Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water, Water

We are in a drought and my poor little hostas are feeling the effects

and the clematis 

Little Clayton was ready for the ride home after a Friday night at the cabin.  He has gotten so much better with the car sickness.  He is quite happy to sleep in his crate in the middle of the back seat.  This is from the ride up the road to the trash bins then the crate he goes. 
There's still some green but won't last long.  May be an ugly fall because the leaves will already have dropped.  We need a bit of rain for a month or so. 

I'm reminded yet again of Little Audrey and The Rainmaker cartoon:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Construction Continues and Continues and Continues...

The new fence! 

Also they grouted the shower floor and I was SO excited.  I was jumping up and down at how pretty it was.  I LOVE IT!  The marble on the walls will go in probably in a couple of weeks, until then we are at a standstill.  CRAP!  Probably what will happen is that it will all come together all at once, which I would not mind at all.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Blood Clot

This is a quick post but I wanted to share that we've hit yet another bump in Daddy's recovery.  He had the swelling in his arm when we went to Dr. Hippy on Wednesday but Dr. Hippy seemed to think it was the antibiotic pic line messed up, flooding his arm.  He guessed wrong.  Daddy has a blood clot in his neck but they seem to think it will dissolve.  I certainly hope so.  I kept my phone on all night long just in case they would call.  I'm a bit worried but no phone call is a good thing.  This morning I have to do payroll so I'm up early and will head to the office to get it done quick so I can go to the nursing home to check on him.  I need to make sure they have Bro's phone number just in case I'm out of pocket.  We've got a busy weekend and I don't want to miss a phone call.  Please keep the good vibes heading Daddy's way.  I want him to get well so he can get a little dog, go fishing and sit around a campfire this fall with us. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shower and Dr. Hippy

Here it is, our new shower floor.  They have yet to grout it but this the shower floor.  I'm so excited to finally see something happening. 
The floor has started to be laid but has been halted till the shower is done.   We had to wait for the floor part of the shower because it is a no edge shower and floats into the floor.  Whatever.  I'm just ready to get it done at this point.  One good thing is that the fence has been fixed as of this evening.  I took a picture with my phone but it has yet to arrive in my email box so I will just tell you it is AWESOME!  Clayton has his automatic door back and we won't be screaming at him as he escapes to the neighborhood. 

Daddy update:  I visited him on Sunday and planned on going there this afternoon but got a call from the nursing home saying that his wound was oozing too much and they made him an appointment at Dr. Hippy, could I be there.  Well, sure I could.  Of course I was edgy but it was all good.  They took a x-ray and the hip looks great and Dr. Hippy was smiling, smiling very big.  He said that is to be expected in a revision hip replacement but that he was pleased.  Whew!  I feel better.  Heal please, heal!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning my dear friends! It is Monday, 6:05 AM but I was actually up a 4:45 this morning. Little Clayton's routine is 5 and 5 for his meals so the minute the alarm goes off he is up and ready to get it done. We don't let him jump off the bed because it is so high so he has to get us up and get the day started. He licks, he crawls back and forth over the top of us and then the strange cough-sneeze begins if we ignore. He is persistent. Finally, I tell him lets get up and he bounds to the end of the bed, ears pulled tightly.  The Hubby has fallen asleep on the couch last night and I let him be so Clayton runs to the living room to awaken the prince.  I trudge to the restroom.  The ploy has worked and The Hubby is up and feeding our little guy and taking him out to do his biz.  Such is the start of my Monday morning.  Yes, I could go and workout, get some cardio in but I've got a full day.  Lunch with my sweet friend, Christine, work, and I'm anxious to see the shower floor put in today.  Lots of stuff going on. 

