Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Day

My last day at getting up at 4:45 am and traveling 20 minutes south to Jazzercise and to be with my early morning friends. Well, today started badly. Yesterday The Hubby had the electricity off for a bit moving receptacles in the bedroom but neglected to inform me. The TV is our alarm and so it did not go off. I was awakened by him turning the TV on and realizing it was the local news not the national news. My eyes flew open and I jumped out of bed running to the bathroom to get my workout clothes on. It was 5:05. I have a 20 minute drive and I'm supposed to open up and get coffee on and the computer on. The Hubby was straddling the toilet and my workout clothes and shoes are beside the toilet because that is where I sit and get ready every morning. I reached around his legs to grab my stuff cursing and he was yelling, "HEY" as I wormed my hand around his legs for my stuff. I dressed and quickly ran a toothbrush around my mouth then hit the road. I have a set routine every morning and of course on my last day it is all mucked up. Usually I get ready, fix my cup of coffee to go and as I back out of the garage and drive I open the car door and grab my paper because I read my paper at Jazzercise before class. This morning as I threw the toothbrush down on the counter and grabbed my purse to run out the door I knew there was no time for the all important coffee. I backed out of the garage and drive and as I was backing down the steep drive I heard a pop, like a balloon, my newspaper. The plastic yellow wrapper popped as I drove over it but there was not time to stop and get the paper. On my way to class I dialed the number of Jazz to let K and E know I was on my way but running late. I finally arrived after hitting EVERY stinking light and the ladies had some muffins and fruit to share on my last day. We had about 16 ladies there for my last class and it was nice. I tried to not be emotional but that was easy as my morning was already off to a unroutine way. After class a bunch of the core group of friends went to coffee and talk. I am so going to miss this early morning batch of women that have made my life so full. Well, on to the rest of my day which as of last night has promised to not be what I had planned for my Friday. Should have known last night when The Hubby wanted me to go look at some property he might want us to purchase, after lunch, the time I was going to drive to the cabin. See, messes up my day. Oh well, gotta roll with it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

United We Stand

This morning driving back home from Jazzercise I was listening to the talk radio and they were going on and on and on about Obama and McCain and yadda, yadda, yadda. When you try to watch television there are just non-stop political ads and the news is just full of this and that and garbage. I have just about had it. Enough is enough of the name calling, hair-pulling crap. I can not wait until this election and all that it entails is DONE and over. I only hope we don't have voter irregularities that might pop-up to keep this stuff floating around. The way the country is right now we need to get our country united and get back off this dirt road full of pot-holes we are on and back on the interstate and move forward. The drive this morning made me think of this song from my youth.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Massage Day

Finally, today after a few months of cancelled appointments I am going for my massage and facial. I like to have them every few months or so but that stupid staff infection I couldn't go. I am so ready for it. I actually worked out this morning with my Jazzercise friends after another week off. It is so very bittersweet though as this is my last week to have this time with my friends. It was sad this morning though because there were only 6 in attendance. I can so see the demise of the group and it just breaks my heart. I have been sharing my early mornings, coffee and sweat for over 10 years with these women. We have become bonded as friends, true friends and I am leaving it behind. Don't get me wrong I will see them when we have coffee once in awhile or a girls night out or the weekend the "Hanging of the Bras" but it is just not the same. These ladies have given me such comfort and companionship in some of my darkest days. When my dear Gail died they were there to wipe my tears. When I started really losing weight the kudos and compliments I received just encouraged me on and on. When Momma died four of the ladies showed up at Mommas funeral even though they had never met her, they were there for me. Now that connection will be pulled to a thin thread that can be severed very easily if we don't keep it strong. That is a hard task as I've had several groups go by the way-side like this and they have failed. Hopefully we are close enough that this won't happen. As I drive to south Tulsa one last time on Friday I think I may be crying, yes I know I will. I will be very sad all day long and it might be worse on Monday morning when I don't have to get up. I think if the weather is good I'll walk, maybe!

