Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday - half/day

I went into the office for about 3 hours this morning, just long enough to do a couple of paychecks - early - because one of our guys is a fireman and only works for us part time. Tomorrow will be the rest of the payroll. We had a lighting rep take The Hubby and myself for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rio Verde, wet burrito with steak YUM!!! Also found out that our son-in-law will be named 1st year apprentice of the year at the school we send him to. He doesn't know yet but will be announced on Tuesday at a banquet. Pretty exciting.

I haven't been able to exercise but about 6 times since The Hubby's accident and my stress related skin irritations and so I've been kind of worried that I might start plumping up a bit but I've really been trying to watch it with Slim Fast for breakfast and dinner supplemented with fruit. I think it is working because my wedding ring and my ruby ring I wear on my right hand just spin around and yesterday I washed my hands and when I shook the excess water my wedding ring fell off in the floor! I guess I am going to have to have a temporary sizer put on it so I can wear it until I lose all I'm going to lose. It's a really good feeling and when I try on clothes in my closet I haven't had on in awhile because they were too tight I find out they are too big! That is a great surprise.

My "friend" finally called last week to see if I wanted a Then we chatted about her kids and I interjected that my husband was doing really well. Then I called her on Tuesday to see if her daughter that lives in California was okay since the earthquake along with a quick my daughter is okay. That was left on her voice mail and then finally yesterday afternoon I hear from her back. Her husband called last week sometime or wait maybe Monday and invited us to meet them for drinks and appetizers at the Summit Club tonight. So I have to go digging in my closet to find SOMETHING to wear that will be appropriate. That may be a task.

Right now I'm taking advantage of my half/day to blog, watch my soaps and maybe nap a little.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

1949 Dodge

Here is The Hubby's new big boy toy and I encouraged him...funny those life and death instances make you think about things differently.

It's quiet here.

I am writing this at the cabin, technically neighbors cabin using Grumps Internet connection across the street. Harry and Jimbo are gone for the day, actually until tomorrow morning along with Sin and Bare. So it will be very quiet here. The Hubby left to go back to town this morning and won't be back so I'm by myself for the rest of the day and night. It's so quiet here. The holiday is over and it is hot so most are not up here. There are no golf carts zooming by and construction is done for the weekend and since it is so hot and dry the grass is not growing so no mowing. I hear birds and bugs buzzing around. In fact a little hummingbird just buzzed my head under this umbrella and just hung out and stared at me for a few seconds.
I'm going to use this time today to:
* Write this entry
* Write in my paper journal
* Read blogs
* Write letters
* Read my book, finish it and start another
* and tonight maybe watch a movie, The Kite Runner

It's quiet here!
It has been an awful week for me, medically. I had some issues, skin issues in the nether regions that caused me lots of sleepless nights, pain and just plain fear. On one of those nights of sleeplessness I started going over my history of skin eruptions and found a big correlation - STRESS and how I handle it.

1970 - My great grandfather passed away and it was my first funeral. I broke out in horrific hives that apparently were partially internal which made me vomit a lot along with the itching. Stress event 1

1970 - My first formal dance. My date had to bring me home early because I broke out in hives and hives just don't wear well with a formal gown. Stress event 2

2005 - My reluctant acceptance to do the books/accounting of our lake homeowners financial stuff. I developed a rash all over my upper half of my body, especially on my chest. Itch city and many, many visits to the dermatologist and lots of money spent to have it completely gone 2 days after I resigned the position. I was not sleeping and was a basket case with the heaviness of the responsibility of the job, a volunteer job. Stress event 3

Jan-Feb 2008 - B & B2 planning and having a arms were in a constant itchy rash. Wedding over and within a month it cleared up on it's own. I also was sick as a dog with a cold and no voice. Stress event 4

July 5, 2008 - The Hubby is in a very scary fireworks accident which results in a stay in ICU Burn on a vent for 3 days. Stress event 5

