Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Orange Building

The Orange Building is back.  Wait, I think the last one was The Green Building, but they accomplish the same thing.  They let the many workmen have a place to go that is not in a corner of my backyard!

Construction is on going and little Clayton's yard is a rock mess.  Doesn't seem to stop him much from enjoying the sun when he can. 

It is truly a mess and as of today has a lot of very, very deep holes for the new footings.  Clayton took off like he does after rabbits and I was screaming at him because he was heading for one of the very deep holes.  My mind was seeing him falling and breaking a leg but he jumped and cleared it and was after that darned rabbit.  He's usually very clutzy. 

While enjoying what's left of our backyard Monday I decided to soak my feet while I finished that book. 

Today I did my own jumping a few holes to see what my little garden held.  Look what I have been overlooking, that HUGE cucumber.   There were more tomatoes and I stole a few potatoes for our dinner.

Some of the onions that just needed to be picked, hanging to dry. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have finally finished that darn book "Fifty Shades of Grey" and I can tell you I and thrilled to be done with the thing.  I was not happy to find that it continued to the next book which I SHALL NOT read.  Hated that book, really.  I've gone on about it enough and so this will be the end.

Now on to some better books I've read this year.  Some authors I have discovered is Kristen Hannah and Elin Hilderbrand.  Really like their stuff.  They have depth of characters and they have a good story line most of the time.  Two of my favorites of Kristen's was Winter Garden and Night Road.  Stories that kept me captivated and made me shed a few tears.

Now Elin Hilderbrand I love because she writes great stories and they are usually in Nantucket on a beach and I LOVE the beach.  They are great summer reads.  A Summer Affair was kind of unusual but I liked it.  the main character had an affair and I'm not sure I have read a book like that, really.

Just some summer reads I thought you might be interested in.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Minding My Own "Business"

Minding my own business, when we get a phone call from an old customer who insists that we find an invoice for him from 1991.  WHAT!  First I wasn't at the office when the call came in so this is what I have to deal with when I go back into the office.  Second, we have records, online records from 1999, before that it was strictly all handwritten by my itty-bitty hands.  Those records probably don't exist anymore, I think they have been shredded.  If they are still in storage they are upstairs in mouse and silverfish laden boxes that I DON'T want to go through.  I mean really, 21 years later he wants us to track down an invoice.  The Hubby may have to shut this guy down.  Can you tell I'm a bit agitated!  Common sense tells you that a company will not have a hard copy invoice from 21 years ago, am I right!


Fantabulous to watch.  Hampton on So You Think You Can Dance.  Must watch the whole thing.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.  Today is the day everyone puts a flag on their porch and remembers those they have lost, whether it be from natural causes, murder, or war, it is a day to honor and remember. Many will visit a cemetery to place a flag or flowers, I am not one of those.  I know for a fact that my father will be there to visit momma's grave and his parents and brother.  It gives him comfort.  I can not go to a mound of dirt and cry, like he will do.  I just can't do that.  My mother is not in that box deteriorating, covered with tons of dirt, while people walk and mow over it.  My momma is here, in my heart, in my memories, safe with me.  Her physical body may lie there but that was a shell, she is out there in the universe.  

I will remember and honor all those that have been here before me but I will not mourn over a piece of dirt.  That is why I want to be cremated and scattered over the land of northeast Oklahoma.  Please don't get stuck in a moment of time over me.  Move on with life and LIVE.  Never forget, honor and learn from the lives they have lived before us.  Their lives are a book of learning we need to savor.  Each day is a page in their book of life, remember and honor.  

Those that have made an impact on my life I will always remember.
Granny and Granddaddy

Grandpa and Grandma

Uncle Wayne

Greatgranny and Greatgranddaddy


Uncle George

Jean Ann

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Colon Health

Relaxing at the cabin this weekend.  Should be pretty quiet as several cabinites are in different places than our little Eden.  B&B2 are coming up today, just for the night and we're having a few over for ribs and pork tender.  Very, very low key and laid back is my plan and my usual thang!  I actually slept in this morning, well, except for getting up at 4:30 to feed Clayton and potty him.  I was back to bed in a flash and did not open my eyes until 9:30AM!!!!!  Unheard of for me anymore.  It felt glorious.  The only hitch of this weekend is I suspicion that I have a UTI starting.  That is not good.  Good thing I'm going for a physical on Thursday.  I've put out an SOS to B for some cranberry juice and see if I head this thing off at the pass.  
A bit blurry but they are all filled and waiting, the dinner bell has been rung!
Finally out of bed, I made my way to the coffee pot that has been brewing since 7:30...oooo, chewy coffee!  That's fine I just added a bit of milk and sweetener and I'm happy (I've given up my creamers.)  On that note, I went to my very first reflexology consultation on Thursday.  Widipedia doesn't give it a glowing review as to effectiveness but that is fine, it's massage and that is what I am all about, especially my feet!  The consultation was also on nutrition and wellness.  I am officially going to start a colon cleanse diet in a couple of weeks.  I have had some issues for several years, and yes I have had a colonoscopy, but still issues.  I have done a bit of research and the reflexologist is doing one that is not to weird.  It's mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with little cooking, brown rice, whole grains, etc.  Really, I do that a lot anyway but I'm going to follow the program for 21 days and hopefully I will feel better with getting the benefit of cleansing my system and jump starting the weight loss, although that is not what the guy is about, he is about a healthy body and me too.  

