Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ultrasound update

Just as I thought....everything is NORMAL!!! I'm NORMAL.....


Since my appointment was early this AM I decided I would not be able to squeeze workout in, but I did plan on at least catching an extra 30 minutes of shut-eye.  That didn't happen, at least the extra sleep, and I needed it after last night.  My allergies don't bother me until I doze off to sleep and wakeup coughing from the flim very early in night-night time.  So last nights sleep was not good and the bladder didn't cooperate nor did Clayton.  He wanted to be petted and loved after The Hubby fixed his breakfast.  Rats...just get up and get on with the day. 

The Imaging Center wanted me to arrive 30 minutes early and drink 32 ounces of water for my ultrasound of the "female" region.  I waddled in 20 minutes early, sloshing as I went.  The place is nice and seems to run very efficently.  I brought my new book to read, The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi but only managed to read the prologue.  I paid my $500 deductible (ouch) and was very shortly ushered into the ultrasound room by a darling young lady.  She was the nicest thing and just lovely.  In fact I told her she looked like the actress Heather Tom from The Bold & The Beautiful (before playing Victoria on The Young and The Restless.)  I was ready to get on with the picture taking so I could get rid of coffee and 32 ounces of water.  She then informed me that because of the spotting that they wanted to do the internal ultrasound so that I could empty the bladder!  WHAT!  She questioned me a bit more and then decided to do a quick look-see before the emptying.  What a relief when I was able to "let it go."  ......(excuse me...all this talk of full bladder and I have to run.......BRB)..................................... okay, I'm back.  As I lay on the table she shows me the ultrasound probe that was sheathed in a glorified condom with gel...lovely.  The technician probed and probed and I could tell that the coffee and water were making a comback...a little uncomfortable.  She suggested that I empty again which I complied.  Back on the table, probe reinserted she began the look-see again.  Then, with probe still inside she wanted to do the topside ultrasound to try and find my ovaries.  I suggested that that they may have dried up and she said that wasn't such a bad thing.  First good feel about the whole thing I had.  Finally, the test and picture taking was done and I was on my way.  I went to the little girls room again, then stopped at the house for another visit and get my bowling ball for tonight and then to office where I've made a visit there too.  In the mornings, on a normal day, my bladder gives me a run for my money. 

So this afternoon or tomorrow I am expecting a phone call from the doc!  Wish me luck that everything is all shriveled nicely and I can go on with this menopause thing. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Unlike BIlly Joel's popular song, I NEED pressure!!!   Since Saturday we have been battling the need for water pressure at the house.  Of course it wasn't a problem for me until Sunday when I came home from the cabin but now it is a problem.  Yesterday we were hoping it would be better and attributed it to the road construction around our neighborhood.  Getting ready for the work yesterday I opted to not shower since I had one the night before at the cabin but using the "facilities", well, that is a issue.  It takes at least 2-3 flushes to dispense let alone do a load of laundry or dishes.  My sink is quickly filling up and my laundry is to the point of overflowing.  Last night while getting dinner ready I went next door to see if the neighbors were having issues too, just to make sure it wasn't just us.  Indeed they all are in the same dry boat as we are.  The city water department told them there was a break and it would be 8 hours.  That was at 8:30 am.  The  neighbor across the street was told that it would be back at 8:30 p.m.  This morning The Hubby called the city and sat on hold for 30 minutes to find out that there were 3 breaks, unexpected and unrelated to the road construction.  They told him it would be 24 to 36 hours!!!!  WHAT!  I had to pack up my clothes from workout this morning and come to the shop and take a shower.  Not good.  I am getting very, very perturbed with the whole situation.  I put a roast in the crockpot this morning and it took me nearly 5 minutes to fill it with water.  NOT GOOD!  Enough is absolutely enough.  Let's get it together "city" and fix it ASAP.  I need to flush!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hanging of The Bras

The weekend is over.  The Hanging of The Bras weekend 2009 is done.  Whew!  What a weekend with my girlfriends.  We had a couple of last minute cancellations, one whose grandson was being rushed to the hospital with swine flu and pnemonia.  We we very concerned but found out late yesterday that he was better and being transfered to a regular room from from the ICU.  Very, very scary stuff.  We couldn't have asked for a better weekend weather wise.  It was just fantastic cool weather and so nice that the windows and doors stayed open all weekend long.  When I first arrived, a few hours early, I used the time to enjoy the day with a ride on the golf cart down to the creek.  The water was way up because of all the rain, so much so that I couldn't get down to the boat dock because the road was under water. 

