Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Morning Laziness

Good morning.  It's Saturday and a rainy Saturday at that.  For some reason I don't remember the weather people forecasting rain but I'm okay with it because I'm not going anywhere and we truly needed it for spring. 
Today I bring to you pictures of spring birds, flowers, squirrels and my happy time of year.

I know it is just around the corner and if we can just get through without any snow I will be so very happy.  February can be some intense cold and winter weather and for sure some of the flowers need it.  I just want spring to get here so I can feel the warmth and sunshine on my shoulders again. 

I want to sit on my screened porch with the new fireplace and enjoy waking up to the birds singing and the sun rising.

We stayed in town this weekend so The Hubby can finish getting the invoicing ready for me to type tomorrow.  So I called out the forces, my girls to come over today and help me with yet another closet cleanout.  I also wanted to have Snicklefritz over to spend the weekend with us.  I miss that kiddo.  Last night we had dinner of fish sticks, crinkle-cut french fries, tossed salad and a dessert of ice cream sundaes.  We ate the sundaes while working on the jigsaw puzzle she and I started a few weeks ago.  For 8 years old she's very good at the puzzle thing and I so enjoy just chatting with her about school and her life.  Right now it's contained because of Covid but hopefully it will change soon so she can see her friends.  The only kiddo she gets to play with is 16 month old Min.  Min loves it but I'm sure Snicklefritz needs older playmates.  

Can you just feel the warmth of the sun here.

Thursday The Hubby got his first part of the vaccine and this next Thursday I go back for my booster.  Glad to have this over with and hopefully we won't have to do it every year like a flu shot but I suspect we will.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday Musings

 Good morning, how's it going in your world this fine Thursday morning.  My week is kind of bumpy and feels a bit disruptive but I can deal.  Monday was work at the office to check out the new printer that the girls set up.  The old one last week bit the dust and when I get a new one it also causes me to have to readjust all my printing needs.  By the way, the printer is AWESOME!  

I did workout on Monday morning with Af and the trainer but it was hard going and I just ended up walking the whole time.  I had not taken any Aleve for several days because of an upcoming doctor's appointment and bloodwork and I didn't want to skew the results, so I was in pain.  Tuesday was a day at the easel, not too successful but it was painting and that is what makes me very happy.  Then I had to rush off to the accountant to get our employees W-2's and quarter ends financial stuff.  This all meant that I didn't workout.  I'm really having a hard time trying to work all that back into my life again.  It was so easy before, to have exercise be the first thing I did in the morning, but this trainer doesn't get started till the middle of the day and I just can't seem to make that work for me.  It cuts into my painting time and I'm not too keen on that.  I did get back on my stationary bike on Tuesday for 5 minutes, which is a big deal for a gal who has a hip that doesn't work right anymore.  

Yesterday, Wednesday, was an 8 am doctor appointment.  I was not looking forward to stepping on the scale, not at all.  I have been tracking my food on NOOM and My Fitness Pal, in the free part, calories, and the scale is NOT BUDGING.  I am trying to be very truthful in logging, even with maybe drinking a cola or a handful of Cheez-Its, and that, I'm sure is why it is not budging.  I'm staying between 1,000-1,300 calories a day.  Salmon, cabbage soup, quinoa and over-easy eggs, lots of good food, organic, homemade food.  I'm sure when I move more it will start taking effect.  Today I know I'm supposed to go to the trainer again at 11:30 but, again, that taps into my time at the easel and I AM NOT HAPPY about that.  I'm trying to figure it all out so I can make myself happy.  I know that the exercise is what I need for my body but the easel is what I need for my mind!  Yesterday I thought I would make it to the easel but it was not to be.  I ended up at the office and my desk was absolutely knee deep in invoicing, mail, tax stuff.  I couldn't leave I had to get it done or I would be there all weekend trying to play catch-up.  By the time I was at a point that I was close to leaving The Hubby went to get us lunch and I could not say no to a greasy cheeseburger and onion rings.  Cheeseburgers are my all time favorite food, that would be a big FAT yes and I totally ate it.  My danger place is to be out at lunchtime, especially if I'm driving and have control whether my mind can say no!  Yesterday I had no choice because I had fasted for the bloodwork and was ravenous and was still delving deep into paperwork with a bit more to go.  I needed steady fingers to type the rest of the invoices.  By the time I left I was ready for a nap because I had been awake tossing and turning in bed from 3 to 5am when the alarm went off.  Sometimes I just don't sleep well and Tuesday night was that.  Oh, and the bloodwork came back awesome.  For a fat girl my cholesterol, triglycerides, etc., levels are all in the perfect ranges.  I couldn't be happier for that and it tells me I'm still okay, but I do worry about my glucose levels.  Right now they are all within the range of good but, my mother became diabetic, as were many of my grandparents, and I don't want to go there.  I know weight plays a huge part in that so that is one reason to lose the weight.  I did talk to the doctor about the horrible ortho visit with the idiot hip doctor telling me I was too fat and barely looked at my pain and how that visit really made me feel, but also glad I didn't push it because with Daddy passing I could not have managed it all and surgery/rehab.  He did set me up to visit a podiatrist about my ankle/foot/short leg issues.  He recommended to see about getting a lift in my shoe to help with my walking and I'm totally on board with that even if it means UGLY shoes.  Right now that is making things so much worse on my back and knees, wobbling and uneven in my gait.

