Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Yes I know I posted that I did not like this day but at least I can say "Happy Halloween" to those who do.  Happy Candy Day! 

This week has been pretty busy with work and various functions in the evening like a nice evening out with some girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  Last night was a 25th Anniversary celebration with another group of friends.  It was fun and was filled with wine, good food, and lots of smiles and laughter with friends.  We missed a weekend night at the cabin but will be there shortly.  The Hubby is going to stay most of the day in town to do a bit of office work which only means that Monday at the office I will be busy, wait, I may have to go in on Sunday (tomorrow) to make sure it is in the mail...Nooooo!  You do what you have to do when you are self-employed.  I've also been a drawing fool the past few days, completing several sketches for future paintings.  Now I need to slap some paint on canvas.  The problem is that I'm finding time fleeting and my confidence too.  I'm proud of one sketch, my Daddy sitting in the lawn chair fishing (previous couple of posts back).  It is going to be a cool painting I think.

Speaking of Daddy, he has indeed reached his destination and hopefully will stay planted at least for a couple of months of the six he has promised.  This week I will begin the process of packing and tossing stuff in his home.  We had his mail forwarded to our house and that has started.  His first bill arrived that I need to pay.  The Hubby kind of ticked me off a bit the other night when we were discussing the process that is going to happen at the house.  He started talking about getting stuff packed and that he wants to get some of our guys over there to move the furniture out but that I needed to sweep first because it was so nasty and didn't want the guys to see it like that.  WHAT!  Well, I know it is nasty but you know what, it was MY home and I know it is but I'm not embarrassed by it.  I grew up in that house and if he wants to find it icky WELL!!!  Excuse me I don't know what got into me but I was angry I can tell you.  My parents are the 2nd owners of that house and have owned it themselves for about 46 or 47 years (my grandparents owned it before that.)  They were smokers and my mother was not a very good housekeeper.  She was completely the opposite of her mother who was a bit OCD with her house.  It was kind of weird but it is what it was and nothing can change that.  That relationship and really my mother's relationship with the house is done.  We are now going to fix the house up a bit for Daddy, to make him happy and comfortable and to kind of give him a new start.  I think that is what he is looking for, a cleansing.  He loved mother but he is ready to push ahead with life and I'm glad for him.  He talked the other day about when he comes back to town and taking some lady out on a date that he used to go to high school with.  Yeah, wrap your head around that.  51 years of marriage and it is a difficult concept but it happens everyday and I'm glad he's moving forward.  It is time.  I think the process of cleaning the house out and setting it up again with be good for all three of us "kids". 

My Granddaddy, (Momma's daddy) in front the house before siding and when they owned it.  Notice the date August 1955, a little less than year before I was born.

After the siding a few years ago.  Now the huge pine is gone along with the nandinas that Momma loved. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He's there and a book signing.

Well, Daddy has arrived at his destination for the next 6 months and I am relieved.  I was terribly worried about him driving such a long way by himself but it is fine.  Now we can proceed to packing the house up and make it sort like new again.  I have a feeling my painting days may be at more of a minimum for a few months as free time, what little I have, will be spent at Daddy's.  There is a lot to do. 

Green/red tomatoes from Daddy's garden.  The egg basket was my great-grandmothers.  May paint this.

