walker that had a seat on it so he could get his TV dinners to the table.  It's not as if he doesn't have enough of them.  He has my grandmothers and one The Hubby bought for his step dad when he was alive.  The morning was fast being used up and I knew he was waiting for me.  I did not want to take him home.  I arrived at the nursing home, found the appropriate people and we waited as they gathered his meds.  About 11 am we wheeled him out and he very easily hopped into my Jeep and we were off.  I texted my brother to meet us at the house as there are two steps up his front porch that he needed help with.  Daddy's plan was to get into the wheelchair and we pull him backwards up the step.  Bro and I handled it easily.  Finally inside Daddy was ecstatic to be inside his home of 50 years.  He wheeled back and forth into the kitchen and around the living room and them promptly wanted to sit in his chair.  That accomplished Bro and I were doing stuff around the house when Daddy decided that he wanted to try out the new walker.  I was in the bedroom and Bro was behind Daddy moving an end table when all of a sudden I heard Bro yelp.  I ran into the living room and there was Daddy on the floor!  EGADS!!! That was what I was afraid of.  I ran over and he said he was fine that he got his foot tangled up in the small rug under his chair.  He didn't want help as he got himself onto the sofa and then up with the walker.  I so hope nothing is broken but he seemed very fine all day long and he even walked around with the walker and then got back into the wheelchair and helped me in the kitchen to figure out a grocery list and then back into his chair.  Oh my gosh that was what I was so afraid of but hopefully we've got it out of the way.  I got his clothes put away, food accessible to his reach, replenished his larder of TV dinners and his meds all laid out for him to take and then it was time for me to finally leave.  That was hard, to leave him all by himself but his was happily on his laptop checking out his emails and his Facebook page with the TV blaring.  Home health care will be there tomorrow and hopefully the siblings will check in on him this weekend.  Sunday I will go by and check in on him as my weekend is full.  I need a break though.  It's been a very, very long week.  Now we wait to hear from the doctors.  Toodles all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Dance

Just got home from dinner with The Hubby.  It's dancing night but I bowed out tonight as I've dealing with and I mean DEALING WITH Daddy stuff.  I will post about it probably in a few days when things settle down.  Anyway, home from dinner and as I am coming down my street and putting the garage door up I see a girl on the elderly neighbors doorstep.  At first I thought it might be there daughter but as I pulled into the drive, my windows down I hear, "Howdy neighbor.  I just live a couple of streets over.  How are you this evening, blah, blah, blah."  I knew right then and there she was selling something and I was going to go over and take care of my neighbors.  I got out of the car, leaving the garage door open and went around to get my purse and the take home food and of course here she comes spewing the same spiel.  She actually came right into my garage right up to me and that disturbed me.  She asked me if I went to college or my husband and then asked me if I liked baseball or softball.  She said something about a local college too.  I was not in a good mood.  This was not a day to cross me.  I bluntly asked her what she was selling.  The smile fell and she said, "Children's books."  I said, "You need to leave."  I waved my hand to go away and kind of pushed her to move out of my garage.  She said, "You didn't need to say it like that."  Whatever!  She went across the street to C's and I quickly called the police.  Something did not feel right about this whole set up and my mind went to something about letting a young girl in and she stabbed and robbed them, here in my town!  C from across the street sent her on her way and she went to the neighbor on the other side of us and got no response.  Then she went across the street again and I saw Mr.M open his door.  Uh oh, I called the neighbor across the street and told her what I did and then I called Mr.M's phone but it went to voice mail which told me his wife was gone while he chatted with Miss Cute Young Thing.  I watched and watched and OH NO!!!!!!  He let her in and the front door shut.  I knew that was not good.  These kind of people want to case your house or do bodily harm.  I called C again and she said, "Let me go next door and ring the bell."  I watched as she did and they whole crew came out.  Miss Cute Young Thing didn't stop at another house but proudly walked off with Mr.M's check.  I went across the street to talk to Mr.M and C about it and he said he is so gullible.  We voiced our concerns about them casing the house or possibly bodily harm and then he asked if we thought he should stop his check. YES,  HELL YES!  He asked if I saw where she went and I pointed.  When I went inside I noticed his truck was gone.  I bet you anything he went after her to get his check back.  Hope he did.  CREEPY!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Construction Update

The brick layer is almost done.  A little taller on that wall please.  The hot tub goes on the other side.

