Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ring Around The...

Ring around the doctor/insurance/doctor/insurance wheel!  Not really so much insurance but the doctor thing, HELL YES.  Daddy indeed has a MRSA infection in his hip, although they have him on antibiotics and it is looking better, but surgery is again on the horizon for him.  Brother took him last Monday to his regular doctor after the dang thing....BLECH...broke.  The doctor sent the referral to see Dr. Hippy again and so yesterday Brother picked him up and I met them at Dr. Hippy's office.  X'rays and a lot of waiting and surgery is tentatively set for August 12, tentatively.  Remember that we had to cancel the hearts tests, well, I had to get on the stick and reschedule them all because he has to be heart cleared before the surgery.  HUGE circle we are in.  So I got on the phone and rescheduled and they were able to do the echo-cardiogram and the carotid artery sonogram today.  So we wait for those results.  We also have to reschedule the heart cath test but they problem is we have a week and the heart doctor is out of the office next week!!!!!  We may have to bump the surgery back.  Oh gosh, what a vicious circle it is.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

Well, here goes a ramble to end all rambles.  Life is good.  Life is scary.  Life is full of ups and downs.  Life is unpredictable.  

First some good stuff.  I did finish "Arnie," the St. Bernard and the lady that commissioned it LOVES it!  I just have to get it scanned and then framed and it is SOLD!  

So art on Tuesday I went in without an idea of what I really wanted to paint next so I spent an hour before looking at some in my Dropbox folder.  I found this one that Afton took of the cows and I had a great canvas for it.  I showed Ross (my instructor) and he loved it too, so cows it is.  It was a great painting day.

The day before though was not so much.  Last Thursday when I stopped by to see Daddy he told me he had a "place" on his hip spot (the one that was replaced twice and had MRSA in it).  I told him to CALL the doctor ASAP.  He did and got in on Monday.  In the meantime he called me early Monday morning and told me that the thing had opened in the night.  That was not good and when I saw him on Sunday when we visited he said in passing that it had moved around to his backside!  Oh gosh, he doles out the info in pieces and doesn't go to the doctor sooner than later.  So the doc visit Monday resulted in a cleanup and a new bandage and antibiotics and a referral to the original hip doctor, Dr. Hippy.  We go see him on Monday.  Daddy seems to think that they will just take him in to clean it out and send him home but......Dr. Hippy, the last time said that if it happens again that was it.  I don't know what that means but I think it means they will clean it out best they can, take the hip out, FOR GOOD.  His time living on his own will come to an end and he will have to live in the nursing home.  I know that is not what he expects but more than likely that is deal.  He does not want that but he CAN NOT live with me.  I value my marriage and it would be a HUGE hardship on our relationship.  I don't have time to care for him.  I still work and I'm pooped now, everyday.  Oh gosh, we probably have a battle on the horizon.  

Now on too the reunion stuff.  I graduated with like 370 or so people and our 40th reunion is coming in September.  I have wrangled every one since the 15 (we have one every 5 years, except for the 35th) and the response for this one is appalling.  I have a total of 46 reservations for the Saturday night part.  We have a Friday night at a hotel bar (NOT PAYING FOR DRINKS) with food is $10 a person; Saturday is $60 a person/ $125 couple, food and drinks and FABULOUS place with music; Sunday Brunch $20 a person. I don't think it is outrageous and you can piece meal it.  You can do Friday only, or Saturday or Sunday or all or whatever.  The husbands is the weekend before mine and its $60 a person.  I can't figure out if everyone is just procrastinating or do not want to pay, or, which I think plays a part, the Facebook connections.  I think everyone thinks they don't need to see anyone because they keep up on Facebook.  

All of this is on my mind and is the reason I woke up at 1:30 a.m. on Monday (or Tuesday morning) and could NOT go back to sleep.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Obligatory Cow Picture

This is my obligatory cow picture today.  Not sure what I wanted to post today so decided to add this cute snapshot of cows that Afton took while here on their vaca last week.  I may paint it!  At least will try.  

This week has been kind of BUSY to say the least, actually the past 3 weeks.  We had the company of Af & Dit (as Rio calls Nick).  It was quite wonderful having my girls all together with their guys, my family complete.  This week was watching the little love of my life, Rio which I just love, love, love but there is a reason why you have your children young.  I am POOPED!  I kept her overnight last Saturday night until Sunday afternoon, then Monday afternoon for a bit while B&B looked at a house.  Then Wednesday afternoon as Bri went to OKC for a Sew-In.  Actually, in all, that would be Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and Friday morning.  Again, I am pooped but never laughed more.  

Seems life just rolls on you know.  While we had company, and continuing on, our fridge was/is OUT!  The part is back-ordered for WEEKS now and still is for more weeks.  Living out of tiny refrigerators is not fun, especially with company for 2 weeks. 

The battery decided to go our on my Jeep on one of the hottest days last week.  