Last night I went to the book signing of The Pioneer Woman Cooks new cookbook.  My copies arrived from Amazon so I was ready.  I decided I would arrive at 6:30 (time to start at 7) to beat the crowd.  Uh, well, I was very wrong.  The parking lot was jam packed already and I ended up having to park nearly to Woodward park and walk.  I hefted my books in my arms, rueing the idea of wearing my boots and took off walking to the Historical Society building.  I walked in and the place was PACKED!  WOW!  I was told that books to buy were in one room but since I had my own I could go to another room for the t-shirts.  I didn't really want to buy a t-shirt but I had nothing else to do and there were no seats to fight over so there I went.  Well, the t-shirts were free.  That was a plus.  Unfortunately the XL size was fit for a lady 10 sizes smaller than me.  I will look like a lumpy turd in the brown thing, but it is cute.  There was a sea of people in the building but I managed to spy a few I knew.  Ree Drummond finally made her appearance, chatted a bit, introduced her cute family, Marlboro Man! and brother Mike were among.  The audience got to ask a few questions while Mike joined her at the front to observe and give her a little courage to talk to the masses.  Finally, the book signing began.  They offered free beverages and cupcakes of which I only had a bottle of water.  Cupcakes are a no-no for me, besides I had a cookie at art class.  I stood and waited and waited and waited.  I milled around a bit and then made my way back to my corner to wait some more.  I finally spied a chair and decided to sit for a bit and wait some more.  They ran out of books so some left and when the crowd made their way to the front for the face time, pictures and signing they would leave opening up the room a bit.  I waited and waited.  Some men were in attendance,  but the place was mostly packed with the female persuasion.  The most popular thing was to have your picture taken with Ree's handsome hubby Marlboro Man.  Some young ladies in front of me snagged a young man, Matt who is Ree's best friend Hyacinth's son, who is in the book to have him sign and pose with.  They were just giddy over the cute little thing.  The clock was ticking away and I was constantly checking my watch.  The "show" was to be over at 9 but it rolled around to 8:45 and seemed that the crowd was not diminishing at all.  To make it worse was that if it kept proceeding like it was I would be the very last in line to have my books signed.  That's it.  I gave up the wait.  5 am is just way too early and I was too sleepy to be sitting and waiting for this.  I've met the lady before and decided I didn't want it that bad.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll catch her at our in-common hair dresser someday, again. 

Monday, October 26, 2009


Have I told you how much I dislike Halloween.  I have never been a fan of Halloween, even as a kid.  Oh I must admit that it was fun when I was very young and the neighbors would make homemade things like popcorn balls and candied apples to give away, when it was innocent, the days of innocence.  As I got older and realized that you had to go out in public and actually wear a costume, well that was not fun for a person that wanted to blend in with the scenery.  I was not a fan of standing out in a crowd.  It has taken me a lifetime to overcome that fear.  As I got older the fear of embarassment was just too overwhelming and I avoided at all costs any kind of get-ups.  I even hated trying to come up with the ideas for costumes.  Just hated it.  The only thing I ever really did was dress up like a gypsy because Momma had a cool dress with glitter and rick-rack on it to make me look pretty.  I was always that gypsy.  When the girls were old enough to dress up I just refused to go out and buy a costume.  It was such a waste of money and besides it brought up the fear again.  Then the problem of having the damned candy in the house.  I LOVED the candy but it was a killer for whatever diet I was trying to attempt before the holidays and my downfall until the end of the year.  It was a vicious cycle that I have broken.  When the kiddos are little you just have to let them have some of the candy but I would secretly throw it away a little at a time (or eat it.)  Then it got to the point that whatever candy I would buy to give out would be the kind I didn't like.  Now, and for the past several years we go to the cabin on Halloween (if on the weekend) or I just don't turn my lights on.  I avoid the grocery store and the candy aisles if I can and just try to get past the day.  I don't have any kind of religious affliction against the holiday, it is just a horrible fear from childhood.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bye Daddy

Don't get too upset.  I'm saying Bye Daddy as he has decided to go live with his sister halfway across the country for 6 months.  He has informed us that he will begin his journey Monday, early.  I'm as excited for him as he is himself.  I think he feels like it might be a new beginning of sorts.  He's had $600 worth of work done on his car to ready his drive.  He has forwarded his mail to my house so I can pay his bills (I have his checkbook).  We were able to stop his newspaper for 6 months online.  He's getting ready.  We, the family, or least those who were able at the last minute gathered at his house on Thursday night for a farewell dinner.  I went by KFC and picked up a bucket of chicken and we had a lot of laughs before the big day.  He took The Hubby around the house showing him stuff that might be done and me many closets and cabinets that we can clean out.  Yes, we have told him that we are planning to rent a POD and load all of his furniture into it, clean out the house.  We, The Hubby and I have offered to repaint and carpet while he is gone.  The house, his home, my former home has been lived in by him or my grandparents for over 60 years.  He and Momma were the 2nd owners next to Momma's parents.  Pretty cool.  It was a house of a smoking family (NOT ME) so the walls are, well ICK!  They also had animals that viewed the carpet as grass.  Again, ICK!  It is an old house but it is his home and was our home.  We want to get it back and close to sort of new for him before he comes back.  He's completely rehabed the yard, getting rid of all the flowerbeds that Momma insisted she wanted so now it is time to clear out the house.  I kind of hate it but it is his home now and he should have it like he wants it.  He doesn't care what we get rid of at all.  I think it is just too overwhelming for him to think about dealing with.  There are closets that have not been touched in probably over 25 years and I think I will purchase plastic gloves to deal with them, spiders you know.  He has also asked that we have it fumigated and I told him that we would probably have to get rid of all the kitchen stuff in the cabinets and he was fine with that.  I'm telling you ICK!!!  It's really kind of exciting as it will be a project and I love a good project but be prepared to not hear from me regularly when we start the project.  I just feel that doing this now will help when we, my brother and sister and I, have to sell the house when he is really gone.  We're just getting a headstart.  Maybe I'll have pic's.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Elusive Sleep