I was very strong and calm and handled it all well. The ensuing result is my stress popped out in skin issues and painful skin ulcers in places that are not seen. All this was made worse by my regular doc being on vacation, my GYN is on vacation, my dermatologist is on vacation. I was told to go to a minor emergency. I'm NOT taking my nether region to a minor emergency! Stress is piled onto stress as the skin eruption is getting worse and spreading and I'm even more stressed by this and the worry that I'm not sleeping and I'm very uncomfortable and FREAKED OUT. Finally, after crying on the phone to a nurse in the dermatologist office I am allowed to see the PA, which I thought was a woman. When I did meet Terry, it was a guy, but I was that point of ANYTHING! I'm healing with tons of antibiotics but this has all made me think about how I deal with stress. When The Hubby was first in the emergency room on the vent and I was sitting there watching him all alone I had the intense need for pen and paper. I NEEDED to write what I was feeling but there was none to be had. Maybe if I had written my feelings instead of bottling them up, or even if I had fallen apart the stress might not have manifested itself in the skin stuff. If, if, if. Well, I'm writing now and I'm going to have to keep a little notebook in my purse for the next stress event.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Tale of Two Birds

Funny thing happened when we returned from the lake this weekend. My new male canary that sings so pretty laid an egg. This is not the first time that it has happened to me. When I came home yesterday there were two eggs. Today when I came home the little bugger had kicked one of the eggs out of it's grit cup and it was broken all over the bottom of the cage. I called the animal supply store that told me FOR SURE it was a male and paid $80. for a male. They said that I could come get a male that has been singing for the cost of the female $60. That would mean a new cage and The Hubby told me to go ahead and do it. YIPPEE... I would put it in the same cage but I've had disastrous things happen when we did that the last time. The male canary literally screwed the female to death, very tragic.

So here are my new canaries with a little switch on the names since the he was a she. The male is Neo (left) and the female is Trinity (right)...(The Matrix).

What is so strange is that little Trinity sings not as magnicifent as Neo but she stills sings and usually the males only sing. When I got home with Neo and his new cage I put him in his new digs and went to the bathroom and then all of a sudden he was singing like nobodys business. Fantastic.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meeting The Hubby

The year was 1975, March 23rd to be exact. I was approaching a full year of being out of high school and I had absolutely no direction. I was working at a kitchen gadget store, The Fair Annex at Utica Square, an open-air outside-mall, making nothing. It was a hole in the wall place, literally. The store was a side store down a long hallway that was probably not 8’ wide. It was tiny and there was no future, none. In my era and the small town I was from the attitude was you get married and have children, not necessarily in that order, and so that was my plan for my future, the problem was finding the guy. If you got out of high school that was a plus but there was no push to even go to college, especially if you were a girl. My grandfather offered to send my little brother to college but did he even think to offer me the chance, no. Did my brother take the chance, briefly then he ended up working in a machine shop like our father and our other grandfather, not that it was bad but I felt that he was still stuck in that small town. My future was bleak really. I was destined to work retail, a checker for the rest of my life.

My parents had gotten hooked on CB radios and they started making a lot of friends in the area and our house was called the BA Parking Lot. This guy, Lyndell, who graduated a year before me and his wife, Jana, became friends with my parents. I never ran around with the guy in school, but he and his wife soon became a fixture in our house. Jana and Lyndell lived in a little house in Tulsa and the “younger” group of people would often hang out at their house too.

I was spending most of my time in the evenings “dragging” Main with my friends or by myself and meeting up with guys on the corners of the local convenience store or Tastee Freeze. Occasionally, I would go out with one of the guys but there was really no future in them. I never really had a serious guy in my life, at least on their end of the relationship. In my mind I was always Mrs. Somebody but they were never the right match. One evening Jana and Lyndall were having a birthday party or something and they made sure I was to be there. I showed up in my bell bottom-hip-hugger jeans and halter top, no bra, bare foot, and my straight hair hanging down past my butt, my usual attire. I was well endowed and had lost a lot of weight so I was pretty tiny, about 115 pounds, mostly in the bottom half. I was a wanna-be hippie and I fully admit it.

