Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Positive Wins


Good morning...yes that is me and yes I am positive, positive of mind, positive I love my life and family, and positive with COVID!  DAMMIT!!!!!

After 3 days of testing, third time was the charm.  Did I really think living in the house with a covid person that I would not get it, I wasn't that lucky.  Honestly it feels like a viral thing I usually get in the fall, in the back of my throat kind of thing.  I sound like Froggy from The Little Rascals.  Reminds me of B&B's wedding when I couldn't speak.  I think though I did have symptoms last Thursday like The Hubby but mine were not a scratchy throat or sniffle, that came later.  Mine were diarrhea and nausea.  And in fact those continued to yesterday.  Yesterday my tummy just hurt, hurt, hurt and I wanted to go to the little girls room badly but couldn't.  My tummy roiled and roiled, over and over and HURT!  Yesterday I ate a part of a bowl of soup and crackers for lunch, that is all I could handle.  Last night about 9 pm it finally stopped and I was hungry.  I ate a spoonful of peanut butter because I knew I would wake up in the middle of the night starving.  

The Hubby and I did a video chat with the PA in our doctors office and she prescribed Paxlovid for us and we started that yesterday too.  What I have to say about that is YUCK!  It leaves a strange taste in your mouth.  She said it would be metallic but is not what I would call it.  It doesn't last long after you take the pills, I can handle it.  So 5 days of paxlovid and the weekend we will head to the cabin where we will quarantine even more, but me to my beloved screened porch in 85+ temps!!!  I have threatened to go there this week because I noticed yesterday that it was getting warm in the house.  Yup, the A/C is on the fritz.  Great, JUST GREAT!!!  Since we are in construction we know peeps and called our guy who sent someone out but the guy hardly even wanted to walk up the driveway because we have covid.  He check stuff outside and pronounced it working.  Huh, really.  Last night the thermometer started it's way up, up, up and was at 77 degrees at bedtime.  Wonderful.  The Hubby went to the garage where the inside unit sits and opened the closet, which the guy would not do and low and behold the coil is frozen.  He turned it off for awhile to let it thaw and you could hear ice falling through the vents.  Back on and I slept pretty well but it was starting the freeze thing again.  That kid will HAVE to come back and if not I'm off to the cabin, back on Thursday or Friday to do payroll and invoicing.  Perfect timing.  

Monday, July 25, 2022

Negative vs Positive

Good Monday Morning.  Am I really doing this again on a Monday morning, well, yes I am.  It has been a quiet weekend around here.  The plan on Friday was to have Snicklefritz all weekend with us as Af was having her girls weekend at the cabin.  Snicklefritz came and we had a nice Friday evening watching television and just hanging out.  Saturday morning I was up at 5 am, as is usual and I went outside to enjoy the early morning somewhat cooler temperatures.  It was honestly very pleasant even though we don't have a "screened" porch like the cabin.  I fight the mosquitos the minute I walk out the door but I have a thing called a Thermocell I light up and it certainly helps.  I told The Hubby this spring that if he wasn't willing to put in a swimming pool I would like to at least have one of those mosquito systems.  Do I have one yet, NO!  Back to what was about to happen.  As the sun rose I heard The Hubby awake inside getting his coffee and breakfast and he popped out to ask me to wake Snicklefritz so they could go to the flea market.  I got her up, fed her breakfast and dressed then I was back outside to read and journal.  She joined me waiting for him all ready to go.  All of a sudden he popped his head out the sliding door with a mask on and said, "I'm positive."  Well, just SHIT!  I immediately texted Snicklefritz's momma and said come get her.  I then went in to test myself.  Hmmm, I tested negative.  As the day ran on I stayed outside and finished my book and just enjoyed the patio while he sat inside on his laptop and watched television.  I wore my mask inside as did he and we avoided each other.  

