Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Award, I'm blushing,- Premio Dardos Award...#499 Post

Another award. Yes today I have been blessed with another award from a dear fellow blogger, Peggy at Musings of Meggie. I am honored. Thank you Peggy.

Premio Dardos Award

Here is the official text that accompanies this award.

"This award acknowledges the values that every Blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write. Awards like this have been created with the intention of promoting community among Bloggers. It's away to show appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web"

Now I am supposed to select 15 other fellow bloggers to pass this award too and contact them. 15 might be a stretch but here it goes...These are a few of the blogs I visit every single day and look forward to reading or just looking.

  1. K at Mommadosey
  2. Kim at Parachuting Without A Net sorry Kim, I'm hitting you twice in as many days but this one is definitely for YOU!
  3. Tasha at Tasha Does Tulsa
  4. Trixie at Trixie's Home
  5. Nicole at Year of Change 2009
  6. Heather at Audrey Eclectic
  7. Country Girl at Chronicles of a Country Girl
  8. Tia at Clever Girl Goes Blog
  9. Rac at Ella Drew
  10. Becky at My Life As It Should Be
  11. Ruth at synch-ro-ni-zing (I'm a new reader but love it)
  12. Debbie at Suburb Sanity
  13. Deb at Rain or Shine
  14. Afton at Me'n Afton
  15. Briana at Sheezkrafty

Okay, now the last two are my girls but I am very proud of them too.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Honest Scrap Award...I am honored.

Thank you so very much Becky. I'm honored and it is my first award! Not sure what to do but will try. I'm kind of an open book so we'll see how this goes.

Now...Honest (S)crap...

  1. I always put my left shoe on first. Not sure why but I am a smidgen superstitious.
  2. I love watching Charmed and can't hardly make it through a day without at least trying to watch (It's on 4 times a day. M-F). I've seen the episodes so many times I could probably recite the lines word for word.
  3. I own all seasons/episodes of Charmed, The Waltons, I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show.
  4. I'm the worst procrastinator there ever was. If you saw my "room" you would truly understand.
  5. I want in the worst way to be published but even more to get paid for it.
  6. I have a mad crush on Chris Botti, Brad Pitt and Tom Pelphrey.
  7. I want, REALLY bad to be a BAD girl. Not bad wise but just once I would like to buck the system instead of always being "Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes" like my brother and sister always called me. (NEVER GOT INTO TROUBLE-NEVER)
  8. I have to pluck chin hairs nearly every day to keep them at bay.
  9. I have a pen pal that I have written to for over 38 years and have never met him.
  10. I love fresh sliced tomatoes, Miracle Whip and peanut butter sandwiches.

Okay now I have to nominate a few of my fellow bloggers so try to find 10 juicy honest things about yourself to share and I'm sure they will be much better than mine. Now, I don't usually do this kind of thing but if you are so inclined to pass it along then great if you don't want to then great. Here are my 6 nominated blog friends!

Slip, Sliding Away

Wow, yesterday I decided it was time to get my little red car out of the garage, down the drive and off to the office. I waited around till about noon then piled into my car. The garage door open, my car idling I put the thing into park. Looking into the rear view mirror I saw that my paper was still in our sloping driveway, so I slowly started down the drive, grinding to a stop to open my door and grab the paper. You see, my car is a sports car so I am VERY low to the ground. I punched the button to put the door down, closed my door, slipped on the seat belt and was ready to back out the rest of the way. Well, I was stuck, even on a stupid incline. I tried to put it in drive then in reverse a few times and I ended up sideways in the drive. That is no problem as my car is tiny. I could probably put it sideways in my garage it is so tiny. I thought I would just go with what it was trying to do since I knew I might end up forwards. Just as I got it to the point I could move again, after a lot of spinning and noise, I saw the neighbor from across the street, a senior in high school, had just pulled to the curb of his house. I put my car in drive and as I passed his car, he was sitting behind his steering wheel with his mouth hanging open,I just smiled, waved and moved on.

I drive effortlessly to the office and pulled up out front. Another slight incline, much smaller than the driveway was awaiting me. A delivery guy had just pulled up too as I parked in my usual spot. I put it in park and added the parking brake when I saw Joe, the delivery guy, was approaching my car. I hit the button to down my window and then realized I was sliding out into the street, with both breaks on! Wow! I got stopped and he just kind of grinned and told me that he left the delivery in the back. Window back up I took the car out of both parks and slid the rest of the way into the street and tried several times to get back up the parking. Finally, I parked in The Hubby's spot that had lots of pavement showing through and was able to stay put. Later in the day when The Hubby arrived he parked in my spot with his huge Avalanche truck. B and I were inside watching our security cameras and she commented that it looked like his truck was sliding. I really didn't notice it when all of a sudden she said, "OH MY GOD, IT'S SLIDING." It was totally out of the picture and had slid in to the street. I jumped up ran to The Hubby who was on a call trying to sell a generator and said, "I need your keys." Being the observant one that he is, he shrugged his shoulders like I was crazy. I said rather loudly, "Your truck slid down the drive." He jumped and wrangled his keys out of his pocket and I ran out to reposition his truck. I found some more pavement and made it stick that time.

