Monday, January 28, 2013

Kiddo's Happenin's

If you happen to be in the Tulsa area on Feburary 17 between the hours of 5-7 and need something to do...then go see the youngest kiddo performing with her guy at the Jazz Hall of Fame downtown Tulsa.  It will be an early evening and hopefully the hall will be full of friends and family welcoming them home.  Her boyfriend, Nick has not been here and we look forward to meeting him.  (I don't know the cost.)

  • Singer/songwriter Afton Hefley and jazz vibraphonist Nick Mancini each posses a deep passion for one another's musical leanings creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The songbird, with her buttery smooth, timeless sound blends beautifully with Mancini's lush jazz sonorities as he uses the transparent, yet rich loom of her original songs through which to weave intricate harmonic tendrils. On February 17th, 2013 at 5pm, this celebrated duo will take the stage at The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame performing original music by both Hefley and Mancini as well as re-imaginings of classic pop tunes and jazz standards. They will be joined by two Tulsan musicians; World-class in their own right - Jordan Hehl on bass and Jared Johnson on drums.
5 South BostonTulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

This sweet little girl dreamed of meeting a boy.  
She rode her bicycle, round and round the block, playing with friends and dreaming of marriage and babies.
 This precocious little boy wanted to play his with toy soldiers and friends and climb trees.  Life was an endless summer day.
Then one day some friends decided to play matchmaker and unite these wayward souls. 
It was as if their worlds were meant to collide, to unite.  

37 years ago today they began a life,together.  They built a stable foundation of love, laughter and unity.

They created a wonderful life and brought into it two beautiful girls. They raised them to be strong, intelligent, and independent young women, and sent them out into the world to take it by storm!   

Their girls have created great paths for their lives.  Bringing new life and loves to the fold. 

Once upon a time, 37 years ago today a young couple dedicated themselves to each other in marriage and created this great life.  
Today, 37 years ago, Robert and I were married and set out on our path, together!  

Happy Anniversary my sweet mister!  I love you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey!  Do you watch it?  I do!  I'm in love with this show and it is has invaded my dreams.  Last night when I was ''trying'' to sleep, and I mean trying, the theme song was constantly running through my mind.  Parts of my dreams took place in Downton.  Why am I so obsessed with it?  Is anyone else?  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Color of Glass

The past few weeks I have been listening to Ayn Rand's, "The Fountainhead" in my car.  That dang thing is 26 CD disc's long and I'm on disc number 11 right now.  I am really enjoying it, especially to listen to the dialog.  An interesting description in the story caught my attention and as an artist it made me question the phrase.  I even Googled it to see what would pop up.  Seems there are a lot of references to bands and lyrics in music.  

Rand describes a woman in a dress, "the color of glass''.  Being that artist it stopped me and I had to turn the CD off for a bit because I was not listening to the words, being stuck on this idea of  ''the color of glass''.  How can that be, because glass has no color.  Actually, glass has many colors because it picks up every color that comes through it, if it is clear.  What if it's frosted or smoked.  What was the color of her dress?  Oh gosh, I could go on about this but it just stopped me in my tracks, "the color of glass.''  

It's amazing what can stump me in life.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Remember When

Bri has been back at work with little Rio in tow for a couple of weeks now and in the meantime she has been a scanning!  Oh my I can't believe how my babies have grown into successful beautiful women moving on with their lives.

Four generations...Granny, Mom, ME, and little Bri, aka "The Kid" 

There she is with Momma and Daddy, aka "Granny and PaPa" 

A fishing they will go. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Couple of Weekends

I finally got the camera out of my bag last weekend and took a few pictures then put it back in my bag without sharing.  So you get two weekends of a few snapshots.

We of course spent the past couple of weekends at the cabin enjoying a bit of sunshine last weekend and a bit of snow this one.  

Last weekend Clayton was ready to head home and was waiting for The Hubby to finally lock it up and pile into the car.  But before we could head out The Hubby wanted to go across the road to check out the new stuff added to the gun range the cabinites use. 
He and Clayton disappeared down that road and then they reappeared...but Clayton wasn't walking...I wonder why...
OH MY GOODNESS...Clayton found mud, mud, mud...

Just look at the pitiful face because he knows that when he gets home it's bath time.

This morning we woke up to a smidgen of snow on the ground.  It was kind of pretty and you won't hear that from me too often.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Smiles

It's 5:34 a.m. and I'm sitting here with my fingers ready to type but again the brain flow has dried up.  Of course our world is kind of full of little baby Rio.  I could spend all day smiling at the little face and have her smile back at me.  Oh how our lives have changed and been enriched by that little bundle of joy.

