Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm Sad

I'm sad this morning. Yes A is leaving today to fly back to California and I'm sad. It has been fun having her here and I will truly miss her just jabbering away while here. I forget that she talks non-stop sometimes, so much my ears actually hurt, but I love her and will miss her. Last night B came over and we grilled T-bone steaks, baked huge potatoes and steamed fresh brocolli and I had to have blackeye peas a couple of days early. It was delicious and we had a nice time together. While sitting down to dinner it occurred to me that it had been a very long time since it was just the four of us at the dinner table sharing a meal. Brought back tons of memories. I'm really sad today and feel on the edge of tears. This has been such a rough holiday season with all the ice storm stuff and Christmas and her here and him sick and "sob, sob, sob". I'm just tired and want to forge ahead to the new year. I don't really do New Years resolutions anymore because I always break them, especially when it has to do with weight and diet stuff. But I will try to list some I think I might accomplish.

  1. Read more than 20 books in 2008 (21 in 2007)

  2. Finally clean up "my room"

  3. Organize the office with the help of B

  4. Plant a vegetable garden

  5. Clean out the guest room closet

  6. Clean out the pantry

  7. Start that novel

There that should work for a starter. Some fun things, some things that might not get done, and some work stuff.

We are going to the cabin after we drop A at the airport. There is a big New Year's potluck dinner with a few of the people, actually 30 of them. I don't know how a little 4 couple potluck turned into 30 people at my house for the main course but it has. At least all I have to cook is a turkey and have paper plates and cups. Man! Happy New Year!

On a side note: A got me the neatest book for Christmas. It is "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". Very cool and I will try to use this as a semi-basis for my list of reading material for the year 2008.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A ReCap

It is Saturday morning a couple of days to the start of another year, 2008. I am sitting on the sofa enjoying the morning sun coming in the windows and giving a false sense of warmth. I know if I step outside it will be bone chilling.

I actually slept till 8 am this morning which I don't do very often but I think I'm trying to stay healthy as The Hubby has been sick and so has B. The house is quiet, too quiet as The Hubby and A have both left for "things to do, places to go, people to see." I'm going to enjoy sitting here typing on my new laptop and writing in my journal.

A has been here for almost 10 days and we have enjoyed having her here. She is 22 years old now and has grown up a lot, I think. She has not left a mess every where she has walked by and that is quite refreshing. She even stayed with the MIL for a couple of nights and she MADE HER BED before she left. That has NEVER happened with her. It has been good for her to be here as she has had a hard time living in California so very far away from family. She has always been a huge family kind of girl and not having us close is taking a toll on her. She is also trying to deal with making some decisions in her life that we may not necessarily approve of and she so wants our approval. She is living there with her beau who is 37 years old and that has her father on tilt most of the time, but you know what she is really happy with the guy. Her problem is wanting us to approve and be happy for her, that is what's making her crazy. She has so much tension in her head she is grinding her teeth in her sleep. I told her she has made this life decision and she is happy so I'm fine with it. She needs to get a grip and make her life out there and not be stagnant. Get a good paying job and make her life. It's hard for me, a very old fashioned kind of gal, who has been married for almost 32 years, who's parents and grandparents were married for 50 years, but times are different and I accept that so move on girl.

Now I will go on with the year in review:

Marked 31 years of marriage
Got to see Chris Botti in concert (one of the things to do before I die)
Daddy cataract surgery
Marked 1 year since my dear friend Gail died so very suddenly
Would have been Momma's 71st Birthday
Bought my little red Mazda Miata
Made the decision to travel to Paris (one of the things to do before I die)
Nothing but driving my little red car and enjoying the arrival of spring!
We hosted the 10th Annual Flashlight Collectors Show (we did the 1st too)
I turned 51!
Two family reunions!
I went to Lake Austin Spa by myself. (one of the things to do before I die)
I flew by myself for the very first time.
One year anniversary of the passing of my dear sweet momma "I Love You Too Baby"
We weathered the worst ice storm in history at the cabin in January to have the
wettest Spring and Summer in history at the cabin
B came to work for us part-time and then her guy B2 came to work for us full-time
(Yeah time off!)
Celebrated the MIL's 80th birthday - Great lady
Bought the wedding dress!
The Hubby and I left for Paris, Normandy and London, my first excursion outside
of the United States (one of the things to do before I die)
Usual Turkey day stuff
Worst ice storm in Tulsa history (I think Oklahoma too). Power out at our house
for 9 straight days, MIL stayed with us for 3 of those days, The Hubby sick,
A home for the holidays, Work, Work, Work. Bought the building!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Christmas Present and more!

My Christmas present finally arrived. During the horrible ice storm my laptop finally took its last breath and died. I was at a loss as I love to blog in the evenings. I had to start doing counted cross-stitch again. So last week I got on the net and emailed back and forth with our nephew (the resident computer guru) and he helped me pick out the one I wanted. It was originally supposed to arrive today at the office as I knew someone would be there. Well, Monday I received an email from the shipper that they tried to deliver on Monday at the office of which was closed for Christmas. ARGHHH! The email said it would re-deliver the next business day. Well what do you think would be the next business day! Wednesday, right! I waited all day long yesterday for the shipper to arrive. Finally around 2:30 I called and they said that it wasn't even put on the truck for delivery. (This is me hitting my head on the desk, BANG). So I sat and waited all day long for the delivery truck to show up and it finally did about 2 today. Yeah!

We've also acquired another new kind of toy, or at least The Hubby has. He has been beside himself to purchase some property for a place to store some of his toys and to maybe work on old cars and on and on and on. Whatever. Yesterday we purchased an old building that was an auto mechanic shop for probably 50 years. It's smelly, greasy and we bought the contents too. It's just a huge toy box for The Hubby and I'm just glad I don't have to clean it up. It will give him something to do. I know when to hold my tongue because it will be my turn for something sometime too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things Change

This year Christmas is so very messed up. B of course has her new guy and so they will be gone for Christmas Eve and morning (our usual family gathering). Christmas Eve we usually go to on of the nephews house and have his side of the family do-dah and it is still on but the other nephew is going to drive back to Olathe, KS that night so their little girl (1 year) can wake up to Christmas in her own house. Then The Hubby's brother and his wife are driving down to Ft. Worth so his wife can be a part of her kids and grandkids Christmas. So that makes the Christmas Eve shindig, which has been legendary cut quite short. So Christmas morning we wake up and look at presents and can't open. Then we get in the car at 2:45 and go to my Daddy's to have Christmas with my family. Then we again drive to the other Brother-in-law's at 6pm for dinner. I guess we will come back her after about 8 or 8:30 and finally have our own family Christmas. It is just so very messed up.

On top of all this mess A is home and the tension is a little thick. She has "issues" with her father and I'm really tired of hearing about them. Get over it and move on with your life. God, you could stagnate your life with the "issues" you can have with your parents. It doesn't help that he has been sick and a bear on top of he is usually a Grinch during Christmas time. It's not his favorite season but it is mine. He hasn't had time to go shopping for me so he sends out A with my list to do it for him. Uh no. So I shopped for myself. I got the IPOD adapter thingy for my car which is really a sucky attachment but that's OK I'll make due. Then my laptop crashed during all this ice storm stuff. It had been coughing and chugging along for a bit now and he kept telling me to get a new one so I did and he doesn't even know it yet. HaHa. I get if Thursday or Friday. I have to use his computer to do this stuff or the one at work but I need my laptop to write. The words move faster in my lap without him watching over my shoulder wondering when I'm going to be off of his computer. Whatever!

I did get some baking done yesterday. I made Aunt Rose's Cookie Bars (my Aunt Rose), pecan pralines (a mix) and my Momma's famous White Fruitcake (not your ordinary fruitcake). The fruitcake is sweet and lemony and white cake not bitter like some fruitcakes. You are guaranteed to like this one.