Last night The Hubby stretched out on the couch with Clayton on his chest to take a quick nap.  The nap turned into snoring and grabbing a blanket and asking for the lights to be turned down along with the volume on the television.  Clayton and I headed for the bedroom about 10:30 to spend nearly three hours tossing and turning.  I watched the My Antonio, Tool Academy, and The Next Iron Chef show and usually I drop off but, not last night.  I even had to get up to use the bathroom twice.  I could not get comfortable in bed or with my body laying in it.  Sleep was elusive.  When the television/alarm went off at 4:45 this morning I realized The Hubby made his way to the bedroom sometime last night so I must have dropped off into a deep sleep at some point.  I didn't even hear him come to bed.  So here I sit at 5:30 a.m. finishing my first cup of coffee, blogging the early morning away.  I could go workout but I won't.  I need to get ready for work so that is what I'll have to do. 

I think I have figured out why I am not feeling the blog lately.  I actually feel boring.  I feel I'm a boring person right now and that my thoughts are boring.  That is sad, don't you think?  Nothing that comes out of my head and mouth are worth the time I feel.  It's just blah, blah, blah, blah.  Ick.  What is wrong with me.  maybe yesterdays sunshine and the next couple of days will help me feel better.  I'm going to put the top down on my car today.  May even drive to the office with the heater blowing and a heavy coat just to enjoy the air. 

This weekend was a wonderful time with friends, crisp fall weather, fireplaces blazing and food.  Yes, yummy food.  Friday night was awesome pulled pork sandwiches on Sin and Bare's deck around the firepit.  Saturday night was a fish fry at yet another cabin.  I made homemade blackberry and apple cobblers with the flakiest crust ever.  I could hardly get it rolled out it was so short.  I also fried up some fried green tomatoes from my Daddy's garden.  I kept some for us at home.  They are the last vestiges of summer.  Since they needed to be eaten hot I served them like an appetizer and everyone just popped they tart fried jewels in their mouth with their fingers.  (Sorry there are no pictures - see I'm just boring.)  Sometime this week I'm doing a pot of brown beans, cornbread and fried green tomatoes! 

This week and next will be a bit strange as Daddy prepares to drive to Arizona to hopefully/sadly stay for a few months with his sister.  I'm waffleing on this but if we can get him to stay a bit will be glad to get his house cleaned up.  We'll paint and carpet but that means a LOT of work packing up a lot of stuff and "hopefully" throwing out some stuff.  He won't have a problem if we do that and probably won't miss it.  It should be nice for him.  So stay tuned and I should have some pictures. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Talk

Okay, I'm drawing the line now.  A few blog posts ago I mentioned that I had a conversation with my mother-in-law about her, well, uh .....regularity and all that is involved with it.  Oh my goodness.  I just got off the phone with her and the conversation, yet again has revolved around to her regularity.  She was quizzing me on which fiber I use and The Hubby's brand.  Oh my, that is just not right, is it?  I love her dearly but I may have to draw the line on The Talk I'm having with her, regularly. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeling Disconnected

I apoligize for not being here and there lately.  I have been feeling a little bit disconnected with my blog-nality.  I haven't even been reading many blogs either and not sure why exactly.  This incessant rain has me a little down.  We've gone from summer straight to fall/winter and that usually sets in a depression phase for me.  I NEED sunshine!  Actually, I feel great.  My workouts have been awesome (thanks W) and my eating is not too bad.  I've been taking my vitamins and minerals and they have been helping my skin issues.  Let me tell you something, when I turned 50 (now 53) my skin decided to make a u-turn from oil to the sahara desert, except for my face and hair, that is consistently oil. I can't believe how it has changed.