The painting thing has been kind of dried up too.  I just haven't been inspired to paint but instead have been cross stitching ornaments, Santa Claus ornaments.  This one I finished in class on Tuesday.  It's from a photo I can't seem to find to post here from my childhood, my Greatgranny's house.  Of course I took some artistic license to embellish with the flowers but it's a black and white photo so I had to make it pop.
The problem with finding the original photo is with this darned new laptop.  When I transferred the photos from the old laptop it dumped all of the photos in one huge file.  I had them all sorted out neatly in file folders, titled but now they are in a HUGE big mess.  ARGHHHHHHHH!  I have over 33500 photos, that is a problem.  Plus, when the ITunes library dumped in it doubled every single song and I have over 8000 songs. OH MY GOODNESS!  I have work to do.  

Christmas is finally put away in boxes and stored in the attic!  So glad that is over, really.  I'm ready to move forward in the year.  Now it's tax crap.  Got to gather and sort and get that stuff ready.  

Monday, January 07, 2013

This, That and Other Things

Good Monday morning!  Finally the holidays are done and life can move on.  With Christmas and New Year's on Tuesday it kind of mucked up the flow of life around here.  Plus the add on of flu and such my rountine has been turned upside down and until I get Christmas boxed up it still won't be finished.  Today and tomorrow morning I plan on that project then I can get the tax stuff together.  From one project to another. 

I don't know if I had mentioned this but I did apply to a gallery in December, my first attempt.  I was pretty excited but knew that it was a real long shot and I was right.  I received my rejection letter on Friday.  RATS!  Oh well, again it was a long shot and I will try again.  I may even try and have my own show and try to sell some stuff.  Wish me luck!

Now, computer news.  The Hubby insisted I replace my laptop since I was having battery problems and it has become so slow.  It's 5 years old but I was hesitant of giving up my friend, yet that is what I did right after Christmas.  I went to my favorite place, and put a package together and it was very shortly on its way.  I received it on Saturday, December 29, unpacked it and got it up and running.  It was going well when I shut the lid and put it down for a bit but when I opened it up again it would not turn on and just beeped.  RATS!!!!!!  So I thought I just did something wrong and put it aside.  Several hours later I opened it up again and tried to turn it on and it responded.  WHEW!  After that I used it probably three or four times and got my pictures and ITunes library loaded on it when Thursday night it did it again.  RATS!!!!!!  Friday morning I fired up this good old friend and contacted Dell online and we figured out the motherboard in my brand new laptop was bad.  The guy or girl politely asked me if I spilled anything on it...NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, I responded.  So now I am waiting for a phone call from a tech person to come and replace the motherboard of my brand new laptop and in the meantime my old friend is still here. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Flu

Jumping into 2013 has been with both feet and hit the ground running.  New Years Eve we got to enjoy the company of B and baby Rio and in fact for the past couple of nights.  Poor B2 has had the flu and since Rio is just now 3 months all felt it was in her best interest for her exposure to be limited until he at least got over the horrendous fever.  Of course, sadly, that meant B2 was by himself dealing with the sickness.  B would pop in over there and take him food and pick up more diapers, but he was quarantined for the most part.  This meant our house was full of grandbaby, daughter and Mondo the Wonder Dog.  I haven't felt that kind of life in our household since the youngest still lived at home.  It was full to bursting with activity but it was time for Rio to have it come to an end.  Sweet little girl was distraught and exhausted and just done with this spending the night.  She wants to have her routine back, her bed, her home.  Today they pack it up and go home.  Sad but I know she needs to have her little world put back together.  

It's also time for me to get my world back together.  I've put off putting Christmas back into boxes and in the attic but it's time.  Actually, I think it won't be disappearing back up the ladder until next week sometime.  Just don't have the time.  Today it's back to work to get invoicing out and pay a few bills. 

I did meet my goal for 2012 and read 60 books!  Whew!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013...What's Next

Woo Hoo! 2013 Here I come!!!!  Can't believe it's 2013.  In the younger years I couldn't imagine the concept of even living in the 2000's, much less living in 2013.  It's a very strange idea really.  Time does march on and you do get older (blech-bad taste in my mouth).  I don't  like getting older at all but it is a fact and you can't stop it.  So as I look in the mirror everyday I have to accept the image that looks back at me, all 56 years of it.  Really, do I have to!

From this .....

to this....
It's a runaway freight train, aging...

Hey, that first picture...looks somewhat little Rio, don't you think...
That's our precious little Rio Rae!!!