Monday, February 26, 2007

What has my life come to.

What has my life come to. It is Monday evening and dinner is over, the dishes are done and The Hubby and I are watching our favorite Monday night shows, all on CBS. I say "we" are watching TV and I lie. I am watching TV. It is 8:18 pm and The Hubby has been snoring on the couch since 7 pm. It seems that nearly every evening we do the same dance. Dinner, chit chat a little, The Hubby reads the paper, I check out Blogger or crochet, or crossword.....BORING! We are OLD and stodgy already and we are only 51 years old. So quickly the kids are gone and the run, run, run ceases in a big way. Even The Hubby used to be a workaholic and was gone 7 days a week and worked 10-12 hours a day. Now he's home every night, I'm home every night and we're BORING. I don't know if I can stand to spend the rest of our lives doing this every night. I'm turning into my parents and I'm not ready for that.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Weekend

We went to the retreat (aka: The Cabin, Heaven on Earth) on Friday afternoon and not a minute too soon. The Hubby (aka: The Boss)was driving me crazy at the office. He was stressed and the employees were not helping the situation. He's behind in billing and could not get anything done for the phone calls from the them. They just have to have him hold his hand sometimes and can't figure out a situation or whatever. He was snippy and mean and I got caught in the crossfire. He was so stressed that I snipped back and he growled that it was a miracle he wasn't home in bed with covers over his head and in tears. I looked him in the eye and I swear I saw tears. He was so stressed and he seems to take it out on me then. The other thing I have discovered is that I am the key to keeping his stress under control. Guess what the secret is. Ladies please take note because I have learned this over 31 years of marriage. SEX!!! Yes, I said it. SEX. This at least is the key to my hubby. Amazingly enough when he is relieved he is so much nicer to me and everyone else. If the employees knew why he is so nice sometimes the next day...hahahahah. This is not the only help. It helps that I'm pretty easy going, I'm patient, and understanding and I love him.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wild Orchid

All I can say is rum and coke, Saturday night, kids no longer in the house (totally on their own) and the movie Wild Orchid. Is there anything else to say. Well I can say that Mickey Rourke is SO very hot in that movie. Wild Orchid, if you haven't seen it is beautifully filmed and is very close to X and I totally love it. I told The Hubby it is my favorite movie and he reminded me I also said that about Under The Tuscan Sun being my favorite movie. I thought a minute and replied that Under the Tuscan Sun is #2, Wild Orchid is #1 for me.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Today I had to take my Daddy to have his first cataract surgery. My sister was supposed to but her little boy has pnemonia and she is ill so of course there I was. My brother might have been able to but since I could, I did. This is really beside the point, I didn't mind at all...

Daddy and I drove to the outpatient surgery place and still it was fine, till they called me back to sit with him while he waited to go in. I followed the nurse past curtained cubicles till she stopped and said "Here he is." There Daddy lay on a hospital bed in a plastic shower cap thingy with a hospital top on and an IV drip in his arm. I was pulled immediately back to Momma on her death bed. My breath stopped for a minute. He was glad to see me and anxious to get the procedure over with. I rallied and sat with him while he dosed and waited. When the nurses came in off and on and asked him questions he mentioned Momma and how he missed her. I thought I was going to lose it. I'm telling you that was so hard to do and I have to do it again next month for his next eye.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


It's Sunday morning and here I sit in our living room having just finished the Sunday paper and enjoying the sunshine that is streaming through my living room window. Finally, we have some warmer days and I plan on soaking up some of the warmth later on today. We didn't go to the cabin this weekend because The Hubby had to do some office work and I had a wedding shower to go to. As it turns out we also had family in town with their 8 month little girl, our great niece. This week is going to be a full one as it turns out I will have to take my father in for cataract surgery tomorrow. My sister D was supposed to take him but she has a sick kid. So Monday I'll take Daddy, Tuesday I'll take Daddy for post-op and next week the 2nd post-op. Next month we do it all over again and I'm waiting for the call that she can't take him again. Our brother, B usually helps too but he's been going out of town a lot with work lately and can't so of course good ole' "Jill" is always there for the back up.

The Hubby announced to me that since I was going to be absent from the office tomorrow that maybe I should go in today (Sunday) and do the mounds of invoicing that he put together yesterday that has amassed on my desk. I told him NO! I am not going to go in on Sunday (I usually do) and besides I have stuff to do at home today. I have got to get my taxes together and ready for the accountant. I hate this time of year. I think he is mad but you know, I spend a lot of idle time sitting at that desk, I can hold a little work for the work week, besides he has held off the invoicing for over a month what's another day or two, Right! ARGHHHHHHH!!!