Yesterday I picked up a current copy of the Oklahoma Magazine and as I turned the pages I was caught by the article about the to 75 blogs/websites in Oklahoma. Several I read on a regular basis so I tweeted and left comments on a few to let them know they were included. Alas, I was not one of them. Maybe next year. Congrats to all for the nod. Happy Tuesday All!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dawn is breaking

Dawn is breaking here in town. We decided not to go to the cabin this weekend as The Hubby is leaving tomorrow morning for a guys weekend. He has been up since 5:30 smoking a brisket and is now getting ready to do the final stage in the oven. I will smell like smoked meat for a few days and so will the house. I promised him I would make one of my famous salads to accompany the brisket, 24-hour Layered Salad. My mistake is that they won't be eating it until Monday evening so I didn't want to make it on Friday. Yes Friday, yesterday, I was going to go to the cabin by myself but alas I promised so here I am, in town. That is okay as I do need to visit my Daddy and sis and maybe brother dear. I've avoided being around my daddy so I would not expose my staff infection to him but I am on the mend finally. I've also avoided seeing the sis after her terrible decision and act of getting rid of a beloved pet. I've still been angry with her but she is my sis and I have to move on. I just don't approve with it which seems to be my lot in life and really who we are as humans. We have to get along even though we may not agree 100% with people, their lives and decisions, we have to live together in this world. I don't agree with my sis, I don't agree with my "best" friend, I don't agree with a lot of stuff but that is their lives and I respect the diversity of our lives. I can grumble and complain but I have to let it go.

This week will be the last week that I will go to Jazzercise to the 5:30 a.m. class. I am so very sad that I won't be seeing my friends everyday like I have for the past 10 years. That is so hard to let go. The Hubby seems to not understand how hard the decision was for me to make. He is a man and just doesn't seem to have the need for friends like a woman does. When I quit going to Jazz that will be another friend base that will cease to exist for me. Oh we will still get together every few months for dinner, a girls night out but it won't be what I am used to. The loneliness will be horrible for me. My Beta Sigma Phi social organization cratered a few years ago, my Methodist Women's group cratered a few years ago and now my Jazz group is going to be a thing of the past. It is hard to keep those contacts together on a consistent basis afterwards. From the MW group there are four of us that regularly get together for dinner about 4-5 times a year. The BSP group I only have my "best" friend from that and that I have harped on before. I tried to get a bunch of us together a few months ago and it was awesome but has anyone else attempted the get-togethers, no. I'm tired of being the glue that tries to keep it all together. Someone come to me for once. I'm starting to be someone what of a loner because it has just all fizzled out. I do have the weekend crew at the lake but that doesn't seem to translate as well when we come back to town. I'm not included, we are not included much into stuff. We are going to turn into the old couple when we retire that sits home and watches TV day-in and day-out without a break, like my parents, dependent on the company of our children. My parents cut off all of their friends and groups and depended on us three kids and the grandchildren to be their social life and in the end, when Momma died they were essentially alone. Mommas so-called friends didn't even show up for her funeral or even call or send a card. Of course my parents did it to themselves, I'm not. I want friends. Oh, I'm just doing the pity me thing again. I have lots and lots of friends but none of them are forever friends. Again I'll say it, I want a "Lucy and Ethel" kind of friendship, always have. I guess I live in a fantasy world but when your "best" friend doesn't even seem to contact you for months at a time I just don't understand. On top of that we fundamentally don't have the same philosophy and outlook of life anymore, we are miles apart in total opposite direction but I don't let that be know. I keep my mouth shut which goes back to the respecting others but somehow I get lost in that and my opinions don't matter. Oh gosh it is a huge rat-race-circle that never ends.

Man, I am sorry, I have gone over the edge. Maybe I will have an opinion sometime but I'm afraid to voice it cause I don't want people mad at me. I don't want people to see me as weird. I don't say who I'm voting for. I don't say whether I'm Republican or Democrat, hell I don't even really know myself. I don't have an opinion either way on anything, I ride that fence because I'm comfortable there, aw a true Gemini, seeing both sides and then not able to commit.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Morning, Let's Rant and Rave!

