Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Fine Saturday Morning...But Wait

It is a fine Saturday morning.  I was up at 7 this morning because my hands and the carpel tunnel thing would not let me sleep.  That is okay though as I didn't want to miss the cool part of the day.  They are of course predicting 100+ degrees today and many more days but hey, that is Oklahoma summer.  (Check out the photo...the moon is still in the sky and it is 8:39 AM.)  I plan on doing absolutely nothing this weekend but sit in my chair on my porch with a fan blowing directly on me and finishing Eat, Pray, Love just in time for the movie.  A little journaling will be in store but basically, nothing!  This past week I know I didn't say anything, but Monday was 4 years since we lost Momma.  I decided not to recoginze that day.  It should not be an anniversary of her passing but I need to celebrate every day that she was with us.  Celebrate all the things that she taught me in my life and my girls.  Okay, now that is all on the subject.  On the other side is that on Wednesday my sweet Daddy will be 75 years old.  He is still rocking along and will celebrate the day with having all of his sisters and probably their hubby's over for dinner, which he will cook. 
He was stressing a bit about what to cook and I suggested he buy some of the frozen lasagnas and a salad and french bread and that would be easy and good.  He loved the idea and has purchased the lasagnas but wants my help on suggestions on the bread and salad, again.  No problem.  The problem is that according to him the duct work under his house has fallen and he's losing all of his cool air under the house.  That his electric bills are $20 higher and he is burning up.  Ummm, well, Daddy the temperature for the past month has been hovering close to and touching 100 degrees...If he is correct then heating up the house with the oven is not going to be a very good idea.  We'll get it figured out somehow.  Maybe can cook the stuff at my sister's and have her daughter bring it over.  Yeah that might work...Hey Sis!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Subject I Said I Would Not Talk About!

Yes, I'm doing it again but it's not too bad, or is it.   Politics.  There I wrote that nasty word. 

(Now, no nasty comments please.  This is my opinion and only my opinion and just what I think as I have that right, okay!)

Here in Tulsa there is a ton of uproar going on with our city government right now.  The mayor and the city council are at each other's throats and frankly I've had just about enough from ALL of them.  It's kind of like he said, she said, they said, you said but we, the public, really don't know who said what.  I have to say that, in my opinion, some of the councilors have been on the city council way too many years and need to bow out.  I think they are just a little too comfortable in their position and take advantage with the notoriety that it all brings, good or bad.  Politics.  I think that if you "go into politics" that it shouldn't be a career.  I think that can bring all kinds of problems with a persons ego and a skewed view of power.  I kind of, kind of think that politicians should not get paid, that it is a volunteer job.  I know that is not realistic but it would be nice.  A politician should be there for the people they represent, not what they want out of things and I think the longer they are in office, that is where it can kind of get a warped outcome. 

I'm sure this doesn't make a lot of sense but I just had to get out of my mind this garbage so I can stop thinking about it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

At a Loss

I seem to be at a loss for words today.  I've been trying to post everyday for a few weeks, but today I'm blank.  That includes tomorrow, Saturday and so on and so on.  Thought I would just start writing and see what happens.  That is what I've been told in a few writing classes I have taken.  I do that in my journal but not sure that it will work here since what I really want to write about is not for the eyes of some of my readers! 

Yesterday I was planning on having company here in town, tonight, so I cleaned, planned the menu and even set the dining table.  I had just paid for my groceries for the menu when my cell phone beeped a message.  Oh shucks, there was a disconnect between the wives and hubby's and we had to reschedule for next week.  I was bummed but the food will freeze and keep.  Then as I was dealing with that the phone rang yet again and it was The Hubby.  I was being summoned back to the office to fix some stuff for getting an invoice out that we had worked on the day before.  So I rushed home to put the food away and remembered that I had left a candle lit.  PANIC!  I knew that it would be okay as I when I do light one it is usually set on the stove.  I am a little creeped by them.  So, candle out, food stored and back to the office I went.  I fixed the problem with a little number play and then headed back home.  I had planned to paint in the afternoon but didn't feel much like it by then.  I had been on a high but was then on a low so the desire was not there.  Sitting down with little Clayton I dozed off and actually slept sitting up for nearly an hour.  I was awakened by the little guy wanting his dinner, early. As I sat there waking up I heard my canary behind me flitting around when all of a sudden I heard a BUZZ in the window that is covered with plantation shutters.  I got up and looked in the window and there was the largest black and yellow bumblebee I have ever seen in the window.  I slammed shut the slats of the shutters and FREAKED. 

