Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hats and Pumpkins

Oh goodness the past week or so has been rough and fun.  This STUPID head cold is taking its toll I can tell you.  I don't feel bad, just tired and absolutely no fever, but a LOT of coughing.  Plus it was pretty contagious I think because this little darling had it, her momma, her granddad, me and now her Aunt Biff and Snicklefritz.  Good GRIEF!!!  At least she is completely well now but the rest of us are still the snot factory galore and coughing up a lung or two.  
I watched this little one just about all day on Saturday and we had great fun.  I was making her Aunt Biff this hat for a Halloween costume and showed it to her.  She immediately wanted to wear it.  I would have bet she would not have wanted that.  She's definitely opinionated about all kinds of stuff, but she wanted to.  Goodness it was cute, big on her, but cute.  So I sat about making her one in her size.  It was a fast pattern and she loved the hat.  
I then watched her on Sunday morning till about 1:30 while her momma was singing in the church choir, her job.  We watched Little Bear, ate lunch, colored and just enjoyed our time together.  

I'm ready to be over this cold now and finally felt like going back to the studio yesterday.  Pumpkins were on my mind to paint so I sketched this out and began.
Thought I would go back today but the office beckons me back there since it's the end of the month and we've got to get invoicing out.  Maybe tomorrow to finish.
I like it so far but have a bit to do.  MAYBE it will be finished just in time for Halloween.

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