Then came the end of the day and the trick to get into our garage. I knew that not enough of the stuff had melted and was just slush on the road which is a problem on it's own. One of the problems we are having right now is the cold is jacking with our garage door. It starts to open and then just sticks or goes back down. Not good when you are in a little car that needs momentum and I can't get out to help it up as I probably can't even walk up the drive. My first try of course the door did it's thing and I had to sit and open/close it a few times before it finally heaved up. I knew since I had to stop my run up the drive that I would not make it the first time, but I had to try. Of course there was a slide and a grind of my tires as I rolled out into the street. This time I was able to back into the different direction where there was a lot of dry pavement but the steepness of the drive just was not going to allow me up. I kept rolling backwards and going further down the street and hitting the gas to get a fast run up the hill. After the fifth try I was able to bully my way through the stuff ending up going into the other side, The Hubby's bay but since I had the little car I was able to back and forth in a small space to my side. WHEW! What a day and I really didn't do much. Today, it is just now a few minutes till 8 am and I'm still unshowered and in my jammies. I emailed B and told her that I would not be in until there was more sunshine. I was not about to have another repeat of yesterday morning. I have to do payroll this morning but the guys will just have to wait until after lunch! I'm already tired.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I start my day...(#496)

I start my day, rousing myself out of a nice comfortable bed to the sounds of The Hubby clinking his spoon in his oatmeal bowl and the History Channel blaring on the living room TV. I really don't mind. I usually I have to hit the bathroom so bad I can hardly walk. Plus, my carpel tunnel in my right hand has been driving me nuts all night long. It numbs and most of the time there is no pain. I guess I'm lucky there as most people have pain. Mine is from using the mouse all day yesterday playing ClubPOGO and crocheting a mountain of booties and baby blankets the last few months while watching TV.

Finally B will be in the office so I can at least have half a day here at home to work on my story and of course read some of my favorite blogs and post a new entry here. I pad off into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and grab my story notes but as I stroll by the sink full of last nights dishes I decide I had better clear it out first.So I rinse off the dirty again and load my cute little drawer dishwasher (I have two, one on top of the other).

That accomplished I proceed to make my yummy coffee. I have a hot water dispenser. When we remodeled the house that was the ONE thing I insisted on was a hot water dispenser for my hot tea and our Toddy Coffee concentrate. The sun is finally shining through my window and it rejuvenates me this morning. I can get so very depressed this time of year but if I stay really busy it will pass. With all this ice, sleet and snow I missed my writing group, bowling, and tonight three of my oldest friends and I were going out to dinner but we decided to postpone till next week. I told The Hubby last night that since we canceled that HE is taking me out tonight. I have cooked dinner or added a dish to a group effort (at the cabin) for two weeks now and I am tired of eating my own stuff. I want sushi and a cosmopolitan! I thought we were going to the cabin this weekend but I think we will stay in town and let him finish catching up on his invoicing (more work for me on Monday.) I need to go see my daddy's new bathroom remodel and emphasize how much WE have spent on Daddy's house to my brother and especially my sister. They are definitely not forking out any money to help him but we have several times and when it comes down to the wire of where we have to put him, she has already said he would live with her! I will take her up on that though. It's funny, she gripes about me all the time to my Daddy, saying she doesn't approve or like the way I do things, well, I know who's the favorite! The contractor stopped by the office yesterday and he said that The Hubby and I were the ones Daddy talked non-stop about, over and over again! I'm really just kidding about the gloating thing. We three, B, D and I have a good relationship with each other and with our father. There is a little tension sometimes but we ALWAYS let the love for each other rule all our decisions and we are very fair with each other, sometimes. We'll see at a later date that I don't want to discuss now.

Boy, did I get off the beaten path here. I was just going to blog about my rather boring life and here I go ranting about sibling stuff! Cheers to the day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I really should be writing...


Ingredients: These can be added to or left out depending on your taste.

Cabbage, leeks, tomato soup, celery, onion, green-red-or yellow peppers, garlic, yellow and/or zucchini squash, carrots, green beans, canned tomatoes, chicken or veggie stock, jalapeno salt, salt and pepper, veggie bouillon, olive oil, bacon drippings only if you want for a little flavor, and bay leaves.

I saute the cabbabe, leeks, onions, peppers and any of the other veggies I want. I use olive oil but sometimes add 2 tsp to 1 tbls of bacon drippings for a little flavor. You really don't have to saute the veggies but I like the flavor and the smell in the house is awesome.

Let is simmer for an hour or two and I serve with grilled cheese sandwiches. Great on this icy cold day. Enjoy. I'm actually taking part of this to a friend who had hip replacement surgery last week.

Just thought I had the day off!

I just thought I had the day off, yet here I sit behind this desk. The sleet-ice-mess has hit! So far the phone has not started ringing off the wall like last year with the ice storm. The news said that there were over 600 AEP-PSO customers without power but so far not our customers! The Hubby called most of the employees and told them to stay home, including B&B2. When I realized The Hubby was getting ready this morning I jumped out of bed and threw clothes on, without the luxury of a shower to come into the shop. The Hubby was already out of the shower and half-way dressed and I knew he would need assistance at the office so here I am stinky and ready for action. Pen poised at the ready!!! The drive in this morning was kind of eerie. The roads didn't have any marks to let you know you were in the lane. They were white with the sleet that covered the layer of ice. Our tires crunched all the way here, passing just a few other brave souls out on the roads. Actually, when I had to get out to walk inside my UGGs handled the walk well. The sleet topping made for a little traction so I had no fear of falling. I've read my paper, done the crossword, the Sudoku, sent out an email generator quote, paid a few bills and now I'm blogging. Yesterday I was so bored before I left to doodling on the notebook I brought. Wish I had brought my drawing tablet but didn't and didn't think about it today...

Monday, January 26, 2009

My kiddo's video...

Check out my youngest in her fledgling career with her friend.
and their blog...


