Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog of Note

No, I am not Blog of Note but I have a question about how they are picked.  I usually look at them and occasionally I will follow them.  I looked at one yesterday and clicked to find the lady declined the recognition of BON and that there was not even one post on her blog anyway.  What in the world is that.  Do they just have a list and throw a dart at the ones they choose for the week.  I find some of them quite boring, sometimes selling products.  How does that fit into a blog of note I ask.  I would like to know the criteria they have to choose a Blog of Note, wouldn't you. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Summer in Winter

Yesterday was just an absolutely beautiful day.  The Hubby and I got to sleep in till 7:30 which is unheard of with Clayton in the house.  Mr. 5 AM slept in!  We all three finally got up and got ready to go to the flea market which I haven't been to for months.  The fairgrounds was just packed with cars and people because of the Home and Garden show and some kind of horse show so parking was hard to find.  We finally parked and spent a good hour or so walking up and down the aisles.  I found a couple of butterfly books but basically nothing else.  We saw a lot of people we knew and a couple that lives in our neighborhood a street away.  They also have a cabin where we do so we have a lot in common and Shelly takes art from the same guy I take from.    While there a blue grass like band was playing.  Their name is Grass Crack (not sure about that) and I liked them very much.  Reminded me of when I was a young girl going to my older cousins house, Martha and Nathan.  Nathan was in a blue grass band.  These old cigarette smoking, boos drinking guys would play and sing blue grass music all night long.  We would lay around and dose in and out of sleep watching and listening in the smoky filled rooms.  So cool, cough, cough...

Done with the flea market The Hubby and I decided to go have a bite for lunch at El Rio Verde, our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We just sat down when another neighbor walked in the door.  We invited them to share our table for lunch.  Sheila is also in my art class.  Fun lunch with new friends.  After lunch I was going to buy some new running shoes but it was just so beautiful I had to go home and spend the afternoon in the backyard.  Man it was summer in winter.  I moved all of my painting stuff outside and set up a make shift art studio.  I was out there painting for nearly 4 hours. 

When I finally decided I might be sunburned (I wasn't thank goodness), I came in and tried to think what to do with the chicken tenders thawing for dinner.  I suddenly thought about inviting Shelly & Steve, the neighbors we saw at the flea market for an impromtu dinner.  What great fun we had.  I love that kind of happening. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011


First, I will remind what we have been living with for the past 5 years.  We remodeled the entire house when we bought it except the front entry bath and the master bathroom.  The entry bath was done a year or so ago and now, finally, we begin the master.  We've picked up the building permit and The Hubby is going to be the contractor. 
That is orange is gone...had to pull it up and toss.  Now we have linoleum.

I have never used that tub. 

Step 1:   Here we go.  Where we are going, out into the backyard, we have to re-rout the sewer, sprinkler system and generator.  Yesterday was the plumbers turn to dig.   The Hubby did the sprinkler in the fall.

Clayton wasn't sure what to think about that big hole. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cell Phones

I have just one little question.  Do you turn your cell phone off when you go to bed or just off at all.  The Hubby and I turn our phones off at night.  Too many of The Hubby's customers have his cell phone number and let me tell you some of those customers have called us at night before for silly things.  It's not as if we are doctors or something, he is an electrician so the phone is OFF.  There is no real reason for the question it just kind of popped into my mind.  The rambling mind.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Changing Focus Here

I'm afraid this blog may become a bit of my diet and weight loss blog for a bit and I'm sorry about that but I'm on a mission. 

Yesterday I was determined to be accurate with my food intake, exercise and water consumption.  I probably took in over 100 ounces of water.  I also committed and signed up for a 5K with B&B in March.  OH MY GOSH...that was kind of scary to go ahead and hit the OK button but I did it and there is no turning back.  It's not like I haven't done something like that before, but I want to run a good part of it, not walk, so I'm in training.  This morning I did my 15 warm up on the treadmill before leg day with the trainer and the 15 minutes I lightly ran or jogged.  Then I did the leg thing with W, squats and step-up knee-up's.  After that I hit the elliptical for 5 minutes - EGAD, and then back on the treadmill for another 15minutes run.  I have NEVER done that much of the running thing and it seemed easy.  Tomorrow I will do the hour but may not run the whole way, at least yet.  I have to work up to it.  I am on my way!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight Loss?

