Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My year in review

The last day of 2008. Well, what do you know. (This website says that this post will be #472.) When I was young I never dreamed that I would live to see the years in the 2000's. That was too far away when I was 18 years old. Now here it is, the eve of 2009. Can't believe another year has literally flown by.

I have been thinking about the past year and it has been an interesting year. We set up The Hubby's best friend and that may lead to marriage. Our oldest daughter B is now a married woman after we threw her a huge wedding/reception. We flew to California to visit the youngest, A, and my friend (first time for me.) Found a personal trainer and have lost 25 pounds since last January. July spent a few days watching The Hubby on a ventilator in the hospital after his accident. Right after his accident I began having health issues, probably brought on by stress. Now it gets weird. Stressed by the accident. Stressed at still dealing with the loss of my friend and mother and relationships. Stressed by sister pulling a bonehead move with her cat. Stressed with the holidays and the changing of it all. Stressed by the financial strategies we are all facing and the shifting of what I have to do with our stuff and business. I'm just stressed and trying to deal with it all and trying to wrap my head around being 52 years old and still not sure what I want to do when I grow up. Awww, my life. Well, on to 2009. A toast to a better year, let's hope.

Not only do keep this online journal but I also keep handwritten journals and have for many years. I've only been on the online one since 2006 but I also print all of my entries. I keep them in a three-ring binder. I'm afraid that some day they will be gone and for goodness sake these are words that I have written and I AM A WRITER. I may not be published, well, I guess I am if I am on the web, anyway, headache. I AM A WRITER and someday, someone will read these and maybe find them interesting, maybe my great grandchildren. I'm getting ready to close out my 2008 journal and begin the 2009, so today, probably tonight I will write my last entry and tomorrow I will write the new one. I used to do the New Years resolutions but that is just a stupid thing for me. The first one used to be, "I plan on losing blah, blah, blah pounds." Never happened until last year, after I didn't write about it. So no NY's resolutions for me. I am just going to try and survive 2009 'cause I think we are in for a very bumpy ride, even rougher that 2008. See everyone next year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm So Excited

I am so excited today. I have enrolled at TCC in two writing classes, one in February and one in March. I have also enrolled in an art class at Ziegler's from January to May in whatever medium I choose to use. I have to decide on oil, acrylic, charcoal or watercolor. Watercolor is out as I have never been able to work with it successfully. I think I will use oils as I already have some of the tools and have used it the most. I might like charcoal at a later date. The writing classes are going to be just two evening classes. The one in February is:

No excuses! In one class period you’ll learn strategies to conquer procrastination and perfectionism, the times of the day when your energy is right for writing, how to use your intuition to make decisions and how to say “No!” This class is taught by a certified creativity coach and published author of SECRETS FROM A CREATIVITY COACH."

The second one in March is:

Every person has defining moments in their life, moments of sadness, happiness, trauma and accomplishments. By breaking your life down into age-related categories and writing about the defining moments in various stages of your life, you can begin to get a greater sense of who you are – how you arrived there, where you are going, and why you act/react the way you do. In this class, you’ll write about your life changing experiences in early adolescent, young adulthood, mid-life and, or, senior years."

Then, at the prompting of my therapist guy I "may" join a writers group that critiques your writing. I'm not sure about that as I don't really have too much to share but I'll try. It's a rather scary thing to share although I do share here on my blog it is somehow different. This would be in person, eye to eye, oooo...chills. Big step for me but I'll give it a whirl.

So this means that I will be pretty busy with art classes, writing, critiquing, bowling, personal trainer and I guess I'll throw a little work in there. I am so in need of trying to find me again. I have felt so swallowed up in our business, raising our family and all that is The Hubby that I have lost what I need to have a passion for. It is my turn. 2009 is for Jill!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Change of Scenery

As some that have read my blog have noticed I have changed the scenery here. I am a true Gemini as I have to change my surroundings in some way or another. I can be set in my ways and do like things not to change in a lot of areas, usually areas I have no control of but here, on this blog I DO HAVE CONTROL. So I have again changed my page. I just didn't like the old template and this one is simple but I love the colors I have chosen. Let me know what you think.

