Monday, February 28, 2011

Construction Part?

This is one of the blueprint pages of our add on master bath, closets, laundry, workout area.  The two areas at the left are our closets!!!  Then the workout area in the middle, shower with laundry area across from the shower, then the toilet area and sink.

We got our first inspection on Friday.  Monday they start the stem walls.

(NOTE:  I've been doing a blog post everyday for about 6 months now and I'm running out of words so it may be a bit sporadic for awhile.) 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peaking Out

Spring is peaking out today. I found snow iris, jonquils and crocus...I'm happy...
Tomorrow more snapshots of the construction...stay tuned!

Friday, February 25, 2011

It Begins

This morning when I woke my mind did not want to workout.  I tried to get my brain to find an excuse for not getting out of bed but I knew it was a waste of time.  Up, up, up...rise and shine, at least the best I could do at 5 am.  I went to the trainer place, stepped onto the treadmill, and after 62.45 minutes I had accomplished 3.2 miles, 5K.  I have got to get it together for this thing because next Saturday is the run, I think (have to check the calendar).  It really is not hard but my brain is my biggest enemy.  I was fighting it even on the treadmill.  I kept wanting to quit but had to push myself, "You can do it, you can do it, you can do it."  It would be the easy thing to just stop but I CAN'T! 

Finally done, I drove home while listening to yet another book on CD in my car.  Side note:  listening to David Baldacci - Devine Injustice!  Very exciting and it even has sound effects.  Makes me want to drive around just to finish it.  Back to the story...I got home, turned the corner of our street and there were 3 or 4 big construction trucks up the street, wait, in front of our house.  Oh yeah, I forgot. The Hubby told me that the concrete guy's crew is starting to pour the footings for the new addition to the house.  Now see, I told you the first of the week about cleaning out the closet and The Hubby said that it would be a couple of months.  I can never rely on what he says, I have to keep my antenna up to feel out what he does and who he meets with.  I knew it.  Hopefully, I will have pictures of some of the work tomorrow as we begin the process.  We've always done tons of remodeling but never an add on so this will be new and different territory for us.  Our building permit is displayed on the front window, we are doing this thing! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you ever lost anything of value?

The prompt on NaBloPoMo yesterday was a very interesting idea and really got my mind to workin'.  (My girls may need to not read this post.)

Have you ever lost anything of value? Do you still think about it? Imagine how you'd feel if you'd given it away instead.

Wow, that question made me immediately think about my virginity.  Don't know why it did but that is where this mind goes.  When I was young, high school, 17 or 18 I had plenty of chances of giving what I thought a most precious gift away.  Yeah, yeah, I'm old fashioned but that is me.

Across the street from my house and down a block was the local Humpty Dumpty grocery store.  We walked to the store all the time and when I was 17 or so there was one of the sack boys working that I had a huge crush on.  Actually, there were several but this flavor of the week had my attention.  He was ahead of me in school by a couple of years and I thought out of my league, but crushes don't understand that.  I found every opportunity  I could to walk to the store.  I would look in the pantry and announce to Momma that she needed corn or green beans or whatever, anything to venture through the checkout line.  Finally, after a week or two of that I got a phone call from said crush to join him at a party!  OH MY GOSH!  I was over the moon.  He came by, picked me up and we traveled to Tulsa where we ended up parked on a street where construction for a new housing addition was taking place, no inhabitants.  I asked him where the party was and he reached into the backseat to pull a beer out of an ice chest, "Right here," he says.  Uh oh!  I didn't partake because at the time my parents were HUGE beer drinkers and I wasn't, had never even had a drink.  Okay, I was a bit of a prude, naive, innocent, but knew what I wasn't going to do.  We smooched a bit but it didn't go too far.  Party, Harrumph!  At one point he looked in the rear view mirror to fix his hair and actually said, "Not bad looking, huh!"  That should have put my radar up but I was young. 