Weigh in yesterday.  I was excited.  I've been tracking the food, even the 10 Frito's this weekend with the tablespoon of bean dip!  I have 30 points on Weight Watchers a day with 49 extra for the week and if I want my exercise counts as activity points.  I don't use the 49 or the activity points usually so I've been following the 30.  The first week I lost 2.2 pounds, YIPPEE!  Last week I gained .2 pounds, BOO.  Last night I was eager to step on the scale as I felt that I lost.  I felt it!  WHAT!!!!!!  I was up .4 pounds!  Well, crap!  I don't, don't, don't understand.  I've been living on veggies and very little rice, bread or potatoes.  I've been eating fish and chicken and the one beef meal this week was out for the anniversary and I scraped the sauce off of it.  I don't eat fat and if I use any it is olive oil but very, very little.  I will roast stuff in the oven with cooking spray.  I have been eating the veggies like mad and even added fresh fruit that I don't necessarily like.  I just wanted to cry during the meeting but my friend Beverly told me she had that happen for about 4 weeks and then all of a sudden started losing.  I certainly hope that happens because if I go next week and that damn scale goes up again I'm going to quit eating!!!!!  Just kidding.  It is frustrating but I won't give up! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Ramble

I am writing this actually on Monday as I feel that I'm kind in the groove with words today.  Think I'll just let the ramble flow so hang on.

Since the snow and ice stuff last week I missed 2, TWO, days of workout and was not happy although the knee is a bit smiley.  So Monday morning, yesterday, (yeah this is kind of weird writing a day early), I popped out of bed to hit the treadmill again.  Now remember this is at 5 am and I am out the door between 5:30 and 5:45.  I pulled into the parking lot where there is usually only a couple of cars to find four.  Uh oh, that meant that of the three machines available to use only one would be open.  The treadmill was occupied, the elliptical was occupied, which left the stationary bike, (my fave...NOT. ) Oh really, I don't mind too much but I knew that the guy on the treadmill would be off soon.  He was next with the trainer after the other lady was done then I could make my move.  I was only able to do about 45 minutes because my knee, oh my knee is giving me some fits.  After dance class last week it is not getting better but I do push it as I did on the treadmill.  I CAN'T let it stop me for nothing.  I have a 5K to do with the daughter, son-in-law and one of her friends in March!  Hopefully, I will do enough to lose weight at Weight Watchers on Tuesday.  This past weekend was a bit foody but not too bad and not a whole bottle of wine that caused the scale to pop-up .2 of a pound last week.  I am determined to make it work this time DAMMIT! 

Monday was also the rescheduled doctor's appointment for Daddy and the surgeon.  He is not healing as fast as they thought so we will be back in another 2 weeks.  He is so disappointed.  He is not to drive because then he couldn't have home health care, hence the need for we three kids to do the grocery shopping and trips to the doctor and he's getting a bit cabin fever.  Poor guy.  He really needs to get out and walk and HEAL but with the cold and snow that is not happening either.  I don't know what we are going to do if that gapping hole does not heal.  A bit worried.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrating the Anniversary

The weekend was spent at the cabin, our favorite place and that was just a given to mark 35 years of wedded bliss.  The plan was to come home and get a bit duded up and go out to eat someplace nice.  I wanted to try out a restaurant we had never been to, Polo Grill at Utica Square.  I took off the jeans (doesn't happen very often) and put on the "dress up" clothes and off we went.  I pulled the Jeep into the parking to find it empty.  What!  I was not happy.  So we then decided to try Palace Cafe on Cherry Street, closed.  Crap!  Then it was off to Brookside and Garlic Rose, one of my fav's.  Closed again.  What about The Brasserie next door.  We saw lights and people so parked and walked around to find a note on the door, "Closed for a Private Party."  Okay, this was not turning out right.  It is Sunday evening, fairly early and nearly all the good restaurant (not chains) were closed.   Finally, we found Ciao on Brookside, a nice Italian eatery.  We had a very good meal, me filet and The Hubby sea bass.  Finally, we got to clink glasses and have a nice time together. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to The Hubby and me...