Good morning to the one or two who read this blog. It is Thursday morning about 7:57 a.m. and I'm at home. I did not work out today, again. I have again been fighting that damned MRSA virus. It appeared this time in my arm pits. Yeah, I know it is gross but hey, such is the truth. It is not as bad as last time but I can hardly put my arms down, ouch, sting. I am again on another antibiotic and hopefully when I really need an antibiotic when I'm old it will work for me. I'm so very tired of having this crap going on. It is messing with my workout schedule, even though it is about to change anyway. I have written on my impending departure from Jazzercise, a five days a week commitment I have had in my life for over ten years. I may find another place to Jazz but that will be later. I will continue my personal trainer but all of this is a mute point if I don't get better. Right now sweating is not an option for my arms, OUCH! I am a Gemini so I do like to shake things up but there are some areas in my life I am pretty set in and don't like change. This hiccup in my life schedule has me a little upset. It just messes with me.

Today is another day off day and I'm not too sure what I want to do. Here I have wanted to have some days off and now that I have them I'm at a loss. I don't really have a friend I could call for lunch, tried that. The ones I could call work and can't seem to get off for lunch. I could go shopping, that is always an option, but just not in the mood to spend money. I could see a movie, but I will save that for Sunday as The Hubby is going out of town Sunday & Monday. I could clean out a closet, uh NO. I could read all day, but that is saved for the cabin. Crap, what do I do. I can't watch soap operas all day, which is what I did on Tuesday. I would love to go for a walk and light jog on this brisk day but alas, no sweating.

Here's a the Rant & Rave...I was reading on another blog about the flu shot and vaccinations. I fully endorse getting the flu shot and all vaccinations. I have a friend who chose not to have her children inoculated and let me tell you, from one who has had all of those nasty illness such as mumps, measles (2 kinds), and chicken pox (I have scars), it is not fun. My goodness, why put your child through that crap when you can prevent it. My girls had the chicken pox and a couple of years later they had the vaccine. The poor girls have scars on their faces like I do. They are not bad but you know they are there. Miserable, that is all I can say, miserable. The flu shot I get because I have a genetic weakness in my lungs as do my brother and sister. My family history is lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma. I also get a pneumonia shot. I've had pneumonia four times in my life. Everyone in my family gets a flu shot and they did it mainly to be around my mother when she was alive. She had emphysema and asthma, her father had cancer, emphysema and asthma, his mother (who never smoked) had emphysema. So you see I have reasons for my decisions. You may have reasons for not getting it but that is my stand. I'm just stating my belief.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day at Home

Today I just took the entire day off and so far it is working. I haven't been called in to the office and so I sit here vegging out. I went to Jazzercise but again I did not workout as I'm having yet ANOTHER relapse in a different place, my armpits of all places. I can hardly put my arms down. I am so very tired of this crap happening. I called the doctor again and he is again calling in an antibiotic for me. If this keeps up I won't be able to take any kind of antibiotic when I'm really sick when I'm older. I don't understand why this keeps happening. It's apparently in my blood stream and just hangs around ready to pounce again. I want to be well. I'm kid free, days off and living a grand life but now I'm knocked down by this stupid staff infection that won't go away. Totally tired of this!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm afraid it's happening again.

I'm really afraid it is happening again. I am not feeling the best today and I have zit on my chin, my glands in my neck are swollen, my ears are draining and now I have two lumpy things, one under each armpit. I so hope they don't turn out to be MRSA again. I am tired of fighting that crappy stuff. I'm hoping that I am just fighting a sinus infection or ear infection and the other stuff is a fluke of happenings. My allergies are acting weird so maybe that is all it is. I also feel blue, sad, down, non-friendly. This weekend I have just wanted to be by myself, not my jovial self. I want to sleep, which I slept till 8:30 this morning. We are at the cabin and it is glorious today. It is a bit breezy but the sun is warm and I am by myself at Harri's cabin deck. Unfortunately there is a downside to sitting outside in the fall, falling acorns. It's a good thing they haven't put down their deck umbrella or I would be black and blue. All the metal roofs around it sounds like hundreds of shots going off when the wind blows. The Hubby has gone fishing this morning at 6 am and won't be back till about noon. This weekend was full of festivities. Friday night we were invited to Sin and Bare's for a hamburger cookout which was fun. I had too much wine and ended up in bed by 9:30. Of course I had been up since 4:30 so the wine just made the bedtime sooner. Saturday I read a bit but Harri called me over to sit by her fire and visit and help her decorate her cabin fall like. So I spent the better part of yesterday over here visiting. I finally begged off saying I wanted to nap but I really wanted to watch TV, crochet and just veg out, which I did. Then last night was another gathering. Two cabins had recently been remodeled and were across the road from each other and so the inhabitants had open houses with tons of wonderful food. We gorged ourselves and enjoyed a lot of chatter with other cabinites but I was ready to be alone again by 8:30. We had been invited to Harri and Jimbo's and RM & Ed's but I just wasn't in the mood. The Hubby went over to Harri and Jimbo's for a bit but I just watched TV and crocheted the rest of the evening. I almost feel like I'm going to have that monthly visit. Of course the monthly has been absent since June so we'll see. I just feel like that in my head. Maybe that is all this is. I sure hope so.