Brrrrrr.......the sleet, ice and cold are here. I can see on my shop cameras that I watch the front door with, an icy film buildup beginning. I bet my car is iced up...Wait a minute I think I'll pull it in the shop real quick............................................okay back.....BRRRRRRRR

I'm the only one in the office today as B is teaching today. I've gotten a lot of stuff accomplished. It is a typical Monday and The Hubby is on a dead run most of the day. He flies in and flies out in a matter of minutes every little bit or so checking jobs, meeting with customers or "putting out fires" as he says. The phone is ringing a bit because with the weathermen is preaching gloom and doom on the weather front and people are getting scared. It is almost a repeat of last year with the power outage and although it hasn't happened yet, people are in panic mode. Again, I have to go through the spiel that we only sell natural gas or propane standby generators, not the gasoline or diesel portable generators. And we do not have them in stock or on our premises. We have to order them and it could take weeks to months to get them. We sell and install generators for entire homes or businesses, and they are not a cheap fix. We do not sell generator parts nor do we work on portable generators. Oh, it is never ending, the phone calls.

This weekend at the cabin was cold with lots of wine consumption and huge wood fires. We had dinner at Harri and Jimbo's on Friday night then dinner at P-T's on Saturday. Really, even though we had two dinner engagements it was rather low key. Friday, as I said before was our anniversary but we celebrated Thursday night by ourselves and with friends on Friday. We probably would have stayed in town but The Hubby had a board meeting the next morning early there. Saturday I got some drawing done, a baby bootie crocheted (I only did one as I didn't like the pattern), started a story, and finished reading New Moon that I've been working on for two months. I really felt I got a lot done. Tonight is supposed to be a writers group but I don't believe I will go in light of the impending ice rink that is predicted. I've already called my personal trainer and told him I would not be sliding in at 6:30 on Tuesday either. In fact, tomorrow will be really nice. I can sleep in and maybe get a lot done in my new story I've started. I'm kind of excited and feel like I can do it. I also have a painting class at 1 tomorrow but if it is still slick there is no way I'll take my little red car out to be crunched.

I think my Daddy's bathroom is almost done. The workmen are probably finishing up today with setting the sink and finishing out the closet wall with new sheetrock. Now we need to tackle the carpet in the house. It is only 40 years old! Yup, I remember when we had it installed, I was in grade school. It has been through three kids and our friends, my daddy's machine shop shoes and numerous animals. The animals are the worst problem. When they had their little dog Cleo, she had lost all sense of potty outdoors not inside and one area of the rug is NASTY. It would be a huge undertaking getting that old carpet out and possibly new in. The Hubby is a great lover of wood floors which is evident in both of our homes. I will always love carpet and so did my parents. Daddy's house used to have wonderful wood floors but I bet they are not the same any more, especially in that large round spot in the living room. The Hubby sent an email to Daddy suggesting that we maybe try to rip the carpet out of his computer room and then let him live with it for awhile and see how he likes it, maybe get some area rugs. I know Daddy won't go for it, I wouldn't really. Don't get me wrong I love my wood floors but I love carpet more. The Hubby won't do it anymore, especially if we entertain the idea of animals again. I can see how that can taint your love of them when we had 4 cats, a dog and a ferret. Oh well.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Anniversary and More

Today, The Hubby and I are celebrating 33 years of wedded bliss. Hmmm, bliss, let's think about that word. Yes, it has been bliss. We have had a few bumps in the road but really nothing to get all bent out of shape over. The moment I met The Hubby I knew he was special. We met 34 years ago March and we were together from the moment on. He has given me the life I never dreamed I would have. We have two beautiful girls, a fabulous home (actually 2), and a future. I love the way he tells a story and he still makes me smile. Oh, now don't get me wrong, he has habits that drive me CRAZY and I have heard his stories over and over again but, in the long run, he still makes me smile. I still crave being near him and cuddling in the night. So to The Hubby, Happy Anniversary my love.

Now for the More:

Yesterday The Hubby had to take a crew up to the cabin community to work on a customers generator installation. He was there early, about 9 am and planned to catch my Daddy who was staying there during his bathroom updating. He got the crew working and went to check on Daddy, well, Daddy had already left. Damn it! The bathroom remodel was probably going to be another day as they found yet another major leak to go along with the rotted out drain, and the plumber was a day late in making an appearance. So last night I guess Daddy had to use the, uh, great outdoors and for the rest, my mother's potty chair in the garage. YUCK, you say but it is the truth, I won't lie and it is life. I'm anxious to see what is going on there today. I hope to get out of here quick this morning and go to the office for a little work, lunch at Bangkok, check out the remodel, grocery store and then hit the road to the cabin. Whew another day in my life!

May be out of communication for a few days but I need to have some quiet time to write something for the writers group on Monday and I am sadly lacking in subject matter in my brain. I also need to get some canvas ready for art class on Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2008 Okie Blog Awards

2008 Okie Blog Awards are here so get to voting. I may not have been nominated but someone very dear to me has been's my girl B so check her out and vote for her.

And It's Only Wednesday

First I have to address a couple of the comments on my previous post...THANK YOU who said I must only be in my 40's! OH GOSH! You made my day. I'm actually 52 (53 in June)! Also, yes Daddy is only 73 but he acts like he's 90 so he kind of skews the image we have of him. Again, thank you ladies (I bow to you).

Now on to my week. Boy what a week I'm having. It is busy, busy, busy and it is only Wednesday. This morning I lounged around reading my paper, doing the crossword and Sudoku till I remembered at 7:30 that B started teaching her class today so I bolted for the shower and was out of the house with makeup, hair sort of done and my coffee in hand by 8:15. Whew! Thank goodness we have an answering service so we don't miss calls.

