Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Word Spill

I'm not sure what you call this abandoning of my blog lately, writers block.  I just don't know but the words are just not there.  I don't seem to have an opinion about anything lately and I certainly don't want to get political.  I haven't even been writing in my handwritten journal.  It's very strange that I don't have words spilling out of my brain.  It could be the pain that seems to be never ending from the knee because it seems to be constantly on my mind.  Workouts have been at a real minimum and any kind of walking to stores or ANYTHING is at a minimum.  I am in the holding pattern, STILL of waiting for a call from the doctor's office.  Since the MRI was last Wednesday I am giving them till tomorrow afternoon then I'm calling them.  They should surely have the results by then wouldn't you think.  If I was not referred by my regular doctor I would stop this and start the process over but I am patient and a waiter by nature.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween, my most un-favorite time of year, mostly because of the candy aspect and how I DON'T want it in my house.  As it turns out my lights will be out because The Hubby will be at dance class and I am NOT going to be getting up and down to answer the door with this knee.  If he was here I have a bag of toys to give out if he was.

On a good note is that we are babysitting sweet Rio on Thursday and will get to have an all-nighter on Saturday while they go to a huge Halloween party.  Thursday will be a trial run and hope all goes well.  The Hubby is rather excited as am I.  She is a precious little being that has been brought into our lives and I can't wait to spend some time with her.  I can't wait till she is bouncing around this house with a sing-song "Granny", "GrandPOP!(or Poppy, or PaPa or whatever he prefers...)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Sounds

Last night I again woke up about 2 a.m. This is really getting old.  I am sleeping very soundly and then I'm just awake.  The eyes open wide and the mind is racing.  It's not even hot flashes that are rousing me out of my slumber, I JUST WAKE UP!  I don't mind laying there for a bit and drifting back into dreamland but the problem is when The Hubby is rattling the walls with his own Sleepytown Noises.  It's not really even a snore, at least as bad as my Dad used to do, it's noise.  Many years ago The Hubby had a test to find out he had sleep apnea so he had surgery.  Then he had his uvula lasered off and his deviated septum fixed.  It was great because he finally started dreaming again and YEA the snoring stopped.  He could peel the paint off the walls snorer and it ceased.  Fast forward to now and he is again making sounds when he sleeps.  Saying all of this, therein lies my problem of trying to get back to sleep yet again.  The "sounds" he makes.  I jiggle the bed, I nudge, flip-flop in the bed, anything to try and make him shift.

As I was laying there last night trying all the maneuvers to get him to stop I had the thought that it would certainly be very quiet without his sweet sounds.  I don't think I would like the silence either.  I guess I have grown to love the sweet sounds that are rolling around the bedroom walls every night from The Hubby snoring.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space







Monday, October 22, 2012

Babies, Moons and Flowers

Friday night The Hubby and I attended a concert at the River Spirit Event Center, The 5th Dimension and The Spinners.  The Hubby was adamant that we go to see them so tickets I purchased.  The venue is fairly small and quaint and was quickly filled to the brim with a lot of blue and white hair, not the pink or yellow variety but the OLD kind.  But really, we are so in that age bracket it's scary.  What a rowdy crowd that loved to sing along and dance in their seats and aisles.  The 5th Dimension was okay with a founding member Florence LaRue, which I had never heard of.  The Spinners had two returning founding members and it was a great concert.  We were pleased.  

The next day we were headed to the cabin for one night but The Hubby was insistent that we spend some time with Rio.  She is growing so fast already and it's only been 3 weeks.  
Her face is changing so much and even smiled when her name was mentioned.   

The drive to the cabin was beautiful.  The day was incredibly beautiful with the colors changing quickly. 
I grabbed my camera when we got there and hopped on the golf cart to try and capture the beauty. 
Check this out.  I was driving through the meadow and when I stopped on the backside where it is quiet, I turned to capture this in the bright midday sky! 

The last of the flowers are trying hard to get all they can out of the sun and warmer temperatures. 