I was so eat up with this guy and somehow one afternoon I ended up at his house with no one home.  He put on Chicago VII album, in particular the song, Wishing You Were Here, can hardly hear that song without thinking of him.  Anyway, back to the making out.  It was heavy, very, very heavy, no clothes kind but the old fashioned kind of gal I was in my head knew that this was not right.  I halted it!  He was not happy and I can't blame him, I was a tease I guess but reality was flooding my brain.  I left him very angry.  Later I talked to him on the phone and he told me, "You'll never get a guy unless you give it up.  No guy will want someone who doesn't know how...blah, blah, blah!"  I knew right then, through all the tears, that I was right.  He was a jerk and I was so glad I didn't give it up to him because I saved it for the most perfect guy in the world for me, The Hubby.   

I can't imagine if I had gone all the way with the guy.  Hell, he didn't even have protection and I surely didn't.  What if I had gotten pregnant.  I was reminded all the time of my friend Jean Ann who was dealing with that and I surely didn't want to follow in her footsteps or some of my close relatives.  My life might have taken a very different turn if I had followed the young heat.  What about you?  Have you ever lost anything of value? Do you still think about it? Imagine how you'd feel if you'd given it away instead.  It doesn't have to be anything this intense but does make you think, doesn't it. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Camera Fun

I was having a bit of fun with stuff around the house.  What do you think?  May have to paint.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Remember how nice the closet looked after I cleaned it out and reorganized. 

This morning it was time to start cleaning it out yet again but this time it is for the remodel.  Walls will be torn down and I can't wait.  I spent an hour after workout moving clothes into various closets around the house and the guest room.  The guest room will now be my closet for the time being.  I certainly hope guests aren't coming anytime soon! 

P.S.  I am sorry for the comment moderation but I had a very nasty comment and thankfully the spam control here caught it but I'm taking a few precautions right now. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flash Mob

They were finally able to get it together for the Flash Mob.   Unfortunately, The Hubby didn't get to participate and I didn't find out about it until after the fact.  These are a lot of the people we dance with in class!  Enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fresh Air

Friday night we flew to the cabin to enjoy a wiener roast along side the creek with friends.  It was amazing that exactly a week ago we were nearly knee deep in snow, yet there we were sitting next to the fire roasting a hot dog.  A great evening!  The next morning was the annual meeting of our little slice of heaven.  That meeting was nearly 4 hours long.  Goodness.  I didn't waste too much time being upset about it because we had to rush back that afternoon to visit Kel and Bev and Kel's son and wife.  Little Clayton enjoyed part of the ride home on the back roads in The Hubby's lap taking in the fresh air.  We are trying this to help with the little guy's car sickness, every weekend.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Master Bath - Construction Continues

The brick has been removed... 

Notice the new had to be removed because of the heavy equipment needed to reroute the sewer.  It will stay this way for awhile and so will the worry of Clayton getting out.  In fact, I was talking to the workmen and noticed Clayton was not there...uh we went running 'cause I knew he was on the loose.  I was not wrong as he was trotting across the street in the neighbors front yard.  The problem is he does not come when called but if you get close enough and say stay he will not move, if you can get close enough.   

Chipping away...

Friday, February 18, 2011


It's called a headache this morning.  I'm still dealing with the aftermath of this stupid cold.  Waking up nearly every morning with a sinus headache just really sucks and starts messing with my desire for doing, ANYTHING.  Yesterday was a day that felt like I was PMS'ing and I HOPE I'm beyond that but I felt it.  I just wanted to hide in a closet.  I even had a handful of Lay's potato chips and just beat myself up for it but I know today is another day.  I think because I gained a pound this week I'm hitting a brick wall here and it is playing havoc on my mind.  At this point I'm looking forward to Monday and kind of a start over with my exercise and food.  Oh, I'll be good this weekend but it is definitely hard this week.  This picture just makes my eyes happy and hopeful for the spring that is on the horizon.  I can't wait to garden and just play around in the flower bed at the cabin.  I have plans for it all this year.  I've got to get the exercise under control because I have the 5K looming very near and it is time to prep for it!  Maybe tomorrow I'll do some walking/jogging outside and enjoy the warmer temps. 