Sun Tea

Friday, May 25, 2012

Construction...Yet Again

Yes, today we are supposed to start construction yet again on the house.  Do you think we are crazy?  That may well be, but we love doing this kind of stuff.  
Today the demolition of this area is supposed to start.  We are going to build an outdoor kitchen, patio, new roof line here and possibly french doors to the right of this picture, where there are windows in the living room.   
The obvious limb missing from the wonderful oak tree had to be taken off because of a couple of reasons.  First, it was severely damaged from the ice storm a few years ago.  We tried to save it with some bolts but it was not going to survive and was still splitting.  Second, because it was so huge and hung directly over the house it had to go.  It was not going to survive it's injury or the construction.  Poor tree has had a rough time from the local electric company chopped the other side away from the electrical lines and the ice storm.  Now construction, we pray it is safe.  In fact, that is part of the plan with the contractor to be extremely careful to not even get close to any roots and to go around if encountered at all costs.  

Here I found an inside picture before we finished the inside remodel.  Those windows will be made into french doors, possibly and that small door, that is useless and never opened will be walled up.  

Also, this early morning I quickly took a look at the garden to see if anything needed picking and look what I spied, RED, red tomatoes.  I was so excited!  I've already picked cucumbers, onions and green peppers but tomatoes, these are the first.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Again I am faced with a blank "canvas" here this morning.  At least I am feeling a bit better today.  The past few days I've been in my "box", hormonal, and not wanting to be a part of the human species.  Even though I'm through with that part of my life the hormones are still bouncing around inside me and make me a bit crazy occasionally.  Today, even though I woke up yet again at 3 am, I am just in a better place mentally.  Could be because I got to paint a bit more yesterday, fixing some stuff on actual canvas I messed up.  Gearing up for the weekend at the cabin and I can't wait.  B&B2 are bringing a friend and should be nice.  I invited Daddy but he wasn't too keen on a holiday weekend, too many kiddos and people.  That's fine because he will enjoy his new driveway he had put in this week.  Imagine my surprise Monday morning as I went to see him and find all kinds of workers digging up the old one in preparation for new.  I had to go by yesterday to see how it looks.  He is pleased as punch with it and I'm glad for him.  He's doing well I think.  He has a little garden, his new driveway and man that guy can cook an egg.  While there yesterday he asked if I wanted an egg for breakfast, I hesitated but said yes.  Good choice.  He cooks the best over-easy eggs ever.  He eat well.

Okay, I guess I managed to put some words down here this morning.  I don't want to miss another day on my mission to post everyday this year.  I think this is only the second time I've skipped a day so not bad.  Now it is off to the office and later today my first reflexology visit!  I'm excited.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Being a bit nostalgic today and thinking about our transformation.  It's not our anniversary, that is January and it has been 36 years.  

Just curious about the wrinkle factor and the scale....hmmmm. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yesterday did you miss me?  I was missing for sure.  Just couldn't get my mind to write a blog post.  I had to work in the office and had a bit to do so that kept my mind occupied.  I think my mind is elsewhere.  The cabin is my suspect.  Also, our sweet Af went back to California and it is a bit quiet here.  She is a wonderful creative force that I enjoy.  Last night we went to the Designer Showcase house to a private gathering with friends that I just love.  It was fun but dinner consisted of the small appetizer stuff, mostly veggies (broccoli) and a beef tenderloin.  I'm not sure what it was but my tummy was in a whirlwind most of the night.  I don't know if it was not enough food or just weird but I was uncomfortable most of the night.  Plus my left hand is giving me fits of pain.  I have carpel tunnel in both of them and they are always numb or tingling at night but the left hurt in the joint.  I've had it checked out and they said it was the carpel tunnel.  I guess I need to start wearing the braces again, which I hate.  So tummy rumbling, wrist aching, nose stopped up from allergies, I didn't sleep worth a darn.  I hated to call Wade to say I wasn't coming to workout but I was just done in.  I wouldn't even leave the house today except I have a teeth cleaning today at three and I've already rescheduled this one.  Feeling like I kind of want to be alone, and that is purely from lack of sleep I can tell you.  Gosh, and the dreams I've been having, dreams, dreams, dreams, they wear me out.  This morning I'm working on a bit of painting.  That seems to keep me even keel.  Quiet time with an easel, just what the doctor ordered.  So to keep with the NaBloPoMo theme of play, I'm playing in paint today!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Our girl performing at The Hunt Club in Tulsa this past week!  We are so very proud of her.  Makes me get teary eyed to hear her sing and makes me think of my momma.  She would have loved this.  (Please the horrible recording as I was holding the little FLIP recording device.)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Crying Dog