Yesterday I went to Daddy's house to drop off the new wheelchair the hospital obtained for him.  There is no sense in having it at the skilled nursing facility since they have plenty there.  Besides I haven't had time to put his name on it anywhere.  I was so surprised when I put it in the car on Friday at how light it was compared to the dinosaur that is his old one.  Maybe I won't be dropping my Daddy in the dirt anymore, but hopefully it won't have to be used if all goes to plan.  After I took the wheelchair in I got some clothes, his TV headphones and his address/phonebook and then watered his key lime tree.  I was then off to see him and deliver his goods.  When I started walking down the hallway I was met with the familiar sound of snoring, his snoring.  Yes, he can rattle plaster off of the walls with his snoring.  He was sound asleep and didn't even wake as I entered his room.  His new roommate he had when we left on Friday was gone so he was solo in his room and probably a good thing with the snoring and all.  I put his stuff away, sat a bit and then decided that if I didn't get some lunch I was going to pass out.  I went to the nearby Sonic and was very bad with a burger.  After quickly munching I headed back to see if he was awake yet.  Down the hallway again I passed the parade of wheelchairs heading to the dining room for lunch.  Got to the room and he was gone.  Well, he must be ready for his lunch.  I turned around and joined the procession and there he was, sitting at his usual table from his last stay.  He was tickled to see me.  Since Friday it had only been me, Bro and his best bud Jay.  This go around he was in much better spirits and he said that he didn't mind being here this time.  I would guess because he knows it is the best place for him to really get well.  Shortly after I sat down another man in a wheelchair pushed by his wife joined us, Robert and Betty.  Robert had been here before and this was his second stay, like Daddy.  He had a broken hip too and so his time would be short also.  Robert was a tiny guy in his big wheelchair, his head barely over the table.  His wife Betty was a jabberwokky.  She came for lunch with Robert who is pretty much blind, at least that is what Betty said but I wouldn't have known.  It was nice conversation for Daddy.  After lunch we joined the mass group back down the hallways to rooms.  I told Daddy that I probably would not be back till Wednesday as I had a lot to do and his head dropped and he said that no one had come to see him.  Good going Daddy, make me feel guilty, he's good at that.  I just don't know if I can make it happen sooner but I will try.  I came home yesterday and took a long nap but had nightmares about wheelchairs, hallways and people not wanting to be my friend, saying I had an agenda.  Whatever that meant.  Then this morning I woke up, fairly rested but knowing I had more dreams about wheelchairs.  Crazy isn't it.  I've got to rest and let it go. 

How is your Monday starting today?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last weekend we were granddog sitting with sweet Mondo.  He is such a lovely soul and my bud but last weekend he and Clayton had the best fun at the cabin with The Hubby.  He took the "boys" on adventures in the meadow then quick swims in the creek.  They had a grand time and I think ready to go home and rest from all the fun. 
Today we are home.  It's is just too hot to be at the cabin and I need a break from my life.  Tonight we are having old friends for dinner.  The house is clean and my dinner prep is cleaning strawberries and seasoning steaks.  So Clayton and I will laze around most of the day in the cool.  I still need to make my bed and take a shower but later, much later today.   
My focus when I am through here is to clean around the my easel and then apply layers and layers of paint to canvas.

How is your weekend going? 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gin & Tonic

It has taken me two gin & tonic's tonight to be able to let all the anger settle to write this post.  Probably shouldn't but I think I will. 

Daddy is doing well.  His surgery done and the healing process starting I am faced with a more serious problem.  During the very, very long wait and surgery I was very glad that Bro and Daddy's little Sis, GiGi were along for the wait with me.  Sis, well, she was "dealing with TMJ" and couldn't be there.  (She even was off work a couple of days.)  That was Tuesday.  Today is Friday and I've been at the hospital every day.  Bro has been there in spirit and support in every way.  Yesterday I got a call from the rehab lady who told me that Daddy was beyond the Medicare paid rehab.  He's in such good shape that it won't be useful.  He was to either go home or skilled nursing.  Thank goodness he has an IV antibiotic thing going and skilled nursing it was.  I feel better that he will be watched over a bit longer.  Today was the big move.  I waited while the nursing staff at the hospital staff tried to get it together to get the ball rolling for Daddy to move forward, sending a few texts out to Bro and Sis about what was going on.  When we were finally in the car going to the nursing home I sent the text out "We're on our way.  Who wants to meet us."  When we arrived, there was my dear Bro!  Support is what we all need.  I sent another text out to let "others" know what room Daddy was in.  I received one back from Sis, "Okay, we're on our way to the lake."  Really