My brother and I came in my car, a 1969 Chevy Malibu, chocolate brown with a white top. I was very protective of it since I was still making payments on it. He later drove it home and I was not happy about that but that also left me without transportation. There were a lot of people there and one of the couples who showed up was Gail and Kelly. They were newlyweds and were friends with Jana. Gail had gone to junior high and high school with Jana. In fact they had all four gone to school together some time or another. Gail and Kelly also brought a guest, R. He was tall and skinny and the best was his long blonde hair, I loved it, just my type. He was very cute and had a fantastic smile. Later I found out that they practically dragged him there. He was supposed to call and meet up with his old flame and possibly get back together with her that night but Gail and Kelly insisted he come and meet this girl, even though they had never met me they knew I had to be better than what he was about to go back to.

We played volleyball outside and after the eats we all went inside. R and I settled down on the floor and played cards. I’m not sure what we played but I beat the socks off of him. I was and still am very good at cards. I spent a lot of time playing solitaire. Not much of a social life. We laughed and talked and had the best time. He was so darned cute. It got very late, about 2 or 3 a.m. and I needed to go home. I wasn’t about to spend the night there, my parents wanted me home so what was a girl to do. R offered to take me home in his cute little orange Volkswagon super beetle complete with a sunroof. I climbed into his little bug and immediately sat on my crossed legs with dirty bare feet showing and sang to the radio all the way home along with some conversation. He pulled into my driveway and asked if he could call me. I said yes and he got into his glove box and got a little spiral notebook and pen and took my name and number down. I was impressed with his readiness with the proper stuff to capture my info. He went around and opened my door and then escorted me to the door and then he kissed me very lightly on the lips. I was absolutely on cloud nine.

The next morning, I should say afternoon since I slept in till about noon my phone rang and it was Jana. (I had my own line I bought and paid for.) Jana was pumping me on what I thought of R and on Gail’s end she was talking to R and what he thought of me. They were playing matchmakers big time. Jana told me that Gail told her that R said I was build like a brick shit-house. He liked me a lot and I liked him a lot. Back and forth the phone calls went and then R called me. He asked if I would like to go to the zoo and then maybe a movie.

I of course said yes and the first date was set. He showed up and met my parents and my bro and sis. We had a wonderful day at the zoo. Later we went to see The Great Waldo Pepper with Robert Redford. He then took me to his house for a glass of his mother’s famous sweet iced tea. I met his brother S and his mother.

It was an awesome day and I was in love. It was love at first sight. He was nice. He was fun and he made me laugh and still does. He was a gentleman, a big plus, and he called me back. Most of the time with other guys I would go out with once and that would be it, they never called me back. I was so upset most of the time that they never took the time to know ME, the real me. R took that time. After that initial meeting we talked every day when we weren’t with each other. We were in love. He was just the most wonderful and gentle guy and I couldn’t stand not being with him. We would spend literally hours on the phone with each other when we were away from each other and it soon became evident that would be together forever.

That first meeting was March 22, 1975. He told me he loved me May 23, 1975 and by June 23, 1975 he had asked for my hand in marriage after talking to my father. We were married January 23, 1976. Now he is known as The Hubby.

Friday, July 11, 2008


He's getting better every day. The Hubby finally had a bowl of potato soup and he finished the whole bowl scraping the sides and he said it even tasted good. You do not know how good that has made me feel. The poor guy last night tossed and turned and only slept about 2 hours. I just want him to eat and sleep so he will feel better. He's having weird dreams and reliving the whole nightmare of the explosion and I think that is eating on him. He's not said so but I think he's dealing with being almost 53 years old and his father dying at 53 years old. I know it has bothered him as he approached this age and then to have a life and death experience happened it has bound to have effected him.

I think today I'm kind of having some intense feelings of wanting to break down. I really never did as I had to be strong for B (A is still in CA). I've had moments of almost losing it but then I would have to answer the numerous phones and questions and there just wasn't a time to lose it. I had his cell phone, my cell phone. At home there were the cells then two lines on the home phone and the same at the office. I've had to retell the whole story over and over again to the point of nausea.

We have gone from a few days ago a machine breathing for him to he's sitting in the other room on his computer checking his emails. It's all so surreal if you know what I mean. It's one of those bumps in the road of life that trip you up and make you stop and take stock in your life and your future. Wow!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lot of Healing to go.

