Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, Not Really

It's over and all that's left is turkey pieces and sweet potatoes.  I may never want to eat again!  My stomach is so full I feel like I'm going to POP!  The day started with me up early to get the turkey out of the brine, rinsed, seasoned and tossed into the oven.  I was on my game yesterday and The Hubby said he didn't know what I did but I should do it again, as he carved.  It was the best turkey I've ever cooked.  

The morning was going well until I saw on Facebook that a friend of our lost his fight with cancer.  Mr. Charles Faudree lost his very long battle with cancer Thanksgiving morning.  He was a world renowned interior designer and one of the most fun loving free spirits you could ever know.  I was lucky enough to know him and love him.
He even was able to come to one of my birthday parties and shake a leg a few years ago.  I am very sad.  What a joy he was.

The day went on with family coming to visit and eat and I THOUGHT all was well.  Remember when I had written a bit on the trials and tribulations on my niece and her drug/stealing issues!  Well, she and her "new husband" were in attendance and I thought during most of the afternoon that he looked, well, a bit on the stoned side.  I probably was not too off.  Anyway, after most had left Afton was looking in her purse and found that it had been opened and one of her pill bottles disturbed, in fact some of the pills were even wet.  That spurred the mother-in-law to check her purse that was on my bed along with the niece's purse.  Lo and behold she had three $20 bills in her coin purse and they were gone.  I am very disappointed with my niece and her hubby.  How could they steal.  Bri caught her in the bedroom several times thinking she was in her own purse, never thinking she was rifling a purse not her own.  That girl and her husband are not allowed at my house anymore!!!!!  I sent a text to my sister, trying to not be accusatory but told her what had happened and to check her purse.  Her response, "I did not have any money." That was ALL!  Good grief, it is your child but she has wiped her hands free of that child for good as we all will now.  My girls are so mad that she took advantage of their MiMi they are blowing steam out the top of their heads.  

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Good morning to one and all...and a very, VERY 


Monday, November 25, 2013

This and That

Turkey day is fast approaching and I can't seem to get my mind off of it.  I think it's because I love, LOVE to have family home and to FEED them!  Probably the most important reason this year is that our sweet Afton will be here!  She flies in tomorrow night and I CAN NOT WAIT to see her!  

Today, I had to go into the office and do a bit of work then fly off to Daddy's to set up his Medical Alert button.  That took a bit since I had the wires crossed, but it is done!  

Then to the store for dinner, gas in the car and HOME!  I feel better driving around because The Hubby got me a couple of new front tires.  One of them had a slow leak and when they took it off it had a slit deep inside!  Kind of scary!

Home to wait for The Hubby to come home and have a nice dinner of salmon and spinach.  

Tomorrow will be another whirlwind of running as I have to go the office yet again to type an invoice.  I have to get my house in order for company on Thursday so it will be back home to work on that and wait for the delivery of my new red leather loveseat.   We still have the HUGE leather chairs in the dining room that need to taken to storage yet they still SIT.  I have to have them gone no later than Wednesday!  Nag, nag, nag!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go to my art class!

Toodles all.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fabulous Fashionistas

This film was posted on my daughter's Facebook page.  It is called Fabulous Fashionistas and I am in love with the wonderful women it shows.  It is about 50 minutes long but will be the best 50 minutes you ever spent.  Please enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Alliday Show

Tis the season to be extremely busy!

Thanksgiving is rolling ahead fast and furious and our house will be full of family soon to eat, eat, eat and just love each other.  Afton is coming home and I could not be happier to see her.  It has been several months.  She will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving and to help with Briana's 
That is a full family affair with all of us pitching in to make it great.  It's the 4th year for the event and Briana is getting better and better at getting it fine tuned and running smoothly.  There will be some amazing crafters there so you will have to come by to shop for Christmas presents!!!!!  I will have some note cards in Bri's booth and will man her space while helping to manage little Rio!  Afton will also do a bit of SINGING around and have CD's for you to buy.  So come on down:  

Doors open 9 am -5 pm...I believe there will be a goodie bags for the first 50 in the door!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Holidays!

