Monday, September 30, 2013

The Show Has Begun!

It's art is very cool and I'm so lucky and happy.  I was lucky enough to that my bestie came along to help me.  I could not have done it without her.
This is just one wall.  There are 30 paintings we hung today! 
My bestie and me...whew what a fun time we had. 

Daddy:  He's healing and walking fine, with walker and aid.  We're now waiting for a skilled nursing care bed for more rehab.  

Friday, September 27, 2013

Daddy Update.

Brother and I have taken turns and spent time together during the days with Daddy at the hospital since Tuesday.  They did a CAT scan on Wednesday and yesterday they informed us that he definitely had a small stroke.  They still don't know what is causing the fever, and he's having horrendous headaches but that may be the stroke.  We left yesterday afternoon when the rehab people came in to assess his capabilities so we're not sure how the legs are working but he was flailing them a lot in the ER on Tuesday trying to get comfortable on the bed after about 7 hours.  They only thing we can detect is a bit of confusion sometimes but that only comes up when the fever comes up.  The doctor said that could be part of the stroke too but just don't know.  Daddy told us and the doctors that he was sick for 4 days with fever and had not eaten for the 4 days and I was sure that was what caused the weakness, but...last night I talked to his neighbor and he told me that Daddy was standing out back by the fence yakking to him on Sunday night for about 30 minutes.  Hmmmm, makes me think he is saying this stuff about "4 days of being sick" because of the stroke and that he can't remember.  Makes much more sense.  He's always been kind of liberal with any kind of information, stretching the truth, and such it just seems a bit more wild.  We have to remember this when he tells us stuff and not take anything he says literally.  Anyway, he's still in the hospital at least till Monday when they determine if it's rehab at home or at a center.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

He's Fallen and He Can't Get Up

Yes that was the phone call I received yesterday.  The day started quite innocently and on a very happy note as the scale hit 22 pounds lost for me so far.  I went about my day taking a thank you note to my doctor who has decided to no longer be in the practice of taking care of people like me.  He has chosen to focus on nursing home care...well, I'll probably see him again then!  Then I ordered birthday cakes for Rio, Bri, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for this weekend.  Then it was home to fix a quick bite for The Hubby and I before my art class.  The night before my Daddy had called to say he had a fever the night before but he was feeling better.  I sent an email yesterday morning telling him to respond but had not received a response by lunch.  That's no unlike him as he doesn't respond sometimes.  But on the way to art class I called him and there was no answer.  Hmmmm, well, that is odd so I sent a text to Bro and Sis to go by and check on him.  They live in the same city so it's easier for them to run by.  I set up my art stuff and began to paint when my cell phone rang with an unknown number.  It was Daddy's neighbor from across the street.  He had fallen and could not get up.  I didn't know the specifics but the ambulance was on the way to take him to the hospital.  EGADDDDDD!

My sweet friends in art class Linda and Sheila quickly packed up my art stuff while I was getting the info from the neighbor and I was on my way to the hospital.  I called Bro and Sis and The Hubby to tell them what had happened.  He was supposed to be taken to SouthCrest-Hillcrest, his fav hospital.  I also called Bri but hated to ruin her birthday.  She was already having a rough day as Rio was in no nap mode and very upset.  

Arriving at the hospital I was met by The Hubby, the first one there.  We went inside and Daddy wasn't there yet.  Sis arrived and Bro had to finish a project he was in the middle of but would be on his way soon.  No problem as we sat for 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.  The girl said that they would probably be diverted because their hospital was full. Great do they know where we asked but she had no clue and there was no way to find out if the patient in the ambulance that coming to their door was even Daddy.  I mean really, I was close to downtown Tulsa and made it to 91st and Mingo in a matter of 15 minutes without speeding.  Daddy was just in Broken Arrow how could it take 30-45 minutes.  They had already left his house when I got their.  After waiting for 30 minutes the girl said he had been diverted to St. Francis South, right across the highway from them.  So back in our cars we go to the other hospital.  

Yes, we found him and he was in his little room and very coherent but not well.  He still had a fever and a horrible headache from the high fever.  Sis and I sat with him and waited.  He only had one hearing aid in so we had to be kind of loud to chat.  During the very long wait we find out that he has fallen once a day for 4 days, that he had not eaten for 4 days.  WHAT!  That is not what he had told me.  He apparently he fell going to the bathroom but because he was so weak he couldn't make it.  He was able to crawl to the front door and use his cane to prop open the door and holler to anyone passing to get help from 6:30 in the morning till about 1 when the neighbor finally heard him.  That also meant a mess, if you get my meaning.  The Hubby took his clothes home and washed them (bless him).  We threw away his wallet and The Hubby just happened to have a brand new one to give him.  All this happening and still we waited.