35 years today
Isn't he a babe
Who's that skinny girl

Here's to the next 35!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday I was successful in signing a painting with the extra time at home, the giraffe picture.  The youngest, A loves it so it is hers. 
I worked on the Japanese bridge and the cowboy "Larry". 

The bridge was a picture I took in Ireland at the Irish Stud Farm in the Japanese gardens.  It's not finished.  I have to add some grass, water lilies and the reflection of the bridge.  I wasn't feeling it yet but after finally getting more detail on the bridge I like it. 

That darned hat has given me fits and I've repainted it 3 times trying to get it just right.  Again, though I've painted too close to the side and will have to frame it in a floating frame, custom.  Drat, but it will be ready for the show in May.  I have a bit more detail and then done!

I really didn't get too much accomplished but it was nice to paint at home again in my newly straightened up room and space.  Being at home all day I worried that the eating might be an issue but keeping busy helped.  The snow and icy streets kept me happily inside but it also kept me from workout.  For some reason this go around I've had a feeling of falling on the ice and I am a faller.  I stayed in this morning too for the same reason and because our street is still pretty icy.   

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

The road in front of our house.  Nope, will not travel it and I'm not the only one.  The snow is here and I am glad but hope it is gone soon for our weekend.  We want to celebrate the anniversary, not stuck inside. 

Trash...The Hubby managed to get it down the drive and my paper inside then he was off to the office. 
Me, I'm planted firmly inside in front of an easel.  Happy Snow Day all! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Scale Said "WHAT"!

Last night I weighed in and was a bit worried after a weekend of lots and lots of wine.  My fear was well founded as the scale went up 2 tenths of a pound.  Drat!  Only my 2nd week of weighing in and I'm up!  I decided that I needed to knuckle down a bit more and bought a food scale.  This morning I found my measuring cups and started planning out the day.  While at workout there are always bananas to eat and I really don't like them, but I decided that a smoothie might be in order.  Remembering that I had frozen raspberries and a banana might work.  Vitamins, smoothie, poached egg on white toast and I was in business, must not forget the Smart Water.  One meal down, twenty more to go until the next weigh in.  Brrrrr, smoothie!

Monday, January 17, 2011

We Interupt This Winter

We interupt this winter and the dreariness to bring you...

A breath and memory of what is around the corner, spring!  Thought you might need a little sunshine, goodness knows I do!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laughter, Tiara's, Dance and Awards

The weekend is over.  It is Sunday evening and I'm quickly posting so I don't miss a day here.  It is nearly 10 pm, my bedtime and it has been a great weekend.  We spent the weekend at the cabin and Saturday was an evening with friends eating, drinking a lot of wine while watching the Miss America pageant, with our own special commentary.  Yes, you did read right, lots of wine.  I have to admit I drank a bottle, not really a good thing but I did accommodate it on my diet!  The watching a pageant show wasn't on the agenda but when the guys went outside to smoke a cigar we descended on the television to quickly turn to something else but football and found the show.  What fun we had adding our own thoughts to what was happening.

Tonight we went to see Burn The Floor after dinner at the PAC.  It was pretty awesome but I was a bit disappointed that they hyped Ashleigh and Ryan from So You Think You Can Dance and they hardly hit the stage.  They would pop onto stage and dance a few steps about 3 times and off they went.  I have to say I much preferred one guy named Igor, yummy! 

On a side note, we went to see True Grit on Thursday...Great Movie!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Best Friend

This writing prompt comes directly from the National Blog Posting Month website:  Who was your best friend when you were 10.  Did you still know them at the age of 20. 

