Tuesday, April 09, 2024

This and That Tuesday

Good MORNING!  The sun is shining, and the eclipse happened and nothing bad happened.  We're all still here.  Good grief, how can people be so bamboozled to think crap like that.  I guess some people just can't be logical about life in general.  

Onward.  yesterday was an extremely busy day.  I had a TAG meeting in the AM and it went well.  When I pulled up to the house I checked my emails and was so excited to find out that my painting, "Waiting" had juried into the Allied Artists of America Online show that runs from May 15, 2024 to May 14, 2026!  From this show it CAN, POSSIBLY jury into the 110th physical show!!!  So excited.  This is my third painting that has juried into their online shows.  I've had two in physical shows.  
Feels really good to have these affirmations in my art.  It was fun to get to share in the art group too.  Makes me feel like a real artist.

Last night then I had a class reunion meeting.  We are moving right along on the 50th and I have work to do today to get the info out since we made a lot of decisions last night.  Sadly we found out yesterday that one of our classmates had passed away that morning.  We knew she had cancer and had hospice brought in, but it's never easy.  Then two of the committee members, sitting on either side of me revealed they have cancer!  One breast cancer and one they're not sure yet.  DAMMIT!  I hate this, really hate this.  

So onward with my day and lots of good vibes to my dear friends.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Weekend Fun

Weekend fun.  Yes we headed off to the cabin after being away for a few weeks.  Just lots of stuff going on so I told him I wanted to go on Thursday after my art opening.  Frankly, the art opening, we left early because I did NOT want to run into my best friend.  My best friend that I don't consider a best friend and haven't even spoken to in probably 9 months.  So it just is what it is.
We had a nice weekend.  We left Thursday and hit the I Don't Care Bar and Grill for dinner on the way.  It was late for us and dinner, 7:15 but that was totally okay.
That meant we were on the road at dusk and it was absolutely beautiful.

Woke up Friday morning and thought I would sit on the porch with a fire but BRRRRR, just too nippy for me on Friday, but....
Saturday AM I was there and built a wonderful fire and enjoyed watching my feeders absolutely loaded with goldfinches.  

Saturday evening we hosted a few for fried fish.  We used up the last of the stripers and hybrids that were in our freezer.  I made potato salad and coleslaw and opened a couple cans of his MUST HAVE pork and beans.  There was hardly anything left, so the food was great and the conversation was a hoot.  We had such a great evening on the porch with a fire with great friends.  

Sadly it was time to head home this morning because of meetings and meeting cable peeps (since been canceled) first thing Monday.
I've got to work first thing on some reunion stuff for a meeting Monday evening, go to a meeting and will probably be driving home during the eclipse.  I'm all good.
Hoping Tuesday to get back to the easel, probably after go to the accountant to pick up taxes, FINALLY!  
Hope everyone has a great week and watch your eyes tomorrow!

Saturday, March 30, 2024


Good morning.  Yes it has been a minute since I've been here.  I've just been mentally absent from most social media.  Can't STAND the political crap going on so I am just staying off, except to see grands or post an art pic here and there.  We've been hanging around town a lot because of a lot of dance stuff and I just choose not to go to the cabin by myself lately.  There are times, it's true, that I need to be alone, but lately, I'm enjoying his company, quirks and all.  There is a reason we've been married 48 years.  I mean you HAVE to know that when you sign up for the long haul, you accept the quirks, the idiosyncrasies that person has.  They may drive you a bit nuts but you HAVE to just get over it.  They belong to the person you have chosen to love forever.  With that little soapbox thing, my brother and his lovely celebrated 45 years last weekend and our oldest and her hubby celebrated 16 years yesterday.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
"Purple Majesty"
14x11 oil

This little gem of a painting I finished yesterday.  I started it in my little art group on Thursday.  The reference photo I took when I walked into my doctor's office building on Tuesday.  It was on the reception desk and it just stopped me in my tracks with such beauty.  I just knew I wanted to paint it, and so here we are.  I went to the studio EARLY yesterday morning, 7 am with this NEED to finish it, which  I did.  So very please with it and it really makes the eyes happy, at least my eyes.  
I finished these two last week and have already entered them in an online show.

