Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just Some More Painting Stuff.

Well, this week I finished my cow.  My friend Linda named her "Branded".  It's an 18x24 oil on senso linen canvas and I LOVE how it turned out ANDDDDDD it's already sold.  My cousin, Helen took the photo while in Panama and wants to buy it to take back to her Papi (adoptive father from her exchange student family days).  The cow is his and so she will go home, so to speak.  I'm very happy about that and she will adorn my house for awhile before she is gone.  
I have several more cow pictures to paint and looking forward to HOPEFULLY capturing this again.  
While at the cabin last week we went to CS's cabin and I took a few photos that I plan on painting.  I have so many to paint lately.  I've gone from a dry spell of finding nothing that inspired me to a plethora of stuff to paint.   
Can't decide which one of these to paint (without the a/c unit in the background). 

This one I'm going to play with it in my photo program to lighten it a bit of like the shadows. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring...Well, Maybe

 This weekend we scooted off to the cabin for an absolutely glorious time of most EXCELLENT weather.  When we got there I immediately saw that the Carolina Jasmine was popping and just behind it were my daffodils. 

How exciting.  In fact the weather was so great that we even slept with our bedroom window open all night long.  

This past week Snicklefritz was finally feeling better and I decided that she needed to spend the night on Tuesday since I was going to watch her all day Wednesday.  Also, her parents were meeting with there money guy and wanted to finally get a Valentine's date.  We had a great time and she was in bed by 7:30!

Sadly, feeling better didn't last.  She started complaining again about her ears and finally back at school on Thursday her parents were called as she was projectile vomiting.  So a day at home on Friday and then Sunday morning another run to urgent care.  Double ear infections are now plaguing our little dumpling.   By afternoon her temperature soared to 104.5 with 105 being the cut off to again rush to the hospital ER.  She just can't seem to get well.  I think maybe spring has sprung and she may be experiencing some allergy drainage that is affected her ears.  
Hopefully this week she will finally get well.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Painting We Will Go, A Painting We Will Go, Hi Ho The Derrio, A Painting We Will Go

Finally, I am feeling better.  I am still hacking and blowing but I'm finally getting over this dang crud.  Snicklefritz is too, thank goodness.  I've avoided visiting Daddy for at least 3 weeks but plan on paying him a visit on tomorrow and have lunch with my favorite mother-in-law.  I have been enjoying some good times on a few canvas's so I thought I would share.

This cow is from Panama.  My cousin took the photo and I pleaded with her to paint it.  I've wanted to paint a cow for awhile so here we go.

First go around with paint...let dry...

Second go around and I am LOVING it.   Next week background.

So had to let Mrs. Cow dry and started this one.  I took the photo with my phone at a Valentine's dinner dance Friday night.  It turned out awesome and even my instructor was amazed. 

Now roses, they are a different kind of beast to paint but I am game to tackle them.  Ross (my instructor), when I asked where to start (after sketching it on the canvas) offered, "THE ROSES." Yeah, right, so off we go...
Next week more table, background, stems and glass. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tag You're It

Should I be kind of ticked...maybe I shouldn't.  Really I just a tad annoyed.  The niece that has been doing the rehab thing TAGGED me on Facebook with this:

"Attention family and friends (that are sober and worth my time) I will be Tulsa sometime next week for a day. I'd also like to hit an AA/NA meeting while I'm there. I'm missing my Oklahoma family. Hopefully I'll be seeing some of y'all this following week."

I think it will be nice for her to see family and friends since she has been gone so long.  MY issue is the tagging thing which made it pop up on my FB page and the ensuing comments and comments and comments that kept rolling through my email.  I got up this morning with no less than 33 emails, all from someone commenting on this little blurb.  I hated to hide it but enough please.  Am I being a bitch, I think my girls will have issue with me being a patoot but it is what it is and I have a RIGHT to be a bitch sometimes.  

Saturday, February 06, 2016

This and That Saturday

It's Saturday morning and the sun is just glowing through my window, sort of.  Wow, fantastic.  I still see that the sky is kind of gray but the sun is still beaming, a bit.  It's been a hectic week with me watching Snicklefritz at least a bit everyday and us both sick.  She's like a 100% better, me on the other hand, am still hacking up crap and blowing my nose like there is no tomorrow.  Plus we hosted some customers at our house on Thursday evening to look at our lighting and automated lighting system.  So, the house had to be spit-spot clean.  That meant floors, cabinets, bed made, and for The Hubby, the most important, his garage floor, because the panel thingy was out there.  He spent two days cleaning that space and they were here 30 minutes.  We also went out to dinner with Bev & Kel and then to see Kinky Boots on Tuesday.  That was an AWESOME show.  Painting, well, I did get a bit in on Thursday morning but missed my Tuesday all day gig with class.  Hack, cough, blow.....  excuse me.  I'm staying away from visiting Daddy right now because I don't want one tiny sniffle to enter his door.  I do not want to possibly make him sick.  I've worked at the office too, in between watching kiddo, painting, hacking and blowing.  I think I've got my taxes together and this week was payroll.  We have a few guys out sick too, one with a huGe kidney stone, which he has to have broken up; one with the blow chunks kind, another with a wife sick thing, and now Snicklefritz's daddy started getting her stuff by Friday.  Then there is me who is still there no matter what.  All this sitting around watching Snicklefritz has also been spent reading.  I have read 10 books since January 1, well on my way to the 50 goal.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Reading Fool

Recently I've been a reading fool, polishing off eight books since the beginning of the year.  The best so far that I recommend are:  
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
The Mountain Between Us - Charles Martin
and the last one of 2015, 
The Pecan Man - Cassie Dandridge Selleck

See that stack, I plan on "trying" to plow through it this year.  I read mostly on my Kindle but I still LOVE to hold an actual book and I am ADDICTED to buying books, whether virtual or real.  So far I have started the top one, The Murder House.  

And since little Snicklefritz has been ill and I have been watching her a lot, well, reading is being done A LOT!  At least she is feeling better, me too.  She and I have both been sick, her with RSV virus.  Poor baby.  Actually, it started as a cold but I think that was the beginning of the RSV, then morphed into an ear infection and with the antibiotic on board, now a rash.  We suspect a reaction to the antibiotic.  She has never been sick and never been on anything like it so...

By yesterday afternoon she seemed to be feeling so much better, playing and laughing with the nasty cough she has.  It kind of sucks that I'm sick too but I'm getting better too.  I had to miss art yesterday and probably will tomorrow too, sucks!  So today, like Monday, I watch Snicklefritz but hopefully it's at the office where I can at least get some private time painting in.  I miss my friends but I do have this sweet buddy to make my day and tell me, "I miss you today Granny."