I don't have much to share here lately because my life has been rush, rush, rush, except for yesterday.  Yesterday was a day of ME!  I went to workout, then quick shower in anticipation for the day.  I had my hair appointment, then a mani/pedi.  After that it was a quick drive to the rest of the day....a massage and facial.  Yes, it was my day yesterday!  

Last Sunday I finally got my pantry cleaned out.  It has been on my list of tasks to complete since last spring and was just getting worse and worse with crap falling off of the shelves.  Well, Sunday I'd had it!  Looky here at what I accomplished.  I got rid of expired foods and filled a huge box with pasta and rice stuff to give to B&B2 and little Rio.  I only kept some brown rice and whole wheat pasta, the rest was GONE!  Amazing how much brown sugar I have amassed, and I don't even bake but around Christmas time.  Hopefully, I will get to use that up this year.  

I'm looking forward to the holidays even though they seem to be RUSHING to us so fast.  Afton will be home soon to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with us and I am THRILLED!  Then we will jump right into Bri's The Alliday Show.  It is an all family thing with a job for us all!  I won't have a booth this year but will join with Bri's booth and have lots of my notecards (from my paintings.)  Before Af flies back to LA we will again meet with family for a nice evening of 3-way and setting up our Christmas tree and stuff.  I've done this the past few years, including the mother-in-law, brother-in-law and husband and since Af will be here I'm thrilled to have her be a part of the set up. Of course, B&B2 and Rio will be here, that should be interesting with a toddler but what fun!  

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Moments of My Life

It's 4:52 a.m. on this crisp Saturday morning and yes I AM AWAKE!  Gosh, I guess sleeping in is never going to happen for me again.  My mind just wakes up and I'm up.  Oh well, it will be a day of painting for me, much like yesterday was.  I finished a couple of paintings, one a commission!

Her name is Rosie!

Yesterday was a monumental day for us with the construction of the new building.  See that open space...
now it is filled with CONCRETE!  Finally something to show for over a couple of years of planning and all the little stuff that you could not tell was construction.  By the end of the year we may be able to rent out part of the building and move our operations in the other part.   
The stone building is undergoing a lot of renovations inside too but I haven't really seen any of it.  The Hubby is doing it separately from the new building and it's a lot of demolition and stuff like new wiring and A/C units on the roof.  I'm just waiting and being patient for the second floor for my new art studio!  (Sigh!)

Friday, November 08, 2013

Kale and Red Wine

This morning is rough.  Rough because yesterday I fixed a fabulous veggie soup with lots of kale and chipotles in adobo sauce.  It was hot and spicy and very yummy.  The rough part is the add on of last night.  We went out to dinner with some of our neighbors to the local Platt College restaurant called Foundations.  Honestly, we've had better food there before but it was great fun to spend time laughing and visiting with the wonderful neighbors.  On top of the spicy soup filled with kale was a lot of red wine, in fact, I'm still a bit tipsy this morning.  That, along with the kale rich spicy soup, well, let's just say I'm not going too far away from the house this morning.  I had planned on staying in bed this morning as I don't have anywhere to go today but of course my bladder and Clayton's bladder was having none of that.  So up and moving (literally) I am this morning.  I think I will go back to bed in a bit.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Remember this picture I took?  Well, I painted it...
and felt really good by what was happening on the canvas...
Yesterday in class I finished it and posted it on Facebook.  Well, the hits were plenty and within an hour it was sold.  It's not titled, or even dry but it is SOLD!  I may not have sold anything in my month long show but I sure can sell on Facebook!  YEAH!  Plus, it is going to a friends house.  She already owns 3 of my paintings.  Now that is a fan!
Think I'll call it 


Friday, November 01, 2013

Cuteness = Rio Rae

Nothing but cuteness this post.  This little darlin' has become a champion napper, most of the time.  She is sleeping nearly 3 hours every day and that makes work so much more possible.  After nap it snack time though and she loves her snack.  
Just look at those curls that are developing!

Time to play with Granddaddy! 

Just CUTE! 

Her second Halloween and this year she is:  Maggie Simpson!