Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gavin DeGraw

Well, well, well, imagine my surprise this morning when I heard the new list for Dancing With The Stars for this season...Gavin Degraw was on it.  It's so funny about that, because when I was trying to think of something to post, his video popped up on the screen while I was treadmilling and it came to me.  I love his music first of all and everytime I see him I think of him on the show What I Like About You.  He was at Jenny Garth's wedding (I can't remember her character name) on the show and she was gilted.  They sat at the piano and she kissed him, made out with him, at the piano and I LOVED it and remembered it!  Cutie!  That is what is on my mind everytime I see him on the screen...those lips! 

Watch till the end...

I vowed not to watch DWTS again, but now, well, hey, I'm there, at least to watch him.  Sorry my girls, Mom's can have crushes too! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Shame On Me.

I have erred.  I missed a day of posting.  I hold my head in shame...not really.  I just could not come up with anything yesterday and besides I seem to have a horrible sinus headache.  The mind does not want to work with this aching.  A weekend at the cabin plus an early spring equals sinus headache and allergies galore.  Had to get up in the middle of the night and take headache relief and that was not fun...ouchy.  I have to get rid of this before tonight because it is the first installment of the WalkFit program. 

Back to no posting.  I am human and it may happen more often than not but I will still hold true to my promise of posting everyday, hopefully. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  It's time to head to the office for me.  Toodles all!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mish-Mash, This-n-That

Today is just a mish-mash of pic's I found on my computer. 

This is an old Blondie cartoon I have kept for years.  It makes me laugh because in 1979, summer of 1979, I was extremely pregnant with my first, B, and was in my parents backyard sitting in a lawn chair watching my Daddy.  Daddy was putting up a hammock for Momma (she was in side).  He worked and we chatted and then he had it done.  It was time to try it out and I knew it would not be me so Daddy did the trial run.  He sat, he flipped feet over head backwards.  I was shocked briefly and then started laughing so hard that I thought I would have that baby right there.  He ended up on the ground under the hammock, feet splayed out in front of him.  It was the funniest thing I have EVER seen, my big strong Daddy flying thorough the air.  This cartoon is homage to that minute in my life (and his). 

This sweet little ride I am missing a lot right now with the spring upon us.  The Hubby has been in hot water for a long time since he sold it saying it was not practical and he didn't have room to store it....!!!!  Won't go into the argument but he is/was WRONG!  I miss it truly. 

Found this sweet pic of some kind of moth I took the snapshot of a couple of years ago.  Beautiful. 

Oh, memories of we three and Momma.  The photographer was our Granny on our yearly trip to the zoo.  It was an annual event that we took our lunch and then spent the day.  Great fun. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Downton Abbey

One of the reasons my mind has been a bit preoccupied is that I've been watching the first season of Downton Abbey.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I am in love with this series and I'm not even through the first season.  What a wonderful show and I can now understand why it was such a hit at the Emmy's!  If you have the time please watch, catch up and enjoy this fabulous show.  I mean, by the third episode my mouth was hanging open!  Wow, really WOW! 

Yeah, the day off yesterday, or sort of but still no onions in the ground.  Perhaps Sunday I will successfully turn some soil over and get the onions going.  Toodles all...until tomorrow!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans always get mussed up, don't you agree.  It's not all bad but my to do list this week has been a bit altered.

I purchased the onion sets last Saturday and as of yet they are still not in the ground but still in their bundle all tied up nicely with twine, and GROWING.  I planned all week to get them in the ground but just didn't happen so this morning I decide that I would quickly get them in the dirt, but, again a turn of events has changed that plan.  The BIL is coming over to measure for the window coverings in the new addition at 10 AM, but as I pulled in to the garage from workout, with the determiniation of getting dirty my cell phone announced a message.  DAMN IT! Hesitantly, I opened it to find that the BIL is coming a tad early with the lady that measures (I thought he would do that).  This lady from a place called The Beehive has been in my house before doing our other drapes, several years ago.  She does all kinds custom window coverings and has been in many multi-million dollar homes.  I was just going to keep my grungies on since it was just the BIL, and not even make the bed...but...all my plans changed and I started running around here picking up the house.  I had to put the rug, table and chairs all back from our night of dancing on Tuesday night.  I have to make my bed.  I have to empty the dishwasher and put the few dishes in from this morning.  I have to take the shower and doll up a bit.  DRAT!  Best laid plans are again thwarted this morning, but they didn't deter me from jotting down this quick post. 

