Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ms. Senior Oklahoma

Guess what, Guess WHAT....My sweet adorable lovely gracious Mother-In-Law will be representing her retirement residence in the Ms. Senior Oklahoma pageant on Saturday.  Isn't she just a beautiful woman wearing her tiara.  She is 88 years old!  I'm very happy and excited for her.  It will be at the TCC Van Trease PAC Southeast campus on Saturday at 2 pm.  The admission fee helps to support Grace Hospice.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

BOOMS and Blooms

Finally, FINALLY, we headed out of town for the weekend to our beloved cabin.  The skies were awesome blue with tons of beautiful white clouds.  Kind of an omen of the storms brewing for Monday...

When we pulled up the first thing I saw were my peonies in bloom.  I have three of them and two had not popped yet.  So beautiful. 
A quick drive around the compound and I found a neighbors glorious yellow iris bed in full bloom.  I love yellow and pink and purple and, and, and...heck I love flowers.

Saturday The Hubby had to head back to town for a funeral (boo) but I opted to stay put.  Another drive around on the golf cart with camera in tow and I found some beautiful sights.   
The rains from last year have done some major damage to our creek bank and commons areas but they seem to be trying to come back.  The water was definitely up, so much so that the rock barrier was covered which allows boats from the river side to eek into our little slice of heaven.  It's kind of scary to have strangers floating in but it's quite legal, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T GET OUT.  It's private property on the land part.  

Further down the creek I found this beautiful white heron enjoying the sunshine too.  Might be a painting in here somewhere. 

More drive time as I made my way around the place.  I love these kind of photos, roads leading to who knows where.   
The weekend was spoiled a bit though.  We slept with our windows open which I love to do.  Saturday night about 12:28 a.m. all of a sudden BOOM, echo, echo, echo.  At first I thought it was thunder but as I looked to the darkened sky all I saw were stars.  The Hubby rolled over and said, "Well, that is his reply for T calling the sheriff earlier today." The story is that there is a guy on the hill above the grounds that has a cannon, he likes to shoot off his cannon, mostly during the day but lately he's been doing it at night too.  He can directional the thing and he has a thorn in his butt about "us" so he points it directly above our property.  T had had enough so he placed a phone call to the sheriff's office and they paid The Hill Guy a visit, and so his response was: 12:28 a.m.  BOOM, 12:35 a.m. BOOM, and 12:58 a.m. BOOM.   Talk about messing with your sleep.  I definitely got up in a grouchy mood.  I hope The Hill Guy can get his panties out of that wad they're in and he relents a bit.  I don't care about during the day but fella, not at night PLEASE.  

Oh and the kiddo got to visit her greatpapa this weekend.  He was thrilled I'm sure. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Babies and Dance

Snicklefritz update.....Cuteness!
Oh my goodness how do I love this little girl.  She just makes my heart go pitty-pat when she runs up to me and says, "Granny!" 

I've been very busy making lots and lots of baby blankets.  I have six friends who are going to be first time grandmothers (5 girls and 1 boy) and I have always crocheted baby blankets, ever since I was in high school.  In fact, my first one was for my General Business, Typing teacher, Mrs. Maples when she was to have her first child.  She had a little girl, Karen and that kiddo is in her 40's now.  WHAT!  Yup.  The first blanket I made I was 16 years old so it is nearly 45 years old and Rio plays with it everyday.  You can't even tell it is that old.  Guess we should put it up but why.

Snicklefritz snapped this little jewel with my camera.  That girl is a natural picture taker! 

I forgot to mention this past weekend that The Hubby and his dance partner Tina were in a competion and danced a routine they had been practicing for nearly two months.  They did an awesome job.  Tina is a wonderful dance partner for him, thank goodness it's not me, and I support them fully!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I started to clean out "MY ROOM," my space, my inner sanctum.  You have to note that the rest of my house is NOT like this room.  It is orderly and neat but my space....

I started around my chair as that was starting to crowd me.  I began making piles and soon realized that I had created more of a mess than I had before.  You have to understand that I am the keeper of family history, my high school class crap, my crafts, my books, my family pictures, paper (love clean paper and empty journals, obsessively), more books...AND MY ART stuff like canvas', paints, cleaners, brushes...
This is not the first time I've had to clean out my room but honestly, it's the worst it has ever been and I was a bit ashamed and extremely overwhelmed. 

