Sunday, May 15, 2022

Painting and Snakes

What a wonderful weekend.  Friday evening was a very small gathering for taco salads, laughter just FUN!  

I was a bit anxious because the next morning I was to teach my first painting class.  Because of the flooding the wigwam was flooded so we moved it to our screened porch.  I tossed and turned most of the night because I was a bit nervous.  I kept going over and over in my head what I was going to say, how I was to start it.  I was of course up at 6:30 and started setting up some of my supplies and a couple of still lifes to paint.  
9 am rolled around and they started arriving.  I had hot coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls (they were Rhodes frozen) to offer.  HERE WE GO....  

In total 6 ladies joined the group, and all but one was going to do watercolor.  I'm not expert with that but I was sure I could help.  We honestly sat for nearly 45 minutes just talking and I really could hardly get a word in edgewise but it helped to ease my nerves a bit.  We did talk art, supplies, what to expect and they had tons very good questions.  We also had one that just came to watch.  Finally I asked them if they were ready to paint or would they rather watch me a bit to start.  Almost in unison they wanted to watch me so I got to it and they peppered me with lots and lots more questions which was interesting for all of us.  
We have another session in two weeks and I think if they want we can do it more often on the porch if we can't get the wigwam.  I just want to impart knowledge and encourage.  It was really a very fulfilling day for me.  

When they left I sat and continued to paint, trying to finish this to have something to post and encourage.  I was so in the zone I didn't realize that I sat there for an hour and a half.  Finally at 1:30 I stood up and creaked my bones into grab a quick sandwich and drink before I knew a nap would be had.  I was tired from not sleeping the night before and having the morning over, tired but fulfilled.

As I sat in my chair all of a sudden I heard the leaves rustling alongside the screen and knew instantly it was a snake.  We've had a turtle a few times and it's a different sound.  This was a very long sensation of the leaves rustling along the way.  All of a sudden I saw a flick of a tail.  I got up and grabbed my phone and went around the glider and the slithering stopped.  I looked and looked and there he was looking at me.  I was pretty sure it was harmless when all of a sudden I heard a rattle and his tail was rattling but the rattling was the dry leaves.  He was mimicking a rattlesnake, trying to scare me off.  He needn't worry, he was quite safe with me. I don't kill snakes especially harmless snakes.  I put a call out on Facebook with the picture and quickly found out it was a non-venomous Eastern yellow bellied racer.  So pretty and soon he was on his way.

Finally, naptime.  I stretched out on the glider without another thought of Mr. Yellow Belly and slept for 2 hours.  I had to get up then and shower as we were hosting a couple of couples for fried sand bass.  We had a couple of bags of fish in the freezer, the other two couples each had a bag and dinner was made.  I'm all about simple food so I'd made a broccoli slaw (coleslaw sauce) and canned pork-n-beans, cinnamon rolls and chocolate candies.  Dinner was absolutely awesome and we enjoyed visiting on the porch until after 9 o'clock.  We were both so tired but The Hubby's job is clean up so he did the dishes and I headed for the bed.  

The whole weekend was #1 in my book.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sneakers, Reading and Steam Engines

Really not a lot going on lately, just the mundane day to day BOREDOM!  I did get these sweet little kickers the other day.  They are Skechers and I first saw them in an ad on FB.  I scrolled by it and they just caught my eye.  That little rose print has always been a favorite of mine ever since my girls were babies.  I used to find similar fabric and make little dresses or rompers for the girls or even a shirt for myself.  I LOVE little pink rosebuds!  So I went on the hunt for these sneakers and found them on their website after a bit.  I ordered in the size I thought would fit and they arrived last week.  OH GOODNESS, I was absolutely giddy when they arrived and I opened the box.  They even have little diamond sparkles on them....I AM IN LOVE!  Plus they fit perfectly.  
I am not a shoe person by any stretch of the imagination.  When I was young and had good feet, I never wore shoes, ever.  I even walked part of the 20 mile Walk For Mankind thing when I was 14 or 15 part of the way barefoot.  I wouldn't wear shoes now if I  could but my feet are too tender, I've let them go.  Sadly I MUST wear shoes.  These will work though!