Sheet rockers came and boy did they leave a mess.  The Hubby and I cleaned it up and are ready for round two, mud and tape. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What is wrong with me.  I just don't understand what the problem is here.  I get absolutely NOTHING out of my brain to put down here lately.  I pull up the screen and stare blankly.  There is so much going on in my life right now that you would think I could write about something but NOTHING!   So I'm just going to add a few pictures while I think of something to share here. 
Pretty clouds.  I'm so glad spring is finally here.  I love looking all around and seeing the trees so lush and green.  Truly makes me happy. 
Our huge tree in the back yard.  The next big project, when we recoup from the room addition, is to tear out this old patio and create an outdoor living space and outdoor kitchen.

News on the painting.  This is the 5x5 and it was sold!  Yeah, it will now reside in someones house.  I am happy.  Now I have to think of next years project, maybe cherry tomatoes.

Sweet A.  I just adore this picture even though it is a few years old.  She drove from California all by herself last Sunday and we had a wonderful visit.  She then climbed back into her cute little white car and drove herself back.  I was relieved to get the phone call that she was back to her "other" home.  Unfortunately she has had some bumps in her life lately and hopefully she won't be mad if I share them.  She and her guy of 4 years have split, a friendly split, somewhat.  Now she has to find new digs and get the career into full swing.  On her way back home she got some terrible news, while on the road.  One of her dear friends in high school Sean was killed in ta head on collision in Arkansas this past weekend and she was just devastated.  So very sad and he was such a fun loving great guy.  Sad things but you know these are some of the bumps and horrible ruts in the road of life.  I am so proud of her striking out like she is and I have all the confidence in her that she will succeed. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


I haven't participated in the National Blog Posting Month for a few months but today I decided to lump the every day prompts into one post from the month of May. My answers are short but sweet. 

What would you like to forget?
I would like to forget the day I got the phone call that my dear friend Gail died.

Talk about the last time you were frustrated.
Dealing with all the crap with nursing homes, hospitals and doctors (Daddy).

Talk about your favourite place to sit.
My favorite place to sit is in my hammock at the cabin in the summer.  I love to lay in it and read or sleep or just look up at the clouds and trees and loose myself in the beauty of nature.

What is your favourite thing to cook?
My favorite thing to cook is a grilled cheese sandwich.  I can make the best in the world and of course they are pretty yummy to eat. 

What decision is currently weighing on your mind?
Not sure about this one because lately there have been a ton of decisions that I have made concerning the care of Daddy.  Sometimes the decisions you make are the paths you have taken for your life. 

How do you feel about endings?
That is an interesting thought.  Endings are nice because you can say done and move on.  I've read books where I didn't want them to end or a take on a challenge or task that you don't want to end.  It can be a good thing or bad thing. 

Do you like beginnings?
Beginnings, of course I like them.  The beginning of a life; the beginning or the first day of school; the beginning of married life; the beginning of a party, yes I like beginnings. 

What is the hardest decision you ever had to make?
The hardest decision I have ever had to make was to go sit by my mothers bed on the last day of her life.  I did not want to be there and actually still wish I hadn't been there.  I may get over that, eventually.

Talk about grief.  Talk about the opposite of grief.
Grief, well, I've talked a lot about that on this blog and really I need to move on from it.  It will always be with me but I have to push it back for awhile.  The opposite of grief is, in my opinion, elation, sheer happiness.  That could be the birth of a child or grandchild, finding love, utter joy, etc.

What is/was your favourite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school was art and literature.  I loved my art classes and my teacher, Miss Henson was the most fabulous teacher.  I had her for three years and learned so much stuff.  She exposed us to all kinds of art.  I also loved literature class.  Reading and being exposed to every kind of written word imaginable, a wonderful world that I enjoy today. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daddy, House and Clayton

Daddy, on the left had a great day with his friend Jay at the Pioneer Dinner today.  He stayed the whole day, from 10-2, which was quite an outing for someone who has been housed in a hospital setting since March 17.  Check out the new shirt he's sporting.  He loved it when I bought it.  He had a haircut, new shirt and new shoes.