Today I know there is a workout at 11:30 but my desire to hit the easel is too overwhelming.  I also have to go to the office YET AGAIN as many large checks have come in and I have to deposit them.  Tomorrow is payroll and there will be an all day invoicing typing day again as he finishes the billing cycle.  GOOD GRIEF, I am so ready to retire and be done with this business thing, he is too.  I also have to start in March I think signing up with Medicare!!!  Yup, it is that time of life and I'm a bit scared to start the process but I will.  There is still a possibly that we will still keep working a bit longer than expected because of a job we're on but The Hubby is not sure about any of it.  This really is a hard place to be in our life and not sure how to get off the self-employed merry-go-round but we will get through it.  

Sunday, January 24, 2021


Look at those BABIES.  January 23, 1976 they tied the knot...
45 years later, yes 45 years! We're still hanging in there.  Thursday evening we went out to eat in a pretty empty restaurant and shared a wonderful meal early.  But Saturday was our actual anniversary.  We of course headed to the cabin on Friday and Saturday we cooked cheeseburgers on the grill and spent the entire weekend in front of the fire reading and just enjoying each others company.  It's so hard to believe we've done it for 45 years and they have been awesome years.  We've raised a fantastic family and they are their way to raising their own family.  We started an extremely successful business and are still happy working with each other making it work.  Here's to many more years of happiness with my partner for life.   

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Just My Opinion

 Well, it's a done deal.  Honestly I feel relief and hopeful that the country can get back on track.  It just seems to have fallen off the rails and has been sparking along on the broken track for a while now.  Again, I will say that I do not look forward to Democrats heading stuff because every time they have been in office our business has taken big hits.  In fact when Obama was in by the end of 8 years we were close to closing the doors.  It was so hard.  And to be truthful since T (not EVEN typing his name) was in office we have done better in 4 years than in the 8 years before.  Even during this Covid thing we've done exceptionally well.  Demo's are not a friend to small business and we know first hand about that but hey, I'm willing to go for a change of guard now because I, like everyone else is tired of the CRAZY!  Okay, no more political stuff, I'm over it.  

Last night The Hubby FINALLY got through the vaccine portal and booked an appointment for his first shot next Friday!!!!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!  He was so relieved.  I don't think I've seen him that giddy, every.  Rock on vaccine, let's get this immunity thing going and get the country, world back on it's rail!.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Is It Spring Yet!

These are photos from last spring but it's what I need right now, to look forward to spring and all that spring has to offer, flowers, green, warmer weather.  I am looking forward to the world opening up, hopefully, after more get the vaccine.  
Today I am glad to be inaugurating the new president into office.  He's not my guy but the other was DEFINITELY not my guy anymore and I'm ready for maybe some common sense coming from the television and the news.  I'm tell you from DAY 1 of his day in office the democrats and the press have dogged him to the point that he fought back and it really pushed the CRAZY to bubble up to overflowing.  Let's get back on the path of nice, of thoughtfulness, of kindness and reason again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tuesday's Musings

Finally a bit of art appeared on my easel!  
"Blue Skies"
8x10 oil on linen

The sunflowers were already started 2 weeks ago so I did finish it, but with having 2 weeks since it was I changed the "way" I was painting it, not nearly so realist but a bit more impressionist.  That done I decided to do Blue Skies really impressionistic.  It felt good to just move paint around, get the cobwebs out of my brain.