I'm also dealing with the decision that I have made and have not yet fully put into action. The decision to quit or at least move places where I Jazzercise. It has weighed heavily on my head and heart this weekend as I just don't want to give up my girlfriends. That is what will happen eventually, even though we may try to stay together as a group it will happen. I've had it happen before and am very sad about it. My friend base just keeps dwindling and I am just in a deep depression about it. I just don't know what to do about it. Yes I have lots of friends but the old ones, ones that you have over many, many years I just don't have. I am jealous of other people who talk about their old college friends or high school friends and they still are in contact. Mine aren't. They don't want to be. I have had to forge new relationships in various organizations or places and then they seem to not last. I want a friendship to last through time. Gail would and was that kind of friendship but she is gone. My friend C, even though she feels it is just not there for me. My fairly new friends here at the cabin community are wonderful and we have great fun but they don't necessarily translate to deep friendships when the weekend is over. They have their own relationships that have been place for a long time. I'm 52 years old and don't have a best friend. That just makes me want to bawl. Wouldn't you want a friend like Lucy and Ethel, a friend that pops in for coffee or calls and wants to do lunch at least once a week, not once every 6 months. That is the kind of relationship I have left now and I am just distraught over that. When my mother was alive my sister and I and our children would descend up the old homestead every Saturday morning. We would either hang out there all day and cook, can, garden, go shopping and most assuredly go to lunch. It was awesome. But now Momma is gone and that tradition is gone. I am still not happy with Sis after the cat fiasco a few months ago and we just don't run in the same circles. Face it if we weren't sisters we would not be friends, just too different. You know even here at the cabin I am alone to an extent. Harri has Sin and when Sin is not here I am the replacement. Everyone has somebody that they pal around with. I usually sit at the cabin alone. Most of the time that is okay as that is what this place is for for me but sometimes I would like to be the person that is sought after. Don't get me wrong I make the trips around on my golf cart and visit with people a lot but I am not sought out by others to hang out with. I could take that as I'm just not a fun person or likeable but I do know that is not true. I am considered a very nice true person that everybody likes but I think I'm kind of generic. I know that sounds weird but I feel it. I know I'm whining but I'm lonely and all this pity party stuff is coming from I think hormones today, so sorry to those who are reading this crap.

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Weighty" Decision

I have made a "weighty" decision. Last night I told The Hubby that I was going to quit going to Jazzercise, at least to the one I attend. Two years ago we lived less than five minutes away from the center I went to so it was not a big deal but now that we have moved it is a 20 minute drive one way. Still that is not a big deal but now that the owner has changed the class times to 5:30 a.m. it means I have to get up a lot earlier. I'm a class manager. A class manager opens the doors, puts the coffee on (hello, it is 5:30 am), turns the computer and lights on, and is responsible for checking people in and/or selling passes. I have a lot of responsibilities for that early in the morning and only get free Jazzercise. It is not enough pay to remember all the owner wants us to know about selling passes, tromping down trash, vacuuming carpet gunk and just stuff. That really is beside the point. Because I have to be there so early and the drive is long I have to get up between 4:30 and 5 just to be here in time to do all that stuff and then workout. I'm tired. I am so sad about this decision but it just has to be made. I can attend another center that is closer and I will check it out but I can also get cardio at my personal trainer place too, so that is still an option. My sadness is that I will not be with my friends everyday and lets face it I'm down some friends. My heart is breaking by this decision. We hopefully will still get together for coffee, drinks or dinner and the once a year girls weekend, Hanging of the Bras. This tradition of working out 5 days a week with my friends has been a part of my life for over 10 years, how do you give that up. Things have been changing around here anyway so I see it as just part of the change. There are a lot of the ladies that are pissed off at the owner anyway by all her changes so the attendance is dwindling anyway, maybe she will get the hint, but I doubt it. There will be a lot more "leaving" when she implements the rest of her plan but she just doesn't see it. Maybe I'll try yoga!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Grief