 (Okay, keep reading if you want but this is going to be a rambling post today...)

I have a lot of stuff on my mind as of late.  I'm excited with Thanksgiving rolling around as our youngest is going to be home for 2 weeks and I'M going to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  I so missed that last year and I have decided that even if it was just The Hubby and myself that I was going to do it.  I think my Daddy will be traveling to stay with his sister in Arizona for about 4 months and we all think that would be awesome for him.  That also means that, if he goes, we are going to get in his house, rent a POD, and move all the furniture out to paint and recarpet and get it nice for when he comes back.  I'm very excited about that. 

Part of my sadness, I think, is that our friend K who we set up with Bee after his wife (my best friend) died are getting married December 5.  That does have me a bit wonky but I'm so very glad for them both.  With this being put out there I'm feeling, yet again, the effects of the loss of my friend and confident in Gail and my mother.  I have a lot of friends, many, many friends but those two were the ones that I could tell ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to and not feel that I was bad or weird.  Don't you have different levels of friends that you can spill it all out to and some that you have to be careful what you divulge.  I have friends that I just have to keep my lips a little more silent and I don't like that.  I like to be who I am and say what I want to say.  Those two people in my life did not judge me at all in anything I shared with them.  I just don't have that anymore, not even with The Hubby to an extent.  It's just different with women and men relationships, even married ones.  Don't get me wrong, The Hubby and I are very, very close but you know when you have a gripe about the spouse you need a sounding board sometimes and those boards for me are just gone.  I can't talk to my girls, at least I don't think I should, it's just not right.  I'm still flailing out there trying to find my balance in the world of friendship.  It will get better, eventually but for now I'm just sad about it all. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Thoughts

Poor little Clayton.  He's in doggy jail.  Not really.  The poor little guy has to ride in his carrier when we go to the cabin and since he gets carsick, well, it is the safest place for ME!  Usually when he loses it it is just a little "blech", but this time he LOST IT...BLECH!  It was horrible and I was very, very glad he was in the carrier.  Poor little guy.  He had better get used to it as we travel to the cabin every weekend.

Driving home yesterday we happened upon roadkill, a racoon and the trees were just full of turkey buzzards waiting their chance.  Creepy Halloween is just around the corner!

After all the rains last week we also saw the river running very high. 
Our dam was very full on Friday afternoon and changed a lot by Sunday when we left to go home.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Touch of Grey

The Hubby and I spent the evening visiting with his mother at her retirement community.  We had dinner from the buffet and then "enjoyed" an evening of music...yup, I said music.  As in the Grateful Dead song Touch of Grey, we watched as the MIL and her peers seranaded us.  Watching the stage as they sang songs from Cats, The Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof to name a few, I was struck by the many touches of grey that graced the stage.  Most of the performers hobbled their way up to the stage with their little music books in hand to share their versions of many songs, an hour worth.  Very brave some of them I can tell you.  The director would lead them through the sets and then would carefully step down three steps to allow soloists to perform and sit and wait on a stool.  The whole choir sat during the performance which I was glad as I didn't want to have to pick anybody up off the floor.  Most of the audience were in the shade of grey catagory (actually I am too, I just hide it very well) and were up well past their bedtimes.  One elderly couple caught my eye as they sat across the aisle from us.  They had to be in their late 80's but what caught my eye was when he gingerly reached over and took his lady's hand in his during the concert.  Ahhhh.  A short time later The Hubby reached over and took mine....AHHHH!  Yes, he still has it.  The Hubby and I whispered about what the future holds for us in this realm.  We laughed quietly and talked about the kind of music our generation would be seranading our children.  Could we see aging tattooed ladies singing Katie Perry's I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It, Madonna's Papa Don't Preach or aging Harley riders singing Michael Jackson's Thriller.   Interesting thought, don't you think.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jenks Football

