Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why can't I remember

Last night since I was ravenously hungry we went to my favorite restaurant, In The Raw. We split an ITR salad and then had the Taz sushi combo and a Dunwell roll (my favorite) on top. YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!! I was so very satisfied.

This morning I hit the ground running. I was up as usual for Jazzercise and then rushed home to shower, eat and fly to the office to catch up from being going for a couple of days. B had done a lot of cleaning off the desk and filing tons of piles of stuff I had just given up on. It was nice to see a clean desk. I had a lot stuff to do today and one of them was to take the truck from the shop, buy tons of top soil and drive to the cabin. I had purchased 8 different clematis plants to plant at the cabin almost 2 weeks ago and they NEEDED to put in the ground. I knew I would never get 400 pounds of top soil to the cabin in my little car so today I loaded up and off I went in the middle of the day. I was successful to get the flowerbed planted but neglected to take a camera. I can't seem to remember to put the damn thing in my purse to capture those special moments. I'll try to remember to take a picture this weekend as I will get to go up there and relax.

I also ordered a new hammock for the house in town and was enjoying a relaxing moment in it tonight until the wind nearly blew me out of it. I took it down but, again, forgot to snap a pic of the pretty thing. My mind just doesn't think of those things which is why there are less pics of the kids than there should be. I'm bad at that kind of thing.

Right now it is 7:15 and I'm still waiting for The Hubby to come home from his mother's so we can cook dinner. I will have to explain all about what is going on there in another blog. Things have certainly changed there. Later all...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First I have to preface this log to say that there may errors in typing but that I because the valium and morphine is still in my system and affecting things.

It is done. I have done my duty and had the colonoscopy. I probably won't have to have it done again for 10 years. It came out fine, no polyps, nothing but a little hemmeroid. YEAH. The actual test was a breeze but the leading up to it sucked. That crap you drink, and there is a lot of it, and the living in the bathroom for hours on end and the fasting SUCKS big time. But, I'm done and glad of it. On the way home I went completely off of my eating and had a burger street burger with curly fries and they never tasted better. Now I'm off to my nice comfortable to sleep the grogeness away. Toddles all and when you turn 50 it is your turn and don't be afraid to do it you MUST have it done.

Monday, April 28, 2008

It has started

First was no food after midnight. Then I attempted to work out with the personal trainer, whew, not a good idea with no food/fuel. Then it was home to await for noon and:
This is the first step in my colonoscopy tomorrow. It didn't taste too bad but I have acid reflux pretty bad and here it is 4pm and I'm still tasting that nasty stuff. ICK! Since about 1pm I have making the "runs" to the little girls room and now I wait for:
This is the last step in my journey to the unknown. Nice label don't you think. I have to drink it twice at 6pm then 9pm at 8oz each 15 minutes apart. The only food I'm allowed is ginger ale, coke, water, tea

and Jello and chicken broth. Yummy.

One of several posts today

6am: Today will be a very long day. I was up at 5am to drive to Jazzercise and open up and once here decided that it would not be wise to workout because I'm fasting today. I will go to the personal trainer but will INSIST that they take it easy and may leave early. I'm afraid because I get so very, very hungry after workout that I won't be able to handle the shakiness that I get. It will be Jello or chicken broth for me today. It's playing a mind game on me this morning. I'm thinking about food, food, food. I don't know what is wrong with me with this. It is very weird. It's like I'm never going to eat again and my mind is playing strange tricks on me. I will stay at Jazz until it is time to go, blog and play solitaire as the paper was not in the drive this morning. I will go home, have some Jello, read the paper and then go to the personal trainer and then go home to wait for the clock to tick to noon. Noon...that is the time to drink the laxative!!! EGADS...I'm very afraid. Then will be the run to the bathroom, all day long. 6pm rolls around and then I begin some stuff called "MoviPrep", that name along explains a lot. EGADS...

Ever since I got my new laptop I have had to redo my ITunes. I had put tons of my CD's in it but lost it all. My IPOD was loaded with tons of stuff but I wasn't able to add more and was afraid to hook it up so I began all over again. Yesterday I finally had enough of my many, many CD's uploaded that I could hook-up my IPOD. There were 4000 songs on my ITunes and so I plugged the IPOD and clicked to erase and reado!!! It worked and now I even have a couple of books that I enjoy listening to when I walk. I'm still adding CD's as I have many, many, many CD's, I LOVE music. I feel better that I have accomplished a project. I still have like 8GB on my IPOD to fill up.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday in Town

We stayed in town this weekend for various reasons. Yesterday was a most beautiful day and I spent it doing lots of stuff. First, B came over to bring the granddog for us to watch while they were gone overnight.While he ran around in the backyard I pulled the little red Miata out to give it a good scrub. It was filthy with dirt and bird poop. I also discovered three slight dents on the passenger side door like another car door had dinged it and then there was what looked like white overspray on the front of the car, little white paint specks. I can't seem to win with this poor little car. I finally got the crap washed off and then readied myself for the rest of the day.