My best friend was Jean Ann.  Here we are in her driveway.  I'm on her left side, the shorty.  I know I've written about her before but she pops into my mind often.  We lived next door to each other and were just about inseparable at the age of 10.  She only spent the night at my house probably once or twice but I spent the night at her house probably 5 nights out of the week in the summer.
She had the coolest house with tons and tons of room.  There was a huge basement that was totally redone, like a bar with pool table and everything.  At that time her grandmother stayed with her and her brother (they were twins) while their parents worked.  They called her Nanny and so did every kid that came over.  The house is huge, huge, huge (Daddy still lives next door) and had a wonderful enclosed screen front porch that we played on most of the time, especially during rainy days.  We were so very close and then in the 6th grade, age 11, I broke my leg, severely.  It was October and I was out of school until January with the leg.  (Back then they didn't put in rods or pins, it just healed.  It was a bad, bad break.)  In a child's timetable that kind of distance does funny things and our relationship was forever changed.  She found new friends at school and by the time I came back to school, with a wheelchair and crutches she had moved on.  Even though Jean Ann lived next door we were not as close anymore.  We were friends but her circle of friends changed and she became very "popular".  When we moved on to junior high all the 7th graders were divided into sections.  She was in section 7-3 and I, 7-5.  I was alone and found a new friend that became my new best friend until we graduated from high school.  That is another story.  Jean Ann's new circle of friends were of the popular crowd and by the time we were in 9th grade she was football queen and I was the wall flower.  She acknowledged me but the relationship as best friends definitely was ended.  The popular path for Jean Ann was not kind and by the time we hit 10th grade she became pregnant.  It broke my heart but our friendship came around again.  Her parents rented her a tiny house to move into at the age of 15, by herself and I often stayed the night with her as we watched her belly grow.  I remember her bedroom wall had a life size poster of Mark Spitz with his 7 Olympic medals and his speedo bathing suit.  She was trying to be a grown up person but she was a child having a child and the lesson here was not lost on me.  I'm not sure why she moved out but I think the family needed a break.  She and baby BC moved home but tragedy was not far away.  Shortly after moving home she and her father were close again and he was very proud of that grandson.  He was a truck driver and was killed in a horrible accident involving fog down south.  Jean Ann was distraught and I think that was then end of her sanity.  The baby's father soon after got custody of the baby.  I don't know what transpired to make that happen but it did.  She left to move to Texas and got mixed up into bad drugs that eventually cooked her brain.  Someone with so much hope and promise, a very, very bright girl, done in.  I've heard some bits and pieces of her life and about the age of 23 she called me from Texas, married to a wonderful guy, she said, and they were trying to have a baby.  I think she did have another boy and a few more children after that but what I know of what happened to her is a bit of rumor.  She passed away a few years ago in a nursing home from a heart attack.  I miss that fun girl of 10. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Joe Cocker

My new favorite song...Joe Cocker - My Father's Son.  Heard it Wednesday night at dance class and fell in love with it.  Who knew!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Woe Is Me

Oh woe is me.  Went into the office this morning to pay a bunch of bills when the Internet hiccuped and lost the connection.  I rebooted, twice but still no connection.  Well, I can deal but HAVE to have it by tomorrow for payroll.  Then I get ready to start typing checks and the keyboard flat does not work, AT ALL!  EGAD!!!!!  Emergency call to the nephew and our computer go to guy.  He gives me tips on what to do but the last resort is to reboot with no keyboard, no passwords.  Finally, our #2 in the office came in, after my frantic call and we figured that the USB port the keyboard was plugged into was not working.  Okay, we now have keyboard but still no Internet.  He proceeds to diagnose and figure out the connection in the wall is wonky.  I left him kicking around with it all, home to have a bit of lunch and paint.  Tomorrow I will have to go in early and work.  A longer day for sure.