Construction has also started on the add on with the brick and siding being ripped off.  It suddenly occurred to me that I need to clean out my closet and The Hubby told me it is time.  I asked him how much time but he didn't say and I told him I didn't want to receive a call one morning that said they're ripping it open in an hour.  I have that on my head to get the area cleaned out.  It's very exciting but definitely an inconvenience, briefly! 

I have to apologize to my bloggy friends for not visiting their blogs.  I've just not been in a mood to even comment or read.  It happens to me sometimes.  I just can't seem to focus (a sign of the PMS thingy) on stuff this week.  This will pass and I should be back though. 

Later my friends!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ladies, please come join me in the admiration of one hot guy...I am not a country music fan but this one....Ooooo...Trace Adkins...  Enjoy please.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you could...

If you could start any type of new business, what would it be?  This is the question of the day on NaBloPoMo and since I've hit a sort of writers block, here goes. 

If I could start any type of new business it would be a destination spa in the state I live in.  This is something I have thought a lot about especially since I spent a week at Lake Austin Spa in 2007.  The only hold back right now is the economy.  I don't think people spend on play stuff right now but...if I could do it!  I think a destination spa would be such fun and, okay I know it is a pipe dream but what fun to dream right.

Another idea that could be more a reality would be an art gallery/supply store with a place for a studio. That could happen if I pushed it with The Hubby, and maybe something that we could do closer to his retirement.  What do you think? 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine'sDay

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.  This has been one of the busiest days but I did get flowers and a card from The Hubby!  Made my day. 

Finally, after two weeks of being snowed in I was back to the treadmill and had trouble getting to the run part again.  Drat.  I have a few weeks to kick it in gear for sure.  After the workout it was off to wash the gray away, thank goodness.  I walked into the salon and Ruth was, "Oh My!  You're gray!"  That was bad.  Two rescheduled appointments and I was left looking older that I wanted.  Whew, glad to have it fixed.  After the hair appointment it was to the office for a brief bit to do a bit of work then I was on to get Daddy.  He had yet another doctor appointment to see how his surgery place is healing.  Yet again we went in to find out that it is not where the doctor thinks it should be.  He is giving it another two weeks then we will look to yet another surgery to open a huge spot and then a skin graft.  Poor Daddy was so disappointed with it all and I am scared to go down that road.  Please keep the good vibes heading his way.  I want him to get better so I can take him fishing!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Snow Pic's

 Check out the front step at the cabin.  We had to go and make sure everything was okay.  You can see how much snow there was around that tree. 

Just some perspective of the depths of the snow!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Remember When

Being snowed in has forced people to find stuff to do and my Aunt Gigi has been very busy uploading tons of old pictures.  I am so very happy because most I have never seen. 
My sis, Granny, Momma and me seated.   I am not sure what the shower is for but could be a bridal shower for Aunt Gigi or even me (we're only 4 years apart).   
This one is an awesome pic because it is of a time when not many pictures were taken.  We had moved back from living in Arkansas and were living most of the time at Grandma and Grandpa's on his Black Angus cattle ranch.  My father had been very ill and surgery to remove his thyroid with a benign tumor.  I have glimpses of memories of this time because during the week I was staying in town with the other set of grandparents, going to school and the rest of my family was at the ranch.  They would pick me up on Friday evenings and I would stay at the ranch on the weekends.  It was a rough time on the family so not many pictures.  This pic is of me, Bro and Sis.  The dog was Grandpa's but I can't remember the name.  The cat is Kitty Clover, my Aunt Gigi's from a litter of kittens we had in Arkansas.  Kitty Clover was the first in a line of other Kitty Clover's.  Remember the potato chips called Kitty Clover.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


A quick post today.  The youngest is pushing hard the music career so if you have a Facebook page you can follow her here at Sangster and she is on Twitter here at Sangster Songs.  Last night she debuted three of her own songs at an open mike in LA and hopefully, soon, an EP will follow.  When she gets some stuff on YouTube I'll post that too.  Thank you if you choose to follow her!  You have to at least have a look see to find out why the name Sangster Songs.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Scales & Men