He has a lot of healing to go. Last night was a rough night as his legs were very fidgety and he just couldn't get them to stop. He tried to sleep on the couch for awhile and finally came to bed after about an hour but it was still rough for him. I made sure we got to sleep in for a bit but he was still up at 6:30 this morning. I got up and he was in the living room trying to choke down his usual oatmeal but he was having a hard time. Finally, it had to go down the garbage disposal.

We had our showers and then he asked where his keys were. Uh oh. Then I set the ground rules. I told him he could go into the office but not job sites or meetings at all. He stuck to the plan all day long. While he was at the office I went and picked up his glasses that were broken in the blast from the repair place. That was awful for B as she was the one who found them in the field the next day.

We spent the whole day at the office but I insisted he go home about 3:30 as he was looking pretty tired. Home, I told him I would fix some potato soup and he thought it sounded good but he specified very little salt. The poor guys tongue, mouth, throat and lips are burned so it is so hard for him to eat. On top of that I think his taste buds are burned so he can't taste but he can sure hurt. His appetite is gone and he's staying a little queasy. I feel so bad for him and feel that I can't do anything for him to help. He's also so weak and tired from not sleeping even though he spent three days on a ventilator, asleep.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Grand-Dog

Now for a light entry. This is Mondo, my grand-dog.


What a relief it is to have my guy finally home, safe and under MY care. When we arrived home he was so very happy but very unsteady on his feet. His friend Kelly helped get him home and was here for a few hours while he took his shower and shaved. Then just as Kelly was going to leave to get some lunch the doorbell rang and a friend brought BBQ to eat. Good. He didn't eat a lot but at least he is able to eat. Now it is almost 2 pm and he is down for a nap and I'm trying to also but the various cell phones and house phone keeps ringing. Friends are bringing dinner tonight and tomorrow night and others are dropping in to see him tonight. I'm very relieved he is home and now it is hitting me and I'm getting emotional that it is over and he is safe and sound. That was a very, very close call and I don't EVER want to go through it again.

He's Home

He's home and glad to be. No shower since Friday so he's in there scrubbing now. Glad he's home and now I can release. I seem to be on the verge of tears now that the crisis is over. Thanks to all who have kept up with this.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More update

As I have written the tube is out and The Hubby had a liquid lunch today. It was rather funny to watch him try to hit his mouth with wiggly jello and a wiggly hand but he managed to drink all that was on the tray. Every minute of the day the fog in his mind has diminished. He is so ready to go home already but they want him there for another 24 hours. He also wanted to have his cell phone for work but thank goodness no cell phones in ICU. He looks really good but as he said he is a little toasty smelling, literally. His eyebrows are a little shorter and so there is the smell of toasty burned hair and no shower. Funny.

Now that The Hubby is on the mend I will write a little about the hospital and the employees. The doctors and the nurses have been absolutely fabulous, fabulous, although one little incident with a nurse was very bad. On Sunday morning, early, my brother and wife went up there to visit and since it is ICU they had to be buzzed in and directed to the room The Hubby is in. Now mind you I told my bro that The Hubby was not burned bad and that he was going to be fine. The nurse led my brother to a room where a man was laying, totally bandaged and oozy and told them he was burned over 90% of his body. My brother and wife were in absolute total shock. I didn't talk to him until that evening and then realized that they had sent them to the wrong patient. My brother thought I was delusional. The agonized all day long over the prospect of the imminent death of my husband when it was not true. Absolutely horrible. Plus the nurse told one of our employees and his wife all about my husband and his medical stuff...uh HIPPA violation I think.

Next I will comment on the nasty, nasty bathroom that we had to use then the stupid pretense of washing our hands and put on sterile robes and gloves after that. That bathroom was disgusting and that is all I'm gonna say.

Hopefully The Hubby will be home by Thursday. Stay tuned.