Sis had to make a hair appointment so she left.!?!  Bro and I still waited.  We had not seen a doctor yet but they took x-ray's of his chest to see if he had pneumonia which he didn't.  Then the nurse came in to give him some anti-nausea meds and other stuff.  Asking him and us questions.  They kept asking stuff about whether anyone was hitting or beating him or making him do stuff he didn't want to do.  I tell you I was beginning to feel like they thought we had hurt our father.  I felt, well, kind of defensive for a bit.  Anyway, he started to tell the nurse about a place on his leg groin area that was red and irritated.  WOOO, well, I got a show.  He's has psoriasis and eczema areas in his groin that are NASTY and he's battled them for years but YUCK!  Then she looked at his scar where the hip fiasco was and she was concerned that it was a bit heated and it looks horrible anyway.  Really, it didn't look any different than it has all along.  I think Bro was concerned about it but like I said it didn't look any different.  She asked if he had any sores on his bottom and he said, "Oh yes."  WHAT...that is the first I have heard of that.  It is sort of a bed sore and it is BAD!  Oh my goodness, now I do feel bad.  

The P.A. came in and we asked her when the doctor was going to show up, that we have not been told anything and it was 5 pm.  She introduced herself to us as the P.A. and that Daddy didn't have pneumonia which was good to hear.  She also didn't think the hip area had infection which was also VERY good to know but they are stumped as to why he has a bad infection.  They decided to x-ray his hips to make sure there is no infection or any kind of break.  He wasn't complaining of any kind of pain in his hips is why they didn't before.  

Bro told me to go ahead and go as we were to celebrate Bri's birthday with dinner at her favorite restaurant at India Palace.  I took him up on it and ran.  During dinner he texted that he needed the list of meds that were in Daddy's wallet.  Damn, they were at home.  He was going to have to go to Daddy's and assess the pill bottles and of course get Daddy some clothes.  By the time we were through with dinner and I made it home I was able to text Bro the info and they finally got Daddy into a room.  Still they don't know where the infection is and they are more concerned with Daddy falling.  I wanted to yell, "HE FELL BECAUSE HE HAS HAD A FEVER FOR 4 DAYS AND NOT EATEN FOR 4 DAYS!"  What is wrong with you doctors, it's not anything but that!  

Today, I can't get to the hospital to check on Daddy until this afternoon as I'm in charge of watching Rio while Bri teaches.  But immediately after I will fly there and hopefully they will have all day to find out something.  

This morning I have it set up that Daddy's carpet will be cleaned, YUCK!  and then the house cleaned, ready for him to be home.  Bro has to let them in as I can't be there but they are all paid for!  

Sorry for the ramble but I have to get it out!  I feel like we're in that merry-go-round of hospital crap again.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday


my beautiful oldest turns 34 today!  

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

In Mourning

A sadness is upon me this lovely fall day.  What, did I say, fall!  That is the problem.  Fall is here, it is upon us and I am in mourning.  I am mourning the end of summer, or what little summer we've had. Fall is quite lovely but I do so love the summer and our summer was almost non-existent this year.  Not enough of the hammock dwelling that I so enjoy.  Oh well, on to warmer clothes, hot tea or cocoa, soups and fires in the fire pit.  Bring it on. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Construction Update

Footings have been dug, inspected and poured!

Dumpster is still there for now and the porta-potty will stay for a good long while too. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Extra Fabric

Tuesday and good morning all.  Guess what, guess what....I decided that I was tired of hitching up my jeans that had begun to sag.  I realized on Saturday that something was hanging off of my backside and it WASN'T my ASS.  It was the extra fabric of the seat of my blue jeans that was hanging!!!!  WOOT - WOOT!!!!!  So this morning I started trying on the plethora of jeans that are in my closet and found a size smaller that FIT, that means zipped up and buttoned!  How exciting is that!  I say very, very exciting and I am continuing.  I'm making better choices nearly every single thing that goes into my mouth.  Now don't get me wrong, my weakness lately is Payday candy bars that seem to call my name.  Since June I have had 2 and that is 2 too many but it is what it is and I'm still losing and that is what counts.  

This weight loss thing is for me obviously for my health but it's also for this little light of my life.  I want to be around to see her children!