First thing...I LOST WEIGHT!  I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 4 pounds!  I really wish it could be like a Biggest Loser loss of 10-15 pounds but I know realistically that is not realistic!  It took several years to put it on, slowly and it will take awhile to take it off.  I have to just stay focused and into the process.  Since this darned snowpocalypse thing and head cold I have not been able to work out like I'm used to.  Next week it will be back to the treadmill and onward!  I really would like to buy a treadmill for the house but The Hubby is not on board with it but I told him I might buy one for my room.  It could be very crowded in here but I might have to overrule him.  I don't think I'll pursue that issue until fall because with spring coming up I will be able to use the trainers and outside.  Maybe when we finish the add on that could be the exercise purchase we can make...fingers crossed. 

Did anyone watch Two and a Half Men on Monday night?  That show is one of our very favorite shows but... Charlie Sheen has been in the news for all of his partying and drugs and alcohol but Monday night he looked horrible.  He was gaunt and just weird.  You can tell it is effecting him on screen now.  It is so sad that he is living the character in his real life, really he is and we as American television watchers have a front row seat to see his slow demise and the end of a wonderful show.  He is not messing up his life, possibly to his death, but he is screwing his co-stars, John Cryer and Angus T. Jones.  The show is now on hiatus, too bad really.  Do you watch this show? 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Guess it was time I post this morning.  Today we are faced with yet another snow storm on the horizon.  I am SO done with winter at this point I can't even tell you.  My poor calendar has had to be rejuggled so many times it is not even funny.  First, no workout since last Monday.  I went today but because I'm sick with this darned head cold, well, it was a light workout.  Last week, because of the snow, I had to yet again cancel my massage and facial.  I have the worst luck with that and I so need it right now.  I have had to reschedule Daddy's doctor appointment, and my hair appointment, but luckily I was able to get in to have my mani and pedicure yesterday.  So I'm gray one more week - YIKES!  Yes that is getting a bit disturbing.  The snow has also canceled two art classes and two dance classes (no loss there for me) and a Weight Watcher weigh-in.  The schools here have been out an unprecedented 6 days with probably a couple more.  The mail has not run but twice at work and the house and my UPS guy has not delivered anything I have ordered:  a bridal gift, some books and art supplies.  Our trash finally got picked up yesterday and worst of all the wine rack has become empty.  I have to go to the liquor store STAT!  Spring can not come soon enough.  I'm actually verging on the point of MISERABLE!  Sorry this is a downer post but it is just how I am feeling right now!  Toodles all.  I'm smiling, I promise. 
Spring is around the corner. 
Spring is around the corner. 
Spring is around the corner. 
Spring is around the corner. 
Spring is around the corner. 
Spring is around the corner.


Monday, February 07, 2011

New Blog Site + More

It is 1:53 AM and here I sit in my chair typing a blog post.  You ask, "Why Jill, are you sitting in your chair typing a blog post at 1:53 AM."  I'll tell you why, because I am sick.  I have a cold, yet again.  I just had one a couple of months ago.  This one is a bit different, I can't breathe when I lay down and I can't make it better.  I'm exhausted, "Oh and Mr. W, you may not see me for a few days between this cold and YET ANOTHER ROUND OF SNOW!!!!!"  Oh my gosh (would love to say that differently but I am going to use nice terms), I want spring and summer, PLEASE!  I have got to get better and get out so I can work out.  I have a 5K to get ready for NEXT MONTH! 

No it is not me but the oldest girly, B.  She has started a new blog and direction for her crafting ventures.  Check out her new blog and title...Bifftastica !  Her latest creation is what to do with those greeting, birthday, anniversary, wedding cards that you just can't part with...check it out on Bifftastica!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Big Thaw