This used to be the road to the creek till the rains in spring washed it away.  The water is so much deeper now. 
The ride took me to a sight, thousands, I said thousands of dragonflies were swarming around the shallow water by the road.  I tried to take pictures but they would not land anywhere.  It was a sight to see blue, orange, brown and green dragonflies everywhere.  My first thought was to get on of the ladies that was coming there as soon as possible because she collects dragonfly anything.  She would love it.  Unfortunately, by the time they arrived there were only a few left.  Saturday we took a ride down there to see if they were back but there weren't many.  We looked and looked but it was for naught.

The whole weekend was spent bonding and talking and confiding with each other about our joys and sadnesses.  We talked about why blue whales have such a large penis and that it is sheathed in a special sac or it would drown because it is so large.  Hmmm... That elephants can't thrust during sex because it would kill the female but that their special member actually thrusts itself.  All this was learned from reading Reader's Digest.  I do believe I need to re-look a subscription to that little magazine.  Then another talked about how whales turn sideways and do the deed, sort of a drive-by mating.  We discussed vibrators and the need whether you are married or not and that the use does not have to be alone but integrated in the marriage.  Hmmm.  One friend told of cleaning out her daughters old room when they were moving and finding a vibrator amoung the left stuff.  We talked about the H1N1 flu and the Swine flu and I was amazed that some of them did not know that they were one in the same and that if you get a flu shot this fall you will need two, H1N1/Swine and the regular flu shot.  We talked about alcoholic parents and spouses, marriages and the possible demise of one of the ladies on union.  It was a rather sad subject and very fresh for her but we were there for her.  We had a really interesting weekend full of all kinds of stuff.  That's what it's all about, isn't it. 

One last picture of a small mushroom I found just outside the screen door in the flowerbed. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Times

I feel like I have abandoned my bloggy friends.  I have not commented enough nor have I blogged enough but my life lately has been in absolute overdrive.  I seem to be constantly running with hardly a time to think about anything.  I haven't read a book and I'm finding it hard to sit down long enough to work on my art.  I hope it all slows down a bit, soon.  This week I finished yet another art project. YEAH!  Now I am in a frantic mode to draw something for the next project.  I went to the doctor for my "yearly" this week and I left not feeling too good.  You see, I had my last offical lady thing June 2008, but July, August and this week, September, it decided to hint at a return.  I told her about it and she said that I need an untrasound to rule out ...... "CANCER"...... Excuse me.  I know it is nothing and that I could just still be in the phase of my life but did she have to say that to my face, like that!  I don't think so.  The only kind of cancer that is my family is lung and prostate and one of those is, well not something I should worry about.  This has kind of bumbed me out a bit but I know I'm fine.  I have been in great health and feel great, except for my backache when I sleep too long, past 5:30 am in the morning.  So Wednesday morning I load up my bladder and try to drive in my little bumpy Miata to the ultrasound and have the test.  The last ultrasound I had was 25 years ago when I was pregnant with "A".  I will keep everyone posted.

This weekend is the 3rd annual "Hanging of The Bras".  My old friends from Jazzercise come the cabin and we laugh, drink, eat, laugh, sleep, laugh, and enjoy the bonds of friendship we have made.  I need to get off this computer and get my stuff packed.  I still need to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store and make time to have lunch with The Hubby.  Stay tuned for some of the wonderful pics from our weekend.  Toodles all and have a wonderful weekend...Oh, check out the latest pic "B" took in the office the other day.  My hair is really getting longer, thank goodnes.  I've been growing it for 1-1/2 years now. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today I become the mother of a 30 year old.  Hey, I am NOT that old...wait, I guess I am.  Happy Birthday to my oldest, "B"... Happy 30th...