Friday, September 13, 2013

To Shoe Or Not To Shoe, That Is The Question

Dang's 4:11 a.m. and I am a awake!  I don't know why I sometimes just wake up and the more I toss and turn and try to go back to sleep the more uncomfortable I get, so I just get up.  The mind clicks on and then I'm in trouble.  I will probably have to take a quick catnap this afternoon, or not.  

Yesterday I took the DAY OFF!  That's right I took the day for ME!  Of course I took Tuesday too!  But yesterday I got up knowing that I was going to a total ME day of fun.  The first thing was of course my workout, a must!  Then home to shower and ready for the big day.  No makeup as it was a day of facial, massage and reflexology.  But first I had to mail out another painting, a commission work that I finished.  I've sold a couple of paintings lately, one old one and a brand new commission.  So exciting and I got another commission that I will be working on this weekend.
Since I had a lot of time to kill before my appointments in the afternoon I wanted to go shoe shopping.  Yes you heard me right, shoe shopping.  I hate shoe shopping and generally hate shoes but it was time I replaced my walking shoes.  The workout shoes are fine but I get tired of wearing them all the time and since sandal time is nearing the end for the year, walking shoes it is.  I went to the store I knew best at the mall, parked, then walked all the way inside to find the thing had closed well over 6 months ago.  Well, it has been awhile since I have been at the mall that is very clear.  Now what to do.  Well, I decided to go to a local store called Flemings.  They have some nice shoes and I like to buy local when I can so back in the car I go.  Wow, they had expanded since I was last there (told you I HATE to shoe shop).  I was thrilled to find sandals 50% off so I got a couple pair for next summer and will toss the ones I've been wearing for a couple of years and are falling apart!  Next I found a couple of fabulous walking shoes and then my eye spied a couple pair of pumps.  Now, these are shoes I really hate as my feet hate them but oh they were cute and when I put them on they were were like butter on my feet.  WOW!  I bought them too.  So this "I hate shoe shopping girl" came home with 6 pairs of shoes yesterday!  My credit card is screaming but I am happy.  

So happy I was that I took myself out to eat, all by myself and I was good.  I wanted a burger but opted for no bun and a small coleslaw!  Then it was off to my beauty day.  Ahhhh, life is grand.

Monday, September 09, 2013

New Digs

Yes I know it has been a bit since I have posted here, partly because the STUPID BLANKETY-BLANK internet connection.  Making me crazy.  I start typing and then it's all lost.  I've also had my mind on a situation with a family member that is just NOT GOOD by any means.  I can't write about it here in case someone reads about it but it stays on the front burner of my brain.  Maybe someday I can write about it.  

We've also had a lot going on at the office as the new building has broken ground and we are off and running for the new shop location.  It's fun but The Hubby is stressing a bit by it all, trying to keep up with work, the construction and the renovation of the stone building for our new office part (and a art studio for me!)
The upstairs there will be where my studio will be. 
Downstairs our offices.
That side there has had the earth moving for a couple of weeks now ready for the new concrete!!! 
The metal building back there we are already using for the overflow of our business and the new building will make it better to be in one location again.   
See the stone building has a great history and we intend to keep the integrity of the building by facing the new building the same way.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday for me as today is the first day of art class for the fall season!!!!  I am happy, happy, happy!!!!!!!  What's up for your Tuesday!  I love class not only to paint but to see my friends.  I have made some great friends in class that make me laugh and just feel good. 

Monday, September 02, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to one and all.  I am not going to labor at all, in fact I think I will head home from the cabin today early to visit my Daddy and then home to paint, paint, paint!  It's been a fun weekend of lots of food (ugh) here at the cabin but the social time with friends makes up for it all.  I've rested a lot and read a lot.  I'm actually reading a rather difficult and deep book right now:  Behind The Beautiful Forevers:  Life, Death and  Hope in a Mumbai Undercity by Katherine Boo.  It's difficult to read because of the poverty, the way they have to live in the muck and I'm actually about 75% through it and have yet to find the Hope part.  I almost stopped reading it but I won't, I will finish!
I've also had some disturbing happenings going on with family on Facebook that I'm at odds with, in myself, what to do.  My niece (20 years old) and her life that is an open book on FB apparantely and hopefully not to my Daddy!  I haven't been able to make contact with my sister to see if all is well yet and that is disturbing.  She is hard to get hold of especially when her mode of contact changes.  It used to be email then it was FB and now it's texting but since there is no cell phone service here I haven't been able to make that contact. 
On a good note, little miss snicklefritz is now officially 11 months old!  What, yes time flies when you're having fun watching a baby grow up before your very eyes.