I am home now.  The Hubby fixed dinner and I've had two gin & tonic's and will soon be in bed, hopefully to sleep peacefully.  I'm pissed. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life Is Looking Up

Imagine my surprise this morning when I walked into Daddy's hospital room and there he sat in the chair eating breakfast and getting ready to read the newspaper.  He looked awesome.  The best from any procedure he has ever had.  Plus, when they offered him a pain pill he turned it down, saying he had no pain.  That kind of worries me thinking, well, just thinking.  I'm a worry-wart that is for sure.  I'm so excited that he is doing so well this time and have high hopes that he will be back to sort-of normal.  He will have a limp and will have to probably use a cane and they are calling out for a new wheelchair for home!!!  That is awesome since the Fred Flintstone one is so obsolete.  He already wants to go home and the nurse said something about him going home but he HAS to stay for rehab and so that the incision does not pop open.  He has to be extremely careful right now.  Anyway, life is looking up for my sweet Daddy. 

Surgery is Done

Surgery is done.  Yesterday I met Bro and Daddy at the hospital at 1:30 for his check-in.  We were quickly taken to a pre-surgery room where we waited.  Daddy's baby sister GiGi came about 4 and we were still waiting.  The Hippy Doc came in early in the wait to check Daddy's wound area and was tsk-tsking about it, saying it might not work out.  We were bragging that the wound looked great and healed but he said that they would open up the area and test the tissue, take out the spacer ,and if the pathology showed infection still, he would just close it up.  Bro and I were deflated and very concerned during the whole surgery.  Finally, at 4:30 he was wheeled out to see what would happen.  They said that if he was out of surgery quick that would not be a good sign.  We waited.  The longer we waited was very encouraging.  The Hubby brought us sandwiches so we wouldn't miss that all important phone call.  Finally at 7:30 the phone rang and Bro answered it with a thumbs up.  Whew!  Hippy Doc said that Daddy would have a limp, which I figured since they had to take out a bit of damaged bone, and that he COULD NOT put any weight on the leg for 4-6 weeks since there was not a lot to work with and a lot of cement to keep it together.  He would have extensive re-hab there at the hospital too.  After the phone call from Hippy Doc we all three started calling people to let them know what happened.  Then we settled in for the recovery wait time.  GiGi went home but we appreciated her being there.  Finally at 10:15 we saw Daddy being wheeled to his new room for awhile.  He looked good but groggy.  We were drained from the long day of waiting as were our phone batteries.  It was a long day but hopefully we are on the mend!  Thanks for the prayers and well wishes for Daddy.  I will keep everyone posted. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Hot One

This was yet another hot weekend here in Oklahoma and probably we will have another month of hot.  It will be momentary and then fall will be upon us before we know it.  I don't mind the hot really, embracing Oklahoma summers.  I say that but I'm also not one of those who works outside either so take that statement with that in mind. 

I just got the phone call from the hip doctor's office and surgery is a go for tomorrow.  We check in 1:30 and surgery will probably start anywhere from 2-5 pm, like last time.  I didn't leave the hospital last time till nearly 9 pm.  Daddy's anxious but ready and so are we.  I hope and pray that all goes well this time and he will be back on his feet in a mere few days! 

Finished yet another book this weekend.  It was called Deep Down True by Juliette Fay.  It was one of the bargain books I picked up when our Border's closed down.  400 pages and I couldn't put it down.  It wasn't a murder mystery or anything but about a divorced woman trying to find her life with the ex-husband and his new life and her two kiddos.  She had the troubled niece move in also to add to the mix.  Really a nice summer book to read.  I liked the way Miss Fay wrote and plan on reading more of her stuff.  I've truly been on a reading binge this summer which is usually the case but am doing double time because I'm listening to books in the car also.  So my spare time I'm filling that reading list. 