12x9 oil

"Pink in a Bottle"
7x5 oil
(Reference photo by my oldest)

Now, speaking of my doctor, I went in on Tuesday, mostly to check my thyroid, physical is in September.  You know I have a slight problem with the "white coat syndrome" going in but I steeled myself, gathered my confidence and was ready for him.  I honestly have not felt better, health wise in a very long time.  I'm moving much easier, my hair is nearly to my butt, my nails and skin are looking great, and my insides are working so very well.  I feel great and I wanted to show him I did.  He's pushed the diet shot at least three times and I was NOT going to let him get me this time, I was ready for a fight if need be.  Turns out he did not even mention it!  I did see the damned scale go up 5 pounds which kind of deflated me but I was not going to let it get to me.  I still held my head up high and went in the room to have my BP taken.  I was shocked when he said it was TEXTBOOK!  That was absolutely awesome.  I knew it!  I felt it!!!  So I will really knuckle down and continue the OsteoStrong, building muscle, which is I think what is happening.  Hopefully, the scale will start showing some progress along with my better eating.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

All About the Food

Yes all about FOOD!  Food, and I'm not ashamed to talk about it.  You know Oprah did a special the other night about the weight loss drug stuff and honestly I think it was nothing more than an ad for the drugs.  Hmm, is she getting a payback of some sort...

Anyway, had the granddaughters overnight on Monday night and of course it's a challenge for the vegan part but I did this...
and it was a HUGE success.  I had crescent rolls and ran to the store for some vegan cheese to make pizza rollups.  Snicklefritz of course is not vegan and wanted real cheese, which I had.  I had pizza sauce for our dinner.  These rollups were so easy and they got to do them themselves.  After they were rolled up Min asked for black olives and fortunately I had a small can of sliced ones.  They got to spread the sauce and sprinkle the cheese and then roll them up.  Baked them the temp on the package and let cool a bit before I served them.  There were four each, Snicklefritz scarfed down all four of hers and Min ate two, very quickly.  They both ate their broccoli, blueberries and strawberries.  Dinner was a HUGE success.

Our part of the dinner was cabbage sliced into thick slices and brushed with oil, salt and pepper and Italian seasoning, both sides.  Put into a 400 degree oven until the cabbage was nearly done but not mushy.  I may have overcooked mine a tad but it was okay.  Then take out and spread pizza sauce over, pepperoni slices, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and since the olives were open, those too.  Back in the over just to melt the cheese and heat the sauce.  YUMMY!

Last nights dinner was similar but I had the ingredients and I didn't want to do anything else.  I parboiled the brussels sprouts in salted water until fork or knife tender.  While cooking, slice up a kielbasa sausage put on parchment lined cookie sheet.  Scoop out the sprouts and place on top of the sausage, top with cheese (I had a bit of mozzarella left and sharp cheddar cheese).  Put in preheated 350 degree oven to heat the sausage and melt the cheese.  OMG, this was so very yummy.  I LOVED IT!

Last weekend too we went to the cabin and totally enjoyed the newly re-screened porch and fire.  Had a couple of girlie friends over for day drinking (hubby's too).  At first this was a girl thing buy more and more it's becoming a guy thing too.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Anyway, it was nice.  I fixed a new dip, Dirty Martini Dip I found on Insta.  You can just search for it.  OMG, again it was a huge hit.  It had, of course, GIN, cream cheese, blue cheese and olives.  So very good. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Mighty Max Update

Max had his cardiology appointment yesterday. Great news: his heart function has improved! And it’s improved so much that it’s considered in the “normal” range now!! We are thrilled. He’s doing so well, and they don’t want to see us again for another four months! He still hasn’t really gained any weight, but they’re not concerned. His Mom and Dad will chat with our dietitian soon about switching over fully to the toddler formula, and that should help. It was pretty amazing to see him playing around in the play area of the hospital where Min played so many times last year while he lived upstairs in the CVICU. He’s doing really great with his g-tube feeds and oral feeds and is even starting to tolerate some bolus feeds with the toddler formula (bolus is basically how a baby would normally drink a bottle in one sitting, but via the tube - meaning, it’s like 70mL in 10 minutes, as opposed to a continuous feed of 70mLs per hour, if that makes sense). It’s basically one big step forward with his feeds and will help his stomach to know what it feels like to fill it more quickly and normally.