(I didn't take this picture...couldn't get brave enough to do it)

You see, a few years ago while my father was digging potatoes in his back yard he accidentally dug up a bumblebee nest.  They nest in the ground.  I saw my father throw his pitchfork down, start slapping his head, back and arms and start running towards the house.  He cleared a small fence, grabbed his dog Fannie, who was highly allergic to bee stings and ran towards me as I was standing on the patio watching.  He said,  "RUN," and we both wrangled ourselves to the safety of the inside.  Some of the nasty guys were still on him and some got inside.  One latched onto my lip and I started slapping, trying to get it off.  We pulled stingers out of Daddy's back and my lip.  My lip swelled up so large I couldn't even talk.  It didn't last long but ever since then I'm a bit afraid of them.  The Hubby finds me silly but it traumatized me a bit. 

Well, back to the gargantuan bumblebee in my living room.  I got a jar with a lid in the hopes of trying to capture the thing and get it outside but again the bravery thing was gone.  I just kept an eye on the shutters and knew it was trapped but didn't help when it started buzzing around.  My stomach was churning.  The Hubby was home shortly and I met him at the door and begged my White Knight to slay the creature.  He did just that!  My hero.  ICK!  Now we are left with the question, "How did it get in here?  Where did it come from?  Do we have a hole somewhere?  Are they in the attic or something?"  I mean really, it is freaking me out a bit.  I guess time will tell huh. 

Guess I did have something to write about!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's That

Took this picture of the weed-eaten clematis this past weekend then realized that there was something special...

What's that I see on the rock...
Mr. Dragonfly snuck into the picture.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I decided to run down memory lane again.  This is the doorway into the living room from the dining room.  We called it the wishbone doorway.  The house is now just a shell and is crumbling but there were many, many memories and people that passed threw that door.  The wishbones were birds of every kind imaginable that they ate:  crow, chicken, owl, etc.  Big Dan boasted that he had eaten every kind of bird except blue jay.  Fortunately the wishbone doorway was salvaged and I have some of the bones at our cabin.  It was just a part of my childhood to see that wall and wonder about it all. 

This wall is to the right of the wishbone doorway.  You can see the bones on the left.  Of course all the pictures and stuff have passed on to family members a long time ago.  I believe the picture in the middle is of my great, great, great (maybe another great) grandparents.  The ruffle around his neck is not a ruffle but a white beard. 

Now we have Greatgranny at the end of the dining table where Greatgrandaddy always sat.  Behind her is a toaster oven where GGdaddy would toast his bread every meal, just for himself.  When we had meals the women (Greatgranny) would serve the men and children and then stand by to wait.  She would eat only after everyone else ate.  I ALWAYS thought that was wrong even as a young girl but that was they way it was. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

McLinky Monday - Vacation

Today is McLinky Monday at the RHOK girls and the question today is "what's your idea of a favorite vacation."  That is an easy question for ideal would be Destin, Florida.  The white sand beaches have been a fav since I was a child.  We, as a family started going to Destin when I was about 13 years old.  The very first time was in a truck with an overhead camper shell.  We camped in a KOA campground on the beach.  It was an awesome time.  My brother and sister caught crabs and we cooked them.  One night we were all sitting around a campfire with other campers and a momma skunk with babies in tow toddled into the camp and walked right over my father's foot.  Not a peep was sounded as the little family passed through.  We we back every year until I graduated high school for a week.  That first year was camping but after that we found a wonderful motel on the beach called the Frangista.  Mother and Daddy made friends with Mrs. Brown that owned the place and she looked forward to seeing us every year.  Sadly she was killed one year when she pulled onto highway 98, right out her front door.  As the years passed The Hubby and I went back several times with our girls and friends.  The Frangista was revamped and made into some beautiful seaside rooms but sadly it was eventually torn down for progress.  So in a very long answer to the question, my favorite vacation has always been Destin, Florida.  I have to add now though that after the trip to Ireland last summer, Kilarney to be exact, that might be up there too.  Now, though my hammock at the cabin forever would be the top of the list. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mulching Time

The weekend was just beautiful.  Yes I know it has been hot but this weekend was so much more manageable.  We hosted a small get together at out cabin on Saturday night with The Hubby smoking a pork butt and two pork tenderloins.  They were spectacular and only enough left for one small sandwich.  The food was great, the company was awesome and the weather cooperated enough that we were all able to sit on the screened porch and enjoy the night with lots of laughter and chatter.