So today my laundry is done, presents are wrapped, baking is done, the kitchen is clean and I have time on my hands to read, cross stitch or whatever I want.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The phones are quiet

The big rush since the horrible ice storm has finally died down. Today the phone has only rung 3 or 4 times and the calls are not for broken weatherheads, downed services, broken meters, or generators. It is peacefully quiet. I thought The Hubby, myself and B were going to lose our minds. The phones were non-stop and we really couldn't help too many people. Now The Hubby has to return a whole lot of calls about permanent stand-by natural gas generators. That takes a lot of smoozing and knowhow from The Hubby to sell one of those. The Hubby worked himself so hard and long that now he is very sick. I thought he might have pnemonia and even the minor emergency doc thought so too. He did an x-ray and said no but he feels and looks like crap. His mood or ability to deal with people (including close family) sucks.

Today A will arrive for a 10 day stay and I'm a little apprenhensive. The Hubby and A have a tenious and rather antagonistic relationship. We haven't set eyes on her since July and last night The Hubby got an automated call on his cell phone from her car insurance company and she has let her policy lapse and she was supposed to take care of it, which she didn't. Well, he called her and started on her about responsibility and yada, yada, yada. I know, I know she needs to be responsibile but he also needs to quit paying for it and let her suffer the consequences. His voice was almost to the point of screaming with frustration at her and when he got off the phone he remembered he needed to talk to her again. He asked to use my phone (closer proximity) and I told him that if he was going to yell at her again I would call her. He was like "what do ya mean". I told him that if at 22 years of age my father yelled at me like that I would NEVER speak to him again. I just cannot tolerate that kind of non-respect he gives to her. I know she messes up but she has to learn and she is taking the bumpy road not the easy road to life and she needs to learn without him yelling and saying "I told you so." That does absolutely no good, and he should know as it doesn't work for either one of us. He of course spouted off that I was much more mature at 22 than she is and that is true in some ways but it was a total different era, our kids are raised much different that we were raised, and we have done it ourselves. It's absolutely our fault and the society we live in. I have a problem with parents still messing in their kids lives even at college, calling their professors and taking care of all their needs. When they get out in the real world they have no idea how to take care of themselves. They don't know they need car insurance, renters insurance, house insurance, medical insurance, paying income taxes at the end of the year and what's this about saving receipts. We have totally neglected our kids and the little tiny things in life they need to know. That is where I think they need to teach some of that stuff in school. I learned a lot about it in school myself and about money. Kids today are just given money, money, money and they have no concept about what to do with it exactly, except to spend it.

Boy, I'm on an tangent. Sorry for ranting.

I'm really excited to see my little girl and she so needs to see us. She is going through some stuff and needs this time at home.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Power Up

I went out with the Jazzercise girls tonight just to get out of the house tonight and was exhausted with the thought of coming home to a dark house again. I knew that we would probably would have power by tomorrow night but I had just about reached my limit. I just knew it would happen because the tree trimming demons were in our neighborhood and took a great swath out of our 80+ year old oak tree today. Well, as I turned the corner of our neighbor the most exciting sight I have ever seen came into view. After 9 days of darkness I saw Christmas lights twinkling on houses in my neighborhood. As I neared our house our Christmas lights were on, my Christmas tree was lit up and every light in the house was on. Oh my God I was screaming in my car as I punched the garage door opener and the door went up. We have POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 9

Well, day 9 and we are still powerless. It's not too bad with the generator but we only run it 12 hours a day. I'm just tired of no blow dryer and heaven forbid that I try to put makeup on with a flashlight or by candlelight. As far as we can tell it may even be just before Christmas before we have power. #2 daughter is arriving on Thursday and she will have to stay with the MIL if we are not up and running. The phones at the office are still ringing off the wall but at least it has slowed down some. I feel sorry for those we are just not going to be able to help. At least I was able to get my car out today, just had to have my jaw deadened by the dentist, yuck. Tomorrow I have to drive out south to the car dealership to get my Christmas present IPOD hookup in my car. I should be finished with the Christmas shopping then too.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Power When?

Well the PSO website says that our area will not get power until Dec 18. EGADS!!!!!

Day 6

Saturday, Day 6 without power. I'm writing this from the office as we have power (since yesterday) and now, today (YEAH) the Internet. We are still without power at home, so Day 6 there. It is a little like camping but I vowed to never camp again. It's not too bad but I'm having major TV withdrawl at this point.

I'm just glad the telephone at the office has settled down. I don't know if I could stand one more day of crying women and men and the temper tantrums of some of our customers. Some people (with a little money) and power at their houses are just oblivous to the trials and tribulations of the "common man" during all of this duress. "Can you send a guy out to finish putting the blank plates on my receptacles because we are having all these people over for Christmas and need it to look good." Oh My Goodness!!! What is wrong with people. We have our 10 guys out in the field working as hard as they can in the elements trying to get people ready for when the power comes back up. People are desparate for this and are frantic and here we have people calling who's heads are in the clouds. #1 girl and I have been taking phone calls non-stop since Monday and it is just exhausting. Today as I sit her the phone has stopped but the guys are still out there working even though they have damage at their own houses as do we. We have probably lost the two HUGE birch trees in front and the 80 year+ old oak in the back has been severely damaged. I guess I'll get the sun spot for a garden I've been wanting.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Quick Note

This is a quick note as we have to take turns turning on and using different appliances to not trip the generator. Yes this week has been utter HELL! We lost power 6pm Sunday night just in time to miss Amazing Race. Then we listened to the limbs snap, crackle and pop as they fell and crashed all over the house. It was absolutely terrifying. Then what I thought was thunder and lightening was actually exploding transformers. The explosions vibrated through the fireplace and made it groan along with the crashing limbs on the roof. We have a permanent standby generator sitting on a concrete pad next to the house but have been way too busy to install it so we are using a small gasoline powered one. Yes, The Hubby has been in a little hot water over that one. The next morning we knew we would be inundated with phone calls at the office for electrical service but could not even fathom the depth of the horrendous castrophy. We have a permanent standby generator at the office but it was coughing and chugging and we knew it was having a problem and Tuesday night it finally sputtered it's last sputter so we found another gasoline powered one that only allowed the heat and phones and one light on in the office. So I sat and answered the phones and did counted cross-stitch. I have listened to people cry, beg and plead for help. #1 girl didn't come to the office for two days so I manned the phones all by myself and it was awful and exhausting. The Hubby had to go and get his mother as her power was off and so she stayed with us until today when her power came back and I'm truly going to miss her. She is quite wonderful and I enjoy her company. Well, I've got to get off and save the generator, our lifeline to warmth.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get a jump on the holidays.

This is from an email that The Hubby sent me...enjoy!

Tequila Christmas Cake Recipe

1 cup water 1 tsp. baking soda 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 cup of brown sugar Lemon juice 4 large eggs Nuts 1 bottle tequila 2 cups dried fruit Sample the tequila to check quality. (I already sampled it.....several times to check the quality) Take a large bowl, check the tequila again. To be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point its best to make sure the tequila is still OK. Try Another cup...just in case. Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the frigging fruit up off the floor. Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the tequila to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt. Or something. Check the tequila. Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever you can find. Greash the oven. Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fall over. Don't forget to beat off the turner. Finally, throw the bowl through the window. Finish the tequila and wipe counter with the cat. CHEERY MISTMAS!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Plan of Attack

My Plan of Attack for the Holiday Season...

