Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What party are you!

This morning as I was driving to Jazzercise...(5 am) I was listening to the local radio talk show about political parties. They were talking to Lou Dobbs, (anchor and managing editor of CNN's hour-long weeknight program Lou Dobbs Tonight, an editorial columnist, and host of a syndicated radio show,) about a book he had written, War on the Middle Class: How the Government, Big Business, and Special Interest Groups Are Waging War on the American Dream and How to Fight Back . Mr. Dobbs was talking about changing his party affiliation to Independant. This sparked my mind to think about my party affiliation.

Many, many years ago when I registered to vote some 32 years ago I naively went to the tag office with my best friend and began to fill out the form to register. The lady asked me what party and I stood dumbfounded. I really didn't know what party to affiliate myself with. I had never even thought about that. I knew I watched the news and had opinions about Nixon and the Viet Nam War and peace and hunger and so forth but being a Republican or Democrat or even an Independant was not in my vocabulary at that time. I thought about my parents and boldly stated "Republican" since I was sure that was what my parents were. I have been a card carrying Republican for 32 years and about 10 years ago I had a discussion with my parents about an election and was absolutely stunned to find out that my parents were Democrats. Did I really never talk politics with them before. In fact my parents were/are staunch Democrats and then the discussion got very heated. Wow, how did I not know.

The Hubby is also a Republican like myself and that totally happened by accident that we were the same party. He, in fact, is a Straight Ticket Republican which I feel is a waste of a vote. You vote like that then you don't take the time to really get to know the candidates or the issues at hand or platforms. I vote all over the place.

The discussion on the radio this morning made me again think about changing my party affiliation. I am not happy with the Republicans or the Democrats. I am so disatisfied with all the hollering and bickering that goes on between the parties and I think they get nothing done except try to be King of the Mountain. It's very boring all the ads on television and in print and by the time the real elections come around no one really cares anymore, they just want it over.

Maybe I'll just take a little car ride to the county election board and do just that but even then I really don't want to be a party, I just want to vote the way I want to vote without being labeled. We label everything in this country. That's just what we do and it gets us NOWHERE!

Check this out...

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a Morning!

What a morning I've had. Actually, my interesting day started yesterday. I had to go to Daddy's and have him sign and have notarized and witnessed, his new trust, will, living will, etc....That done we boogied back to the house to find my Sis pulling up in the driveway (why wasn't she at work). We walked into the house and she said she just got a call from the man who is the trustee of our Granny's trust. He was on his way over to divy out the moola. See, my Granny did not like my dad and so the trust was there to take care of Momma's medical needs if needed. Since she is now gone the trust disolves and is given to my Bro, Sis and I. We had decided to invest the money and save it just in case we needed it for Daddy. Unfortunately, my Sis has become a little greedy. Yes, yes, yes, it is not a lot of money but it is found money and doesn't have to come out of our back pocket to take care of Daddy when/if we need it later. She wants to buy living room furniture and book tickets for Disneyland/world (not sure which). I was apalled but, I know my Sis. Anyway, I think Daddy was persuasive enough to her that she at least put half of it in a CD for a year. YEAH! I was glad for that.

Back to my day. I went to the bank first thing this morning and put mine in CD's, interest bearing accounts for at least 3 years and will just forget about it. I was very proud of myself. While I was there, because we qualify for it, I changed our personal accounts to interest bearing too. I felt very impowered today doing all this business/financial stuff w/o The Hubby. Well, why should I worry he hasn't written a check on the personal account in probably 15 years. He was pretty pleased after I got through to the fog he was dealing with in his brain. He thought I had switched our savings around and this and that and I had to say WHOA! It's ok I just did some good stuff. Wow, he can sure go 0 to 60 pretty quick when it is dealing with money.

Man, I have a headache. Could be the dry air already and dry leaves that have descended upon Oklahoma. I woke up with a headache and it just keeps on pounding away. Have to have a nap today...really...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Survived

I survived a weekend away. The drive North was three and a half hours of constant chatter by the Mom-in-Law. I love her to death and couldn't have paid for a better M-in-L. The constant talk kept The Hubby awake for the drive. This was a weekend of in-laws. We had very interesting conversations about sex...yes I said sex with my Mom-in-Law. That little chat was quite an eye opener and I learned stuff I didn't really want to know. We also ate tons of food and had a day of shopping along with a very full meal at Cheesecake Factory. The 2 pounds I lost this past month is definitely back on. I also got to cuddle the new great niece...WOW what fun, she is beautiful.