I usually don't have a lot to say about high school football but today I will have to voice a little.  Ever since my girls were in high school, not at Jenks, I have heard rumors that players were "shipped" in to play for the top two schools in the state.  That they were given housing/bills paid, etc. so that the teams were set up with top notch players to win the state championships.  Well, today the rumors are much more than rumors according to the news and newpapers.  I knew it, I knew it.  It was just too good to be true.  I am very sorry for the schools and the kids for the missteps of the adults.  It is a shame and does not show good leadership at all.  We'll see how this all pans out won't we.  Jenks Football

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Women wait...Elderly Drivers

Yesterday, after a very long, boring day at the office I headed to the grocery store for a few odds and ends.  I don't know if it was the impending rain for the week but it was a bit crazy.  I don't quite understand it but it is what it was.  First of all the shopping cart area was almost void of carts as they were all residing in the parking lot.  Second, it was almost a constant traffic jam up and down the aisles of the store.  You would think there was a snow storm coming or something.  I guess the idea of fall and winter brings out survivial stuff in people.  When done with picking up the few things I needed I headed out to my car.  There in the middle of the drive in front, sideways was a huge Lincoln with a very elderly lady at the wheel.  She had a handicap thingy hanging from her mirror and was waiting for the very first handicap slot that was filled.  I was walking behind her to my car when I saw the backup lights come on and she was backing up.  I ran pushing the cart in front of me.  I could see my life flash in front of my eyes and the brief thought was that she would forget she was in reverse and rev it into the store.  I got to my car and then she started honking at the car in the slot.  The Lincoln lady was totally blocking all of the traffic and the car she was waiting on was not moving, at all.  HONK! HONK! HONK!  Finally, the parked car moved and Lincoln lady moved in.  I watched as she creeped into the slot, a bit crooked but it was next to a no parking spot and not too bad.  She got out of the car, stooped over and trudging, walked around and noticed she was a bit off, slowly made her way back to the driver side and backed in and out to get it just right in the lines.  When she was where she thought she should be she went in to shop totally oblivious to the havoc she had created.  That, my friends is where her family should take her driving privileges away from her.  I'm a bit afraid of little old people driving tanks.  We had to take my grandmother's privileges away when she cremated a couple of mailboxes in her T-Bird.  Sometimes it just has to be done and I don't look forward to grounding my father in the future. 

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

Baby did a bad bad thing.  Yes, that would be me.  I am/was in sooooooo much trouble.  Last night...wait...last weekend...wait...a few weeks ago....well, let me say that I think it is all The Hubby's fault, not mine.  A few weeks ago he got a wild idea that we needed to start conserving energy and save money by turning off the hot water tank at the cabin while we are not there.  First of all, The Hubby is not a "green" person.  Second, how much are we really saving on the tiniest of hot water tanks when we could obviously save money elsewhere, not, a couple of bucks.  Well, he created an edict that, "We shall turn off not only the water but the hot water tank when we shall leave said cabin!"  Edict given!  Okay, I've done it all of once after having him show me where the breaker box is under the cabin, ICK...snakes and spiders might be in residence...ICK!  Now to last weekend.  Last weekend was the girls weekend and after they had all left it was time for me to shut the cabin down.  Lights off, windows shut, air turned up or down depending, ice maker bar up, water shut off and breaker(s) for hot water shut off, doors locked.  Check, Check, Check!  Mind you I've only done the hot water tank once so as I ducked my head and found the breaker box, in the dimly lit underbelly of the cabin I thought two breakers said hot water (glasses).  I flipped and was on my way home.  Occassionally during the week I would think, "Hmmm, maybe I should have turned one breaker."  That thought was brief.  We finally arrived last night about 7 pm and when I went into the cabin I thought there was a rather sour smell.  I proceeded to unpack the groceries and try to feed Clayton when I heard, "COME HERE FOR A MINUTE."  Uh oh.  I went to the top of the stairs that lead to the garage and under the cabin and The Hubby was there by the deep freeze with it's door open and the stench was awful.  "You turned off the freezer breaker too.  Did you not see on the label that only one breaker was to be turned off.  How hard is it to turn off the one breaker, not two." Yadayadayadayadayada.... All I could say was, "I'm sorry."  I just, well, I, uh, I,....I didn't really know what to say.  The stinky water was running and the fish he had worked so hard in catching and fileting were gone.  GONE!, and it was all my fault. 

