Friday, June 28, 2019

Life Update in General

 We have company this week...
She, hubby and BABY are here.  They're here for a couple of weeks for just plain visiting and a baby shower for the "little baby girl."  I got to feel her bumping around and that's always such a fantastic feeling.  Makes me just plain giddy. 

They made their way from California driving and met up in Sante Fe with B and B2, and Snicklefritz.  They went a few days  early for their family vacation.  So, that being said they had to farm out their white lab, Vinny and I was responsible for going to their house everyday to feed and love on the grandkitty, ZeeBe.  He's a giant of a yellow tabby and was very lovey back.  But the Big Dog, Mondo, our favorite granddog, got to come stay with us and our sweet Clayton.  They love each other but of course Clayton was gone a lot because he was back and forth with the vet to take care of his wound.  

But, in the mornings when we let Mondo out it was an act of congress to get him back in.  He preferred to stay out and so we did.  He LOVED to dig a small hole in my flowerbeds and sleep all day long and with the weather fantastic, we just left him.  
Can you see him...
There that handsome boy is.  Love this guy.
This little guy has been styling different colored dressings for about 2 weeks now and by Monday he may be RELEASED from this daily, and now every other day trip to the vet.  He is healing so well and getting around like nobody's business.  His appetite is back, he can come in his doggy door, not out yet, and sleeps better than ever.

With all the coming and going happening I took a brief evening off to go and see one of my favorite authors speak.
Elin Hilderbrand, author of the recent "Summer of '69," of which I read this past weekend.  It's a great book and I highly recommend it.

Also some quick strokes of paint on canvas was in order.  I finished these two recently and they have been big hits on Facebook.

"Morning Glories" 9x12 oil on linen panel 

"Plethora of Pansies" 9x12 oil on linen panel 

Then I went to see pastel artist Jude Tolar demo at one of my art groups and this was her set up.  I quickly snapped a photo and started it in the studio. 
I think it will be really nice.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Another Update and More

So much has happened lately with our baby boy dog, He's actually doing so much better.  We do have daily trips to the vet to change his bandages and Friday I really got a good look under the bandages...EGAD!  His once closed up surgery incision is a wide open gap and very deep, although the tissue looks quite healthy and it's not bloody.  This brave tough guy lets the vet probe and touch and never moves or makes a peep.  And a sure sign he's healing is that he actually JUMPED up on the couch twice and, because dogs like to dig to make a bed and he's a dog, he tried to dig in his bed.  It was really kind of cute when he made the motion with his left side and head like he was digging, then with the right.  Oh man!!!  He's getting better.
On a good art note...
I entered this painting, "Fishin' Hole" in an online show, on a website called Light, Space and Time Gallery and was notified that it got a Special Merit Award.  What that means is that our of 572 entries from 22 different countries is that I was recognized.  They awarded 10 top and the next 60 were awarded Special Merit and that is where I fell.   


I had entered these two, "Jackmani" and "Pink Is The New Black" in another of their competitions, AND was notified that I won more things.  Granted it is just online with certificates but it does mean something.

This competition had 1,165 entries from 30 different countries as well as 34 different states including the District of Columbia.  My friend Linda took a first place and second and an honorable mention!   
For "Jackmani" I placed in the top 20 and with "Pink Is The New Black" I took another Special Merit award.  Wow, talk about good for the ego. 
 .  Then I finished this sweet one yesterday and after the response on Facebook, it will surly be entered in some more competitions.
"Morning Glories" 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Short Update

He WAS home but yesterday had to go back because the drainage and infection.  
It's still going to be a long road to recovery.  He seems to be getting the hop down and was very excited yesterday to have a treat, until the rush back to the vet.  He will be there for a few days, hopefully not long.