Yes that is a butter bowl on her head.  She used to wear it all the time.  I think we still have it in a box somewhere.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Check out the art blog...look right...for new stuff.......

Monday, September 21, 2009


First I preface this post with the confessing I have had nearly a bottle of red wine tonight, Rosso to be exact.....

Yes I'm writing about testosterone here.  I have too much testosterone in my system.  It goes along with going through menopause and the lessening of female hormones.  Today, I went to the Skin Care Institute yet again for another round of laser hair removal.  This was not on my legs or armpits or neither regions but on my face.  Yes, my moustache and chin hairs.  ARGHHHH!!!!!  My great grandmother had a very full white moustache, in fact a Fu Man Chu kind of thing going and I vow not to have that.  I have told my girls that if I die and they choose not to cremate me and people are looking at my body that they are to tweeze me or I will haunt them.  I hate this!  It is just not fair.  I have dealt with an abundance of hair on my legs, arms and brows most of my life to find that my hair is thinning and the chin and moustache are growing thick.  I have been several times now to get rid of the stuff and it is a little, well, it hurts sort of.  An hour before I arrive at the office I have to apply a numbing cream to my face, chin, lip and lower cheeks to prepare for the OUCH!  J calls me back and I lay on the table, don the protective glasses......excuse me...I digress................................lots of wine...............oh...don the protective glasses, and then we're off.  The little wand thing, (I don't look so imagine) begins the zapping...OUCH, OUCH..OUCH!  I am grinding my teeth so much that the thought of taking Advil crosses my mind.  Just as quickly as it started it was over.  Really it wasn't bad and the zapping/hurting was just as quick as the zap.  I made yet another appointment in another 6 weeks or the temporary pain and hopefully that will be the the last one.  Do you think the testosterone driven black hair on my face has given up the fight and retreats forever!  I do!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Function and more.

The family function yesterday was a wonderful success.  I fixed spaghetti, salad, bread and a few appetizers for the crew which was eaten heartily.  I did cheat a bit on the spaghetti sauce as I used the jarred Paul Newman's brands.  I mix the different ones and then add browned hamburger meat.  I put it in the crockpot and it simmered all day long.  YUMMY!  Like last year I picked up a Tres leche cake at the local Reasors and there are only two pieces left.  The most delish cake ever.  Anyway the evening was fun with lots of chatter, laughter and good family fun.  I got to hold and try to calm the sleepy new great nephew of 2 months, that was great fun.  "A" called from California just in time to talk to everyone here.  She will be home for Thanksgiving and I can't wait.  Thinking I'm going to be doing Turkey Day at the cabin with us and the MIL and BIL and his partner.  Nice and quiet and in the country.  I like that and it reminds me of Thanksgiving so many years ago in Jay when we would go to my Greatgranny's and Momma would load the car with all the fixin's for the turkey and creamed corn.  Oh this should be fun. 

"A" has been asking that her Daddy, The Hubby please get all the old VHS tapes of the family and put them on DVD's.  Well, yesterday he got a contraption from Radio Shack and hooked it up to his computer and began to play.  I was in my room next door playing Farm Town when I heard the unmistakable sound of my mother's voice.  I jumped up and ran into the other room and there on the screen was Momma.  Then there popped up my grandpa and Uncle Wayne and his son Matthew, all gone now.  Wow, I don't know if I can watch these movies but I so want to.  It will have to be with a full box of tissues by my side as I relive the memories of days gone bye.  Last night I caught a glimpse of one when "A" was 2 months old with "B" running around the camera trying to get her mug on the screen, a green jealeous monster rearing its ugly head.  She was trying to get her sister to smile at her yet was very concerned when I put "A" on the couch on her tummy and didn't think I was watching her.  Sweet. 