We are so proud of him and are so relieved to get such a good report.

These two are just so in love with each other. They are absolute besties. Precious.

Saturday, March 09, 2024

I'm On A Rant...

Going to get political here.  I have to because the crap going on is invading my sleep, my dreams.  I tried to watch the President's speech the other night but Big Bang Theory called my name.  I would go back and forth and honestly what I saw I thought he did a mighty good speech.  My issues with NOT watching it were the stupid REPUBLICANS!  MTG for one.  She is a piece of work and BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!  What happened to decorum and the RESPECT for the office of the president.  When T was in office he absolutely downgraded the office and EVERYONE lost respect for it.  He is the biggest bully and name calling jerk I've ever seen.  He's also running around calling the shots AND HE'S NOT PRESIDENT you numb-nuts!  Yup, I'm name calling now.  Pompous Ass!

The Republican rebuttal was appalling.  What the HELL!  Sitting in her kitchen talking that CRAP.  Even the Republican's were appalled by her.  Yup, barefoot, pregnant and cooking IN THE KITCHEN!  

You want to know WHY I have photos of my mother?  It's because she would turn in her grave to see the state our country is in, specifically for women.  What the hell are we doing to women in this country.  The world, specifically the middle east countries already have women as second class citizens and now we are falling in line to the 60's, 50's, 40's ... It is appalling what we are doing to women and where the HELL are women today.  We have lost our voice and not standing up for US and our bodies.  No MAN is EVER going to tell me what I can and can't do with my body.  I'm scared for our country our ways of life but I'm more scared what is happening to women, my friends, my daughters and granddaughters.  It's like the Handmaids Tale is coming to life right before our eyes.  If we actually put him BACK in office we will have a dictator in office.  It won't be for only 4 years my friends, he wants to be in control FOREVER!  Another H or KJU, or P...DO YOU NOT SEE IT!  Are we that STUPID to let this happen again but in our own country.  The apathy is appalling and I can't stand it.  
Momma, please help us.  I'm honestly scared what is happening and I can't keep it out of my dreams.  He is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country, to our lives and the IDIOT followers, it's like the crazies are taking over the asylum!  AND I MEAN CRAZIES!  

Our ancestors would be so embarrassed and ashamed.  Oh, and our State Superintendent...don't get me started on that piece of crap.  I saw on the news the other day of him in a classroom, PRAYING with the kiddos.  When my kids were little I got a bus driver in trouble because they prayed on the bus with MY children.  That is MY prerogative whether my children (grandchildren) have any contact with  anything religion, that is what church is for, that YOU pick out.  If my child had been in that class I would be filing suit against him.  No WHERE in the constitution does it say we can do that and I do not want prayer in school or we would need everyone's different religions to allow them to pray and I guarantee that is not happening.  They will shut that down to cram, SHOVE, Christianity only down every child's throat.  Not right, ABSOLUTELY NOT RIGHT.
Can you tell I'm mad.  I can't even watch the news without cursing and shooting the finger at all of them.  When The Hubby watches the news I leave the room, my mind and heart cannot take it anymore.  

I ask too, where are the women fighting for our rights, burning our bras.  It just feels like no one is stepping up to shout!  I remember the 60's and 70's and the rally's, signs, and screaming to the tops of our lungs for our rights.  Is the news just not showing it, are they standing on the sidelines, not being neutral.  I think they are, much like Fox News.  It's all I can do to control myself on FB and not comment on certain posts from certain friends.  
I think I wrote about having a falling out with my best friend.  She and her husband keep posting crap and it's making me nuts.  Most of the time I mute those people for 30 days and I may have to again because it's not going to change.  

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

False Positive

Well it seems that the positive Covid test was a false positive as she tested negative yesterday and everyone in her house tested negative.  If she were positive I would think one of the others would have tested positive as they are runny-nosed too.  So...YIPPEE!  Thank goodness.  

I am in a FUNK and this gray day is NOT HELPING!  Honestly I feel at loose ends with this retirement thing.  Here I have the time to do WHAT I WANT TO DO and I can't decide WHAT I WANT TO DO!  Poop.  


Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Spring and Covid

Last weekend was so wonderful.  The weather was absolutely perfect, albeit a bit windy.  The Hubby has, of course, another project going which impacts me and my beloved screened porch.  It was honestly time to rescreen it because of all the holes caused by squirrels and chipmunks.  I'm hoping it will be complete very soon.  We are also adding a drop-down canvas shade on one side and two little ones on either side of one of the screen doors, AND I believe new screen doors.  It should be the perfect place this spring and summer for us to use.  And with the shade more time to use the fireplace and enjoy the warmth longer into the fall season.
Took a little drive to see the meadow in full sunshine, the flowering quince or as my mother called it japonica.  By the creek evidence the beavers are hard at work.

I've been really struggling with the painting lately, hell, I've been struggling with accomplishing anything lately.  Reading is becoming a task, even posting here on the blog is becoming a trial.  I think I'm just in a funk.  It has now been a full year of retirement and I'm finding myself at loose ends, trying to figure out what I'm going to do everyday.  Didn't think I would have an issue as I was partially at that point with retirement, but I'm realizing that I am there.  

Yesterday I finally felt like I was accomplishing something on the canvas, we'll see.   

I did come home at lunch to watch Min for a few hours while her parents worked on some tax stuff while Max napped.  Af wasn't feeling her best and they've all been drippy with "allergies" but once Af left she immediately felt worse and just for precaution she took a Covid test...GUESS WHAT!  Yup, as I was hanging up the phone with her telling me she was on her way back, with mask, to get Min, Min, who was playing on my IPad, sneezed all over my IPad.  GREAT, just great.  The Hubby, just laughed.  I think we will be okay.  Af came sweeping in disinfecting everything as she went, door knobs, couch, my IPad...everything.  Plus we had the doors open with nice breezes.  We had it the end of December and I've had a booster, think we will be okay.  

Sunday, February 25, 2024

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I took a drive yesterday with my cousins to Rattlesnake Holla (Hollow) in Jay, Oklahoma. This house and the property is where so many of my favorite childhood memories reside. I called it Greatgranny’s. So many children ran through that house and around the yard. There was a gigantic garden, benches under trees to sit during the summer (no A/C!) and people always around visiting. The last barn was crushed by a huge tree but the house still stands, although the only inhabitants now are brown recluse spiders and a snake or two. There used to flowerbeds everywhere filled with yucca’s, irises, and Greatgranny’s prized Italian arum. I found tons of it mingled in the naturalized daffodils. I wanted to take some home but reading about its toxicity and ability to be invasive I thought better. Need to do some research.
We then ventured on to the other side of Jay to see cousin Martha. Today is her 85th birthday! Martha is the last of the generation that was my mother’s era. Martha and her brothers, Dan and Ben were momma’s cousins and like siblings to her as she was an only child. It was good to hug her. Gosh she looks so much like my Granny.

the garden...

The old chicken coop, although I don't ever remember them having chickens.

The old tool shed.

That porch, loved that porch.  I went digging around and found this photo of Big Dan, Martha, Ben, Danny and my Momma. The walkway stone is still under the grass and dirt.  

Once the water well.

We then ventured on to the other side of Jay to see cousin Martha. Today is her 85th birthday! Martha is the last of the generation that was my mother's era. Martha and her brothers, Dan and Ben were Momma's cousins and like siblings to her, as she was an only child. It was good to hug her. Gosh she looks so much like my Granny. It was a great day spent with cousins.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Weight Loss or Not

A busy couple of weeks we've had.  