  • Get Christmas out of attic DONE
  • Go through recipes to decide what to bake
  • Go through pantry and see what I have, need or replace
  • Christmas cards, personal and business
  • Fax out company Christmas Party invites
  • Bake, Bake, Bake
  • Write a few letters of the year in review (much better than last year)
  • Go shopping (YUCK!)
  • Wrap the stuff I shop for
  • Convince #2 daughter that she is not going to die on a flight home, JUST GET HERE! DONE
  • Buy champagne (sparkling wine) for Christmas morning mimosa's

Maybe this is enough of a list for now.


It is 9:22 am Sunday morning and here I sit in the Tulsa home. I wish we were at the lake sitting in the lake house but this weekend was full of stuff. Next weekend I will be there relaxing and reading.

Yesterday I actually slept in till 9 am. That is absolutely unheard of for me. Since I get up at 4:45 am M-F for Jazzercise my body just can't seem to sleep in so yesterday was a luxury. WONDERFUL! It also helps having the new bed, which I love. The Hubby has finally gotten used to it, but for a week he had a back ache, and this was his idea. It's cushy and reminds me of sleeping in my Greatgranny's feather bed when I was little.

I finally got around yesterday and got dolled up for a tea but it wasn't until 3:30 so I went to BA to visit Daddy. It was lunchtime so I stopped by Taco Bell and picked up a couple of taco's for us to eat since I know he skips lunch all the time. It was nice and I ended up spending about 3 hours just chatting with him and watching TU get beat. He is pretty much deaf and the hearing aids just minimally help so I have to shout to have a conversation over the television. By the time I leave there I usually don't have a voice. He gets so lonesome since Momma has passed. He just sits there most days and watches TV or plays games on the computer or mows the lawn. We three (siblings) can't seem to get him to get out and join a senior group to meet more people. He gets out more than he lets on though. On Sunday's he goes to his old high school bud's house and they have coffee and watch football for several hours. That is something.

I finally left for the so-called tea and once there realized it was much more than a tea. She had ham, green bean casserole, dips, and desserts. It was a full meal and in my head I thought, "So much for cooking dinner." I had planned on chicken gizzards and chicken livers but that would have to wait for Sunday (this is one of our favorite meals). Here is the downer of the afternoon...I was sitting at the kitchen bar area chatting with one of the ladies when another lady came up behind me and got into the conversation. The topic was the loss of her wonderful mother 4 years ago and how hard it has been, blah, blah, blah. The other lady I was originally talking to then piped up with how to deal with that when talking to people because she had a neighbor who lost her best friend a few months ago and she didn't know how to approach the lady. Well, readers if you have not read my blog from awhile back I will update you. March 2006 my best friend suddenly died and then July 2006 my mother passed away. Needless to say the conversation was horrible. Then to top off the event the hostess wanted to thank everybody for coming and wanted to thank everyone for being there for her and her mother during the crisis and near death of her mother. OK!!! That topped off the afternoon. I was almost in tears at that point. Sometimes I think I'm okay and something like that makes all my hard work of moving on for naught. The lady who's mother died four years ago moved on and the original lady of conversation looked at me and asked if I was alright. Apparently I was not but I very nicely told her. I had not intended to go into it but...well, I had to. I left shortly after that and headed home to the peace and quiet of my wonderful home.

Today I plan on getting Christmas out of the attic and just hang out. I need to get a game plan on for baking and decorating and shopping, which I am NOT IN THE MOOD FOR!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mark one more thing off the list

I love having #1 daughter working in the office. I am able to take days off just do what I want to do. One day I just sat home and read and blogged and watched TV and took a nap. How wonderful is that! For awhile I have had a list of stuff to do around the house and so today I accomplished one. I cleaned out my closet and rearranged it a bit. When we moved into this house dummy me took the smaller closet, Hello, I'm a woman, what was I thinking. His closet is uncrowded and stays absolutely perfect. It's maddening. When we get ready to remodel the bathroom area and closets I will have to try to cram it all into the guest closet, which poses another problem. That is a closet that is on my list to clean out. I thought about starting it today but my closet was an all day thing plus when I opened the door and looked in it I cringed and closed the door. Maybe next week. I also need to get back into "my" room and finish it too. I have decided to invite the Jazzercise girls to a Christmas potluck on the 17th so I have a goal to reach. That also means I am going to have to get the Christmas out of the attic. I have been resisting that effort. I've been having a little bah-humbug going on.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is over. The dishes are running in the dishwasher and bellies are very full. Leftover turkey is chilling in the fridge waiting a place on a sandwich.

Yesterday we traveled a few miles to my brother and his wife's house for dinner and visiting. We ate at 1pm. After snoozing on the couch and letting the food rest a bit we piled back into my little red car to go to The Hubby's mommas house to eat again at 5pm. WHEW! I kind of picked at some salad and sweet potatoes but that was about it.

The main part of Turkey day for me is family. I love to get together with all the family and that was accomplished except for #2 girl who is still in California. She called and was very sad not to be with us but that was her choice. Now we have to find her a ticket to get back home for Christmas. Anyway, back to yesterday. After dinner at the MIL's we sat in the living room in a circle and the MIL wanted to go around the room and say what we were thankful for and it could not include family, friends, your life, etc. You had to go outside the box. It was pretty cool all the stuff, until it got around to my SIL sitting next to me and her husband (The Hubby's Bro). She started going off about being thankful for The Lord and blah, blah, blah and then started crying and then the BIL had his turn and he started on it. OH MY GOODNESS! I have been in this family for nearly 32 years and for the past 10 years or so, after the BIL remarried to the "new" SIL they started to go to church and get involved. In fact last spring the BIL announced to all that God spoke to him and told him to build 3 churches. Huh. This stuff has caused a little rift in The Hubby and my relationship. We raised our children in church as I was raised. My mother believed that children needed to be exposed to religion and then let them make their own decisions at the right age and we did. I did the same for my girls. I also have seen people as they get older and closer to death all of a sudden get totally wrapped up in a church and the "religion thing" and going off the deep end. I think this is what is happening to the BIL. I saw it in my bigoted, mean grandfather who, when close to his death started to go to church and donated nearly ALL his money to church in an effort to save his soul. That is not how it works and it was disgusting to watch. I'm bitter, can you tell. I've done all the churchy stuff as a child, and with my children. I/we were involved with all the committees, mission trips, youth groups, all of it. I've done the time but just don't get the stuff the BIL is into. It perturbs The Hubby when I get on my high-horse but I just am not into the church or religious scene. I feel that it is ALL really cultish stuff. I enjoyed the service aspect of being involved in church because it was fun doing for people, and some of my best friends were made in the church idea of "church" now is communing with nature on my screened porch at the lake, listening to the birds and squirrels every Sunday morning at the break of dawn. Now that is church, that is what I'm Thankful for.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Contribution

I've been baking. These are the results and my contribution to two Thanksgiving Dinners. I usually have everybody here which is about 20 people but I have passed the baton this year and I am loving it. I only had to do pies and I'm OK with it but going to have to cook a turkey separate just so we can have leftovers.

Uncooked Apple Cranberry Cobblers

All Done!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

These are so very funny. Watch the first one, it's adorable and then check out the second!">">

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A New Place to Lay our Heads

Yesterday we finally bought a new bed. The Hubby seemed to think it was time and I guess it was. He has been complaining that when I rub my feet together he feels every movement and it makes him nauseous. We've been looking for a few weeks and yesterday he said, "Let's go buy a bed". So off we went. They delivered it today and I am going to have to get a step ladder to get into it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Practice in waiting.