Saturday though the Hubby and I had plans for the yard.  First was the project to replace the clematis that was only in the ground 3 months and was last weekend weed-eated down by the lawn guy.  I hunted around town for replacements and finally found one for half price.  I also purchased 4 huge bags of cedar mulch for the flowerbed.  Work was ahead of me.  When we arrived and I put the new plant next to where the previous one had been erradicated I was surprised to see this...

the sweet little thing has come to life again so I told The Hubby we had to protect it and hopefully it will survive.

So now instead of two clematis on the fence I will have three.

Saturday The Hubby planted the new clematis and I planted a butterfly plant in the fence garden along with the tomato plants and herbs.  I set about unloading the bags of mulch into the flowerbed.  First I put down a layer of newspapers.  It helps to kill out the weeds that start popping up.  I pulled most of them but weeding is a never ending job.  Just when you think it is all done, you stand back up and look at your work and lo and behold there are more weeds.  The newspapers will help.  Mulch, mulch, mulch...all this before 10 am on Saturday and I was a dripping wet mess, but it was done, all done.

I got up this morning and oh my aching backs of my legs and back in general.  I did a lot of squatting this time which I have never been able to do...thank you Wade.  I attribute that new found talent to him and his workout routine.  The treadmill and bike will probably feel good tomorrow and workout the rest of the kinks.  I hope. 

Clayton watching as we finished watering and loading the car for the journey home again.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Work Begins

We are getting ready to do the add-on/remodel of the master bathroom. Here are just some of the guys that will be working here and I will see on a daily basis for a long time.
Now we wait for all the bids come in and since it is smaller than the original plan (could have bought 2 houses for the cost) we should be breaking ground in the next month. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Do We Call It

I have a burning question that needs to be answered.  I've been pondering this very curious subject most of the time when I am riding around in my new Jeep and listening to the Sirrus radio.  I think the music industry may be needing an answer to the question of "What Do We Call It?" 

I love to listen to the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's music channel in my car.  I'm just addicted to the 80's in fact.  Do you see there might be a problem, 70's, 80's.  We are in the year of 2010, actually the end of 2010 and have we got a name for this decade of music?  I say no, as I've not heard of one.  Has anyone else?  Has anyone thought up a name for the decade 2010.  I'm at a loss myself.  We can't call it the 10's or even for the next decade, the 20's.  What do we call it?  I think this is a very important quandry we've gotten ourselves into and it needs to be figured out.  Let's see if we can work on this problem.  Help out the world of music I say! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hated It

I am going to throw out my opinion and only my opinion as an artist.  Don't hate me.  I've probably written about this before but I'm going to go off again.  Sorry.  Bear with me. 

I am a realistic artist, not an abstract artist.  Abstract art is what sells these days, unfortunately for me.  Monday night my friend from art class and I went to a meeting of our art group and after the business meeting there was a demo.  The artist (can't remember her name) had some examples of both her realistic and abstract art.  I know I'm rambling but hang in there.  Her realistic art is wonderful.  The abstract art, well, hated it.  Her demo was to take three different colors of paint in pint jars and drizzle first one on the black canvas, swirl it around, pour the second color, swirl, etc.  That was it and she is making tons of money selling that crap.  I am sorry but I work like a fiend on the stuff I paint putting just the right stroke and paint in the right place and she swirls paint.  It was like being in kindergarten with fingerpaints.  Some of the people in attendance (in the older range) were enamoured with it all and I can guarantee some will show up at the next show.  I'm sorry but I just can't get abstract art.  It absolutely does nothing for me.  It has been said, not by me but by a few people I know, that people are buying art to match the couch or wall color, not the composition.  Come on people, let's think hard about art now.  It's called art appreciation.  I had a humanities teacher who really made me see art in a different eye.  (Thank you Stansi.) 

There is a show on Bravo called "Work of Art:  The Next Great Artist".  I find it interesting because I am trying to understand how it works in the heads of artist that do abstract art and this show has a few on it.  I'm trying I tell you, I'm trying, much like I'm trying to like country music.  I've even tried my hand at abstract art but feel that I'm letting my talent, what little I have, go to waste. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm blah, blah, blah and I approve this message!

It is that time of year and I'm already DONE with it.

Our street corners...
Our mailbox...

and let's not forget the television...