I put the S.O.S. out to my oldest, B and she dropped everything and flew over to assist as I was about to give up but I HAD to do this.  
What happened kind of created more of a mess than I thought and it spilled out down the hallway into the guest bedroom.  I had to get the art stuff organized and we moved all of it to the guest room.  Guess what, I CAN'T get into that room now!  EEK!!!!  It has been this way for a couple of weeks not, dodging the piles down the hall but on Thursday I got busy.  I purged probably 100-150 books so far.  I'm a book whore, what can I say.  See those cabinets that are closed, well they were full, FULL I SAY of books that I could not even get to.  One side is empty now, the other has art magazines, so far. 
Look, you can see actual floor, not floor in the hall or guest room, but floor. 
I also have a collection of Stuart Woods books.  I've collected everything he has written and even though his recent stuff is kind of crap, it is a collection and I am dedicated to it.  So instead of filling up my book alcove in the living room
I'm moving all to the top shelf in my room then moving hard backs and old books to the alcove.  Paperbacks that I have not read yet will be put in a side bookshelf that has NO DOORS.  When it is shut away, it is forgotten.  

Today I will tackle the closet that isn't quite as bad as before and I think I'll be able to purge a lot out of there too.  I HAVE to have this done by June 7 as I'm hosting Daniel Keys and the workshop art students here for dinner and an evening of visiting and I have to have my home studio in tip-top shape.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


This diet.....NO.....not diet.....Life Change With Food...

is still rolling on and on.  I'm not saying I've been an angel but mostly, yes I have.  Last weekend we headed to the cabin and I knew that would be a challenge.  The cabinites all like to get together and drink, eat and be merry.  Friday night was ham and cheese sandwiches and chips and I was on tap for appetizers.  I brought carrots and celery and Greek yogurt dip.  I ate the insides of the sandwiches and only drank water.  With the C&C&Dip I took these wonderful okra chip thingys that I have found at Whole Foods or Reasors.  I know there is a bit of oil but I can have a couple and it's like chips.  (Going to try the kale chips again.)  Saturday night was pork tenderloin and again I was up for appetizer.  So I put together an amazing platter of fresh, blanched veggies and more of the dip.  I admit I had a couple of chips and guacamole, EGGROLLS, and one gin and tonic but mostly water.  I bought a bottle infuser and had cucumber, strawberries and lime in my infuser.  Yum!  Honestly I did okay.  During the week I made an awesome Skinny Zucchini Lasagna.  It is so very good and makes several servings to eat during the week.  
I've also been dragging my lunch to art on Tuesday's.  So in anticipation of the week of lunches I roasted eight chicken breasts and bagged them up individually to grab, pack and run.  It has worked beautifully and my yummy water infuser has been by my side also.   
The upside of this new food change is I'm down 9 POUNDS!  That is exciting and spurs me on but I have to admit that it is a struggle and I want it to move faster.  I know if I start really exercising it will move but, but, but, but...I have excuses, I won't lie.  

I was also faced with this temptation at art as Miss C insisted she bring donuts because she won a blue ribbon.  I asked her PLEASE not to but she said she had too.  ARGHHHH.  I DID NOT EAT!  I had the same challenge at the office as a sales rep brought a box and I DID NOT EAT!

My pal Linda, who is doing this with me, my art buddy too, have discovered that we can eat at the Mexican restaurant across the street from art.  We order lettuce, carne asada steak, pico, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, no taco chips, and it is delicious. 
This food lifestyle change is a struggle not only daily and  hourly, but by minutes and seconds.  I have to consciously think about my choices every second.  It's always on my mind.  As I drive past temptations, walk by my pantry, or make runs to the grocery store, my mind it always saying, "No.  Maybe.  Absolutely not, you are stronger than that."  Every step I take, every thought I have I'm constantly talking myself out of making a bad choice.  It is exhausting but it is paying off and I have to keep pushing forward.  