I almost forgot.  Yesterday was the first time to introduce little Clayton to the family and he was awesome.  He was so excited to see everyone and the 5 year old nephew was pretty excited to see him.  Clayton was in everyone's lap kissing but not too bad and just giving some good lap time.  He was so good and by then end of the evening was exhausted after playing with the nephew.  Towards the end of the evening he went missing and I got concerned only to find him hiding and trying to sleep in his little daytime bed.  Poor thing slept like a log last night and didn't even rise until 7:30 this morning.  WOW!  He was tired.  What a great dog.
Well, better hit the road and visit my Daddy today.  Want to paint but I haven't seen him in a bit so off I go.  The house is clean, dishes done, all my clothes put away so I have time to play today.  May do a bit of shopping too as I got rid of a bunch of clothes too.  Toodles all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday ramblings

What is that glowing stuff coming in through my window this morning.  Oh my the sun.  It has rained her for so many days that I'm growing moss on the sides of my legs.  I know fall is here but I still need the sun.  Today I must prepare for the family gathering.  The house is clean but I still need to make my bed and get a shower in sometime.  This morning I promised myself that I would catch up on some of the many blogs posts that piled up in my reader and I have done that.  The Hubby left for the cabin for a meeting and will be back in time for the dinner so I have the house to myself, again.  I love it when that happens.  I'm making spaghetti for the dinner tonight and my friend suggested that I get it ready and they let it simmer in a crockpot all day long and it will have the next day taste.  She also suggested (she does this) that I get another crockpot and about an hour before serving put the cooked pasta in it after adding a touch of olive oil and water and the noodles will be perfect and hot.  I may try that too.  Would save time for me to paint this morning. 

More on Clayton.  You may get tired of me yaking it up about our little guy but he is just adorable and we love him so already and it is really obvious that he is in love with us.  He is such a good little dog and all my fears have been laid to rest about adopting him.  I was so fearful and worried but he has just become so much a part of our lives that I would be heartsick without him.  He loves to be in our laps and just have our touch. 

Isn't he just precious. 

Friday, September 18, 2009


TGIF....wait, it doesn't mean the work, it means the week is over.  I am glad the week is over, actually the past two weeks.  I have run myself to death and I'm a little tired, but it is a good tired.  I feel good.  I also got to sleep in until 7:30 and that is a big improvement over 4:45 AM.  Yes, I finally feel good again after a year of ick.  I have amped up my workouts with trainer "W" to three days a week, in a row and I can surely feel it but it is a good ache.  It feels like I am finally making headway again into the weight loss/ship-shape world.  The bowling started again and I'm doing pretty good with that too.  My art classes have also ramped up again and that is a rush except I'm finding it hard to squeeze a minute or two into painting.  My busy schedule with work and all is also affecting my blogging world and that just can't happen.  I will have to spend Sunday, all day playing catch up on my reader that is full to bursting.  Sorry everyone if I have not been around but I will get there.  It is fall now, at least this next week and I feel the urge to get rid of stuff, change the closet around and just kind of a "fall cleaning" instead of spring.  This is also being pushed into over-drive today because tomorrow I am having The Hubby's family over for dinner (15 of us) for a spaghetti dinner.  YIKES!  The guest room bed and floor has become my closet as of late and that HAS to be addressed, TODAY!  The house will be cleaned today with help from my friend so I can concentrate on the "closet".  Since the meal is simple I won't visit the store until tomorrow probably.  I have to get my grocery list together first and I have to find time to concentrate on it so I don't miss a thing.  I'm a little antsy with the family coming over with our new addition to the family.  There is a new great-nephew along with his brother and girly cousin.  My fear is not that Clayton will be good, it is that the kids will be good to him and not accidently let him out.  He doesn't necessarily come when he calls very well yet.  He is also so very friendly that he wants to be in your face to love you and I don't want him to "love-attack" my MIL either.  I am just a worrier, face it. 

The purpose for the dinner tomorrow is two-fold.  First it is to celebrate the month of September birthdays of our SIL, MIL and most important B's 30th birthday.  OH MY GOSH!  I am actually going to have a 30 year.  That is very surreal to me as most of the time I feel 30.  The second part is that The Hubby's side of the family has been a little disjointed as of late and it has always been my job to get us together and keep us together.  We've had the BIL retiring and moving with wife back to Oklahoma.  The MIL has moved into the Montereau Retirement place and there has been the new addition to the family, great-nephew.  We have not been at a family gathering, all together in a long time and I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a challenge.  I miss the family.  So tomorrow we all we be here, probably minus the SIL as she already gave her regrets the minute I sent out the invite two months ago...I'm being mean but we'll see.