The next event of the day was a birthday party for the great nephew's 4th birthday. It was complete with a Jupiter Jump, pinata, Tommy the Train birthday cake and lots of screaming little kids. The Hubby was late for the event but made it for the cake cutting. We then rushed home to let the overnight guest out and feed him dinner. I was concerned because he kept crying and didn't eat his treat that I left him. When I put him in the garage to leave he DID NOT want to go in there. I had to pick him up and drag him in there so I was really worried about his crying.

We then took off for the 2nd event of the day, a couples bridal shower Mexican fiesta at the church which we were co-hosts. The Hubby was so very confused by it being a couples shower and really didn't want to go. He just kept shaking his head and didn't understand the rules of the event. I told him to just go and trust me. In the end he had a great time. We co-hosts got off pretty clean too as the caterer that we hired messed up the order and didn't bring the chaffing dishes or enough chips and so comped the whole meal, so no charge! Nice.

The day done we came home to again let the wuppy-dog out. This time he was limping really bad and kept holding his paw up. Oh my goodness, I've damaged the dog. I was worried that B would never let me keep him again (not a bad thing) and might equate this to when they finally, if ever, have children. Would she trust me to take care of their little ones. I was so concerned and then I remembered that when I was throwing the frisbie with him in the backyard earlier that he turned sharply and he kind of fell and twisted his foot, a sprained doggy ankle, that's it. I didn't sleep well as I worried about him most of the night, which is one reason why we have not replaced the dog or cats. I am a worrier to the max. Well, this morning when I awoke and took him out to do his job not a limp was seen. He is protecting it a bit as I know it is hurt but it didn't stop him for going lightening speed after a squirrel this morning. Whew!

I'm a little anxious as tomorrow I begin the "cleansing" in preparation for the first colonoscopy. I will eat a big ole' T-bone steak tonight, YUM. Oh, and I forgot...yesterday in the mail I received a notice, Jury Duty. The last time I was called was 22 years ago and A was a few days old so I got out of it but this time I will do my duty. I'm nervous though because I have only been in the court house twice in my life, once for the marriage license 32 years ago and for a passport about 6 years ago so it is out of my comfort zone. I will have to do a trial run to find the place. The notice said it would only be for one day or one trial depending. I have to call before and if I'm not needed then I don't have to go. Super. I kind of hope I get a little one so I can have the experience but I don't want a long drawn out thing as I do have to do payroll during the thing I think and I'm the ONLY one that does that. We'll figure it out.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

We finally got to sleep in today and woke up to the sun streaming into the bedroom. Now I'm sitting in my chair in my "own" room and squinting as the sun filters through the birch leaves. We are in town this weekend and I'm already missing the lake. We have our 4 year old nephew's birthday party today complete with a Jupiter Jump. I'm not sure I'm ready for that but we'll see. Then right after that is a couples bridal shower we are co-hosting with two other couples for a friends son. It should be fun as I have had to do NOTHING to plan this thing. The other two ladies have a caterer all set up and all I have to do is write a check. My kind of party.

OH MY GOD!!! The Hubby is getting on my last nerve today. When he is rushed he is a pain in the ass. First of all his hearing is SHOT so when I am telling him something he repeats back what he thinks he has heard which is not at all what I said then he gets mad. Yesterday he told me that he was going to have to run up to the lake for a safety meeting and then back for all the weekends festivities here in town. I told him that he needed to take this thing to my friend Harri and she would give him $25 that I paid for it that she asked me to do. It is for another friend there. I told him this last night. He totally did not listen to what I told him and this morning I'm glad I clarified that whole situation because he had it ALL wrong. What a mess, then he told me I DIDN'T tell him that and I specifically did. I told him that it was Friday night and he already had a cocktail down his throat and that was why he didn't remember what I said. Unfortunately, MOST of the time he has an iron clad memory which sucks for me but I KNOW what I said last night because I stood by him and he looked me in the eye as I told him of his mission today. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

On top of the weekend in town we are granddog sitting for Mondo. I really don't mind too much but I don't have an animal for a reason, I don't want to get up let him out, feed him, worry about him, get up in the middle of the night to let him out or listen to him smack his lips and or lick in the middle of the night KEEPING ME UP!