I have been up since 3 AM this morning.  I went to bed at a little after 10 and for some reason was jolted awake at 3.  Sometimes that happens and I can't explain it.  I suspect that it was the sound of Clayton crying.  A has been home for a week and this morning will head back to California, her other home.  She went out late last night to see an old friend that had just got to town and I knew she would be in late.  When my startled awakening happened, the living room lights were still on and I was concerned that A was still out and I know she has a very early flight.  Well, those thoughts only pushed the awake button in me and I just had to get up to investigate.  The first thing I noticed was the bedroom door closed.  Whew, that meant she was home and in bed.  That was a relief, so I went to the living room and turned off the lights and shuffled back to bed with the intention of falling asleep again.  No sooner did my head hit the pillow than I thought I heard Clayton.  Wait, I remember, he was asleep in his little bed, not with us.  Well, then I got concerned that he was having a dream or was in pain or something.  I again got up and looked in his bed, nothing.  He was not there.  Hmmm, well, I guessed he was in bed with us and I just couldn't find him in the dark.  Back to my pillow and there it was again, the whine.  I got up, closed the bedroom door, turned on the hall light and opened the guest bedroom door.  There was Clayton laying on A's bed crying.  He wanted us, our bed, his usual resting spot at night.  She must have taken him to bed with her when she came in.  I know what he was crying about though.  That little guy loves to sleep under the covers and when he can't get under the covers he cries, he's cold.  That is exactly what he did when I put him on our bed.  He burrowed under his little blanket and drifted right off to sleep.  Do you think he's spoiled!  Now I'm left with being AWAKE at 4:23 AM writing a blog post.  Something is very wrong with this picture here!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fortune Cookie Friday

Today at lunch The Hubby and I had lunch at the usual hangout, Bangkok, finished off the meal with our standard fortune cookies.

My fortune:  A new pair of shoes will do you a world of good!

The Hubby:  An unexpected payment is coming your way!

Well, most ladies would identify with my fortune but I hate shoes and hate it worse if I have to shop for them.

The Hubby's is wonderful and we would love that unexpected payment!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am finally posting today even though I have absolutely NOTHING to say.  It's funny, I just look at this computer screen and see blank.  My brain is blank.  I think it's because I am tired.  Afton has been home since last Sunday and we were up late when she came in.  Tuesday night I couldn't sleep and got up with her for a few hours to just chat.  Loved that.  Then last night was her show at The Hunt Club and it didn't even start till after 9:30.  YAWN.  Maybe that could explain the blankness that is in my mind.  So, I'm posting to just say HI and goodnight.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something more profound to say.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Chicks

This week our youngest, Afton, has flown into town to hang with us, sing a bit, and have a bit of vacation.  It has been nice to see her again and have her hug my neck.  It's hard when your baby lives so far away but that is how the little chicks leave the nest and you have to get used to it.  She is happy!  Hey, I'm happy for her.  I'm happy for both of my girls.  Their lives are moving forward and it is nice.  Tonight we're having a family dinner.  Afton's favorite meal is stuffed peppers, along with her father and I believe her sis.  So, I'm making stuffed peppers tonight. 

Last night I was so tired.  The night before, we went to see Fiddler on the Roof at the PAC and it was nearly three hours of music.  Right about the time it was done, Afton's flight was landing in Tulsa and her sis was picking her up to deliver to our house.  Af was excited to be home, and chatty, which I didn't mind, but it also meant bedtime was much, much later than I am used too.  So last night I was ready to hit the hay early.  I slept for about three hours and then just woke up.  DRAT!  The clock said 1:05 a.m.  I tossed and turned for about 30 minutes and then I heard Afton get up.  Oh well, up I got too.  We sat up and chatted for about an hour and then I headed back to bed around 3 a.m. knowing full well that the stupid alarm would be chiming at 4:50 a.m. was certainly early, yet here I sit.  I thought about going back to bed but have decided to blog and paint this morning and do a bit of cleaning.   

Monday, May 14, 2012

Back To Work

The staycation is over and it is back to the ole' grind.  It has been a very productive week for me with the painting and planting going on at the cabin.  I'm rested and it will come in handy as Afton arrived back in town for the week.  She is a wonderful whirlwind to have around and I'm going to enjoy every minute of her visit.  She is going to perform this Wednesday night at the downtown club in Tulsa called The Hunt Club so if you wish to see her live doing her own music and some cover tunes, and maybe ME, come on down. It will be her only show in town before she heads back home (her other home).  

Parting shots of sweet Clayton on Saturday.  He was definitely feeling much better after his harrowing day at the creek.
Yes, his wounds have almost completely healed and spending the day rolling around in the sun has helped. 
Aww, the healing powers of mother nature. 

Happy Monday morning to everyone!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

To my sweet Momma...I miss her every single day. 
Wasn't she a beauty...and oh so scary skinny. 
It's called the honeymoon! 
See what's in her is what contributed to her death! 

My dancing Momma! 

Love you!