9x12 oil on linen

I wanted to go on but my momentum and a stomach growl stopped me.  Today it is a brief time at the office and then I PLAN on stepping back to the self portrait thing.  It's a fine balance between my real work and my fun work (painting) and today is that balance in play.  So toodles peeps and will keep you updated as my journey seems to zig and zag a lot. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Weekend Fun

We scooted off to the cabin this weekend for a bit of R&R.  It was cold and dreary but our fireplace helped take the chill out of the air.  The Hubby always turns the heat down when we leave to 50 so it took a bit to warm up but once we got the fire going I was happy.  Notice the skull!  I bought it on Amazon at Halloween thinking it would burn but realized, after hefting the thing in the front door that it was a concrete skull.  It's kind of cool to see it in the back of the fire.  

We haven't seen our cabinite friends for a bit because it's been too cold to do golf-cart-meadow-day-drinking but this weekend we did see some as the majority of us have had the vaccine, or first part of it.  I'm not too worried about them as they are all at least 68 or OLDER and don't go anywhere at all and in fact some live at the cabin world never leaving their corner of the world.  It was nice to chat at safe distances and share the fire and a cocktail.  

The Hubby and I spent most of Saturday doing nothing but be quiet and read with Clayton snuggled between us on the couch.  I finished a book and started another, napped and journaled.  It was a wonderful weekend.  

Back to it this week with a teeth cleaning first thing this morning and with nothing to do at the office I'm taking advantage and FINALLY getting back to my easel.  I've only been able to be in the studio twice in the past couple of months and I hate that.  To be a good artist you HAVE to paint every day.  Practice makes perfect, much like learning piano or any kind of instrument.  My instrument is a paintbrush and I am lacking in my practice lately.  I'm hoping life can slow down a bit so I can really churn out some art, in particular the self portrait project that seems to have stalled.  I have a history of procrastination and not finishing projects and I DO NOT want this to be one of those.  But when you are working in another business, a self employed business it tends to get in the way.  Plus I was wrapping up Daddy's stuff and that took precedence.  

I'm ready for my life to get back to rolling onward, for spring to come, more time at the cabin, more time at my easel...


Friday, January 15, 2021

Vaccine Day 2

 Just a quick note to say I was really sore last night and a couple of Advil then back to bed and this morning feel right as rain.  I was sore yesterday when I got home but I was sore before I left the place.  It was a long line and walking on concrete which my hip and knees cannot handle.  Once in bed and asleep for a few hours I woke up and was very sore.  Actually, both of my shoulders were sore BUT that could also be from doing an upper body workout on Tuesday too and the shot just made it a bit worse.  My knees and hip screamed too but once I took the Advil and hit the pillow again, well, this morning I'm all better.  So we will see what the next few days hold but I suspect nothing but good stuff.

Don't be afraid my friends.  We have vaccinations for good reason.  I've been through chicken pox (have the scars to prove it), measles, hard measles, German measles, mumps, there is not one childhood ailment I haven't had, except polio.  I remember the sugar cube and the terror of polio.  Don't be afraid.  

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Vaccine Tale

Guess what happened today!  I know I'm not quite 65 yet but I have some health issues, and I am overweight.  After I signed up and they listed me as tier 4 then I received another email that I was eligible now so I worked at signing up for a few days.  Last night I just kept refreshing and even though it said "no bookings available" I clicked it anyway and lo and behold a whole swath of openings were there and I grabbed one.  The only issue was standing outside for about 5 minutes in a cold wind and then once inside the long winding lines for about 15 minutes.  For normal people that isn't much but an obese person with a messed up hip and knee standing on concrete is excruciating.  BUT, I did it and now in 21 I go for the booster.  Good luck everyone.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