Today is also going to be a very, very sad day for me as I am losing a dear and very old friend.  I told The Hubby and B that at 2 pm today I do not want to be disturbed in anyway as I will be plopped down in front of the television to watch the final day of Guiding Light.  I know, I know I have harped on this but you have to understand that it is like a family to me as it has been a part of my life my entire life.  It is, was a last link between my mother and I.  Yes, I figured out part of my sadness on this and I have a feeling it will be the same for my Daddy.  I have watched this show everyday without fail for the past month and this week I have cried every single day.  Today will be no exception as an era is ending and I don't think people really realize that.  It is a link for a lot of people.  Today is for my Momma!

Toodles all and hopefully I'll get to commenting this weekend for everyone. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vet Day

Yes it was Vet Day today but it was really veternarian day today for little Clayton.  It was a big day for him.  I made the appointment at the vet that his previous owner took him too and so today, off we went.  He was in need of his shots, nail clipping, etc.  The doc gave him his shots, weighed him and then took him in the other room to clip his nails AND to empty his anal sacs.  ICK!  You know I have had dogs all my life but that is one thing that I have never known that needed to be done and after a little research have found out that there is a bit of debate whether it should be done or not.  Some vets say that if the dogs scoot their butts on the ground or chew then they might not need to have it done and will have rectified (LOL) the situation themselves.  Well, I say if you are going to rectify that little situation on my vintage rug you will be trotted right off to the vet to have it DONE FOR YOU!  Definitely a learning day today for Clayton.  Oh, and the vet also decided that he needed to have his teeth cleaned and my experience before is that they knock the animal out to have it done.  I watched as he had a tech hold Clayton and he proceeded to clean his teeth with no anthestitic, scrapping and scratching.  He was a good boy.  Tonight when I returned home from bowling Clayton was glad to see me but he was definitely subdued and he seems to be either embarrassed or even in pain.  You know when I get my teeth cleaned sometimes I have to take some Advil or something if it was a little rough so that could be the problem.  He also could be embarrassed by having his butt squeezed, I would!  Hopefully tomorrow he will be better after a good nights rest.  Poor little guy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Losing too many.

Getting ready for bed last night I checked my emails and any late breaking news to hear the sad news of Patrick Swayze losing his battle with cancer and the very young age of 57.  My goodness this year we have lost way too many people too early.  It is also a little scary as I am in the age bracket that a lot of them were, very scary.  It is just not right.  You know one of Patrick's big roles in the film world was filmed right here in Tulsa, The Outsiders.  You should read the book, also written by a Tulsan S.E. Hinton, and then watch the movie.

Not much to post today as I really don't have much time before I have to go workout, shower, work, hair done, painting class, pet store, grocery store, finally home to cook dinner.  I really hate work but it is a part of our lives and I must but my free time is getting limited again.  Really hate that.  I have got to try and find a niche to paint somewhere. 

Later my friends, so sorry this is just fluff and not much to verbalize about.  Maybe my mind will get it in gear this week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rainy weekend

Traveled again to the cabin for a kind of rainy time but you know it was just fine.  We got to take our new little Clayton and he had great fun, except for the ride there.  The poor little guy gets car sick.  In fact, he has thrown-up quite a bit since we have gotten him.  I am going to take him to the vet on Wednesday for shots and nail trim and whatever else he needs and while I'm there I will have a discussion about it there.  I took him for a walk on Saturday before the rains began but opted to stay in most of the time.  We had the neighbors over for dinner, a quiet time of 6 of us.  I fixed a huge pot of veggie stew (check out the food blog) and then made thick grilled cheese sandwiches on Texas toast to go with it.  It was a perfect rainy day meal to share with good friends.

I took a few pics this weekend in hopes of finding a new inspiration to paint.  Some were a little blurry and dark but I just need a vision to paint.  Check it out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Singing girl!

