Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thanksgiving Before and After

I've sat down to try and write this blog post a few times but life has been so busy, that has not happened.  Of course some of my time has been spent with Snicklefritz and that's ALWAYS a joy.
May have to paint this little princess!

Ever on the hunt for the next painting...

This is a guy I went to high school with, Matt.  He was Mr. Football in high school (45 years ago) but now is a rancher/cowboy, living his life's dream.  It has been a hard life for him but he got to fulfill that dream.  The last time he was in town I snapped this wonderful photo of him with the plan to paint.  Since I'm wanting to step off more into the portrait world, well, here we go.

Today, I plan on adding to it, especially his mustache!

In the meantime we had a bit of snow a few weeks ago and Mrs. Robin was huddled outside the bathroom window trying to keep warm.

I think this might be a nice painting...

Thanksgiving was wonderful with a houseful of about 26 family and friends.  I cooked 33 pounds of turkey and it was quite yummy but I knew that the next day was looming.  Yes, it was prep time for our HUGE Christmas party.  
Every few years we host a gigantic Christmas party and The Hubby wanted to do it this year.  Okay.  Anyway, with Thanksgiving so quick and December right there too, I just flat forgot to order the invitations and had to do a Facebook invite.  I did order the invites but stupid me reordered from a place that I had not used in 12 years, a house ago and good grief, the invites went to our old house.  I wasn't able to get hold of the people there until THEY contacted me this week.  I had to reorder them.  All's good, and we will have about 75 people here on Saturday night.
Food is ordered and will be delivered.  We hire wait staff, which I found out a few years ago is the ONLY way to host such a party!  

Christmas decorations went up, presents have been wrapped, the table has been set up...PARTY ON DUDE!

Merry Christmas

(Oh, and I tweeked my back yesterday...yes, that may be a problem!)