Yesterday, I waited ALL DAY long for UPS to deliver my package that I was to sign for, ALL DAY! I am an expert in waiting but yesterday I was fuming. That stupid UPS driver did not ding-dong my doorbell until 7pm last night to deliver that damn package. Why in heavens name did I have to stay home all day long and wait if they were going to deliver that late. Needless to say I totally missed going to the Steel Daffodils open house and my spa open house because I had to wait. My patience for that lately is being stressed to the limit. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Booty Call

Today is one of the two days I have been trying to take off since our #1 daughter has started working for us. She works for us Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, all day and that allows me to get out of the windowless office, but, somehow that has not worked for me. Everytime I try to get away The Hubby finds a need for me to at least make an appearance at the office. Today, he doesn't realize that I am staying HOME!!!!! Yes, I am sitting here in my wonderful living room, the sun is streaming through the window, my parakeet is chattering and the canary is peeping. Ain't life grand, wait, if The Hubby finds me that means he'll try to come home for a booty call. What is it with him. It is all that is on his mind, but of course that really hasn't changed in almost 32 years of marriage. He definetly has a one track mind. When the kiddo's were little it was nice being self-employed and the girls in school during the day 'cause we made use of the time. Now it is because we're too pooped in the evening to stay up late enough because our feet hit the floor at 5 am. I know this is weird subject but it is what is on my mind today.

I also have a couple of things to do today, purely fun for me but I have to at least wait until the UPS delivery comes. I have to sign for the package. I have a long standing love affair with and have ordered the whole series of I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show. I love these shows and can watch them all day long. I'm indulging in me stuff. I also plan on going to my day spa open house this afternoon and one of my favorite stores open house, Steel Daffodils and then on the the bra store for new bras. IT'S A ME DAY!!!!! I love it. I even think I'll just put my hair in a ponytail and throw a sweatshirt on with my jeans and tennis shoes. While I await the UPS guy I guess I'll do some laundry and try to organize my closet a little, if I have too.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our European Vacation!

These three pictures are from our hotel room in Caen, France (pronounced Caw). I love these pictures because of the iron work and colors.

Sword Beach - the first of the Normandy beaches

Point Du Hoc
Mont of the coolest places I've ever been to. Over 450 steps to reach the top and I did it.

Once at the top I took a minute to write in my journal to remember a great day.

This is fear and terror on my face as I made it to the 2nd of the Eiffel Tower. I DID IT!
Where Diagon Alley was filmed from Harry Potter!
Tower of London
Me and a Beef Eater at the Tower of London

Saturday, November 03, 2007

We're Back

This is just a quick note to let everyone know we are back home. I'm not as tired as I thought I would be and my feet are not as sore. I will have more details of our 11 wonderful days in Europe and some pics. Here is one of me sitting and travel journaling at the top (or close to the top) of Mont St. Michel after climbing approximately 450 steps!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just a quick note to let all know we are having a grand time here in France. We have been to many places but the most impressive one was the Mount St. Michel which I actually climbed. There were over 500 steps and my calves are so very tight. It was grand and quite beautiful. I will have pictures for all later. Yesterday we had a city tour of Paris and I/we went up into the Eiffel Tower and I made it to the 2nd floor. (For those who do not know, I am terrified of heights.) The food has been okay but the sights are wonderful. I'm not too impressed with all the many, many people and cars and the awful smoking. WE are spoiled in the US where smoking is becoming not as popular. I miss my cabin and the peace and quiet but it is a chance of a lifetime. Tonight we are going to the Moulin Rouge. Signing off for now. (cough, cough)

I almost forgot. While on the very, very long plane ride over Mother Nature decided that it was yet time again to make an appearance. For my entire life she has never, never been regular and since 2 months ago was the first time in 11 months she made herself known, I had no idea. I was trying to sleep and felt a little weird and VERY uncomfortable in my little seat so I decided to walk to the restroom. I got inside and dropped my drawers and well, let's say YUCK. Have you ever had to wash your jeans and underwear in the airplane bathroom and then pad yourself with airplane paper towels and then set for another 4 hours to your destination. Well, I have! Since we arrived at 8:30 AM we had a whole day of sightseeing till the hotel room where my extra pair of jeans were going to be. Thank goodness I had a very long sweater on so no problem except cold. That was my first mishap. A couple of days later while on a day trip back from Mount St. Michel we had to make a comfort stop at a highway stop that was so crowded the women's line was out the opposite door and around the building. I quickly got to the next in line stall and opened the door to find one of the famous squatty potties that the others have been talking about. I thought well this is my only chance and took it. Let's just say trying to keep your jeans pants legs up and you underwear and seat out of the way while trying to squat in a tiny area where you also have a large backside sometimes just doesn't work. I thought I was alright till I pulled up my jeans and found out that the band of my jeans just didn't get out of the way. I had to pad again but with mounds of toilet paper and make my way to the tour bus. There were others waiting and we took a poll on who of us got the lucky draw of the squatty potty. Two of us. I acted out my dilemma of the deed and everyone was in stitches. The Hubby was appalled but I am who I am and it was funny. So of course I washed another pair of jeans, luckily the other ones were clean. Oh the perils of travel!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Plumpy Nut

If you don't watch 60 minutes then follow this link about Plumpy'Nut.

Plumpy'Nut is a mixture made from powdered milk, peanuts and vitamins that is helping to save malnourished children. It was quite amazing and the interesting thing for those who are allergic is that they don't see allergies to peanuts like in more progressive nations, like we have here. That was very interesting.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come Saturday Morning

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. We normally go to the cabin on the weekends but as I have written it is countdown time to our trip so in town we stay. I slept in till 8:30 am this morning which is just unheard of as the usual time is 4:45 am. Right now I'm sitting in my chair, in my room and the sun is streaming in above the shutters filtering through the huge birch that sits in our front yard. I am sitting stark naked, cause I can, enjoying the freedom of having an empty nest. Yee Haw! The Hubby is in the shower getting ready to hit the flea market and gun show then on to the office to make work for me. When I finally get up from this comfy chair I will get ready and go to Broken Arrow to see my Daddy and Sis and have lunch. I don't know if Bro will be there or not. He's probably on the golf course on the beautiful Saturday.

Tomorrow will be the push to pack and then reality will set in. I woke up about 3:30 am this morning and I fought my mind from not going to the thought processes of packing, traveling, airports, etc. I tried to keep in the dream as I trudged to the bathroom and back again. The Hubby was still asleep on the couch and the TV was a little loud so that interfered in my attempt to drop off. He likes to stay up late on the weekends and fall asleep on the broke-in leather couch, and not hear me snore. It was a bit before I drifted back to sleep but I did it and it felt good to sleep in.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I received in the mail today my results from my blood work from my yearly physical and can I just say YEE HAW! When I went in my blood pressure, the doctor said, was perfect. Now the blood work is fabulous. I may not being losing weight but I'm in good shape inside.

We leave on Monday. Yes, we fly to Paris on Monday afternoon and my stomach is a little wonky today. I'm excited but anxious because I have not packed a single thing yet. I'm just amassing piles of stuff on the guest bed and will attempt to pack a lot of it tomorrow and Sunday and fill in if I need more. So much to do to be gone for 11 days. Being self-employed it is very hard for The Hubby and I to take off for that long a time and especially together. I did payroll a week in advance and all the tax stuff and The Hubby lined out the guys and our head guy to hold down the fort. Unfortunately, I/we will have to go into the office on Sunday to do some invoicing. I will try to post some from overseas but not sure. Toodles all and will definitely post after with pictures.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Scary Night

Last night was the corporate night of Oktoberfest in Tulsa and of course it is Oklahoma so storms were-a-brewing. The Hubby, #1 and The Guy planned on their annual trek there. I sat watching TV and packing and doing laundry for my trip and the weather guy came on showing the storms. I called #1 girl and then left a message on The Hubby's phone to warn them they need to come home. I continued on with my tasks and then the wind kicked up and the rain. The weather guy again came on and they said tents had blown down and there were injuries. UH OH!!!! I hit the phone again and tried to contact them. The phones either rang and rang or they went to voice mail. Then my phone would ring and I could hear The Hubby yelling but he couldn't hear me and then nothing. I was in a little panic mode except I heard his voice. Soon my phone buzzed that I had a voice message. It was from The Hubby and he yelled that they got out and were alright. WHEW! I was relieved. Soon #1 called me and she was on the verge of total breakdown. She is terrified of tornados and storms and stuff and so she was caught in the middle of it all. The Guy was hit in the head by a pole or something but it was a glancing blow and not bad. He may be a little bruised.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a Weekend

This weekend I hosted 10 (counting myself) wonderful ladies at a little retreat-getaway at our cabin. Wow! Some are elementary teachers, lawyers, and accountants. All of the ladies really needed this time away from their respective worlds and our place was the perfect place for that.

