Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Just Touching Base


Good morning.  Honestly nothing is going on, absolutely nothing lately.  This past weekend was quiet and quite pleasant at the cabin.  I stayed over Saturday night while The Hubby headed back to town for a Vac-Dance.  I've been afraid to stay by myself before but since I'm down about 20 pounds my mobility is so much better.  When I arrive I have to go downstairs to turn on the water, hot water tank (breakers) and then back up the stairs.  That has been a bit scary for me but I'm better.  Although, Sunday when I was getting ready to head back to town I suddenly realized it was warm in the cabin.  Uh oh, the A/C was on the fritz.  The blower was blowing but the unit was still, the compressor.  Every year we have some kind of issue with it.  So I called The Hubby and he told me I needed to go downstairs to check the breakers.  Great, just great.  Down I went and sure enough there was orange on the A/C breaker, meaning it was faulted.  I called and he said to flip it off then on again THEN I had to go back upstairs yet again to turn on the unit and see if the compressor kicked on.  Dang it.  So up I went yet again and turned up the thermostat (we set it to 80 when we leave and I had already done that) and it seemed to kick on.  He had me go to the window and stick my head out and see if the compressor was on, it was!  I then turned the unit back up to 80 and back down the stairs I went again to go home.  Boy, got my workout on Sunday.  

I know it's only Tuesday but I worked yesterday at the office and plan on it this morning.  It's the end of the month and invoicing time.  Then I will be done for the week and can take off to the cabin, hopefully by Thursday.  This weekend we will social distance watching football, OU and OSU as football season starts up, OH BOY...NOT!  Not my favorite thing but I do enjoy being with my vaccinated friends, outside.  They have huge televisions outside so we can all be safe.  

The seasons are certainly changing and I can hardly wait to have a fire in the new fireplace again.  We had two ricks of wood delivered last week and now I'm all ready to enjoy.  

Friday, August 27, 2021

This, That and It's Friday

"The Road I Must Travel"
11x14 oil

Good morning.  A slow week but a bit productive in and around my life.  Of course Monday was a quick visit to the office and again on Tuesday.  Wednesday was a bit of art as I finished this little jewel.  I just love painting landscapes lately.

Thursday I decided it was time to open The PACKAGE!  I ordered some new pillow shams, bed skirt and a new light weight quilt for my bed.  I've had the old comforter for over 15 years and I was absolutely SICK of it.  It was fancy-schmancy and way too heavy to put on the bed everyday.  I just got tired of manhandling it when I wanted to make my bed and that was NEVER.  I wanted a light weight, pretty quilt like we have at the cabin.  I tend to make that bed everyday while we are there.  It's easy to pull it up and fluff up a couple of throw pillows and then you have pretty.
So I've been searching everywhere for the perfect one for my eyes.  Our house is decorated in more of a manly fashion and every once in awhile I throw in a frilly, feminine touch, so on the hunt I was for that feel.  
We had tons of throw pillows that I decided we didn't need too many of.  

As it turns out the quilt I picked out is very similar to our youngest granddaughters bed stuff, and I'm okay with that.  It took me about 20 minutes to manhandle the old bed skirt out from under the hugely heavy mattress then I had to wrangle the new one back under it.  OMG, that mattress is so dang heavy.  It took me a good half hour TRYING to get it in place of which I was not so successful. It is mostly in place but will need The Hubby to help me finish.  I just lost steam and my BACK!  But, I love it, I absolutely love it.  It's warm and inviting and makes my eyes happy.  I was not about to change furniture or paint so this is the best solution to revamp my bedroom.

Oh and as I took a bit of a break I was sitting on the bed and noticed my legs in the mirror.  You can obviously see the discrepancy in the difference in the length of my legs.  Hence the pain I feel as I walk every single step.