Have a GREAT day everyone.  I'm looking forward to the afternoon as I have to go to the office, unexpectedly and then to Lowe's for seed potatoes, composted cow manure and soil additives for my PLANS to get dirty this afternoon.  Wish me good luck!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Wow, The Hubby sent me this clip...grab a kleenix and watch the whole way through.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easter 1961

Easter 1961
Trying to find something to write about today and so I decided to look through some pictures to jog a memory or two.  This picture is in front of the first house I remember as a child.  This was Easter 1961 before we moved to Arkansas for a year.  Daddy build that fence and gave me a LOVE for picket fences, even though that was not a picket fence.  The house is still there and I drive by often to look at it.  Lots of memories in that house for me.  I remember sending off for the Tony the Tiger spoon from the Frosted Flakes box and waiting every day for the mail to run.  I remember our two dogs in that house, or rather outside, Hoss and Rebel.  I remember Christmas in that house and being so angry at my sister when she broke the plaster-of-pairs hand print that was wrapped and under the tree for Momma and Daddy.  She broke that damn thing not once, but twice before they could unwrap it.  I remember how darned cute Bro and Sis were and how much I loved them.  This picture is of Easter 1961 and I only remember those pictures and not much of the day we took them.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Monday! February 20, 2012...egad...time is sure flying by. The weekend was pretty quiet and yesterday was just beautiful giving us the hint that spring is truly almost here. Saturday when The Hubby and I were leaving town for the cabin I had him stop at Atwoods for some onion sets and seed potatoes. Since the Co-op is no longer around I'm kind of at a loss where to look for that stuff. They were out of seed potatoes but promised to have some this next week. I think maybe the gardens at Bixby would have some too, hmmm, may have to call and see. Since we have done the master bathroom add-on we had to clean up a corner of the back yard . . . 
see the gas meters there in the corner of the fence...well that entire area is my new garden space.  I have such grand ideas and probably will go over board.  I've ordered a ton of seed from Burpee's Garden catalog and with the onions, potatoes and the herbs I'm going to plant...ummm, may not have room for it all.  Years ago in our first house I had a huge garden, nearly as big as the entire house that I tilled and maintained all on my own.  Let's just say I lost a ton of weight that year and we ate very well.  In fact, at the time I love gardening so much that I could not read enough about it and when I started college (after marriage and one baby) the first class I took was horticulture with the idea that I would major in it.  I LOVE to garden, or at least I used.  I'm hoping this little garden spot will re-enthuse me again. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

It is a beautiful day today, finally. I can see spring is coming...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Word Verification

A week or so ago I had a reader-friend that could not comment on my blog and several others here on Blogger so I opted to take my word verification off for a bit to allow her and others to comment.  Well, the spam she be a coming in now.  Amazing that everyday when I open my emails the spam commenting I get, at least 3 a day.  Thank goodness Blogger keeps a tight handle on that stuff and it doesn't show up on my blog.  Really spammers what is the point anyway.  I'm just a lowly little artist/wife/mother/business lady/blogger what do I need all that for.  Take a rest please and go somewhere else! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

1,300 Posts

1,301 -  This morning as I was looking at the dashboard page I noticed that yesterday was my 1,300th post on this blog.  Amazing how time flies when you are having fun.  I have been posting since June of 2006 I find it amazing that I've had something to say 1,300 times, or at least a picture or two. 

Yesterday I posted about the Lemon Tiramisu I wanted to make.  The recipe was from David Rocco's website/cooking show and I have to say.....YUMMY!!!!!!  It was so very delicious.  I was impressed with myself.  I think you could even do it with oranges and orange liquore too.  Still no pictures yet but plan on making it again tomorrow and HOPEFULLY will have some pic's.

Moving slow this morning, sleeping in mega-time and just can't seem to get my head together.  I took some allergy medicine for a weird rash and boy does it knock me out, even still this AM. 

Oh, well, I'll close for now as I really don't have much to say here and am just tapping keys to make something on this page. 

