Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Life Update

Sunday, 7 weeks out from surgery I went to the grocery store. You might think, "So What!" But, since the Covid pandemic AND the hip pain I wasn't physically able to walk in the store. It has been over 3 years since I actually set foot in a grocery store. It was honestly scary because of ALL that has happened the past few years. I walked in and was thrilled to see fresh veggies I could touch and pick on my own. It was almost sensory overload to see all the stuff, all bright, shiny and fresh. I've relied on others for 3 years to pick my groceries and now I can do it all by myself. So exciting! I feel like my life can begin again. This was a huge step in my life.

I also drove to the cabin and was planning on staying by myself for the first time in probably 9 months. We have to go downstairs to the garage basement to turn on and off the water, hot water heater and a couple of breakers and I could not do that, BUT now I can! The Hubby ended up coming later that night because his dance plans were canceled. It was a nice weekend hanging with friends and reading. The weekend before the entire family came to the cabin. Both weekends were fabulous.

See the big black dog, that is Vance and his sidekick beside him is Vinnie.  This past weekend sweet crazy Vance had a terrible accident.  Friday afternoon Snicklefritz was at her friends for a sleepover and her daddy had driven to OKC for the night to play music with friends.  That left Bri alone with the dogs.  It was feeding time and Vance is absolutely crazy dog when it is food time.  He was outside and was running to the sliding glass door for dinner, jumping up and hitting the glass as usual but the glass in the door was very old and not safety glass.  
Luckily Bri was out of the splash of splintering and flying glass as was Vinnie and the cats.  But poor Vance was not.  His back leg was sliced very deep, cutting a large vein.  Bri said there was glass and blood everywhere, kitchen, down the hallway, it was a miracle she was not hit.  She called her hubby who in turn called their friend and ANGEL!  She called everyone else to come HELP!!! Vance is a huge and heavy dog.  The Angel showed up at her door very quickly with an armload of towels and helped her to get Vance in the back of his pickup truck with her holding him and they were off to the emergency vet.  Over $700 later he had surgery to stop the bleeding.
The Angel!

Sadly the stupid expensive emergency vet did not do what he was going to do during surgery, put in a drain.  So when they woke the next morning the bleeding was still happening and they had to load Vance in yet another car to go to THEIR regular vet and he had another surgery to put in the drain.  
This poor guy does not understand why he has to stay in his kennel for the next couple of weeks.  He's a wild and crazy guy and a puppy, yes he's a puppy, so this has been very trying.  

The Angel just so happens to be in the construction business, specifically windows!  So he was quick to be able to get the plywood to fix the door and is getting them prices for a very expensive thing that was not in their plans.  Who knew that these old houses had those plate glass doors like that but now I know and they know.  I told her she needs to contact their homeowners insurance and see if they will pay for it all.  

One another note I've been going through my music.  

I REALLY have a problem, I LOVE music, so I own tons of CD's. For years I've purchased CD's & taken the covers & CD's out of the cases to put in CD books. The attic had boxes full of the cases & I felt it time to reunite cases with CD's. I've spent countless hours sorting & searching to accomplish that task while healing. But now I've found that I have about 50 CD's & no cases & about 40 cases with no CD's. Think I might need to have "someone" visit the attic again. I've taken the music to my studio because that is where I listen to it while I paint. Think I need to purge some of the CD's because I can't figure out WHY in the world I bought some of them. I like every kind of music from classical to heavy metal. The only kind I DO NOT like is country. Occasionally I will hear a song I like but that doesn't happen often.

I've taken it all to the studio because that is where I listen to music. I'm also purging a ton of them, like Dixie Chicks. Why in the heck do I have 3 of their CD's. Yuck.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Family Weekend

I'm now closing in on 7 weeks of healing and I couldn't feel any better.  Last week my Bro, Sis and I were finally able to have lunch.  We had not seen each other since before Christmas.  I really loved that and it means the world that we love each other so much.  