Friday afternoon I arrived around 3pm and began unloading and preparing the place for their arrival. I had picked up Olive Garden lasagna and salad so we didn't have to cook which is so very easy. I made a pinion wood fire in the chiminea and set up the hammock and waited for them to arrive. All but one had never been to our place and so they were in for a surprise as to how wonderful their experience would be. It is very relaxing and great for recharging batteries. They began to arrive around 5 pm and the fun began. It was laughter and jokes and snacks and more laughter. We soon piled 10 of us into two golf carts to take a tour and hopefully catch sight of some deer. We were lucky to find only one this time. Back at the cabin we chowed down on lasagna and wine and margaritas and homemade cheesecake. Then we started a big fire for the somores (boy was I full.) I didn't make it too long in the evening as we had all been up since about 5 am. I headed for bed but continued to hear laughter till about midnight. That is what this place is for.

Saturday started out a little cool as fall is trying to start up but was perfect for walking and taking more golf cart rides. We had breakfast of bacon and homemade coffeecake then began to explore. We all ended up by the waterfall watching the turtles bobbing up and down and an occasional snake swim by (yuck). Of the ten of us, six had to go back to town but the remaining four spent the evening getting really deep in conversation about everything that women talk about.

Sunday I was up at 7am and made pumpkin spice coffee and tried to write some in my journal before the other three made it up. I knew we were going back about 10 so time was running short. I won't be back to our cabin till about three weeks since we are leaving for our trip in a week. YIKES! Better get packing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thought Jumping

I just re-read my previous post and when I started the post I was going for writing about the Europe trip. My thoughts just seem to jump all over the place lately, even more so than usual. I just can't seem to follow through on a thought process and I used to be so very organized in my head. I used to keep lists and was very, very organized but I just can't seem to get it together. I think it has to do with the hormones and the change and whatever. Well, whatever just sucks because I feel like I can't hold onto a thought long enough to process it. I either want to sit and blank my mind out or just let the thoughts just go crashing through my mind. Man, I can't even seem to get the thoughts out here because my hands can't even communicate with my brain. I'm a very fast typist but I can't even coordinate that. I feel like I'm in a fog sometimes and even the other day I was pulling into a parking spot (thank GOD there wasn't a car in front of me) and instead of hitting the brake I hit the gas and jumped forward into the other spot. I don't even know what I was thinking at the time but this has got to stop. It's getting annoying all the jumbles in my head. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Countdown

I just looked closely at my calendar and realized that the countdown is on. We (The Hubby and I) are leaving in a week for our Europe trip. I'm not really nervous because I haven't really had time to get nervous, but I will be by next week. I have never been in a foreign country, unless you count the Bahamas, and the farthest I've been is Hawaii. The Hubby has traveled to Africa and Prague. We are going to Paris, Normandy and then the last 3 days to London. I am really excited about this excursion. My lists are mounting and I plan on semi-packing next week. #1, who has traveled to England, Germany, France, Prague, and India has given me some tips on her travel experiences. She gets a journal and starts pages on what to pack, dates, addresses for postcards, exchange rates for money, and she even gets travel guides and cuts and pastes maps in the journal. Then when she travels she will fill in the rest of the book with her journaling. Sounded like a great idea and so I followed her lead. Finding a new journal was no problem because I have a stack of them I haven't even cracked open. I have a small obsessive compulsion to buy new ones all the time. Not only do I blog here online but I do journal handwritten at least every weekend. I don't seem to find the time during the week but every Saturday morning at the cabin I fill several pages of my weekday happenings.

I am a writer although it is not really good writing, I love to write. I try to write fiction but sometimes I just can't get what is in my brain to the clean white paper. It is a struggle. I have written a teenage mystery, of course unpublished, and it is bad, really bad, but I have a beginning and an end to it so I call that an accomplishment. I've written several short stories and started others but I just can't sit long enough to finish. I'm always interrupted by people and my inability to sit for long periods. I love to write letters too. I opt to hand write very long letters so know if you are my friend and move away expect letters. It may be only a couple a year but they can be 10-15 pages long. Long hand written letters are really a thing of the past and I think it should not be lost. I remember in high school in the 12th grade sitting in a classroom with a substitute teacher that I thought was 150 years old, and probably was. He as a distinguished looking older man with snow white hair sitting at the teachers desk while we did busy work. When he entered the room he was carrying a leather folder and while we did our work he opened the folder, pulled a fountain pen out of his shirt pocket, and then on unlined paper began to write a letter. His penmanship on that paper was absolutely beautiful and flowing. I was sitting at the front and I couldn't take my eyes off of his hand as the pen swirled across the paper. Absolutely amazing. See, a lost art.

Monday, October 08, 2007

If I had done that...

Uh Oh! The Hubby has a major problem with little poles that are stuck in the ground. He came into the office after lunch and looked like a little boy that had broken his favorite toy. I don't know if anyone remembers, but he bought a brand new Avalanche in I think March. Well, he was in a parking lot backing into a space and WHAM!!!! He crunched the passenger side door and running board into that itty-bitty white pole that was in the ground. He said it sounded like someone running over crunching garbage cans. You think. He immediately went to get an estimate at the body shop we seem to have a standing account at, and decided to get the windshield estimate too that was damaged on the drive to Dallas. The window is about $300 but the other part of the estimate is not in yet. Now, if I had done that, he would have yelled and screeched and had a hissy fit, but I have NEVER, in any shape, form or fashion. I have only been in one little fender bender and I was rear-ended, not my fault and not much damage. So I hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing this down but if ever it happens I hope that he is not mean because I don't rag on him for all his little mishaps.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Weekend (read till the end it's good)

Friday after work I waited for The Hubby to finally come home so we could go to the cabin. I sat twiddling my thumbs as I can hardly wait to go and enjoy the peace and quiet AND the friends I/we have made there. He rolled in the garage and immediately went to his computer to check his emails and his Ebay finds. Still I sat and waited and dozed off. I would have taken off without him but I wanted to wait. Finally, he strode into the living room and announced he was ready. YES! I jumped and grabbed the ice chest and my bag and piled into the truck (yes I would have loved to drive the Miata with the top down but...).

I was so relieved as the gates came into view and we passed into our little slice of heaven in Northeastern Oklahoma. We pulled into the gravel driveway of Flash Pointe and I hurried into the cabin lugging my stuff. I was anxious to see my friend next door. Our cabin is very close to the neighbor, and in fact, our back door has a stone walkway that leads right to their front door. My friend H asked me to bring a half gallon of milk so I grabbed it out of the ice chest and yelled at The Hubby that I was going next door. He mumbled something about cutting the grass before it rained. Out the door I went and as I rounded the walkway to her patio there she sat with two other neighbors laughing. H immediately jumped up and poured me a glass of wine. A little later three more ladies joined the hen party and more wine was poured and the conversation went from chin hair to sex. WooHoo! What an evening.