For dinner last night I wanted to go out.  I wanted to make the right choices successfully and I think I did.  We went to Charlestons and I knew I would have to say NO to the bread that accompanies the salad.  Awww, that wonderful melt-in-your-mouth roll.  I ordered the salmon with a side of steamed broccoli, salad with no croutons and NO BREAD!  It was delicious and I was satisfied.  

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Fear No More

Wednesday morning and here I am yet again sitting very early looking through my WINDOWED office.  It is quite wonderful but alas, the skies are gray and stormy looking.  Yesterday I went to art and finished that painting finally and have promptly given it away to the lady from which the window came from.  Yes, I think I could have sold it with no problem but she is getting married (sometime) and I wanted her to have it.  The response on Facebook was AMAZING so I will probably sell some giclee's (prints).  My painting buddy, Linda and I took off early from art to drive 10 paintings (3 mine, 5 hers, and 2 Peggy's) to Muskogee for a show that starts this week through Sunday.  I had never driven to Muskogee and brings me to part of the reason for my writing this morning.  

Fear, yes fear I say is no more for me, or least most of it.  I'm not sure if it's confidence, age, or just doing stuff over and over to over come some of my fears.  Let's take driving to Muskogee, usually that would have made my stomach be in absolute knots.  In fact so bad that I might have been in the bathroom a lot but as it turned out I just didn't get that feeling of fear yesterday, not one time.  It's like when I drove to Oklahoma City last fall for that art workshop with my friend Linda and absolutely NO FEAR where as several years ago when I had to drive through there to Lawton I actually had to stop outside of OKC to change my underwear.  That is how debilitating my fear was for driving to the unknown.  Now if I was faced with driving to Dallas or Kansas City, that might be a bit of a challenge but I think I could do it.  This Mediterranean Cruise this art group is taking next fall would tend to put me into a panic, especially when it's not planned by a person that does that kind of thing for a living.  One of the ladies going has done it all and I'm OKAY with that.  I'm actually looking forward to it all without fear, well a touch but mostly none.  Yeah.  Now while we are there we are going to the Amalfi Coast and Positano to be specific.  Positano, as in Under The Tuscan Sun.  If you've seen the movie, there are buildings out of the sides of cliffs and cliffs means mountainous areas and heights and FALLLLLling.....  One of my worst fears but I want to go there SOOOOO bad that I am overlooking that.  The Hubby has given me grief about this fear and actually told me that he hoped that I don't have a hysterical meltdown in front of them.  Really, well Mr. if I do I can't HELP it.  It just happens to me, it's called a PANIC ATTACK.  My FRIENDS told me that well, wouldn't you rather have something like that happen when you are with friends that can HELP you through it.  Yes, I would thank you.  But really, I think if I can get my head wrapped around it I can overcome like I have with this other stuff.  I know I can with SUPPORT, the key work Mr.


Monday, April 04, 2016


Yes, I'm back again to chitter-chatter this very early AM, 5:40 to be exact.  Yesterday the plan was that I DID NOT have to leave the house all day long so I was going to paint.  But walking into "my room" and seeing the huge mess it was just was not conducive to painting.  I've been planning on reorganizing before May but had could not get it together to make it happen.  I started around my chair which took me over an hour and ended making more piles but tossing a lot out.  Then it started getting overwhelming.  Really, my room looked like a hoarders house but contained in one room.  Piles and piles of books, financial stuff, art supplies, canvases, magazines, the crap I had accumulated was too much for me to handle.  I was almost in a panic to just shove it all back in the corners till another day.  I totally understand how hoarders can feel and I don't have the sometimes emotional issues they have.  It can be so overwhelming so I sent a text to my oldest and she came to my rescue.  Granted we have piles down the hall waiting to be put back but hey, I'm seeing floor now, actual floor and a huge bag full of books to sell.  Yes, giving away some of the books I have a hard time with, I LOVE books, all books and that is difficult.  We haven't even gotten to one of the cabinets of books.  The ones I can't get rid of are the ones that were my momma's and mine from childhood.  The sad thing is I haven't even read these books.  I cannot buy anymore.  I have to admit I am a kind of hoarder but it's all good.  Eventually the easel and art supplies will move to my studio at the shop but I have to have an easel here for the urge to create.  