The Big Thaw has begun, but wait it is to only be a brief happening as more is expected today and Tuesday.  The Hubby insisted yesterday that we take the Jeep, my car out and try out the 4WD.  My poor Daddy has been home bound for his hip thing and I was worried about his driveway as the city had plowed right over the entrance.  Last time I checked his home health care nurse could not get to his house because of it.  So off we headed to see him.  Actually the highway was not too bad but the side streets were still in awful shape.  It was weird seeing all the abandoned cars along the roads, with piles of snow on them.  It will be summer before they are able to pull them out.  We arrived at Daddy's and his drive was opened up.  I just talked to him on the phone and said that is why we were coming down.  One of his hearing aids is on the fritz and he probably just heard we were coming.  No problem, he needed the company.  The Hubby got right to work cleaning his sidewalk, front step, and huge icicles off of his eaves around the house.  He also cleared the huge snow drift at his back door so he could open it if an emergency.  The neighbor across the street had already headed for the grocery for some milk so, our work was to visit.  We did go to the liquor store to get his box wine of sangria he loves so much at dinner.  I was to take him to the doctor tomorrow but he had me reschedule, afraid of moving out and about in the stuff. 

One of the main objectives to getting out was to go to Bass Pro Shop for me some tall wader-like boots, like The Hubby's.  My guess would be so that I could help him clear snow!  While moving that direction we caught some of the hills and sledding.  My the kids were having fun and this scene was played out all over the area.  I never thought I would say this, but it looked a bit fun. 

Finally, we got to Bass Pro Shop and after a bite of lunch the great hunt was on for the perfect boot.  My new fashion accessory, what do you think.  Actually, we passed by the women's clothing and I found a few cute things.  Who knew! 

Back to T-Town we were off to the empty-shelved grocery store and the masses of people.  Our neighbors are in their 80's and we had an extensive list for their needs too.  The parking lot was CRAZY!  The Hubby dropped me at the door and I started the big hunt.  He came in after parking and we started to fill our separate lists of stuff.  There were a lot of empty shelves but really it wasn't too awful bad.  People, people, people but you know, everyone was very nice and I think glad to be OUT and about.  At check out The Hubby took the neighbors stuff and I took ours.  Didn't take a lot of time and we were on our way.  Going to the parking lot all of a sudden one of my eyes started having the funny shapes of light, uh oh, migraine!  By the time we made the 7 minute drive home my head was starting to hurt.  Quick, Ibuprofen and caffeine, my granny's recipe for relief! 

Later in the evening the pain has subsided but this morning I'm thinking I have a sinus infection.  It happens every time there is snow and they start the sanding and salt.  I think there is something in the mixture that sets me off.  Crazy.  Netti pot here I come. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Blissful Sound of Running Water...

 It is 5 am (6 by the time I finish writing this) Saturday morning.  Ahhh, getting to sleep in on a Saturday morning.  All week long during this snowpocalypse The Hubby has kept up the usual habit of up at 5 am, his and my usual routine.  Clayton though had other plans so up at 5 I go into the kitchen to feed him and then back to bed.  I walked down the hallway and think hmmm, that's an unusual sound.  Must be the ice maker is acting up and filling.  I walk past the ice maker and the sound is not coming from it.  The sound is usually a blissful sound of running water, but, not during a blizzard.  I went to the end of the house, the laundry room and I hear water running.  I opened the cabinet under the sink to not see water running out.  Thank goodness but I hear water running.  I usher Clayton out his doggie door and quickly get his food ready and then rush back into the bedroom to announce, "I think we have a broken water pipe."  He jumps out of bed and goes to the laundry room to check out the running water sound.  I have grabbed my house shoes and robe by then and go out into the garage just sure there would be water in there or seeping through the side door, nothing.  Here he comes all dressed in his winter garb, wadding boots, snow cap and flashlight in hand.  The garage door goes up and he disappears around the side of the house.  I stand and wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Finally, I duck back inside where it is a tad warmer and I hear, WHAT, no water running sound.  Here he comes.  "The strangest thing," he says, "the faucet was turned on and running."  We are absolutely bumfuzzled by this.  The old tap outside has a weird finicky kind of valve so maybe the frozen ice shifted it on!?  At least it is off and was NOT a broken pipe.  I was just scared to death by the prospects of trying to get Frank The Plumber over here to fix it. 