The weather today, here in July in Oklahoma is unseasonably pleasant.  If fact, we slept with the windows OPEN, IN JULY, IN OKLAHOMA!  Doesn't happen, ever, but we will take it.

A bit worried today too as Daddy is having some more health issues.  We finally have appointments to take him in for his heart stuff, echo cardiogram, ultrasound of his neck and then a heart cath test, 6 months after his little stroke.  Then I go to see him on Thursday night an he informs me that he has a place on his hip again as big as his hand.  He says it is different but the last time if you follow my blog was a nightmare.  His hip was replaced, he developed a MRSA infection in it and then had it removed for 6 months.  Stays in nursing homes (which he was not happy) and intravenous antibiotics then another new hip.  I am very, VERY afraid that the infection is back.  This means another trip to the doc on Monday morning to see what is going on.  We may have to postpone the heart cath as it is in a way invasive.  I just don't know, and it is getting me a bit on edge again.  I've watched him slowly deteriorate lately.  He has lost over 50 pounds and that really concerns me.  I don't think he eats as much at all.  He will be 79 this next month.  Just please keep him in your thoughts please.  It's hard!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Tuscany, yes Tuscany.  I have never really had a desire to visit Italy, until, I saw the movie Under The Tuscan Sun.  Oh my gosh that movie is my absolutely favorite movie (besides The Goonies!)

That movie made me want to run away.  No, my life is not a runaway life, it's actually wonderful but that place, I wanted to go!  The beauty and colors just intrigue me.  

Someday we may travel there.  Then I will have LOTS of things to paint!

The idea for this blog post is from the lovely from Castles Crowns and Cottages blog.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Family, Family, Family

For the past couple of weeks we have had company.  The youngest, Afton and her guy Nick have been here visiting and I just can't get enough of having them home.  They've been here for the 4th at our lake place which was quite awesome.  They also shared the Riverparks 4th Celebration with Bri, Rio and Brent.

So sweet that Auntie Af gets to spend so much time with her precious niece.  Rio likes Nick too calling him "Dit".   

Rio and Dit 

Love these guys! 

Them too... 

Love our little family.  We have two BEAUTIFUL daughters a darling granddaughter and two great son-in-laws (one soon to be!)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

A couple of years ago I painted a Sunset on Grand River painting and posted it on my art blog along with a lot of my finished paintings.  Out of the blue over a year ago a framing/art something company found my Sunset and contacted me to paint a 4'x 6' painting much like the sunset for a "project" here in Tulsa.  I was THRILLED and scrambled to figure out a price for a huge painting.  I have never painting anything as large as this and was definitely scared to take it on but pushed on.  It wasn't a lot of money but it was the most I've ever received for one of my paintings.  I got a first payment which was so exciting and purchased the 4'x 6' canvas and sat it up at my art class so I could have my artist peers and art instructor there for support.  Paint I did.  

Yesterday, they came and picked up the painting to be installed at the new St. Francis Hospital Trama Care Waiting Room!  Gosh I am so proud you can not imagine.  Because this thing was so large I was not able to have it scanned to make giclee prints and just never got around to trying to snap a better picture...

"Sunrise on Grand River"

but, I have giclee prints of this one.

"Sunset on Grand River"

Monday, July 07, 2014

Happy 3 Days After the 4th of July

Aren't I funny!  NOT...

The celebration is over and a wonderful weekend we all had.  I even got some painting in while relaxing at the cabin, if relaxing is the word for POP POP POW POW.  It was a fun time with our girls and their guys.  Thursday evening I took pictures of a cute little tufted titmouse at Harri's cabin and Friday morning I painted it.  He was just so cute.

When I was done I posted it on Facebook and it was SOLD in a matter of minutes to one of my cabinite friends.  She already owns four of my paintings and now #5. Introducing "Mr. Tufted Titmouse." 

Oh and remember the workshop with Derek Penix, well, he sent an email out selling some of his paintings and I bit the bullet and bought one.  It's the one I admired and he also demoed in the workshop.  This is the photo...

this is MY painting...
I will get it in a few weeks when he has it framed.  I thought and thought about it and I so loved it so, SOLD, to ME!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


This week we have a houseful.  Afton and her guy Nick drove in from LA to stay a couple of weeks and enjoy the 4th of July with us.  It's been since Thanksgiving since we all have seen Af.  Rio immediately remembered her Auntie Af.  

LOOK at that face.  How can you resist!  Grandbabies are just THE BOMB!  

Also went to see Daddy yesterday and he told me the little mewing kitty that was under his house a couple of weeks ago is still around.  He's been feeding her and even made a visit to his vet to discuss spaying her and getting her shots.

He walked me out in the back yard and started calling her.  I had only seen part of her face before and when she came around the corner I was in love instantly.  What a beautiful little girl. He picked her up and brought her over to my chair.  She was skittish so he put her down but she didn't run away.  He's already got her tame.  

Her sweet face has an upside-down heart on her nose and look at her side, there is a heart there too.  He's already named her too...

introducing .......