"I'm blah, blah, blah, and I approve this message!"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For the past two or three months now when I come home from work there are usually one or two messages on our phone.  I dial in to listen and it is an automated call from a law office wanting to talk to someone.  I say someone because it is an automated, computer generated voice and I can't make out the name except today.  The first name I could hear was Julia but that was all I could get.  The calls are different times of the day, sometimes the calls are in the morning, afternoons and last night was 7:45, we weren't home.  Today the phone rang at 8:35 and I was here to get it.  Again, automated.  I called the toll free number about  a month ago and the lady said the calls would stop.  I called again today and the lady said the calls would stop.  I told her there was NO ONE named Julia something here and I want the calls to STOP!  It is frutstrating.  We've done the Do Not Call List but I would imagine this doesn't count.  Can really mess a day

Monday, July 19, 2010

McLinky Monday: What Room Are You Most Comfortable In

McLinky Monday with the RHOK ladies is what room are you most comfortable in.  I took the quiz and I knew it would come up with my living room but I wish it would have been the screened porch at the cabin...sigh...I miss it already today except it was totally HOT this weekend.  Join in the fun...

You Are Most at Home in the Living Room

You're the type of person who always feels relaxed at home. In many ways, it's where you're at your best.

You love to chill out at home. You are not the biggest homebody in the world, but you appreciate the time you spend there.

There's nothing like having a few friends over to watch a movie or just talk in your living room.

You are proud of the home you've created, and you love to share it with others.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sweet Annie

I almost forgot to add to the previous post this but decided that it really needed its own post. I am sad to say that my dear friend Harri has lost a dear sweet friend, Annie. Little Annie was only 3 years old in May but they think her little heart had an incident.  Everyone was just devastated but not as much as my friend Harri.  We will miss her sweet little face and disposition.  Here's to you little sweet Annie.

Happy Birthday

Yes it is Happy Birthday to my Sis today.  She is 51 years old and damn proud to have made it there with all of her health issues most of her life! 

This weekend was of course escaping to the cabin but we had a companion for Clayton, his buddy Mondo, our daughter and hubby's dog.  Clayton and Mondo love each other and play very well together.  Here they were anxiously watching for The Hubby to return on the golf cart so they could go for a run.

The weekend was truly a hot one.  I stayed on the porch until about 1 and then I was inside to the cool.  The puppies stayed in and slept the whole time.  Too hot for them I guess.  We had plans for dinner at one of the other's ccabins and I made an awesome appetizer and blackberry cobbler. 

The appetizer was called Chili Cheese to the cooking blog to see the recipe (no pic's I'm sorry).  Easy and so very good.  The blackberry cobbler was a no-brainer but the secret was the crust that my mother taught me and her mother and her mother...very simple, flakey and tender. 

Sadly the weekend was over too quickly but before we could leave Mr. Jimbo and The Hubby had to have a confab about concrete walls, propane tanks and building stuff.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.
All the while the two boys and I were waiting in the air conditioned truck (thank goodness)...

I soon got tired of the wait so I popped out of the truck to see what the two were yaking about with camera in hand.  I found some interesting pictures to take and possibly paint...

That's Grump, stopping by on his golf cart to see if he could add some input.

The road in front and around from our cabin...

the wood rack...see something odd there...
I got closer...
Cool huh.  I thought so.  It looks like a worm has kind of eaten the wood and left trails.  You can kind of see a face in the middle. 

(can you tell, I'm trying to post everyday...)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Rattlesnake's a two-seater...I remember it well, along with the wasps, possible snakes and smells...Ahhh, memory lane.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Wednesday we had a lunch meeting with our accountant at P.F. Changs.  It was a productive meeting and seemed to ease The Hubby's worries about work a bit.  Work is still weird but we've been through worse in 31 years.  Ordering our meal I ordered brown rice as I always do.  The Hubby ordered white rice as he always does.  I asked him why not brown.  He said that brown rice had more starch or fat or something.  I told him no it was better for you (a semester of nutrition class).  Anyway, we kind of had a giggle over it but he still thought that so I found the info for him later in the evening.  After the meal the waiter brought the fortune cookies and amazingly when The Hubby opened his...

"Life is full of little decisions - like white or brown rice."

Isn't that funny!  I thought it was just funny, then I opened mine...

"Your smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight."

Ponder that one!!! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can you Identify this image?