The next morning I awoke around 7 am before the sun was up. That is the most perfect time of day at Flash Pointe for me. I quietly put my clothes on and crept out of the bedroom grabbing my book, journal and pen. I made the coffee and then went out to the wonderful screened porch and my favorite chair. It was so quiet as I sat there and watched the sun come up. In the fall the most common sound you hear are the crows cawing. It reminded me of my GreatGranny's in Jay when I was a little girl. The sun began to come up and I could see to write in my journal. Coffee was ready and I was set for the day, or so I thought. Later in the morning I heard a kind of hysterical ladies laugh that was the call of the piliated woodpecker, like Woody Woodpecker, there were two of them talking in the trees. So very cool.

I could have sat there all day in my chair reading, writing and watching the birds but I knew I had to clean the cabin for the guests I was having next weekend. So my day of bliss was cut short with the vacuum cleaner, dusting, and scrubbing toilets...YUCK! This is where I regret having such a large 2nd home, but only briefly. We had to get back to town so it wasn't a true weekend at the lake as we had to get back for a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend. I FORGOT the Okie Blog thing that I had planned on going to. I'm sad I missed it but I just couldn't cram that in.

Sunday...This day has been WONDERFUL!!! The Hubby has decided that we need a new mattress. Yes he is getting insistent about the subject. He says that I wiggle the bed too much and it makes him nauseous. Uh Ok. So we went mattress shopping and found one we really like but the stupid thing was nearly $8000, yes I said $8000. We found the knock off brand for a third of the cost. Now that is more like it. I told him that if we get a new mattress I want a head board. We have been married for nearly 32 years and have never had head board and I want a head board. He has decided that since he knows a custom furniture maker we will have one made to match our antique bedroom armoire and dresser. Sounds good to me.

I hope you are still reading because this is the really GOOD NEWS. I went wedding dress shopping with #1 daughter and we PURCHASED one. Yes we did and they have set the date of February 23! Yee Haw there is going to be a wedding. I can't believe it. She was so beautiful in the dress. Yesterday The Hubby asked me about how much the wedding might cost and I couldn't answer but sort of guessed. He shocked me by suggesting a rather large sum to use as a budget and asked if that would work. Well yeah it will work. I immediately called #2 and told the news and she about dropped her jaw. This is going to be a great wedding if we can find a place for it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Conversation

Today as I was getting the gray eradicated at the hair dresser we got into an interesting conversation. Ruth is the exact opposite of me size wise. I'm short and heavy and she is tall and very slender. We began talking about our similarities. Ruth has battled eating disorders all her life (she's about 42 years old) and for most of my adult life I have battled the bulge, yet we have the same thought processes about it all. Ruth has a man in her life who openly has problems with her being skinny and subconciously watches her eating habits and I have the same deliemma with The Hubby who has the same issues, only fat wise. She said that if she chose not to eat her rice at dinner then her guy would become concerned that she was backsliding whereas if I ate the rice and maybe a little more The Hubby would be concerned that I would gain another pound. The problem with all of it is that it is not about the food at all and our problem is with the unintentional attention the men give to us. They really don't mean it but it is there. My guy at one time even accused me of lying to him when we got married. The lie being that I got fat because when I met him I was a size 1, very tiny. It was an irrational idea on his part but he just didn't know how to cope with my increasing waistline (mainly from pregnancy). He's thin, his mother is and his brothers are failry nice sized so he had no reference to deal with. This conversation came on the heals of The Hubby being out of town for a couple of days and my desire to EAT. I can't explain it except that it would be eating without the cloud over my shoulder, eyeing every bite I put into my mouth. It is a strange idea and I've been struggling this week with it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1

Monday morning, October 1, 2007. What a beautiful morning it is. I drove to the office in my little red convertible and thoroughly enjoyed the warming air.

Yesterday The Hubby left for a little camping trip with his bud's for that little male bonding experience. I fully encourage him to take these trips as he has been so stressed with work. First thing I did when I knew he was going to be gone for a couple of days was plan to see a movie. First I had to make the stop to see my Daddy as today he was taking his trip to Laughlin with his sisters to see their half-sister. He told me he had not flown since 1962 and it was a propeller plane. Wow. He was nervous but should be half-way there by now. Good for him.

After the visit with him I met my friend C at the $1.50 movie to see Pirates of the Caribbean-The End of the World. Uh, ick. Hated the end of the movie but as always LOVE Orlando Bloom. Then we decided to have a cup of coffee and that was a very bad move for me as it was 5:30. Should have had decaf. Since The Hubby was gone I was a little anxious being alone in the house and the not being able to get into a deep sleep didn't help at all. I dozed off to sleep about 10:15 but awakened about 1:30 and then was tossing and turning till about 3:30. I knew the alarm was going to go off at 4:45 so that made me more anxious and I heard every little creak in the house. I got up with the alarm and went to Jazzercise but I know fully well that I will be hitting the sheets early tonight. YAWN!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have a bone to pick!

The big birthday party for the MIL was a huge success. My BIL #2 supplied the FABULOUS spaghetti sauce and garlic bread and I did the salad and pies. Oh, and my peach cobbler and apple pies were the best I have ever made. We all sat at the super long table I set and had wonderful conversation...except for the other BIL that is really grating on me. I have a bone to pick with that one.

Let me clarify the characters of this story...

The BIL #1 - D
The BIL #1's wife - CH
All the characters of the day started assembling for the gathering to celebrate the MIL's 80th birthday. All of a sudden CH comes into the kitchen from the garage and asks if the side gate is open. I look at her and tilt my head like a confused dog and tell her I don't know. She runs out without explanation and I'm still tilting my head. I go to the sliding door and there is D walking around and CH is getting one of the lawn chairs for him to sit. I go out and they tell me that he is sick with some upper respiratory thing and doesn't want to get anybody sick. Hmmm, okay. So as the guests arrive they all take turns going out to the backyard as D holds court there.

Here is where I am miffed. EVERYTIME we have a function at this house of which we have been in almost 2 years D and Char spend nearly all their time here in that damn backyard. Most of the time they corral the one grandson Aiden because he is a tornado through my house. Aiden's parents walk in the door and D and CH grab him and off they go. We've had many family dinners here and they ALWAYS eat outside with Aiden and yesterday was not exception. I set a fabulous table for ALL to sit, squeezed together and there D and CH sat in the backyard eating off my good china while the rest of the family sat inside watching. I know he was sick but there is always an excuse for them not to be in my house. It ticks me off royally. When we finally moved into our house after the remodel and had our first big family deal they couldn't make it and then they started the backyard meals. To top off the day they left early because the mosquitoes were so bad and D couldn't stand it. Well, come in for goodness sake. I would rather get a germ from a family member.

Sorry I'm venting and I know it is silly but I've just about had it with them. It was a lovely day for the MIL and it was EVERYTHING she asked for.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting Ready

I woke up this morning as usual at 4:45 am...Dammit, and it wasn't the alarm that woke me. I guess getting up that early for 10 years is habit. I rolled over and tried to sleep a little longer and wished I hadn't. I slept till about 6:15 and was awakened but a NIGHTMARE. I won't go into it but it was absolutely horrible.

I went ahead and got up. I traipsed out to find the newspaper and then back in to fix my coffee. I read the news and then attempted the crossword and Sudoku. I failed miserably at the crossword but was successful with the Sudoku. I knew I had to get going with clean up of the kitchen and set my table for 13...wait a minute...maybe 14. Do you count a 3 year old for a place setting. I don't think I can squeeze another one in but I might ought to try, I guess. ARGHHHH!!! I decided to pull out my very large dining table and then put the game table at the end so we can all eat together, since we are having spaghetti for the MIL. It should be great fun but I'm already tired and it's only 9 am. I have to shower and then go to Sam's Club for flowers for the table. Here's a picture of the table so far...

