Tuesday, October 19, 2021


I'm still here.  Been a tad ill this week.  Last week The Hubby got a nasty head cold with a horrible cough.  Don't worry, he was tested and it wasn't Covid.  Wasn't too worried anyway because we are both vaccinated and boostered.  Yes I know we can still get it but it would not be as severe, but he was tested.  I thought, THOUGHT, I was bullet proof but think again.  Friday I walked by his fire of burning leaves at the cabin and got a lung full of nasty smoke and almost immediately my throat was irritated.  I thought, yes, thought again, it was an allergic reaction but by Saturday morning I knew in my gut it was not.  He was sick an entire week and I showed no symptoms, at all.  So by Monday morning my throat was still sore and my voice was gone. Absolutely no fever for either of us, which was good news.  He actually went to the minor emergency the last Monday and got a cough syrup and antibiotic.  Now nearly two weeks later and he is still coughing. He's better but this thing is very slow to shrug off.  I was so bummed, first because I haven't been sick in two or three years and second, Monday morning I was to have my first visit with yet another hip doctor, a new one.  I had found a female doctor and was excited to go and get this show on the road!  Well, I had to call and reschedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) because they did not want me in there being sick.  Still have not much of a voice.  I thought by Wednesday I would be better, NOT!  I don't feel bad, not at all, just sound horrible.  I would not be able to mask (LOL) my illness.  When I called to reschedule I was informed she was pregnant and this was her last week and then off till the first of December.  Hmmm, well, okay.  Today, as I was contemplating rescheduling yet again tomorrows appointment my phone rang.  It was her office.  She is having her baby tomorrow!!!!!  So December 6th I reschedule.  Yes I could go to one of the other doctors, the one who wanted me to lose 20 pounds but I really wanted to have a female doctor.  So I'm totally okay with this decision.  I'm still having a hard time getting around a bit but maybe I should take this time to lose more weight!!!  It is what it is and I'm good with that.  Soon hip, real soon now.

Still painting.  This is my latest.
"Season's Changing"
oil on linen panel


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