I know in my last post I said I was not going to venture out of the house, I lied. The Hubby called from the office (yes he works on weekends) and wanted to go to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I found a time and so we went. The movie was for 3:25 but of course he had to make a pit stop first. We needed a new battery for the UPS system at the office for our security cameras and the place closed at 6. He came home to pick me up for the movie and the errand at 2:53 p.m. See the problem arising. I knew it. Well, we flew out to 51st & Memorial to Interstate Battery and finally left there at 3:13 for a 3:25 movie on the day after Christmas to 41st & Yale. Yeah, well we got into a bursting full parking lot at 3:24, found a parking space and then got into a massive line, in the cold to get tickets. I looked at the screen and the 3:25 start time flashed SOLD OUT. The next movie was 4:25 so we opted to go ahead and get tickets for the next one and wait. We went inside and bought popcorn and drinks and I saw that there was already a line for the movie. He was amazed. (He doesn't go to the movies much.) While in the food line the line dispersed into the theatre and we soon followed. We got good seats and sat to eat popcorn and watch the scroll ads over and over again. The Hubby decided to get up and take his jacket off but caught the lid of his Coke and pulled it right out of the chair cubby and onto the floor. #$^^#(***&##^&# Oops...Nearly the whole drink spilled on the floor. Oh well, $20 down the drain, literally. The movie finally started and we settled back. I'm not sure I like the movie. It was interesting and the special effects on yummy Brad were pretty cool, but the movie was very long. I thought they could have shortened it somewhat. Really, I don't think I would even watch it again on the TV, except to see yummy Brad again in his young stage.

The movie ended at about 7:30 so of course I was hungry. We went to Rick's American Cafe that has moved to 31st & Harvard, close to home. Nice to have a really nice restaurant close to home. I had a seafood pasta thing with mussels, shrimp, crab and scallops. I had mussels in New York the first time in October on our trip and boy still delicious. The Hubby had a huge steak, Cajun rubbed. We were stuffed. It was a nice date night with The Hubby.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Wind Blows

I was awakened early this morning to rain hitting the roof. Too bad it was still too warm from yesterday. I was so hot last night. The ceiling fan was just not cutting it. I rolled around in the sheets and without the sheets just sweating to beat the band. Finally, I drifted back to sleep but was awakened by The Hubby watching the history channel and the rain blowing against the windows. It was about 6:30 and I had to get up to visit the bathroom and take another round of antibiotic. I started to get up and just stay up but the sound of the rain just lulled me back to the nice bed. I again drifted off to sleep and woke up to A roaming around the house and talking to her father. They were chatting about buying her a car and car insurance, 4 cylinder and 6 cylinders, and then they went into maybe she "should" get into selling real estate...yadda, yadda, yadda. I was glad they didn't get into a shouting match. I was impressed that both of them talked like adults. Whew.

Today I plan on spending the day like yesterday...doing absolutely NOTHING! Since I'm trying to get better from this stupid virus I am taking full advantage of resting. The antibiotic is working pretty quickly on this round and hopefully after this I will be finally over it all. A friend had MRSA several years ago and although it is always with you she has not had another outbreak. She was so bad that they thought she might have to have chemotherapy. YIKES! I must get well, I must get well, I must get well. I think if I can stay well for the next few months, no colds or sore throats that I will be home free. I just have to build up immunities. I'm not going out anyway because the virus has popped up on my face and doesn't look real pretty.

Well, I guess I need to get to the reading and resting. Maybe a shower, journal, read and then sleep a little today. I might have to cook later but I already did a wonderful roast and veggies last night, so I've prepared them that it will probably be pizza tonight.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Here it is the day after a whirlwind Christmas season for me. We celebrated the last of the Christmas parties at B&B2's last night with one of the BIL and the MIl. B served spaghetti and it was quite delicious since most of the week consisted of appetizer meals from all the parties we attended. We opened presents and had a most wonderful end of the day.

This morning unfortunately I awoke with my chin swelled and again I am dealing with the stupid MRSA virus. I decided to refill the antibiotic that I had left and have another go around with it. I want my body to heal on it's own but probably not going to happen. It needs a boost since I can't get over the head cold that has lodged in my ears. Since it has appeared on my face I will stay in for the weekend and not venture out. It also tends to leave somewhat of a scar, a discoloration for awhile. I just want to get well.

