Thursday, September 26, 2019

Baby Watch Is On

Well, I'm here in LA awaiting the arrival of our newest grandchild, a little girl.  So excited to meet little Miss Minerva.  It's hard to believe that just a few months ago they announced the news and we've patiently awaited the day.  Today is actually is the due date so any day now we will meet here.

I'm here to hopefully be of assistance in any way I can.  Tick Tock...we wait, wait, wait. 
Oh, and check out the new me, down nearly 20 pounds and two sizes in jeans!!!!!

story continued...

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Many Faces of 40 Years

40 years ago today our lives changed completely when this sweet baby girl came into our lives. We celebrate Briana's 40th birthday today and the joy she has given us. She is strong, smart, beautiful, intelligent, a shaker and mover. So very proud of what she has accomplished in her life and can't wait to see what she has to offer in the future. Love you my sweet blue-eyed blonde baby girl.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New York City- 2019-Art Show

Yes, we did it.  We went to New York for a few days and had an absolute grand time.  

I must say it started off good, until we hit the Charlotte airport, or at least nearly there.  Good grief, there were storms around and lightening so we had to circle a bit and when we landed we sat in the plane for nearly an hour and a half because of lightening.  It virtually shut down the airport because they would not let any staff out on the tarmac, understandably.  BUT, that meant our 30 minute window to the next flight was screwed.  I was encouraged because the airport was shut down that meant no flights were allowed to leave.  Finally, FINALLY we were at the gate but had to wait for The Hubby's carry-on bag he insisted he didn't want to check but the still had to because of space.  Then the race was on to try and get to our gate, we had 15 minutes!!!  Actually, by the time we finally got there it had already left.  I was extremely upset but what could we do.  Well, I didn't panic (a first for me) and we got in a 30 minute line to get a flight out to New York.  The lady was so extremely nice and we had a flight a couple of hours later so we decided to eat dinner.  (We ate a lot of airport food 😞 I was concerned about my bag and exactly where it might be but another extremely helpful guy assured me it was on it's way to NYC ahead of me!  

Finally on the flight to NYC and I was excited for our journey.  We arrived and were met by the driver from our hotel we set up.  I found The Walker Hotel in Greenwich Village which was only .2 miles around the corner from the Salmagundi Club for the art reception.  What a gem of a hotel.   The hotel had the look and feel of being there for many years but The Hubby started quizzing the staff and found out it had only been around for 7 years!  Wow, they did a great job of making it look old.  The restaurant inside, Society was good too.  I had eggs Benedict for the first time too.  
Every evening the staff left cookies on a glass plate by the bed, yummy cookies.  Plus everyone was extremely helpful.  The bartender we struck up a nice report with was Freddy.  What sweet kid.  

Rested from our travels we spent the day Saturday walking and I mean WALKING!  I probably walk/ran a half a mile in the Charlotte airport the day before then we did it again on Saturday, not run though.  
After awhile my feet were tired of the shoes I brought and I usually bring different ones to wear.  It helps my feet to change out the shoes but I didn't bring extras!  So first thing I had to do was find a store to buy some tennis shoes.  Oh gosh, saved my feet for sure.   
I was proud of myself though walking and walking and walking with a LOT of sit down breaks and The Hubby was wonderful about it all.  He was incredibly supportive about it all, just wanted me to be able to enjoy and DO IT!  
Oh I forgot all about this.  The Hubby first wanted to check out the Chelsea Flea Market he has heard about for years.  He has a friend that sets up there sometimes, but not this time.  I really wasn't too impressed and I must say, walking through it all there was a weird smell sometimes from the stuff, like musty to urine.  Whew!  But it was what he wanted to do and the whole trip was for me.

We walked to Madison Park and Washington Park (thank goodness for lots of benches.)  So many people and lots of dogs. 
One of the many respites along the way.

The Flatiron Building and area which The Hubby loves.

I took this photo of an older gentleman sitting I think in Washington Square Park.  I think it will be a great painting!

Then Sunday morning it was up, breakfast and wait till 1pm for the Allied Artists of American reception at The Salmagundi Club.  I had other walking shoes (a bit dressier) and we walked the .2 miles to the show.  It was just around the corner basically.  

I have to tell you, I one of those kind of people that stay in the hotel, don't venture out very far at all.  My stomach, my nerves, my FEAR does not allow me to do the stuff we did this past weekend.  I felt like an entirely different person, able to handle what was thrown at me.  And I think usually The Hubby and his expectations of stuff and my fear of HIM getting us lost is part of it too, but this time, it was all a breeze.  NO FEAR, a teeny bit of anxiety but really it was awesome!  

THERE it is on the wall at the Salmagundi Art Club, hanging on their walls!  What an exciting feeling.  

This building is over 200 years old guys, incredible and extremely creeky.  There was fantastic art everywhere and this was a once in a lifetime thing for me.  

I didn't win anything but I'm okay with that, I wasn't expecting too but it was an honor to be in the show, truly.  I couldn't be upset with anything.