I am already waiting impatiently for spring.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Rolls On

Life seems to be marching on, day by day.  Little Rio is growing like a weed, already gaining nearly a pound in 2 weeks.  Her Momma is finally able to get out and about which will help with the stir crazy feeling.  Isn't this sweet.  It's the mother-in-law with her little great-granddaughter.  Aren't they both beautiful ladies.  

Work is slow for me but in general the guys are busy, busy, busy.  That is finally good.  It has been a weird few years in the industry and very slow to build back up.  I will be ready for the elections to be done and the US can move on, however things turn out.  At this point there is no telling which way it will fall.  

Yesterday we got new android phones, the new Galaxy III so I will be knee deep trying to figure out how it all works.  Should be fun.

The view from the new The Vault
The Hubby and I try to eat out only once a week but sometimes more.  Last week we tried the newly open The Vault in downtown Tulsa.  It's in the old First National Autobank and has a room called the Tom Tom Room  that can be rented out for special groups along with a general restaurant eating area.  The menu consists of pimento mac and cheese,  eggplant moussaka, and pretzel sliders with some old fashioned drinks like Manhattan's, Mai Tai, and Pink Stag.  The  decor is kind of Mad Men'ish and something B&B2 would love.  It's funny that some 36 years ago I was in the autobank when it was an autobank.  I used to work a couple of blocks away and the company I worked for deposited our paychecks automatically into new accounts set up there.  It's great to see the old being saved and re-thought for new.  

NOTE:  Still have not heard from the doctor office about the MRI.  It's been 2 weeks and I called yet again yesterday to have the girl say that was not right.  She took my number and said they would call me when they were back from lunch.  Do you see anywhere here where they called back...NO!  So today I will call yet again and see what is up.  I don't have time to play around here as life rolls on.  Next Tuesday they will start the tear out of the very old landscaping in the backyard and I need to concentrate on that.  I don't have time to play phone tag when I'm the only one phone tagging!  Can you tell I'm pissed!  Oh well.  On to my Friday as I wait around for the outdoor drapes to be delivered sometime today.  Tonight The Hubby and I go to see the 5th Dimension and The Spinners.  


Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Still Blogging

Good Sunday morning one and all.  I bet you thought I had given up blogging altogether but I haven't, I've just hit a lull in what wants to be put into words.  

We finally skedaddled off to the cabin Friday afternoon to only stay one night but what fun we had.  Pizza with some of the cabinites and then home on Saturday afternoon.
The last of my summer flowers are trying to keep spring and summer in the air.  I love the beautiful rose and there was one more tiny bud ready to pop soon.  I may have to paint this one.  
Along with the beauty we were left with the ugly.  This nasty little millipede was just one of thousands that were milling (LOL) around the front doorstep at the cabin.  We swept them off into oblivion, or at least into a huge pile that was NOT on my doorstep.  I Googled them knowing the were probably millipedes and found them on the okstate.edu website. Thank goodness it says they are harmless.  Yeah, that's what they think until you crunch tons of them under your shoes....ICK! 
Fall is beginning and the color is coming.  It will probably not be as pretty from the drought conditions but it will be here. 

Baby Rio is doing well and tomorrow she will be 2 weeks old.  Wow!  Her momma, B, is doing well too and getting her girlish figure back very fast.  I think she's a bit stir crazy, not being to go out on her own yet but all in all she is doing remarkably well.  

The knee is still an issue.  I went to the specialist 11 days ago and am still waiting for the okay for an MRI.  He said they had to get the nod from the insurance company but how long does that take.  At least the pain is a bit better but I'm ready to get this thing fixed.  I'm going to give them till Thursday and will call yet again and raise a little ruckus.  Really this is silly, don't you think. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Morning Ramble

Good Monday morning...brrrr, it's in the 30's here this morning and I DON'T like.  Wow, why is it so chilly this early in the season.  I am not ready for the chill but I guess I can't fight it.  

The knee is a bit better today, not as swollen and sore but definitely still there.  I've been waiting since Thursday for a call from the scheduling office to see if the insurance will pay for the MRI and then the surgery.  If the insurance says no on the MRI but yes to surgery that will make me want to scratch the head.  I mean wouldn't they want to know exactly what the doctor is going after in there!  At this point I'm ready.  I'm tired of crippin' around here and being so careful and this cold weather will make it ache more.  I've already been dealing with a potential crick in my neck since the cold hit.  