On to better things. Here are some pic's of the Christmas we celebrated with my family. My Daddy, brother and his family and sister and her family. It was a very nice day but poor Sis was sick too. We changed it up and shared in a brunch. I did egg casseroles, Sis did sausage, bacon, gravy and biscuits and the Bro brought homemade cinnamon rolls (his daughter made) like Momma used to make. Turned out to be a great day.
DaddyToo much good cheer!Bro and nephew trying to figure out the erector setSis and Ben

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas

to all.

This will be a quick post. Our Christmas "week" has been filled with lots of parties and just go, go, go. I had to work at the office yesterday as the girls were volunteering. Every year for about 6 years or so they have volunteered wrapping presents at Borders for Street Cats (a no kill shelter for cats). I love that they do this together.
The day before we had lunch with one of A's dearest friends and her mother, my new and dear friend and B too. It was a nice lunch and something I think we will make a tradition, hopefully.

The eve of Christmas eve we spent the evening at the MIL's and had a wonderful dinner at her retirement community. She reserved a private room and we filled the table to the max. When we had finished a wonderful dinner we retired to her apartment and then being the hostess with the mostess she set out a punch bowl with cookies and chocolate candy. WOW! She just couldn't help herself. She loves to entertain and does it well. The Christmas eve bash used to be at her house and everybody used to drop in to partake of the party of the year. Now she is relegated to a punch bowl and plate of cookies. I think she is sad about that. Anyway it was a nice evening and we got to see one of the great nieces open her little gifts. She is just a precious little thing. She got a stroller with a baby and we gave her a Tinkerbell doll because that is what her father calls her.

Last night we spent at the nephews for Christmas Eve and the great nephew. Christmas is definitely for the children. He was so very excited and tore into packages just to get the paper off, not caring what was inside. It was a quiet evening as most of the family was home sick. This season for head colds has taken its toll this year. I'm still fighting the effects of the one I had 3 weeks ago.

Today we go to my Sis and celebrate with my family. B&B2 went to his family but will be back to join us in a "new" tradition of brunch.

Oops...better get in the shower and get the egg casseroles in the oven.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas (70's style)

I have this in my stash of collections of poetry and stories from high school. Don't know where I got it but I love it.

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the pad
Baby, nothing was happenin’
Real quitesville, Dad!
There were ornaments strung round the espresso bar
And one dangled from Arthur (like that’s my guitar!)
And our stockings were hung, because, man, like I mean
We hoped Nicky Baby would soon make the scene.
Mother turned down the sound on the hi-fi and then
She curled upon the floor with a volume of Zen
And the pad was real quiet and peaceful and still-
Then suddenly Bang, it was gangbusterville!
Man, from way out in space came a powerful roar
That was so loud it blasted us right from the floor
I lost all my cool and my console slammed shut!
I was so bugged I dropped my best stereo cut.
Like I couldn’t feature what sounded that way
I forgot my turtleneck, shades and beret
And I ran to the window (my knees were both quakin)
Like I stuck my head out to observe what was shakin.
I looked up in the sky and what scene did I dig
But eight wild baby elks and a chrome-plated rig
A fat little pilot with a Gabby Hayes beard
Wow! Like, man, it was weird!!
His frame was all covered with red and white fur
And I thought that he looked like a swing’n Ben Hur
But the fat man was wailin and I don’t mean maybe,
So I knew in a flash he must be Nicky Baby.
This gig behind schedule, I heard him explain
Then he called all his elks by each of their names-
Go Ringo! Go Tonto! Go Flash and Saber!Go Batman! Go Bogie! Go Mutt’n Jeff too!
Then down they all pranced-seven tons on the roof
And it looked like a discotheque out on my roof!
Nickey made for the chimney and flashed a big grin
Yelled, “Geronimo baby!”
And pow! He fell in
When he jumped from the fireplace in a big cloud of dust
His grab bag was so stuffed I thought it would bust!
Then, man, like I flipped when he opened that sack
And said, “look what I’m fix’n to lay on you, Jack!
He had enough equipment to stock a whole band
A solid gold trumpet and a cool baby grand!
And then Nickey said, “Cool it! Like baby that’s it”The sun’s coming up and this cat’s got to split.
So he filled up our socks and we thanked him a lot
Then he uttered “Shazam!” And took off like a shot.
He jumped into the fireplace, gave out a loud whistle
And blasted straight up, like a solid-fuel missle
Then he hopped in his buggy and we heard him shout“Up, up and away” and he really moved out!
As he said into orbit - it was most out of sight“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, we had the Peter Mayer concert on Friday night, the graduation party here on Saturday night, and last night A came home so we had a family dinner. I cooked fried chicken like my Momma used to make, mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli. Tonight we went to a wedding reception for my friend's son and new bride. Tomorrow night we then go to The Hubby's mother's new place and have part of his side of the family Christmas (the rest will be Christmas Eve). Then we move on to Christmas eve and two places to be and Christmas Day and two more places to be. Oh my goodness, I'm going to need all of January to catch up on sleep and work off the extra pounds from too much Holiday food.