The downside of the weekend was a trip to the Bro-in-Law's church per his request to have all of his family there for a birthday present. WHATEVER!!!! I DID NOT WANT TO GO but I was coerced by the hubby (his bro) to do this favor without making a face or a scene. It was a sleepy time and I HATED it and told The Hubby NEVER AGAIN! After church Bro-in-Law took all of us 9 adults and 2 children out for lunch. The drive there he informed us he had been called to help build 17 churches in his lifetime. WHAT! Now he's getting messages from God telling him stuff...at least that is what he inferred. My mouth fell open and I realized he could see me in the rearview mirror. Quickly I shut my mouth and covered my eyes so the rolling was not obvious. In my head I thought, "OK, he's finally gone off the deep end." Why is it when some people get "old" they seem to think they need to turn to religion and faith to get into heaven. I have been in this family for nearly 31 years and NEVER did he EVER show a sign of having a religious bone in his body. All of a sudden he's totally involved in a church and everything that can entail. I DON'T like religion cramed down my throat. I felt the whole weekend was all about that and I told The Hubby that I would not have any part of that again. I don't mind going to visit but I have to draw the line. I have reached the age in my life that I will not be bullied and pushed around to do things I do not like to do or believe in.

Whew, I feel better. That was a ramble wasn't it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

On the Road Again

Tomorrow I will be traveling North with The Hubby and his mother. Three and a half hours in a car. I really don't like traveling much and I will probably have to sit in the backseat to allow his Momma to sit in the front for the room since I'm short and can handle it. Maybe I'll drive since we will be taking MY car. I can only hope but I doubt it. Oh well, here's to a fun weekend with the inlaws and a first see of our great niece. Later all and can't wait till dinner next week.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Woo Hoo

Woo Hoo Wild Turkey and Coke....yum...I'm feeling no pain in the middle of the week. I'm a little sad because my baby girl is back in Californina...I was so nervous about her flying and apparently it was a very bad flight to Denver for her. I felt bad she was by herself. I miss my baby. Just wait until your baby moves halfway across the continent. It is so hard to get to a point in parenthood where you family is split apart by miles...not love. I love my girls and my The Hubby. OK... the turkey and coke is affecting me.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Story so far.....

The cars whizzed past as she walked along the dark busy highway this September morning. It had begun to rain and the dark asphalt road gave way to the release of dirt and automobile oil that was imbedded in its cracks. The moisture and grime from the road pelted her body as cars sped by whipping her wet skirt in the man-made breeze.

It was late summer, but fall was in the air as she clutched her thin cashmere sweater closely around her shoulders to ward off the chill. Trudging slowly along, cars honked a warning at her to keep out of the way, but she walked on shifting her knapsack as if not hearing.

How did she come to be here along this miserable stretch of thoroughfare in the rain? Only a few days earlier 23 year old Deidra Connolly was happy and snug in her own tiny world.

The sound of a drill was echoing in her mind as Deidra was waking up one August morning. Rolling over toward the irritating sound, she realized that her alarm was going off and invading her dreams. Sluggishly, she threw her arm over to hit the alarm. She lay on her back half awake enjoying the sound of a soft gentle rain on the roof not wanting to get out of her soft warm bed. The smell of coffee drifted through the room enticing her stomach to rumble. Finally, yawning and stretching she obeyed the rumblings coming from her empty stomach and padded down the dim hallway into the small kitchen as the automatic coffee maker sputtered out the last dribbling of fresh brewed coffee.

She poured herself a coup of the dark brew and added milk to cool it off and then shuffled to the front door to see if the morning paper was there. Unchaining and then unlocking the deadbolt Deidra cautiously opened the apartment door and looked out as she leaned over to pick up the morning paper. She quickly darted back in and shut the door so as not to be seen in her nightshirt. Her neighbor from across the hall was a burly, but not a bad looking man by the name of Ralph Salt. He caught her once before in her pajamas and felt uncomfortable with the half smile he gave her.

Walking back to the kitchen she passed the living room mirror and vogued flipping her long strawberry blonde hair. Her violet blue eyes were surrounded by yesterday’s mascara rings making her decide that looking in a mirror this early in the morning was not a good idea. Going back to sit at the kitchen table Deidra gazed around the room not believing she was this lucky to have a wonderful place to live and such a fantastic job to help pay for it. It had been a year since the opportunity of a lifetime had fallen into her lap.

She had been a waitress in the 24 hour Brookhouse Café and was getting nowhere since dropping out of college. Being a waitress was the worst job she had ever had and it looked as it would be all she would ever do. Jobs were scarce and she had no prospects for any leads when in walked Jonathan Bragg. He was a tall, slender but muscular man who walked with authority in his step. Deidra was in such awe by his good looks that she dropped a plate of the meatloaf and mashed potato special on the stained linoleum floor.

Jonathan Bragg was a very handsome man with dark hair, highlighted by the sun and light hazel eyes. His tan and chiseled face crinkled as he smiled at Deidra revealing perfect white teeth and two slight dimples punctuating his square jaw line. She knew when their eyes met that he was the one for her.

"Darn, he’s sitting in your station," said Emma, snapping her gum as she brushed by Deidra, her arms laden with plates of the cafe’s specials.

Emma had been at the Brookhouse Café for 20 years and looked like it too. She was 43 years old, never married, but was always looking. Emma had plenty of beaus but none ever stayed long. Her curly bottle-red ponytail bounced as she made her way gracefully around the tables and chairs to deliver the hot plates.