That Dang Sorrow Thing

Yesterday was CRAZY at the office.  I had to clean up my desk first after The Hubby opened a couple of days worth of mail, or partially opened.  I really wish he would leave that to me.  Some things get confusing and he gets confused.  One of the things was an invoice and it said past due on it.  Of course that set him off thinking I am not doing my job.  Upon checking I did indeed pay the bill and the check even cleared the bank.  It is not my fault but the company who sent the bill.  But this is what happens when he ASS-U-ME-S  that I have messed up.  Plus the desk is a mess once he has gone through all the stuff.  Anyway, I cleared the piles and went through what I needed to and then started on the business selling guys worksheets that I did not finish.  KNEE DEEP in forms, digging in old files, ARGHHHHHH.  I really hate doing this kind of thing but I finally finished then headed to workout, post office, bank and then Daddy's bank to deposit the last refund from the gas company.  Next week I should be able to close his checking.  While driving down the Broken Arrow Expressway I was hit with sadness yet again over the loss.  It's funny that it usually hits me on that drive because I know I won't be going to see him anymore, that our chats are nor more, that I won't be driving in the curvy driveway anymore.  I purposely drove by the place and there is nothing but dark loamy soil all dug up waiting to be smoothed and a new house to be started.  Honestly that didn't bother me as much as the drive.  It will truly take time to get over the sorrow of loss but it will never be truly gone.  Momma and Gail have both been gone for nearly 15 years now and that hurt is still there, just not as sharp a pain as it once was.  I mean it has only been a little over 3 months and a lot has happened in that short span.  

Last night I woke up about 2:30 a.m. and of course I could not go back to sleep.  When I wake up like that lately my mind starts going over all that has happened in those 3 months, 6 months, past year.  2020 was the year from hell, not just for me but for the whole world.  2021 is not starting out much better but hopefully with the vaccine and upcoming spring and summer the future will be brighter.  I'm choosing to look at it that way and it really helps having warmer days and lots and lots of sunshine, at least it makes my mind happy.  

Today, I'm going to TRY to get a slot for a vaccine but if I don't I'm not going to stress as I stay to myself mostly.  Then it is off to the studio finally to work on the floral I started the other day.  Tomorrow I have Snicklefritz all day while she is doing virtual school and her mom is in-person working at her new office.  I help where needed and I'm needed for them.  


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Neverending Meal Planning!!!

Is anyone else having trouble trying to come up with meal ideas.
Since we are trying to only eat takeout food once during the week THAT means I'm trying to meal plan CONSTANTANTLY.  OMG, this is making me crazy, especially when I'm also trying to diet meal plan.  The photo above is my new obsession of quinoa with vegetables and two over-easy eggs.  Can't seem to get enough of this stuff.  BUT, that's a lunch thing when I'm home.  I need more ideas for to-go food besides a package of lunchmeat.  I want, need to have it easy to grab and go.  I spend so much time on planning dinner that I don't want to think too hard on the lunch options.  But I regress, my problem right now is being creative in dinner planning.  I'm also trying to not eat so much red meat but I left with a lot of chicken and I don't want to have chicken every meal.  I also do try to do salmon once a week too.  Tonight we are going to have crab cakes, tomorrow night spaghetti with salad.  I think Friday we will do peel-n-eat shrimp at the cabin which leaves Saturday night.  I have so many cookbooks you would think I could just cook something out of them but I just don't use cookbooks anymore, which is why I'm getting ready to purge most of them.  I'm just rambling here about food that seems to be constantly on my mind.  You know it's the role of my marriage that I have, the meal prepper and I don't want to do it anymore.  It just makes me want to eat all the time. 

I haven't been, actually, I've been really good last week and so far this week.  But you know what the damn scale has not budged one damn ounce.  I am eating about 1200 calories a day and it is the same every single day I step on it.  What the hell is up with that.  Goodness I have gone off on a tangent.  

I have got to get a move on with my day.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Closet Rehab

What can I say, these two are the absolute air I breathe.  This weekend my other two breaths of life came over and helped to clean out the "Christmas closet."  It needed to be cleaned out so that Christmas could go back in the there.  Small spaces with doors, any kind of drawer, boxes or baskets, especially Longaberger baskets are havens for me to stuff crap away, hidden until totally forgotten.  The more space I have to hide stuff, I will hide it.  We have lived in this house now for nearly 15 years, and before, every house we have owned, we have stayed a total of 10 years each.  That means that every 10 years I am forced to purge and I have not had that happen with this house, so closet cleanouts are now an absolute must.  It's not too bad, just a couple of closets and LORDY, my pantry is awful.  Which is why it gets organizational treatment a few times a year.  
Snicklefritz was such a help with the dismantling of Christmas.  The mommas tackled the closet and she and I took down Christmas and stowed away in boxes until next year.  The girls unearthed a huge collection of albums and I sent them home with the oldest since they are the only ones that have a turntable anymore.  There is no sense of them gathering dust, they need to be listened too.  The closet also had a ton of games, never played that will go into the "games" closet in the other bedroom, which will be tackled next.  Also, in abundance was my collection of Longaberger Baskets.  At one time I thought they would be a legacy, college fund for the girls but the value in the things is absolutely NIL and there is no reason I have them anymore.  Oh, I have many that I use throughout the house and I will continue with that, I love them, but the majority will go into the spring garage sale.  I did keep a select few that I will use as gift baskets for friends birthdays or Christmas next year.  I will fill them specifically with special stuff for each person and give them away.  The girls took some they might use, and finally, some of the larger ones I'm taking to the cabin for use.  What I ended up with at the end of the day was a usable cleaned out closet for Christmas and a section/shelf for wrapping and gifts.  I will put a card table in there and already ordered a nice step stool with a seat for the area.  It's a large closet, could almost put a bed in there.  