I'm supposed to bring an appetizer dish for Christmas eve and egg casseroles for Christmas brunch at my sisters. The egg casseroles need to be made the night before and so do a couple of appetizers I need to make. I'm going to make a hot artichoke dip that is to die for. I also got another recipe from a friend that is a sandwich that is put together and marinated overnight then heated in the very yummy. I'll try to have the recipes here later. Goodness I'm going to be busy.

Uh oh now The Hubby is letting A and her friend J watch his practice dance I am going to bed and bury my head. If I have to listen to that song again I'm going to SCREAM!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Party is Over.

The party is over. Yes, the big one is done for the year and it was an awesome success. I wasn't sure if the sushi thing was going to work but it did and everyone was impressed. I've used the same caterer for several years and had basically the same menu so this year we changed it up. In fact, one of the husbands commented that he was anticipating the same menu, and he loved it but that he thought I might change it up. He loved it and so did everyone else. My Mom-in-law was not as impressed but she endured. I was even successful in getting a few who had not tried sushi before to really enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole lot of pics as the guests began arriving and I misplaced my camera. Oh well...the caterer is Joshua Vitt. VITTERS N-CREDIBLE EDIBLES

Now we clean up the mess, which wasn't much as the caterer did most of it, YEAH! B and B2 spent the night with the granddog Mondo and have headed home but will be back this evening. A is flying in from California for 7 wonderful days and tonight B and B2 will be back for a family meal. They all have requested fried chicken and gravy with mashed potatoes. I haven't fixed that is eons but will have a go at it. I've stripped the guest bed, put on a new heated mattress pad and will have it all ready for A. She just called and is waiting in line for security at the airport. I hope her flight has no hitches or delays.

This week will be another whirlwind of busy. Tonight, of course will be the family dinner. Tomorrow I get my teeth cleaned, workout, work and then we go to a wedding reception for my friends son. Tuesday, we were informed last night, is The Hubby's family get together (another one on Christmas Eve with less people) and of course Wednesday evening is the big one. We hopefully will make his family and then, maybe, possibly, we might try to make my dad's side of the family. The cousins, ick. It's just busy, busy, busy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The weather is about to change and I'm ready for it. Let's just say I have to step outside a lot lately to cool off in a 65 degree house. Man, I never thought I would look forward to winter. I so detest the cold and the dreariness but my body says, "Bring it on." I really need to not be sitting here typing out words as I need to get the house and myself ready for the big graduation party tonight. We celebrate B's success on achieving her master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. It is awesome and she has worked so hard for it. It should be great fun with about 50 people here. We have hired a friend of hers to cater the event. He does sushi on site and should be nice entertainment value for everyone. I decided to only serve beer and wine and pop for the liquids. I didn't want to have to deal with the hard stuff. So yesterday B and I hit the liquor store and grocery store to stock up and last night I put it all out on the back porch to get pre-chilled. The ice chests will be filled at the shop (we have a commercial ice machine) and brought over by the SIL and stocked. Last night I was a little freaked out though as we were trying to drift off to sleep the police helicopter started doing a look-see over the neighborhoods with its spotlight and very loud noise. The first thing I thought was that we forgot to set the alarm, so I crept out of bed and set it and then I realized that all that liquor was on the back porch. I crawled back into bed and tried to drift off to sleep but my mind started playing tricks on me and running away with my imagination. What if the bad guys found our "stash" and started drinking it then got all rowdy and decided to break into the sliding doors and, and, and.....snore.......Wow, my mind sometimes. What's bad is I slept horribly last night too. I tossed and turned but I did dream a lot. The Hubby said that meant I got to REM sleep, whatever, I tossed and turned. Okay, enough blah, blah, blah...I have to get cracking. Lots to do, people to see, places to go....Toodles!