Today is the first day for B2 to go back to work leaving B and baby Rio alone, on their own for the first time since she was born....wow, 7 days ago.  Rio is 7 days old, one week.   
Saturday I went to see Daddy with the purpose of taking him to see his first great-grandchild and he was elated.  We hopped in the car and trekked over there.  Isn't this picture awesome.  
Rio and her Great-GrandPapa!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

This and That Saturday

Good Saturday morning all.  We're in town for yet another weekend.  The Hubby has to do some office work which means my Monday at the office will be on overload with invoicing.  We've missed several weeks at the cabin but it's all been good as we were waiting for little Rio to enter this world.  I think we will go up on Sunday afternoon because one of the cabins is going to be auctioned off.  Sadly one of our friends has hit very hard times and their cabin is one to go.  Makes my heart break for them and to see one of the places where we have all shared so many happy fun memories go to a stranger.  I'm not sure why The Hubby wants to go except for maybe curiosity, surely he doesn't plan on bidding?...?...?

Today I'm planning on visiting my dad and maybe seeing if he wants to go to B&B2's to see Rio.  I also hope to attend the Art in the Square at Utica Square but I'm not sure my knee can survive it.  I'm still waiting for the scheduling office to call for the MRI and they have not yet.  Monday if I have not heard by the afternoon I'm calling because this pain is non-stop and it is starting to grate on me.  Making me frown and that causes wrinkles and I'm having none of that!  Tomorrow I will do a bit of painting or pastel or something.

Last night I made my first risotto, successfully!  It was yummy.  Sauteed shrimp with a bit of garlic, lemon and capers and fresh steamed asparagus, I felt like we went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  It was a nice quiet Friday evening.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Foggy Days

Foggy days...yes that is me today.  I've been dealing with an increasingly sore knee for some time now but the past couple of weeks I'm in agony.  A lot of standing and waiting at the hospital put me over the top with pain so I finally called my internist and saw him yesterday.  He immediately had them book me to see a specialist this morning and in the meantime he gave me a prescription for hydrocodone.  I have been under the impression for over 30 years now that I could not tolerate any kind of codiene medicine so I have not taken it.  I get so very ill, usually, but I said okay I will try it again.  I was desparate to end the pain that I'm dealing with constantly.  So, last night I popped that mighty pill in my mouth and waited to see if anything happened.  What happened is that I slept.  You see sleeping has been an issue because the pain, in any position, does not stop.  I slept HARD, so hard that I could not wake up this morning.  I had the doctor appointment at 9 am and I threw myself out of bed at 8:30, gulped a cup of coffee and the hair in a ponytail and rushed out the door.  I was still in a fog until lunch with The Hubby when suddenly I saw sunlight.  Well, we know that stuff works for the pain and sleeping but I will only be taking it on the weekends.  Sheesh!

The ortho doc took x-rays and determined that I have a torn cartilidge in my knee and will confirm with an MRI and then arthroscopic surgery to take care of my issue.  I knew I had a problem when every dance turn I had pain but the pain had been increasingly worse and worse till one time I felt a kind of snap, pop, PAIN.  That was it a few months ago and now this. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Rio Rae

She's here, she's here...sweet Rio Rae!
That precious little peanut firmly grasping her daddy's finger made her appearance yesterday, October 1 at 10:59 p.m., weighing 7 lb 12 oz.   
She was just a few days late but made an impressive entry in the world.  B had crampy labor pains all day long and then as the contractions got about 4-5 minutes apart they headed to the hospital.  Dilated to a 3-4 there was not a rush that she would be there anytime before 4 am the next morning but Rio had other plans.  After a whirlwind 5 hours labor and going from a 4 to 10 in less than an hour B had the natural childbirth that she didn't think possible.  Too late for the epidural she was a champ and sailed through bringing this precious little bundle into our world.   
Introducing our first grandchild, 
Rio Rae