I will soon have this space all straightened up to enjoy again, I promise.  

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Let's Play Catch-Up

Let's play catch-up with my week in review.

Forgot to post the yearly photo of The Hubby's family.  I tell ya, my mother-in-law, soon to be 88 years young, looks better and better.  What a fabulous lady that I love dearly.  She is going to be representing her retirement home as their Ms.  M for the state of Oklahoma.  So proud of her and she will surely win.  

My easel has been a bit clogged up with trying to finish this one.  It's still not done but I am loving it so far.  I think this week it will finally be called DONE!

This week also brought the 8th wedding anniversary of B&B2.  They've been together for 10 years and in that time they have created such a lovely family.  Sweet Snicklefritz was given the big girl camera and took this photo, at 3 years old.  I think we have an artist on our hands, don't you agree.  That girl has an incredible eye.

I'm not sure I mentioned it but I'm doing the low carb thing and am down 6 pounds with stuff like this!  The other night I didn't want to go to the store for dinner stuff, yet again, so I opted for what I could find in the fridge.  So a broken omelet with a touch of cheese, fresh spinach and salsa.  The Hubby loved it and so did I.  It was so pretty which makes the eye happy too.

I've also been asked to donate a painting again for the Cattle Baron's Ball this year and he subtly hinted that roosters are in vogue.  Since I didn't have a ready available photo in my stash of pics I put the call out on Facebook to friends and family that I knew had chickens or the opportunity to snap pics and was nearly overloaded with tons of reference photos.  Here's just a few of the many.  Hey, I may do a series of these.

We ventured to the cabin Friday night and it was very quiet.  I don't think anyone was there, well, there were some but everyone chose to keep it private.  Anyway, Saturday there was a remembrance of one of the cabinite's that passed away recently.  Sweet TP Harris left us so we spent time with his family and friends at the cabin to bid a bittersweet farewell to a one in a million guy.  They had wine and munchies (which I DID NOT eat).  There were tons of fabulous pictures and lots of visiting.  Worth the time spent.

When I pulled up the cabin Friday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised by my Japanese Keirra in the corner of our fenced yard in front of our NEW fence.  Oh my it just glowed yellow.  Love it!  One of my very favorite plants and brings fantastic memories of my Greatgranny who called it the Mexican Rose, which was totally wrong.  Took me years to find in the greenhouses because of the mistaken name.  What's wonderful is that it's only supposed to bloom in the spring, in Oklahoma I find it blooms off and on in the summer too and it's deer resistant and is perfect for wooded area.  Score!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Morning Spillage

Friday morning and I'm sitting at my office desk looking out the windows at the gray skies and I thought I would see what would spill out of my brain.  

Brrrr, it is a bit chilly this morning.  I just finished doing the guys payroll, paying bills and a bit of invoicing and it's only 9:38.  The girly and Snicklefritz will be here soon and then I will be off to get some milk and veggies and wait for The Hubby to say "Let's go" to the cabin.  We're only staying one night as we're coming back to town to attend a play for one of his dance peeps.  I'm waiting for the temperatures kick up a bit to spend some quality time at the cabin.  Brrrr, I so hate the chill and my joints are beginning to creak every time it turns cold.  I'm ready to till up my tiny garden and plant some tomatoes.  Actually, I should go ahead and get it ready and put my Wall-O-Water's in and buy the plants.  Maybe this next week I can get that accomplished.  I'm ready for fresh veggies from my garden.  I don't plan on going all out but once I get to the greenhouse...oh boy...I get carried away with all the green plants and possibilities from planting stuff.  

Next week I'm taking (with a friend) some paintings to Muskogee for another art show.  Hopefully, I will have some good luck again.  I've got so many options available to paint lately and I just don't know where to start.  I've got to find a good rooster picture to paint for the Cattle Baron's Ball.  I've been asked again if I would like to donate a painting and the guy suggested that roosters are a bit thing now so I guess that is what I will do.  My problem is I don't have a rooster picture and I won't pull one off the internet.  That's just not what I do.  Does anyone have a good photo that they would give me permission to paint!!!!