Daddy's doctor appointment with hip doctor went fine yesterday.  Actually the doc didn't look at anything but just came in and discussed what we want to do in 6-8 weeks, a bone scan.  He wants to make sure that the infection is not chronic,  If it is that would mean two surgeries.  Definitely don't want to go down that road.  Daddy is getting around so much better now, especially without the cane.  He looks great I think.  Back to the surgeon next week to check the wound progress and it seems to be healing very well.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Continuing the diet thing and doing well.  Since cleaning up the room I found the little gadget I bought last year to help.  It is a thing called BodyMedia, as seen on Biggest Loser on the left arms of the contestants.  I finally decided that I would try it out. 
Surprisingly, it is pretty cool but you have to wear it 24/7.  I slept in it last night and am not sure that I will continue that practice as my arm has an imprint but it is really not uncomfortable.  It keeps track of my steps, calories (after entering the meals), sleep, etc.  Of course that means I'm entering my meals in two places, Weight Watchers online and here but that's okay.  It gives a different accounting of what I'm eating. 

Till later my friends. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And Down We Go

Weighed in last night and YIPPEE!!!!!  I am down 2.2 pounds.  The scale was in my favor and I have successfully managed my first week on Weight Watchers.  I didn't stay for the meeting which the leader gave me grief for but I've been to umpteen meetings over the years.  I've been to so many meetings that I listened to the same "lessons" over and over again.  Besides a plate of salmon at Lucky's was calling my name.  I hate to do it but won't stay next week as we are having dinner with friends.  At least I'm working hard on the food and exercise. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Done, For The Umpteenth Time

I don't know how many more times I'm going to clean and rearrange this room...probably a lot more.  I spent all day Monday sorting and tossing and reconfiguring the painting corner.  Found lots of canvases ready to take some paint...

Lots of magazines like Artist's, Writer's Digest and a few single copies of my favorite people...Lucille Ball, Paul Newman, Patrick Swayze, Chris Botti, that is Janet Evanovich on the front of Writer's Digest, and the yum guys from Supernatural...I'm still a teenager at heart, can't help it.
Look to the heater...yeah!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Step One

Step One:  Hang pictures.

The Hubby finally was able to start hanging the pictures in my messy room.  See the cat in the middle.  That picture was in my room (shared with Sis) for our entire lives and when I moved out, 35 years ago this month, it came with me.  I have always loved that picture and it hung in our girls rooms too.  My mother painted it.  Now, let me explain that it is not an original put a paint-by-number on canvas that was rolled up.  That picture is at least 60 years old and I love it.  The bottle and tomato on the right was done by Granny (Mom's mom).  The one on the left I don't know but I like it.  And of course on the easel are some of my paintings, unfinished and my goal to paint while on break has not happened.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of class.  Hope it happens.

This one is a print that I bought for the youngest, A, and it hung in her room for a long time but she didn't want to move it.  I love it too and it is appropriate for me since I love books so much.  It is above my chair that I sit in all the time.   
Now we come to my art.  This wall will house some of my art and it will change occasionally, according to what I sell (HINT!!!).

This area is above my desk/table.  The shelf is flanked by two book shelves and originally a bed slid under the shelf but since it is my room it houses a table, my desk.  Those are my diplomas:  Associates-Business Administration, Bachelors-Organizational Leadership, and Dale Carnegie certificate (worked hard for that one too.)

Today, since it is black ice kind of stuff means that I'm staying put.  I guess I could go to work, maybe later but this morning while the roads are iffy, I'm in.  I don't want to be the guinea pig on the roadways at 5:30 in the morning.  I'm supposed to take Daddy to the hip doctor but hey, not making a new hip guy have to try and walk on black ice.  Besides it is supposed to start snowing later.  If I don't have to get out in it I WON'T!  This may but a hitch in my workout time but I'm just not going to fall and break a wrist or something.  A friend of mine, a few years ago, stepped out of her car at the movie theatre onto black ice, slipped and broke her knee, OUCH!  That would be me if not careful. 

Today I will stay in and finish cleaning up the room, that is my plan. 