Construction is still on going, mainly the brick mason.  My goodness he is slow but it should be done next week and then they pour the patio.  The insulation has been done inside and the sheet rock should begin!  The notches in the brick columns are for the brick wall that should attach here.  
Oh Clayton has got to check out the progress. 
Ahhhh, stretch....

wait I forgot to sniff here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Been A Year

Well, not really but it sure feels like it here.  My last post was Monday and that has got to be the longest I have gone between posts.  Feels kind of weird like I'm breaking a habit or "addiction".  This past week has brought tons of doctor appointments, time with Daddy and time with our youngest that has come home for a visit.  This girl, me, has been incredibly busy this week. 

A drove all the way from California, by herself and made it here safely.  Sadly she is to venture back the same way on Sunday and so my stomach will be in knots again.  She had a driving need to see her PaPa, my Daddy, afraid he was sicker than were letting on.  It was just good medicine for both of them.  He absolutely adores her beautiful face and spirit. 

Now to update the Daddy info.  We had 3 doctor appointments this week.  Tuesday, Bro met Daddy at the infectious disease doctor which turned out to be about 4-1/2 hours long, including the wait for the van back to the nursing home.  They took tons of blood and then on Wednesday we met with the hip doctor.  My turn.  We were told that the infection is still there but they feel it is almost beat and put him on oral antibiotics and put him on the schedule for the new hip!  The best news ever.  Daddy was so happy, but wait, the next available date to do the surgery, July 21.  I thought Daddy was going to have a stroke.  "No, No, No...I can't wait that long.  I'm wasting my life away here."  Oh, poor guy.  We got him calmed down and then the lady paged the doc who emphasized that he be moved to the top of the cancellation list, Top Priority!  That eased Daddy a bit.  When we got back to the nursing home the staff doctors physician's assistant came in and talked to us.  The physical therapy people feel that he is at the end of what they can do for him and that he is using up his days in the skilled nursing facility.  The hip doctor wanted him to see his regular doctor because on top of the infection he has anemia and they want him to treat Daddy for that.  So today I met him at his regular doctor and they took more blood and also feels that if we are okay with it that there is no reason why he can't go home.  If he goes home then the July 21 day is not so bad, he would be home.  The only thing would be that he would need one of those life alert things so that if he falls he could get help.  Monday we have a meeting with the powers that be at the nursing home and I would bet he would be home by the end of the week.  So I have got to research the life alert thingy, find his walker and we need to get some groceries.  I will continue to pay his bills and will need someone to bring his paper to his door.  I told him that I will be okay with it just as long as he DOES NOT go out in the backyard, down two steps.  HE HAS NO HIP! 

So how is everyone else.  It's like no one is here when you don't post often.  I hope to get back to it and even have a few ideas to write about.  Stay tuned my friends.

Monday, May 09, 2011

What A Day

What a day I've had.  First was the phone call from A as she finally stopped her drive home to rest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I had just dozed off about 11 when she called not more than 15 minutes later.  Glad to hear she was safe for the evening but then I couldn't go back to sleep.  Finally about 1:30 I drifted off again to be jarred out of sleep at the usual time of 5 am.  Whew, I didn't want to get up for sure but the treadmill was calling my name.  I did the workout and readied myself for Monday.  B and I decided to go downtown and try a new restaurant, Hey Mambo, quite yummy.  We had the plan to go by the Tulsa Arts Coalition building to see if our 5x5's had sold.  It was closed, but we could see in the window that hers was still there and HOORAY, my had the sold sticker.  I'm happy.  After lunch we went to Target to get pillows for A to sleep on and a shirt for Daddy.  He has decided to go to the Pioneer Dinner this Saturday.  He has a day pass and his good friend Jay is taking him.  There's a lady that has Daddy's eye and he wanted to look good.  I found a couple of sharp shirts and a pair of leather slip-on shoes he loves.  Now if we can get his hair trimmed.  After Target we went to the Borders that is closing and perused the bookshelves for some bargains.  I LOVE bookstores and am sad it it closing.  Dropping B back at the office I went to the grocery store and then home.  The idea was a quick nap to get me through the evening while we wait for A to arrive.  I was wrong as the hearing aid place called and Daddy's broken hearing aid was ready for pick up.  Well, drat.   The lost one that they are remaking will be ready Friday.  Tomorrow and Wednesday Daddy has some important doctor appointments and I think it is imperative that he is able to hear so back in my car I go.  I picked it up and then took him the fixed hearing aid.  I ended up spending over an hour just visiting with him and the new hearing aid.  He loved the new shirts and shoes and was a Chatty-Cathy.  I so hope he gets good news at the appointments.  Tomorrow is the infectious disease doctor which Bro will attend and Wednesday is the hip doctor which I will attend.  See, what a day I've had.  Now we wait for A to breeze into town for a few days. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Odds -n- Ends