Yesterday I arrived at Daddy's house about 9:30 to find the workers trying to get his water shut off so they could address the water problem. When I looked into the closet behind the tub there was mold and wetness, icky, everywhere. Daddy was not too concerned as he was anxious to get on the road to the cabin so we were off by 9:45. My stomach was in knots watching him drive behind me in his little Honda car, but he did good. I could see his face in the rear view mirror sometimes with a squished worried look. I had to quit looking. We arrived and the first thing he said was, "I don't remember all those turns. I hope I can find my way out to drive home." Oh my, way to unknot my stomach Dad! I got him all settled in and tried not to worry about the stairs and his bringing the cane as hip is really bothering him. I got the golf cart out and ready with fishing poles on top. We took his groceries inside and then I showed him how to operate the oven for his TV dinners. He even brought coffee. I told him I had everything he would need but he forgot I guess. Funny. He even brought up his laptop thinking we had the Internet but I had to explain that if he wanted to get on the Internet he would have to take his laptop to the neighbors deck and then get the other neighbors feed. That would mean sitting in the COLD! The other reason he brought it is because he is writing his memoirs! I am so proud of him. I read the first two paragraphs and told him that I had no idea. I guess my writing talk is rubbing off on him. I then showed him the TV and explained that we have no cable but have the basic analog/UHF channels (we have got to get a digital box soon.) The only thing is the one channel we both watch on a regular basis is channel 6, our CBS soaps, and that one has already gone digital and you can't get it there. He was a little bummed. I don't want cable or satellite as I am a huge TV-holic and would not get a book read or a story written. I finally got him all settled in with towel, soap, bed, food, heat and phone numbers for the neighbors and then I hit the road for my art class. I was not about to miss it.

I didn't put any paint to canvas yesterday as we learned how to draw babies (birth to 5 years) faces. I really enjoyed the exercise and am going to get more out of this class than just painting. Here are a few of my doodles from class and a preliminary drawing of the painting I plan on doing (previous couple of posts for image).

They kind of look like aliens. I have to work more on eyes. Next week we will do adult faces. Hmmm, these look like adult faces. I have to work on baby faces....HAHAHAHAHA

The fan is not cocked just right so need more work on it but I love just drawing. It took me a whole other place.

Tonight is bowling, tomorrow is absolutely nothing except for workout...wait, I forgot Daddy is to be driving home. Knot, knot, knot...Could be he needs to stay another day. I now wait to hear the latest from the remodeler and the plumber.

Friday is our anniversary, 33 years. I don't think we will do anything except go the cabin and spend quality time with our lake friends. Sounds like a good anniversary doesn't it. Probably not to The Hubby but what do you do. He has board meeting there early Saturday morning. Maybe I'll cook him some homemade spaghetti like the very first meal I prepared for him when were dating! Everyone now....AWWWWW!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day and our yeah my life!

Today the world is a buzz with the anticipation of a new era as our country takes a huge step in our history. The vibrating is almost palpable when you step out the front door. Amazing.

This morning after going to the personal trainer I will rush home, take a shower, hurriedly slap on some makeup, blow the water out of my hair and hit the road. I'm taking Daddy, or rather he is following me in his car to our cabin to stay a few days while his bathroom is getting a new floor. We actually replaced the floor last year when the sweat from the toilet completely made the floor soggy. When you sat to do your business it listed to the side and you had the feeling of falling in the crawl space. Now he has a leak around the bath tub that has buckled the floor to the point you can't close the closet door. The Hubby seems to think there is no leak, that when he showers he lets the water run around the shower curtain and that is why the floor is bubbled up three inches in the air. I think he has a leak in the plumbing as there is mold in the closet on the wall where the pipes are. Today, when Rick our remodeler gets in to the problem, we'll find out who is right. My Daddy is not a total idiot, he knows how to take a shower without letting water get all over the floor, for God's sake we can all still hear my mother's yelling at us when we let it happen. I also went with Rick to pick out a new ceramic tile for the floor. Yes, we are doing it right and while were at it I would like to do part of the wall but we'll see. If I win this little argument he gets a new wall, if The Hubby wins, well same o, same o!

Last night I had my writers group. I didn't think I would go since I would be there empty handed but I made myself go. If I start missing then I will make it a habit of not going and probably wouldn't go again. I listened and critiqued several readings. I was proud of myself for actually speaking up and having some worthwhile comments of the writing of the others. I'm nice but if I have a question or the flow is just a little wonky I will speak up, nicely. Even if I don't have a reading to share at least I can learn from the readings and critique of others.

Back to my Daddy and the drive. I offered to take my father to the cabin but he is insisting on following me there so he can remember the turns and all. My Daddy is 73 years old and he's pretty good mentally, really but I'm just so scared for him to be on the road. After Momma died he took off and drove to Arizona all by himself and that was only two and a half years ago so I should feel okay with this but... I want to him to have a nice time fishing and enjoying the scenery and maybe bonding with a few of the inhabitants of the gated community so I've emailed a few of them to keep an eye on him. His hip and knees sometimes give out and I live in absolute fear that he will fall down some of the stairs that are there. It's almost like having a teenager with a new drivers license getting on the road for the first time. (Oh and while on that little thought, my 16 year old niece had her first wreck last week. The car is hurt but she is okay. Funny my Sis didn't say anything about it. - Whole other issue!)

When I rush back to town after an hour drive there and hour back and probably a half hour of showing him the ropes I will hurry to my painting class that I DON'T want to miss. I worked a couple of hours yesterday drawing the picture I'm going to paint and I want to get started. I'll have pictures maybe tomorrow of the work so far.

Better run and get this day started...ready, set, GO..............................