On another note...I'm not looking forward to the little 3 year old great nephew coming over. He's all over the place and the parents don't disipline very well. Last time I hollered at him when he proceeded to shake my canary cage and parakeet cage sending feathers flying and birds into a state of shock. (I don't think I'm very ready for grandkids and thank goodness there are none on the way.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rings and things

This week, as I have stated on Monday, has been very eventful for #1 girl and The Guy. The ring he presented to her was his mother's and they planned on getting another since the whole thing was symbolic anyway (she hates gold). Well, I had a major brainstorm this week. When my mother passed away Sis scarfed up her rings and Granny's rings and scavenged the diamonds out of the mountings and then handed the mountings over to me to have. I know it sounds crappy but I knew she was getting the rings, or should I say diamonds so I'm okay with it (maybe). Anyway, I remembered that I had Granny's platinum mounting, which was very old and perfect for the criteria #1 had in mind for a ring. I showed it to #1 and offered for her to have it. She was absolutely thrilled, especially since she, of the five grandkids was closet to her "Great" Granny. She and The Guy went out and looked for a stone to put in it. Since she does not like diamonds they found a synthetic emerald for it and will pick it up on Tuesday. It makes me feel really good for them.

Tomorrow we are hosting the family dinner for The Hubby's mother's 80th birthday. I'm having 14 over for spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and homemade peach cobbler and apple pie. It was all by request of the MIL and I was happy to oblige. I'm actually only making the spaghetti (pasta), salad and pies, the BIL is making the bread and spaghetti meat sauce. It's funny, my house is messy but I don't seem to be in a rush to pick up. I know it's clean just a little messy. It won't take long to pick up and since The Hubby will gone most of the day at the office. He won't be under my feet to get in the way. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep in anyway so probably will be up and get most of it done by 8 or 9 and then off to Sam's Club with #1 to get fresh flowers and maybe a little cake to put a candle on.

We're not going to go to the cabin for a couple of weeks and I'm going to be in absolute withdrawal. This weekend is the MIL party. Next weekend is a surprise 50th for one of my friends and something else I can't seem to remember (have to find that calendar). Then the next weekend is a girls weekend with some of my Jazzercise girls at the cabin....YEAH!!! Then we will have a free weekend there and then we will be off to Paris, Normandy and London for 11 days. I'm a little nervous as I have never been out of the country but I'm up for it.

Oh, and on the organization of my room (remember the pictures I posted), well it's still a pit just moved stuff around enough to walk through. I don't know if I'm ever going to get it together in there. I know it makes The Hubby crazy, Mr. Clean and all, but it is my room and I will take my sweet time if I want to. Humph!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Cat Lover

I am a true cat lover but my father's cat is the devil incarnate. Peaches was my mother's cat and she named the cat Peaches, but a peach she is not. The stupid cat turned out to be in love with my father. When my mother passed away my sister had to come home and tell Daddy she was gone, well of course my father broke down and sobbed and sobbed and Sis hugged and consoled Daddy but the stupid cat thought she was hurting Daddy and attacked her. Now the cat HATES Sis.

Today I took the day off (yeah) to run errands like the tag office, grocery, etc. My main objective was to stop by and see Daddy as he is leaving for his trip to Vegas on Monday. I used my key and opened the front door to the television blaring in the living room (he's very hard of hearing) and the television in the bedroom where his computer is blaring. It was deafening. I hollered HELLO but no answer. I stuck my head in the hallway thinking he was sitting at his computer and couldn't hear me and again HELLO. I put my purse and bag down and headed down the hallway and the first thing I saw was Peaches on his bed. I saw that Daddy was not in his chair. Hmmmm, must be outside. I said Hi to Peaches and walked in and petted her head, she usually likes me. She kind of bent her head down and laid her ears flat and I knew she was not to pleased to see me.

I went through the house and proceeded to the backyard where I was sure he was. Well, he was not there but the back door was open so I guessed he was across the alley or next door. I went back in the house and decided to check my emails and wanted to go back down the hall. Well, looky here, there is Peaches at the entry of the hallway. I took a step towards the hallway and the DAMN cat attacked me, and I don't mean jumped a little, she attacked my leg, grabbing and slapping and hissing and YIKES!!!! I hollered at her and she cowered back and hissed and slapped the ground and I tried to take a step again and was attacked again. Now I don't like to jump at animals but that stupid cat is crazy. I jumped back at her and she jumped at me. God, she scares me too death and I am a CAT PERSON. I love cats. I used to have four at one time with one sort of like her, but she is awful. I'm so glad she loves my Daddy and was essentially guarding him since I was an intruder but man-o-man. Damn Cat!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I have NEWS!!!!

I am going to be a Mother-in-Law! Yup, yesterday The Guy got down on one knee and held out his mother's ring (she passed away this spring) and asked #1 to marry him. She of course cried and said yes. It was also the eve of her 28th birthday. She is actually excited and anticipating planning the thing. I am so very excited and I cried when she told me. YEE HAW!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

#2 girl

I've had phone calls two days in a row concerning #2 and her "health" and life. She is driving me absolutely crazy. She was concerned because she just got up and her eyes were fuzzy and she had a little ache in the back of her head so she thought that it was the end of her life. This phone call came while I was in the middle of the grocery store. I proceeded to tell her that she was fine. She does nothing but worry about her health. She has it in her mind that she is dying and that doctors know nothing, yet she wants to go to the doctor. She is driving me nuts. I told her she needs to get out of bed, get a job, find a group of people (women) to bond with. She needs to get connected with the outside world and quit thinking about herself and nothing else. I told her that her father doesn't know she's having these issues and that if he finds out he will want to come out there (Californina) and bring her home and she went off. Then get plugged in with your surroundings honey and be a part of the world. I'm at my wit end with her about this. She says she has looked for a job but I don't think so. I asked her what she wanted to do and then asked about her music. She told me she didn't know and that she wasn't good enough. She has always thought little about her talent and now she has hit bottom. I was afraid that this would happen. I think she has realized that having a college education was probably the better option but she is still not ready to do that and may never be but she has to do something with her life. She has her audio engineer certificate but is not using it. I just don't know what to do with her. She is talented but she is not driven, that is her downfall here. She has to want it bad enough and that may happen because there is only $138 in her checking account. Hmmm, we'll see.

Lots of stuff

Friday my brother-in-law, The Hubby and I and the boys mother paid the deposit for her to move into a retirement community, a really nice one. She is ready but very tentative about the move. Last night we met with the realtor to put her house on the market and boy was that fun and funny. She has come to the age of fretfulness and worry and just plain fear. She will be 80 at the end of the month but you would never really guess it. My MIL is a very classy lady who has it goin' on and I love her dearly. Even her handwriting is perfect still.

Well, last night while talking to the realtor and filling out the mountains of paperwork, when asked if she was in a flood plain we all said no. Then he asked if she had flood insurance (forms you know), she said, "Well yes!"

I thought The Hubby's face was going to fall off. He said, "Well, Mom why do you have flood insurance if you are not in the flood plain."

She turned to him and said, "I live so close to the river." OK, now mind you my MIL lives probably three to four miles from the river which has NEVER risen to her area of town. She has a terrible fear of flooding.

I had to turn and leave the room so I could laugh. I didn't mean to laugh at her but she sometimes can be so funny with her little idiosyncrasies that I can't help it, especially as she has gotten older.