The weekend brought an entire weekend with Snicklefritz.  We stayed in town because The Hubby was supposed to go to BluesFest in Jenks or Bixby (or something like that.)  But with all the rain that had occurred during the week he knew it would be way too muddy so he didn't go Friday night.  He did go dancing at the Elks Club to celebrate one of the dance friends 73 birthday Saturday night.  Snicklefritz and I had our own plans.  Friday night Little Min and her momma came over to spend the evening as her Daddy had been in LA for a music gig for 10 days.  They were bored at home.  Snicklefritz and Little Min always have a great time but Snicklefritz was certainly deep into her reading this weekend.  When I picked her up from school she started reading her book all the way home and continued when we got inside.  She kept picking it up off and on all evening long until she finished the book then started another one.  Her book bag was stuffed to bulging with books.  
That evening she stopped for a bit and was reading when Little Min decided she wanted to join.  She ran off into "their bedroom" to find some of her little picture books to emulate Snicklefritz.  It was so cute.  Snicklefritz finished that book later in the evening and started yet another book.  By Sunday she had nearly finished the third book.  I love that we instilled the love of reading to another generation.  That love has been directly passed down generation to generation from my mother and her parents.  It just makes my heart explode with love and what a beautiful homage to my mother on Mother's Day.  

Saturday we were going to the studio but The Hubby planned on going to the Pawnee Steam Engine Show and he wanted to take Snicklefritz.  He used to take Little Min's momma when she was young, even camping there.  Snicklefritz wanted to go but before they had to buy her a hat and sunscreen.  They were off by 9 am and I had the day to myself.  I painted at the studio!  

Sunday morning I took Snicklefritz to the studio as she loves to go there.  We really did nothing as I was not in the mood to paint but we did visit a lot and I gave her a painting of Clayton I had done that really was that great but she loved.  Before we got there though I took her to get flowers for her Momma for the day, sweet little Dutch Iris'.  She was pretty happy.  

Oh well, that was a lot of words about not much.  Have a good day my friends. 

Monday, May 02, 2022

Mother's Day

Wow, April is gone and May is upon us.  Spring seems to be slowly going by with winter finally giving up the ghost.  This next weekend, according to my calendar, is Mother's Day.  So many mothers to honor and so many mother's to miss for many.
Yesterday we had lunch/dinner or linner-lunner with my siblings and their spouses.  Sitting across the table from my sister I was struck by how much she looks like Momma.
Especially her laugh, not her disposition.  My sister is a one of a kind and she was hot yesterday with all kinds of snarky comebacks.  Made me kind of shut down and not respond to her particular kind of vile.  She is my sister and I've always said, "to know D is to love D," but sometimes not.  LOL!  
I so miss my momma.  I think of her often these past 16 years and how much she would have loved, LOVED the great-grandgirls and would have been so very proud of all her grandchildren.  She was an amazing grandmother, as a mother she was pretty awesome too but we all know that we ALL, ALL have our faults.  No one is perfect, even though you want them to be.  But I loved my Momma with all my heart and she was my best friend.  I miss being able to call her and just talk like my girls do to me.  I know sometimes she would roll her eyes over the phone but she listened to me without complaint.  She was always there for me.  I try to be for my girls.  

My girls, oh my girls.  They are the best mothers and I am so very proud of them in how they are raising their children.  They are doing an absolutely amazing job.

I think my mother and my mother-in-law, another wonderful mother, have been great inspiration for them to raise their babies.  Lots and lots of love and understanding and guidance to raise the future generation.  

So Happy Mother's Day to my Momma and mother-in-law in heaven and to my wonderful girls.  They give inspiration to me to be the best for them. 