Finally have some videos of A singing with Curt Smith of Tears for Fears. They are not the best as she pops in and out of the left side of the frame. Whoever was taking the videos obviously was focusing on Curt, imagine. It was a very cool experience for her. Check it out.

Little Accident

This morning I decided to stay home from workout after a late night of birthday fun with friends.  Tried to sleep in but that was not to be as my back was doing the spasm thing again.  Luckily this morning I have a massage/facial thing to go to that should help the spasm.  Ever since we took the Ireland trip I've had these muscle spasms in my back.  I think it is from trying to manuever in and out of airplane seats.  Anyway, back to the little accident.  I came into my room to check out the blogging world with Clayton in fast pursuit.  He was sitting on the footstool and I tossed his toy down the hallway.  Jumping off the stool I guess he slipped on the wood floor and I heard a crack.  He immediately started crying, his eyes closed and hunkering down on the floor.  What scared me most is that his head was pulling to the right and a little back.  OH MY GOD!  I thought he had broken his neck.  We've had him all of 5 days and I've already had a pet injury.  My worst nightmare.  I scooped him up talking softly to him as he whimpered and cried and ran to the garage as The Hubby was taking out the trash and getting ready to leave.  I told him what happened as he came over to see about Clayton.  Clayton's eyes were still kind of closed, his ears were back and he was pretty still.  I was scared.  When The Hubby came over to him he opened his eyes and responded.  He seemed better and was not crying so I put him down to see if he broke a leg, his neck, something.  He acted fine, well, a little subdued but his ears were up and his tail was wagging.  Now, about 30 minutes later I checked on him on his blanket and what has happened is that he slipped and hit his chin on the floor.  It has a bump on it.  He bruised it.  Poor little baby.  I feel terrible for the little guy.  I was afraid he would hurt himself on these slick wood floors.  We are just going to have to be careful with that.  He now won't come down the hallway into my room to sit with me.  Ah, now there could be a silver lining there as he may not get into my paints anymore but I doubt it. 

Check out the art blog.  I finished the sunflower picture and hopefully got a fairly decent picture. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday on Tuesday

Today was a whirlwind.  We had yet another peaceful night with the new guy Clayton, and were all up at the usual time, 5 am.  Clayton started waking us up then with little kisses and stretching, ready to visit the outdoor potty.  Works for us as that is the usual time for us to rise.  I went to workout and came back to take him on a short walk like yesterday.  Then it was a quick shower and off to the office.  Not much to do because the mailman didn't deliver the mail on Saturday and it still hadn't run when I had to leave for the new session of my art class.  Yes, that started again and I was ready with the sunflower I had been working on at home all by myself.  I will post a final picture on the art blog when I can get a correct capture of the blue background.  It's so dark that I am having a time trying to take a picture.  After class, which I stayed a little late so that I could sign the painting, it was off to the house to drop off my art supplies and painting.  I needed to hit the pet store for some toys for our little guy and a larger carrier.  We used to have four of them but when we lost all our little kitties a few years ago I donated them to Street Cats.  Rushing off to the pet store I walked out with my arms full of doggie things and then had to swing by the grocery for milk and something to cook for dinner.  That done I attempted to try and get out of the stupid parking lot.  There were some nut cases out there today.  You would think it was Friday and not Tuesday.  I finally pulled into the house yet again and there on the front porch was the new doggie bed I had ordered last week.  Gargage door down I began to unload my car, again.  Clayton was so very excited to see me and was even more excited to see his new toys.  Oh my gosh!   He was tearing through the house like a rocket with each of his toys.  The sqeaky ones he loves, really loves.  I spent over an our just throwing them in the house and he was slipping and sliding all over our wood floors.  I have been home for nearly two and a half hours and he has yet to stop, except to eat a bit of dinner, but that won't last long in his little belly.  It has been truly a Monday on a Tuesday today.  I'm pooped!

Monday, September 07, 2009

More Clayton

Since he is the new addition to the family he will probably be mentioned a bit much here so forgive me.