I felt so bad that now he was trying to clean up the stench and he was hungry and tired and it was all my fault.  I went back to the kitchen and continued to unpack the groceries and feed Clayton while he cleaned the mess.  He was cussing under his breath, at me and I was cussing loudly at myself.  I felt so bad.  The dog was fed and I had gone to the bedroom to take a bag when I heard him in the kitchen getting something.  He stomped downstairs and then I thought, "It's quiet.  Where's Clayton!"  I flew into the kitchen and he was nowhere.  I looked down to the garage with all the doors open and asked The Hubby if he was down there.  "Well, no!"  Uh oh...I was out the door in a flash with Clayton's leash and hollering when the neighbors hollered that he was "over here."  I rushed over and said where as they pointed away down the road.  He was being chased, playfully by the other neighbors dogs and it was a trek to go after him.  He doesn't come to us out like that and just won't listen when he is FREE!  Stupid dog!  Oh man, I was running after him in my boots on the rocky road but FINALLY I caught up and he stopped and waited.  Stupid dog!  Boy, I was already tired.  I got back to the neighbors deck, sat with him on my lap, leash firmly attached and enjoyed the firepit for a bit before I went back to wait to cook us a little something to eat, scrambled egg sandwiches.  The Hubby worked and worked getting all the thawed smelly fish and stenchy water out of the freezer while I waited upstairs.  He finally popped inside whistling and talking baby talk to the dog about 8:30.  Hmmm, what's with that.  I asked if he was ready for me to fix the sandwiches and he said yes that would be nice.  What is up with that.  Oh, I know.  If he lets it go, well, it would not be good.  Maybe he realizes that he just put too much pressure on me with the breaker box thingy.  I know I'm married to an electrician but I am not an electrician.  Whew, things are fine.  The smell is gone and he is not yelling.  All is good and he has gone fishing this morning.  Side note...some of the bags were still frozen!  Yeah!  So my inside freezer is stuffed until the other deep freeze is back up and running and cold. 

Last night the dog was beside himself with all the noises that come with being out in the country.  He whined and cried all night long and heard every noise there was.  We slept with the window open a bit but the fan was not on to drown out the outside noises and he heard every single stupid NOISE.  Today he is bundled up in bed sleeping soundly...may have to join him again.

(What happened to spell check on this thing...not good.)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Summer to Fall

I stepped outside this morning to get the paper and was a bit chilled.  Wow, fall is here and I'm ready for it but I will miss summer and the beauty of green and the wonderful colors of the flowers and birds.  I look forward to the colors of our world changing as the leaves start their change.  We've had so much rain that we should have some beautiful color this year.  Can't wait to take some awesome pictures.  Here's to summer and hooray for fall!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Usual Thursday

This is just a usual Thursday.  Workout, shower, play with Clayton, work, lunch, afternoon delight, work, home, nap, drink wine, fix dinner, drink wine, watch Survivor, drink wine, play on the computer...yes it is a usual Thursday, or a usual day, less the extra wine.  Not much going on in life but the mundane but I like it just fine.  I'm not going to work tomorrow and will hopefully get to sleep in a bit, not long as I have to get up and let the cleaning lady in.  Then I will meet my friend C at the Brush Creek Bazaar for the afternoon.  As I said there is not much here today and I'm not sure why but my mind is kind of blank. 

I do have a thought though about health insurance.  Yes, I may get a little political.  I really don't know which side this is all on and I really don't care.  All I care about is the betterment for the American people, or just people!  This probably comes from my recent visit for the untrasound on Monday.  I had to pay a $500 deductible for it and we will see how the insurance pays for it.  I think, yes I THINK, that if the insurance companies would attend to the fact that paying for preventive medicine/care, then we would effectively save money, but wait, I think the insurance companies have a vested interest in keeping us sick so we can buy more pharmecuticals from the med companies which influences the insurance companies...OH IT IS SUCH A VICIOUS CIRCLE!  Where will it all end.  Is is driven by greed.  YES, I say it is.  Rise up and take a stand against...Oh gosh, I've had a whole bottle of wine tonight.  That is not good.  Oh well, maybe I'll get some traffic on this little babble, do you think.