New update on The Hubby

The took the breathing tube out this morning about 11 am and the first thing he said was, "When the hell can I go home." He is still feeling the effects of the medicine and is a little loopy but he was able to feed himself a liquid lunch and is napping again. More later.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Hubby update Monday - The Golden Driller

Here is the latest update on The Hubby. First of all thank you all for the good wishes and thoughts. It means tons to know all the good vibes are out there. Now on to the update:

We got a little excited when I called this morning and they told me that he was waking up and that they might take the tube out. Well, we went in to see him and he looks great. He will open his eyes and try to talk, wants to talk. He holds you hand and WILL not let it go even while asleep and boy does he have a grip.
When a friend of B's came in that works at the hospital he pointed to her and B told him it was Jessica, he waved at her and then gave her a thumbs up. He wants to hold your hand the whole time but he has a very, very strong grip and will not let it go. The nurse told us he is calmer when we are there. They told us that they would probably take the breathing tube out today but the blood gases were not at the levels they would like so they have upped the med's again and he deep sleeping again. They hope to try again tonight but more than likely tomorrow. I HOPE! We really don't like seeing him this way. It is really tough on B. She just wants to see her big strong daddy without that thing in his mouth and awake. Our girls always thought that their father was The Golden Driller and is why it is on my page so to see him down like that is hard.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Here we go!...It is actually 4:51 pm

Here is the update. It is actually 4:51 pm. I've had time trying to write this.

Last night The Hubby was doing the fireworks at our lake place and the show was over but apparantely a huge fountain had not done its thing and it went off in his face. It was a huge one. I saw it happen and ran as fast as I could through the meadow and then saw them running to where the ambulance had been but they had already left since the "show" was over. When I saw his face it was pock-marked with what looked like little beebee shots all over. They were pouring cool water all over his face. I just about lost it there but he hugged me and said he was alright. We got into someones Tahoe and headed off to meet the ambulance that had turned around. Just outside of the gates we met up and transfered him to it. When they were shutting the doors he was complaining about his throat and mouth and I knew he was burned there. I got back into the Tahoe driven by a son of one of the people at the lake and we went back to the cabin to tell B & B2 and get The Hubby's ID and insurance stuff and my purse. Then we literally flew back to Tulsa, and I mean flew. The trip usually takes 55 minutes and we were in Tulsa in 25 minutes. We flew. On the way we found out that they took The Hubby to Locust Grove to a helopad to air-evac him out to Hillcrest. Still on the way we were also informed that The Hubby was intubated. My fear was enhanced I must say but I kept it together and still am, so far. We arrived at the emergency room not really knowing if he was at Hillcrest or St. Francis. After some investigating by the wonderful receptionist it was discovered that we actually beat the helicopter to the emergency. WHAT! Did I say flew to the hospital. After that my ride said adios and was on his way. I was left standing in this foreign room with people, well, let just say the hospital emergency room on a weekend night, holiday weekend night is a little scary and I guessed I was showing it. It sat very tiny on one of the most uncomfortable chairs there gazing around the room and I was terrified and alone. The phones had no faces and the room was full of babies crying, people getting a little irate with the receptionist and just weirdness. I sat for a bit and the receptionist came over to me and said that since my family was not with me, I was alone that why don't I sit in the family room. Okay. I followed her to a smaller version of the large ER waiting room but the doors closed and it was quiet. It was probably because I had insurance. Anyway, I wasn't there long till a nurse came in and discussed what was going to happen with the doctors and checking The Hubby out when he landed. Then she asked for his ID, insurance card and of course let's not forget the co-pay up front.

My cell phone was constantly going off from the girls, and people from the lake. I also had The Hubby's cell phone in the other pocket and it was going off with people not having my cell number. My wait was not long and then they took me into see him and sit with him. His face was still pock-marked and they warned me about all the tubes and stuff. I was prepared. He was naked on the gurney with the tinest of sheets covering just enough. I went up to him and touched his face and held his hand and told him I was there. He was asleep but only slightly because everytime he swallowed he struggled and came straight up off the gurney, with his hands strapped down. You could tell it hurt and the tube was driving him crazy. The nurse was astounded by his ability to struggle like that and they kept upping his meds to sedate him further so he would fight so much. When I leaned to kiss his forehead I could smell the singed hair. Luckily he had his hardhat on so the only thing singed were his bushy eyebrows and his nose hairs. I talked to the on call ER doctor, the burn surgeon (yeah that was a scary one) and numerous nurses. They all told me that he would probably be on the respirator for a couple of days before they could assess how badly damaged his lungs, throat and mouth were. Then they would start him on steroids to pump up the healing process of his lungs. They were concerned because he had surgery several years ago for sleep apnea. His uvula was lasered off and he had a deviated septum fixed to correct and that might be a problem, not sure why.