Here I sit at noon on Thursday totally enjoying my day off. I went to workout, came home and took a shower, did some dishes, dolled up and had a little lunch and just sat down to write a little when I hear the garage door open. First of all I never get a whole day by myself at home without The Hubby coming home for something or lunch or "something". Second I just don't the day off that I have worked for like I want to. The Hubby breezes in to let me know that one of the contractors we invoiced will be in the office in about 30 minutes to pay some if not all of his invoices. The Hubby wants to know what they are and is there more than just one and how much exactly. I ask why and the response is that the contractor can't remember how much exactly. Excuse me but if you are billed for over $20,000 wouldn't you know exactly how much an stupid invoice is and have a copy. I mean really. So now, on my day off I have to cut this little entry short because I have to go into the office to figure out what the idiot owes us. I had my day planned and now it has a kink in it. I don't like that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're Back

We are back. The flight came in about 9:30 last night and I am glad to be home, away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Wow, people, cars, and noise, I can take a little of it but I love the quietness of home. I have traveled on the NYC subway system, seen a Broadway musical, walked and WALKED the streets of New York and even saw a star on the streets. My last post was spotty and I forgot to add the walk by the New York Stock Exchange about 3:30 when it was about to close on Friday. There were TV crew everywhere and people just sitting and watching as the employees walked out the doors, the back doors.
There were a few crazies there with signs and yelling about God and stuff and it had a very eerie feeling all around.

We also went through Saks and The American Doll Store. That store was a trip for The Hubby. He had no idea about dolls and the magnitude of it for little girls. I told him that A had one as a little girl but he just didn't realize. That tells you who did the kiddo shopping, Me!
We walked and walked and walked. We logged about 22 miles in 4 days!

We enjoyed our breakfast every morning at a small place called Gene's. It wasn't great but it served the purpose for sustenance. I've already written about seeing Young Frankenstein and Times Square...
There were so many things we saw on our trip, be it walking, a boat ride or bus tour:

Statue of Liberty (from afar)
Yankee Stadium, new and old; Ellis Island, Trump stuff, Staten Island Ferry, Harlem, walked a lot of Brooklyn, Central Park, Strawberry Fields-John Lennon Memorial. We ate a wonderful dinner at a place in Little Italy called DaNico's. The final night Kel's son AJ got us reservations at a fabulous steak place called Peter Luger's. YUMMY! We saw two VERY LONG parades while there as they were by our place which was off of 5th & Madison Avenue and Central Park. One day was a 3 hour Panama parade and yesterday was the Columbus Day Parade or Italian Day Parade which was 3-1/2 hours long. Oh and I passed by Tony Bennett on Park Avenue as he walked with some lady. I couldn't believe it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New York, New York