I haven't heard from my friend about the mess up of the canceled lunch date. I suspect that since she has been taking pain meds that she probably doesn't remember that she made me mad and disappointed me. Too bad but that is usually how it goes for me with her. My oldest daughter Bri told me that I needed to get a new best friend. I told her I have friends but you just don't flush 22 years of a friendship down the drain. I told her I lost one best friend (sudden death) that I could always count on and that I couldn't lose another one. I so miss Gail. She was a different friend and one I could tell ANYTHING too and she would listen. With C I have to hold back and I don't like that because she is too judgemental and I am usually an open book. I will tell you most anything without reservation or embarrassment. I like to have friends who are honest but fair in judgement of me and others.

Oh,,,,I'm rambling again. That's just what happens in this crazy mind that sits in my skull on my shoulders. It kind of goes in all kinds of different directions. I will stop rambling now and toss down another cup of coffee before I dive into the baskets of tax junk.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a Bum Day!

What a bum day I have had. My day started with a phone call from the lady from Norwalk Furniture where I had ordered my overstuffed chair and ottoman for my special room in our wonderful newly remodeled home. I ordered the chair a month ago and last week she told me the chair was done and they were needing 4 more yards of fabric to finish the ottoman. Well, this morning there was a crisis because the chair was NOT even started and there was not enough fabric because it was a discontinued fabric (she did not tell me that before, and it was the end of the bolt which had some flaws. So I had to go out and look at some fabrics that we might use to make the skirting around the chair and ottoman. I didn't like any of them and so it was back to the drawing board for her to scrounge something to go with the fabric I did choose that I am determined to use. I LOVE it and WANT it!

The other part of my crappy day was that I was meeting two friends for lunch at 11:30. This was the day and time decided on last week and my dearest friend and I discussed it last night. I showed up at the restaurant at 11:30 and waited. I called my best friend and got voice mail and then called the other friend. She answered and asked what I was up to. I told her I was sitting at the restaurant and she screamed, "C called me and canceled." What...why. My friend C told her I couldn't make it and besides she was having back issues and was on a little medication to ease the pain. I was crushed. Here I sat in a very nice restaurant, by myself in the middle of the room and was devastated. The friend E yelled, "I'm on my way. Order me the spinach salad," and then she clicked off. I waited till noon and E showed up and we had a great lunch. Friend C called my phone before E got there and was confused thinking I couldn't make it and apologized. I said that was OK but you know, it was not OK. I'm so tired of these things happening to me. This is not the first time I've been stood up by friends, other friends. What is it about me that people forget about me. Am I again the kind of person I was in high school an actual wallflower, a part of the scenery. I don't know, but I'm bummed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My and my honey (aka The Hubby) in front of our retreat

A Little Bit of Summer

I know this is wishful thinking but I'm SOOOOOOOOO tired of the cold. I'm ready for Spring and Summer, yes I said an Oklahoma Summer. I'm tired of shivering. Hot flashes are not helping in this weather.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I have finally won my battle.

First of all our TV/Cable at home sucks. I watch almost exclusively CBS but we have terrible reception. We even had the stupid cable guys out and they told us we lived too close to the tower and we would just have to live with it...and they charged us for the visit...WHAT!!! We watched the Super Bowl with ghosts, red, green and blue hues fuzzing in and out. The score wasn't even visible at the top of the screen. Last night was the last straw. I can't watch my soaps - The Guiding Light and As The World Turns or Survivor or Two In And Half Men so something had to be done. The Hubby finally called today and tomorrow we get Digital Cable and it sure as hell better take care of the problem!

Also - At the office - I have been complaining about being bored sitting at my desk a lot lately and The Hubby had promised me a doohickey that can let me watch TV on my computer but he had to cancel the forever backordered doohickey. I was soooo very depressed about that. I had a TV at the office but it kicked the bucket, then I tried to tape at home but the fairly new VCR bit the dust and then with the stupid Channel 6 problem I was utterly defeated. Well, Friday he finally came through with the doohickey for my computer. Come to find out it is easily picked up at Best Buy...who would have known! It has been installed but the stupid metal building we are in only allows 1 home shopping channel and 2 save my soul channels and fuzzy at that. So, while The Hubby was on the phone with the cable guy for the home system he fixed it so we will get cable at the office. YEE HAW! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Let's face it I'm a TV-holic to the max.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get Ready to Laugh

This is hysterical. It takes off a little slow but worth the wait. Turn up and get ready to laugh.

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough. We are now into our 3rd huge winter storm and I've had enough. I hate winter, hate the cold, hate ice and snow. I'm spoiled and used to having or mild winters. To those who claim that we are in global warming...raspberries. I'm cold, I'm tired of washing the salt and sand off my car, I'm tired of having my husband having to taxi me around town, I TIRED OF WINTER and it's only February 1. Please bring on Spring and Summer!