Sunday, January 09, 2011


No pictures yet but the weather people are telling us it is on the way. least they say it won't be too bad but probably bad enough to prevent me getting Daddy and taking him to the hip doctor appointment.  I am suggesting to him that we might reschedule!  I hope so.  I think I want to stay inside with these nifty new house shoes The Hubby got me for Christmas and stay warm.  Hey, maybe I can get a paintbrush wet finally. 

The diet is going pretty well and I'm getting anxious to weigh in on Tuesday. 

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Come On Baby Light My Fire

This week I've been on fire in more ways than one.   I've started Weight Watchers and I've amped up my exercise regimen.  I've also been busy trying to overhaul "my" room.  I want to hang some pictures that have been amassing around the room so I can get more space and get rid of the dust bunnies. 

That would be a dust bunny!

Messy, messy room.  See above the table, on the shelf.  Those are my college degree thingy's and I have never hung them.  They are to go there and that is what the plan is this week.  I've cleaned under that table and now the stuff is piled on top of it ready to sort.  I'm in the mood to TOSS OUT! 
Today I'm finding a sunny corner in the breakfast room at the cabin to blog and try to maintain my everyday thing here.  It's quiet and very cold but I plan on reading, journaling, napping and enjoying the wonderful fire in the fireplace. 

Friday, January 07, 2011

On Fire

This morning I was on fire on the treadmill.  These poor shoes and my feet got a workout for sure.  I did a 5K this morning!  I'm pretty pumped I can tell ya!  With the Weight Watchers and the added running/walking I'm doing hopefully the scale will say awesome things on Tuesday night.  Not only on fire with the feet but my mind and mouth.  My iPod ran out of juice while listening to a book but the TV was on and one of the guys and I were watching VH1.  A commercial of Basketball Wives came on and I popped off about one of the ladies screaming and trying to go at one of the other wives while a guy grabbed her off of her feet.  I have to say even though this is TV I would NEVER, NEVER talk, scream yell or anything like that to a friend.  Good Grief!  I think this kind of TV, even though it is watched, shows out kids and young adults that is how you deal with people on a regular basis and that is so wrong.  We as parents need to really watch our kiddos to make them understand that is not the way it is done.  See I was on fire, literally. 

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Daddy, Family, Friends and Diet Update

This week has been for me yet today was for Daddy.  Tuesday I got the gray washed out of my hair.  Wednesday my toes and fingernails were made ship-shape.  Today I had a facial and massage.  Yup this week was for me.  I had to run to get him after the facial and massage to drive him back to Tulsa then back home and then me back home.  The doctor said the wound looks good...YUCK... yeah it does...blech...he has a whole in his hip at least 3 inches and as deep as 4 inches...blech!  He has a thing called a wound back attached with a pump that pumps...blech...I got to see them put a new patch on him, taping it to his poor irritated skin.  I felt so bad for him when they messed up and had to pull it off again.  My poor, poor Daddy.  At least it was good news in that it is healing very nicely and there is no sign of any kind of infection.  The surgeon want us to still go back to the hip doctor to let him evaluate.  There is/was a possibility that the hip will have to be taken out for a period of time and replaced but the surgeon did not think that would be necessary but wanted the hip doctor to determine that.  So next Monday it is to the hip doctor and the next week it is back to the surgeon.  Oh my.  Sis had her stress test and she is A-OK and ready to head back to work to the dismay of Sis.  She doesn't want to work anymore but if you're healthy and need the money...well, get back to it.  Still waiting for Bro to have his stress test to make sure he didn't have a heart attack.  Whey, I'm tired.

Also have tried for nearly two weeks to get hold of my dear friend C.  I have left many messages on her cell phone, voice and written and emailed her, nothing.  I was beginning to get a bit worried about her but I finally called her daughter and she said that she has hardly been using her phone, even leaving it at home.  I'm worried about her.  She is sleeping a lot, still in pain from the surgery in what July or so.  Should be on the mend by now I think.  Hey, I'm not a doctor or her but I'm just saying.  Still will worry. 

The diet is going quite well, really.  I've not had much of a problem with it and exercise is great.  I'm kicking it.  This weekend may be a challenge but I shall get through it!  I promise!