The weekend started with us heading off to the cabin.  The oldest had already been there with little Snicklefritz since Wednesday and their two dogs, Vinnie and Vance.  WOW, they are full of energy, especially Vance (the very large black guy who is 11 months old.)  We got there with the youngest and little Min in our truck.  Their respective hubby's would arrive on Saturday.  
It has been two years since we had a family photo taken, before little Min was born.
Vance seemed to think he was a lap dog.  He's really such a sweet boy and can he jump and LOVES to chase squirrels...you go boy!

There was a bit of coloring and a bit of reading done during the weekend.

Hiking as a family, not this girl but the others...
and of course little Min wanted to try her hand at fishing like Little Bear, her favorite show.  She spent more time dangling the worm out of the water.  

It was a most perfect weekend on the screened porch with a small fire in the new fireplace, music, and talking about families long past, some never met.  Family time is absolutely priceless.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

6 Weeks!

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since surgery and I am pretty much back to normal.  Still doing out patient physical therapy that will end next week.  This morning I was able to get on my stationary bike here at home.  It is a recumbent bike and the PT girl wasn't sure but said to try it.  It is great!!!  Monday I will start doing about 30 minutes each day on it.  I am making a pledge...(hope I can keep it.)  

Last Friday it snowed YET AGAIN and I had to be in the office to make a big deposit.  So yet again The Hubby had to drive me there.  RATS!  Luckily it all melted by the next day.  It also messed up my/our plans, my siblings and I, for lunch.  We haven't seen each other since December and I miss them terribly.  This Friday we will try again and the weather will cooperate!  

Saturday the girls (all 4 of them!) came over and they cleaned out our entertainment center, reorganizing our photos.  It looks awesome.  Friday I also brought back home the mountains of recipes I had at the office that I had been scanning.  I decided I didn't like doing that.  I wanted to purge more of the piles of them.  I had originally had three large index card files FULL of them and more that had not even been put on cards.  I purged more and more and MORE until I am now down to one box!  It feels really great to be able to do that and not have any regrets.  I know that the ones I trashed I can find on the internet.  I did find a lot of the older ones like these that you probably can't find.  

ESPECIALLY the school cinnamon rolls and the bean chowder that used to be such a staple in school.  I posted them on Facebook and everyone went nuts for the recipes.  

I also have Momma's recipe box and Granny's and I believe at one time my mother-in-laws.  Those recipes that are very old, yellowed and well used or loved I have kept in the small wooden boxes that I will never purge.  I did label them for the girls to know who's kitchen they came from.  My plan is to also cook them just like the recipe states and then possibly revamp them at some point.  That is my plan...hmmm.  There were also a lot of handwritten ones in pencil that were mine at a very young age.  One time I followed my Greatgranny around the house with cards at the ready and pencil in hand while she rattled off the ingredients for the various recipes and I wrote furiously as she walked and talked.  I want to cook those too to see if they are accurate.  I remember one time when my great grandparents still had a wood stove in the kitchen and watching Greatgranny whip egg whites by hand and make an angel food cake and bake it in the wood burning stove.  AMAZING to see it all work.  They eventually got an electric stove but that wood stove was so very cool.  I love to cook, I'm a good cook and hopefully one day I will have a lot of these recipes in print form.  

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Week 5

"Max" says GOOD MORNING!  

I finished this little guy on Monday for my aunt, a commission.  I really love painting dogs but DO NOT want to be known as a pet artist really.  It was a pleasure to do this for my favorite aunt!  

I'm still healing and tomorrow will mark 5 weeks since the surgery.  Time flies when you're having fun...lol.  Now if I can get the knee to feeling a bit better I would be good.  I'm still doing out patient PT and after tomorrow only 4 more (2 weeks) left of that.  Life seems like it is back to normal, pretty much and I'm so ready.  

I'm ready for spring, ready to purge more crap out of my house, ready for Easter with family, ready for SUMMER!!!