I call it string beans or even green beans but no, it has another name now.  They are now called ...      Haricots Verts

The first time I heard the name haricots verts I was reading my favorite author, Stuart Woods, newest novel when the word popped up.  I knew it was food, but what kind I did not know.  I had to mark the passage and look it up because I was stumped.  Then on the cooking channel one day there that word was again.  Oh now I see, green beans.  The knowledge I had gained was very helpful in France when reading menus.  Answer me this though, when in heaven's name did green beans get a new name.  I was not let in on this little secret.  Are we suddenly so hoity-toity that we have to now give our food French names.  Is Del Monte going to be labeling the green bean can, haricots verts.  Surely this will confuse the common man that is not fixated on The Food TV channel.  What's next, maïs!  That would be pronounced maize or CORN!  Guess I had better get busy with the Rosetta Stone French language package shouldn't I.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sounds of Baseball

This is the house my great grandparents lived in.  The area is called Rattlesnake Hollow.  In fact, that is what I used to put on the envelope when I wrote letters to Greatgranny.  The windows on the right side of the picture are the bedroom windows where Greatgrandaddy slept.  They didn't sleep in the same room.  Greatgranny slept in the freezer room, called that because it was where the freezer was kept.  It was a very tiny room with the most comfortable bed in the house, a feather bed.  It later became the bathroom!  Yeah, I know how she ranked in the male dominated household.

Here they are by the door leading to his room, actually a porch room.  It was a room that was pretty much off limits to all of us kiddos and we only went into the room with Greatgranny when she wanted to show us something.  The walls were covered with old pictures that caused us to ask a multitude of questions.  Greatgranny also kept her bug and butterfly collections in there.  I became a collector in junior high but it didn't last long.  The room was Greatgrandaddy's sanctuary and when he passed it became Greatgranny's room, then Aunt Marie's.  Where they are standing and the truck is where they would pull out a mattress and put in the back of the pickup that was next to the living room windows (to the left) and we could sleep there at night.

This tree in the front yard is where they entertained guests most of the time, weather permitting.  Here my Sis and I are listening to the "men" talk stuff.  I think I had lost a tooth or something.  Looks like I'm holding a cloth to my face.  My great uncle, Big Dan (yes that was what he was called) is the one sitting on the ground in his overhauls and most definitely barefoot.  He never, ever wore shoes.  This is also the place where we made homemade ice cream and listened to the cicadas sing their summer song as the heat would set in.  Air conditioning was not happening in that house.  When it got too hot we would pile into the back of the pickup and head off to the creek to swim and probably take our baths.  The indoor bathroom didn't happen until I was a senior in high school.  Winter was a bath in a wash tub in the middle of the kitchen.
We also would sit here and wait for Greatgranny as she would sneak into Greatgrandaddy's room while he was napping and listening to the baseball game on the radio.  She was sneaking into his dresser drawers to snatch a 3 Muskateers or Snickers candy bar for all the kids hanging around.  There could be 1,3 or 8...kiddos waiting for that yummy candy bar.  How ever many were around that is how many pieces the candy bar was cut up for.  Each so delicious you can't imagine.  While we sat under that tree eating ice cream or the candy bar you could hear the baseball game sounds.  I think it was the St. Louis Cardinals (my favorite) on the radio.  Since no A/C the windows were open and you could hear the whack of the bat when it connected to the baseball and the announce,r Harry Carey as he called out the plays.  These sounds and memories are some of the reasons I love baseball.  I've been to one live game, The St. Louis Cardinals when they played the Chicago Cubs.  The Cardinals won the pennant that year!  It was AWESOME!  The Hubby took me for my 50th birthday, one of the things off of my bucket list (wait need to put that on the list.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life Moves On

Tuesday morning and I'm sitting on my favorite spot on the loveseat.  There is no sound except for my fingers tapping away on the keyboard and the roar of the A/C trying to keep the house cool at 8:30 in the morning.  Summer in July has hit.  I let Clayton out at 5 this morning and the air was so thick with heat you could cut it, but I like Oklahoma summers.  I went to workout, rushed home to shower, then maybe paint this morning, yet, here I sit.  The TV sits silent I'm letting my mind wander as it often does.  Sometimes my brain is so full of different thoughts that it makes me a bit nuts with all the ramble in the head.  I'm remembering being young and newly married today.  Not sure why that has popped up, but it has. 