B had called the his mother and brother and they showed up and I had to go into the family room and let them know what was going on. When I entered the MIL was almost on the verge of collapse and had in her mind that the mortar had gone off and taken half his face. NOT! I had to tell them everything and then prepare her for how he looked with all the tubes and stuff. When we were in there his brother would talk loudly to him and tell we were all there and everything would be all right and shake his leg, so did the MIL. The doctors this morning said none of that please. Limit the visitors and don't talk to him and to jiggle him, let him totally rest and heal.

So, I finally made it home about 3:30 am and it took me a good hour to get the cell phones on the chargers, brush my teeth and just relax enough to sleep. I woke up about 7 am and took my shower and waited for the phone calls and make another trip tot he hospital. I called the other brother, my sister, my brother, my daddy, his best friend and girl friend. I called my best friend and my friends at the lake. I called my minister, although we have hardly set foot in the church in a couple of years. I called two of our main employees to let them know what had happened and let them know I would be there first thing to line everybody out and get the game plan going. We are responsible for 13 employees and the work has to keep flowing so I HAVE to work tomorrow, at least in the morning. My mulitple phones rang constantly this morning. The best friend Kelly arrived and the first thing I needed to do was see about the nail in my tire. Yes, another nail in the same tire as the first of June. Well, the stupid nail is in a really bad place and I will have to buy a new tire and is just what will happen tomorrow.

The latest news today is that they are already weaning him off the vent and his air way is not as swollen as first thought. He is partially breathing on his own and they will start the steriods today and maybe completely off the vent tomorrow. GOOD NEWS. Also the pock-mocked things on his face were mostly wiped off. He still has some places on his lower left side of his face and may have some unintended tatoos. He does look so much better than last night with a little blistering on his lower lip, not sure of the insides.

I am now home and I plan on staying home tonight. I will call later and check on him but he is sleeping and needs to be left alone. There is no need to sit and stare at him. I'm better to rest and be ready to bring him home. I also need to concentrate on work tomorrow. I will keep all updated. Good thoughts everyone. Oh, and by the way, did I say I HATE FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!


It is 3:28 am Sunday morning and I just got home. The Hubby is in Hillcrest burn center ICU. A fireworks accident. He is on a ventilator and hopefully will be off in a few days....hopefully. I'm exhausted and just not sure about any of it. I will write more when I know. The whole emergency room thing was weird. Later.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 5th

Today is the official fireworks blast here at our lake place. Since the 4th was on friday it was decided to do the big blast on Saturday so here we go. The Hubby is shooting the show so today he has spent from noon to 6pm setting up the show, wiring the stuff and sweating his ass off, and he doesn't even get paid. He does it for the people, our friends but he is absolutely exhausted. He is doing a bigger show this year so he has to really make it safe and that is my concern too. It is very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing and thank goodness he does but he does have helpers and he has to corral them sometimes. I wish he didn't want to do it so we could stay in town but that is okay, I guess.

This morning I awoke with a terrific sunburn on my back shoulders. OUCH! I forgot to have someone put sunscreen on my back and I am paying the price. I spent nearly all day long in my wonderful hammock reading and finishing my newest book, The Book Thief. What a good book. I can't say I "enjoyed" it because the subject matter is not to be enjoyed. It was about a little girl in Nazi Germany and her life growing up there with all that was happening in those times and the author was very good and different in his writing styles. I would highly recommend it. B and B2 showed up about 1:30 with another couple Barry and Casey and they all plan on staying the night. We've already delved into the homemade cheeseburgers and a multitude of salads. Barry and Casey are vegetarians so I Boco burgers for them.