Wow, we are here. We flew into Newark, NJ this morning about 11 am and found a cab to take us to our penthouse suite. It is fabulous and is situated on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. The drive in the taxi cab was exciting weaving in and out of traffic. When we got all checked in Kel called his son AJ to meet us as he lives in Brooklyn and was our tour guide today. He arrived and then took us on our merry way. I was starving so that was all that was on my mind as we hoofed it up and down the NYC streets. We saw tons of stores that I really wanted to look into but my mind was FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral, walked by Central Park and then decided on a burger place called Hamburger Heaven around 3:30. It was yummy but probably because I was STARVING! Bagel chips and a granola bar just doesn't carry you through. After lunch Bev wanted to trudge through Saks and then the American Girl store. Saks is HUGE, oh my gosh, a whole floor for shoes. Too bad I hate shoes with a passion. We had fun looking at some of their Christmas ornaments they already have put out. Then Bev made us go through the American Girl store. The Hubby was just in awe by all the dolls, clothes and stuff that you can buy. There was a cafe, a doll hospital and so cute, a hair salon that you check your dolls into for a new hairdo. Adorable! I will have to get a little doll for the great-niece and maybe a boy one for the great-nephew if his daddy doesn't think it is too weird for a boy. We met up with AJ again as he had to go back to the penthouse where he forgot and left out tickets for the musical Young Frankenstein tonight. He showed back up with his girlfriend Cyn and we walked more and even had fun trying out the New York subway system. We tried to see ground zero but there is so much construction around it that it is just a construction sight. We had a late dinner at a cute cafe that I will have to name later when I remember, and then had to quickly find a cab to make our show. We tried with everything we could to flag down a cab to no avail so it was running to the subway again. We arrived at 7:55 and the show started at 8 pm, just in time. What a fabulous show. If in NY go to see it. The lead is Roger Bart who played the pharmacist who killed Bree's hubby in Desperate Housewives. He was wonderful and the guy who played Igor was a stitch who kept Bart giggling through some of the scenes. After the show I bought t-shirts for the girls, me, and a friend. I thought we were going to get a cab back to the penthouse but instead we walked around Times Square then another trek on the subway. What an experience. I can now say I've been here but honestly I can do without all the people, wall to wall people. We are now back in the penthouse and I've already had a tequila shot and now I'm having straight bourbon as my FEET ARE KILLING ME! I need to rest but need a sleeping aid! I will add more to the trip tomorrow.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Short and Sweet

This will be short and sweet as I am in the middle of packing. I spent the day running around trying to get something accomplished but I'm still not packed. That is just not like me. I've changed, yes changed. I have lost the desire and intense need to be absolutely organized. Wow, what a realization I have discovered about myself. Anyway, back to the trip. We are leaving for New York tomorrow morning. The flight is 7am so I have to be in bed early tonight and up early, early to primp for the flight. We are going with our friends Kel and Bev. WHAT FUN! Today I skipped Jazzercise and just did the personal trainer, man I am going to be sore on that flight. Then I rushed home to get myself together so we could meet with our architect. We are finally ready to do the rest of the remodel of the house. When we bought this house we pretty much gutted it but we didn't touch the master bathroom/closets or the entry bath. The entry bath just needs a wall removed, floor, sink, toilet, paint or wall paper. It should be an easy task but the master will be a whole other tale. It will be a build out into the back yard encompassing the a new deck and attaching to the porch and an outdoor kitchen. We will have our own closets, and yes we do now but mine is tiny and very limited for my reach. We will have french doors in the master bedroom to lead out to the new deck with a hot tub. The Hubby is not too happy about the architects rendering as he included an in ground hot tub with a water feature attached. I LOVE IT! The Hubby doesn't like the sink, shower and toilet area at the other end of the build out but I LOVE IT. We'll see who wins this battle. HEHEHEHEHEHE!

I'll be out of pocket for a few days unless I find computer and time to blog. Will have pictures!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lab results

The doctors office just called and my lab results were fabulous and all within the range of normal! My chest x-ray was good. That one always is a little scary for me since my mother died of emphysema and her father had lung cancer. I was never a smoker but was brought up breathing second-hand smoke. I'm still good!

Today I start bowling on a league again. I didn't start when the session started last month because I was not happy about my team they put me on last year. One of the ladies was fine but the other one drove me CRAZY! I found out last week that she was booted off the entire league. There was a problem with uh, embezzlement but it was handled. I was asked to be on another team of two guys, twin guys that never bowl anything under 200. No pressure there. I bowl about 140 average. It should be fun, I hope.