First of all I received my new camera just in time for Mother's Day.  It is a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.  I love it and played with it a bit this weekend.  It is awesome!  This is the cover of my journal.
This one I love and may use it to paint. 
This weekend was also the Kentucky Derby.  This is the second year in a row that a bunch of us ladies have a KD hat contest.  What fun!  I never had time to go out and buy a hat to decorate so I used my cowboy hat and flowers from the garden at the cabin.  Sadly I didn't win this year but that was just fine as we had a grand time.   (I'm the one on the far right in the black shorts.)
The birds are also arriving at the bird feeders at the cabin retreat.  I was so happy to capture this indigo bunting with my new camera with the zoom feature.  AWESOME! 

Before I tell the story I have to share that A is coming home for a few days and she is DRIVING!  I'm a little apprehensive about a young, beautiful 25 year old girl driving from California to Oklahoma by herself but it is something adult she wants to do.  I'm trying NOT to be scared for her but anxious to see her. 

Now the story of The Hubby and a fight.  Yes, I said a fight.  He was even injured and was good enough to fish but his dancing days are put on hold for a bit. 
Yes, that is a broken toe.  On Thursday night I was sitting here in my chair checking emails.  It was about 11 pm and I suddenly heard a huge crash and a moaning.  Clayton was asleep by my feet and he jumped up and ran into the living room where The Hubby was sleeping on the couch.  I was right behind him and encountered The Hubby writhing on the couch holding his foot.  He had a dream that he was in a fight and he hauled off and kicked the guy in his dream but in reality it was our huge coffee table.  Friday he had to go have it x-rayed and surely it was quite broken.  I am so sorry for him but can't help but laugh.  He laughs too, when it is not hurting.

Friday, May 06, 2011

My new project.  I've kind of taken on a challenging task here and I hope I can pull it off.  The photo is from The Hubby's cousin somewhere "over there."  It is only blocked in a bit so so don't judge too harshly.  There is really a lot of detail but not too much color so I have to pump it up a bit.  Hope it goes well. 

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Slow But Sure

Construction is moving along but very slow.  A lot of it is the electrical and not obvious to me but I hear them prowling around all day long while the brick guy, mason, is creating the brick columns on the patio. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I'm still here.  For some unknown reason I just can't seem to come up with words for this blog lately.  I'm blocked in so many ways and not sure why.  I do journal in a handwritten journal but even that has become a bit silent.  Lots of stuff rumbling around in my noggin' but just not able to put it into words.  I haven't even been able to pick up a book to read, although I am listening to audio books in my car.  Every few years I get this way and can't explain it.  I think there is just a lot of stuff on my plate and I'm in kind of a limbo:  Daddy in the nursing home, waiting and waiting for his next surgery; the remodel/add-on to the house that seems to be moving slow as molasses; and more that I can't put here for various reasons.  So don't worry all I will be back on track soon, I hope.  I liked posting everyday but I think I needed a break, to slow down a bit.  Hang in there with me.  The camera should be here soon too and I will be able to share more snapshots of life in my world.  Take care all and Happy Wednesday.  Enjoy an old snapshot of Momma - Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

No Photos

There will be no photos posted here for a few days as my sweet little Cannon PowerShow A620 took a tumble down the driveway on Friday as I was snapping pic's of the giant steel arbor being hoisted over our house.  Actually, the last photo the camera took before it died was the arbor in place (actually 2.5 tons.)   I had gone out to take more snapshots of the giant crane disassembling and the camera just fell out of my hand and hit the concrete with a thud leaving the lens jammed and the camera screaming until I could turn it off.  Poor little baby.  The little guy has been to France, England and Ireland, now, no more travel time.  I'm researching the options for a camera to take its place.  A friend bought the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera and loves it.  It has the same swing out screen that I love and it still uses regular batteries.  The Hubby told me to get it and I think I will, today.  Happy Mother's Day to me!