We started this process of the new little guy when a friend called and asked if we would like to have Clayton.  We have always loved him and jokingly said we would take him, often.  Well, she called us on it a couple of weeks ago.  After a lot of thinking and discussion we decided that we would make a perfect family for him to adopt.  So the first thing that had to be done was a new doggie door in the wall of our laundry room.  It is automatic.  He has a little magnet on his collar and when he approaches, the door opens and out he goes.  Clayton is used to a doggie door so it took all of 5 minutes to manage it.  A lot less time than it took for The Hubby to install said door.  Wow, a chore as he had to cut the brick on the outside.  Tools assembled and ear plugs ready I was there to aid in the job. 

The aftermath for an afternoon job.  It was done and we were ready. 
Our first night was fairly uneventful.  The kind friend, his previous owner said it might be best to keep him in his carrier for the night but I think it was too small for him.  Plus, he is such a lover and in such need of human touch that he began whining about 2 hours into the sleep.  The Hubby said to me, "Do you want to put a blanket on the floor or on the end of the bed...(silence) or do you want me too."  I responded, "YES."  I got up for the entire lives of our girls and previous kitties and doggies, it is his turn.  He took Clayton out of the carrier, nearly falling over in the process and making sure he just didn't need to go outside.  Back to bed, blanket at the end of the bed between us, Clayton promptly moved up and snuggled next to The Hubby!  HA!  With previous pets we have owned, I have always been the one they sleep with or interupt sleep of and it is about time he stepped up.  Clayton slept all night long very contentedly, on the other hand, I was awake and it took about 2 hours for me to drop off again.  ARGGGHHH!

Today I am enjoying the morning reading blogs and writing here but I now have a lap top on my lap desk with the lap dog.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Expanded Family

The new addition has finally arrived. His name is Clayton Harris.   Did you catch him.  He is so fast that every time I try to capture his cute little mug...whoosh....there he goes...
Already he has been into my oil paints, burnt umber to be exact.  He has stolen countless skeins of yarn, running with me in fast pursuit, trying to not let the baby yarn completely unravel. 

He has found the automatic door for the ease of getting outside.  Now, if we can survive the past 4 hours we can survive the rest of his life. 

Finally, quiet time. 

Meet our new little roommate Clayton Harris, smooth fox terrier/rat terrier mix and a real lover.  He loves to sit in our laps and give us kisses already and we are already battling on who is not going to walk him, ME!  Oh I will, just kidding. 

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

We have come to the cabin for yet another glorious weekend.  It will not be a weekend for peace and quiet though as most of the people here have multitudes of family and friends to celebrate the Labor Day weekend.  That is okay because at least it is not like a regular lake place with zoom-zoom boats, motorcycles and drinking...oh wait, we have drinking!!!   Cheers!  Last night was a fun filled Mexican dinner night at Harri & Jimbo's deck.  Actually it was pretty low key and pleasant.  I think we were all so tired from the week leading up to the weekend.  The Hubby snuck out without me seeing him but he couldn't hide for long as I quickly followed.  We hit the sheets before 10 last night. 

This morning was the big breakfast for everyone here and I was glad to be of assistance with the ring leaders.  Breakfast burritos, biscuits, gravy, etc.  It was yummy and just extended the meal from the night before.  I wasn't too much help because I was just tired, T I R E D!  While eating my meal I was visiting with one of our neighbors and listening to someone talk about hunting and using an IPhone with a GPS system to help with hunting.  I perked up and made sure The Hubby was aware that I was interested in one of those new fangled IPhone things.  The lady next to me started telling me about being somewhere on her many travels with her daughter and they used the thing to ask a question or something and got the answer immediately.  This made me think of our society and I made the statement that we are ruining the art of patience for people.  We are so into the instant gratification in our world now that no one knows how to wait, how to patiently wait for someone or something.  I am a master at the art of waiting.  I have waited for The Hubby for my entire married life.  I don't really like it but I'm very good at it.  I am patient in traffic and don't really mind traffic jams as I leave (usually) early enough to account for it but in Tulsa, well, they are minimal.  I don't lose my cool.  I don't mind waiting in line but it is not my favorite thing.  I have spent many an "hour" sitting in The Hubby's truck while he goes into a store, supply store, hardware store, anyplace.  I always have a plan when I know I'm going with him anywhere,  I pack a book or my Kindle or a notebook to write, or even a deck of cards to play hand solitare.  His motto to me is, "Hurry up and wait", he wants me to hurry up and get in the car but then I will have to wait.  Oh well, at least I'm good at this little task.  I do stop and smell the roses. 