Have a great weekend all. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Happenings

I feel so guilty that I'm so late in posting today.  I'm still trying to keep up with the everyday thing but today just got away from me.  I didn't have to work today (yippee) and had the morning to myself.  We are having company over for dinner tonight and I knew that a few things had to be done so right after workout I rushed home to pick up the house and make the bed.  I ended up actually taking the upper part of my stove apart and scrubbing.  No get too excited, I don't do that often so it was pretty nasty, couldn't really stand it anymore.  That done I sat and took a break, ate a bit of breakfast and watched last nights 1st episode of this season's Survivor.  Then I rushed to my spa for a massage and facial!  Yes, it was my day this beautiful sunny Thursday.  Back home it was lunch, shower and then a run to the grocery store, liquor store and yet another grocery.  For our company tonight we are grilling pork chops, oven roasting sweet potatoes and asparagus and then VILLA MARIA'S LEMON TIRAMISU .  I saw it on the Cooking Channel on David Rocco's show and just had to make it.  Lemons, Limoncello, lady fingers, egg whites, whipping cream....doesn't that just sound yummy and so easy.  So the run to a couple of grocery stores for the lady fingers and Limoncello at the liquor store I whipped the thing up from my notes, not taking the time to check out the website but I'm not too far off and was so excited to fix it that there are no pictures.  I'm planning on fixing it again this weekend for a spaghetti dinner, perfect, and will take pic's, I promise. 

I'm posting here now, it's 4pm, then I have to close my eyes for a short bit...toodles all till we meet again, tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!!!!

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is to tell about someone you love.  That seems a little redundant to me because on  this blog I'm always writing about someone I love, The Hubby, my girls, my Daddy, my friends, my life, Clayton.  It would be just a repeat of my gushings here.  ............


It's funny, that I started this blog post with the idea of posting pictures of who I love and ended up spending an hour organizing my digital picture files. It's amazing how I get lost looking at pictures of my baby girls in days gone by and of The Hubby in our younger days.

I LOVE!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grammy's and MY Opinion!

Watched the Grammy's last night and was more than pleased that Adele swept the thing.  Her album(s) are AWESOME! 
Who or what in the heck is Deadmau5 ( Wikipedia says...)?  At the end of the Grammy's there was a very strange final act including David Guetta (a DJ I think), Lil Wayne, Foo Fighters, and Chris Brown.  I was not sure about that, really and was more than willing to change channels at that point.  When did I become OLD!  There used to be a day when I knew every artist and usually had all their CD's.  I am so out of touch and I'm just not happy about that. 

Now I'm going to have a few of MY own opinions so don't hollor at me please.  Adele's performance and return to the stage was just wonderful.  What a fabulous voice.  It was simply music as was Jennifer Hudson's tribute to the Whitney Houston hit, I Will Always Love YouThe key here is simply music, powerful music.  Now we get to the fanciness and huge stage productions of Katy Perry, who I love.  That was way over the top and kind of weird.  Taylor Swift, well it was a good song, singing live for her, poor girl should not sing live and I'm really tired of her songs taking digs at all the people that done her wrong, but I guess that is country music and the perfect place for her stylings.  She should not look so awed when people give her a standing ovation.  She acts like "Wow, they really like me."  Okay Sweetie, that is what you are going for.  Now this brings me to Lady Gaga in the audience, who thankfully did not perform, although she is always on, so she did perform.  In the audience, while Adele again picked up another award and Lady Gaga did not, this is the image that clicked on the screen, a bug-eyed hugely grinning face that was straining against the fish-net thingy on her face. 

Nevermind, really nice cute show.  I shouldn't have an opinion, should I.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Camera Play

Playing around with the sunshine streaming through the window and stuff around the house.  Trying to find something new to paint.

Friday I played around with some paint.

RIP Whitney Houston!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pro-Active Social Life

I have complained here often about my need to keep our social life intact.  The cause being that my parents had completely shut theirs down and the results were absolutely no friends at Mom's funeral.  I so hated that.  I have found that you have to be a bit proactive in the endeavour to keep your social life ACTIVE!  So for the past year I have pushed that to keep ours moving.  In fact. the past couple of months I have really pushed it with constant emails and phone calls and keeping my calendar hopping.  We've had people over for dinner, met for dinner, movies with friends, dinner with friends, whether it be just me and girl friends or us as a couple.  It has been almost a full time job but I'm committed to this job of socializing with our friends.  The past couple of months alone we have a small intimate cocktail party with the neighbors at our house, lunch with my friend Christine, birthday parties at the cabin, dinner with the people we traveled with, dinner with Sharon, lunch with...see I've kept our dance card full and will keep it up.  You just can't sit around and wait for someone to call you have to work at it and that is what I have discovered! 