The Hubby and I also just got back from yet another West Cost Swing dance lesson. I'm telling you this guy is just eat up with dance. I really do not like it. I do not want to learn it. I am not comfortable with it. I am doing it because I love my husband and want to support him but I am going to have to draw the line on showing up at a group beginners session. It is because there will be other people there and I will have to dance with other people. Maybe it is because I don't have the self-confidence in myself. I really think I can dance pretty good and our private instructor says I'm an excellent follower. She makes me feel I am really pretty good, if I have a good lead. I think so too but I'm just not sure about inter-mingling with other novices. I think The Hubby has ideas of grandeur about the whole thing clicking in his head and he'll be this wonderful dancer. I hate to tell him this but NOT! He will have to take lessons for years and even then it may not happen but he has hope, I don't. Poor guy. Again I love him but when do I tell him that it is not going to happen.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Doctor Update

I made it to Dr. L's office right on time this morning. Of course the first thing to do is to step on the scale...damn it...I gained 2 pounds since I last saw him. That just can't be except I did have to take 5-1/2 weeks off being sick so I guess it took its toll on me. I will just have to keep working. My blood pressure was great and he spent a good 15 minutes just chatting about me, my life and telling me some good places to eat while we are in New York this weekend. I so love my doctor and it's also nice he's good eye candy. I was then sent to have my usual x-ray of my chest, blood work, oh and I got my flu shot so I should be good for the year.

After all that I decided to visit my daddy since I had not been there for a couple of weeks. He looks really good and is doing well but I can't say that for his poor little cat, Peaches the demon cat. She has been sick and is still very unsteady on her feet. I'm afraid Daddy won't take her to the vet because he is afraid that she may be Really sick and he can't deal with that. It would devastate him to lose that cat. He's the only one that loves it. She's a krazy kat!

Is The Doctor In!

I was up as is my norm for the 5:30 am Jazzercise class. It was a shortened class as today is my yearly physical. No breakfast today but have had plain black coffee, blech. Rushing home I have to hurry to ready myself and make me presentable for the doctor, yet here I sit wasting precious time blogging. Just can't help myself. I am a little anxious to see the Doc as the last time was about March, just before B & B's wedding. I was down a few pounds but had not started my personal trainer and was doing so very well till I got sick. He was not the doc I saw during my illness as it was a staph infection dealing with the skin so saw the dermatologist. He does not know all that has happened this summer with The Hubby and the Big Bang that happened July 5. (Since I haven't figured out how to link previous links you can check out my July 5 entry.) I think my blood pressure may be up a little because we are getting ready to travel again. Oh it is a short trip with our friends Bev and Kel that we set up. Kel is The Hubby's childhood friend whose wife, my best friend Gail, passed away so suddenly 2 years ago. Back to the trip, we are going to New York on Friday morning, just for a few days. I'm nervous, as usual when I travel. I'm excited but still on edge. It should be great fun as I have never been to New York. We will stay on Madison Avenue in a penthouse something, eat at some good restaurants, see the musical Young Frankenstein and shop, shop, shop. I plan on bringing a larger than usual bag and maybe do a little Christmas shopping for the girls, nieces and nephews.

I have really got to go. This entry is just a jumble but maybe later today I'll add and make more sense.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Identity Theft

Not me, thank goodness but B. She had an awesome week because she found out that she passed her comps for her masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and is now toying with the idea of pursuing her PhD. This was yesterday and then when she got home for work a UPS truck pulled up and delivered a weird herbal tea stuff for weight loss that she didn't order. She called the company and found out it was ordered with her debit card and address. SHE DID NOT ORDER IT! The company had a different email address and phone number for the account but her financial info. They reimbursed the charges, thank goodness. There were only three or four charges and most were only for $1.00 which the bank lady said that they try to see if you catch it then they go for the big stuff. The idiot thief doesn't realize that B only has a minimal amount of money in the account most of the time and it would have overdrawn. She struggles most of the time. Luckily she caught it and they canceled her card but beware of ordering ANYTHING on the Internet with a debit card. B was so distraught last night when she called me and it scared me to death so I quickly took my laptop next door to check my accounts and A's to make sure they were okay.

Harri and Jimbo are out of town this weekend so I'm sitting on their deck by myself today and really enjoying the quietness, except for the chattering birds and the stupid acorns that are hitting the metal roofs. OUCH! Doggone it I just got hit on the shoulder by one. Aw it is fall here at the cabin! Thank goodness it wasn't one of these, BIG OUCH!