(Tomorrow A comes home!!!!! Can't wait to see her. It's been 5 months since her beautiful smile graced out presence. I will have both my girls, my babies, here tomorrow!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This and That

It is 6:20 am and I'm waiting to leave for the personal trainer at 7 this morning. I have been sick and not working out since last Thursday. I just needed a break to get over this stupid head cold that seems better except for my stupid ears, but they are better too. The Hubby has just headed out for his workout and now it is quiet so that my thoughts can spill out through my fingers here.

I just received another email from the niece in preparation for Christmas eve for The Hubby's side of the family. A couple of days ago there was a flurry of emails from the SIL and my Sis on my side of the family for Christmas day. Whew, trying to get it all together and make it work is, well, work. It starts really getting tough when the children grow up, get married and then you have to contend with more family. Then they start having their children and they want to make their own kind of Christmas traditions and memories for their own children. You have to give up what you have known and expected of your customs and traditions to make way for the others to make their own. Our oldest is now married and I know that she and and her guy, B2 will need to go to his family. Next year the youngest, in California will probably not be home for Christmas and that is okay. I know how it is. My side of the family has had a tradition for Christmas eve since I was a child but I don't participate with it anymore (can't really stand some of the cousins), instead I opted to be a part of The Hubby's family Christmas eve scene which has evolved over the years. It is just part of life.

Last night The Hubby and I went to our banks Holiday party for about 700! Yikes, so many people. It was fun to schmooze with "people". I had a couple of watered down drinks and was supposed to drive to a girls party (old Jazzercise people) but opted to go home and let a little of the buzz of the drinks (and I mean just a little) make me comfy in front of the TV. I just didn't want to drive 20 minutes for a girls night. The Hubby had a group dance lesson in which the daughter, B likes to go with him. Totally fine with me. He tried to get me to go, but NO WAY! Tonight we go to yet another Christmas party at Sin & Bare's, that should be a real drinking bash (oh my). I have to go easy though because we are not at the lake where we can hop on a golf cart and drive home and besides, tomorrow I have to do payroll with Christmas bonuses. Have to have my thinking head to calculate stuff. Saturday is B's graduation party here with about 50 people in attendance. I forgot to get wine and pop so that is my mission today, after workout. The food is taken care of by her friend who is a caterer. He does sushi! YIPPEE! We will have other food but it will be a real fun different kind of party. Then on Sunday we can relax and enjoy having A home as she will arrive that evening.

Just lots and lots of stuff to do. Oh and I forgot we have to have 3 ornaments for the Christmas eve family gift exchange so it is back to the store for more of those or just take some off of my very crowded tree!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fruitcake #2

The final the steps to a very yummy White Fruitcake

Some of the ingredients

The secret ingredient 2 oz lemon extract


Yeah, um, I thought I would have fruitcake pictures and interesting stuff with this entry but as I have yet to move off my comfy chair to begin the process of baking my famous fruitcake, words will be all you get this morning. Tomorrow, or even later I will have some pics and more info on my day of baking. I have taken the day off and plan on firing up the two ovens I have and "git-er-done".

I haven't worked out all week and that is making me a little crazy. You know after over 10 years of making a habit, of getting up at 5 every morning and hitting the Jazzercise floor, I can say that can break a habit in a matter of days. I think that the time of year plays a huge role in how I'm feeling about this though. I HATE the winter. I HATE the cold. I HATE the look of the trees and the sky. I sit her in my chair pecking away at these keys and occasionally look out my window at the sticks in the gray sky and it saddens me. The only thing that keeps me going is that on the 22 or 23 of this month is the Winter Solstice and that means the days will begin to start getting longer and spring will be just around the corner. But that also means that we still have to contend with January and February. Oh my goodness I hate the drabness of the winter days and the gray that surrounds us now.