When I was a girl the one thing I wanted more than anything in the entire world was to get married and have children.  Of course this made sense, there was not much of a future promised for me anyway.  I was brought up in the era and small town era of marriage and kiddos.  Oh, there were girls that went to college, but I was not encouraged to follow that kind of dream.  I wanted to be a lawyer first, then an archeologist and then a veterinarian but you have to want to do good in school, I didn't so much.  I didn't do any of those  careers, but that's okay.  I had a dream and I did fulfill that.  The schooling came later.  When The Hubby and I and married we were both 19 years old and I thought I had all the knowledge about being married, I was WRONG!  I didn't realize that you had to do stuff when you set up house like wash dishes and clothes and cook.  I could all of those things and had for awhile, but I realized very quickly that they were my new responsibility, FOREVER!  No one told me that those chores and more were what moving out and having a house of your own would mean.  I am still rebelling against it all.  I'm good at it all but hate it too.  My brother, sister and I always had chores at home, that was a given, but they were chores.  You didn't realize that they could become your life.  The first few months of our marriage I remember working all day, coming home and cooking dinner and then crying into the sink while washing the dishes because I was tired and didn't want to clean up.  You don't realize that the refrigerator needs to cleaned out once in awhile.  The laundry does not wash itself.  Floors get nasty dirty from a ditch digging, attic crawling husband comes home everyday.  We do have to eat you know and how about the trips to the grocery store and the neverending menu planning.  This, my friends is what you sign up for when you get married, actually, it is what you sign up for when you just flat move out of the comfy digs of living with your parents.  It is called life and it carries on.  No matter how much your parents try to teach you to survive on your own you won't truly know until you live it. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

McLinky Monday: What Are Your Strange Remedies

McLinky Monday at the RHOK is "What are your strange remedies."  Hmmm, that made me think.  One the ones listed was using earwax for healing...ick, but I know some old remedies do work.  Let met think... 

  • The old favorite is aloe for burns.  My mother used to have a huge aloe plant and when you got burned she would break off a piece and rub it on your burn.  Sometimes if not all from the leaf was used she would put it in the freezer for later use.  Now it is used for eye gels (Mary Kay) and will put it in the refrigerator to take the puffiness out of eyes. 
  • Plant dill and marigolds around your tomato plants.  The tomato worms will prefer the dill for sure, I've seen it.  Those tomato worms are scary dudes and will rear back like they will attack you if you try to grab them...ICK!
  • When I was little and got ear infections, mainly swimmers ear, I remember either my Daddy or Uncle Wayne blowing cigarette smoke in my ears to make the pain go away.  Worked!
  • For upset tummies we used to be able to get straight Coke syrup from the pharmacist.  I can't remember how much or how we took it but that also worked.  So maybe a little just plain Coke for the tummy.
Well, I guess that is all I am able to come up with this early Monday morning.  Yes, I know one of them is not a remedy but that is all I had.  I'm sure my Dad would have more and for sure my Momma if she were still here.  My girls will probably remind me later of some that escape me for now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wild Hogs

Last night The Hubby came home after a Saturday of work at the office and at the Tulsa BBQ Challenge with a bouquet of flowers in his arms.  He hasn't done that in a while.  I fixed bacon and tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from Daddy's garden, a nice glass of wine while admiring the beautiful flowers and the evening was complete.  Since it is Saturday night TV and nothing on we decided to watch one of our Netflix movies, Wild Hogs.  He needed a comedy and it was the ticket for the evening.  He's been a bit, well a lot stressed with work so this was a nice evening. 

Friday afternoon I met a friend at the movies and saw the third installment of the Twilight movies, Eclipse.  We've seen all three together and it was a nice afternoon.  We made plans to see the new Eat, Pray, Love movie that is coming out as I'm reading the book right now.  Actually the Wild Hogs movie is kind of like we are feeling right now, tired of working too hard and ready for retirement but not quite ready in a lot of ways.  Perfect movie for us I can say.

Re: the Bucket Rosetta Stone package for learning French arrived!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainfree Saturday?

Do you think we are going to get by this Saturday rain free!  I certainly hope so.  It is really beautiful out there this early morning.  When I went out at 6:30 to get the paper there was a little fog but it was nice.  We decided this weekend we would opt out of the cabin so The Hubby could get some office work done, which means work for me on Monday.  He also wants to go to the Tulsa BBQ Challenge today.  He loves to learn about BBQ and smoking meat which I'm all for...yum!  I have decided that I am not setting foot out the door, well except to pick up the paper.  I am going to pick up my room a bit and then paint.  I have basically all weekend to apply some paint to canvas and that is what I am going to do. 

Monday I'm excited because it is the day I deliver four of my paintings to the new opening of The Savage Art Gallery or The Gallery on Sixth.  Not sure what they want to call it but think there may be two connected galleries.  Anyway, I am a bit anxious as it is a judged show by the curator of Gilcrease!!!!!  I am a new painter and would like the critique (no ribbon) yet not sure I want it either.  You will have to venture out there and take a gander at all the wonderful art work that will show.  Our group Alpha Rho Tau (ART) will have 110 paintings there and all are for sale! 