Toodles all.  I hope to have a hopeful update on the surgery Wednesday.  Thanks friends, all of you who read my blog. 

Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday was pre-op visit for Daddy.  I met Bro and Daddy at the hospital for the appointment.  I parked at least 1/4 of a mile away, in the over 100 degree heat but I didn't mind the walk at all.  Just as I approached the "free" valet parking they pulled up, just in time.  We found registration and then it was time to fill out tons of paperwork and wait.  Finally, lots of questions and a bit of blood, 8 vials, and a chest x-ray, we were done.  I went my way and they went theirs.  The first thing I needed to do was call the Dr.'s office to give them my phone number as Daddy can't hear a thing since one of his hearing aids is in the shop for repair and the other is no help at all.  He refers all of the phone calls to me anyway.  I call the office and was routed to three different departments before I found someone who wanted my info.  "Oh, by the way," the lady says, "do you realize that there is a note here that a bill has been sent to collections."  Wrong thing to say to me.  I went off on her a bit telling her that it has been paid and that I didn't appreciate them doing that as he was in the hospital and they didn't forward the stupid bill to me....blah, blah, blah.  I know she was just the scheduling lady but I was not happy.  I rue the day we actually have to go to his office and deal with the ladies.  Ooooooo!  I am now just praying that Daddy's blood tests all show that his surgery is a go.  I hope it is not put off at all.  Please everyone keep Daddy in your prayers, that all goes well and we can move past this horrible time in his life. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Ramble

This morning the clouds have arrived.  It has been a little bit of drizzle and I'm loving it although the weather crew are saying it will make a sauna later today.  I don't care.  I'm enjoying the little bit of relief.  Yesterday when I left art class and stepped outside, the huge rain drops came splatting down and I wanted to dance.  Didn't last long though. 

The red books were a mainstay of our reading library. 
They are called The Children's Hour.

I remember the summer I was fourteen, about 1970, when the summer was nothing but rain, rain, rain.  We even had a time trying to take our swim classes because it rained so much that summer.  That was one of the summers when I spent a weekend at my Greatgranny's in Jay with my cousin Vee.  She introduced me to Trixie Belden books.  She packed tons of books that week in her suitcase and we spent our days laying in bed on the porch reading and reading while the rain came down.  The sound and smell of the rain was wonderful as we lazed around.  Reading has been such a major part of my life.  My mother's motto was if a child can read they can rule their world, or something like that.  She used to read tons of stuff to us, even on road trips when I knew she would get a bit green around the gills, but it was for us.  All three of us LOVE to read.  In her later years she would check out three to five books a week at the library and inhale the words.  We kids had our own library cards and it was a favorite place for us to go on Saturday's.  It's funny how the dark clouds and trickles of raindrops have made me think about Momma and reading. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bathroom Floor and More

The floor has begun to be laid.  I love it.  The Hubby is afraid it is too busy but not with plain walls and pretty plain marble in the shower.  It will be beautiful.
The wallpaper has come in for the water closet area.  It is very, very subtle.  The color is the soft green and the last picture is the pattern, not the color. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Long Hot Summer

It is truly hot, hot, hot this summer.  I've always said I like Oklahoma summers and I really do but this no rain business has got to stop.  I like the summer but I'm not the one that has to work out in it like a lot of people so my opinion is a little skewed.  It's a weird Monday as I chose to sleep in and not do my cardio.  I had a bit of a tummy issue last night and I think I might be flirting with the gall bladder thing.  NOT GOOD, especially right now with Daddy's impending surgery next week.  This week will be the pre-op and hopefully they find everything an all go.  I live in absolute fear that this doctor will find something that prevents him from doing surgery.  I am so afraid that Daddy's leg will have been so unused that he may never be able to walk again.  We would definitely have to re-think his living situation if that happened.  I know I've written about that before but it is in the front of my mind constantly. 

