Monday, April 20, 2020

Just Paintings

 Not much to say, just painting...and time goes on...

Cows and Clouds
11x14 oil

Bedtime Stories
9x12 oil

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Safer At Home Update

I trust all are well during this ongoing pandemic.  It seems as if it will never ends sometimes but I know in my heart it will.  Things may be different for awhile but all things do go back to normal, eventually.  
I'm continuing to paint at home but hope to transition back to the studio at some point.  I thought I might this week but if I listen to the doomsayers then we are in for the worst this week.  I just don't know.  
On to happier times, painting...Easter...granddaughters!
"Sunset on Cedar Crest"
 The bunnies have already found a new home, at least when they are dry.
"Hoppy Easter"

Baby Donald found it's way to Snicklefritz's Easter bag from me.

 We again headed to the cabin for the weekend.  It does get boring looking at the same four walls and we just decided to find another four walls to stare at.  Actually, it's kind of nice because it is very quiet and we had a nice fire in the fireplace and it rained last night.  The sound on the metal roof is very pleasing.  I have been cooking a nice breakfast Saturday mornings for The Hubby but I told him not to get used to!
We girls we able to have social hour again Friday and Saturday evenings on our golf carts, all at a very safe distance.  It's weird and we kind of have to yell a bit but I'll take it. 

We also, as a family had a nearly 2 hour ZOOM phone call/video call.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Captive Life

Day a million of isolation.  I don't want to know the real count cause that may make me NUTS!  I'm still painting at home but plan on transitioning back to the studio next week.  The light is just better.  Although if I have to use the bathroom, I will go home as our bathroom is utilized by the entire building!!! YIKES!  So will paint a bit then bathroom break.  HaHaHa...

I've been to the office a few times to keep up with everything.  I had to get the quarter end stuff to the accountant today but that was easy.  I walked into their front entry where there was a table to drop stuff off.  Easy-peasy.  I went to the post office and the bank drive-thru where I clorox wiped the devil out of the container before and after I touched.  I ordered boos from the liquor store by phone with payment and 20 minutes later I pulled up, opened the trunk, called them and they put it in my car and off I went on my merry way.  I ordered groceries this morning that will be delivered tomorrow morning.  

The grocery store thing has been sometimes a bit of a challenge.  My usual store, Reasor's where I've been ordering groceries online for at least a couple of years I find it extremely hard to find a time to pick up.  The slots are always full so I looked for different options.  Around here we have Shipt and Instacart and on Amazon I can order from Whole Foods and they will deliver to my door but they only have a few things I usually use.  You can't get like Cascade for the dishwasher or Tide for clothes washing.  So I started using Shipt and I really like it.  If it's over a certain amount then the delivery is free and the next time you log on you can tip the delivery person and I tip well!!!  Plus they will text when they are going to the store and text while in the store to check on the stuff you wanted that may not be there, and will substitute but only if you okay it first.  Then they text to see if there is anything else you need to add to your list.  They text when checking out and on the way to your house.  And finally text when they deliver. So super fantastic.  I haven't used Instacart yet.  Shipt does Reasor's, our local store and Instacart does Sprouts and Fresh Market here in town.  There are tons of options for all of this and I'm not unhappy about it.  Oh and Shipt you can continue adding to your order pretty close to before they start shopping.  I HATE going to the store and the only thing I really need to go for is for meats and possibly veggies but really that hasn't been a problem so far.  This has been my "new normal" for awhile and will continue to be long after this pandemic thing has died down.

I finished these lovely sunflowers yesterday and posted them on Facebook on various art pages and the response has never ever been this huge.  Does a lot for the ego.  
Image may contain: flower, plant, nature and outdoor
"Isolation Sunflowers"  11x14 oil on linen
Plus I'm continuing on with my writing letters and small notes to friends, old and new to just reach out during this pandemic and crisis in our world.  I want to let them know they are thought of fondly with love and care.  Just a few a day but I will continue

Hope all are well during this time and continue to be.
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