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm a Good Daughter

We came home yesterday from the cabin so The Hubby could get some more office work done before the week started. He's behind in invoicing and can't seem to get caught up during the week when his cell phone and the office phone are constantly nagging him. I decided I would come home too and be supportive but I draw the line at going to the office on a Saturday or Sunday. I have enough down time there so that I can finish my work. Besides being a supportive wife I'm a good daugther. I had not been to see my Daddy since the first of the year so I planned on spending time with him today. Last week, Friday to be exact, he called my cell phone about 4pm, just as we were getting on the highway to the cabin to whine about being sick and nobody calling him or coming by. He just wanted to let someone know what was going on with him. I felt bad, because I had not called him but, I just didn't want to get depressed again as he is all the time about missing Momma. I'm there all the time too I don't need it double. He likes to play the pity card, A LOT. I'm working so hard to get out of the depression I have been in and I don't want to go there. I live a little farther away than my siblings but Bro rarely goes over or calls, mainly because Daddy harps on him to quit smoking. I want him to quit too but Bro doesn't want to hear it all the time. Now Sis, is over there all the time and takes him shopping to Lowe's and out to eat. Good for her, she's the good daughter then. Today I was. I went over there about 9am and spent hours just talking to him. We looked at his computer and I showed him on Facebook our daughter's singing videos. He talked about his finances and we watched women's International Pool championship and women's bowling. It was a nice morning. I needed to go and talk to him about his bathroom remodel. His bathroom has had a horrible leak for a bit that has buckled the floor and ruined the wall so we hired a guy to pretty much gut the thing and redo it but it means that his toilet will be pulled for 2 or 3 days. I wanted to offer him several options on what he would do without a bahtroom for that length of time.

His options were:
  1. Stay with us
  2. Stay with Sis
  3. Use a potty chair (deal with the, umm stuff someway)
  4. Go to our cabin

The option he jumped at....drumroll...Option #4. I knew it. My only fear and worry is that he will follow me up there and I will set him up and show him what to do. Then he will have to drive back by himself, find his way back. I so worry about him. He's 73 years old and in fairly good shape but I just worry. Sometimes his knees bother him and then when the hip gives way he teeters. We have a few steps and I just don't want him to fall going to the garage to get the golf cart out to go fishing. I would NEVER forgive myself if he fell. I just keep telling myself he will be fine, he will be fine. There are several people who live up there full time and are close to our place so I've alerted them. My little selfish delimma is that we would do the trip on Tuesday afternoon. That would mean I might possible miss my art class and I have just started. That alway gives me opportunities to not go back since I missed one and I just don't want to do that. I know, I know that is selfish but afterall, this is the year of Jill.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Early Weekend

Yesterday, Thursday I had the opportunity to do payroll early and come to the cabin for a girl’s weekend. It was a chance to be with some "new" friends like my therapist suggested. The Hubby was perfectly happy for me to come up here although I’m not I hear it in his voice for sure but that’s okay because I am here! We went to Sin’s cabin for one of her friend’s birthday celebration with a few other ladies and I had the best time. We ate cheese enchiladas, tortilla soup and taco salad and LOTS of champagne and wine. I brought my IPOD over as Sin’s had mostly country and they wanted to dance. I have over 6,500 songs on my IPOD and a lot of dance, sing-along and disco. We danced and laughed and had wonderful moments of woman bonding. I so needed this and I found some awesome women that I did not know and hope to know much better. Thank you Harri and Sin!
Also, last night when I finally rolled in to hit the hat about 11:30 there was a message from The Hubby. A, in California has found a car. When she was home for Christmas The Hubby and her went out car shopping to help her know what to look for in a new car. Hers is about crap out and I don’t want a call at 3 in the morning that she has broken down on a California freeway somewhere with us in Oklahoma. She found one last night and that meant we needed to do some shuffling of some money so she could write a check for it. So, this morning after breakfast, or should I say brunch, I hit the phone lines, land lines to The Hubby, A and the bank to get the money churning. Finally done I told A she needed to get the ball rolling for her insurance as she did not want to drive off the car lot and be hit because she would then be S.O.L. So now I’m getting calls from her while the insurance person is on the other line trying to get it all squared away. Oh, she also remembered she needed to finish her online traffic school class for a ticket she got. “Uh, Honey, you need to finish that BEFORE you talk insurance so the rates won’t be so very, very high.” “Huh,” she says. My heads is now hitting the table. Whew, grown kids. They will always be learning, I still am.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Painting We Will Go

Yesterday I started my painting class. It was AWESOME! There was a choice of charcoal, oils, acrylics or water colors. Charcoal or drawing is okay but I need color. Acrylics I've worked with before but they just dry too fast for me. Water colors, well they take a talent all their own to be able to work with them, they are a little unforgiving for me. So oils it was for me. I was nervous but so excited when I opened the front door and stepped in. There was no turning back now. A younger version of me might have not gone, would have stayed home and thought about going, but I walked through that door. The room was divided by a partition and the front half of the room was full of long tables where women were sitting and doing their art. The were laughing and chatting and having a grand time. I think that is the part of the room that is open 5 days a week all day long for you to just go and do your art. On one side table there were bottles of wine, hmmm, I may like this class. Looking back to the back part of the room there were easels and more ladies and one man. I took it that he was my instructor, Ross Myers. I apparently looked lost and kind of nodded in his direction with that look. He waved me back and that was that. I was taking my first class. He was warm and inviting along with another lady that was a student. In total there were 6 women, counting myself. One was doing water color and one was just drawing and the rest of us oils. The lady that was doing the drawing and myself were put aside to have some drawing instruction first, beginning stuff for the first hour. He told us that the class was equivalent to a college class. WHAT! That was great. I felt like I picked up the drawing stuff pretty quick, it all came back to me from junior high. Yes, the last time I really sat in an art class I was 14 years old. After an hour of general instruction I was sent to my easel to get stuff ready. We looked over some of the pictures I brought to paint and finally chose two to work with. We will start with this one:

Next, I have chosen this picture to work on:

The instructor roamed around the room spending time with each and every student helping them. I was given the task of mixing some paints for the background, a short lesson in what you mix to get what colors. That will take time. There was lady at the easel directly behind mine doing some sort of abstract art with oils. Not my favorite subject matter but each to their own. When he stopped to help her he directed some of his instruction to me too telling us how to paint with passion, like we really mean it. Abstract art you don't take the brush and make teensy little brush strokes, you kind of attack the canvas, mean it. I watched him put some stuff on her canvas and listened to him talk and I was almost brought to tears. Oh my God, I was so happy at that moment to be sitting in that chair getting ready to embark on a new adventure. To me this is an adventure. It was beautiful. These past two weeks have been fabulous for me. The writing and now the painting, I'm in heaven. Now if I can just get some stuff on paper and canvas I'll be even more happy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stupid Thieves

I thought I had written about another break-in but going back I guess I didn't. New Year's Day or a day or two after The Hubby went to the office to do a little office work. While there he heard a disturbance out front and went to investigate on the computer with our cameras. He discovered that it was just the neighborhood kids skate boarding on the parking. What he also discovered was that the back two cameras had been tilted upward, to the sky. He hurriedly went out back to find that the rail car containers that we use as storage sheds had been broken into. The fool proof locks had been absolutely broken in two. A little bit of copper wire was missing, a cement mixer (that belonged to one of our guys) and some junk was missing. The south gates were locked, at least they looked locked. The south gate had the padlock on it but was obviously broken also but reattached. He went to the master computer and found the day the thieves were there. They came during the day and scoped the place out and took a long piece of conduit and pushed the cameras up. Then they came back that night, broke the gate lock and the containers and stole from us. CRETANS! We have police reports, pictures of the vehicle and even pictures of the guys. This morning B was here and The Hubby had her print the pictures off for us to have for reference. She called me about 9:30 in a panic because she was here by herself and the red truck was back scoping the place out AGAIN! CRETANS!!!!! She was terrified. She said that The Hubby was in a meeting and had asked not to be disturbed. I told her to call our shop guy who was at our new building and that I would be on my way. I arrived and she had to leave for a meeting at her "other" job. Shortly after that our shop guy came in (she did not call him) and I told him what had transpired and showed him the pictures of the red truck. Later that night when they came back.

The shop guy took it all in and then had to leave to take some stuff to the new shop, in our truck that has a logo on it. As he was sitting at the stop light he noticed the truck turn and when the light changed he took off after it. It was the truck and when they saw him they took off like a shot. Now the numb nuts know we still have the idiots on camera. Absolute idiot stupid thieves. GET A JOB instead of stealing from hard working people! Can you tell I'm pretty pissed off right now!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slight correction

Slight correction about the previous post. So funny. It made me sound like I had a gigantic house with three fireplaces but I was remiss. We had a fire in the fireplace inside, one in a pot-bellied stove on the screened in porch and a huge one in the fire pit outside. The guys huddled around the one outside smoking cigars while we girls danced and stayed very warm around the one inside. It was an awesome party and I'm still receiving emails to that effect. YEAH!

This morning I roused myself out a nice warm bed and wonderful deep sleep to squeeze into the workout clothes and hit the Jazzercise floor. It was a good workout and I continued with my food plan today. I had my oatmeal for breakfast, a protein bar for snack, and Slim-Fast for Lunch. I meant to grab an orange juice for a mid-afternoon snack as I knew I would be running but of course forgot it. I was at the office after everyone left trying to spruce up a couple of chapters of a young adult novel I wrote several years ago. I needed to tweek it a bit to share at the writers group tonight. Rushing home I wolfed down some of the leftover veggie soup I made for the weekend party with a cheese sandwich and then I was out the door. I know it is not just real good but at least I ate fairly sensible for the day. Tomorrow is another day.

The writers group was awesome. I was ripped apart and I LOVED it. I needed to have the critique to make me grow as a writer. I know I am very lacking which is why I'm in the group and taking the writing classes in the next couple of months. It's kind of scary though with the published authors in the group, but I welcome the hits and will learn from it.

Now, tomorrow I begin my art-painting class. I finished getting the rest of my supplies today and was surprised that I had most of them anyway. I forgot that I had quite a stash at the cabin so I brought them home. Now I will need to decide what I am going to paint. The lady at the supply store told me that I would get to decide what I wanted to paint so I decided I would go through my photos. I've taken a lot of pictures that I have wanted to put on canvas, hopefully successfully. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Great Party

This weekend we hosted a fabulous chili supper for 22 or so friends at our cabin. It was a huge success with lots of wine, chili, veggie soup, laughter, and chatter around 3 fires. Unfortunately, I took my camera but forgot to get it out to capture the moment. One of the guests told me it was the best party I had thrown yet. I was surprised but welcomed the complement.

On Friday The Hubby and I packed up the truck with tons of food for the weekend and our bags and I thought were heading for the cabin. I was surprised when he said we would taking a little detour. We turned in Woodward Park and I was very curious what was going to happen. We parked, got out of the truck, but in his hand was a bag of peanuts. The Hubby started walking across the grass, looking back and waving for me to follow. We found a nice spot, sat down on the grass and began to open the peanuts. Not more than two minutes passed when they started coming. One in particular loved to sit on my leg while I would feed him shelled peanuts. Oh, I forgot to mention, we were feeding the squirrels of Woodward Park. I must say these little buggers were very fat, probably fat from the idiots like us feeding them bags of peanuts. It was fun, the weather was nice and it was a nice surprise from The Hubby.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Another Weekend

Another weekend is upon us and I have MOUNDS of stuff to do today, before noon. We are hosting a huge chili/soup dinner at the cabin with 20+ people in attendance. So today my list of stuff to do before we leave town is:

  1. Get out of bed 6 am (check)
  2. Read blogs 6:30 am (check)
  3. Post a blog entry 7 am or about (check)
  4. Pick up house so it can be cleaned by cleaning lady
  5. Shower
  6. Go to the office and do a little work
  7. Lunch at Bangkok (yummy) with The Hubby and maybe B
  8. Grocery store to buy all the ingredients for the chili and veggie soup

The top list needs to be done by about 1pm

  1. Drive to the cabin
  2. Unload the mountain of groceries
  3. Clean the cabin, dust, vacuum (move furniture to accomplish), clean toilets
  4. Fix something for dinner (probably a precooked grocery store chicken) and a bag-o-salad
  5. Have a huge glass of wine with Harri

The next day

  1. Start chopping
  2. Cook
  3. PARTY!!!!

Now, does this sound like a relaxing weekend? I hope so and I hope I can work on my story somewhere in there as I'm taking my laptop. Maybe I'll get a lot done this afternoon and can spend the morning writing. Mornings are the best time for me. My mind is whirring more than usual in the morning. The evenings my mind is just a lump inside of my skull just gurgling around being fed by television reality shows that murk up my thoughts. Egads! Toodles everyone, it is 7:20 and I've gotta get back on the schedule I've already fallen off of. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

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Yesterday I spent most of the day writing. B was ill so I had the office to myself to work on a short story. I went to the writing group on Monday night and my mind has been working on a story. I also went to the therapist on Monday and he suggested that since I want to write and having the issues about the death of Gail and my mom that I write about them. Well, after the group thing my mind went into over drive. Actually, Tuesday evening I started writing what was in my head about Momma. It's kind of weird but I think it might be a good exercise. I'm not sure I want to share it with the group but am toying with the idea of telling them it is fiction. The only person there that would know the truth is the moderator since I've know him for many years. I may post the story here after I'm done with it so watch for it.

Today is a me day again. When I finish this post I will be on the run most of the day. I have my personal trainer session then fly home for a quick shower. I won't have much time as I will have to rush off to get my hair de-grayed. Then it will be a speedy drive to the chiropractor (my carpel tunnel is driving me crazy) and then to my nail girl for a pedicure and manicure. Since I've cooked dinner every single day, well except yesterday, for the past two weeks I'm insisting The Hubby take me out. Not sure where I want to go, but it will be out. We are hosting a huge chili/soup supper this weekend at our cabin with about 16 invited so I will definitely be cooking this weekend.

Quick note: We started bowling again last night after the Christmas break and I was awesome. My average is 137 but I bowled a 169, 157 and 143! Whoopie! That was great.

Monday, January 05, 2009

My first writing group

I attended my first writing group tonight. I was scared to death. Luckily I knew the moderator very well and he eased my fears. They each took turns reading each others stories, screen plays or chapters out loud and mine was no exception as I bravely allowed someone to read my words. You know I have never let anyone read, out loud my stories and it was terrifying but a great learning experience. They of course critiqued it good and bad but were extremely nice and I left the evening feeling invigorated with writing again. I'm excited and have lots of stories and tales swimming around in my head. I will write more later on the experience but now I'm going to hit the hay. I just wanted to get a post in while it was fresh on my mind.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I must apologize

I must apologize for the guffaw that happened last night. I didn't drunk blog but I drunk twittered last night. Yes I did. The Hubby and I had a "really nice" evening last night. We enjoyed dinner and lots of wine and topped it off with a glass of Lemoncello. Well, that last glass was a little too much for me. Later, much later on in the evening I got on my laptop and hit Facebook and Twitter to drop a few badly typed "conversations." It was pretty funny but really not a good thing. At least this morning I don't have a headache. About 3 am, though I woke up with a start and ended up laying there until about 5 tossing and turning. I just could not go back to sleep. I was hot and my mind just would not shut down. I have a lot to think about. My mind is a scary place in the middle of the night...let's see how it went...

*I need to get my art supplies, wait I wonder where the supplies are that I had for the Philbrook painting class over 4 years ago. Maybe they're still at the cabin, no, did I bring them home. Maybe they're in the closet, no wait I think they're in the entertainment center cabinet. What kind of painting will I do. I wonder if I have to have, maybe some photographs. Maybe they'll set up some still life. Hey, I have some pictures I've taken, maybe I'll use them. Wait, where are those pictures. Maybe they're in that closet I haven't cleaned out yet. No I think some of them are on my cluttered desk. I have to find them tomorrow. I wonder what I'm going to write about in the writing classes. I wonder if I'll go to SA's writers group on Monday. He said I needed to bring some writing and copies so the group could critique. Maybe I should write something. No, I'll bring the first chapter of my book. No that is so badly written. Maybe I should do a rewrite first. No I'll just bring the story about milking, no, maybe the other story I wrote but never finished. I wonder what we are going to paint.....snore...*

Okay, now see where my mind goes. It makes me crazy when I wake up like that. Once the squeaky wheels get turning it just doesn't stop.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Sun is a Shining

Yes this morning the sun is a shining through my window. The weatherman promises that it will be 74 degrees today, close to 5 pm. I want it at noon today so I can piddle outside and not do anything in the house that I need to do. I promise that I will at least get the ornaments off of the tree and get the gigantic tree crammed into the tree bag to heft up into the attic (what was I thinking getting the mammoth tree.) I will put away all of my old world Santa's that are placed around the house and hopefully I won't miss one as I did last year. He just stayed where he was all year long gathering dust. I will take all of the ornaments and keep them in bags and boxes ready to put away but they will have to stay piled up until the new storage boxes I have ordered arrive. My old storage soft plastic, uh, bags, sort of, well, they have disintegrated. The stitching on the zippers and the plastic have just fallen apart. Besides, this year I will pack stuff a little more careful because when The Hubby helps me get it all down from the attic, well, he tosses and if I miss they fall. I had many broken ornaments and the ceramic tree that was my grandmother's got a chip in the bottom. That WON'T happen again, right Mr. Hubby! I will pack carefully because I have decided that if Christmas next year is like Christmas this year there is no point in putting it all out. I love to have everyone here but it has evolved to going to everyone else's house. I don't like it but it is the changing life we live.