I'm babbling because I don't want to go and watch the fireworks later. Way toooooooo mannnnnnny people for me to be around. I'm just not a crowd person. I'm not afraid of crowds or anything just too many people, drinking so things can go wrong.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Not really. Yeah, yeah yeah I am patriotic and all but I so hate the fireworks and the people and the drinking and crap like got distracted...really cute, cute guy just went by on his golf cart...WOO HOO! Nice. Okay, now back to the original thought. Last night we finally took off from T-town about 5:30 pm. That meant that we would hit the mass evacuation of town to the lake. It took about 45 minutes to navigate through the merging and inch-by-inch 5 miles stretch to break free. I was driving The Hubby's really nice Avalanche while he drove our company truck. He is in charge of the firework show (licensed and all) and needed the company truck to get the fireworks the day of the show. I like driving his truck. We arrived about 6:30 and we immediately went next door to Harri and Jimbo's cabin to check out the new deck they have been building for the past couple of months. Nice, very nice and where I'm blogging from right now with the aid of the other neighbor's Internet (with his blessing.) Harri was busy getting food and drink ready to go out on Sin and Bare's pontoon boat with some other guests they all were having over. We were not invited to this little shindig which I was fine with. The Hubby was exhausted and needed to lay down before dinner, but little did I know that it would be 8:30 before he would arise. I HAD to eat and instead of steaks I dug into the pre-cooked chicken from Reasor's. Right when I put the last morsel into my mouth he appeared and said do you want me to start the coals, well no. He was a little perturbed but too bad. About 9:30 the neighbors started the fireworks and I was none too happy about it. I hit the sheets about 10:15 and thankfully the fan drowned out most of the sound of the boom, boom, boom. I HATE FIREWORKS! Uh Oh...trying to rain so I'll make it quick. Oh...the pontoon boat crew got rained out big time. I was watching outside and all of a sudden it was just utter darkness and wind and I knew they were out on the water. I went to the kitchen just as it was beginning to pour and saw Harri drive up on her golf cart and unload food. They must have had a pretty scary time on the water as there was a tremendous amount of lightening. I got up this morning about 7:15, my bladder won't let me sleep much longer than that, and enjoyed some peace and solitude on my porch. I spent most of the time chasing stupid squirrels from my bird feeders. I had an indigo bunting several times but couldn't get a picture of it. I decided that it was time to do some walking/jogging so I attired myself in my workout clothes and hit the gravel/pavement. Wow, all the rain made it so very humid. I quit an hour ago and my face is still red and I'm dripping in sweat but hopefully it translates to pounds lost. I tell you when I workout and The Hubby sees me do it he is enamored with it all. He is absolutely turned on to think I'm working on getting rid of the weight. Now I know what he does for me and he told my mother one time when she called. She asked him what he was doing and responded, "Foreplay, the dishes." He totally had it down and knows me all too well. My mother thought that was the funniest thing she had ever heard.

That stupid cardinal is at it again, like last week, hitting the window over and over again. Dumb bird.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Check it out...The hair

Could it be the first mullet!

They called me crip.


Well, the weekend is fast approaching and the deluge of people at the lake will be happening soon. OH MY GOD I don't look forward to this weekend. I know it is a holiday but I HATE fireworks and all it entails: people, noise, alcohol consumption, and stupidity. It has become a tradition to drink, blow up stuff, be loud and obnoxious. These are my observations. I would really like to stay in town in my home and just watch TV, blog and twitter all weekend but since The Hubby is in charge of the big show I have to go and support him. It also makes me a little nervous as he is dealing with very big powerful stuff and it is dangerous but he is very careful.

I went to Jazzercise this morning but I didn't workout. I just checked people in then came home and washed my car. I'm just not ready physically for the rigorous workout that I do yet, next week.

My poor little car. It is really pretty when washed but it also means I see the hail damage and the shopping cart dent in the side of it. People, when you go to the grocery store PLEASE make sure the carts are in the little corrals. That is what happened to my little car on a windy day. Someone just left the cart standing and when I came out to my car the stupid thing had rolled into my passenger door and put a HUGE dent in the darn thing. NOT GOOD!

Last night one of my high school classmates, Roger came over and we began the early stages of planning the 35th class reunion. I can't believe I have been out of school almost 35 years. I really don't feel that old but I guess I am. I'm not sure I'm ready to get it going again. We have one every five years and sometimes I think that is too much but it got started a long time ago, long before I was on the planning gig. I used to do a newsletter every six months but quit it a few years ago after a 10 gig at it. It's called burnout. Now there is talk of a multi-year reunion in a couple of years so I guess I had better get with the plan.

Think I'll take the day off again.