Sunday, May 01, 2022

Lemons, Limes and Everything Wicked Weather

The weekend started for me on Thursday.  I had to work in the morning but then I was OFF traveling.  I almost waited till later in the day because of the impending weather but decided to head off anyway!  We were hosting 10 guests Saturday night for dinner, a Cinco de Mayo dinner.  I also had plans to clean out, clean out the liquor corner, the buffet, the pantry, and anything else that needed to be done.  
I was so happy to get so much done along with the hosting thing.  We invited a few new people (the old group were all gone) and I really wanted to make the night go off without a hitch.  The menu I planned was Barefoot Contessa's Tequila Lime Chicken, refried beans, cilantro lime rice along with a layered dip (from friend Lesa), chips and various dips for appetizers.  
I also saw this lemon cheesecake recipe on Facebook and it looked simple so I decided I would try my hand.  I had a springform pan, thank goodness so I dove in and tackled it.  Cheesecake is not something I have ever made even though I had the pan.  With the chicken and the lemon cheesecake I was a citrus squeezing fool!  My hands actually hurt today.  I really needed more lime but that's okay, the marinade was just fine.  The cheesecake was delicious (I also made homemade whipped cream I've never done.)  The evening went so exceptionally well and it feels good to be back in the saddle again. 

Almost forgot the drive to the cabin was a bit dicey with the weather.  I really wasn't too scared, usually my gut twists when it gets weird and I was fine.  But that drive towards that shelf cloud, whew, it was kind of awesome.
Looked like I was driving into the mountains!
Luckily the road I was traveling was void of any traffic so I just stopped and snapped pictures, lots of pictures.  


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday News

I have news this fine rainy and chilly Sunday.  I saw on my calendar last week a notation about BA Museum on June 1.  Could not remember exactly what it was but thought it was a show.  Linda and I were supposed to have a two person show over two years ago at the Broken Arrow Museum but Covid stopped it from happening.  Then last July or so the director contacted me about a show in September but again I was hesitant because of the pandemic and because I could not even think about it with my hip pain and needing to have the surgery.  So I put it off until this June.  I forgot about it.  Funny thing is I got an email from the director asking me if we were still on for the June show!!!  Ah-ha, there it was the nudge to the memory.  I told Linda about it and she said, "well alrighty then!"  We are on and painting up a storm.  I originally talked to the director about doing a self-portrait theme and am still on that path but I will add florals and landscapes to the mix.  We meet with her in a couple of weeks to get a sense of the space and how many paintings we can actually have.  That may nix a few of my larger self portraits as I really want to showcase the other stuff, and possibly sell some.  No one is going to buy my self-portrait stuff but it's fun to show off.  Plus it was a fantastic challenge for me.
I will post here later the dates exactly and the opening date we will have.  I hope everyone in the vicinity will be able to come out and check out our work.  Linda is of course doing a lot of cowboy stuff as it is Broken Arrow and she paints to the audience alot, I paint for myself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Happy Belated Easter

It was a light crowd, Easter at our abode this year.  The Hubby's oldest brother was in the hospital with a lung infection and his Mrs. was by his side.  His oldest son went camping with his family.  Sister's kiddos went separate places and so did brother and his family.  It was still a fun day and I am so glad I was able to get around and handle the company without a hitch or PAIN!  

These little bunnies are growing up so very fast.  