Last night we had friends stop by for a glass of wine, tonight friends (at the last minute) are coming for pizza, Monday dance lesson at our house with a bit of socializing, next Thursday friends for dinner...it goes on and on and on!  I'm having a blast!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Choice or Fate

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends." That statement was the question for Thursday on NaBloPoMo and really caught my attention because I disagree with it.

Yes, fate does choose your relations, to an extent.  I firmly believe that The Hubby and I were destined to meet.  There were too many instances of commonality that were aligned to force us to come in to each others orb of relativity.  It was just meant to be!  And yes, that is a different kind of family or relation because it is married in but it is a relative. 

You choosing your friends, well, I have a problem with that.  I think that the people that you meet in your life, any people, are an act of fate.  I think that there are all kinds of circles of people that come in and out of your life and choice surely is a part of it, but I think fate puts them there for you to choose.  The fates put The Hubby and I in the same circle at just the right time and 36 years later (actually 37), here we are. 

My broken leg in the 6th grade set up the course of events of my life to meet my best friend then.  It forced my "then" friends to abandon me, leaving me open for the new person, Sharon, to evolve into my orb of life.  We chance met in the hallway of our junior high the first day of 7th grade and it was fate that led us to 6 wonderful years of intense friendship.  It also forced us to spiral out of each others orbit to come back again with one simple email.  My other best friend, Christine, well, we are different as night and day.  The first time I met her I thought in my head, "wow, I will never be on her level."  But as we were in the same women's group we were placed together projects that made us realize just how similar we were in different areas, thus a 26 year friendship that might never happened if the fates had not intervened. 

I think so much of our lives is driven more by fate than anything, simple as that! 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I Have A Headache

There is a lot of thinking going on around in my noggin lately and I'm beginning to get a headache from all buzzing between my ears.  There's just so much stuff that bounces around all the time that sometimes the thoughts just get in a jumble. 

The mind has been on my recent decision to join the Walk Fit Program at Fleet Feet that starts February 27 here in Tulsa.  It is a 10 week commitment of walking with their group Monday and Wednesday's and an additional day, usually Saturday.  Unfortunately, we are most of the time at the cabin so that will have to be done there.  Plus I'm still with my trainer 3 days a week and even though my sentence is up with the West Coast Swing dance class, I'm still dancing.  We are, for the month only, taking Two-Step in preparation for the Bob Will's Birthday Celebration at Cain's Ballroom March 3.  The Hubby wants to make sure he can dance a two-step, EGADS!  So for the next 3-4 weeks that is still part of my exercise routine.  You know something, you would think I would be pencil thin with all that I do and this tells me that I HAVE to get a handle on the food thing!  I SHOULD be pencil thin or at least Laddie pencil thin.  I've actually toyed around with the idea of doing Nurti-System or Jenny Craig so that I get out of the cooking thing but that is just not practical because of The Hubby, although it might be an option for both of us for awhile.  Oh, I just don't know.  I just get a weakness or depressed or mad and find myself in the fridge or pantry or WORSE through a drive-thru (which doesn't happen often).  Oh woe is me! 

See, lots and lots of junk rolling around up there.  I do know that my exercising will be kicked up a few notches soon and with spring around the corner I will be gardening too.  I haven't had a garden in years, an actual veggie garden and I looking forward of playing in the dirt.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Good Reading Rack Service

The Hubby and I purchased an investment house several months ago and are slowly fixing it up to either sell or rent.  Imagine our surprise when he went in the attic of the house and found a box full of these handy-dandy pamplets called Good Reading Rack Service.  I think they were in doctor offices or such and are from the early '50's.  B has been having a hey-day (oh gosh I'm talking like the 50's) scanning them into the computer so she can do a year long thing on her blog, I think.  Anyway, I wanted a shot at a few too.

Really, were they really honest 'cause look at the time period.  Hmmm, will have to dig this one out to read I think.  They really didn't know a thing back then did they.