Alpha Rho Tau
Civic Art Association
Art Exhibit
In Conjunction with the Grand Openings
of The Savage Art and
2205 East 6th Street, Tulsa

July 13 thru July 29th
Tues. Thru Sat. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

All art available for purchase.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Bucket List

The famed Bucket List.  I have seen it and heard about it and have watched the movie but you know something, I don't have a bucket list.  The past couple of weeks I have actually thought about it a lot.  People have places they want to travel to or things they would like to accomplish but I am truly at a loss to even start a bucket list.  At first I thought about places to go but you know something I have never really wanted to go anywhere because I am a basic scardy cat, have been most of my life.  But since we have now traveled to France, England and Ireland I guess I am past that.  Then I think about things to do, hmmm, not sure about that kind of stuff but when I was little I always wanted to go on an archaeological dig and had an opportunity to when I was 14 but again the scardy cat thing prevented that one.  I think a bucket list has a lot of stuff on it but I think my bucket list will be pretty short, I've already gotten more than what I ever dreamed of out of life, so here goes...(please don't judge as some of them are pretty lame and I realize I've done some of the things I always wanted to do.)  Little secret here is that when I was young I wanted to be an archaeologist, a lawyer or a veterinarian.  (ones in red added later)
  1. Go to college and get a degree
  2. Paint a picture
  3. Travel to Tuscany
  4. Travel to France
  5. Travel to see a pyramid, any pyramid (the archaeologist in me)
  6. Travel to England
  7. Travel to Ireland  (want to go back)
  8. Fly in a helicopter
  9. Not Work
  10. Have my own room
  11. To have my own 15 minutes of fame
  12. To meet Oprah (lame I know)
  13. To meet the band members of Better Than Ezra...I love Kevin Griffin's voice
  14. To have another vegetable garden again
  15. Learn French
  16. Learn Italian
  17. See a professional baseball game LIVE...preferrably the St. Louis Cardinals!
  18. ?
  19. ?
Will definitely add to this and share!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rain and Flooding

Although I like that it is summer, July, and we are getting some nice rain, but enough is quite enough.  Poor little Clayton doesn't like to go out and do his business in the rain.  He stands at the sliding glass door and stares in at us not venturing out.  He has his little doggie door that is very usuable but he has to run through a little rain to use it and he DOES NOT like it.  This morning he was out, in the dark and rain and was waiting for me to let him in the sliding door but I was not going to fall for the puppy-dog eyes.  
Pretty soon I heard a rumble and boom-crash of huge thunder. 1-2-3 seconds and I heard the doggie door open and close. He came flying through the kitchen and living room like a rocket on his way to the bedroom and the warmth of the bed. It was so funny.

I chose to stay in from workout today because I just didn't feel like testing the flooded streets.  Some of them I have to travel to see the trainer are a bit iffy and I just was not awake enough for it.  I know The Hubby was giving me the look, sort of like my mother.  Hey, what's up with that, I am an adult for goodness sake.  I can make my own decisions.  Thinking I want to be safe, besides the weather is making my tummy a bit rumbley. 

Strange occurrance last night.  It was the usual dance night and even though I had not been in a few weeks I assumed we would go, although I didn't push it.  Last week he opted not to go because he was exhausted as was I.  Well, last night he didn't even mention it.  Very strange.  I am afraid that I have made enough of a scene of not liking it that he is going to quit but I don't want him too as he likes it too much.  It is just not what I live for.  I don't mind once in awhile but not every time and I definintely don't want him to quit.  I'm afraid to mention it or we might get into a rather heavy discussion.  We'll see what happens next week. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Anyone for Dental Floss

I went to the veggie stand and picked up a bushel of fresh Silver King corn to work up.  I haven't worked a bushel of corn in a very, very long time.  Also got more tomatoes and purple hull peas and okra.  You have to work the corn pretty quick to keep the sugar so last night was it.  I even baked a chicken for dinner with the fresh tomatoes and of course creamed corn.  YUMMY.  As I was shucking the corn and getting it ready I dropped an ear and Clayton was there in a flash to taste it.  I had forgotten how much our dogs (when I was young) loved fresh corn, actually a lot of stuff out of the garden.  He loved it.  We used to have a dog that would eat the fresh asparagus right down to the ground.  I was little miss Betty Crocker yesterday, cooking and finishing yet another painting.  (Check out the art blog.)  Notice I had to have a little wine to help with the chore.  Now my freezer is full of corn for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