Deidra took a deep breath and started toward the broad shoulders in the booth. She felt like she was moving in slow motion, through a haze of cigarette smoke, the distant clanging of thick glass dinner plates and the hum of low voices as she finally reached her destination.

"Hi", she weakly said as he looked into her violet eyes.

He opened his mouth to speak and out came a loud crash. Deidra jumped as she realized it was thunder. She had drifted off into an early morning daydream of Jonathan, which was her favorite past time lately. She leaned over to pet her cat and constant companion, Mr. Perkins as he rubbed around her ankles purring loudly. She found the scrawny yellow male tabby digging in the garbage cans behind the café a year earlier and rescued him. Mr. Perkins, named for Deidra’s favorite teacher in high school, was all that Deidra had until Jonathan came into her life.

Her father died when she was 13 from a heart attack. He left Deidra and her mother little except for bills and creditors nagging for money. Her mother worked cleaning houses while Deidra made her way through school. Deidra’s mother would not let her get a job except to babysit once in a while because it was so important for her to get good grades and go to college. Her mother worked so hard that the day after Diedra’s high school graduation she didn’t wake up the next morning.

Deidra tried to go to college but with what little money was put away and the few small scholarships she was able to get the money just didn’t last. It was just too hard to go to school and work, so the café was where Deidra landed. She told herself that when she got a little money put away that she could go back but that was two years ago.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Off to Paradise

Well, we (as in The Hubby and I) are taking off early today for that little piece of paradise we call the cabin. He has decided that he has been so stressed with work that he needs a rest. I totally understand but....well, as in previous posts I have been going through some stuff and when I got back from the girls weekend at Paradise...he seemed to think that since I had a great time that all my worries were past me. That I should be over my depression. Happy go lucky...just like he likes me....WHAT!!!!! My mother died as I watched 3 months ago. One of my very best friends died 7 months ago and we lost our little dog 4 months ago. PLUS, our youngest daughter is now living in LA without a job (only an internship) and I'm supposed to be over it.....!!!!!!!! Well, he has another thing coming if he thinks I'm over it. Depression doesn't just go away after a little weekend. Time will heal but I still have my bad days like anyone else who goes through what I have gone through this year.

OK, I've stopped ranting and raving. I'm just going to go to our little bit of paradise and relax and try not to be angry. A glass of wine, a good book, and a beautiful hammock will help. Toodles....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a day.

Yesterday I finally cleaned out and around my desk area at the office. I had a deadline and a goal. We had a guy here taking pic's for our new company website so I had to clean. It really wasn't bad and I feel better about my office area. Of course the stuff I cleaned out and boxed up went straight home to my home office which I'm still trying to organize from the move. What's a few more boxes to add to the mix.

Today was the picture taking. YUCK. I hate to have my picture taken and here I was sitting at my desk smiling into a camera lense. What's so bad is that tonight we, as a family are having family pic's made at the local park. Talk about stress! My two beautiful grown daughters (the youngest just barely 21) are trying to figure out what to wear and then "The Hubby" gets into the act. We had decided to wear dark blue jeans with black sweaters or shirts and then Mr. Style shoots down our idea and really throws a kink into the plan. If he would just trust me and my stylish daughters we would have it done but oh no he has to stir the pot, especially with the youngest. She's kind of difficult to navigate anyway and now this. I can guarantee it won't be smooth sailing this evening. I keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Like Poetry

Here are two of my poems, one of which was published in 2003. Enjoy...

Hunting Season

Crows cawing in the distance
Leaves crisply rustling in the trees
Wind coldly whistling past red ears
Breath hanging in the air from blue lips
A distant gunshot echos
Hunting season is here.

by crh...published 2003 - copyright 2003


What to do
Twiddle my thumbs
Tap my nails on the desk
Hum a few lines of my favorite tune
My mind whirring as many thoughts fly by
Too many thoughts to deal with
Ah, now there is nothing but emptiness
Starring off into space
Complete abandonment of thought

by crh - copyright 2003

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Refreshed and ready to go.

I am refreshed and ready to go. We just got back from the girls weekend and boy do I feel better. It is so nice to get away from it "ALL" and just be with your girlfriends and vent and paint your nails and talk and dance and vent and eat and laugh and vent and walk and drink and visit and vent..... Yes we did all that and more. It amazes me how we women so need that kind of companionship, at least most women. We need the company of fellow women to renew our spirit and ready us for the rest of the "day" so to speak. I feel rejunvinated and ready to finish out the rest of the year. I just didn't think I could get through another day with the office, the hubby and my life right now. I was so bumbed out but this weekend allowed me to refuel myself.

So the buzz words are: refresh, renew, rejuvinate, and refuel. Yup, that's just what I did this weekend and I hope my girlfriends were also able to find those words in their vocabulary after our excursion. Cheers.....