The middle of the night on February 1 The Hubby got sick, and not the throw up kind of stuff, UTI kind of stuff, and bad real quick stuff.  He made an appointment with our doctor, I wanted him to go to his urologist (they could not get him in).  Our doc did the urine test thing and sure enough it was a rip-roaring UTI and prescribed antibiotics.  He came home and waited for the dang pharmacy to get the meds ready, SEVERAL HOURS!  Took his first dose and slept in his chair off and on.  I got him some cranberry juice and headed to the office to work on getting taxes together.  When home he had not eaten, did not want to eat.  He wanted to sleep and SHAKE!  There was no fever but he was violently vibrating as he slept.  He was miserable and I was scared to death.  I actually went into my closet, closed the door and called his doctor and told them what was happening because I was afraid he had sepsis!  They told me to watch him and if he got worse to go to the ER.  After a couple of hours of me in my chair keeping a vigilant eye on him, he settled and slept soundly.  He started to get better, sort of but Sunday morning as I got up and went into the kitchen to fix my coffee, he said he needed to talk to me. (FYI, he slept in his chair for 8 night/days.)  He wanted to go to the ER.  He could not pee anymore and was bloating up and in different kind of pain!  Okay, so had my coffee and protein bar, gathered reading material, journal, sewing (have to keep busy) and off we went.  We did NOT go to the pink hospital but the one out south via our doctors suggestion because the one on the hill was so backed up.  That was a smart suggestion as we were there only 3 hours.  They did bloodwork and more urine testing and we left with him to continue the antibiotics and they put in a CATHETER!  They said not to keep in more than 72 hours but his urologist, which he got hold of the next day, Monday, said they wanted him to keep it in.  So, from Sunday to the next Monday, my guy had a catheter, and was peeing, all the time, but was feeling better and better.  It was a slow heal as the medicine he was taking was really zapping him.  Also, not eating much for several days.  He lost 5 pounds during all this.  Honestly I was so scared and all kinds of thoughts were going through my mind as I watched him every day.  He looked horrible.  He is so much better now and has even gone dancing twice.  WHEW!  

Last weekend we even went to the cabin as he was feeling so much better.  So have catheter will travel we went.  Our friends, John & Lesa were having a Mardi Gras party on Saturday night and I knew we wouldn't be back for a few weeks because of dance and Max's baptism tomorrow.  The party was sort of fun but she had invited tons of people when usually it's our small group.  At one point, while sitting in the kitchen after dinner, a few of us, including a gastroenterologist, started the discussion of the weight loss drugs.  One of the ladies, who is a size 12 or maybe less, and a bit tipsy, was going on about her friend, who was a 12 but now is a DOUBLE 00 (how is that), and that she wanted to be that, was jealous.  She started crying about it and was contemplating using those damn drugs!  WHAT THE F..... is wrong with people.  I'm telling you I'm seeing people who you can honestly say are using those drugs because they look gaunt, absolutely gaunt and they are people who WERE NOT FAT!  The discussion was turning about fat, being fat, blah, blah, blah.  Everyone at that table, except me are/were at least a size 12 or 14, not larger.  I had had it and kind of got loud about the constant talking about being fat when (then I grabbed my belly) I ranted about stopping this continuing talk about being fat, I'm healthy, eating great, exercising...Then the gastro doc chimed in and said he's already seeing the effects of the down side of those drugs.  That if you don't get off of it for a few weeks BEFORE a colonoscopy, because the food stays longer in your belly, colon, that people are aspirating and getting pneumonia.  He said there are other things happening and that there will be lawsuits coming.  I KNEW IT!  

Then Monday, my art friend, who is diabetic and is on the drug and has lost over 80 pounds in just a few months and I had a talk.  I've told her my hesitation and all the stuff I'm doing.  I think she wants me to get on it, is encouraging me to do it.  I asked her when she was going to stop and she said never, "I'm a diabetic!"  I bet she's not now, but whatever.  I'm telling you that she was very large and there is nowhere for that excess skin to go on her.  She's wearing very tight jeans now and I'm pretty sure it's to pull up that skin.  She's starting to get that gaunt look on her.  Plus one of the problems is you lose muscle mass too.  People don't realize that.  She said I'm probably not losing weight even though I'm doing what I'm doing because I'm drinking...WHAT THE FFFFFFKKKKKKK.....  I was honestly very mad at her for saying that.  I drink maybe a glass of wine once a week or a gin and tonic, that is all!  What the hell!  Does she think I drink like a fish or something!

I'm telling you something is not going to be good with all this stuff.  Give it a couple of years and bad things are going to go down and those who ARE NOT DIABETIC using it are going to pay the consequences.  I dodged a bullet with the Phen-fen thing, I'm not trying this.  Too scared, tempted, but too scared.

I did get back to the easel...