Yesterday, to add insult to injury Old Man Winter decided to dump another 4-5 inches on top of the 14 inches we already have on the ground.  Oh man it was just beautiful...
This picture is looking out to the main street and that is the road in front of our house, somewhere...
The Hubby came and picked me up yesterday for our usual lunch at Bangkok Buffet, I was a happy person.  He called them and they said they were open.  I getting rather tired of my own cooking.
A good many restaurants are closed and the grocery store shelves have been depleted of their wares.  We haven't had a newspaper since Monday and yesterday it was announced they would finally be printing and delivering one.  My Tuesday edition, I think, is out there somewhere, buried. 

It is time this beautiful white stuff LEAVE. 

I'm ready for Hammock Girl

Friday, February 04, 2011

Under The Tuscan Sun

To chase all the cold and dreary blah's away I have decided to watch one of my very favorite movies, Under The Tuscan Sun.  I chose this movie because of, One, the word sun in the title, and, Two, of the fact that the movie exudes warmth and renewal, at least for me.  I watch the movie and sometimes wish I could start over, but not without The Hubby mind you, but us together, maybe retirement!!!!!  Maybe not start over but a change of life.  The place, Tuscany just makes my happy.  I have never been to Italy and am not sure I could tackle some of the high places like in the movie, but oh my gosh the beauty I could do for sure.  I am hoping that the next European vacation we can take will be to the Tuscany area.  Stunning.  Could be the red wine I'm drinking and the need to be very, very far away from this snow, but I am enjoying this movie immensely.  This movie is about growth, change, life and love.  I am for all of these things.  What do you think.  I may have to watch this movie a few more times in the next few days.  A ray of sunshine coming through my television is just what I need.  Think I'll go give my husband a wonderful kiss!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still Snowed In

I can't remember ever being snowed in this long, wow.  I have lots to do so there is no problem for me to stay put, but The Hubby is getting a bit stir crazy.  I need to remember to go out and start the car sometimes so the battery doesn't go dead.  I'm watching KOTV News on 6 this morning, local news and they are showing a live shot from their helicopter of the airport.  The shot is of a flight taking off, SW Airlines to St. Louis.  Apparently, SW Air is the only airline flying here right now.  There have been other flights scheduled but have been canceled.  Wow, the city, no this part of the nation is just shut down.  The Hubby did go into the shop yesterday because he just couldn't stand it and to get a shovel.  Apparently he had taken all of our shovels to the shop and we had to make a path for little Clayton to do his business besides right out the back door.  He's about had it too because his walks have ceased and that is just confusing him.  He sits and cries at The Hubby in the evening ready to walk.  It's weird that we have kept the business shut down but there is no way that our vans could manage these roads, the neighborhoods with the snow drifts and ice.  Our business is not a life saving business, unless there is no power and we can help, but this storm is not causing that problem this time.  Our guys are quite content to stay home, thank goodness.  I called Daddy this morning to check on him and woke him up.  Wow!  But he was up till about 3 this morning doing I don't know what, probably Farkle!  His home health care nurse can't get to him and he NEEDS her today.  Monday is another doctor appointment but I think that will be rescheduled.  I'm not going anywhere!  Poor Daddy, the snow plows have plowed in front of his house and he said the drive has a 3 foot wall in front of it.  OOPS!  Someone, Bro, Bro-in-law, nephew will  have to shovel that up for sure. 

Dang it...the phone just reminded me I had a massage and facial scheduled for today.  Well, that was canceled yesterday.  Boo-Hoo!

I have been busy though through all of this.  I finished a painting and got another one blocked in:


blocked in -  

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pen Pals

First snow pic's:

While reading my many blog friends from Google Reader I had a thought.  It is that my bloggy friends are my pen pals.  Most don't live close but we communicate via the written word still.  Did I ever tell you that I have a pen pal.  I have had this pen pal since 1972, yes that is 39 years.  OH MY GOSH!  I had not realized that.  Najam was originally from Pakistan but has lived in Canada for probably 20+ years now.  He is married with two beautiful grown daughters.  We don't necessarily write often anymore but we are Facebook friends and keep in contact there.  I love to write letters and keep in contact with many people with written, hand written letters.  My friends may not write back but that is okay, I really don't mind.  I think the written letter or note is very special and appreciated.  I don't expect a letter back but love it when they do arrive.  Actually, I love mail, whether it is the clunk from the mailman dropping mail through the slot or "You've Got Mail", I love mail.  When I was a child (amazing where this ramble has gone) I remember saving the box tops off of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal for a Tony The Tiger spoon.  Momma helped me put my collection and I think a quarter, as we taped it to a piece of paper, into an envelope and send it off.  I checked that mailbox every single day waiting and wondering when the spoon would arrive.  When it finally came I was beyond excited.  It came in a box and was the most special thing I owned.  I don't know what happened to that spoon.  Ever since that time I have waited in anticipation for the mail to arrive, even if it is bills.  I wait for a card or letter or note from someone and sometimes it happens, out of the blue.  My day is complete. 

One time after a harrowing legal thing I wrote a note of thanks to the lawyer who helped us save our business and our sanity.  About 6 months later we had a company Christmas party and invited him to the BBQ lunch.  He arrived and gave me a huge bear hug and then produced out of his inside jacket pocket a well handled envelope, the thank you note I had written.  He said he had never received a thank you note for his work.  He carried that note with him every day.  See you can make a difference in a persons life with just a quick note. 

Do you write letters?  Do you or have you ever had a pen pal?  Do you ever just write notes for no reason?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow, Dinner and The Toilet

Yup, doing a double post today.  I've pre-written a couple but since the weather is playing a huge part in my life right now...It is quite beautiful this early, early morning and I'm happy to be all safe and warm at home today.  The Hubby is being a real hard headed guy this morning.  He is pretty determined that he can go work out at Hillcrest (not going to be open!) and then on to the office (where none of our guys are going to be there).  For gosh sakes we can not even see the road out in front of our house for the blowing stuff and the pile up.  He will drive me a bit crazy stuck inside but at least I know he will be safe, if I can keep him in!

Last night I suggested that we go out to dinner before the blizzard hit and so we finally got to Polo Grill to enjoy dinner, a belated anniversary dinner.  Delicious.  I was told by friends that the escargot was a great appetizer so we tried it, wonderful.  The had marinated olives that were delicious along with some designer kinds of breads.  I had a bowl of lobster bisque soup that made me swoon.  I told The Hubby that if I was sick that is what I wanted him to bring me.  Oh my gosh a bowl of heaven.  Then we both got an entree of salmon something.  I wasn't too impressed with mine but it was a nice evening.  We told the waiter about us trying to eat there for our anniversary on a Sunday to find the doors closed and he asked how long we had been married.  We asked him to guess, 14 - 15 years...hmmm, we laughed.  He was being nice I'm sure as we told him 35 years.  He surprised us with glasses of champagne on the house with some chocolate bits.  Nice meal, well it would be if I could have kept it down.  I don't know if I had a bit of stomach virus, a bought with gall bladder or again a sensitivity to salmon but the toilet and I were friends last night.  Oh my gosh, that expensive dinner and it went swirling last night.  I also had a fever or something and sweat my but off too.  Hungry this AM but not sure I'm putting anything back in for a bit.  Not a good way to diet I must say. 


February at National Blog Posting Month the theme is Character.  Hmmm, have to think about that one.  First I went to Google and typed in the word.  I know the definition but just kind of wanted a reference to the word.  Then I opened the dusty file cabinet in my brain to think about the word.  I've used the word often to describe a person, "He's quite a character", or a subject on a TV show or movie.  Character, to me means a person has character, is true, honorable, honest, with courage, etc.  I like that term.  The NaBloPoMo website suggests you could write about character in several ways: 
  • The people in your life who stand out in regard to their outstanding (or lack of) character
  • Experiences in your life that have helped you build moral character, and the work you might still need to do.  It's a chance to try writing in character -- try on different personas and voices for fun, or to address things you might not normally talk about
  • Character is another word for a letter or symbol, if you feel like it's finally time to indulge in some font nerdery
Hopefully, the month of February I will try to at least write one such post that hits somewhere in that list.