The evening ended with the oldest heading home with her haul of albums and leaving Snicklefritz to spend the night (I love to have her over.)  The youngest went for Thai food and to pick up her hubby while we got to play with Min.  It was a wonderful evening, it was a magnificent day and I was absolutely exhausted.  Oh on a side note little Min walked up to Clayton (who is much better) and pointed to his eye and then her eye and said, "EYES!"  Good grief words are now going to start falling out of her mouth.  Oh she babbles and you occasionally catch what you think is a form of a word but that one was plain as day.  I LOVE IT! 


Saturday, January 09, 2021

My Week In Review

Finally got to sit at my easel on Thursday and I'm quite pleased with what I was able to do.
I was going to work on the self-portrait thing but being gone so long I needed to go back to my first love, flowers.  I was also able to finally see my studio partner.  I haven't seen her since probably the first of November.  She and I have been very socially distanced so no worries there and she has her own space and I have mine but it was so nice to sit a ways from each other and catch up on our lives.  I miss my friends and conversation, in person conversation.  

While in this damn pandemic thing I've written before about no workout and the food thing and the diet thing...yadda, yadda, yadda, but here we go again.

This past week I started back with working out with a trainer and Af.  Just us two so that was fun.  I do struggle because of my hip and knees and the weight.  Honestly I haven't gained since this lockdown thing has happened, thank goodness, but it's definitely not gone down.  So a little exercise and I'm also tracking my food on some food apps and sticking to 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day.  I must say it's not been too hard either.  It keeps me focused a bit.  I did the NOOM app, the paid version I think March, just as the world shut down.  I was not in the right frame of mind, scared, stuck at home with food and the television.  The paid version of the app you are put with a support person and frankly, they drove me crazy with texts/emails, nagging me constantly and I don't need that.  I KNOW what I should and shouldn't eat, I don't need someone over my shoulder smacking my virtual hand.  This time I chose to only do the free version and I like it.  Hey, The Hubby had to have KFC last night and I was honest and put it in my app and guess what, I was only about 100 calories over.  I can deal with that.  So far the scale has NOT nudged one ounce down but I know it will eventually because I feel a bit different in the "fat content" in my body every morning.  I just have to keep plugging away with it and trust it will work if I'm careful.  

Before the end of the year at the office I was able to put the PPP loan forgiveness papers to bed with the bank and hopefully that will be all taken care of!  First thing off my plate.  Then I tackled the rest of Daddy's estate and was able to disburse most of it to my siblings and myself.  Now we are just waiting for the ONG refund to totally close out his checking about and disburse the rest of it.  It only a few hundred dollars.  This month is also gathering the year end 4th quarter stuff for the company and I wrapped that up and took to the accountant yesterday!  

Lastly, and the one thing I have fought with The Hubby about time and time again is possibly selling our business.  We are having a battle over that.  This next summer we hope to be done, finished, close the doors and totally retired, hopefully.  After nearly 42 years in business we are both done.  I want to just close the doors, sell off the equipment, tools, vehicles, etc.  Call it done.  Oh no, he wants to find a buyer for the thing.  That too would sell off all of the stuff mentioned above plus the customer list.  But, a big BUT, this means I have to gather all kinds of financial info, he does too (inventory) and then deal with one of those companies who finds buyers.  We had a meeting in November with one, against all of my hesitation about it all.  He pushed and pushed and pushed until I just said okay I will meet with them but they knew up front I was not on board with this process.  Yesterday I finally finished gathering up my part of the info to put with The Hubby's stuff and Monday we will turn it in and see what happens.  My thoughts, and I bluntly shared them with the gentlemen, is that our business would not be a business, a successful business without this man sitting here (pointing at The Hubby).  I told them if you could find another The Hubby to take over and make sure the reputation of our business is at the highest level that we've maintained in nearly 42 years then maybe I can be on board but I don't think that can happen.  Our customers trust The Hubby, they depend on him being there, being trustworthy and doing the best job for them.  You can't clone The Hubby and I don't think selling our business is going to work.  They kind of agreed with me but again, The Hubby plugged on.  He is like a dog with a bone and will not let it go.  MAKES ME CRAZY that I feel like he is shoving this down my throat.  So we will let it play out and see what happens.  We either find a buyer or we close our doors.  And with some of the jobs we have going it still may be next year before we close the doors if we don't sell and continue.  Who knows, it's all so fluid at this point.  