OOPS....the phone is ringing...should I answer might be The Hubby and he has a way of messing up my day................I was right! It was "HIM" and yes indeed my day has been cut short. It is good, in a way but DAMMIT! Our architect is going to be here at the house with interior plans for our master bathroom remodel/add-on at 2 pm. That means I have to get cracking on the fruitcake and then have a shower and get dolled up as we have a function at our bank at 5 tonight. Well, I gotta roll....Toodles...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What, can you say that again, I can't hear you!

What, can you say that again, I can't hear you. Huh...just a minute while I try to get my clogged ear open. Since I had that darned head cold a couple of weeks ago my ears are an absolute mess. I am trying not to have to go to the doctor but I may have to give in. First the left ear was sloshy but healed, now the right ear is very sloshy, swollen and very stopped up. It actually is better today but it is driving me crazy. On top of that I had another spot under my arm but it is healing quickly. B has a dear friend that is, I believe a nurse practitioner and she said the staff infection I have will always be with me. I will have flair ups that can happen when my immunities are low. Great I really wanted to hear that but I think deep inside I knew that. What a real downer. Well, I will just have to keep myself healthy and continue the weight loss and exercise.

Today is the beginning of a very busy time for us. Yesterday I finished paying bills for the year at the office and personally and then came home to more in the mail. Well, I'll finish, again, today. This is also the last week for payroll so The Hubby and I have to discuss bonuses for the guys. We have a lot to do at the office to wrap up the year. We also closed on the new property and that has been lots of phone calls to utilities, insurance, just people. We've started moving in the overflow from our other shop but the guy we bought it from hasn't moved out yet. And to add to this, the other guy is going to rent the building we bought last year from us. So he is moving out and in and we are moving out and in. It's getting a little to crazy for me so I only want The Hubby to fill me in on stuff when it is absolutely necessary that I need to know. All this stuff at Christmas has me shaking my head. It's no wonder I've been sick.

My most important thing this week is my next appointment with the therapist. It's funny that this week I've been too busy and sick to be too depressed, which is a good thing. Now, see with that said I don't feel that the therapist is necessary but sure as I have some time on my hands I'm get down again so with that said I'll continue. It can only be a good thing for me. Just one session has given me some food for thought.

I was planning on doing some baking this week but just have not had the time. I need to make my fruitcake but that would mean having to visit the grocery store for some butter and eggs and I just don't know if I want to go there again. Yikes the people. The intensity of people banging shopping carts around for the Christmas holidays is intensified by the icy weather. It is like the sky is falling.

Last night and tonight we are fairly low key but the rest of the week is a whir. Tomorrow night is a holiday party at our bank. Thursday night is a holiday party at a friends house. Friday night is the Peter Mayer concert and dinner with friends. (Peter Mayer also tours with Jimmy Buffet.) Then Saturday is the day of B's graduation party here at the house. We have a caterer and about 50 guests showing up. Today my cleaning lady will be here to spruce up the house so that will be taken care of. Oh and then Sunday A comes home!!!!! I can't wait to see her. It has been since August since she was here.

I know this entry is a disjointed. Maybe the next one my mind will be a little more, well, a little more.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Carols

Type in any Christmas song and see what the little puppets do. Also, type in any non-Christmas song (I typed in Happy Birthday) and you'll get a kick out of the response.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Peter Mayer

Kirk of the Hills
Tulsa, OK

Stars and Promises 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008
7:00 pm
Kirk of the Hills
4102 E. 6ast Street
Tulsa, OK 74136

tickets: $10.00 / $5.00 college students
$40 max for family

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another go around

This week has been busy, busy, busy and next week will be even more so but, you know I kind of like staying busy, like this busy. Next Saturday will the big graduation party for B. Getting her masters is a big deal and I'm so glad we can celebrate the event. She's pretty excited because her jewelry business has picked up and has gotten some interest by an online magazine. If they do a piece on her I will link it. A is also coming home for the holidays on Sunday so I pretty excited about seeing her too, although with the impending weather fronts I'm real afraid she will get delayed.

Today is my first session with the therapist and I'm getting rather excited about it. I hope this isn't just a waste of time. Sometimes I think I'm just blowing it all out of proportion and that I'm doing just fine, like today, then there are days when I'm really down in the dumps. We'll just see today.

