Wednesday, October 13, 2021

This and That Tales of My Life and Others

Good morning all.  It's a wet morning so I am not moving out of the house until a bit later in the day.  Monday I went to the office to make a deposit and was extremely concerned when I went to the drive thru at the bank to find it closed, hmmm.  I thought, well the bank is having a lot of construction going on in the main bank maybe that has something to do with it.  So I drove to the next location at Utica Square and drove up to find a lot of red closed lights.  WHAT!  Ahhh, the other bank you are faced towards the windows and I can't read the signs, but this location you drive up beside and for some reason I didn't realize it was a bank holiday.  Well, crap.  So home I went with the deposit to take to the bank yesterday but forgot I was keeping Snicklefritz over night and most of the day.  So, this morning it is to the bank, after the rains have passed.  

The Hubby is sick.  This little dumplin' is sick.   Her momma is sick.  Funny thing is I'm not sick, neither is her daddy.  All have been tested, multiple of times and it is not Covid but a very, VERY nasty head cold.  I certainly hope the contagious thing is not slow and I get hit next week or something.  Ugh.  
Snicklefritz and I had great fun watching TV, chatting, playing Connect-4, Old Maid and Uno.  Some good one-on-one time.  Plus homemade macaroni and cheese, which she devoured.

This hip thing.  I'm honestly at a point now that I am almost immobile most of the time.  If I have to get up to go to the restroom I really think hard if I really need to get up.  I make sure that if I have to walk around that I get a lot of stuff done while I'm up because it is painful just standing or sitting down.  I've had two initial meetings with two different hip doctors of both basically told me I'm too fat and I've taken that and lost 20 pounds.  So I decided it is time, time to get the damn thing replaced.  I put in a message to the 2nd doctor but honestly my heart was not happy about "him,"  I kind of want a woman.  Maybe a woman won't have the "manly" attitude about FAT women.  I waited and waited since last week for a response back from the portal, crickets, absolute crickets.  So I took the bull by the horns and starting looking for another, yet a third opinion and a woman.  I found at Tulsa Bone and Joint, two ladies that do hips.  I chose a younger one who I hope will be more in tune with the new ways of hip replacement, I put in a request and yesterday received a phone call and made the appointment for Monday.  I'm actually excited.  They even have their own little hospital and like to do them kind of like out patient.  That is very appealing to me.  And wouldn't you know the other doctors office called not more than 30 minutes AFTER I made that appointment.  Tell you what, I'm going to the appointment and if I am not happy or she shoos me away I will call "the guy" and make that appointment.  Gosh, I'm scared but in too much pain and limited movement to not do this now.  It is time and I will have to work out the logistics at work the best I can.

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