Boy is this a ramble but you don't think about stuff like this when you start a business, do you.


Thursday, January 07, 2021

My Tiny Rant

 All I can say this morning is I am mortally embarrassed and saddened by our country right now.  The spectacle I saw on the television yesterday made my blood boil then turned to absolute embarrassment.  I had Snicklefritz all day yesterday and never turned the TV on, nor did I check my social media, at all.  Imagine my surprise, or should I say my "shock and awe" by what I was witnessing on my television screen.  And yet our top dog basically did nothing to stop the mayhem.  I will admit here that I am a Republican but I am ashamed by my party right now, to support this man and to allow him to continue to insight this kind of violence while he smugly sits in the Oval Office egging it on.  Come on, man we have a new president and I will support the new president no matter what party I am.  I cannot condone the crap our current leader is doing.  While I will still be a Republican as far as political leanings I will not support this kind of crap and I haven't for a long time.  It's tempting to jump parties but I'm not going to fall into that line.  We voted, fair and square and we have a new leader, lets support him to do what is right and I know he will.  Joe Biden is a kind man and will do well.  Let's calm down because there is already enough crap going on in our world, we don't need this.  Be kind to your fellow man, try to stay in your own lane and let us get through this pandemic thing before you tear the country apart, piece by piece.  

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Losing Weight Rant and Sob Story

No pictures today but doing a quick post driven by my trainer to think about.  She asked for us to come up with one or more things we could see ourselves doing again, ONCE we start losing weight and getting back in shape. 

Hmmm, the first thing is NOT TO HURT!  I know my joints are full of arthritis and are breaking down but that is mainly because of the weight that I've allowed to accumulate onto my short 5'3" body.  The joints are just over it and rebelling.  I want to not be in pain with every single step I take.   I know losing the weight will make a huge impact on that.

Second, is I want the ability to get up and down off the floor with little Min, play with my granddaughters, not use them as go-fers for me.  Again, this goes back to loss of weight will make it easier for me to move.

I can't really think of anything else except to be able to move better.  It's funny that 2 years ago I was in such good shape but ever since the hysterectomy and the knee procedure the weight has just accumulated by leaps and bounds.  I'm pretty sure part of my issue is hormones or lack there of because of the hysterectomy (hair loss too and dry skin) but I am NOT going on hormones, not ever.  Just going to eat better and that is what I am trying to do.  

Guess this is a weight loss rant and sob story.

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Clayton Update and NY's Resolutions?

Life with this poor guy is getting better, thank goodness.  I was able to send a video of him to our vet yesterday and this morning will go in and pick up some more meds for him and see what the vet thought.  I don't know if there is anything we can do or do I need to bring him in for an exam, or maybe some laser treatment.  I'm very afraid he has another kind of cancer possibly in his neck/throat area.  Why I question this is that our whining-barking dog has ceased whining or barking.  He occasionally does it but before these recent episodes it was constant, bark to get up on the couch, bark to get down, bark to go outside, bark to go inside, bark to beg for, crickets mostly.  I do know the area where he is most in pain when it happens is the neck-shoulder area.  Poor guy.  Of course when he's good and better he's real good.  Sunday evening it was steak night and he was begging for a bite and barking for his after dinner treat, running, yes RUNNING to the laundry room where treats are.  It's like nothing is wrong with him all of a sudden.  Yesterday I was giving him his pill in cheese and I thought he was awake but clearly he wasn't all the way awake and he snapped, HARD on my thumb.  Then he yelped and had a spasm.  It's all very confounding what is going on with him, hence the video to the vet.  I need more video.