I have a very important test on Tuesday and it all begins on Monday. I workout at Jazzercise and the personal trainer and then go home to shower and then begin the yucky drink stuff. Yes, I'm having a colonoscopy on Tuesday so I will not be moving very far from the little girls room on Monday. I am nearly 52 years old and my doctor finally got around to the referral to have this procedure done. It's not that I'm looking forward to it but I know it needs to be done so bottom's up...uh...that was bad.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today I had a very nice massage to ease those very tired muscles from all the exercise I have done this week. I am telling you my quads and biceps are absolutely tender to the touch. I opted not to do Jazzercise this morning or the walk (3.3 miles) tonight. I am going to a frame shop/art gallery opening tonight. It is the husband (and his father) of B's best friend. There are to be finger foods (sushi) there so I don't have to cook!

The awful rain last night had a unintended catastrophe for us. We do generators as I have mentioned before, and yesterday the guys spent the day digging a huge trench for the gas line for a customer and the trench was toward the house, in particular the basement. Well, the water rushed in from the handy-dandy little trench and flooded the basement. Big OOPS, but sometimes you just can't help the happenstance of a situation. It is all fixed already and moving on but what a day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Wheels

Well, after the window was broken we knew that it would be Wednesday before my car could possibly be fixed and with rain in the forecast off and on I get to drive a special car. The Hubby's prized 1971 El Camino that was his step-dad's. Oh joy, what fun...I am kidding you know. Actually it drives pretty nice except it is deteriating inside pretty bad, makes me sneeze every time I get into it. Oh well, at least I have wheels.

I walked my little tooshie off last night. The walking program set a walk for 3.63 miles between St. Francis Hospital and Lauraette which is full of hills. Oh my goodness my feet and legs are killing me. It doesn't help that I was pretty abused at my personal trainer on my quads in particular and Jazzercise in the morning and bowling 3 games in a hour the hour before the walk (we were making up last weeks). I was so sore I could hardly walk in the house last night. It's not as bad today. Today we worked the upper body so I expect that tomorrow I won't be able to lift a cup of coffee to my lips. It's all good. You know when you wash your jeans and they get tight and they loosen up after you wear them a few days, well, my size 16 jeans were in the dryer yesterday and I took them out, slid them over my very sore legs and buttoned and zipped and lo and behold they are still loose. YEEEEEAAAAAA! I'm on my way to a size 14. I'm so very excited.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Here are some beautiful pictures of spring at the lake.

Paid the Price

I was so lucky to get away from it all on Thursday and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the cabin but yesterday I paid the price. The Hubby had hired a local guy to weed-eat and mow and general outside activities around the cabin. I was off on the golf cart enjoying a glass of wine with a friend. I finished the visit and glass of wine and hoppped on the golf cart and as I rounded the corner and approached my driveway there I saw my car. I started crying, "OH NO, OH NO, OH NOOOOO." My drivers side window was smashed. The weed-eating guy had hit a rock while mowing and it smashed out my window. I'm was so mad and so sad that my pretty little car was damaged. I quickly looked at the doors and sides to make sure they weren't damaged either but was lucky. The Hubby wasn't here yet but my neighbor Jimbo, the other half of "Harri", was here and I ran to his cabin and was distraught. I was really more angry at the whole thing. My major complaint was that I just don't have time on Monday to have it fixed and I flashed to my very full schedule on Monday, boogers!!!!! I didn't sleep well as I was thinking of the window all night long. It just makes me so very mad but not much you can do with it. And then The Hubby reminded me that when I drive home tomorrow I can't put the top down on a beautiful 80 degree day because the windows automatically ratchet down and there may be glass in the mechanisms. So I will drive with the top up and the window down all the way. Crap!!!

I think I'll get my IPOD now and take a very long walk this morning and enjoy the sounds of the birds and breathe the fresh air and get it out of my system. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Here I am at the cabin on a Friday morning and I'm loving it. I didn't have to do payroll today so yesterday I took off for an extra day of privacy and beauty. Luckily the neighbor has an Internet connection that I can latch onto here. Yesterday afternoon I got up here before the storms started but about 7 pm the deluge hit. My neighbor and good friend "Harry" was undecided whether she should chance it and in between storms started here. I knew when she was halfway here and that she was being hammered by the torrential rains that hit. She finally arrived a little after 8 pm and I helped her get her two little dogs inside and then she helped me dry out my drenched clothes while we sipped a glass of wine and waited for the rain to stop so we could we could unload her car. At about 9:30 there was a lull and we unloaded and then it started again. I told her I was going back to my cabin before it hit again...good thing too. Our cabins have connecting back doors so it's not far but there is usually a lake in between.

Today as I was looking at my emails I got one from and this past few months there have been 13 looksees at my page and low and behold they are all from guys in the class before me. Hmmm...I must have been hot or something...I will have to download a pic sometime and let you judge. Imagine my surprise. I was so shy back then but so wanted to be liked and I think I was pretty hot, maybe I was. OH wait I found one. It's a little dorky but underneath the robes is a size one.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sore this morning

Wow, I'm pretty sore this morning after my personal trainer episode. I go again this morning and then not until Monday.