Monday, April 11, 2022

Weekend Happenings

The weekend began fairly early Friday with me doing payroll and then off we went.  First stop was Grand Lake for The Hubby to do a bit of electrical work for a friend and his newly purchased house on the lake.  Little did I know I would nearly lose my breakfast on part of the drive.  There is a reason we do not have a place on Grand Lake as a good part of the houses are on BLUFFS!!!  EGAD, we drove and drove and finally got to the drive we were directed to and suddenly we were nearly straight up and down driving to his house on the bluff.  A panic attack was almost had by me.  I didn't even want to get out of the truck but managed to after I calmed down and went inside.  We ended up staying there for HOURS, and I mean hours.  I had my IPad and Kindle and read a bit.  There was little to no cellphone usage but I was okay with that, had to be.  I mostly sat as far from the window that looked out to space and water and waited as The Hubby and his friend fixed outlets, the microwave issue, etc.  It was much like in the early years as I watched him work on anything.  After awhile the friend fed us a sandwich at about 2:30 and then it was back to work.  They then went to the dock that was on a mechanical lift down to the water while I waited again.  I drifted off to sleep while they were gone, nearly an hour.  The wife was on her way from Tulsa so I was by myself and my thoughts for most of the day.  Finally she arrived and we visited a bit and then we were off to the cabin.  

The day was mostly cold and dreary so the drive was too, mostly.  They sun popped when we were nearly there and I was able to snap a few photos, hopefully to paint.  I love the clouds.

The weekend was pretty quiet as our crew we hang with were either in Portugal or just busy.  I did have a drink with Lesa Saturday afternoon before the big bonfire and weenie roast on the creek for the entire club.  The weather warmed up nicely and it was wonderful to see everyone.  Tons of peeps were in attendance, some I haven't talked to in probably a year at least.  We had yummy hotdogs, a bit of drink, enjoyed the creek and the fire and mostly the friendship.
Sadly, too soon we were headed back to Tulsa for at least 3 weeks.  Next weekend being Easter and other stuff happening. When we finally get back to the cabin I can't wait to hear from the travelers and their trip to Portugal.

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Sunday Babble

It is Sunday morning, nearly 9 am and I am enjoying the quiet of home.  We stayed in town this weekend because he danced Friday night and last night we went to a dinner celebrating a friends retirement.  Friday night we were supposed to have sweet Snicklefritz spend the night, and she did come and have dinner with us and helped me bake oatmeal raisin cookies for The Hubby...but...  When she came in I could tell she was just not up to par.  She was quiet and you could tell in her eyes she was really tired.  She laid in the living room floor, wrapped up in a blanket and I thought she was going to sleep and this was before 5 o'clock.  I thought maybe it was because she was tired from a week of school, getting up early, etc.  She ate a big plate of 3-way and was back to the floor wrapped up in the blanket.  We began making the cookies and she said she had a sore throat and had it since the morning.  UH OH...I thought the throat looked a bit off and texted her momma to let her know.  There was no fever but I was not set up for a sick kiddo and still a bit afraid of any infection with the hip.  I thought, if she is sick then she might feel better hanging at home with Momma and Daddy.  I didn't have any meds for her to take.  So sadly I sent her home where she really didn't get much worse.  I should have kept her but you just never know when the wake up in the middle of the night fever would happen.  Next time for sure.  Miss that kiddo.  

Last night we went to the dinner for our friend.  I actually put makeup on, curled my hair and put on my nice cowboy boots I haven't worn in a couple of years.  The Hubby came home from a day at the gun show still very much obsessed with a knife he bought, etc.  I felt kind of pretty dolled up with makeup on and my hair curled and wearing my fancy cowboy boots I haven't worn in a couple of years.  He was absorbed in his laptop researching knives and what-not and I finally asked him if he was going to get ready soon as it was 4:15 and we were to be at the dinner at 5. He never looked at me as he got up to take his shower and asked if I was going to shower and get ready too.  WTF...This is why I call him Captain Obvious.  

Now on to other minutiae of my brain.  

The beautiful spring sun is shining through and it makes me very happy.  I actually slept in till 6:30 this morning, not usual for me.  I LOVE to get up and see the sun come up and feel the warmth (not yet) of the day beginning.  It rejuvenates me.  It also makes me want to spring clean like nobodies business.  I've been doing it a lot at the studio which has so needed it and I can now.  Here at the house I've been purging my recipes and now that's done I've started pulling books off of the shelves to get rid of.  Some I had planned to read but just never got around to it and now don't interest me.  B has gone through some of them and read them encouraging me to give them another try.  I'm still going to purge ones I have read.  This morning I actually made a list of stuff I need to do around the house, today and this spring.  