Later in the evening I wanted to fix something different, something I've never done before.  I fixed beef short ribs.  I of course did my research on how to cook them and found you cook much like a pot roast.  OMG, so yummy!  I served them over a plate of buttered noodles and he loved it.  When done I filled his plate and he took it in the front dining room and ate and I ate in the kitchen.  He also slept in the front guest bedroom.  
Beef Short Ribs

Yesterday I again got up early and went outside to wake up with the sun.  Nothing much changed but I did fix him breakfast and I told him to just sit at the table.  We went through the day much like before.  I forgot that Saturday he did go into the office to work on invoicing because it is the end of the month and we need to get that out.  I will go in sometime this week and type, Friday is payroll.  He texted our employees and told them he would be in the office masked, but if they needed to come in to mask and just step in the door.  If they really needed him to call his cell.  As yesterday dragged on I began to feel not great.  My head was like full and felt like a head cold but I not to drippy, almost allergy feeling and I could explain that away because I've been spending so much time outside.  Yesterday afternoon I tested again and again it is negative.  This morning, I feel worse, in my head worse only.  I'm going to test again with another brand and we will see but I can almost bet it will be positive.  We'll see.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Monday Blues

Good morning all.  Monday morning and the hamster wheel never ends.  Just feels like every day, every week is the same over and over again.  I'm not sure I like routine yet here I am stuck in a routine, a RUT.  Work, paint, dishes, cook, grocery lists, laundry, same television every day, every night...I think I have Monday Blues today.

Well, Saturday, since the girls have the next two weekends at the cabin I painted.  I finished this one I started in June.  The photo I snapped isn't great, and as I look I think I'm going to fix a little problem on it even though it is signed.  It got rave reviews on FB and I may have even sold it.
"Oklahoma Sunset"
9x12 oil on linen

Friday evening was dinner with my siblings and their spouses.  It was fun but Sis, God I do love her but there is a reason I don't do this often.  She is a complainer and griper.  The food didn't taste right, it was too expensive, blah, blah, blah.  I intended to have the waiter take our photo of us all together and forgot.  Hopefully we can do it next time.  

My hit meal this past week was this shrimp dish.  It's a twist on the feta-tomato bake.  I did the usual of feta cheese, tomatoes and olive oil (I used the lemon olive oil I love), pepper and Italian seasoning.  You can use whatever seasonings you might like.  I baked it for a bit at 400 degrees to get the cheese beginning to melt then added the asparagus for a bit to get tender then the shrimp.  The shrimp doesn't take long to cook.  Once out then I stirred it up and we ate this delicious meal.  

I also had peaches and made a peach pie for The Hubby which is his favorite.  He is really ticking me off with HIS not eating carbs though and most of this pie has sat uneaten.  I know, I know, he's eating better and I am too.  I am totally good with that.
Several people are telling me I should write a cookbook and that has definitely crossed my mind on occasion.  I certainly have a lot of recipes in my head that I create and it would be fun.  Maybe I should keep a notebook in the kitchen as I create and write them down. 

Thursday, July 07, 2022

It's A ..........

 It's a 


Coming in January 2023

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

4th of July, Food and Babies

Lots to get to this Tuesday morning after the 4th!  First is FOOD.  This past Wednesday I was at a loss for a meal idea and started rummaging around in the deep freeze (yes that is what is was called when I was young and still is in my mind) and ran across two lobster tails purchased a few months ago on sale.   I was going to do the usual in the oven thing but started googling and found this:  

Of course I had to tweek it a bit with what I had on hand but OMG was it delicious, especially on the frozen spinach I had.  In fact The Hubby said a couple of days later that he was still thinking of the meal!  SCORE!  It was so incredibly easy and I think easy enough to cook for a small dinner party, plus it was fast.  

DEFINITELY going to be making these again and again.

We scooted off to the cabin for the 4th, not my favorite weekend for previous dangerous reasons.  Read one of my reasons here  https://crbh-ruminations.blogspot.com/2008/07/here-we-go.html

It was a stunning and HOT weekend but I really didn't mind too much.  I usually sit in my screened porch till I just need to go in to cool off for a bit, but I'm back out when it is tolerable again.

Hopefully I'll get a painting out of one of these photos.
We had a friend that kept hopping in during the day under the bird feeders. He was so tiny.
Then B and Snicklefritz came to visit overnight and watch the fireworks show.  She is growing up so very fast.

Plus there is grandbaby news! They are expecting in early January a new addition and we couldn't be more happy and overjoyed.