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Damn Covid

Good Saturday morning all.  Is it good, I'm not so sure right now.  It seems we are back in the terrifying realm of Covid again, even the vaccinated.  So many fears are raging for everyone right now.  I am not alone in this fear, my girls have their own.  Our oldest granddaughter began school this past week so we will probably not be around her for a bit, especially unmasked.  I'm afraid for her because she is in the age group where she cannot be vaccinated and so is our little Min, and she's already been through a round of Covid.  At this moment I'm close to being 8 months out from my vaccination and I'm anxious to get the booster.  I feel like I'm a bit safer because last week I got the over 65 pneumonia shot which makes my body ramp up to build immunities at this time.  I'm still not out of danger, no one is at this point.  So, after over a year and a half we are still battling the unseen virus that we can't seem to get under control.  I'm so mad at the unvaccinated right now.  I think we would have been in a better place if those people had just STEPPED up and done the right thing.  Now our babies are in such danger and that is just not acceptable.  I can tolerate staying home and away from everyone but the babies need the interaction of other people.  They don't really understand why they can't play with their friends, why they are cooped up at home with mom and dad.  Not only have we not done the right thing for our education process of the children (education is another topic) but now we are possibly stunting their mental and social growth.  Oh, I know, the unvaccinated are going on about their business like this is nothing but a bad cold and I live in fear of the danger they are putting their children or grandchildren in when they ignore the whole thing.  You CANNOT prevent this or battle it with vitamins or cracking a  back bone, get real people and lets take this bull by the horns and do the right thing.  Get over YOUR fear of needles, or the vaccine and DO IT!  My youngest daughter has a friend who the whole family decided NOT to be vaccinated and guess what, the husband, father DIED this week.  She had to sing at his funeral watching the wife and children cry and grieve.  They chose to be afraid of the vaccine and not get it and now look at them.  Their lives forever changed because of that decision.  We've had friends that have been vaccinated and have Covid too, because the unvaccinated have chosen not to be vaccinated they've allowed the virus to mutate, to get around the vaccine and now were are faced with a virus that can still get us.  Get over feeling the distrust of the government, of having them tell you what to do, I'm telling you GET VACCINATED!  When I was a kid we HAD to get the polio vaccine (a sugar cube) and the small pox vaccine and guess what those have been nearly wiped out BECAUSE we HAD to be vaccinated, for our children.  I'm just sick to my stomach by the stupidity of people to think praying will make this all better.  Get back to reality people and let's all get our army fatigues on and fight this battle, TOGETHER!

"The End of the Garden Path"
16x20 oil

We've also had a loss in the family again, not Covid related.  My ex-sister-in-law battled ovarian cancer for many years and it had metastasized to her brain.  She was on hospice for 3 solid weeks, no food, no water, nothing.  She was one tough lady but yesterday we were at lunch with her sons, our nephews, one of her daughter-in-laws and the ex-husband (still my bro-in-law,) just starting to eat, when the call came in she had passed.  The boys had been doing constant vigils with her and once they left for a break she left this world.  I told them she probably was waiting for them to leave so she could let go, she was that kind of lady I'm sure.  Even though I had not seen her in many years we all loved her (even her ex) to the end.  She loved my girls like no other.  We will miss you Elaine.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Snicklefritz Weekend

What a most glorious weekend we had with Snicklefritz.  Honestly, I so love having her with us.  She is helpful, pleasant, a good eater, and loves just learning about birds, and fishing with her Granddad.
Saturday morning early, I mean early, like 5:30 a.m. her Granddad woke her up to get a good breakfast, slather in bug spray and sunscreen because they were going on a journey.  They were off in the canoe up the creek to what is called Blue Hole to net chub or bait for fishing.  I was a bit nervous because, well, she would be out of my control and under the supervision of her Granddad and that has always caused me to be wary.  He's a guy and guy's just don't have that gut feeling like a "mom" or a Granny has, but all went well and they had the BEST time ever.  She loved going up stream and admitted that she was a bit scared but wanted to go again.  It was probably the last hurrah for the summer with her because on Thursday she begins school again and we will only be able to visit with her via Zoom.  I'm terrified for her but it is so important for her to go to school and be a part of that world.  She said her favorite meals were pizza and spaghetti and I guess I made her quite happy because that is what we ate.  She was very proud to eat the salad because she got to use the sharp knife to cut the lettuce.  Memories were definitely made this past weekend.

I did finish this little jewel last week.  I've really enjoyed taking a lot of landscape photos and hopefully will be painting many of them like this one.  
"Let's Go Fishing" 
16x20 oil

The drive home netted this beautiful snapshots of lots of roads and clouds.  Gosh I love northeast Oklahoma.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Anniversary and Happy (& not so happy) Time


First of all, Happy Anniversary to you for three years of wedded bliss and 10 years of knowing each other.  We celebrated with them last night with their little angel, the oldest and her family and Nick's bestie from New York.  It was a wonderful dinner of lots of laughter and good food.  It's quite wonderful to have my family so very close during all this damn pandemic crap.  

A lot has been on my mind lately and has put me in a funk, not bad and not good.  First, just because I've not posted food stuff doesn't mean I've stopped.  On the contrary, I am continuing the road down the weight loss trail.  In fact, I had a 6 month check-up with my regular doctor yesterday and he was quite pleased with me.  At first his nurse took my blood pressure and announced it was 140/72!!!! WTF!  I was alarmed and he was too when he came in and retook it.  Well, I don't know what is wrong with that nurse but it was 124/70.  WHEW!  I don't know what she did but I felt a lot better after he took it himself and so did he and he announced an almost perfect patient with all I'm doing.  I also got the pneumonia shot they give if you are over 65.  It's a more souped up version and I'm all over it.  Then I went downstairs to the lab for blood draw to check my thyroid, liver, etc levels.  The girl called me in and we were ALL masked.  She came over, leaned over to draw the blood and noticed the band-aid for my pneumonia shot and asked if I'd had the Covid vaccination.  I said, "Yes."  She replied that she had not, that she was scared of it and then asked how mine went.  I WAS SHOCKED that she was IN MY FACE (mask on) and admitting that.  I have not been around anyone unvaccinated if I could help it and if I find out I back off immediately.  I've been super careful with myself in those situations and now this.  If I get Covid I will know EXACTLY where I got it.  I was so damn mad.  This person is in the health care industry and afraid to get a damn shot!  GOOD GRIEF!  Really ended a good morning on a bad note there.