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Guiding Light

The time is drawing near for the end of a very long run for one of my two favorite soap operas to end, The Guilding Light.  I posted before about hearing of the demise of the show when I found out.  I am now DVR'ing the show everyday and watching it.  I am going to be so very sad when it is over.  It has been such a huge part of my life, watching it since I was born basically.  I remember it being in black and white, whoa head rush, I'm not that old am I am.  I will miss Grant Alexander aka Phillip Spaulding.  I will miss Kim Zimmer aka Reva Shane Lewis.....O'Neal, Robert Newman aka Josh Lewis and everyone else that has become a part of my TV family.  (Shush...When I was young I used to dream of Grant Alexander.)  Of course my very favorite character on there is Tom Pelphrey aka Jonathan Randall.  He is back for the end of the show and I'm very pleased.  He is an awesome actor, hell, they all are and it is just a shame that it is over.  I saw in my People magazine that arrived today, Kim Zimmer and shots of some of the many episodes of her with the last shot being one of the final shots...sob, now that was sad.  I feel bad for my Daddy because it is part of his routine to watch it and now he will have to find something else.  We, as a family only watched two soaps, As The World Turns and The Guiding Light.  I've cheated and followed a few more but I don't stick with the others and always watch these two.  Really am sad. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bowling Again

Last week we started the bowling season again and I SUCKED at it.  The first three balls I threw were in the GUTTER!!!  EGADS!!!  That was just horrible.  I ended the season last spring/season with a 140 average and was very proud with that.  I started this time with a 120...EGADS!  It takes me a bit to get it all back together after a summer off.  I was much better tonight with a couple of 130 plus.  I was a bit worried as my "trainer" is working me hard and my arms...OUCHY...are a bit sore, but it was okay.  Thanks W.

While leaving the bowling alley tonight I was surprised to run into a guy I went to high school with.  I forgot that he sometimes bowls on another league that is after ours.  I saw him once last year and there he was again tonight.  I went to kindergarten, grade school, junior high and high school with this guy so I have known him forever.  He is one of the nicest guys I have ever known and let me tell you one of the most handsome men I have ever known...REALLY.  Wow, almost takes your breath away.  Thanks S for making my heart flutter a bit today! 

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Yesterday I had lunch with my BFF to celebrate, a week late, her birthday.  We usually meet for our respective birthdays and exchange a bag of goodies and have some nice conversation.   Yesterday, it was the usual spiel, meet at 11, eat, chit-chat, watch the birdies by our table, more chit-chat, open present, "Oooo, Ahhh!!", okay see ya..........wait...........we go so involved in our conversation that we finally had to give up our seats because we were getting dirty looks from patrons waiting.  Our chit-chatting was just not over so we opted to start walking and try to find a seat to enjoy the beautiful Oklahoma lunchtime.  Our talk was intense and very enjoyable and lasted till after 1 in the afternoon.  It took me back to when we first met in Beta Sigma Phi (woman's social/service organization).  The first time I met Teen I thought she was way out of my league, that I could never be socially on her level.  Really don't know where that came from but back then I had very low self esteem.  We were thrown together on projects and got to know each other.  We were young mothers, her with 3 little ones (actually she was preggo's with #3) and I with my two tiny girls.  We were wives of self-employed hubbys and we helped in the business and were basically stay-at-home mommies.  Teen and I had tons in common with each other and we were a shoulder for each other.  We bonded and became intensely close.  As I've written in the past year or so I felt we had drifted, and we do have our DISTINCT differences, but we still get each other.  We still are wonderful shoulders to cry upon.  We nuture each other.  I love my BFF Teen and yesterday it brought it all back for me, why we are friends.  I love her and will always be her friend.  Happy belated birthday my dear friend.