Yesterday I finally went back to working out.  We (Af and myself) tried it in November with her trainer but that was short as the trainer was possibly exposed to Covid so we all went into quarantine until negative tests were had.  Now the new year has begun and it's back to what I know I must do.  My body is KILLING me and I have a doctors appointment at the end of the month!  It is painful and because I have the issues with my knees, hips and being so overweight, it will be a long process.  I have to push through.  I also decided to give the damn NOOM app another try.  Last time I paid for it and good grief the text messages and emails NAGGING me set my teeth on edge.  I have enough of that with The Hubby and my own conscience going on.  This time I'm just using the free version to log my food, watch what goes in my mouth and My Fitness Pal with the trainer.  I know I can do this.  Yesterday when we were done with workout I went home to have lunch because I KNOW that fast food is a weakness for me and I'm trying to avoid.  During workout I remembered I had a frozen pack of quinoa with chopped veggies in the freezer.  I decided to over-easy a couple of eggs and top the quinoa and let the ooey-gooey drizzle over the quinoa.  OMG, so very yummy and satisfying.  I will do it again today and tonight will be salmon and chard for dinner.  Last night was roasted chicken breasts and broccoli with a 1/2 cup of dressing.  It's going to have to be a meal at a time.  Tomorrow night I will have pot roast, onions, carrots and maybe a small potato.  
It's all about planning the stuff.  Typically on Thursday nights we have some sort of takeout, high end food.  We might do Saffron, Mediterranean Cuisine.  They have a chicken dish with a saffron rice that I cannot get enough of.  Of course I will then have to think of Friday and Saturday night.  OMG, meal planning is getting old but I've done it for a few years now, nearly 45 for that matter.   

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Happy New Year's

A very quiet New Year's we had this year, but not without drama.  We scooted off to the cabin on Thursday afternoon with Snicklefritz on board for a weekend of absolutely nothing but laughter, a warm fire, lot's of playing Uno or Connect 4 and reading.  Oh and a little beauty shop.  I learned to make a fishtail braid on her beautiful hair.  We enjoyed a bit of black-eyed peas for good luck and she said that usually she doesn't like them but that this time they weren't that bad.  Good luck for us in 2021 hopefully.  
Sadly the time was not without the drama or exhaustion.  Our little Clayton, oh this guy.  He is really having a rough time.  Remember he had been having been having those spasms and we upped his meds to help and he truly got better, was sleeping and not having them quite as bad.  Well, bad me decided that maybe cut back again, WRONG MOVE doggie mom!  Oh man, he started having the spasms so bad again on Thursday and the weekend was horrible with him not being able to sleep because of them and wondering around at night causing me not to sleep.  You see we have stairs down to the garage and because he can't see that well and his body contorting and trying to stand on 3 legs I was terrified he would fall down them.  So every movement he made or yelp I was up and once before I could move fast enough, sure enough he was on the edge.  Scared me to death.  The stairs are right next to the door that goes outside and he knows to go outside.  Sleep was not in the cards for me this weekend and it was starting to effect me.  I told The Hubby yesterday that it would be better for us to head to town where he could go outside by himself and wonder to his hearts desire in the house.  I think the wondering around helps to get the spasm to settle down.  
We packed up after a hearty breakfast and headed home.  As it turned out we were needed in town to watch the other little lady in our lives, Min.  A grand time was had by the girls, they so love each other and it's easy to watch her with Snicklefritz around.  They play and play and play.  We did have an accident with a bump to Clayton while he slept on the floor.  Anything that startles him sends him into an episode and screaming and yelping.  He was screaming and yelping and it scared little Min so she started crying and screaming.  EEK!  When he has them so bad I either soothe him while he is on his bed or scoop him and he snuggles in my neck.  Poor guy, all day long I kept thinking we are going to have to "do something," if you get my meaning.  Worried me all day long.  That being said I started the meds back on every 8 hours again.  Last night The Hubby brought him to bed because he wanted to but it didn't last long because he got restless and wanted down again.  I put him down and just went to sleep and he didn't wake me up until about 1:30 when we heard him him screaming/yelping in the living room.  I ran in there and soothed him and he went back to sleep not to wake again until 5:30 when I heard the family three-legged limp into our room.  I got up, fed him, and went back to bed not to hear from him until about 7:30.  He seemed to be just fine, not all crooked and in pain.  Thank goodness.  It's funny how he rallies from these episodes.  I need to make a vet appointment now that I have some video of his episodes to show the vet.  

Happy New Year everyone, more tomorrow on my journey to TRY TO LOSE THIS DAMN WEIGHT!  It is the new year, resolutions and all.