Construction is moving on with the laying of the ceramic tile floor.  Slow, slow, slow.  This one guy is doing it and he only works a few hours and then he's gone, although he did work a bit Saturday and Sunday.  I'm ready to be done with it but at this pace it will probably be August or September, more likely September, before we are done.  At least all of the pretties have been picked out and I even picked up my wallpaper on Thursday!    We haven't even had the cabinetry started in the building process.  They are drawing the plans and it will take 3-4 weeks after that!  Move it people.  I swear if it was a woman in charge it would get done! 

I've been reading a ton this summer, usually finishing a couple of books on a weekend.  I just can't seem to get enough reading.  Do you think I'm trying to hide from my real life!  Check out some of them.  The Winter Garden was excellent and probably more so because it was on CD and the lady had a great accent.  Loving Frank was incredible and such a surprise at the end.  I had no idea about Frank Lloyd Wright and his life.  Sorry, I'm being lazy and not linking or putting the author's here.  It's what summer does t me. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Break Is Sometimes Good

I've been on a break this week from blogging and it can sometimes be good, at least I hope.  Just not a lot to say or a lot I can't say here.  We enjoyed a very hot week at the cabin this past weekend.  It was definitely an oven with the mornings and late evenings enjoyable.  I finished two more books, Short Girls by Bich Minh Nguyen and The Paris Wife which everyone is reading right now.  Seems I am getting a lot read this year with the list at 25 finished so far.  I guess I'm burying myself into fiction instead of my real life lately and that is not a bad thing.  This week is Daddy's pre-op appointment and surgery next week.  Hope and pray it is a go.  We have just got to get him fixed and out of that wheelchair.   I am so afraid this could be permanent and if it is we will have to MAKE him go to an assisted living as the house cannot be modified for him. 

Oooo, back to a peaceful weekend...Clayton and The Hubby enjoyed a swim Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  Back at the cabin it was to the showers though just in case that dreaded blue-green algae is on their bod's.  We have an outdoor shower and The Hubby made use of it - - - - -

Yes, he is naked behind that grill.  Thank goodness this weekend was like a ghost town there.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

The 4th was celebrated at the cabin retreat area with lots of bang, boom and Hoorah!  Dancing was the thing to do as The Hubby and B enjoyed.  I chose to stay close to the cabin and watch Clayton and Mondo through all the whoopla! 
Old time friend, Bucky came to join in the festivities with The Hubby.  They had a fabulous time catching up on old times...
and partaking of the fireworks show, a very safe distance away, thank you very much The Hubby!  No more accidents for him! 
Earlier in the day we did have a slight accident when Clayton took a slip-slideing away trip down some rocks into the river.  He's fine and a bit cooled off from the 100 degree days. 
So did Bucky and The Hubby on Sunday evening.  Ahhhhh, that is cool and refreshing. 
I chose to sit in a chair and take some pictures.  I don't do creek or lake water much anymore after a lifetime of swimmers ear. 
Happy 4th of July to one and all!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

It is Saturday morning and it is the calm before the storm. The storm being the bazillion people that will descend upon our little oasis under the sun.  I was up early and it was still quiet with only the birds singing the the birth of yet another morning.  It is only a little after nine and the golf carts are whizzing past with giggling kiddos and chatty adults.  On the chart of events this morning is the Donut Dangle, Egg Relay and Apple Bobbing, and more for the kiddos.  About 11:30 will be the best dressed dog parade.  Lots and lots of kids and dogs will be in attendance, not Clayton.  The Hubby has just taken Clayton for his usual run in the meadow and I'm on pins and needles with all the children.  Clayton LOVES kids and since he will be free of the leash I'm very nervous that he may get away.  I scolded and warned and pretty much YELLED at The Hubby to never take his eye off of Clayton.  On a good day he can lose the little guy, coming back to the cabin requesting my assistance to look for him.  I'm a bit on edge. 

Happy 4th to one and all.