Okay now back to the title of this entry. I have yet AGAIN had another go around with the damned staff infection. I'm not sure and I have not been to the doctor but it has all the ear markings of previous occurrences. Although this one is very tiny and already healing. It was on the side of my round belly and the other was on my chin. As I said though I have been very vigilant with them and they are thank goodness healing well and quickly so maybe I'm back to myself. I hope. I'm really tired of being scared of this stuff. It makes my stomach stay in knots.

Well, it is 5:30 a.m. and I'm trying to do this entry in the time I have today as it maybe the only time I have. I'm off to Jazzercise and to begin Friday. Toodles all and I'll report back how the session went.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Lots and lots of happenings in our lives this week and it is only Wednesday.

First, we finally signed on the dotted line for the commercial property. I don't feel just real good about the deal because even though we have the keys and a signed deal the "previous" owner is still on the property but should be out by the end of the week. And, to top off the whole thing The Hubby has possibly offered one of our other properties for him to rent from us. I kind of don't have a good feeling about this guy and I have stated my concerns but not sure if it will be heeded.

Last night we went out to dinner with two couples we are friends with at the lake. They came to our house first for drinks. We then went to Lucky's for a wonderful dinner and wonderful chatter and laughter. It was a very nice evening and it really pushed me to get the house in better order, especially my very messy room.

Today was our company party. The Hubby always wants to wait until the very last minute to send out the invites via email or fax and some phone calls. So today is Wednesday and he said to sent them out on Monday. Well, that strategy did not play well this time. We had so much less people than before and lots of food leftover. He was pretty sad that it turned out that way. He said that this may be the last year and that is just fine with me although I told him that we need to at least have a party for our employees. Oh well, at least we are done with it for another year and can deal with it next year.

So we had the party, closing and then I had to rush off to bowling. When I was through and coming in the house The Hubby was leaving for his group dance lesson. Oh and I am not his partner anymore,at least for awhile. He has found another willing guinea pig to take my place, our daughter B. Yippee!!! She goes with him to the private lesson too. Double Yippee!!!

Three nights in a row of not cooking dinner. Monday he went for Jamils, last night was dinner at Lucky's and tonight was leftover beans and cornbread. I heated up my dinner and got a Diet Pepsi out of the little refrigerator in the garage and as I was heading to the kitchen sink and twisting the top off the bottle it exploded fizzy Diet Pepsi in my face, on my arms, all over the floor and cabinet doors. Well, the thing was nearly frozen. Yup, I knew what had happened. The Hubby had cooked all that brisket and ribs for the company party and our refrigerators were full but needed to cool down the meat pretty quick. He had turned the little fridge to maximum so all, and I mean ALL my Diet Pepsi's were frozen. Yeah he was in trouble as I was washing sticky stuff off of my cheek. Yuck.

Tomorrow night is another Christmas open house party at our financial advisers office and then on Friday we are off to see Cirque Du Soliel with B&B. Then Saturday is a Christmas luncheon at the lake and Sunday I'm supposed to have 7 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange. Can you guess which one I have already begged off on, the cookie exchange. Next week is even busier with Tuesday - Friday booked solid. I still have one more present to get and I almost forgot that my niece's birthday is the 17th....oh my goodness this month is going to be an absolute blur.

And for those who have following my saddness, I have made an appointment with a therapist for Friday. Maybe he can give me some perspective on my sadness. Thanks everyone.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Yesterday my "friend" called and wanted to know if I was free for the evening. I was and she told me to be ready at 7 for a surprise. She arrived a few minutes after and then we spent a bit of time looking at the plans for our bathroom add-on and remodel then chatted with The Hubby about his hanging of his leg lamp party lights with his Daisy Red Rider BB gun and faux broken glasses. Then the conversation swiveled around to a couple of her children, of course.

All of a sudden she said, "We gotta go." So hopping in her car, I was taken to a destination unknown. (The whole drive there was a conversation on her third child.) A few minutes later we arrived at the movie theater. Ah...a movie. We got in line and she asked which movie I thought we were going to see. I looked at the marque and guessed Goonies. She smiled widely. The Goonies movie is one of my all time favorite movies and I have never seen it on the big screen so I was surprised it was on. The theater is running classic movies.

