Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Lost Checks and No Remorse

 A little update on the PSO fiasco a couple of weeks ago.  Last Thursday I was sitting at the office finishing up my work when I heard the mail drop in our box.  It was early because usually the mail doesn't arrive until way after lunch time.  Good, I thought, I can do a bit more work if need be and not have to come in the next morning.  I'm always on the lookout for checks coming in that need to be deposited.  Guess what was in that mail drop, the PSO stuff.  It was a regular bill envelope from PSO and inside was our check that was missing and caused the whole ruckus in the first place and the bill stubs that accompanied it in the first place.  The issue was there were only half of the stubs and half of the check, torn in two.  It all looked like it had been driven over, stepped on and torn.  Also in the envelope were new fresh copies of the bills that were due (same ones).  These have already been paid with our credit card and I have email confirmation of that all.  Good grief PSO had the entire thing IN THEIR CARE and chose instead to accuse us of not paying the bill in the first place and threaten to shut off our power when CLEARLY we had paid it.  Really pisses me off to no end, really!  They damaged it themselves, you would think they could have found SOMEONE to at least called us, or sent a letter that THEY messed up and NOT THREATEN us.  Obviously SOMEONE had to stuff it back into one of their envelopes.  Not nice I say, not nice.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Babies and Flowers, My Favorite

Good Tuesday morning.  Of course it's early since I get up at 5 every morning EVERYDAY of the week lately.  I have to share that Sunday morning my darling niece delivered unexpectedly and early, my great niece.  Little Victoria was not due for 5 weeks but she was ready to make her appearance.  I've been a great aunt for some time but this little precious makes me a true blood aunt!  I'm so in love with her and can't wait to see her.  So very happy for them.

I also spent time at my studio on Saturday morning painting.  I have several things started but just didn't want to work on them BUT, I had an idea for this.  A few years ago I did a painting in a workshop as an exercise in black and white and I still love that painting.
So I did these in french ultramarine blue.  Oh what fun they were.
Yesterday I thought I would try roses in cadmium red.  Not bad and both will make wonderful notecards.
Today I think I will try some daffodils in green maybe.  

Wednesday, September 08, 2021


Here is a tale...  Yesterday I was at the office trying to catch up a Monday on a Tuesday.  It was still the first of the month and bills have come in to pay after the end of last month where it was invoicing.  I was going about my morning when The Hubby's cell phone started to ring.  It was the electric company asking when we were going to pay our DELINQUENT bill!  WTF!  We have never EVER had a delinquent bill, especially at work.  He was looming over my desk accusing me of not paying the bill.  First, I started getting mad at him for actually thinking I didn't pay the power bill, then I started boiling at the power company.  They told him they had sent two notices threatening the cut-off.  We have never received any notices.  You have to understand that we have multiple properties so I get almost a packet of bills for separate properties.  So I went back to the bank account and noticed that the latest packet of bills for the power company had not cleared, mind you that I paid that on August 6 and here it was September 7 and they were threatening cut-off.  Don't you think that is extremely weird, especially when I received no notice in the mail or email or even a phone call.  The lady was nice but I was boiling.  What the hell was going on.  It was clear that the check was lost in the mail but why in the hell are they threatening this.  We've never ever been late and only a month late they are demanding this.  I am so overly confused by this.  Our options were to stop payment and either send another check in the obviously flawed mail delivery or pay with credit card.  Oh forgot, The Hubby had handed his cell phone over to me to deal with this while someone came to the door he needed to talk to.  So I told the lady, sure we would pay with credit card but didn't mean I was not very upset.  Of course she transferred me to another department.  I spent an hour and a half on hold when finally a very nice person took my payment with credit card, I received confirming payment via email and all was done.  The mail dropped in our mail slot and guess what, there was the damn cut-off notice.  This is so very unacceptable by the power company but they have us by the balls because they are the only game in town.  This is all just too weird but we are good, I hope...Just another day in my life.