So here is my workout schedule:

Monday - Friday 5:45 am * Jazzercise (cardio)
Monday, Friday, Saturday 6pm * walking (2.5-3 miles each time)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am * personal trainer
Wednesday 4:30 pm * bowling

Think I've bit off more than I can handle? Probably so but I'm pretty excited to finally get this weight to moving and it seems to be doing it. The Hubby is so excited and really behind it but I have to be careful that he's not too happy because he needs to know I'm not doing this for him it is totally for ME. This is the era for Jill. I'm going to be very self-centered for awhile to take care of myself.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The passing of a sweet friend

Today I mourn the passing of a sweet friend. No it is not human but my sweet canary Barnum. He was 7 years old and I will truly miss him. He had long ago quit singing for me but he loved to see me come to his cage, hopping all around on his perches and twittering at me. I will so miss him peeping at me when he was hungry. Bye my little friend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

...I'm peeved

I'm peeved at The Hubby. I'm really looking forward to my personal trainer meeting tomorrow and then I have to rush off to a doctor's appointment but The Hubby has made me sad about it. I forgot he has his stupid dance lessons on Wednesday and sometimes he likes to have me join him. I really don't like to go but he wants me to be there to learn the steps so we can practice. I don't like it AT ALL. It's so hard for me to dance with him with his two left feet although he is doing really well. I want to do my thing tomorrow and have looked forward to it and then he puts a guilt trip on me. I HATE it when he does that. It's just not fair. I didn't sign up for dance lessons, he did. I'm sorry The Hubby. I'm sorry. I'm trying to be into me for now in my life. It's time for ME!!!


Yesterday I walked 3.21 miles and Saturday about 3 miles at the lake. Today I made an appointment with a personal trainer for tomorrow. I'm very excited to get some muscle work in.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weight Loss

I'm pretty excited today. I had to go to the doctor just to make sure I was doing good. I had not been since November, about 2 months before I started really working on the weight loss. I forgot what I weighed when I saw him and now I'm down even farther that I thought...18 pounds. YEA!!! I am pretty stoked but the amount and vow to continue with it. Tonight I found out our walking group is doing the same trek which means another 5K tonight. My poor aching feet. I'm not sure I'm going if it rains but I will if it is clear.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Walking Girl

Tonight was another chance to walk with my walking group. Now that I'm finally feeling better I was up for it. I walked on Saturday at the lake which was about 2 miles but tonight it was a 5K (3.1 miles). That is what we are supposed to be working up to in May so now that it is done I know I can do it. My feet are killing me though. I was so afraid I was not going to make it back to base but as I kept walking I kept telling myself "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can." I felt like a little kid but I DID it. I go to the doctor for a physical on Thursday and I can't wait to see what he says by my weight loss. So far I have kept track and it is about 13 pounds. Yee Haw!!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

This week has just flown by after all the rushing around from last week. I haven't accomplished much as I have been sick most of the week but as of today I'm finally, Finally, feeling better. I took off for the cabin early Friday to get a head start on the beautiful weekend. When I arrived it was very quiet and I laid down for a nice nap. I wanted the weekend to be a time for me to heal and energize my body again. We had a quiet night Friday and had a quiet dinner of grilled rib eyes for dinner then bed about 9 pm. I awoke at 8am and knew by looking out the window at the blue sky with white puffy clouds and bright sunshine that it was going to be an awesome day. A quick cup of coffee to encourage the body mechanics and a Slim-Fast down the hatch I prepared for a long walk. I had been on the exercise wagon for most of the week as I was just not well. I took off about 9 am walking fast with my IPOD on towards the wigwam. I couldn't go very far as the creek was up over the roads so I had to change my normal pattern of walking. I ended up walking up two HUGE hills and when on the flay asphalt part of the walk I jogged a little. I spent about 90 ". I made my famous bacon wrapped dates and we hopped into my little red car to the wigwam. The food was all heavy appetizers and the wine flowed abundantly. Two bottles down The Hubby and myself. Whew. The DJ was family member of the birthday girl and the music was not country but mostly disco!!! My favorite. I danced and danced and danced in my borrowed too small boots. The Hubby and I danced some of the swing we had been practicing and I really got into the disco dancing. My hair was dripping with sweat by the time the evening ended. It was over about 10 and we made our way back to the cabin and bed. I woke about 2:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep, tossing and turning for a good hour. Finally I dozed off about 3:30 and slept till 8 am. I rested this weekend and partied this weekend. It was a perfect time.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More pic's

Beautiful Cake

Me and my sister

Dancing with brother

Beautiful back