Today I am going to clean Frenchie's cage (my parakeet), put the recipe stuff up, go through some music that is a pile 3' high (some mine, mother's and my grandmothers) and A will go through it too.  She had actually planned on doing that yesterday but granddaughter #2 is sick also, probably croup.  Poor baby sounds horrible.  

I started a spring cleaning to do list for later:  purge dishes (i.e. Christmas dishes, extra Desert Rose dishes, baking dishes, just kitchen crap in general.)  My closet of shoes, clothes I just squeeze into and the faded old stuff that is disintegrating every time I wash them.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Life Update

Sunday, 7 weeks out from surgery I went to the grocery store. You might think, "So What!" But, since the Covid pandemic AND the hip pain I wasn't physically able to walk in the store. It has been over 3 years since I actually set foot in a grocery store. It was honestly scary because of ALL that has happened the past few years. I walked in and was thrilled to see fresh veggies I could touch and pick on my own. It was almost sensory overload to see all the stuff, all bright, shiny and fresh. I've relied on others for 3 years to pick my groceries and now I can do it all by myself. So exciting! I feel like my life can begin again. This was a huge step in my life.

I also drove to the cabin and was planning on staying by myself for the first time in probably 9 months. We have to go downstairs to the garage basement to turn on and off the water, hot water heater and a couple of breakers and I could not do that, BUT now I can! The Hubby ended up coming later that night because his dance plans were canceled. It was a nice weekend hanging with friends and reading. The weekend before the entire family came to the cabin. Both weekends were fabulous.

See the big black dog, that is Vance and his sidekick beside him is Vinnie.  This past weekend sweet crazy Vance had a terrible accident.  Friday afternoon Snicklefritz was at her friends for a sleepover and her daddy had driven to OKC for the night to play music with friends.  That left Bri alone with the dogs.  It was feeding time and Vance is absolutely crazy dog when it is food time.  He was outside and was running to the sliding glass door for dinner, jumping up and hitting the glass as usual but the glass in the door was very old and not safety glass.  
Luckily Bri was out of the splash of splintering and flying glass as was Vinnie and the cats.  But poor Vance was not.  His back leg was sliced very deep, cutting a large vein.  Bri said there was glass and blood everywhere, kitchen, down the hallway, it was a miracle she was not hit.  She called her hubby who in turn called their friend and ANGEL!  She called everyone else to come HELP!!! Vance is a huge and heavy dog.  The Angel showed up at her door very quickly with an armload of towels and helped her to get Vance in the back of his pickup truck with her holding him and they were off to the emergency vet.  Over $700 later he had surgery to stop the bleeding.
The Angel!

Sadly the stupid expensive emergency vet did not do what he was going to do during surgery, put in a drain.  So when they woke the next morning the bleeding was still happening and they had to load Vance in yet another car to go to THEIR regular vet and he had another surgery to put in the drain.  
This poor guy does not understand why he has to stay in his kennel for the next couple of weeks.  He's a wild and crazy guy and a puppy, yes he's a puppy, so this has been very trying.  

The Angel just so happens to be in the construction business, specifically windows!  So he was quick to be able to get the plywood to fix the door and is getting them prices for a very expensive thing that was not in their plans.  Who knew that these old houses had those plate glass doors like that but now I know and they know.  I told her she needs to contact their homeowners insurance and see if they will pay for it all.  

One another note I've been going through my music.  

I REALLY have a problem, I LOVE music, so I own tons of CD's. For years I've purchased CD's & taken the covers & CD's out of the cases to put in CD books. The attic had boxes full of the cases & I felt it time to reunite cases with CD's. I've spent countless hours sorting & searching to accomplish that task while healing. But now I've found that I have about 50 CD's & no cases & about 40 cases with no CD's. Think I might need to have "someone" visit the attic again. I've taken the music to my studio because that is where I listen to it while I paint. Think I need to purge some of the CD's because I can't figure out WHY in the world I bought some of them. I like every kind of music from classical to heavy metal. The only kind I DO NOT like is country. Occasionally I will hear a song I like but that doesn't happen often.