Wonder what this was about.  Love the art work. 


I love this one! 

I saw this and screamed, "I have several of these!"  They were from the stash of music from my grandmother or mother's stuff and contained Christmas carols. 

Oh, this was a funny one! 

Reminds me of Lucille Ball for some reason. 

Still kind of is depending on how I feel in the mornings! 

Egads...that one is scary. 

This would be from my granny for sure. 

The scare tactic.  I know I was in that era of fear. 

Wow, I need to dig this one out too and check out what they say. 

Monday, February 06, 2012


There was a day when I knew nearly all of my great-grandparents and had all of my grandparents.  Now a days that just doesn't happen because people start their families so much later in life.  Grandparents are awesome and someday I hope to be an awesome granny!

Today's subject on NaBloPoMo is to tell about your grandparents!  Here we go.

Grandma & Grandpa, my Daddy's parents 
Grandpa, wasn't he a handsome dude.  Grandpa was loved deeply by his kiddos and grandkiddos but he had a past we really didn't know anything about.  In fact, I think this is the youngest picture I have of him.  He kept his younger self pretty quiet.  In fact, I didn't even realize that my Aunt Dea was Daddy's half-sister from a previous marriage(!!!) until I was senior in high school.  Divorce was an unknown word for me. 
Grandma...I know it's small but it was a very tiny picture.  Grandma was an awesome grandma who ALWAYS had candy in the house.  There were candy bowls everywhere and pop and ice cream.  Kind of like the Hansel & Gretel witch who had the candy house!  When she died and they cleaned out her bedroom drawers and closets she had secreted bags of candy, BAGS! 
This was Grandpa's daddy, Joe Ben (feels like a Walton episode). He was gone well before I was born.   
Now here was my greatgrandmother Hattie Jane.  I do remember her but only from a wheelchair and a nursing home aspect.  She passed in 1963 so I was only 7.

Now we get to my grandma's parents.  The guy on the right is my grandpa with is father-in-law, Clyde.  I didn't know Clyde, he was long gone when I arrived on the scene.  

Now we have Grandmother was a bit intimidating.  You always acted proper around her, she was the matriarch of the family.  They also called her Little Grandma. (She's in the middle of her kiddos there.)

Now to my mother's side of the family. 

Here are my mother's parents, Granny & Granddaddy holding my mother.  She was an only child.
Granddaddy was AWESOME!  What a great guy and he died way too early.  In fact he died June 1979 just 3 months before his first great-grandchild, our girl B was born.  So sad, because he was so happy about that.  Granny was who we all three learned all of our etiquette from.  She taught me how to sew, iron sheets, and manners, manners, manners.  In fact, when I was born she gave me a book called "Manners for Moderns".  She was a tyrant about that, as my mother knew all too well.  Granny was a fantastic granny but as a mother she was extremely hard on my mother.  Granny was also a bit on the OCD side and tried to make Momma tow that line too.  It was very hard on Momma and the effects of her upbringing and the bad parts of it came back around when Momma was close to dying.  It was not pretty.  She still had so much anger towards her mother, even though she loved her dearly.  Her love was intense for granddaddy though and they had a wonderful father-daughter bond.  He was the softness between mother and daughter and when he died mother was forced to deal with her mother.  It was very hard.  I loved them both deeply. 

Now here we have granddaddy's parents.  I briefly remember her but not him.  Sort of American Gothic, don't you think. 