This morning while driving back home from the trainer my mind began to wander all around, as usual.  Thoughts just ramble around in my head and somehow I think that is what happens here on my blog.  As I read the many blogs I follow it seems most of them have a focus, mine doesn't. 
Someone may ask me what my blog is about and I faulter, shuffle my feet and try to come up with, "uh, uh, well, it's about, uh, me, my thoughts, what happens to me, uh, yeah."    I am at a loss as to the focus of which I write here.  What I am NOT is:  mommy blogger, food blogger (although sometimes I will post food stuff), computer blogger, photography blogger (again sometimes), writing blogger (although I consider myself a writer), book review blogger, review blogger, business blogger, health blogger, family blogger, education blogger, entertainment blogger, gardening blogger, pet blogger, restaurant blogger, etc...  But wait, the more I think about it I could be all of these things.  I do write, I do take photos (and paint them), I am a mommy although they are grown.  I think maybe I am all of these things and much, much more.  There is just not a category for me.  I think I would be lopped into the personal blogger category, but what does that mean.  Do I really have a focus or am I truly Jill of All Trades a mish-mash of all that rattles around in my melon.  I think so.  What do you think?  Do you have a focus?  Is it a little confusing for you too?  See this is just what goes on upstairs when I have free time. 

Monday, July 05, 2010

Aluminum Boat and Lightening

Another ride on the pontoon boat.  Here are the facts:

  • 2 pontoon boats
  • Beer, lots of beer
  • long ride to see fireworks on the water
  • 8 young adults that have already spent the day in the water with said beer
  • 9 adults, tired adults
  • "Storm is approaching," the lake patrol said, "keep watch for lightening cause you're in an aluminum boat."
  • Beautiful fireworks
  • Dead boat battery after the fireworks show with impending lightening
Need I say more!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

My 4th of July in Review

Last night was the 4th of July fireworks show here at our getaway from the world. Thank goodness all The Hubby has to do is hand over a check and coordinate. I told him that he needs to not do it anymore as he is tired of the responsibility. He agrees and hopefully we won't even have to be here next year. I am not happy with all the people and craziness that goes with it all. Thankfully the rain kept it to a minimum.
Today the purple hull peas I shelled on Friday night are slowly simmering on the stove with a little bacon fat, onion and jalepeno salt.  It should be yummy with the smoked pork tenderloin The Hubby is preparing and our fresh tomatoes that I picked as soon as we arrived. 
Yesterday this is where my bootie plopped itself down and spent the entire day while it rained and rained. 
My view was just awesome as I finished Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich and started Eat, Love, Pray and journaled in my hand written journal.
This morning I was up early with a sleep-in kind of headache but a good strong cup of coffee helped to make it vanish.  I journaled some more, read and showered.  Then I felt the need to take a golf cart ride around the grounds to see if any of the fireworks debris was still around.  Someone got up very, very early and cleaned up all the mess.  Down by the boat ramp I found two pontoon boats ready for the water.  I've been on them before for sunset cruises and a couple of weekends ago an all day event.  They are ready and waiting for the next excursion and hopefully the rain will stay at bay.  A bunch is planning on going to Whitehorn Cove to watch their fireworks celebration tonight and having a cookout on the boat.  I plan on staying nice and comfy in front of my TV. 
More sights on my early morning golf cart ride.  I like this picture and may try to incorporate it into a painting.
Poor little Clayton watching me take off in the golf cart.  He so loves to ride and have The Hubby, his best bud, take him to the meadow to run till his hearts content.  The little guy has a problem though as he over heats very quickly.  On Friday evening The Hubby took him on a run and they found a part of the creek to stand in the cool running water.  He laid down in it and loved the rush of coolness on his overheated belly.  I so love this little guy and had no idea how much he would enrich our lives (I probably said this before). 

I almost forgot to say something about this...

Remember  I wrote in May about the prothonotary warbler that had nested in our nest on the porch, well we got so lucky on Friday evening to see the two babies peak their heads out and fly.  Oh my goodness it was so awesome to see that.  Hopefully the little couple will hatch another brood before the summer is over.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Blog Anniversary Giveaway Winner

It wasn't a scientific drawing but I did draw out of the hat and the winner is Janie B at Life Not Wasted or Lost .  Congrats my dear and thank you.