Then she didn't want to put a sign in her yard, or have the realtor send out fliers to the neighbors or advertise anything like that. She doesn't want her friends or neighbors to know her business. We couldn't figure out the reasoning behind this but we told her that was the only way to push the sale ASAP.

We kind of think she is afraid of her stepson finding out she is selling or where she is moving. See, she is the trustee of her husbands estate/trust and the stepson will inherit only at her death. Get my meaning. She is a little afraid of him as well as the three boys and myself. He is not happy that a trust company is handling the thing and not doleing out any funds to him. He just doesn't get it that most of it goes to charity anyway. He's just greedy and that is the reason why we are very wary of him.

On another note. I mentioned that I love my MIL but sometimes I have to grit my teeth at what comes out of her mouth. I know she loves me dearly and means well but...while touring her new condo on Friday she was talking to the sales manager and told the lady about The Hubby working five days a week and look how trim he is and how I/me work(s) out five days a week and how different out bodies are...!!! Well, I knew perfectly well what she was getting at as she has made mention about my body type before over the years and even has sent me diets and newspaper clippings. I know she means well but sometimes I have to ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!@##$DU*UYUT#(**#&%^&@. Okay, now I'm done. I love her too. I'm a good daughter-in-law!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Day Off

After my grumbling yesterday about The Hubby and WORK it turned out OK. I ended up getting to leave when I wanted to and run my errands. I was even able to buy that elusive bowling bag I wanted. To top off the day I killed it at bowling which will just make my average go up, again.

Today is Thursday and I'm taking the day off. The Hubby is out of the office all day long so there won't be the urgent phone calls that he NEEDS me immediately, at least for the morning. #1 daughter is handling the office and phones and besides I have almost no voice today except for the 1-900 kind...Hey baby!

So far this morning I tried to workout at Jazzercise but this thing I am fighting off was aggravated by getting hot so I sat it out. I finished my crossword and Sudoku and came home to watch my usual two episodes of Charmed (I'm obsessed)and have my bowl of oatmeal. Then I did the dishes and took The Hubby's shirts (he ran them this morning)out of the drier. I don't do his laundry but will help him out occassionally. When he does the dishes he calls it foreplay (as he told my mother) and I guess doing his laundry is my form of it.

It is 9 am, the television is off and now I will attempt to tackle my room. I have always wanted my own room so when we moved into this house and did the remodel I got my own room. I shared a room and bed with my sister for 19 years and then I married and shared another room and bed with The Hubby. That has been 31 years now, so it was time for my own space. I don't sleep in it, except for the occassional nap in my chair, but I want to write, paint, read and just have my own space. Here are pictures of what I am facing today on my DAY OFF!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anger and Frustration

The story goes...The Hubby and I have been in business for 28 years now and sometimes he can really TICK ME OFF! There are days that there is absolutely NOTHING to do except blog, play Club POGO and wait for the phone to ring. Today is one of those days. #1 daughter is now working here 3 days a week which gives me someone to chat with in this windowless office. The girls are grown and gone and so we are empty nesters. I have dropped out of all of my volunteering stuff and now my book club is probably going to crater. I have a couple of other small group things but my social life is just about nil. As stated in a previous post, I joined a bowling league and I need to leave the office at 4 pm on Wednesdays to get there and am through at 6:30. (Just wait this gets better.)

Well, today as I sit and do NOTHING ALL DAY LONG and the time creeps up to 2:26 pm The Hubby comes in and says, "What time do you need to leave." Hold on, I know where this is going. I told him 3:45, because I was going to the bank and then to buy a new bowling bag. He made that awful face and explained that so-in-so needed an invoice TODAY and one of the guys is coming in early to give him the rest of the info to finish billing it, which would be 3:30. So, I told The Hubby I would need to leave at least by 4. That means the bank will have to wait till tomorrow and no new bowling bag today.

What is the deal. It seems that every time I try to get a social life or something fun to do he subconsciously sabotages it....hold on...updated info...

I had to stop and go with him to pick up on of the vans that had to have new tires on it. While driving there I asked him why the so-in-so contractor had to call at the end of the day and insist on having the invoice today. He informed me that the contractor didn't call that he told him we would get it to him this afternoon. SEE WHAT I MEAN. I just made an exasperated sound. I started to say why couldn't it wait till first thing in the morning but stopped myself because that was the first day I was going to actually take a day off WITHOUT feeling guilty since #1 was going to be here. Crap, Crap, Crap!!!!!


Cough, cough, wheeze. I'm sick, at least I think I am. I really don't feel bad and I don't even have a headache but cough, cough, wheeze. It's probably those damn allergies that happen to us here Okies. I'm even on prescription Allegra but you never know. #1 daughter started work for us in the office last Tuesday and by Friday she was feeling horrible and coughing and sniffling. Stuck in a windowless office next to a sick person, who knows maybe that is it too. I take vitamins EVERYDAY and eat right and excercise, maybe I'm just having an abbreviated version of the contaigin. The customers should enjoy my deep sexy voice today, as this "thing" has settled in my chest and throat. Cough, cough, wheeze!

Last night The Hubby and I attended an auction to try to find some old rugs for our new house. (That sounded funny didn't it.) Anyway, he loves old middle eastern rugs. It's a place called Brandon's Auction and I think every week or so or every week they have auctions. There can be some really cool antiques there but last night was filled with tons of new furniture, some still with new tags on them. Dining room sets including hutches, bedroom furniture sets, living room chairs and couches, you name it it was there and the prices were dirt cheap, so was probably the quality of the stuff but I wouldn't know for sure because I didn't look too closely. We were able to bid on 3 of 4 rugs, a very old brass lamp and of all things a ukelele in a case for $20. Don't quite understand the meaning of that one. In all we spent around $650 on the stuff.

After the auction we hurried home and arrived around 10:15. I was anxious because our DVR was messed up earlier and I didn't want to miss Big Brother. Whew, it worked and we stayed up to watch it and The Hubby watched me scream at the television at Evil Dick.....his name is so appropriate. I so detest that man.

This morning I opted to stay in bed and not go to Jazzercise. I could have because I really felt OK but that extra 30 minutes sleep was heaven. I'll get some exercise tonight bowling.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm so torn

This weekend I left for the cabin early as I now have office help and can get away. I arrived at the cabin and planned on spending the night by myself as The Hubby was not due till Saturday. Of course, it was raining but I didn't mind as I spent the afternoon reading on my glorious back porch. I was soon joined by a sweet golden retriever. She was around last weekend and now her companions are two huskies, all a very young. Sadly the trio have dumped. Dumped by idiot people who just assume that since there are people here we will take care of them. Hold on people, do the right thing and either find a home, find a rescue or last resorts the pound but DON'T DUMP THE POUR DEFENSLESS ANIMALS. I don't want another dog but the golden is absolutely so sweet and gentle it just breaks my heart. In fact she still has a collor on, but no tag. She bacame my friend this weekend not leaving my side while I was outside. It helps I guess that I fed her. I couldn't help it. Unfortunatly I found out she is quite talented and smart. I went inside to take a shower on Saturday and left her on the covered front porch waiting for me. When I got out she was gone. Well, I went back out into the screened porch and there she was asleep by the inside door waiting for me. How did she get in there. I took her outside and went back in and watched from the kitchen. She went up to the screen door and stuck her claw in the fairly new screen and pulled it open wide enough to get her head in and slowly she slid her skinny body through the door. WHAT! I went out the front door to see if she could get out and she just pushes the door open and runs out slamming the door behind her. I don't know what will happen as we are home now and she is there. I don't want a dog, especially a large dog but I'm so torn and very sad by the stupidity of people doing that to a precious innocent animal. Oh and as I was leaving the grounds I passed the trash area and there were the two huskies munching on leftovers. So very, very sad. Know anyone in the market for some good dogs.