I'm also upset with some of my "friends."  I can't and won't go into it but I got a phone call which shocked me the other day.  It pissed me off to no end and continues to effect my mind.  Some people can be so stupid in their tact and how the talk to people.  I (we) are going to pull in for a bit, away from the masses, so to speak, and let some stuff die down, i.e. our anger by unfeeling, out of touch people.  I will continue living my life, being a kind, nice, person the best I can.  Whew,  Ohmmm, Ohmmm, Ohmmm

Back to the easel where I can let stuff go in my head and find my happy place...later friends

Monday, August 09, 2021

Cows and Landscapes

The weekend, oh the weekend.  Yes it was hot but mostly on Saturday afternoon.  The rest of the weekend was most pleasant, at least for me, summer lover.  I went up on Thursday and enjoyed most of that day by my lonesome on my screened porch and a good book.  
In fact, I read three books this past weekend.  Now that, is a great weekend!  I read The Summons by John Grisham, Class Act by Stuart Woods (not worth it at all), and last night finished off The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.  
We hosted grilled chicken on Saturday evening with some of the NEW weekend residents of our little cabin area.  They are super nice and it was one of the best evenings.  It was a small gathering allowing us to really visit and get to know one another.  The Hubby wanted to invite more but I had put a limit on that, especially with the Covid numbers rising I didn't feel comfortable with a huge crowd.  We were able to be on the porch and that makes me a bit happier and feel safer.  
I just love capturing the photos as we leave to head home.  Luckily no one was on the road as I drove allowing me to stop occasionally and snap the photos.  I'm sure I will paint one or more of these.

As I rounded one corner it was very evident that someone in the night had driven off the road and demolished the fence allowing these escapees all over the road.  I stopped, rolled my window down and captured their faces.  I wanted to take more photos but it was at a precarious part of the road where someone could have come up on me and smashed my car or the cows so I was quick and moved on.
It will be a busy week for me as I will be watching Snicklefritz a lot.  Next weekend she will journey with us to the cabin.  I always enjoy having her because she is a help and we just enjoy each other a lot.  Maybe next weekend I will load up on our watercolors and we will paint on the porch together.

This week I will also go to my regular doctor and I'm so excited to step on his scale.  According to MY scale I'm nearly 20 pounds down but the last time I was in to see him it will show only 15 from his chart.  I had gained 5 pounds since I last saw him.  The weekend I did derail a bit but that's okay, I'm back to it today, last night.  Again it is a food life change and I don't plan on changing that.

Thursday, August 05, 2021

Happy Belated

Yesterday would have been Daddy's 86th birthday.  I kind of avoided thinking about it.  My girls went to the graves and put flowers on them.  That is just NOT my thing.  To me they aren't there, they are with me, in my heart.  It's hard to know that my girls went there and cried.  I know they miss their Papa tremendously, I do too and that is their way to grieve.  A LOT has transpired this past year for all of us.  We have lost way too much with him, his buddy Jay, my sweet mother-in-law, Gloria, our pets and now we are facing yet another impending loss.  

Many many years ago The Hubby's oldest brother was married for many years to Elaine, the boys (our nephews) mother.  She was my sister-in-law for a very long time but they parted and created different paths for their lives.  Sadly sweet Elaine, the aunt the girls remember very lovingly has been battling ovarian cancer for several years and heartbreakingly her battle is coming to an end soon.  It's just another huge hit for my girls to their big hearts and for us.  I think I'm staying out of the talks and remembering of those lost right now because I'm in a good place in my head and don't want to open that door again.  I'm trying to heal and grieve in my own way.  


Monday, August 02, 2021

It Takes A Village

I finally was able to finish this one on Saturday.  The plan was to work in the office but The Hubby just did not have time during the week to do the invoicing.  He was pulled in too many different directions, so I painted, knowing that my Sunday would be work.  But, first I had forgotten I was to watch little Min so her momma could go to mass and sing in the choir.  Her Daddy has been in LA performing this past week so we've all pitched in to help with the kiddo(s).  I don't like Hilary Clinton, never have and normally I would not quote her, but with these grandgirls I am making an exception.  She said, "It takes a village," referring to raising children and I am part of the village with my grandgirls.

"Follow the Yellow Arrow Road"
11x14 oil