I am always complaining that I need some alone time and the past few days I have gotten my wish. We stayed home from the cabin this past 4 day holiday weekend and since he goes to the office I'm left here at home all by myself. I'm not sure how good that is because, frankly I'm pretty bored. I could clean out a closet, take Christmas down, get a head start on gathering up tax crap, bake, or even read but I don't. I have played on this stupid computer for two straight days, blogging, reading blogs, journal, and playing ClubPOGO. Maybe I needed to just do it and nothing else. Anyway, it is done, the days are past and this is a new day. I will do this post, read a few and then TURN IT OFF! At least that is the game plan.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Today is wait it's Friday


Being off work for a few days has my days all a jumble. We closed down the shop Thursday and Friday, four days in a row of not having to go to the office. I say that but The Hubby has been there both days. He is doing office work and letting some insulators into the new building to do new insulation. That is why we stayed in town this weekend so they could work. Here we have a four day weekend where we could be relaxing at the cabin yet here I sit at home, by myself. Don't get me wrong I like being here alone but I'm not really getting too much accomplished. I think today I will start dismantling Christmas.

Last night I tried to hit the bed about midnight but my mind just wouldn't shut down. I have another session on Monday with the therapist and I have been thinking a lot about what we will talk about. I know most of my complaints have been about the loss of my mother and good friend Gail, friendship in general but I am re-thinking how I am looking at this dilemma. I received a link to an essay, a spoken essay by Kelly Corrigan from a "friend", a very good friend and it was awesome.</a&gt; It made me think of all the friends I do have and that I shouldn't dwell on the friends I have lost. I will still mourn their loss but I need to move one. I need to get rid of this unrealistic sense of what a friend is supposed to be. I have an idea that I want a friend like Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley, Kate and Allie...hey wait a minute, these are TV friends that are, well, a little oddball. Do I really want that. What I want is what I remember my mother having. Her friends would come over with their children and the children would play while Momma and her friend would have coffee, watch soap operas, do their ironing together, just spend time talking, laughing and crying together. That is what I want, of course without the ironing and kids. I'm done with that part of my life. I want a friend that I hear from more often than once every 4-6 months, especially when she lives about 5 miles away. That is not a best-friend. I'm by myself so much now that I'm afraid that I am going to start preferring the alone, like my mother. I WILL NOT become what my parents became. I love The Hubby but my whole world will not revolve around him and his world. I am going to develop my world that I can revolve in. That is why I taking the writing and art classes, to find me. I actually did an exercise listing all of my friends, all of them. I have lot of friends and when you actually see them in print then you realize that you aren't alone, really. I just miss, well more time spent. I need to nurture the friendships that I think will last the rest of my life and the ones that give back. The one that gives me more trouble is the one that I have vested so much time and energy into and it is not reciprocated like I what I give. I am a very, very good friend. I am a devoted friend who cares and will be there at a moments notice if called. This friend I have a hard time just calling sometimes because on the list of priorities, I'm at the bottom of her list, at least that is how I feel. I want to rate, it's as simple as that.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all!

My first post for 2009...hmmm...what shall I write. I could write about my resolutions for 2009 or my sadness of days gone by or for the future of 2009. I think instead I will write one day at a time, a little of the past and a little of the future. The past is that I slept in bit this morning. Something I have wanted for awhile now as The Hubby usually makes so much racket that I can't stay asleep. This morning he actually slept in and was very, very quiet when he left the room. Nice. I slept till almost 9 am this morning. I didn't wake with a headache, which I should have with a whole bottle of Mondoro Asti and two classes of almond champagne in my system. I took ibuprofen and drank a huge glass of water before I laid my head down and so slept like a baby. We brought in the new year in town this year instead of the cabin. We usually go there and have a progressive dinner with our cabin as the main course but I opted out when I heard the guest list was 36. No thank you! We spent it in town with some cabinites and had a grand time. There were just 5 couples and it was wonderful. We grilled steaks, popped corks, and laughed the evening away with friends. What a nice evening. It almost wasn't though as we were leaving the house The Hubby's cell phone rang and it was a customer whose furnaces and hot water tank were not working. We had installed a new generator for her in case of next ice storm and finished the job this week. Well, somehow either she had a breaker trip or the pilot lights were not re-lit or something but of course being the owner and boss his cell phone rang on New Year's Eve. It never fails. We were lucky that she had half heat in her huge home and was able to wait for this morning till he was able to get by. Whew!

Today I have taken my shower, no makeup and no blow dryer thank you. I will be au-natural today. I feel so much better, let's just hope I stay that way for awhile. The black-eye peas are simmering on the stove for tonight's dinner. I just emailed B&B2 and told them we were grilling pork chops and having black-eye peas if they were interested. They're probably still in bed. I have sent an email New Year greeting to A back in LA. Miss her already but know she had a great time last night.

I smell the black-eye peas simmering away on the stove and the dryer is going round and round with The Hubby's socks and underwear. I haven't turned the TV on today, instead enjoying the sounds of my quiet house on this new day of the new year. Most of the morning I've spent reading many New Year blogs and now it is my time to insert my first entry of 2009. I will also crack open a new journal and fill it with handwritten thoughts that I many not necessarily share here. Happy New Year to all.