After the movie we had a nice 10 minute drive home talking about just stuff. When we pulled in the drive, I thought she would come in to visit or just sit in the car and talk, but she pretty much told me I needed to hop out so she could pick up her youngest at the airport. So the evening spent with my friend, which I have not had an extended conversation with since August, consisted of total conversation time of about 20 minutes, most of which was about her children.

Sorry had to get that off my chest. Although the thought about going to the movie was awesome. Am I being a petty nasty little friend. I feel like I am.

Today we were supposed to close on the new property. We were supposed to close last Monday. Both days we have not closed on the property and I don't know if it will even happen. I think we are getting the run around and now the words "my attorney" have been tossed in the ring. The guy we have a contract with is in the middle of a divorce and the property is mortgaged, well, apparently the soon to be ex-father-in-law bought the mortgage and is dangling it over the poor guys head and is saying that the pay-off is more than was stated. EGADS....we are caught in the middle of a stupid divorce of which the in-laws are involved. The Hubby is really sad. He has been so excited about possibly moving the business there and expanding.


Now to a very sad phone call. This morning at the office I heard my cell phone ring in the front office and B answered it. I heard her say, "Papa, what's wrong." It was my Daddy, her Papa. I rounded the doorway and saw tears welling up in B's eyes. I was terrified. It was bad but not as bad as I thought. She handed me the phone and whispered that it was Peaches, his cat. Daddy's little devil cat Peaches.

I took the phone and Daddy was crying. He just had to have her put to sleep and it was crushing him. I knew she had not been well but had no idea it was quite that bad. He was sobbing and said it was like losing Momma all over again. You see Peaches was Momma's cat, but Peaches and Daddy had bonded since Momma died and it was sort of like losing Momma again for him. Poor guy. On top of that my Daddy has never, I repeat NEVER had to make the decision of euthanizing an animal, a pet. Momma had always made that decision. Hell, in fact I had to physically take his suffering, dying dog out of his arms to have put down because he just could not do it. I feel so bad for him because now he is truly alone in that house. That cat was his company, his friend. I'm sure he is crying tonight. This has also been a blow to me. When Daddy said it was like losing Momma all over again I was immediately taken to a real low. As I have written before I'm still dealing with the loss of my Momma and my best friend Gail, along with the death of our dog in the midst of it all, nearly 3 years later. I've been trying to make a decision to see a counselor, a therapist as I'm still sad. So this morning just took me back down again.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The List

The list for the weekend consisted of:

  1. Putting up Christmas
  2. Cleaning out the bird cages
  3. Putting my clothes away from two laundry days ago and do more laundry
  4. Wrap presents

That doesn't seem like a lot but as in the previous post it took me all day yesterday to put up Christmas, but it is done. This morning I got the bird cages cleaned out and this afternoon I have wrapped all the presents, at least all that I have. I have one more to buy and a few more to arrive in the mail. The clothes stuff will have to wait, as it always does because I am out of steam. Besides my friend C just called and told me she is picking me up at 7 for my Christmas present and I want to read some blogs and take a little nap. I feel I have accomplished quite a bit this weekend. The Hubby has been busy outside with the lights on the house and smoking briskets and ribs for our company party on Wednesday. Don't worry, he likes to cook ahead so it is easy to slice then he reheats. Works really well.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Christmas is out of the attic and strewn all over the room ready to adorn the tree. As I was taking the multitude of ornaments out of the multitude of boxes I was amazed at the broken ones this year as I was sure I was pretty careful packing them away last year. In fact I had so much tissue paper I could barely stuff it back into the boxes. I think I know what happened though. When The Hubby was getting it all out of the attic I could hear him tossing the boxes around the attic and I warned him that the ornaments could break....

I'm pretty pleased with getting it all up today buy my aching feet and back!

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Evolution of the faces of "Jill"

Innocent me. Look at that face!

Our engagement picture (before kiddos changed my body forever.)

After grown and my first year of Jazzercise.

This was taken in the fall of 2005. I had actually lost about 40 pounds here but clearly it was not enough.

Summer of 2006. My chins and the roundness of this picture made me HATE to have my pictures taken.

I believe this is spring 2007

Last December 2007 just after the ice storm.

This was taken last November 2008. See how my chins are slowly melting away and the cheeks are slimming. Finally, the Jazzercise, personal trainer, Slim Fast, low fat eating and just plain HARD WORK are paying off!