I've taken it all to the studio because that is where I listen to music. I'm also purging a ton of them, like Dixie Chicks. Why in the heck do I have 3 of their CD's. Yuck.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Family Weekend

I'm now closing in on 7 weeks of healing and I couldn't feel any better.  Last week my Bro, Sis and I were finally able to have lunch.  We had not seen each other since before Christmas.  I really loved that and it means the world that we love each other so much.  

The weekend started with us heading off to the cabin.  The oldest had already been there with little Snicklefritz since Wednesday and their two dogs, Vinnie and Vance.  WOW, they are full of energy, especially Vance (the very large black guy who is 11 months old.)  We got there with the youngest and little Min in our truck.  Their respective hubby's would arrive on Saturday.  
It has been two years since we had a family photo taken, before little Min was born.
Vance seemed to think he was a lap dog.  He's really such a sweet boy and can he jump and LOVES to chase go boy!

There was a bit of coloring and a bit of reading done during the weekend.

Hiking as a family, not this girl but the others...
and of course little Min wanted to try her hand at fishing like Little Bear, her favorite show.  She spent more time dangling the worm out of the water.  

It was a most perfect weekend on the screened porch with a small fire in the new fireplace, music, and talking about families long past, some never met.  Family time is absolutely priceless.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

6 Weeks!

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since surgery and I am pretty much back to normal.  Still doing out patient physical therapy that will end next week.  This morning I was able to get on my stationary bike here at home.  It is a recumbent bike and the PT girl wasn't sure but said to try it.  It is great!!!  Monday I will start doing about 30 minutes each day on it.  I am making a pledge...(hope I can keep it.)  

Last Friday it snowed YET AGAIN and I had to be in the office to make a big deposit.  So yet again The Hubby had to drive me there.  RATS!  Luckily it all melted by the next day.  It also messed up my/our plans, my siblings and I, for lunch.  We haven't seen each other since December and I miss them terribly.  This Friday we will try again and the weather will cooperate!  

Saturday the girls (all 4 of them!) came over and they cleaned out our entertainment center, reorganizing our photos.  It looks awesome.  Friday I also brought back home the mountains of recipes I had at the office that I had been scanning.  I decided I didn't like doing that.  I wanted to purge more of the piles of them.  I had originally had three large index card files FULL of them and more that had not even been put on cards.  I purged more and more and MORE until I am now down to one box!  It feels really great to be able to do that and not have any regrets.  I know that the ones I trashed I can find on the internet.  I did find a lot of the older ones like these that you probably can't find.  

ESPECIALLY the school cinnamon rolls and the bean chowder that used to be such a staple in school.  I posted them on Facebook and everyone went nuts for the recipes.  

I also have Momma's recipe box and Granny's and I believe at one time my mother-in-laws.  Those recipes that are very old, yellowed and well used or loved I have kept in the small wooden boxes that I will never purge.  I did label them for the girls to know who's kitchen they came from.  My plan is to also cook them just like the recipe states and then possibly revamp them at some point.  That is my plan...hmmm.  There were also a lot of handwritten ones in pencil that were mine at a very young age.  One time I followed my Greatgranny around the house with cards at the ready and pencil in hand while she rattled off the ingredients for the various recipes and I wrote furiously as she walked and talked.  I want to cook those too to see if they are accurate.  I remember one time when my great grandparents still had a wood stove in the kitchen and watching Greatgranny whip egg whites by hand and make an angel food cake and bake it in the wood burning stove.  AMAZING to see it all work.  They eventually got an electric stove but that wood stove was so very cool.  I love to cook, I'm a good cook and hopefully one day I will have a lot of these recipes in print form.