Now we come to my favorites!  Here is my Greatgranny, my mother's mother.  Greatgranny was my hero.  I loved her intensely.  She taught me so many things and it was pure joy to spend our week during the summer there.  We learned how to milk cows and feed them; how to strain the milk to get the dirt and junk out so you can have cream and fresh milk.  We learned about barn swallows and saw that lots of bird nests around the farm had Greatgranny's beautiful white hair in them.  She would brush her hair then clean the brush and put the hair on fence posts and the birds loved to use the hair in their nests.  She had bug and butterfly collections which inspired me to have them too, briefly.  She would play with a tarantula, flipping him on his back to show us his mouth, ICK!  She let us (us means all of the cousins and more that would often be around) ice store bought sugar cookies using her multitude of flavorings.  When we ran out of cookies then we iced saltine crackers.  The table was usually covered with iced things.  She taught me the love of poetry reading out of my Aunt Margaret's high school literature book (I have).  She was a GREATgranny for sure and I aspire to be like her someday. 
This was GreatGranddaddy, yes we called him that!  A handsome, quiet guy.  He was very tall and I thought he was sort of a giant.  In those days the men were taken care of and the women kept house, cooked and didn't rock the boat.  I have a picture somewhere of GreatGranny standing at the table feeding all the men while she waited by the table. 
GreatGrandaddy kept the garden, very large garden going. He would get out in the thing with his tiller and his overalls on and work it, producing what they lived on. They lived off the land only buying eggs and a few oddities. They had milk most of the time from Pet the cow and her one calf a year provided beef. Big Dan, their son, my great uncle, kept them in wild game of rabbit, squirrel, deer, fish, turtle, and snake. They also had their allotment of government cheese and peanut butter. They totally lived off the land. GreatGranny & GreatGranddaddy lived with Big Dan and Ree, as the house was theirs. I didn't even know that until I was married some 10-15 years. I always thought it was their house and was devastated when I learned that, thinking we might inherit the land. I love that place probably more for the memories than anything. It is empty now, the house falling in and the land overgrown, but the memories will last a lifetime.  

Sunday, February 05, 2012


At the cabin this weekend, this February weekend, I spied these...
OH MY GOSH, it is February 5 for goodness sake and there are jonquils blooming in Oklahoma!  I then read in the newspaper (somewhere I can't find the paper now) that the growing seasons are changing.  No kidding! 

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Weekend Happenins'

Saturday morning!  I'm just tapping away here on my keyboard because I committed to posting everyday and I HAVE TOO! 

Friday was also a day of some nice rain that we have needed and still cloudy skies today. 

We arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon and almost immediatedly had a holler from Jimbo next door and shortly after the phone rang and Miss Harri called me over for our usual glass of wine+!  It was a quiet Friday evening of visiting, pizza and wine.  Nice evening last night. 

Today The Hubby and I are taking a drive to Grand Lake to check out a friends cabin!  Not much else happening except for the drive, making some deviled eggs, burgers at T&P's.  Yup, an exciting weekend!  No really it is for us.  I'm looking forward to quiet and friends. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

The Descendants

I recently finished the book The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings.  I thought it was a good book, sad and definitely a bit depressing but a good book.  I really wanted to get it read so that I could see the movie, which I did yesterday.  They stuck pretty close to the book, omitting stuff that would have been nonsense.  I thought George did an excellent job in the movie, for a guy who has never been married or had children, he did a good job.  What disturbed me most, on a personal level, was the wife, Liz that was in the hospital bed dying during the entire movie, deteriorating each and every time they showed her on the screen.  It brought back flashbacks of my momma in her nursing home bed, whithering away day by day.  Good job make-up guys.  What surprised me most of the afternoon was the way the movie stayed with me and I'm not sure why.  I don't think it is Oscar worthy as a best picture, although I think Clooney did an Oscar worthy performance, but it stayed with me. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

It's All Relative

Trying to come up with a post today so I headed to the February prompts on NaBloPoMo for an idea. The month of February inspiration is "Relative", that could mean a relative or "it's all relative" for example. Yesterday it was write about your momma and today your daddy. Hmmmm, I think I have written more than enough about my parents and siblings, don't you think. I'm kind of tired of the subjects so what now. I'm in a quandary of picking some subject matter here. The everyday thing is a bit of a challenge but I will do it.

I think I will go with the friend thing because this week I've had meet-ups with a couple of my dear friends. Tuesday was dinner with old friend Sharon and I keep meaning to take a camera and have a snapshot taken of us but keep forgetting. We have just got to get a current one since the last one was, well...

Can't believe we were so very young there and very NAIVE!  I have felt so very blessed to have Sharon back in my life.  It is amazing how much I missed her.  We were best buds for a solid 6 years and then NOTHING...and now it is like we were never apart.  I think my life path and her life path needed to go their separate ways to find each other again.  My heart is full again everyone and if you read my blog at all these past 6 years you will know what I have been challenged with.  Here's to friends!

Oh, I should probably see if I make this all "relative" and I will, Sharon may not be my blood sister but she is my friend sister and I couldn't love her any less.  So, it's "all relative"!